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    ££ British, Gastro Pubs, Breakfast & Brunch
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    21 High Street


    Birmingham B17 9NT


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    • 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM


    • 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM


    • 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM (Next day)


    • 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM (Next day)


    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 AM (Next day)

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    We serve homemade food, stone baked pizza, squishy burgers, local ales, lovely wines and very good coffee.

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    • Photo of Alan S.
      Alan S.
      Dudley, West Midlands
      10 Jul 2023

      great place, nice food, awesome staff, will be returning again sometime in the near future

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    • Photo of Owen D.
      Owen D.
      Birmingham, West Midlands
      8 Nov 2019

      Don't sell Carling, grow up virgins
      Toilets are banging tho, is just disturbingly spenny tho sad hours

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    • Photo of Xiuli C.
      Xiuli C.
      11 Mar 2022

      The atmosphere is great. The food is great. A little bit pricy though. I like their pizzas.

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    • Photo of Emily M.
      Emily M.
      Birmingham, West Midlands
      16 May 2016

      The Plough really has to be up there as one of the best pubs in Birmingham. I went recently for a meal on the 2-4-1 Pizza Monday and it was fantastic.

      Even though it was a Monday, the place was packed so I would recommend booking if you're going for a meal - we very nearly didn't get a table. The decor in The Plough is a stylish mix of traditional and urban, and has some great feature points. There's also an outside beer garden which looked great. The staff were very friendly and helpful, even though they were clearly run off their feet.

      There is a huge selection of drinks as you'd expect, and the food menu was also vast. The food also caters well to different dietry requirements such as vegetarian and gluten free, which is always great to see from a pub. The pizza options were creative and offered something a little different. My tuna, anchovi, watercress and olive pizza was perfect, and everyone in my group really enjoyed their choice. They are also extremely big, but they're happy to give you a take-out box at the end for any left-overs. The 2-4-1 pizza deal made it really good value for money, and they also do a 2-4-1 burger deal on a Tuesday.

      My whole group was really impressed with The Plough - it seems to be one of those rare pubs that has hit the nail on the head with what makes a 'posh pub' work - down to earth service, laid back environment but absolutely fantastic food.

      2-4-1 Pizza on Mondays
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    • Photo of Erica O.
      Erica O.
      Buffalo, United States
      27 May 2015

      The Plough made such a good impression on me I just had to go back. I love the area, the pub, and the menu. Apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way.

      Shortly after finding a table in the late morning the crowds came in. If you plan on coming with a large group I recommend calling ahead to get reservations. They were serving the breakfast/brunch menu during our seating. I opted for the bacon pancakes.

      The food is presented just beautifully like the perfect instagram photo. And it tastes just as good. If you are a tea drinker you must order a pot just for the cute factor. All teapots come out dressed in little tea cozys. I wonder if they sell them as they all look homemade. My only complaint is that the food came old on the cold side. Perhaps it was due to how crowded it was, but it was like the food had been sitting out for a while. Regardless it still tasted amazing.

      I think prices for the Plough are affordable. If you have an Independent Birmingham card you receive a discount so keep that in mind. They have a beer garden out back that must be wonderful on sunny days..if we ever get any.

      I really want to get back there for lunch or dinner. And maybe try a cocktail if they have any. If you're ever in Harborne try it out.

      How can you not love this tea set up?!?
      Bacon pancakes yum
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    • Photo of Harvey T.
      Harvey T.
      Birmingham, West Midlands
      22 May 2015

      Very busy on the Friday we were there (we didn't booked ahead, which turned out to be not very smart) but we managed to get a table for an hour. The menu is a slightly more "sophisticated" pub menu. We opted for their famous burger and pizza. The wine menu was good value. some of the beers are expensive.

      The food did not impress, but was decent (too much cheese on the pizza, the burger could have been more flavourful). The burger was of poor quality, I've had better from stalls at the side of the road! It's not that hard to make a home-made burger and doesn't cost that much either - not when you're charging £12+ for them! The white pizza was bland and boring - I wonder has the chef actually tried the flavour combinations of this?

