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  • 5.0 star rating

    I've been here twice to see the same play (the first time because I wanted to see David Tennant play Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing and the second... well, because David Tennant was ill when I went to see it the first time so I managed to grab tickets off eBay to the final performance and SO WORTH IT OH MY GOD) and it's amazing.

    The theatre is quite small compared to places like the Barbican, but this is in no way detrimental. I've sat both on the front row and in the balcony and the view is pretty decent at both. From the front you can sometimes miss the stuff hurled to the floor in a fit of Shakespearean rage due to not being eye level with the stage, and from the back things do get a little blurry, but you're able to follow the story and the volume really projects wherever you are.

    The performance itself was spectacular. A modern retelling of Much Ado About Nothing with as much slapstick humour as you could want, coupled with the beautiful face of Tennant, the cutting glances of Catherine Tate and a cast that can shine despite the no-doubt-hundreds of Whovians in the audience. They won me over well and truly.

    The bar is full of chatty staff and despite being a bit confusing to get to what with all the stairs and velvet curtains, the drinks are good. Pricey of course, as is any theatre, but two glasses of Pimms and you'll be wishing you had coffee instead.

    We went round the back to the Stage Door after to see if we could grab a couple of autographs - success, Tennant AND Tate both came out, along with the rest of the cast and stayed a while to make sure their fans were satisfied. You don't get this at too many theatres so it's good that Wyndham make provision for this. It's easy to get to, it's only mildly cordoned off so you can get a decent picture and chat, and this bit MADE MY ENTIRE LIFE.

    To top it all off, this theatre allows Digital Theatre to record performances so you can go to their website (DT's) and download it if you want to see it, even now. BRILLIANT.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Located right next to Leicester Square station, which is next to Leicester Square and Chinatown. I made the mistake of waiting at Charing Cross station, which is wrong. I have since learned that Charing Cross station is not on Charing Cross road, because that would be too sensible.

    Anyway, the theatre is ok. We sat at the balcony (C14 and C15). The view from there is ok, but the seats, like many other theaters, are very cramped. The D row behind us has a space under the seats, which is useful. The seats in the C row are solid, so it's pretty annoying if you have jackets and bags.

    Also, we watched the Quartermaine's Terms with Rowan Atkinson, which was kind of a disappointment. The play is very bland and a bit depressing. Don't expect any Mr. Bean stuff here.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Wyndhams- current home of excellent celebrity starred productions by the dornma warehouse.  Came to see Jude Law as a surprisingly good Hamlet (highlights include him pretending to be a crab and dry humping a man)

    The theatre itself has just undergone massive restoration- as reflected by the £1.50 restoration fee levied on each ticket.  I must admit they did a pretty darn good job.  The first thing Z said when we walked into the loos was "Wow!  This is much nicer than the usual theatres!" And they were.  You get the feeling that no expense was spared in the restoration and everything from the loos to the bars to the wall paper harked back to another era.

    We had front row balcony seats which meant that we just about made out Jude's facial features if we sqiunted.  Unfortunately they were built for midgets and we barely fit in with our short short legs.  It was also an uncomfortable journey, having to sit ram rod straight for essentially 3 hours.

    Everything else was great; the guy at the bar even refilled my water bottle. I just wished the seats were like the sofa in my front room.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Located on Charing Cross road, opposite C-town, this place is a gem. It's actually one of the smaller theatres I've been too (as opposed to the Victoria Apollo which is massive1) But I find all the theatres around this part of the West-end are rather cosy. (Noel Coward Theatre is quite nice as well!)

    Anyways managed to score front row tickets to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado about nothing, however, tennant was ill. :-( SAD TIMES.  I didn't feel as if I had to strain my next at the front row, as you do with some theatres and I really enjoyed the show. Nice comfy chairs and nice bar staff who will chat with you! Since it was the Summer, we all ordered multiple pimms and lemonade and although prices were a bit pricy, they do definitely put alot of pimms in.

    The Wyndham theatre stage door is pretty spacey too, it's not in an alley way and they've definitely done it up! I like how they want us to interact with the stars. :)

    It was such a shame that tennant was ill and couldn't show us his interpretation of Benedick

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Dear Wyndhams,

    I am writing this letter because I want to apologize to you and the actors of the play ART.    It wasn't my fault that I fell asleep 10 minutes into your performance.  I just flew in that morning from LAX and I had major jetlag.  

    I really should not have bought front row seats from the half off ticket booth.  I know that must have been a slap in the face of the actors when they  looked down at me snoring right in front of them.  

    I do remember in the first row, with the lighting, you can see the spit spraying out of the actors mouths as they perform their lines.

    I do remember that the play was about a plain white painting and that it reminded me of the Emperors New Clothes.

