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  • “Their curry pastes are 100 times better than anything you'll find in a supermarket and pack a nice big spicey punch!” in 6 reviews

  • “There is also a nice range of cooking items like woks and crockery all at decent prices.” in 4 reviews

  • “The udon noodles are especially good here, much tastier than the vacuum-packed ones from Sainsburys!” in 3 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    If you want to cook Oriental food, but cook it properly then this should be your port of call, opposed to Sainsbury's or Tesco. Firstly, you will get way more produce for your money and also was more items that you would ever see on a supermarket shelf.

    As a chef, this place has allowed me to cook far more dishes than I would have been able to without the stock they sell. From expected noodles and soy sauce to palm sugar, if it's in a recipe they will likely sell it.

    There is also a nice range of cooking items like woks and crockery all at decent prices. What I also like is having a hunt through the freezer compartments for dumplings, Chinese buns and dim sum. You can even get random Chinese sweets like white rabbit candy (very tasty).

    The owner is a really sweet lady, who will happily have a little chat and offer the odd cooking tip. You will also find a lot of adverts on the shop front for Oriental cooking lessons, which would be a good way to get more out the shop.

    A very nice supermarket that offers something a little out of the ordinary.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I don't have much to say about this market except that it's over priced compared to other nearby markets, frequently doesn't have what I'm looking for, and that there's nothing I'm looking for that they carry that other Asian markets in Brighton don't. Case in point:

    -- Overpriced katsuo-bushi (try E-Kagen)
    -- Overpriced dried shitake mushrooms (try the Asian market near Waitrose)
    -- Frozen curry leaves (why do this to yourself? buy fresh at Taj)
    -- No Gold Plum brand Chianking vinegar which is the only brand you should ever buy, which has even won a prestigious French food award but isn't even particularly expensive (try the Asian market in Kemptown)
    -- Mediocre umeboshi (get jarred from Infinity foods)
    -- Tianjin preserved vegetables (try the Asian market near Waitrose)
    -- Go to Unithai for the thai stuff

    They are, if I recall, one of the places that does sell the quintissential Sriracha. And for other people, they may be the only place to stock ingredients that I haven't been specifically seeking (though none of the foodstuffs on Sarah-Jane's list is not carried by the other Asian markets about town). They have a better price on somen compared to E-Kagen too. But while not completely a bust, they are also cash only and I just get kind of a weird vibe from the place -- like it's meant for foreigners, not Asians. Sorry guys :(

  • 5.0 star rating

    Udon noodles
    Ramen noodles
    Soba noodles
    Rice noodles
    Sticky thai rice
    Basmati rice
    Soy sauce
    Shrimp sauce
    Fish sauce
    Sweet chilli sauce
    Marinated Tofu
    Dim Sum
    Pak Choi
    Baby aubergines
    Coconut milk
    Green tea
    Small bowls
    Big bowls
    & Chopsticks to eat it with

    In a word: Amazing
    In another: Yummmmmmy!

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place is one-stop shop for all of your Oriental culinary needs!  Whether I need something specific or not, i often pop in just to browse...the shelves are packed with all sorts of interesting and flavoursome foodstuffs.  This shop is especially good for sauces- where as supermarkets will often have limited selections of soy sauce, fish sauce and other cooking sauces, Yum Yum stock a wide selection, including Kikoman. They also have an astounding variety of noodles, rice, soba, udon, vermicelli...you name it, they will probably have it.  The udon noodles are especially good here, much tastier than the vacuum-packed ones from Sainsburys!

    As well as all sorts of other yummy items, such as dried fruit, frozen seafood, nuts, teas and fresh herbs and vegetables, there is an entire wall of crockery...ramen bowls, rice bowls, tea sets and sushi sets.  Some of the items are really pretty and though prices can be a little steep, the tea cups and sushi platters make really lovely and unusual gifts. This shop is a great resource...if you're bored of cooking the same meals, pop in to Yum Yum for inspiration!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I've got a real soft spot for places like this  -  speciallity foods but without the high prices and pretension. This is somewhere for real cooks, who want to make Oriental food properly, with authentic ingredients.

    They have all the basics - sweet chilli, soy, noodles rice - that you can get anywhere, but at much better prices and with a better range than any supermarket. They also stock lots of things that you won't find everywhere - unusual herbs and spices, and an array of tins and packages with unfamiliar and exciting looking names. Well, those bits  I can read, anyway.

  • 4.0 star rating

    After living in Korea for a year, I've gained a new appreciation for import grocery shops. I remember the excitement of finding a shop that brought in pita bread, or oatmeal, or icing sugar.  Walking through Yum Yum in the North Laines, I was amused by my new perspective: Soup mix for kimchi jiggae! Ha. I suppose it's human nature to crave what's hard to come by,

    Yum Yum offers a large selection of spices, teas, canned goods and desserts from throughout Asia. They also stock tonnes of noodles and have a chilled/frozen section near the back. Kitchenware and crockery for Asian dishes are available: rice steamers, utensils and woks in various sizes.

