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  • Ariel Way
    London W12 7GD
    Shepherd's Bush, White City
  • Phone number 020 3371 2406
  • “My favourite is the variety of restaurants on the Southern Terrace and the cinema.” in 20 reviews

  • Topshop here is fantastic and think it is a strong contender to rival its bigger sister at Oxford Circus.” in 12 reviews

  • “De grands espaces, des magasins à n'en plus finir et pour toutes les bourses (de Louis Vuitton à H&M).” in 8 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    I absolutely loved this mall. First, the stores offer a perfect variety of clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, and gifts for EVERYONE. Second, there's a phenomenal grocery store with a perfect selection of produce, cheeses, etc. But then ALL my needs were covered when i realized there are about 30 options for breakfast, lunch, & dinner! And these aren't all stuffed into a noisy food court. You can sit in an Italian bistro for lunch then walk next door for drinks at a popular steakhouse, then go down a few more spaces for Brazilian food for dinner! A stage outside welcomes families to enjoy love music during cocktail hour. And all the bathrooms are CLEAN.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Westfield's is good. In fact excellent in the winter, beats walking around Oxford street doing your Christmas shopping, but in the summer I'll probably shop at Oxford st, better chance to soak up the sun and get some fresh-ish air. There are a couple of places I like republic, river island, and a few others which I can't recall right now. My gripe with it is that it's pretty damn hard to find your way around the place. The mall is built like a figure 8 shape. And it's huge and has no signs to tell you where you are. So you can get lost. I feel this is by design and not coincidence, to get people wandering around aimlessly, making unplanned visits to shops, and buying stuff on impulse. I understand some people get a high from shopping and the design if westfields will appeal to those people. However for me, a much more methodical shopper, this is just annoying. However if you've been there long enough you can use the landmarks to navigate your way around.

    Other than that, westfields isn't much different to any other shopping centre.

    P.s. originally gave this 4/5 - they have no removed free parking for first 2 hours so I am dropping down to 3/5 stars. I never go there if I want to just buy one item.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Maybe I'm disillusioned having worked three different jobs here since I was a uni student. It's literally sustained me for many years. I'm not a massive fan of shopping, but what always baffled me about London growing up was that there was wasn't a massive shopping centre, Brent Cross used to be as good as it gets (ah, nostalgia). Then along came Westfield London to consolidate all your high street stores with your high end retailers. It's generous for a shopping centre and it means you can spend an entire afternoon here without getting bored - as I said, I'm not even a massive fan of shopping(!)

    It's conveniently placed next to wood lane and shepherd's bush stations and even have an Italian food market leading up to it on certain days. It's really as close to the full package as you get.

    Why 4 stars? Unfortunately, I'm a foodie, although there is a huge array of food options, they're largely chains, in the food court and on the mezzanine. And honestly, none of them really float my boat. It would make a world of difference if there were more independent food stores around.

    Worth a visit if you're visiting and is likely to remain my local shopping centre for years to come.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This place is HUGE! If you shop here, you better be prepared to walk and have a thick wallet...either with lots of cash or credit cards with room to spare. They've got all the big luxury brands here, as well as eatery for all preference and price range. You won't leave here hungry....probably a much lighter wallet...

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This Westfield is a GIGANTIC mall that has everything from gelato to high-end designer purses.

    Aspinal of London, Coach, Disney Store, Apple....they're all here!

    There is an Italian Jamie Oliver restaurant that has great food and even greater specials.
    Square pie has some INSANELY good pies, affordable prices, and generous side portions to boot.
    There's a lot more than meets the eye- there is a stand that has mini pancakes topped with your choice of sauce (Nutella :) and a topping (strawberries!!), a gelato stand that has really good chocolate, strawberry and passion fruit ice creams.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Yelp Century, 2013

    What to make of Westfield? A convenient array of all the high street stores under one, huge, roof? An awesome display of glass, steel and retail might? A bewildering, stressful assault of large numbers of people and annoyingly long distances between competitor shops? A symbol of rampant capitalism at its uniform worst, bereft of individual flair that the free market is supposed to encourage?

