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  • “My stylist gave me exactly what I asked for and listened, which is a rare thing in a hairdressers.” in 8 reviews

  • MJ was a pleasure we talked like old friends.” in 4 reviews

  • “Once again top marks to Bon, his lovely helpers (there were so many!) and the Windle and Moodie team.” in 3 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    My 3rd time in this salon and I have to say, I feel that they know their business. The location is perfect and so close to stores, restaurants and coffee shops.
    The prices are reasonable but it all depends who takes care of you ( the more senior the more you pay)
    I have always been happy with cut and colour and always welcomed well.
    They have a great espresso machine and updated magazines available.
    Try to come with a vision of what you want and take your time discussing it with your stylist beforehand.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Great location. Great espresso. Great service. Great men's haircut. Can't complain. Walk to Timberyard for some latte afterwards!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Finding a good hairdresser is hard work, and kinda stressful. Since moving to London i've put off getting my hair cut for over 4 months, because i didn't know where to go, and every time i looked online at reviews, nothing seemed amazing.

    Anyhow after much debate, i finally contacted Windle and Moodie via email, as i was unsure which of their employees would be suitable for what i wanted done. The person i spoke to was extremely helpful, and recommended Charles.

    Now i think the hair dressing appointments might work differently here than they do in Australia. When i was making the appointment, they were only booking a consultation, and then from there you make the appointment. You have to do spot test also if you want colours done, so be aware of this before you make the appointment. I was lucky enough that Charles had availability for the consultation and cut to happen at the same time.

    The salon is very modern and the staff make you feel at home as soon as you enter the premises. After a quick chat about what i wanted done to my hair, it was then off to the basin for a massage and hair wash. Its like an oasis in this area, its set away from the noise of the salon.

    It was now onto the hair cut. And i must say Charles is very good at what he does. He listened to what i wanted accomplished from the visit, and ensured i was happy every step of the way.

    I will be going back to see Charles in 6-8 weeks, and i highly recommend him.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Alas, a hair salon in London where the stylists and colorists actually take the time to listen to your what you have to say and how you want your hair cut and colored. I've paid the price (literally and figuratively) half-a-dozen times over the last two years living as an American expat in London and finally, yes, finally, I have found a salon I am happy with.

    My stylist is MJ. She listens, she gives feedback when needed, and she can cut hair like no other. My color technician is Ravi and what can I say, she colored my hair exactly as I described I wanted it colored.

    I recommend both MJ and Ravi but what I don't understand is why they charge the same rate and even more, how to tip! Tipping (in salons) is something I have struggled with since moving to the UK and it is further complicated when the stylist and the color technician charge the same rates. Personally, the stylist is more skilled than the color technician and spends a considerable amount of time longer on pampering me than the technician. So, the stylist should technically receive a larger tip but wait, the color and cut rates are the same so, oh gosh, what is a girl to do? Google, that's what she does.

    And when Google turns up a result page with a very wide range of "how much to tip" opinions (including to tip the person who shampoo/conditions your hair, WTH?), the girl has nowhere to turn but to what her gut feels. And this girl's gut feeling changes as quickly as the weather in England.

    The one BIG downside to Windle & Moodie is the fact that they do not serve wine. I'd really appreciate to throw back a couple of glasses of wine whilst sitting in a chair for two hours. A girl can dream, can't she?

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I have fallen in love and I think this relationship will have me committed. My years of flirting with hairdressers, letting any old Tom, Dick or Harry run their fingers through my hair is now over. I have found THE best hairdresser in London.

    I walk past Windle the whole time and have never been in, fearing for the price tag. I didn't need to have a fear, generally hair cuts are about £40 in London, and here for £50 you can have the best hair cut of your life! So I turn up and book an appointment for later in that day. I have Colette cutting my hair and for once she Listens to what I have to say!

    I have a bad back and always struggle with the hair washing sinks. I normally ask not to have my hair washed because of this, at Windle I didn't have to worry. The electric chair rose up and laid me flat, dipping my hair into the warm stream of water. They even have a selection of shampoos and taylor the wash to your hair type.

    So I showed Colette a picture of what I wanted and we had a chat about what would suit my face and hair type. All through the cut I felt like it was a team effort, both of us finding what would be perfect for me. Over an hour and a half later we did it. I had a "pretty shaped head" as she put it!

    Thank you Windle and Colette, this was worth every penny!

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is the kind of place where the person cutting your hair has an assistant for their assistant.  Well, not quite, but it's still a pampering experience.  

