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  • Gordon Ramsay's 'downscale' new restaurant/pub is the only inexpensive way to try his food.” in 7 reviews

  • “The downstairs seems quite cosy but the ground floor gains by having a skylight and big windows letting in a lot of light.” in 7 reviews

  • “And the food on the a la carte looked amazing too - all very simple but I bet was amazing.” in 4 reviews

Recommended Reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    what a cool restaurant, one of gordon ramsey's if im not mistaken. amazing food, great service, was here for lunch and loved it

  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    I had morning business meeting there suggested by my client. I live near by, but I've never had meal before. I had English breakfast. I am "The Egg" person who likes orange york. They use great tasty eggs! Atmosphere was fantastic at late breakfast hour. In camden there are many places you feel squashed. I avoided business lunch in camden for that reason. So this place became my favourite breakfast place in camden.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Good food although they do charge the full price it is worth.  This is where the good looking, wealthy and showy people go.  If that is what you want then 5 stars.

    The staff are friendly, impeccably dressed, smart and well groomed

    It is fashionable but not so achingly trendy that there is mo one over 30.  This restaurant and bar is for all ages.

    However when I wanted to call them in the evening, neither their restaurant or the company's central booking line picked up.  Also their service did seem to fall apart at one point which was a tiny bit annoying.  It is only that which made it 4 stars.

    So in conclusion, if you want to be in a glamorous place with wealthy, good looking and showy people of all ages this is for you.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I discovered this place by chance after finding everywhere else in Camden was busy. And this place had lovely outdoor seating at the front and amazing restaurant seating inside with an open kitchen and a beautiful bar.
    We tried their unique cocktails and ordered again and again. Plus their freshly made pizza and the chunkiest hips ever was a perfect unplanned dinner. On a second visit tried the sea bass with the mash potatoes baked perfectly. Would recommend to anyone.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Utterly dreadful. Dropped in this Sunday around 7pm for a bite to eat and some drinks. After being shown to our table, left menu less for 10 minutes, and given the '1 minute finger' by the rude waiter, we were then told not to order cocktails as each order would include a 30 min wait minimum because the staff were "young and not very good or fast." Rubbish. A walk out.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Extremely professional kitchen, impeccable fare and very attentive service.
    I recommend this place...

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Popped in here for a few drinks with work colleagues

    We sat outside, just cross the road from Regent Park. We ordered a few drinks which were nice. The staff were friendly and very efficient. The service was brilliant.

    We also ordered a few starters to share. The ribs were nice, the calamari was also nice along with cut fries.

    Definitely somewhere you should check out if you're ever in the area!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Not your usual pub, so I am not sure how to rate this. A pretty fancy pub and the menu is more   directed to an upscale restaurant. Don't know if Ramsey was under pressure because he is so known for Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef, but I didn't get any pub feeling from this place. Not to discount the food though. Everything was pretty acceptable. The appetizer fried octopus was on the salty side, even for me, but I still ate it and liked it. The rabbit terrine was not as I expected, but it was still pretty OK.

  • 5.0 star rating

    My happy place.

    Went with wife and son when we were in town earlier this month for dinner.  Hadn't planned on going but when I discovered that our hotel was a short cab ride away, just the other side of Regent's Park, well, I made sure to have our concierge make reservations for Friday night dinner.

    Reservations were a bit early for me, i.e., 6:45, but what the heck.  Appeared on time, were warmly welcomed by the hostess, and was immediately impressed with open, airy, space on the first floor, the large bar area, cool art adorning the walls, and huge windows/french doors opening onto the balmy London eve.  Also noted that this must be a pretty cool place to come based on the appearance (very nice) and attire (classy but not OTT) of the other patrons.  With our 14 year old son accompanying us, I initially felt a bit out of place.

    We were seated downstairs with a view of the open kitchen so I got to see the chefs at work, hear meals being prepared, and wow, what a totally cool, not-to-be-missed experience.  So, if they seat you downstairs, don't fret, it's not because they don't like you or think you're too uncool to sit upstairs, no, it's because that way you get to appreciate the wonder that is a Gordon Ramsay kitchen.  Seriously, the place was cleaner than a surgical theater and probably more efficient.

    Not to worry, our very energetic, friendly, knowledgeable waiter (and knowledgeable about everything on the menu), Michael, put us at ease.  I had some bourbon-based cocktail with red wine (specialty of the house) that was sweet, smoky, and kind of berryish.  Menus arrived and we ordered starters, I had a tomato salad and wife had a mixed greens, both fresh, excellent, and my tomatoes, man oh man, those things were perfect:  Salty, sweet, juicy.  Oh yeah, presentation was gorgeous.