    For me, it's all of these things. I am definitely not a fan of Westfield. I find shopping there a stressful, tiring and occasionally disheartening experience. I don't like the way that the department stores occupy each of the mall's corners, forcing long trudges between them to compare similar prices and products. Oxford Street's grouping of many of the same stores west of Oxford Circus is much better. The free wifi is unreliable at best and the sheer amount of people competing for mobile network sometimes renders it a telecommunications dead zone. I'll be living in Shepherds Bush shortly but fully expect to be making more use of the shops and bars around Shepherds Bush Green than those in Westfield, Waitrose excluded.

    But I grudgingly admit to the benefits of convenience, particularly that of its relatively long opening hours around peak shopping periods like Christmas. And for all its sizeable stature, its relatively discreet exterior means its impact on the surroundings is less than one might expect.

    I certainly won't object to living within 5 minutes of such a relatively discreet concentration of high street brands but I expect my trips here to be out of necessity than choice.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This Westfield was simply amazing, and I really enjoyed coming here on the nights when I was visiting London from the US. There are so many stores to see and a bunch of places to eat that there was always something to do here when we wanted to take a break from sightseeing during the day.

    I think the location is great, as it was within walking distance of our hotel that was nearby, so we could come here to grab coffee, a snack, or a meal at any time when we were free. It's also situated very near the tube stop, making it very accessible even when we were not coming from our hotel.

    What makes this Westfield stand out to me is the shear size of it all...it's gigantic! Every time that I visited I felt as though I were seeing a new part of the mall that I had not seen before. It has a ton of brand name stores like TopShop/TopMan, Hollister, and H&M, which made shopping in the UK very easy and enjoyable at the same time.

    There are also a lot of food options located inside the mall as well as outside right before you enter. I remember eating at the food court here one night, and then at the Nandos restaurant the next! Both times I definitely had fun during my visits!

    Even just walking around is fun because there's so much to look at. We came during the holiday season, so there were also a lot of sales in each of the stores that we visited. It made the shopping experience and visit just all the more enjoyable. So the next time I visiting this part of London, I am definitely going to be returning here because it's an awesome hang out and shopping spot!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Most negative and positive impression was the food court. Food choice was amazing and tasty from all around the world. However, the prices were just crazy if you ask me. In the USA, Mall food courts offer food that is extra affordable so that's what i am comparing it to. All stores were good, service good, but nothing unexpected.

  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    En matière de shopping, le Westfield Shopping Centre dans le quartier de Sheperd's Bush est THE PLACE TO BE!

    Déjà visité plusieurs fois, c'est toujours sous un angle différent que je le retrouve... Que cela soit en fin d'été ou avant Noël, l'ambiance y est toujours super sympa et agréable...

    De grands espaces, des magasins à n'en plus finir et pour toutes les bourses (de Louis Vuitton à H&M). Ce shopping est facilement accessible en métro et vous pouvez y passer la journée. Très souvent, des tours et activités éphémères y sont organisés. Cette fois-ci, j'ai eu l'occasion de participer au Bar Mineral tour et de me faire maquiller par des pros.

    Au niveau pause déjeuner, vous êtes servis! Des restos plus classes à l'extérieur, des snacks de luxe à l'intérieur avec un vietnamien, un traiteur sushi, un mexicain, un italien, un veggie,... LE TOP!

    Bref, vous passez par Londres et vous voulez passer une excellente journée shopping sans la pluie, le Westfield est fait pour vous!