    For starters, I went in and sat down with my stylist for a sincere, non-rushed talk about what I wanted achieved with my hair.  Then, after a relaxed hair wash, my hair cut felt completely detailed and precise.  My stylist seemed to approach my hair as a skillful artist would, with his assistant on the standby, handing him the tools of his trade.  It never felt rushed or forced.  The quality of the cut was perfect.

  • 5.0 star rating
    10/4/2011 Updated review

    I reviewed Windle (now Windle and Moodie) last Autumn after a brilliant experience. Though I meant to go back in the Winter, life's ways meant that it was 8 months til I went for another haircut! A few weeks on, and it's holding on really beautifully.

    Again, I saw Bon. Again, he was awesome. The ends of my hair got a bit blunter treatment this time around, which I don't like as much as the slightly less-severe look I had last time, but I still like the shape and cut on the whole.  The whole process was great and the freshly-madeover salon is very relaxing. At one point I had 2 stylists drying my hair - one of each side - brilliant!  I got the prettiest, softest, wavy blow-out and style at the end. I just kept petting my hair.

    During my cut, Bon let me look through his photos of recent runway work for London and Paris fashion weeks. I love that the stylists here have their hands right on the pulse of the avant garde world of runway fashion and yet still give me a look that's not crazy and out there (unless I'd asked for crazy and out there - then I'm sure it could've been done!).

    A few days after my cut, I was looking up the W&M site to show a friend and I was surprised to see they'd put my former review on the salon website. Which was pretty cool. Once again top marks to Bon, his lovely helpers (there were so many!) and the Windle and Moodie team. :)

    5.0 star rating
    10/10/2010 Previous review
    Go here. See BON. He's the sweetest man and LISTENS to you!!  Best haircut I've had in years. I have… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    If I could afford it, I would always get my hair done at Windle. I have never had a bad experience there: the stylists listen to your needs and if you're having a colour and a cut, then the technician and stylist will both sit down with you first to talk things through. It's very reassuring.

    Signe is a wonderful technician, who coloured my hair the best it's ever been, but the girl who used to cut my hair has now left. I'm certain that others would be just as good though, as quality is central to the salon.

    Unfortunately, my pockets cannot keep up with the prices, so it's one for special occasions only.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I have been going to Windle and Moodie for about 3 years (yes!  It's that good!)  but since funds have been a little tight recently, I put off a haircut until last week.

    Prior to finding this GEM in Covent Garden, I had had several successively crappy haircuts (you know the ones where you leave and start sniffling because it looks so bad and you can't believe you just paid £40 for it?!) with various recommended hairdressers - luckily my old hairdresser back home recommended a list of places for me to try in London - and this was the first one.

    It's amazing. Yes, it's on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for.  I almost always go for the cheapest sylist - £45-50 - but that absolutely does not mean you get a cheaper looking cut - if someone's working at Windle and Moodie it's because they're damn good.  I've had 4 different stylists since working here (two left!) and they've all been great - everyone has been really genuine, lovely and knowledgeable.  There's no snobbery, they will happily give you really useful tailored haircare tips  (they know their stuff), and I can almost guarantee you'll love your cut.  

    A lot of the sylists work freelance for big fashions shows and I'd say this salon is probably one of the best in London - these people are in demand.

    The salon is always clean, sharp looking, and the preferred products they use (Bumble and Bumble) smell beautiful.  And there are sometimes sweets in jars on the waiting table!

    Last week I had a cut with the lovely Micheal for the first time, who's been working there since I've been going to W & M's,  who sweetly spent a lot of time styling my fine flat hair into something a bit more volumised when I mentioned I was heading out for the night post haircut.  I think he's the least expensive there at the moment.

    One minor grump is that sometimes I get an *exquisite* head massage and sometimes not - I guess it depends on how busy they are, but I'd love for that to be a guaranteed part of the process.

    Try it!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I have a phobia of going to hair dressers because I tend to get hairdressers  who loves giving me graduated bobs because they thought it looked 'cute' on me.
    which meant I always left with the horribly feeling of being unsatisfied.

    Bon for my stylist  was really good. My hair was a mess as  I have dyed it for over 5 years ranging from pink streaks to full head of ginger.I had no idea what I wanted, nor did  i bring any pictures. So he asked a few questions about how I dress and how I style my hair usually.
    I found him really quick with the scissors considering my old hairdresser used to take an hour with my haircut. He constantly checks if you are happy with the haircut and whether I want to go any shorter, or lighter.
    I then had my hair styled with HD's to  get a wavey effect and some products.

