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  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This is the first time that I have been to a zoo as an adult (I don't really remember the times as a child either) and I would definitely recommend it. There was a really wide selection of animals to see in some really nice exhibits. There were some areas that were a little tired, notably the toilets I visited weren't exactly new but honestly, I don't go to the zoo for that and I can't say that it bothered me. My personal favourite was the indoor rainforest type area where there weren't any barriers between you and the animals! I got SO close to a mother and baby sloth and there was a tamanduas chasing us around trying to climb into the pushchair.

    Definitely worth a visit and expect to want to buy pretty much everything in the gift shop too.

    We drove instead of getting the tube or bus which at first seemed like a bad idea as parking was expensive (£16) BUT we could also buy our tickets at the parking booth where there was no queue and then bypass the humongous one we had just driven past and go straight in. In my opinion total convenience and avoiding a 2 hour queue with a toddler is worth £16!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Visited London Zoo on one of their Zoo lates nights and thought it was a brilliant idea. Lots of people dressing up, no children walking around and plenty of bars and food stalls.  

    Apart from the animals there were a few other things to do such as old school games like the sack and wheelbarrow races, silent disco and an acoustic music area. The only downside for me was the price of the alcohol with a pint of Kozel being £5. If they could make that slightly more reasonable it would be a big improvement

  • 4.0 star rating
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    Listed in London Tourist

    I  may not have gotten the real London Zoo experience, since the only time I've ever been here was a few days ago for Zoo Lates. However, since I think many zoo experiences for full-grown adults without children may lie only with coming for these drunken Zoo Lates, I figured this review was worth something.

    I bought the regular ticket for the event (opposed to the Ultimate Party Animal one) and came down. First off, it is incredibly annoying to get to the zoo. The closest tube is about a 20 minute walk, and there are zero buses that take you near. Be prepared to do some walking through Regent's Park to find the entrance.

    But if it's a lovely night, as it was for the night I was there, it doesn't really matter. And since you're going to be walking through the uncovered zoo for the entire time you're there, dear god, I hope it is a lovely night.

    The entrance to Zoo Lates is marked with a giant banner so nearly impossible to miss (which is great because we would have missed it otherwise). You walk in and are right in the zoo, with exhibits all around you.

    Now, there are two ways to go when it comes to Zoo Lates. You can head towards the noise and get swallowed in the monster thrall of everyone near the centre. Here you'll find a surprising amount of pop-up food stands (with a really impressive array of foods, from BBQ to Mexican to Indian to Asian and lots inbteween). Food was reasonably priced and if I was there just for that, I might even be happy.

    However, there is more to see! Specifically, the animals, and here's where it gets a little frustrating. While the event is open until 10, they start shutting down the animal houses long before then, usually 9 but sometimes even 8/8:30. By the time you make it over to that side of the zoo, they're already ushering you out. Damn. Plan accordingly if you want to see a tiger run around.

    But let's talk about the real joy of Zoo Lates. First, you can drink while walking around a zoo without judgement... except by the damn marmosets. Screw you monkey, who are you to judge me.

    And secondly, no children. A zoo free of kids is literally the only way to see a zoo. Joy.

    And even once all the animals close, they have events like shows and comedy back near the food section, so always something to do right until the event closes. I really liked it and would come back without a doubt.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I attended Zoo Lates at London Zoo which I think was the first of the summer. I want to make a few comments on the event before talking about the zoo.

    Mixing partying and drinking with animals is not a good idea. People do stupid things when they're drunk or drinking with friends and if you add animals to the mix it's not ideal. Most people were well behaved but I did see one very drunk girl practically punch a bird in the bird enclosure and yell out sorry to it as it flew off in fright. I saw other groups mocking and taunting animals from the gorillas to the monkeys and even the snakes. It was awful. However others were well behaved and just enjoyed a night at the zoo. The animals for their part didnt look impressed to have their night interrupted by all the yelling and camera flashes that usually stops at 6. The silent disco didn't really take off at all, though the comedy and shows were pretty good.