  • 3.0 star rating
    5 check-ins

    This shopping mall has almost anything you might want. From Dior to Topshop, Keihls to Boots, with the added bonus of M&S and Waitrose if you're worn down (by all the pram dogging and getting elbowed by the usual iPhone grasping narcissists) and want take home cheese and wine for dinner. There is a large selection of restaurants to choose from and a great movie theatre if it's raining and you can't be bothered to leave. The staff in most of the clothing stores generally seem to hate their chosen profession, but when I popped into Bobbi Brown, Jo Malone and Church's everyone was very helpful.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Europe

    This is a massive shopping center close to the Underground train station.  My daughter and I went here on Friday.  I'm not much of a shopper and neither is my daughter.  But this is a perfect destination for someone who likes to shop.

    It has a lot of stores you expect to see in a US shopping center.  It also has kiosks with great looking guys with British accents who call you "darling."

  • 3.0 star rating
    7 check-ins

    This is tricky, on one hand I always get lost, this makes me wander into shops I hadn't planned to go into, and probably buy more. I don't think it's just me as I have tried using the app but I still often end up queuing for the machines that have the store plan-which means that others are also finding it tricky.

    But on the other hand I still love the place, probably because I remember when it was being built and the excitement of waiting for it to open. It is what it is-which is a big mall, there is something for everyone with cheaper shops as well as some not so cheap shops (!). I prefer it to the Stratford Westfield, and obviously like enough to go often, but if chain stores aren't your thing it may not be for you! And it is not the sort of place that you can nip in and out of!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Really enjoyed my shopping experience at Westfield. All your stores in one location.

    this won't seem so unique for an AMerican or Canadian shopper but quite the rarity in Europe. So if you don't want to walk up and down the streets of London to find that Mulberry wallet or get yet another Zara scarf, go to Westfield. Tube accessible, lots of restaurants, and department stores for the undecided shopper.

    EXTRA TIP: July = Sales across London

  • 5.0 star rating

    I love this place!!! Great shops, nice access and so much you can do out there!!!
    Better than Stratford one

  • 5.0 star rating

    I can't stand malls in general - being from the states -I've had my fill.... but for my London family - they insisted that I visit this one... specifically since it was built for the past Olympics .....and I'm so happy I came to see it in person..

    Very large.. gorgeous.. spacious.. free wifi...

    The parking lot is so SMART... green lights to let you know when each row has open spots and RED lights for all full.. *why can't American designers implement this into our parking garages? lol..

    Food choices are endless... one of the largest food courts ever..
    I could eat at Wagamama's everyday if you let me.
    And shops galore.. so many choices... can't even begin to explain.

    I could also honestly live in Boots and the Waitrose Supermarket...


    The FAMILY/ RESTROOM/ CHANGING room on the second floor - I believe? -  is a literally a SPA... I nearly passed out.....Being from NYC - I've never changed my toddler in a public bathroom - ever - because they are flat out disgusting. This room had amazing tables with personal sinks... nappy bags.. bright lighting.. personal booths for nursing mum's.. complete with calm artwork..and soft leather chairs.....a lounge area for adults..... kitchen area.. steriliser machine....microwave...family sized bathroom - with MINI toilet and SINK for toddlers ----------AND a Play area for the children - complete with TV and wooden toys... I seriously was in shock..... as that would NEVER last in NYC...my poor child didn't know what to do... I think he mistook it for a musuem and refused to touch anything... because it really was a lovely space... When I come back... I will take a nap here to recuperate from shopping... lol

    Leave it to me to comment on the darn bathroom..
    Boy am I a mother...

    And yes I took pics - after everyone left... lol..- because my friends back home would never believe me - if I didn't have proof.

    I think this is a fantastic mall - and even after 3? or 4 visits - I didn't even make it through half.

    TIP -
    Currency exchange is availabe inside Marks & Spencer's  -- if you need any....upstairs.. towards the back...in the housewares dept.... I picked up some Euro's from them before heading to Paris... very handy....

    As for my family in London --- - they adore it.

    Please visit if you find yourself in the area.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Four years ago a study was published into 'clone towns' - the fact that our shopping choices are getting more and more uniform and bland with the same big chains in every town and independent businesses eeking out life on the fringe. The study (news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/engl… ) pointed out that Shepherd's Bush was a gem - with London's greatest variety and highest percentage of independent stores. Wimbledon was the blandest.

