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    1156 Queen Street E

    Toronto, ON M4M 1L2




    • 6:30 AM - 11:00 PM


    • 6:30 AM - 11:00 PM


    • 6:30 AM - 11:00 PM


    • 6:30 AM - 11:00 PM


    • 6:30 AM - 11:00 PM


    • 6:30 AM - 11:00 PM

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    • 6:30 AM - 11:00 PM

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    • Photo of Cin C.
      Cin C.
      Toronto, Canada
      8 Jun 2022

      I am not a coffee drinker, but I can be easily lured into cafes for a treat. We were looking for a post-lunch snack and found our way to this popular local cafe. They were finishing a rush of people and apologized for making us wait before they could get to us.

      We took the time to peruse the baked goods section and I settled on a caramel crunch brownie while the rest of the group ordered their various caffeinated drinks. The brownie was a generous size, with a layer of crunchy frosted flakes that had been caramelized over a dense fudgy brownie. Glad I shared it or I couldn't have finished it on my own!

      They have some two seater tables inside but we much preferred the patio chairs outside, especially on a warm sunny day!

      Latte with caramel crunch brownie
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    • Photo of Christine M.
      Christine M.
      Old Toronto, Toronto, Canada
      27 Nov 2022

      This is a super cute, cozy, comfortable café on Queen East. I sometimes find it hard to get a good drip coffee beyond the morning hours, but this place delivered. Bought a (fresh) banana on the side and a peanut butter cookie (super combo) and loved everything. The server was super cheery and efficient, greeted the regulars and seemed delighted to be there. Will definitely visit again when I'm nearby.

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    • Photo of Yoland E.
      Yoland E.
      Toronto, Canada
      2 May 2022

      I tried the matcha latte and it was great! It was flavourful and not really sweet, which I preferred.

      Matcha Latte
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    • Photo of Nimish H.
      Nimish H.
      Toronto, Canada
      11 Dec 2021

      We visited this place unplanned as we were in the area visiting the park next door. The barista was friendly and made an amazing Americano. It was flavourful and dark, would definitely like to try again. After difficult choice of choosing between - Nutella Cookie, Choco Chip Cookie, carrot cake, Nainamo Bar, chocolate brownie... we eventually had a Christmas Tree Cookie as well!

      Seating area
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    • Photo of Kat J.
      Kat J.
      Toronto, Canada
      26 Nov 2020

      I LOVE the inside of this place. So beautifully done. The exposed brick and choices for decor are lovely. They have this beautiful old brass (possibly) espresso machine and so many treats it makes is really hard to pick what to get. They also have sandwiches so you could pick up lunch here too.

      We got a vanilla latte. It was sweeter than I like but that's my bad, I should have asked for half sweet. The coffee was very nice other than that. I'll be back for sure!

      Also, their Halloween decor was so cute!

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    • Photo of Yumi T.
      Yumi T.
      North York, Toronto, Canada
      28 Jan 2019

      Decided to come here for breakfast after seeing the great reviews. I was pretty disappointed though because my experience was only average.

      The cafe isn't very big, but it does have a rustic cozy feel to it. The seats are quite comfy. There were a couple of tables occupied already, mostly people with their laptops. I was hoping to get some sweet pastry or maybe even try a cake after reading the other reviews, but the appearance of the cakes weren't very appealing to me, and the only croissant they had was savoury.

      In the end, I had the London fog and sausage roll at the cafe, and took a chocolate chai to go since I wanted to try more items. The London fog was the most underwhelming one I've ever had. I could barely taste the earl grey even after letting the teabag steep for 20 minutes. The pastry of the sausage roll was quite nice, being light and buttery, but the filling didn't taste anything special. The best out of the three was the chocolate chai. The spices gave nice heat to the drink, good for a cold snowy day.

      I don't think I'll be coming back.

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    • Photo of Sheena Y.
      Sheena Y.
      Toronto, Canada
      10 Feb 2020

      Came here to pickup coffee and breakfast for my mom. Found it a little over priced but the inside of the place is pretty cute. Coffee was okay.

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    • Photo of Lambert P.
      Lambert P.
      Toronto, Canada
      30 Nov 2015

      The first thing that caught me when walking up to Tango was the fact that gave me the feeling of being on Friends but there's no couch. This place is a little tight with the round tables and chairs on one side of the cafe because the counter is long and has so much to offer on it while behind the counter everything you need from coffee, tea to cold drinks is on the other side.

      We were a bit of a group, 8 and we were able to put a few tables together to sit together somewhat like a bunch of tables surrounding a three leafed clover. This place feels warm and cozy and they happen to have a nice variety of desserts to choose from.

      It's funny I always tell everybody I hardly ever eat dessert when now that I think of it anything with a pie crust whether it be a butter tart or a meat pie... I love it. I ended up getting a butter tart because I sort of craved something sweet after eating a mountain of savory and delicious pizza just down the street I needed something to counter the sodium and hops.

      I like this cozy little spot and even though I'm not very close to it I can see us coming back especially if we hit up the pizza place more often.

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    • Photo of Kristin M.
      Kristin M.
      Toronto, Canada
      31 May 2022

      Patio is beautiful, Sven will make your drink to the desired temp, washroom access, fast wifi, would like to see more gluten-free friendly menu.

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    • Photo of Jenelle C.
      Jenelle C.
      East York, Canada
      11 Feb 2017

      This is a cute little café my boyfriend and I happened to stumble along in search of coffee. The atmosphere is very relaxing with a quaint rustic vibe to it, Wi-Fi, and a decent selection of hot drinks to choose from.

      I got the cortada which is a Cuban coffee with condensed milk and regular milk used to make it and my boyfriend got the hot chocolate. I loved my choice because it had the perfect punch of caffeine I was looking for considering I just came back from Italy (where the coffee is amazing. My boyfriend's hot chocolate (which I tried myself) didn't really taste like hot chocolate but more like hot milk.

      I'd come back here again if I were in the area because the atmosphere is that relaxing.

      Hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie
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