    Next came time to order our main course:  Son (king of the picky eaters) was a bit put off by the complexity of the courses.  Never fear, Michael to the rescue.  "Oh, and we have kids menu that has pasta, chicken fingers, pizza.  Would you like to see that?"  Son's eyes light up at mention of pasta.  So, all the way to London from Chicago to a Gordon Ramsay joint, and he orders plain pasta.  Sigh.  I ordered the fish special, I believe it was bream and the wife also ordered fish, sea bass.  We could hear and see our food being made and saw it appear in the window and the chef looked right at us, nodded, and said with a grin, "It'll be there soon."

    Wow.  Mine was perfect and perfectly presented:  Skin charred just right on a bed of pickled greens with EVOO, salty yet creamy and crunchy and buttery and round and I'm going to have to stop now as I'm drooling on my keyboard.  My wife's was excellent as well, or so she said.  I also ordered white wine with dinner; Kentish wine, as I was told.  And shockingly, yes, shockingly, it was very good.  I actually had two glasses.  And it went perfectly with the bream.  Go figure.

    Dessert too, was a treat.  Son had mint chocolate chip covered in fudge sauce and wife had a toffee/coffee crust vanilla ice cream creation that touched all the bases:  Crunchy, sweet, creamy, salty, a little bitterness from the coffee.  That dessert was perfection itself.

    As the meal was winding down, the manager, Nigel, came down and chatted with us as did the hostess/assistant manager (I didn't catch her name).  We talked Kentish wine, food, travel, and accents.  I've never before been told that I have a "lovely" accent.  Heh.

    As we left, we thanked the chef and talked to her for a bit.

    What a truly phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime experience.  If you go, and you should, savor it.  It's worth it.

  • 3.0 star rating
    ROTD 26/8/2010
    Listed in Norf Lahndan Innit

    Cute place, perfs for a first date type of meetup (ahem, not revealing if I was on one or not).

    The members of staff were polite and attentive, BUT needed to be slightly more knowledgeable with regards to their food and wine.  Even being a non wine-snob, their lack of recommendations turned me off big time like a dude with a fauxhawk.

    Food-wise everything was standard gastro-pub-esque (stewed meats, grilled fish, mashed veg, sauce, DONE) with dessert being the highlight, as mentioned by previous reviews.  Would I go there again for a nice meal?  Probably, since it's in the neighborhood.  But would I recommend it to my friends and hail it as a superb dining establishment?  Ne-e-eg.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    What a fantastic day I had at the York & Albany. Ok, this review is a little bit biased as I was here for a wedding but still, the service was flawless, the food was delicious and the hotel itself was beautiful.

    The happy couple were married in a small ceremony in a room flanked by bay windows with the autumn sun streaming in. Gospel singers were hidden from the bride in a room at the back (I later discovered it was a toilet...poor ladies!) and came out after the ceremony to treat us to a rendition of 'All You Need Is Love' a la Love Actually. It's one of those moments you wish life was a film as I wanted to get up and dance or play an instrument or something, alas we did the British thing of just listening politely and clapping along.

    A short drinks reception was held in Nonna's Deli, attached to the hotel, with tasty mojitos before we were ushered downstairs for the meal. Oh. My. God. The meal was amazing. I mean, it's Gordon Ramsay's hotel so I guess the food would have to be good but still. I had the pepper stuffed with pureed aubergine and whipped goats cheese to start, pork belly with crackling (yum!), spinach, black cabbage and potatoes as a main and then sex on a plate for pudding - aka chocolate fondant with vanilla and pistachio ice cream. Warm chocolate fondant which oozed chocolate sauce from the centre in such a seductive way it took all my strength not to just stick my face in it.

    We were moved back up to Nonna's Deli for tea, coffee and yummy cup cakes (I wasn't hungry but forced one down, purely in the name of research for my review of course). Then back downstairs where they had cleared the tables for dancing.

    Mid way through the night (when A LOT of alcohol had been consumed) the DJ announced there were bacon sarnies upstairs. Warm, crusty, buttered ciabatta bread and thick slices of bacon. Oh Gordon, with these bacon sarnies you're really spoiling us!

    The bar is pricey but this didn't come as a shock considering where we were, and the bar staff were so friendly and understanding (dealing with drunk wedding guests!) The hotel itself is near to Camden and all it's delights, and just around the corner from the fab Edinboro Castle pub. I even popped up to check out one of the rooms (nosy!) and it was nice but quite small! I have no idea how much it costs to stay.