    Well Shepherd's Bush just got relegated to last. Its new de facto high-street now seems to officially be a multi-level indoor one with piped music and climate control and NOT ONE independent retailer in sight. It's just every shop you see everywhere else looking exactly the same. You could be in any Boots, any Apple shop or any H&M. Even the Hollister is identikit to the one in every mall around the world. Gross.

    I challenge you - in all seriousness - can you find a shop, restaurant, cafe or even stall here in Westfield's centre that isn't part of a chain with an outlet elsewhere?  We tried today and got nowhere. They should've been made to include a minimum percent of independent retailers - but no, Westfield's raison d'etre is cash cash cash. (where else does a can of Coke at WHSmiths cost 91p?)

    So no more of this mall for me thanks. It's the Antichrist of the wonderful weekend market culture of this fine city. Get me out of cloneville now.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Like, ohmygod -- today I like, totally went to the mall.

    As bodaciously tubular as it was, what, with its faux Jamba Juice, rip off Auntie Annes, and even the fabled fake Orange Julius, it's not necessarily a facet of American culture that I'm particularly proud of, nor that I was excited about crossing the pond. (Customer service, YES. Malls? Meh...)

    Although I can't lie -- it was rather convenient to hop of at Shepherds Bush, walk into an eerily well designed shopping mecca, and be able to browse all of the high street shops in one go. It was like I was home all over again.  

    This is one of those yes to "Parking," yes to "Wheelchair Accessible," and yes to "Accepts Credit Cards" spots that are not easy to come by on this side of the Atlantic.

    ...And though I kinda hated it, I kinda loved it too.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The clientele really annoys me at this mall. Unlike the posh Regent Street or Oxford Streets, there are a lot of small children and clueless foreigners. English doesn't even seem to be the first language spoken here.

    A huge douchey annoyance is the champagne bar located conspicuously in the heavy foot traffic area of the posh boutiques. You'll see it packed with greasy businessmen trying to impress people by flaunting their money. Just be sure to sneer and discourage this stupid charade of immodesty and conspicuous consumption.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This place is so close to 4 stars for me. But it's three for two main reasons:

    1. Crowds. Ok, ok, so it's a large number of shops in one place... aka a mall! But I'm not a huge crowds person and I'm yet to find a time when it's not completely packed.

    2. Maps. The maps are good, but there are too few of them, meaning you have to queue for one, and when you're using it you feel under pressure not to make everyone else wait ages.

    Other than that it's nice to be able to get everything in one place, and the size of some of the chain shops (i.e. heeoowwge) means that there's more to choose from in particular stores than anywhere else.

    On top of that, the food court is very impressive, with a lot of choice, all at reasonable prices and good quality.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Westfield Shopping Centre is epic in its proportions. From the outside in everything looks clean cut and shiny like all shopping centres should. The Southern Terrace is made up of some great looking eateries whilst inside is a high street paradise. All the major brand stores are present meaning every social class is provided for at Westfield. You could easily spend an entire day here blowing a years salary. Westfield is located right next to all Shepherd Bushes transport systems making it very accessible. Or if you want to drive you get two hours free Monday to Friday.

    The bottom line is, if you are a high street shopper, you will love Westfield. If you get your knickers in a twist over consumerist society, I suggest you stay clear.

    As a long standing bargain hunter this monolithic shopping temple is not for me, but I know classy when I see it and Westfield impresses greatly.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    In some ways, I love Westfield.  In other ways, I hate Westfield.  

    You see, Westfield reminds me of some of the shopping malls back from my hometown in Orlando, FL.  

    There's this 'posh' mall that has regular high-street brand names on one side of it and then designer names (eg, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, etc.) on the other side, complete with the take-away food court/swank sit-down restaurant binary, as if the the entire complex is a surreptitious social experiment.  Westfield is like this.  Despite the questionable social implications of this, Westfield makes me strangely nostalgic.