    I left with really soft hair which is first for a long time!
    No haircut bob disaster this time round.

  • 5.0 star rating

    After several serious misses at salons that came highly recommended, my limp, fried, badly coloured hair was in need of nothing less than a miracle. Somewhat jaded but still hopeful, I submitted an enquiry through Windle & Moodie's website and received a prompt, detailed response to all my questions. (Another good sign; several highly reputable salons never bothered to reply or return my calls or were vague or rude if they did.)

    When I went in for my appointment, the receptionist was warm and friendly and made me feel immediately welcomed.  A personal pet peeve of mine is feeling sized up in a new salon, (which is unfortunately common, as we all know) so naturally, I was already impressed.  

    Jamie assessed my colour and almost instinctively knew exactly what I wanted without having to ask too many questions, though he was very careful to communicate with me and make sure we were on exactly the same page before getting started.  We had a fun, pleasant chat as he fixed some horrendous mistakes made by a previous colourist at a different salon.  

    After that, MJ took over, very patiently and thoroughly went through all my hair concerns and neuroses without making me feel the least bit rushed or bothersome, then went to work.  She would periodically stop to explain what she was doing and give me options for continuing, which makes perfect sense, but so few stylists have ever taken the time to do with me. She then showed me different ways to style my cut that look great and are actually practical and within my skill range. I can't tell you how many times a stylist either skips that part entirely or works their professional magic and goes right over my head, killing any hopes of actually being able to recreate the look on my own.  

    When everything was said and done, I left with one of the best styles I think I've ever had.  I've definitely found "my" salon now.  

    Don't kid yourself:  Windle & Moodie is definitely worth it.  The extra details definitely stand out.

    **Update:  I decided to go back to a bobbed style I had years ago but eventually let grow out, partially because it was hard to find a stylist who could do it perfectly without making it look too kitschy.  For precision cuts, Simon's it.  Again, super friendly and fun to chat with and endless patience with styling tips.  I don't think there is a less than stellar stylist or colourist in the place.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Hurray for Windle & Moodie and an even bigger hurray for Bon!

    Naturally, I am incredibly picky about my hair. I know what I like and I know what I hate. Normally, the only problem is that I can't find a hairdresser that sees what I see (in my head!).

    Bon's sole purpose that day, in my opinion, was to fix the disaster that happened over the Christmas holiday when I let someone other than my regular girl cut my hair simply out of urgency as I would only be home for another day or two. Since then, I have kept my hair up in messy buns, which is absolutely agonizing to me as I am definitely one of those girls who actually like to prim and prep every morning. The fact that I could no longer curl, straighten, or style my hair properly  to match my mood, makeup, and clothes anymore just killed me.

    After listening to me and laughing at all of my definite answers of YES, NO, and DON'T YOU DARE, he cut my hair and made it normal again. It's still not the length that I miss or the shape that I wish were still here, but that is truly no fault of his as I know that only time can fix this broken hair. I am just extremely grateful that he was able to blend everything in again.

    I'm impressed with his work, and I have recommended him to my friend who will be coming in later this week to make a completely drastic and edgy change. I'll let you guys know how it goes!

    TIP: If you want to be able to sit down and ask your hairdresser to just change you or make you over because you are in a rut and don't know what you want, Bon is not for you. He will ask you numerous times if this or that is ok, and he will ask you to look at the front and back of the cut along the process. With that said, for those who are more anal about their haircuts and want to be completely involved due to control issues or pure nervousness, Bon is your best bet. He also gives free fringe trims!

    All the best!

  • 4.0 star rating

    First satisfying haircut in London!! yay!

    I had Anthony and he's great. He's nice, not intrusive, focused, and he listens! I was missing my hairdresser of 10 years a great deal since I moved to London but I think I've found a replacement!

    Oh and they have awesome chairs in the hair-wash corner. I totally fell asleep for a few minutes.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Fun. While I've been to many good hairdressers, in the UK, US, and in Singapore, the ones who bring me back are the ones that can be described in one word: fun.

    Windle & Moodie was exactly that. It's nestled in a great location in Covent Garden, and from walking through playing with some of the toys they've laid out in the waiting area to grabbing a complimentary lollipop on my way out, I have to say that my entire experience was incredibly fun.