    Thanks York & Albany - a fabulous day all round. I may need to come back for another plate of sex - I mean chocolate fondant - soon!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Blimey it's good here ain't it?

    I wasn't sure what to expect - I knew we were going to a Ramsey pub, so expected something above your usual pub fare, but it looks just like any other pub in the area from the outside. So we ventured in... and heelllooo... we're in swanksville.

    Coats were taken, bags stored, polite chatter made and we were shown to our table. I was hoping we'd be upstairs with a view but alas we we were downstairs - no matter though, it's really plush and I'm a sucker for a good old open kitchen... I just love to watch them work.

    Came here with every intention of having the pre-fixe menu and keeping the costs to a minimum but I couldn't stop looking at the a la carte options! Ended up being a little naughty and opting for a squid starter and lamb canoon main. Both were fantastic. Sublime even. The other half had the steak tartare and then the pig cheeks from the pre-fixe and both were just as good. The pig cheeks might have even been better!

    Great, attentive service and a friendly atmosphere. Lunch for two with a few drinks each, service and a smile on our face when we left happy and full = £70.

    The one star deduction is a personal thing. I'm just not hugely comfortable with gastro pubs. Either you're a restaurant or a pub... pick your side and stick to it so I know where I stand! Yeah, I'm a fussy git aren't I.

  • 1.0 star rating
    3/6/2010 Updated review

    I gave Y&A another chance because the boy wanted to go, and we hadn't had a chance to celebrate my birthday because of the food poisoning.

    So we had a couple of beers in the LOVELY Edinboro Castle round the corner with friends. We considered cancelling the reserrvation so we could dig into the BBQ there as it smelled SO good but opted for 'fine' dining instead.

    I had really high hopes from the outset. The waitress was lovely. Accommodating when i asked her if we could sit by the window (such a glorious evening) rather than the table which had been set out downstairs. Then, again, on reading the menu I had a hankering for the mackerel (my favourite fish) starter which was only on the early supper menu, she imemdiately checked with the chef and came back with a beaming "no problem". And when the starters arrived and they were perfection. Ollie's Ox Tongue melted in the mouth and my mackerel was perfectly flakey and not overpoweringly fishy, the croquette crispy outside and fluffy in. Beautiful. So far so good. Yay!!

    Then the niggles started.

    I ordered my FAVOURITE cocktail (you can tell I used to come here often, particualrly to prop up the bar) the Rose Garden Fizz. It was delivered "undressed" by a nervy young chap. I immediately commented on the fact it normally came with cucumber and that it was oversweet adn he apologised saying he'd only been there a week and he would change it. Back he came with a giant sprig of mint unceremoniously plonked in the centre of the flute.

    No matter.

    We shrugged it off with a little giggle and bemoaned the fact that Verrin the genius cocktail maker had clearly and deservedly moved on to bigger and better things; and eagerly anticipated our mains. I say mains, but I had ordered another starter, the Quail Ravioli and Ollie had orderd the saddle of lamb.

    And this is where it went horribly horribly wrong. The saddle of lamb arrived and though perfectly rare the puy lentils were undercooked and overseasoned. Mine. Well mine was seawater on a plate and inedible. By the time the nervy waiter chap acknowledged me Ollie was halfway through his main, he disappeared with my plate and came back 5 minutes later attributing the saltiness to the "truffle". Now let's back up a minute. I am not a cretin and this is not my first foray into dining out at a supposedly upscale restaurant so pleasure don't patronise me. I LOVE truffle and have never ever ever noticed it turn any dish to the Dead Sea.

    This infuriated me but my main concern at this moment was my growling tummy: woman cannot survive on one lonely croquette!

    He said making my dish again would take some time and offered to take Ollie's plate downstairs and bring with my replacement main and Ollie was already nearly finished so it made no sense and we also just didn't have the time as we had to be elsewhere within half an hour. He then disappeared for 15 minutes coming back and inappropriately, given what we had just told him, offered us dessert.

    I asked to see the manager, imagine my surprise when the week-old nervy employee said that he was the manager?!?!

    NO apology was forthcoming, though to be fair he did take the wine off the bill (we didn't even get halfway through the bottle, i would've been smashed drinking on an empty stomach!) and my main and starter, so we just paid for Ollie's starter and main.

    He even had the temerity to say "I hope we see you again" as we left. Not a chance. You blew it York & Albany.

    2.0 star rating
    3/4/2010 Previous review
    when this place first opened i was really excited as i'm a big fan of angela hartnett.

    the concept…
    Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    Having had dinner at a place that Ramsey took apart, I thought the rational thing would be to compare against a place he owned.

    Before I start, I have to say, the food was fantastic; the best pork belly that I can remember eating.