    But, pitting Westfield next to, say, the Florida Mall (that sprawling shopping mall in south Orlando that is always overflowing with British tourists), well, Westfield loses.  It loses because it's simply generic in its category.  It doesn't have that je ne sais quoi.  And it doesn't belong in the UK.  Shopping mall culture is a dangerous business.  It fosters laziness, mindless spending, disposable living, and loitering in youth.

    That being said, I cannot criticise building planners for what they choose to appropriate from neighbouring cultures, so I refrain from taking this into account in my rating.

    But that ginormous Boots store in it . . . well, I would visit Westfield for Boots alone because I have an unnatural and unexplainable love affair with the pharmaceutical giant.  And, man, is it huge.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Having lived in Ealing, I was at this mall a lot especially when it first opened. I do like having all the main shops in one place but Westfield is prone to being extremely crowded, especially on weekends.

    The key plus points are 1) being able to avoid the crowds on Oxford St, 2) not having to go outside in the cold/rain to switch shops, and 3) easy access to food (food court and two restaurant areas) and entertainment (vue cinema in the mall and across the street).

    Main drawback are the crowds which seem to just like walking around rather than actually shopping.

    Overall, if you are used to shopping in the US, this will make you feel right at home. If you are looking for smaller boutique shops, try Carnaby street as this is definitely the home of the chains.

  • 2.0 star rating
    2 check-ins
    Listed in Rainy Days

    Lakeside, Bluewater and now Westfield. The same is true for all large shopping centres for me, I think I'm going to do some serious shopping when I set out but in reality I never buy anything that I couldn't have picked up in Islington (a magazine, a pen...).

    Westfield seems incredibly popular with the teenagers and despite being on the other side of London to where I work, I still see students from my classes wandering through. Most seem to be queueing to get into Hollister.

    The fast food outlets aren't too bad (but are pricey and pretentious) but there are never enough seats. The restaurants outside are mainly your usual chain places (Wahaca, Wagamama, Real Greek, Fire & Stone). There are a few sandwich shops scattered around (Pret, Eat, Starbucks) and so many stalls selling treats (Snog, milkshakes, cakes, sweets etc) that I can imagine it being a nightmare walking around with a demanding 6 year old.

    Apart from the extremely, crazily popular shops, most places are usually quiet enough with ample sales staff on hand to help but ultimately, I don't see anything here I couldn't get in central London. So if you only shop at the big chains then it's fine. Want something a little different, go elsewhere.

  • 5.0 star rating

    There is a Westfield Mall in Chicago, but Westfield London by far offers MUCH more. I'll keep this short and to the point....

    * It's huge.
    * Ton of stores.
    * If it's hip, cool or trendy...you'll find it.
    * Clean.
    * Can get lost easily.
    * Swank.

    I'm not a mall person and really hate having to go to them. However, if you need a specific store, you'll find it here.

    Happy Shoppings...

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Massively huge shopping center on the west side of London. At the moment, it's the fourth largest in the United Kingdom.  though not as large as the Fort Lauderdale Sawgrass Mills near Fort Lauderdale with which I am more familiar

    It's just massive with lots and lots of shopping, restaurants and especially people. All very clean and bright with security quite visible. The main atrium area is used for various displays and events, with a big stage set up.

    If there is any retailer you are looking for, you will find them here. Apple, Debenham's, Marks and Spencers, sure. But also a Build-A-Bear Workshop and a Lego shop. I'd be hard pressed to think of anyone who isn't represented here.

    Loads of restaurants too, including a plethora of coffee shops and even a champagne bar.

    Shopping or people watching, this place is for you. It would not be hard to find yourself here hours later, like a one-way time warp into the future.