      The pub (nice, with a rather large restaurant part at the back of the pub"), has a fantastic outdoor space and beer garden which I am sure is very nice during summer Good atmosphere great for young professionals and families too.

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    • Photo of Natalie W.
      30 Mar 2015

      One time I had a perfect Bloody Mary at a pub in Cambridge and now I'm always chasing the rainbow. The Plough's version, which was lovingly prepared, certainly came close, involving as it did all sorts of fun ingredients such as coarsegrain mustard.

      Apparently though this is one of Birmingham's finest pubs and my hugely beer obsessed friends were drinking some sort of delicious obscure hops nonsense.

      The pub is huge and decorated in the fine line between attractive and yuppie way that basically means it's mega comfortable with loads of space to sit and eat. It was packed after work on a Thursday and, judging by the amount of reserved signs, going to be busy for dinner too. I started longingly at some guy's pizza until I realised it looked like I was actually staring longingly at him. A key Harborne destination!

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    • Photo of Shirley P.
      Shirley P.
      Birmingham, West Midlands
      15 Jul 2019

      I'm very happy I found The Plough when I was looking for a comfortable, relaxing place to have dinner on my own in Birmingham. I didn't need a fancy dinner, but one that tasted good and in a welcoming environment. People were happy, and the staff were exceptionally friendly, generous, and welcoming. I had the fish and chips, which was just right. I came early on a Saturday evening, since I was alone, and I needed to be finished in time for the reservations. Be sure to make reservations if you don't go as early as I did. It was full and a happy place to be.

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    • Photo of Oliver M.
      Oliver M.
      Birmingham, West Midlands
      22 Jul 2014

      I first visited the Plough on Harborne High St. a couple of weeks ago with some friends to celebrate a birthday. It made a fantastic first impression!

      When we arrived (table booked for 7:30, and I recommend booking) the place was packed out, with people drinking at the bar, dining, and hanging out in the garden. The bar had a real buzz about it and I enjoyed the lively atmosphere. After getting a pint of good old Purity Mad Goose I had a chance to look around. The Plough may look quaint from the outside, but within it has a great modern industrial feel to it. At the back of the, near to where we were sitting, the whole wall was virtually opened up onto the garden, which looked pretty fancy.

      Then on to the food! I could happily have ordered anything on the menu, it all sounded delish. Prior to visiting I'd heard great things about the pizza and there were several really interesting topping combos available on the menu (you can also take away anything you don't manage to finish in a pizza box). After much painful deliberation I chose to have a chilli beef burger - a burger in brioche bun, topped with chilli, jalapenos and all kinds of loveliness. The burger was served with fries and other accompaniments. It was all delicious and really filling - you get a lot for your money. Other dishes on our table included fancy fish and chips, beef brisket, both of which also looked delicious.

      All in all a great pub. I'll definitely be going back for more.

      A meaty fine pizza
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    • Photo of Adam S.
      Adam S.
      Birmingham, West Midlands
      30 Jun 2014

      It was a night of firsts. Not only was my visit last Friday the first time I had been to The Plough, it was the first time I'd actually gone to Harborne for food and drink.

      Friends of mine have not long bought a house in Harborne and so as residents of the area they inevitably want to try and show this city boy the local highlights.

      From the outside and when first walking in, it has a feel of a country pub. As it was a Friday is was bustling however the bar staff were pros and I didn't have to wait long at all to get my first drink, a nice pint of Mad Goose.

      My friends had booked a table for 7.30 and we waited a little for the staff to clear people off of ours. I also learnt that we had to buy food at the bar, which I don't mind as it hells eradicate that bill splitting fiasco at the end of the sitting.

      I ordered a beef brisket and others at the table ordered a burger and fish a chips. All looked very tasty and mine was lovely. With a side of doughy grilled bread and some chutney the beef was soft, tender and full of flavour.

      I had a chance to look around the place on my way to and from the loos, which BTW are very nice. The whole place has an industrial meets country farm mix with lashings of wood, practically everywhere. There is also a lovely garden and outside seating however it was raining for us so we stayed clear.

      My experience was very positive and would love to go back and soak some rays with a drink or three in the garden. Give it a go city peeps!

      Beef Brisket - Yummy!
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