    It's a classy little place in a not so classy area, tucked between electronics shops a little toward the end of Camden market. Great lounge and bar to grab a drink before stepping into the dining room. Marble top bar counter, very comfortable godfather type chairs, and sufficiently snooty waiters. A celebrity here or there should be unexpected. Wear a blazer.

    Then on, it's the dining room; ground floor for the normal, and other hidden rooms for the special. We got the fois gras, which was good but didn't stand out, and the pumpkin tortellini, on the waiter's suggestion (who looked and flapped his hands like Lloyd from entourage). That was crap. The dinner, however, redeemed all sin. My pork belly was the best I've ever tasted, and the lamb that my friends ordered was superb as well.

    Now where they screwed up though, our Lloyd lookalike waiter, having served our appetizers, came by at 10:40 to get our dinner order (an hour after we sat down). At which point we asked him when the kitchen was going to close, he said eleven followed by "don't you worry about that". Then he fucked off. At 11:30 he comes back and says that the kitchen rejected our order because it was closed. A minor kerfuffle involving the manager later, we got out meals and got the wine and desserts removed from the bill (unfortunately, they didn't consider the port wine dessert at that point). So yes, mistakes happen, but they were decent about it. We started at 9:30 and left at 1:30. Good meal in the end.

  • 1.0 star rating

    The service was simply appalling.  I'll keep it short and sweet:

    I had dinner on September 10th w/ a 9:30 p.m. reservation, there were three of us- the experience was disappointing to say the least.

    1.  Table wasn't ready so we sat at the bar and waited 10 minutes for someone to take our order (there was no one else seated at the bar).  The bartenders clearly had never heard of the drinks we asked for even though they were off the first page of the drinks menu!  

    2.  After 25 minutes to get three drinks, we were asked if we still wanted our table by a snide host.  We explained we were waiting for drinks and then would dine.  I asked if sitting at the table would help me to get them made faster as we sat in front of three empty napkins.

    3.  Once seated, we sat the table for another 10 minutes before we were acknowledged after which point we decided to flag a nervous employee down (again we were the only table dining - others had moved on to dessert so it was inexcusable).

    4.  Of three starters, one was amazing, one was mediocre and one was AWFUL (fried oysters) that seemed to have gone off

    4.  Beef main was ok along with 2 bottles of nice wine (wanted to take the edge off)...

    5.  We begged for the bill TWICE and then we paid and left..  I mean it when I say that the service was the worst I've experienced in a London restaurant in two years.  

    SO this was neither short nor sweet but then again that's my experience at York and Albany!!  

    I hope that this saves you the disappointment and expense of spending three hours of your Friday night at this place as we did.  There are better options in Camden and central London.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Fantastic place. We had a drink at the sleek bar first, and were then seated in the ground-floor dining area. There is also all-red upholstery downstairs, with views into the kitchen. Both is nice enough, although I preferred the cleaner upstairs look.

    Food was rave. Service was a bit amateurish, but friendly and welcoming. Try fasting for a day or two before you go, and then get the treacle sponge cake for dessert. Oh boy, never did sugar taste so good ...

  • 5.0 star rating

    I've been watching Hell's Kitchen, The F Word and Kitchen Nightmares...well, since the beginning. When you watch this stuff, its always with the assumption that you'll one day go to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant and find him guilty of something that he berated some poor sap for on one of his shows. As it turns out, he isn't.

    The interior was stunning and simple, well appointed, quiet and with perfect service. There is a garden out back that you fantasize about wanting to have your friends meet you at every night in summer.

    The food was incredible as well, we dined a la carte, splitting an appetizer (the raviolo of hen's egg with panceta and wild mushrooms), and each having a main, she, a braised lamb shank and I the duck tortellini. To say there was a single misstep in the preparation, plating or palate of any element in these dishes would be a lie.

    One of the best meals of my life, and not even that expensive!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I had intended to try Foxtrot Oscar on my last night in London, but made it there too late for lunch and too early for supper, so we changed our plans to include a visit to York & Albany instead. Wow, what a little gem in Camden!

    I had assumed Y&A was going to be a slightly more upscale gastropub. Not so much.

    The service was impeccable. The bar area and the dining area in which we sat were comfortable and the atmosphere was very pleasant. Even the journey downstairs to the loo was pleasant (you can even glimpse the kitchen).

    I decided on the 3 course for £22.00. My starter was an amazing curly kale and chestnut tart (I'd go back again just for that). I ordered the beetroot risotto (after watching so many eps of Hell's Kitchen I really needed to see what his kitchen produced in the way of risotto). It was amazing. And what a wonderful color! I chose the cheese plate for dessert and enjoyed their selections. The wine list was also nice and affordable.