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    • London
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    3.0 star rating

    first view was the parking (yes of course) which is state of the art at
    Westfield. Lit up signs point you in the direction of empty bays and away from
    the full ones so the traffic keeps moving and you don't get bunch ups of cars
    Then there is a little green light over the bay visible from quite a distance
    w/c turns red when you park. For those person's that want it there is also
    valet parking.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I cannot begin to tell you how amusing the opening of Westfield has been for me. To think: a shopping mall as the source of so much excitement and anticipation. Coming from North America, where one can see quite evidently the irreparable damage that shopping mall culture has done environmentally and socially, it seems impossibly backward to me that a new shopping centre such as this would be built at Shepherd's Bush in London, a place that has resisted the shift to mall culture better than most.

    Westfield is monolithic, but no grander than your average high end suburban North American shopping mall, and lacking such thrilling extravagances as water slides and mini golf. I went in to find a bank machine three weeks ago and ended up being drawn along its surprisingly narrow hallways deeper and deeper until I had lost my sense of direction. It wasn't the shopping; aside from the designer boutiques near the entrance closest to Shepherd's Bush Tube I can't say I've any idea what shops are there. But my overall impression is that Westfield has been built as a playground for the worst commercial impulses of a culture dangerously on the verge of the vacuum.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in London Shopping

    My home land. No word of a lie, I cried as I first entered this glass housed shop filled haven. Seriously. It was opening day and I was here before all stores had opened. So shiny, unspoilt and breathtakingly enormous. Goosebumps prickled my skin, tears rolled free from my unbelieving eyes and my prada shielded credit card quaked with fear.

    All shops are laid out as if Mary Portas herself visits in a 'fashion elf' style early each morning. They have been designed and visually merchandised to utter perfection. You are drawn through each layout in the correct shopping path and you get to see everything. Gondola's and goods rails display clothes in new, imaginative ways and allows you the consumer to skip, or wheel a fashion slave mother or child through with ease.

    Topshop here is fantastic and think it is a strong contender to rival its bigger sister at Oxford Circus. It's been cleverly designed and the operations run smoothly here, with the stock room being closer and 'search sites' available for the customers to use.

    Food. My other love. You can eat anywhere here, So many delicious haunts to chose from. EAT cafe, Yo Sushi, Nando's, Pizza Express etc all good old classics. They need a Leon asap and then I will move and reside here, permanently. There's a cinema should you require as well. A-mazing.

    Ah, The Village. Actual real life designer stores that everyone feels they can enter. No Bond Street snobbery here. Staff at Miu Miu are darling and very helpful. Yet to venture to Prada since she's opened her doors but no doubt it will be soon. There's a champagne bar here too. Many a fun afternoon there.

    I could go on and on about my love for Westfield and how I will never cheat on her with lower class mall's like Bluewater and Lakeside but I've covered alot already.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Love it! Feels like home for this West Coast American ex-pat. The shiny mall experience was always something I had sorely missed in New York as well, so I'm delighted that London offers both mall and street shopping.

    Logistically, it's great for those in West London and, importantly, I've ended up there twice already because it was open later than the same street shops.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in London

    Who would of thought I would of been transported right back to the states when stepping into this mall. It really big and a great of selection of stores that you could shop at.

  • 4.0 star rating

    YOU CAN SEE THIS MALL FROM TWO TUBE STOPS. That's how humongous this place is. It's insane!

    I'm eager to find a convenient time to shop here when it isn't jam-packed with folks. I'm not a huge crowd fan.

    But I'm loving the fact that I can get to an Apple store, a TopShop, etc etc etc, without having to tolerate Oxford Street.

    And the food court is the best one I've been to in a mall ever (and that's saying something if you've been to an average American mall food court).

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Going to London?

    Ginormous.  Bring your roller skates, heelies, or roller blades, Segway...you get the picture.  

    The size kinda reminds me of the Glendale Galleria.  

    Highlights for me include:

    Kathmandu (similar to a Patagonia)
    Sportsdirect.com (lots of deals on fitness clothing)
    HMV (great music store for those artists I can't buy from USA iTunes)
    Costa Coffee (really well made cafe latte)
    Millie's Cookies (I did NOT overindulge in chocolate chip cookies)

    Conveniently located near an Underground stop (Wood Lane on the Hammersmith line).