    Now the actual zoo. First off I was so sad there were no bears :'( secondly, it's actually quite a small zoo. You have the typical lions, tigers, giraffes etc. .. I don't think there were too many animals that you wouldn't see elsewhere. The aquarium section is good and I enjoyed the butterfly walk through. Though again, not ideal for drunk people who can't walk straight. Some of the presentations are quite good, they're very short though. You have to walk through a tunnel to get to the Africa and Rainforest section. There's a reasonably logical path to follow around the zoo. There's also a restaurant and shop by the exit.

    Nothing specifically against this particular zoo but I've really been noticing how depressed and unhappy the animals in zoos are. For that reason I've really begun to dislike zoos as a whole. At London Zoo I saw so many animals looking like they just wanted to get out... but that's a whole other point. I will say they do have some good breeding programmes at this zoo and they're really working on building numbers of a variety of different species.

    Overall,  if you want to go to a zoo, this one is ok, but certainly not the best I've been to. And definitely not the biggest. Plus the entry fee is quite astronomical particularly for what you get.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I attended London Zoo during their Zoo Lates evenings this summer. It's quite a mixed bag, but there is something quite endearing about an evening in a small zoo with a quite unique friendly, party style atmosphere that you probably couldn't recreate in any other zoo.

    So it's quite quick to get in and once there you immediately head towards the entrance where there are all manner of food stalls, souvenir shops, a small fairground a tent (more on that later).

    Whilst the tickets are quite pricey, there are normally offers on tickets and £15 is reasonable. The food stalls were also surprisingly reasonable. Food is about £4-7 a head and you have really good burgers to jerk chicken boxes that pack a real punch. It's nice because these food stalls all seem like small local businesses which I have no problem supporting. No chains to my knowledge. Drink is about £5 each and from my knowledge the only alcohol I saw was Rekordelig cider. Not complain' tho as that's my fave!

    The zoo itself if you've been is nothing special. In fact, of the 3-4 world zoos I've been to, London Zoo would rate at the bottom. It's small, cramped. Very small selection of animals and almost all behind cages, fences, ropes etc...You can pretty much see everything without rushing in about 1 hour. What surprised me is that there was very little security around, as least visibly, but almost everyone was well behaved. The atmosphere was fun and a little crazy, so don't think for a second well-behaved = boring.

    So you've traversed the whole zoo. What next? All that's left is to either try the roundabout, silent disco or party tent which are all helpfully located near the entrance/exit. The tent has a mixture of ball pit, boxing ring, hula hoops and twister. A bit budget, but looked fun nonetheless if you're in that kind of mood.

    The hours are short, and the "zoo" is only open for around 3 hours (getting there after work, you likely will only get 2 hours in there) whilst the zoo enclosures close an hour before you're herded out at 10pm. In all, it's good fun, as a one-off experience, but there's nothing much here to see and the entertainment is a little thrown together.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I have to be honest.  The first time I heard about Zoo Lates I thought it was going to be a little lame.  I was skeptical to spend a Friday night... at the Zoo!  A friend of mine said he had a great time a few years ago so we all decided to go as a group.  And it was my first time at the zoo.  

    Going to the zoo is one thing... but going to the zoo and having a lot of drinks makes it wayyy more entertaining.  I think at one point we were giggling that the warthogs were sleeping in their sheds and whistling at the giraffes as they looked like they were going to kiss.  Yeah... real mature.  

    Don't get too boozed up as there are a few areas you can't go in with any food or drinks.  Try and see what you can and then head to the international food section where there were loads of stuff going on.  I wish we had a bit more time but we had to rush off to our dinner reservations.  

    Overall, I had a great time.  It was fun people watching as some went all out... like in animal onesies.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This was my second time to london zoo nite and also my second time I been to london zoo. I found out this year was better than the last time I went. I really enjoyed seeing the young tiger cubs which was my favourite and also enjoyed seeing the penguins. I'm hoping to be going again next year if it's on. I am hoping to go to london zoo again in September.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    *I visited last night for the Late Night event, which in itself was a lot of fun - but some things in my review might only be applicable to that.*

    The atmosphere, as another viewer said, was amazing. Music, drinks, people just hanging out and picnicking - very relaxed fun. The amount of people seemed pretty perfect - not too crowded, but not so empty that it felt weird.