    I just wish I lived closer to go back again!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I usually judge a high-faluting restaurant like this by it's set lunch.  And I was disappointed...

    Yes, the bells and whistles were all there...attentive service, fancy silverware, spaced courses, and an airy environment which fit the food.  But at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, I want the food to "wow" me...my first course didn't come together - parts were undercooked and cold.  My second course tasted like wedding fare.  The only star was the dessert, which I ordered apart from the set menu.  Which may have been my downfall, but you shouldn't stiff diners with your bread and butter.

    Oh, and the wine choice, picked by the sommelier to compliment the meal was the worst glass of Malbec I have ever tasted.  I actually was ashamed that she recommended it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    One of the best meals I had during my holiday to London.  We were seated near the kitchen, so it was literally hot.  The bar area was busy with a young crowd. The drink menu was very creative, though our bartender was slow in pouring and not to friendly in the beginning. She later lightened up after she realized that she needed to work for her tip.   Our waitress and the bus boy were spot on throughout the entire night. Both were very personable and friendly, sharing their stories with my table.

    I enjoyed my starter dish of the assiette of rabbit.  The rabbit was tender and served with several small raw pieces and an inner as well. I think it was kidney.   My main was the partridge. Not having partridge before, I didn't know what to expect that it maybe tasting like chicken.   Served with savoy cabbage, the flavor of the partridge melted in my mouth with every chew. I savored each bite and knew that I really liked this bird.

    We topped dinner with desserts: they treacle sponge pudding with anglaise and the pineapple and passion fruit cannelloni. Both were good, but the entire table preferred the sponge pudding. Everyone was fighting for the dish and each persons scoop was larger than the next until there was nothing left.

    Tough I had concern of eating at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant due to the current state of his empire, I am glad that I did. As this meal did not disappoint and ended my holiday on a proper note.

  • 4.0 star rating

    On our recent NYE trip to London we decided to eat here on our last night. We saw Gordon Ramsay outside, talking on his phone when we were about to go in. The greeting and service was warm and really welcoming.
    The restaurant is just like a living room, tasteful and cozy.
    The food was delicious. We thought about the early 3 course menu but decided to go a la carte. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because something was missing. It wasn't quite as special as I had hoped, I guess.
    Next time we're in Camden we have to go back to try the pretty outdoor seating in the back.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Very satisfied with early supper experience at York and Albany while in London last year. Walked in without reservations on a weekend, no problem, Great food and ambiance. The service matched the food:
    Impeccable. I am not just saying that because i am american and usually dine at Burker King and Subway ; )
    Everything was fresh, the wine list phenomenal and we look forward to our next visit!

  • 4.0 star rating

    It was a somewhat sunny day at the weekend, I was a bit lazy and happened to look for a nice place to eat something around noon. As I walked by York & Albany many times, actually almost every time I am going to Regent's Park, I decided already some months ago, that I should check out York & Albany.
    And then on this lazy day, it was the right time. I did not really plan to go there, but it was one of the options I had in my head when I left to find something to eat. So, I went in and got a nice small table at the window. I liked that place a lot, because I could enjoy the sun there!

    I ordered a Pizza Quattro Formaggi and took the white wine the waiter recommended. The pizza was actually a bit salty, but it went very good with the white wine, so I was fine with that.
    The dessert tasted very very good, if not even better!

    When I went there, I did not know that's a Gordon Ramsay place, so I had no specific expectations or something.
    Anyway, I liked it and can recommend the York & Albany. Good location, tasty food, pleasant-tasting wine, and delicious desserts. What else do you need?!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Hmmm. Great service but I was not too impressed by the meal.  Very salty and nothing remarkably above the rest. The attentive service from the bar staff made up for the disappointing meal. My reservation was lost (or not on the books) when I arrived, so I ate at the bar.

    Overall, I expected much more from such a high rating on "Yelp" and the Ramsay connection, but oh well...it is London and I've learned never to be surprised.

  • 5.0 star rating

    York & Albany was opened 18 months ago. It was converted from a derelict pub which became a part of the Gordon Ramsey Empire.

    I have to say I am not a fan of the TV shows and I am not a sycophant of Mr Ramsey.

    Okay - to conclude I liked this place - a lot - maybe I am saying this as I am still a little squiffy from the two strong cocktails and the half bottle of red wine I drank (yes yes  I am a cheap drunk....and easy to take advantage off....god I am still squiffy)...

    So my portion of the meal (cocktails, wine, starters, main and dessert) was around GBP70. I have to say the whole thing was worth it.

