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  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I decided to get my lady bits tidied up, and figured it was about time I try out X-it for their exclusively sugaring epilation services, since it has been on my London radar for years.

    Sugaring was definitely a nicer, more thorough and less irritating hair removal option than waxing - but let's be honest, getting the hair ripped off your vagina is never going to be a particularly enjoyable experience. So I'm not exactly going to say that I can't wait to go back or anything. But, go back, I certainly will. Let's just say that it was the best half-naked, professional hair removal experience I've ever had.

    They have a bit of a brusque, no-nonsense attitude in this place, but that suits me fine. After someone has just finished waxing my butt crack, I'd really rather not hang around talking about the weather.

    And, yes, it was less painful than a normal brazilian wax.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I needed a wax pronto, and after about 30min on google worked out that this place was both near to Uni, and cheap. The website was a little intimidating, the background image is a buff mans back, and its main services offered are the 'back, crack and sack', and the boyzillian, both upwards of £50 a pop. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that this salon usually caters to Sohos Gay community... The bikini wax however was a very reasonable £12.

    I was muchos impressed with the service. (now I'm going to presume that slightly TMI is what you want from a waxing review right?!) they use hot sugar wax, which didn't seem to me to be as painfully hot, as hot wax normally is. The therapist was very professional rolling the funny sugar paste on and ripping it off again very neatly. It hurt like buggery of course, actually no, waxing hurts much more than buggery, as I'm sure most of this salons clients know. But I was left with no bruising or blood as can be the case with a bad wax. I was very impressed with how thorough the procedure was, there were tweezers, and I was even offered a going over with the razor "if I'd like". I declined...

    A week later its still good, and the lotion they sold me to stop in grown hairs appears to have worked a charm, but that could also just be the quality of the waxing.  I have decided in the future that I am *never* going to go anywhere else. It was least stressful wax I've ever had in my life.  

    I was telling The Man all about the experience later, needless to say he hadn't noticed that I'd gotton a wax at all.

  • 3.0 star rating
    26/7/2013 Updated review
    2 check-ins

    I hate pulling down a review but on careful consideration . . . it needs to be done.  I value my reputation, even if X-It apparently don't value theirs.

    Since my first-rate experience with Tracy, I have returned to X-It three more times, because it's summer, and I'm a victim of the femininity-defining patriarchy.  The first time was with a French woman who is now on maternity leave, thank god: she went fast as lightning and left me with wonky lines, broken hairs, and lines of untouched skin.  I felt rushed, uncomfortable, annoyed, and certainly not as if I were getting value for money.

    The next time I had to divide my requests: although Tracy was on hand for the more intimate stages, they drafted in Karl to sort out my legs.  Admittedly he's used to dealing with men whose body parts - I hope - are significantly more hirsute than my own, but there's not really any excuse for leaving patches of untouched hair dotted around my calves.  Ok, I'm naturally blonde (dark blonde, FINE) and I guess when the skin is erupting in red blotches from the pain of having its top layer ripped away, it's hard to see all the rogue hairs, but seriously: that's why I'm paying somebody else to do it for me.  I'm bendy, but I'm not that bendy.  When your face is eye-level with my knees (steady), you've got no excuse to miss any blighters shying away from the follicle-busting strip.  Please, turn up the lights and look closer.  I'd rather be subjected to a retina-burning striplight for 30 minutes than gleefully extend my newly smooth pins whilst lolling about in the park, only to discover that they're less polished, more patchy.  Plus I had regrowth within a matter of days, which has never happened before.  If I will throw away my feminist credentials by subjecting myself to excruciating hair removal by force, then I'd like to at least look bloody brilliant afterwards.

    To add insult to injury, I've been recommending X-It to my boss for several months and this week she finally paid them a visit, only to be greeted by the receptionist who couldn't be bothered to raise his head and look her in the face, simply muttering a woman's name (not hers) which she presumed was into a Bluetooth headset but - it turned out - was actually an enquiry as to whether she was this other woman arrived for her appointment.  When she explained that no, she was hoping to book herself in for the following week, her polite and perfectly valid request was met with a snort of derision that she dared expect one at such late notice.  Charming.

    In short: Tracy remains fantastic, professional, brilliant at her job and worth booking several weeks in advance.  Sadly, she alone is not enough to maintain the 5-star rating, which is dragged down by her colleagues (and the fact that they only accept cash: get with the times, for god's sake).  If you can book Tracey, do it.  If not, head to Cucumba instead.

    5.0 star rating
    8/3/2013 Previous review
    Well goodness me, I feel a bit drafty.  Unexpectedly so, in fact.  Tracy is remarkably persuasive.… Read more
  • 1.0 star rating

    First of all, these people do NOT sugar! They soft-wax with a sugaring paste (as opposed to wax). If you look online, anyone can find out how real sugaring should be done. I had a girl named Blaze. She use strips (NO). She applied the sugaring in the direction of the hair growth (NO) and ripped if off- with a strip- in the OPPOSITE direction of the hair growth (NO NO NO). And what's worse is that a few days later all the hair began to grow back! Before X-IT, I went to a place near by that does regular waxing- with cheaper prices- and the lady did so well that I didn't see a shred of new-growth for 2 weeks! And this is right after shaving for so many years- so I had really coarse hair. By the time I went to X-IT, most of them were fine and I still have terrible results!

    Do not go for the sheer fact that they don't even sugar properly. It's pretty much regular waxing with a sugar based paste. Not woth it. Hurts just as much.

    But I must add that the rooms are very clean, smell great, and are professional and private, which was a major plus for them. But I definitely will NEVER go back again and will NEVER recommend this place to anyone except my worst enemy.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Excellent service. After returning from San Francisco I wondered if I would ever find somewhere for those more intimate services and finally discovered this little treasure. You can completely trust Tracy to be both competent and discreet and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to others.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Well, the price of hair removal for one leg is about £30, so pretty normal I guess. But for the eyebrow- £12, personally I think it is too much. The treatment rooms seem very nice to me.

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Ancient Egyptian art of hair-removal to give a '''less painful''' and more thorough treatment. It's 100% natural and you are therefore less likely to have a reaction. ! specialise in one treatment thats hair removal not unlike other salons which are usually a jumble sale of treatments and chaos.We are sugaring specialists, which is the ancient Egyptian art of hair-removal, to give a less painful and more thorough finish. It's 100% natural and you are therefore less likely to have a reaction. It grips only hair and not your skin
Husband and wife team own and run a unique salon in the heart Soho. Unlike most traditional salons X-IT caters mainly for men, but of course ladies are very welcome.
We prefer to do a good quality job and never rush a client through. So please be prompt.
Back Crack & Sack , Boyziliain Braziilian , Specialists since 1996.
As Featured on tv Vain Men, Queer Eye, Dirty Laudry & Britains Wildest Also Featured FHM THE SUN TIME OUT BOYS qx Radio 1 (tim & spoony )