    Here's why:

    1. Tara - She was absolutely amazing. Very attentive, incredibly meticulous, and patient. While I was only there for a bit of a trim, she still took the time to talk me through what she was doing and brainstorm possible ways of styling my hair. And, when she heard that I was going for a night out afterwards, she even offered to curl my hair for me. I've never had a stylist take the time to do that before...most people just go through a quick blow dry and shove me out the door!

    2. The washing basins -- they're located in this dark room, which make them feel more private. And the girl who washed my hair was really nice to chat to.

    3. The products -- W&M uses very high quality products, but I was also really impressed by their own line of salon tools. Really had fun checking out their flat iron (which Tara also used on me) and am seriously considering getting one myself!

    Overall, I'd definitely recommend W&M -- the prices are reasonable, the quality is high, and the salon itself is fun. What more could you ask for?

  • 5.0 star rating

    Takashi is hands down the best colourist I have ever seen. He was recommended to me 7 years ago by a friend who always had great hair, and even though I no longer live in London I make it a priority to go in and see Takashi whenever I am back. No matter what, he gets it exactly right. People have actually seriously stopped me in the street asking me where I get my highlights done because the colour suited me so perfectly. He's worth every penny.

    • Qype User gloomy…
    • London
    • 15 friends
    • 35 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I had my hair blow dried by MJ a few years back, she also curled my hair using GHD's, it was a great experience and I loved the bumble and bumble products they used on me.

    MJ was a pleasure we talked like old friends.

    Great experience at windle salon.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I recently moved to London and have been looking for a new stylist. I emailed and spoke in person with two really nice girls, one Brit and one American, both with dark bobbed cuts. I asked them questions about my growing out cut and what to do next. The two girls suggested I come in for a consultation with MJ. I want to reiterate how exceptionally cheerful and nice these girls were (the two with the dark bobs), they were a wonderful first salon experience and made me want to come to Windle & Moodie.
    MJ was very patient and helped me determine that I might want to grow the awkward layers a bit more before I made an appointment. I appreciated this because it showed me that this stylist actually cared that I was happy with my hair and wasn't just looking to make more money.
    When I was finally ready to make an appointment, I contacted Windle & Moodie and dealt with a new person. Her name was Ren. This experience was completely different than the first (wonderful) experience that I had. The new girls tone was completely rude and unhelpful over email.
    I was out shopping on Covent Garden one day and decided to head in to the salon, hoping that the two dark bobbed girls would be there, or at least hoping the rude and unhelpful email interaction was just a fluke. Ren (the blonde American) was so off-putting and undeniably rude (my suspicions were confirmed), so I decided to go to a different salon.
    The tension was obvious and it seemed like another catty, stressful salon. I am upset, and confused, because the salon seemed so friendly and upbeat when I went in before.
    I've been taking my business to Richard Ward (which I have to admit, is ok. It's not catty, but I felt more of a connection with MJ.)
    I might come in and try MJ again in the future because she was cool and extremely helpful, but I felt uncomfortable with the whole atmosphere. If I DO go in again, I truly hope it's a day when Ren isn't working and the other two wonderful girls are.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Top notch salon. Have been a client for 7 years. Though more pricey than others, the experienced staff know what to do with scissors and razors. Amenities include relaxing basement shampoo and head message area with soft music and candlelight, a good fresh beverage selection (coffee, tea) served at your chair, and a strong Bumble & bumble product range.

    • Qype User macaro…
    • London
    • 122 friends
    • 127 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    A brilliant London hairdressers and the top guy who's amazing is called Jean Marc. Quite expensive per hour but it's worth it. This salon has cut lots of famous people's hair such as the lovely Scarlett Johansson for one of her famous magazine shoots. But the best thing about this place is the head massage you get when they wash your hair - the best in the business! They also use Bumble & Bumble products too that are simply amazing. Great location in Covent Garden too.

    • Qype User cocoal…
    • London
    • 47 friends
    • 182 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    My experiences at Windle have been nothing short of amazing! The reception team are helpful and approachable. The atmosphere isn't prententious or snobby. My stylist gave me exactly what I asked for and listened, which is a rare thing in a hairdressers. I didn't feel rushed out of the door like at other places. Oh, and there are complimentary drinks and a Japanese head massage that's to die for. Overall a great experiance!

    • Qype User susi1_…
    • London
    • 5 friends
    • 42 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    It took me some salons until i found this (yep you should always listen to what other people found, you could make short cuts). The hunt for a stylist and color specialist is over and i am more than happy! Ask for Collette and Aiko, they are great.