    To begin with we sat at the bar for an hour and took recommendations from a very nice italian barman - who seemed to know his stuff. Actually all of the bar men were very nice and very helpful...all of the cocktails recommended were spot on...good going guys...I would recommend the bar area on its own.

    We then took sunday dinner...unfortunately the downstairs dining area was shut so we ate upstairs. Despite this it was actually a nice dining experience.

    The staff in general were spot on ....just what you would want from wait and bar staff..not pretentious...not stuffy....they were professional..courteous and they did their job. In fact that sums up the atmosphere....relaxed and not pretentious. The music was so light it was barely noticeable. Thou I am assured they also have a live piano player (as opposed to a dead one?) who plays excellantly.

    The food was delcious...though I noticed the conspicuous absence of salt and pepper from the table.....but who cares....the food was great. Okay okay ....did I mention I was squiffy......

    For a main I had the lamb shank - and despite it being white plate food the flavour was all there. Maybe it is because I am glutinous but I would have liked a little more food on my plate. The desert was gorgeous too.

    Anyway I will need to review this review when I am sober as it probably sounds like I want to have Ramsey's love child. I don't. This is an honest and earnest review.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I really don't think you can get more bang for your buck than a trip to the York & Albany. Don't be fooled by the exclusive-looking exterior of this new Camden offering from Gordon Ramsay & Angela Hartnett, because when you step inside you'll be greeted by warmth and familiarity, and not quite as steep as a price tag as you'd expect.

    Beyond the entrance is an inviting oval bar, high stools, gleaming stainless steel bar tops and extraordinary art deco mirrors, making this place feel very much like an up market New York hotel. The staff behind the counter are clearly trained to perfection and sitting at the bar watching their craft can entertain you for hours.

    And it doesn't have to cost the earth. You can order a carafe starting at £11, or a cocktail for £7, and with it you'll be presented some bowls of snackettes. Entering the world of the beau monde has never been so attainable!

    The food too, although I didn't eat there on this particular night, I have been told is exquisite, with impeccable service. With a lunch menu for just £25, and A la Carte at gastro-pub prices, you just can't go wrong. The adjacent delicatessen, housed in the former stables, has a good and affordable selection of cured meats, tapas and preserves, and although it feels a little more like a museum of 'the way we were', its coffee and pastry selection are cheaper than Starbucks!

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in London Favorites!

    This was my first taste of a piece of the Gordon Ramsay empire, and believe me, there was no undercooked beef wellington here. I don't know what's going on with Hell's Kitchen, but I think we need to leave the cooking to the Brits.

    York and Albany, you had me at Chestnut and Truffle Risotto. For £20/early supper 3 course meal, I could have been more than satisfied with that single dish. It was perfect. The right balance of truffle oil and cream for the risotto, with a nice roasted touch of chestnut. The main was a special holiday plate of turkey and all its fixings--the most memorable piece on that plate was the mashed potatoes (superb!). As for desert, take my advice and go with the Warm black treacle cake...but beware, that's not a scoop of vanilla ice cream..its that of its much more sophisticated, richer cousin, Ms. Clotted Cream. And a touch of espresso and warm and friendly chit chat with the server to end the meal. C'est parfait!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I went to York & Albany expecting an amazing experience, but sadly I left feeling a bit underwhelmed.

    It's difficult for me to dine out anywhere because I'm gluten-free, but most restaurants are quite accommodating, especially upscale establishments.  York was also accommodating, but not in the way I've come to expect in the U.S.

    Many times the chef will whip up something as equally delicious as what's on the menu, making modifications without comprising the dish as a whole, but at York that was not the case.

    For a starter I had a salad, because none of the other options were wheat free in any way, which is a major negative for me as I believe all restaurants should have a variety.

    My main course was a halibut, which was supposed to be on a creamed corn ragout, but since I'm lactose intolerant they served it on steamed vegetables....really?  At that level, I'd expect to have something more interesting than steamed vegetables.  I could have made that dish at home and actually it would have tasted a lot better.

    Overall I found the experience to be dull.  It was stuffy and the food was not exciting from what I judged by the menu.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I took advantage of the prix-fixe lunch menu on a lovely Sunday afternoon. This place didn't disappoint and was worth every penny. The service was friendly and unobstrusive. Food was well-executed and was a mixture of English classics, Italian and French.

    We were seated at the lower ground which was a shame as it was such a nice day. There are three distinct sections (lower ground - dark and warm with red couches and black/red undertone. I guess it's fun to be able to watch the kitchen in action down here. Upper main dining area and the round section overlooking the park - best section in my opinion). There is a bakery with yummy looking cakes attached to the restaurant as well. A very cute place for dates/lazy lunches.