    Don't miss: the penguin feeding, the tiger exhibit, and the spider monkey exhibit. Seriously, the spider monkey exhibit with the monkeys hanging out and running around only a few feet over your head. It's incredibly cool.

    Some tips: even though the event closes at 10, the animals are gone by 9 (gorilla exhibit closes even earlier; penguin beach, bugs, and the reptile house close at 9:30) so time your visit accordingly. We missed a few animals we'd wanted to see, so may end up going back for another late night.

    Also, note that you can't wear animal masks and costumes in certain exhibits, as it agitates the animals. They have signs up and staff are around to ask you to remove them, but I think it's worth knowing in advance that you'll have this issue.

    Price: I don't think the event was worth paying full price; we got half price tickets on Time Out so it was 12.50 each, which seems a bit more appropriate for a maximum of 3 hours of animal viewing.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Went to a 'Late Night party' at London zoo

    Highly recommended

  • 4.0 star rating

    Having been to the San Diego Zoo a number of times, I didn't have high hopes for the London Zoo, however, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  While I don't think the variety of animals is one of the selling points, I do think some of the exhibits they have are the selling points.  And I liked the layout of the zoo, I thought it would be very small with a lot crammed into a small space, but it seemed like a good sized park.

    Price was a bit high, but I kind of expected that.  If it is to make sure the animals are healthy, then that's ok with me.  We sat in the pouring rain to watch the penguins at feeding time.  Penguins are always fun!  Then we made our way over to see the Otters being fed.  We really got to the zoo at the right time to see all of these things... I believe that the Penguins show was at 1:30 p.m. on a Saturday, Otters shortly after, the "Meet the Monkeys" show close to that one... so we got to see a lot of animals.  Quite lively!

    My favourite part and the part we spent the most time in was the "Meet the Monkeys" exhibit.  The monkeys are free to roam and I didn't even notice the glass missing, when Mr. Snarky said, "Heather!" and right by my foot was an Emperor Tamerin making his way between the different areas.  Almost stepped on his tail!  As we were walking around, we noticed a crowd gathering and looking up at the ceiling.  We looked up and their was a sloth huddled up amongst the pipes.  How cool?!  There were volunteers there to make sure that no one messed with the animals, but just being so close and the monkeys just hanging out with everyone was definitely a highlight.  It was also feeding time there, so we saw a hairy Armadillo frantically trying to get food and a sloth on the other side, hanging upside down, slowly lowering itself to pick up a vegetable and begin slowly eating it.  DO NOT MISS THIS!  I really think that was the best part.

    Giraffes are always my favourite and I loved that they had a deck that brings you eye level with the Giraffes.  There was another area where you could walk through amongst the monkeys, but they asked that you leave prams outside and that you put all pamphlets and things away as the monkeys would take that as an invitation to get aggressive with you as they try to steal things.  Cheeky monkeys!  We saw a couple, but make sure that you pay attention to the monkeys overhead... you would not want to be the target of a toilet break.

    I can't really speak to the food as we didn't get anything, but I didn't think that the selection available was that great and I figured it would be overpriced just like any other zoo/amusement park.  The London Zoo is certainly worth the money and if you haven't been, you should go... and meet the monkeys!

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 22/9/2011

    London Zoo Lates- aka Adult Night Out at the Zoo is one of the best things I have discovered in London this summer.

    The atmosphere was amazing. Music playing in the common area, picnics happening everywhere, champagne bar and an array of food carts with everything from burgers to crepes. Tip: Grab an Aspalls near the food vendors vs buying a Magners from the stand right inside the gate, much better bang for your quid.

    Everyone was truly having a great time. I know it was one of the best night out with friends since I have been in London

    All the exhibits are open and they have animal shows going on all night. Do not miss the penguin show at the newly opened Penguin Beach. Exhibits stay open til 9pm and then everyone pretty much congregates near the food carts and carousal for socialising and end of the night treats.