    I promise never to go to your theatre or any theatre the night of my arrival.  I will stick to going to a pub those nights.

    Cheri A.G

    • Qype User phanto…
    • London
    • 16 friends
    • 107 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Wyndham's is a great place to go at the moment, its Donmar productions are terrific value from £10 a ticket and such big stars!
    I saw Ivanov with Kenneth Branagh, and it was a full house. The theatre is comfortable, the staff were very helpful, they handled a couple who had been sold dodgy tickets with great tact.
    It is easy to get to as it is right next door to Leicester Square Tube. Booked to see Jacobi in Twelfth Night in December, can't wait!

  • 5.0 star rating

    A small theatre built in 1899 by Charles Wyndham the theatre impresario.

    It sits in the mid way between Soho & Covent Garden & is surrounded by

    lush eateries like J Sheekey's Oyster Bar.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Pretty little theatre just outside Leicester Square, my boyfriend and I had a wonderful time there watching Bill Bailey live. It's much smaller than theatres I've been to before but that's what I loved about it; it becomes more of an intimate experience while not being claustrophobic at all. Pretty much everything on the inside is beautiful. The only reason I didn't give it a 5/5 is because the night we went in, the venue besides the actual theatre smelled very pungently of wine or some sort of alcohol we couldn't put our finger on, and while the smell of wine can be quite pleasant, too much and its a bit suffocating.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Daughter purchased us tickets for Quartermaine's Terms starring Rowan Atkinson. We had marvelous time enjoying a most entertaining play. Mr. Atkinson was brilliant as St John Quartermaine particularly in final scene. He brought real life to a character who had lived on his terms for his entire life. The supporting cast, the family, presented a compelling story of love and family among colleagues. Thanks for a wonderful performance.

    To the theater, small, cozy and intimate, an excellent venue. I had been here once before for Art and am amazed at the facility and the staff. Everyone makes you feel welcome and assists in everyway. Will return when we are back in London.

    • Qype User Rutche…
    • Bristol
    • 24 friends
    • 253 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    True old London. A perfect jewel in the heart of The Big Smoke.
    Wyndham's Theatre was built by the famous actor of his era, Charles Wyndham's. That is why it is referred to as 'Wyndham's Theatre' and annot 'The Wyndhams Theatre'. The auditorium is beautiful and there are many wonderful murels on the walls and ceilings. The bar for The Royal Circle is lovely and you may notice a plaque on the wall for Jeremy Brett who played here as Sherlock Holmes, for many the best ever. People still come from all over the world to pay tribute to this little shrine.
    Within the walls of the theatre are two things which the public cannot see. One is the chair made for Edgar Wallace which is too large to bring out of the room it is in. He must have been quite a size. Also there is a door in the wings which has the names of Britain's finest actors who led casts on this hallowed stage.
    This is one of actors' favourite theatres to play in, second only to The Theatre Royal, Haymarket. The space is very special and intimate and so it lends itself to works of this nature.
    When 'Art' was here, this theatre began to open the house on Sundays and this has stuck since. So, it's a nice thing to know, incase you are in town for the weekend and would like something to see in the afternoon.

    • Qype User lisamc…
    • London
    • 29 friends
    • 51 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    This is a nice venue which is having a huge revamp. That is the great thing about Delfont Mackintosh, they really do care about there theatres. They soon have the Donmar season in the west end. Which means people yes Jude Law will be playing Hamlet. I think that Derek Jacobi is the best thing about the season, I can truly say you will never see a greater actor on stage. Well he is one of the greatest actors of our time. Though the shows don't start till the end of this year and are running till next year they are very booked up. So get your tickets sooner then later.

    • Qype User scrumd…
    • Hook, Hampshire
    • 5 friends
    • 75 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    We've just been to see Mike Leigh's Abigail's Party here; a rework of the hilarious, original 1977
    effort. Jill Halfpenny led the cast superbly in this really cringe-making show that shows so much that is wrong in the human condition, set in the seventies. She was backed up with fine deliveries by the other actors, (including Natalie Casey who played Donna in Two Pintsbrilliant!) Such a fantastic set showcasing the worst of the time. A perfectly performed, still very pertinent script makes this a show a must see before it moves on. I love Wyndham's Theatre because it is truly beautiful, intimate and wonderfully maintained. The seating isn't too raked in the stalls, (so don't be unlucky enough to be seated behind a giant), but it is comfortable with good leg room. Going back there early next year to see Rowan Atkinson in 'Quartermaine's Terms' and I really can't wait for that either!! You have to go if you are of a certain age or you just want to get a staggeringly grotesque, yet very funny, snapshot of seventies suburban life.

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