    My friend ordered Sunday roast which was a little odd to me because most I've seen are thin slices of roast and this looked like a huge chunk of steak. He liked it though. Yorkshire pudding was fresh and crisp. I had pig's cheeks which could be more tender but pretty flavoursome- paired with fruit compote - nice but a tad sweet. I loved my entree - tomato confit with tea jelly and sheep milk yoghurt. My friend had ox tongue (thumbs up) and salmon. They both enjoyed them. We skipped dessert but they looked good.

    Enjoyed the experience and will come again to try the steak sandwich and other dishes that we saw coming out of the kitchen. Glad to find a place to eat at Camden!

    • Qype User Na…
    • London
    • 86 friends
    • 268 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    After waiting well over a year for this place to open (lots of renovation), I'm very impressed. Treated to a lunch here by the parents (we managed to get a reservation finally, keep trying!) and was wonderful. Simple, stylish decor and a very interesting building with plenty of glass, even in the ceiling! Has a biggish bar area wher you can just go for a less formal meal and a drink.

    For lunch, the 3 courses for £18 sounded too good to be true. But each course was beautifully prepared and absolutely exquisite. They brought a warm chicken something or other (like a liquidy pate) for free, while we waited. I didn't like but others thought was divine. My smoked salmon was a generous slice of fillet, red in colour, salty and like nothing I had had before. Next, my cod with mussel and saffron sauce was delicate and perfectly balanced. And the pannacotta was simply divine.

    And the food on the a la carte looked amazing too - all very simple but I bet was amazing. That trip is saved for a date (with him paying naturally).

    • Qype User ErikM…
    • London
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    • 106 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The nice, light interior with high ceiling, looking very stylish, is very inviting. The downstairs seems quite cosy but the ground floor gains by having a skylight and big windows letting in a lot of light.

    I was going to have the set lunch menu but decided to go for the Sunday roast as I saw it pass by. It turned out to be a very good choice with a good filling portion of perfectly cooked beef roast with Yorkshire pudding, carrots, roast potatoes and spinach with a generous helping of gravy.

    The dessert was polenta cake, lemon verbena foam and blackberry sorbet. It was all nice but to be honest I was expecting a bit more, especially the polenta cake was missing that little bit of extra.

    Unfortunately the service left a lot to be desired. Very lacklustre, seemed quite disinterested in taking orders. The food almost made up for it, but just almost.

    I will be coming back again to try the other dishes and hopefully the service will be better that time.

    • Qype User BearBe…
    • London
    • 26 friends
    • 152 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    A recent addition to the Gordon Ramsay stable of restaurants this is a small boutique hotel with bar and restaurant attached. I had Sunday lunch there a couple of weeks after it opened and the excellent food was very reasonably priced. Nicely decorated with good service and an extensive drinks and cocktail list. The dress code is smart casual so it isn't too much of an effort to prepare for. Well worth a visit.

    It's only a few minutes walk from Camden Town (follow the signs for the zoo) and very close to Regents Park. A great place to visit after either shopping at the markets or strolling through the park. In fact, the food is so good that a stroll in the park after the meal might be more appropriate.

    • Qype User laisse…
    • London
    • 29 friends
    • 61 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Another good performance from a slick Ramsay Empire operation. Good food, nice surroundings and very pleasant and professional service all around. Plus a free view of the goings on in the kitchen and plenty a helping of dark red allure.

    My (French) brother in-law was very impressed with everything, and summed it up best by saying (and I loosely quote and translate from memory): I could not fault the service, which was much better than we typically get in France. And the food was so close to fine dining, and so well executed, that for the prices they were charging it was extremely good value for the money.

    I agree, and would recommend the York & Albany if you want a good semi-casual place to hang out with friends or your partner for a few cocktails, wines by the glass and/or some good, simple, well prepared flavorful food.

    • Qype User ioda…
    • London
    • 8 friends
    • 33 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    We ordered roast beef with marrow and were served two steaks with a wine sauce and tiny bits of marrow in it. When we questioned the manager she replied  oh the menu was changed recently. This was untrue  the kitchen had clearly run-out and tried to compromise whereas what they should have done was say that dish wasn't on the menu today.

    To compound our experience the table next to us was full of some kind of crime family  literally talking about their time in prison, drug deals and how one of them glassed someone and nearly killed them  it was like a re-enactment of Eastenders meets the Krays. I accept this was not in the restaurant's control  but what was in their control is that the bar was so incredibly raucous it was unpleasant. When we enquired we were told the barman was conducting a cocktail class  well it was more of a drinking and who could shout the loudest class from our perspective at the other end of the room!