    London Zoo Lates takes place on Friday nights from 6-10pm during June and July. I would go again in a heartbeat and would love if they extended into August.

    Do not miss when London Zoo turns into the greatest bar ever!

  • 4.0 star rating
    ROTD 6/1/2010

    I am just fascinated by animals, so Zoos tend to go over pretty well with me. London Zoo specifically is pretty good. There are a number of unique creatures and you get the feeling that most of the animals lead a pretty good life despite being caged. Although there are always a few animals locked in concrete jungles that make your heart sink just a little. I often ask myself if it's a moral to keep these powerless creatures in captivity solely for our enjoyment. But then I realise that sometimes, Zoos breed endangered species and save abandoned creatures that would otherwise not survive.

    The setting is perfect, we walked from Camden market, down the canal to the zoo. It's a good way to get your head out of the city before you enter the sanctuary. It's a not a huge zoo so you can take in all the attractions in one day (provided you don't have a toddler in tow). But if you do just pop in for a brief visit there are a couple of things you can't miss, which include the most poisonous frogs in the world, the meerkats and pretty much all the primates.

    I was particularly impressed by the "meet the monkeys" exhibit where you can walk through a leafy area where little squirell monkeys are playing around you--there is no cage between you and the monkeys! I even seem to remember little signs warning that the monkeys may bite if provoked. But regardless of bite warnings, what could be better than a bunch of manic squirrel monkeys? They are hands down my favourite animal. We had a special treat when we went to London Zoo. There were a number of new baby squirrel monkeys in the pack. SO CUTE! They were fast asleep on their mother's backs--even the largest jumps and swings didn't wake these tiny, precious little monkeys.

    Even if you think you're too old and mature for the zoo, you can't help but enjoy yourself. The animals just melt your heart.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The worst zoo I have ever been to. The animals looked so unhappy (I have SEVERAL photos to prove it) and why shouldn't they. The big animals, like the giraffes for example, had such a small enclosure.

    Speaking of enclosures, so many were empty or in need of some sprucing up. I was taken aback when I found out the rain forest enclosure was built in 2007! Seemed more like 1997. It was that sad looking.

    The Zoo needs a huge refurbishment: some coats of paint and bigger enclosures for the gorillas and giraffes. I really wonder where does the money go? Admission isn't cheap, that's for sure.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The London Zoo is a great way to spend a sunny day in London, especially during the winter.  The admission fee may seem a bit daunting but don't despair if you are a Londoner, the friends of the Zoo annual pass is a much cheaper option and allows you in 364 days a year.
    The most interesting part of this particular zoo, is the vastness of creatures that live here.  Most zoos boast having the normal, zebras, giraffes, tigers etc. but here you can also see interesting bugs and get up close and personal with butterflies.  All in all its a fantastic way to spend a few hours, a half a day or even an entire day.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in LONDON

    I compare every zoo to the World Famous San Diego Zoo. It's my home zoo. Can't help it.

    London zoo is not as big as the SD Zoo but I still like it! London Zoo contains the worlds first aquarium! Yes! The oldest aquarium in the world. Not only that, but they invented the term aquarium which comes from combining the words- aquatic vivarium!

    Reptile House- I love it. It's large. Lots of snakes, toads, other reptiles. Even crocodiles!

    Aquarium- not huge. Looks old. But delightful assortment of fish.

    Gorilla Kingdom- all the animals weren't out. Probably because it was so cold. But we were lucky to be able to see their new baby gorilla. ALso saw some super cute monkey mamas with their monkey babies! So cute!

    Saw a short animal show that featured a small owl, a Harry Potter owl, and ferrets. Met a nice local London woman who asked us if we were lost since we were looking at maps while waiting for the show. She gave us tips on where to watch fireworks in London for New Year's Eve.

    Closes early in the winter time at 4 pm. Had a 20% off coupon and tickets came to 29 pounds total. Not bad.