    • Qype User Philip…
    • London
    • 12 friends
    • 16 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I am by no means vain, but having got my hair cut at Windle and Moodie a couple of hours ago, I've not stopped looking at my reflection in windows, car bonnets and now that I'm home, mirrors! My stylist, Jack, did a fantastic job, listened patiently to my vague list of hair requests (which included the desire not to look like a spaniel or a middle-aged woman) and turned them into what is quite simply the best haircut I have ever had. I think I look great and have FINALLY got a hairstyle which suits me.Thanks, Jack.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I got a great haircut at Windle a while back.  I was in the area for a month, and my hair was in bad need of a cut.  I normally go to Vidal Sassoon in the States when I can make it into a city (or a local shop where the cuts are about $40 when I can't), but I decided to try something different.  I made my appointment in person for the next day with Jean-Marc.  The entire experience was great; the service was attentive but unobtrusive.  When my appointment was to begin, I was led downstairs, where Jean-Marc, whom I had never met before, greeted me by name.  The entire experience was great, very relaxed, and I got compliments on my hair for the next two months, including from strangers who just saw me on the street!  Now I just have to find someone this good Stateside!

  • 3.0 star rating

    The salon itself was really pretty and the staff is friendly. I had Paul Windle cut my hair, as I'm terrified of new cuts/salons/hairdressers, and it was fine, but nothing extraordinary, and certainly not worth the price tag.

  • 4.0 star rating

    London is chock full of people with unusual sartorial choices, walking the streets with such confidence that a girl begins to wonder why none of her pants are paisley printed, and how come she hasn't given edgy, asymmetric locks a go. One month in and I felt that unkempt, long brown locks were what really held me back from achieving an eccentric yet undeniably fashionable look, and went to see Michael at Windle and Moodie. He was charming, genuinely nice and a former Island dweller like myself, which made me warm up to him, and most importantly trust him. He talked me out of chopping off my locks, and pointed out what was wrong with the current cut ever so gently, softening the whole thing up, insisting on special shampoos and finally, teaching me how to curl my hair. It felt like a really talented, insider friend was giving me much needed guidance and I walked/bounced out of the salon with beautiful hair, and such a good feeling.

    For these reasons, I highly recommend both the salon and Michael. The only reason I don't give it a perfect rating, is that the hair wash itself was only average, with no lovely massage.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I'm reserving a definitive review until the second time I go back to this lovely salon.  It was easy to get there, in a cool location, and felt neato and trendy.  It didn't feel stuffy in there at all.  I love that the waiting area offered The Complete Guide to Ferret (really??), a slinky, the game Operation, a Rubik's cube, and other toys of my generation.  Unlike another reviewer, I actually hated the automated chair hair washing thingy.  I think as a big woman, I was worried I would break the damned thing and felt very uncomfortable ...and I know the hair washing area is dark to make me feel relaxed, but it just felt like I was about to be groomed for sexual naughtyness or something.  BUT, all this being said, I LOVE Mia, who was soft spoken and NORMAL.  I hate going to catty hairdressers who you feel are judging you for your style (in my case the lack thereof) or who you feel will laugh at you behind your back.  Mia seemed earnest and cool and friendly and nice and my god, how many times do you say that about your hairdresser?  I just loved her to bits.  Did I love the haircut itself? Um, well, it's hard to say.  I'm recovering from a particularly bad haircut where my head was saved in sections and now I'm trying to grow it all out, so I don't know yet how I feel about what she did.  I think she probably did the best she could with what I have to work with and I will most definitely be back to her a few more times to see if I like her on the long term. She took her time, ;she had me shake out my hair several times to make sure the cut would match my real life activities, and that was very comforting.

    • Qype User prince…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    3.0 star rating

    I have been to Windle and Moodie three times. The first time I think it was Kevin who cut it, and he did a good enough job, and I loved the salon. The second time I went, it was a Japanese guy with funky hair who I think might have left (can't see his picture on their website). My haircut was fine, and again it was the overall experience I loved and the salon itself. The third time I went, it was cut by Michael. Unfortunately he did not to do a good job. I think he was fairly new at cutting, but I don't think he had enough experience and expertise. I did think he had potential and with more practise and learning he could become great. However, I don't think the salon should have unleashed him, and that too at their normal prices, because I don't think it was worth it and my hair wasn't cut well, and it has put me off the salon. I also liked the salon more before they 'updated' it and the washbasins' section.

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