    Last but not least  the music was really shoddy and crap  if a restaurant must play muzak, for goodness sake play it at a low volume and make it good  not some incessant duff duff duff music that nobody wants with their meal.

    I had high hopes and previously my experience eating here once before wasn't so bad  but this experience was bad enough for me to to want to leave this review. If it was my restaurant I'd be apologising and offering a free pudding for serving steak and calling it roast beef  but hey that's just me.

    This is after all a Gordon Ramsey restaurant and it's not like he ever shouts at anyone for getting it wrong is it!

    • Qype User goochi…
    • London
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    • 103 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Really pleased to see that this lovely old building is being used after so many years. Beautiful stylish decor, large bar area serving cocktails, beer, wine, table service. I have eaten in the restaurant upstairs twice and the food has been great (about £100 for 2 including drink at the bar and nice wine at the table), so a nice treat place to go.

    There is a Deli attached next door which sells pizzas, oils, marinades, cheese, meats etc. You can also order a pizza at the bar (and other bar snacks).

    Forgot to mention that on both occasions, we were given an amazing free course of warm chicken liver parfait and melba toast - it was to die for.

    • Qype User foodie…
    • London
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    • 6 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Eleven of us went there after the theatre last week. The place was full but not noisy - just a congenial buzz - and I thought What credit crunch?
    We were led to a room at the back with a long table (or several put together) in the middle. Service was prompt. Our orders were taken as we had drinks. One friend had heard about their famous pizzas and wanted one but it was on their bar menu. No problem at all. So a few of us ordered pizzas too. The rest ordered from the ala carte. I had a starter of grilled squid and chorizo. Beautiful mix of flavours. The main of steamed halibut with smoked ham hock and celeriac broth was also delicious. The portions were just right. A few deserts were shared between us as we were too full. The bill, including drinks, was very reasonable considering there were so many of us.
    I will be back.

  • 3.0 star rating

    A corner bistro with curb appeal on the edge of Regent's Park (London Zoo) and the beginning of Camden.  Locals and business men / women might stroll in, but, most persons arrived in couples of two or groups of four for a casual upscale dining experience.  

    When you first walk in the front door, you are greeted by the decor of grays / blacks / metalics reminisent of many upscale and trendy dining venues worldwide.  The bar is well staffed with plenty of seating areas at the bar or in lounge chairs / informal tables around the bar parimeter.  The bar is also very well stocked with knowledgable bar tenders used to making kir royals and whiskeys on the rocks.  One has to look left and back to find the reception for the proper restaurant - a small enclosure with very comfortable chairs and heavy wooden tables.  

    The staff was outstanding and willing to offer thoughtful and caring service with oversight managers making sure some of the newer staff were on top of the service.  

    Before looking at the menu, it is clear this establishment works for drinks and small plates as well as a full dining experience. The small plates and pizzas looked very appealing and offered a wide variety of vegetarian and meat lover options.  I opted for dinner and ventured to dine on a local asparagus salad (delightful) with plaice prepared with the salty flavoring of local olives, tomatoes and peppers.   A lovely meal.  Well prepared and flavorful.  Not memorable enough to make a special trip back.  

    What is absolutely worth a taste is the Eton Mess desert!  Fresh strawberries, ice-cream, meringue and cream ... unbelievable!  

    All in all the restaurant is a reliable spot for drinks, small plates and a meal.  If you're in the neighborhood, keep this one on your list.

    • Qype User piglet…
    • London
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    • 10 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    A new addition to the Gordon Ramsay restaurant portfolio in Camden. It's been painstakingly designed - maybe a bit much so and has three areas where you can eat and drink. The bar is fitted with cosy armchairs, the ground floor restaurant is under a glass atrium and the downstairs seating area is like being encased in a warm red bubble very atmospheric!

    The food is to the standard you would expect and the 3 course set menu on a Sunday for £15 is perfect. The wine list and cocktails are well priced too, so by the end of lunch you've eaten really well but not really spent that much.

    Adjacent to the restaurant is a great deli with lots of mouthwatering treats, although a visit before you eat is advisable as after your meal you probably couldn't even think about food!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Who knew Gordon Ramsey had a place in Camden? I had three courses for £40 and I was happy.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Really enjoyed my last meal in London. We decided to make it a special evening and go to a Gordon Ramsey restaurant. We arrived early enough that we were able to try one of the special three course menus. Each course had an exquisite flavor profile and was truly delightful. I would go back weekly if I lived in London.

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