  • 3.0 star rating

    An afternoon (3.11.10) spent at the London Zoo.

    It was clamoring with school children as it during a Thursday afternoon but since it's not high-peak season, many exhibits were closed and/or being renovated.  

    The animals all looked like they had plenty of space but somehow they seemed lonely at the same time.  

    Aquarium was nice but small.  B.U.G.S. was creepy, as expected.  Plenty of bugs I had never seen before, and plenty of arachnids to make me want to crawl outta my skin (as usual with arachnids).   Amphibians and reptiles were typical fanfare with the dark areas and fascinating slithery/slippery animals.  I was impressed with the crazy huge 'gentle giants' galapagos turtles!  Monkeys and apes were a nice touch.  Birds were plentiful at this place.  We decided to skip the lions, as neither one of us are interested in lions...lol The penguins were unexpected and enjoyable.  

    I'm a little freaked out by the 'open air' bird, monkey and animal areas...wherein they could fly/swing up around your head, and risk being attacked.  Then again, I suppose they're usually more afraid of us.  

    Overall, we enjoyed the zoo, but I think nicer weather will cheer up the animals.  I'd suggest finding out exactly where the zoo is first before going, as there are not so-many-obvious signs pointing to the zoo....

  • 3.0 star rating

    I can't believe how expensive the Zoo is; I guess this is because they have so many animals to feed?

    Anyhoo, we managed to get in for £8 Zoo Lates via groupon.com (yay!) so I guess that was an ok price for a night of "alternative fun".

    I especially liked the Llama who totally reminded me of Alex from Madagasca.  He was such a poser!  The pigme hippo and meercat were super funny and I won't mind taking one of them mini gorilla things home.

    I won't recommend it for people who have been to bigger zoos as London zoo is pokey in comparison and the cages are quite small (sad face for the animals).

    An interesting fact: the public are not allowed to touch the snakes wandering around on snake handlers not because they bite but because 1 in 100 snakes might give us salmonella.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Visited for Zoo Lates last Friday. I've rated on basis of full ticket price but actually had a half price ticket.

    For me it just wasn't worth the money. The principle idea of the event is great, and it's all put together pretty well but you don't really get long enough to make the most of it. It's open 6-10pm and most of the animal enclosures are closed at 9. As someone who works it wasn't possible to get there before 7 so in the end we only had a couple of hours to make the most of it, and obviously it's a big place.

    The food and drink is good. Good choice and even a craft ales stand, but all really overpriced, which I always find annoying when you've paid an entrance fee.

    Finally, if you're interested n the silent disco you'll have to sacrifice animal viewing time, by the time the enclosures are closing the small area they had for it was rammed.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Clean and tidy place with a variety of animals to see.

    The animals actually looked comfortable there and not the usual animal prison some zooz are like.

    Food and drinks are expensive (£9 for a Spag Bol) and so are the little things like gifts, pictures and guide books so avoid them if you want it cheaper.

    Entrance fee was £20 each and that was with a student card.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The London Zoo will bring out the kid in you! In today's fast-paced world, it can be easy to forget the moments when life was carefree and each day was full of laughter. Visit the London Zoo to rediscover the simplicity of life.

    When I was there, I lost my sense of time and all matters of concern on my mind were gone. I began to enjoy my surroundings once more and appreciate the colours and sounds offered from the zoo animals. The zookeepers are happy and helpful. You can even adopt an animal  or become a personal trainer for a day!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I have a soft spot for zoos so I really wanted to check out London Zoo! I went with my friend and her 8 month old to the zoo, on a Monday, so it meant it wasn't too busy. It was great being able to wander around the zoo without masses of crowds! We didn't bother with any talks, we just wandered around, taking our time. A really enjoyable day out. We did the two for one deal with our national rail tickets, and the baby was free in, making it a pretty good deal.