    The shop is really large for a specialty grocer, and has the best selection of the ones I've seen lately. Good both for cooking ingredients and quick-fixes for cravings like instant ramen noodles. Mmm.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I love this place! I'm no expert at cooking Thai or Chinese but every time I've attempted it with ingredients bought from here, its tasted great! Their curry pastes are 100 times better than anything you'll find in a supermarket and pack a nice big spicey punch!

    If you like dimsum, head to the fridges at the back as they are packed full of loads of tasty packs of the stuff. All you have to do is pop them straight in a steamer.

    Upstairs they run a really nice and friendly noodle and dimsum restaurant. Its nothing special decor wise but this food is lovely as id the service. You can even take your own wine!

  • 3.0 star rating

    This is a decent Asian market that offers a wide selection of authentic Chinese and Japanese brands, not to mention a few English ones also.

    If you've been to an Asian market before, then Yum Yum won't knock your socks off by any means. You can get a good range of pastes, spices, noodles/rices and even a few pieces of awful looking crockery.

    I do like Yum Yum however, you can get industrial size items that Sainsbury's of Tesco's might not sell, although plenty of other markets will.

    • Qype User Alice_…
    • Brighton
    • 174 friends
    • 224 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I'm a big fan of this oriental mini-market  for such a small place the sheer variety of stuff they manage to cram in under their roof is incredible. Alongside a great range of oriental herbs and spices, a huge mix of cheap and delicious super-noodle style instant meals, lots of naturally gluten-free flours and authentic Chinese and Japanese sauces and soups, they also have little sake sets, chopstick holders, mini dining sets and the most ENORMOUS woks you've ever seen in your life.

    Prices are really quite reasonable. I've just polished off a 49p instant noodle packet  rice noodles, separate sachets of flavouring, herbs, and garlic  which was surprisingly tasty and filling for under 50p. If you're ever going to treat your friends or family to Chinese or Japanese cuisine, then this is your one-stop-shop. They've got sushi kits, delicious satay-style packet mixes, authentic cook-in sauces (that don't taste anything like the bland rubbish you buy from supermarkets) and even the glutinous, sweet rice you need to make Japanese desserts. Yum Yum indeed.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    This shop is my resource for all oriental ingredients- boyfriend and I often pop in here for certain staples. He stocks up on frozen shrimp (better than nearby Sainsbury's) and sesame oil and I stock up on sweet chilli sauce, bamboo shoots and amazing udon noodles. The shop has all the obvious basics, as well as some more difficult to get hold of cakes, sauces, drinks and frozen goodies. They have brilliant tofu and fresh ingredients, like thai basil, lemongrass, limes, and coriander at the back- the fresh herbs make such a difference to a dish. The staff are super friendly and can give advice about which noodles to choose, which ingredients go well together and so on. I also love the shelves filled with beautiful Chinese and Japanese  pottery bowls and tea pots. I have bought several gifts here, as well as some things for me and they always go down really well.

  • 5.0 star rating

    In Vancouver, there's an Oriental grocery store known as T&T, that has every single oriental ingredient you can ever imagine. Yum Yum Oriental Market doesn't match it, but it comes awfully close.

    I was able to find the iced coffees and ramen that I used to consistently buy when I was a broke student (I'm still broke, but no longer a student). I was even able to find my favorite sweet chili sauce, which goes well with chicken and rice. I was able to find the spices that would replicate my aunt's Beef Stew, and the noodles and shrimp sauce that would replicate her Pancit Palabok. Although I'm far away from home, this place gives me the chance to try to cook the home cooked meal I've been missing.

    • Qype User Subflo…
    • Brighton
    • 4 friends
    • 52 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    This is a fabulous little place. I really enjoy mooching around here and buying not only what I went in for, but a whole raft of other produce that has caught my eye. I also love chatting with the ladies who work there too. They're always very friendly and keen to offer any advice. Recommended.

  • 4.0 star rating

    While the supermarket is filled with all those rare ingredients you wouldn't find at a supermarket, it's the restaurant upstairs that is most memorable. A medium sized eatery, with long tables, and an easy atmosphere makes Yums Yums ideal for a quick stop-off or a bigger group outing. Seating can be arranged however it is required, and while it is no longer bring-your-own-bottle, there is saki, plum wine and Japanese lager available. The food, a fusion of various eastern classics, is fresh, tasty and free of the sickly sweet, gloopy MSG flavouring that blights so may Chinese restaurants. Service is brisk - they like to get as many people through the doors as possible, so there's no encouragement to hang around. But the food is excellent and well priced, whipped-up by a busy brigade in the main room. The tempura is always a safe option, with crisp, puffy batter and sweet soy dipping sauce, and there's also a wide range of sushi. For the less adventurous, the breadcumbed pork fillet is pummelled until wonderfully tender, and the shortgrain rice is of the sticky, starchy variety.

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