    • Qype User mil770…
    • London
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    5.0 star rating

    The London Zoo
    is the best way to spend your day with your family especially your kids. The place
    is perfect, it's a good way to relax and unwind. It's not totally a giant zoo
    so you can take and see all the attractions that they offer in just one day.The
    place is clean and neat with a variety of animals to see from the smallest to
    biggest animals that the zoo can offered. The
    animals here areseems comfortable and happy unlike other zoos that I already
    visited. There are also souvenir shops that you can buy. They also have shops
    where you cantake a coffee and even a sandwich or and an ice cream to eat. It
    is a wonderful place and I will make sure that I will visit it again.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I really struggle with London Zoo.

    On the one hand, the Zoological Society of London do a fantastic job of education and of supporting conservation. And it has a huge history: styled as the world's oldest scientific zoo, its collections, formed in 1827, were intended to enable scientific study and weren't opened to the public until 1847. The site has grown and developed over the years, and TV programmes like 'Animal Magic' and 'Blue Peter' made regular visits there, which I still recall fondly from my childhood.

    But there's no doubt that the current site means that the enclosures for larger mammals are small - sometimes very small - by the best international standards. Although the larger mammals, like elephants and rhinos, have now been moved to the spacious sister site at Whipsnade, there are still over 750 species here and an astounding 15,000 individual animals, although the majority of these are fish and invertebrates.

    The real downside for me is the size of the enclosures for lions and tigers. Big cats work for me only in big spaces - like Longleat. On our last visit, one of the tigers was exhibiting repetitive pacing behaviour that could only have been a sign of stress.

    Fortunately, since its funding crisis in the 1990s, the zoo is now beginning to address this problem: as well as moving some animals to Whipsnade, other enclosures are being rebuilt, and the new Gorilla Kingdom (which I've not yet seen) is a good example of this. (Though I still think the remaining large mammals should follow their cousins to Whipsnade.)

    At over £15 for adult entry, (£17 with donation), it's also an expensive day out. That said, families with small children will have a great time. Whether you go will depend on your own sensitivities: an alternative is Whipsnade Zoo itself which, at 600 acres, is much more spacious and attractive. It's located in Dunstable, between Luton and Tring.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I still don't know how i feel about Zoos. On one hand, I love seeing and learning about the animals. On the other hand, I hate seeing them all caged and unhappy.

    I was expecting a lot given this Zoo is in a top notch city- but was disappointed.

    When we arrived (at 3:30pm) we were told that the zoo would be closing in an hour- yet they still charged us almost 17GBP to get in the door. I wouldn't have gone in had I known more about what was in store.

    Many, many of the exhibits were closed or under renovation. Sometimes we would walk by cages that claimed to have animals and there was nothing in there. I was especially disappointed by the Meet the monkeys exhibit- they were all inside and we didn't see any while walking through!

    The tigers looked unhappy. One was pacing back and forth the entire time we were there and looked generally irritated. The sign at the Gorilla exhibit claimed to have 5-6 gorillas, but there was only one there. Many of the exhibits were somewhat dirty and old. The water in the Penguin exhibit looked kind of slimy and gross.

    I do like that the zoo promotes saving the animals- throughout your walk through there are signs that tell you how you can help to save the oceans, gorillas, etc.

    I wouldn't recommend overall. Might be fun for little kids but i was not impressed.

    Also, beware, that it's a pretty far walk from the Tube!!

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in When in the UK..

    Reptile house at London Zoo!!!  No, I am not a big fan of reptiles but I am a fan of Harry Potter! I finally got to visit the area where they filmed it. Unfortunately, the Burmese Python was not located behind the glass case :) Harry Potter aside, I gave this zoo a five start because they have so many animals to see. It was wise of my bf and I to come early as it literally took us a days worth to go all around. Come to think of it, I don't think we finished going around at all.

    We used the London Pass (not worth it)  to get in so I cannot comment on the entrance fee. As for food, they have food stands. For lunch, my bf and I decided to purchase the "world's best hot dog" and fish and chips. The prices for food and beverage were expensive. I don't remember if they confiscate outside drinks but bring one just in case. Walking around under the hot sun can take its toll. Although this is common sense, use comfortable shoes as well as you will be walking the whole time.

  • 2.0 star rating
    Listed in ZOOS!

    A little sad. Some exhibits were great (like the australia one) but the zoo overall seemd old and not well kept.

    The animals seemed a little sad and not all that healthy. Definitely needs more money and more attention.

  • 5.0 star rating

    We make an annual trip to London Zoo once a year. I'm such a big animal lover, although not always a fan of zoos, but London Zoo is pretty cool and I don't leave wanting to set the lions free or feeling utterly depressed (I've been to some awful ones).

    This place is great for the family, kids or just yourself on a day out in London. There is such an array of wildlife to see here from beasties (insects) to monkeys. And hell, is there a lot of monkeys. There's a bit where you can walk through an area full of the little things.

    Every time I've been to London Zoo, there seems to be no sign of the big cats but I guess they're sleeping most of the day, I assume they are more active at night, but they're there. You can usual catch the flat of a tail or the movement of a sleepy head.

    There are talks and guided tours. This place is really brilliant for kids (or "big kids" like me!). The souvenir shops are great and there are plenty of places to grab a coffee and a sandwich or and ice cream in the summer.

    I can't wait to go back next summer. London Zoo is one of my favourite places in London.

  • 4.0 star rating

    From April onwards head down to London's Regents Park Zoo and learn to be a zoo keeper for the day.  Over 16s can now spend the whole day
    learning how to prepare food, muck out and look after the enclosures
    for giraffes, okapis, penguins, camels, birds and even big cats. The
    full-day Keeper for a Day encounter lasts for about 7 hours, including
    a break for lunch and use of the Zoo's overalls.  Be warned- book
    early, the days sell out fast.

    A few years ago I also sponsored a meekat for my boyfriend as a joke- present and he got a free membership included which ended up being great value.

  • 2.0 star rating
    Listed in Culture Vultures

    I'm not a big fan of London Zoo. They have got a good selection of mammals such as Lion's, camels and gorillas, yet I've been twice and seeing the animals caged and asleep just isn't exciting. Although I will admit the meerkats are funny.

    The birds, reptiles (of which there are Comodo dragons) and aquarium are interesting but again the idea of seeing them supersedes actually being there.

    For kids London Zoo is great, for me I left a little disappointed. The condition of the living areas of the animals doesn't look ideal and I always wish the animals could be freed to the wild.

    At £15.50 a ticket or £14 if you have a concession, the admission isn't cheap.

    • Qype User Marzip…
    • Melbourne, Australia
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    4.0 star rating

    London Zoo is a fun day out for the kids, not a cheap one, but who can resist animal watching!

    It's got lots of lovely green lawn to take a picnic, and you can do the Zoo at your own pace, which is nice. Take in the butterflies, the reptiles, aquarium, big cats, giraffes. I've also noticed that London has a few different animals that I haven't seen before - reindeer, bearded pigs, funny half zebra animals!

    If you haven't done the Zoo before, it is a must, but if you have, it's just as good to take the kids to the park.

    • Qype User Sian…
    • London
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    5.0 star rating


    I spent the day here on Saturday for my best mates birthday and we had the best day. We also got our faces painting like lions and tigers which made it event more fun. (Until we went to the pub after and felt a bit silly.)

    There's a lot to do here - you won't run out of stuff to look at! My favourite were the giraffes (they always are) and they didn't disappoint - just doing their normal giraffe stuff was cool enough for me. The Meerkats were really cool too. Make sure you go and see the butterflies and the bats too! Just go! Go and see it all!

    The new gorilla enclosure is cool and they were amazing. There was something to look at everywhere you went. Even the otters had us in stitches just by being cute and I've seen those in the wild!

    The nicest thing is that you can tell the animals are well looked after. The guys who work here enjoy what they do and this shows. There's a great animal show in the ampitheatre.

    As Andrew said it's £17 for an adult ticket - there is a gift aid supplement included in that which you don't have to pay if you don't want to. Or, you could have a hunt around for 2-4-1 bargains like we did and share the cost with a mate.

    Then you'll have more money for silly cuddly toy meerkats and facepainting.

    Brilliant day out. We got there about 1 and we missed some bits out - we didn't see any lions or tigers unfortunately. I'd suggest getting there for 12 and you should fit everything in.

    • Qype User Kittle…
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    The Gorilla Kingdom is definitely London Zoo's outstanding exhibit...unfortunately it hadn't been officially opened when I visited last year :-(

    Coming from Australia I found the Aquarium a bit of a waste of time but there's plenty still to see and do and it was obvious that they are making a lot of changes to this place in order to keep it running as a major attraction for years to come.

    My favorite animal was the cute Pygmy hippopotamus

    It costs about 15 pounds for an adult but it's well worth it if you love animals and are lucky enough for the English weather to hold out for a few hours.

    • Qype User ra0212…
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    2.0 star rating

    It is full of animals. Very good for the location, but for animal enthusiasts, go to a safari in Africa. That is the way it will never be in the UK!

    It is a nice place to spend the day and a very popular attraction for tourists. I did enjoy the occasional visit as a child, but the safari park I visited in Zimbabwe was unbelievabe. It makes London zoo look like a farm. We walked in the complex which contained numerous wid animals (no lions, etc), as that would be stupid!

    Also, it is very expensive!

    • Qype User leasim…
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    I can't believe people still go to the zoo.

    It's so friggin fifties.

    The closest I came to actually visitin the stinking zoo was barging from Camden to Little Venice. Call me sentimental but the meer sight of the aviary completely cr*pped in my salad. Why does the caged bird sing? I have no idea. Perhaps they're asking us to let them the hell out of their bird prisons.


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    I didn't have any expectation when I visited London Zoo this summer we pre-booked the tickets and they are £13.90 per person, excluding donation. The visit turned out to be really fun and London Zoo was much nicer that what I have thought. It is pretty extensive and you will need one full day to walk round the entire site. The animals were really active when I was there amazingly active as compared to many other zoos that I have been. The famous penguin pool was under renovation unfortunately check if it has re-opened.

    If anyone is considering visiting the London Zoo I am all thumbs up!

    • Qype User Marshy…
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    Been a few years since i've visited one of the most famous zoos in the country - if not the world - and it didn't dissapoint.

    Like other Qypers have mentioned it isn't cheap - but the buy one get one free offers are usually available with train tickets or whatnot.

    it's a zoo - there isn't a lot more to say but make sure if its a nice day you head up to Primrose Hill afterwards for a picnic!

  • 1.0 star rating

    This Zoo is FANTASTIC if you love meerkats, frogs, birds & fish, there are not many animals of note, did not see the lions, tiger or gorillas, or the rhino!!, VERY EXPENSIVE day out for the family.

    My advice, either go to Whipsnade Zoo or hire a David Attenborough DVD, its cheaper & you will see more animals!!! You are warned.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Fair zoo, but the money begging is crazy. Cost over $35 just to get in. Much preferred Fota zoo in Ireland.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I agree with many of the reviews so far, but would like to add that despite the high cost, it's a great family day out. If you don't want/have kids or don't like noisy kids, then don't go to this family-orientated site!

    Personally, I think they've invested money very well in making the enclosures bigger for the larger animals, but it's never going to be enough. The lions and tigers look mentally disturbed because they're scarred from having limited walking out space!

    It is a great family day out, but I think my family would have just as much fun without the bigger animals there looking depressed. Move them all to Whipsnade Safari Park like they did the elephants.

    • Qype User Hannyp…
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    4.0 star rating

    London Zoo is small but perfectly formed. Tucked away into a corner of the beautiful Regents Park it is a fantastic day out no matter how old you are.

    Although it is a little pricey to gain admission and it is probably worth bringing a picnic - and some money for an icecream- it has wonderful friendly and helpful staff, a great range of animals and some excellent features. I loved the reptile house, acquarium and the walk-through areas where you could walk amongst birds, gorillas or butterflies. It made me feel like a child again as I stared in wonder at beautiful animals and was a lovely place to spend a day. super.

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