    Best feature:  free Wi-Fi.  Squee!!!!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I didn't think it was possible for a mall to be so versatile!

    One whole section of the mall is devoted to super high end designers with stores such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel. And the other side of the mall is more affordable stores such as TopShop and River Island. THEY EVEN HAVE A HOLLISTER HERE. no jokes - although it is loads cheaper to buy it in the states.

    Westfields also has a great selection of restaurants that really make the mall more of a day trip than a 1-2 hour trip. In addition to all that, it's super accessible thanks to the trusty tube station that's literally steps away.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Everyone needs at least one mall in their life.  Don't get me wrong I love High St shopping and Oxford St, Convent Garden, Camden Market too but every once and awhile, you want to spend your day in a monstrosity that was designed solely to offer you every good you can imagine in one place (and you don't have to think about avoiding cars to get anywhere when the sidewalks are too crowded).  

    I have not been to the high end section, but like that it's a bit separate, no need for me to even look at things I can't have and probably don't want anyway.  It's big so by the end your feet are sore, but it reminds me of an American mall and since I'm American it's comforting to have at least one!  Added bonus, they have a Wahaca here!  I'm making it a rule that every time I come here to shop, it will start or end there with a mole chicken and a margarita, amen to that! It's true it does seem that most if not all the stores are chains, would be nice to have some one off's but as I'm new to the UK almost all the stores are new here to me (except for the surprising Hollister that exists here and the GAP that has no where as nice clothes and nice prices as it does in the US).

    Would not recommend for tourists to visit this mall, much better to stay on Oxford and at least experience the craziness that it that street on any given day, but for locals and ex-pats, it's worth a jaunt around every once and awhile.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Some people love it, some people hate it.. I really like it. Westfield mall in West London is a much welcomed addition to this area. Yes, you can find most of these stores on the high street, but who wants to walk in (and take off your coat) and out (put it back on again) through Oxford Street in the infamous unpredictable British weather? I've always loved malls as you have everything you need under one roof (all at one temperature). The convenience of this mall is second to none, with lifts at every corner and bend, toilets are very clean, and the baby changing (/ chilling) areas are amazing. Disabled access is also very good, I've had no problems taking either my baby or my mother (who uses a mobility scooter) shopping in Westfield.

    The building is new so very clean and well maintained, and there are stores ranging from high end designers such as Dior, Gucci, Prada.. to mid-range designers like Guess to high street stores like TopShop and River Island. The food court is good, with delicious food for every taste, and a lovely area outdoors for summer dining too. My boyfriend and I often pop to Westfield in the evenings with our baby for dinner as there is a great variety. Finding your way around couldn't be easier, even with just their mall guide leaflet. Anyone who can read a map can find their way around without any difficulty.

    It is easy to get to as there are a number of buses and tube stations close by. Coming by car is convenient and the car park is very advanced with live boards telling you where there is a free parking space (there are sensors above each bay so the system knows if there is a car in it). Currently they allow you to park Monday-Friday for two hours free. Valet parking is also available.

    Westfield is within walking distance from my flat, and with a 3 month old baby it is the perfect spot to take her. It's warm, convenient, and has everything we need in it whether she needs a feed or a change, or if I need to do a little shopping or grab a coffee.

    However there are 2 complaints about this place (not enough for me to take away a star though).. first of all, when on earth is this cinema actually going to open?? And secondly, I'd really like to see a few more American/European stores (Victoria's Secret / Sephora, etc).

    All in all a great mall and I love coming here whether just to walk around with my baby, spend a few hours doing some shopping, have dinner with my boyfriend, or have a coffee and a catch-up with the girls.

  • 4.0 star rating
    27 check-ins

    I'm here far too often but it's so convenient!

    Restaurants, grocery stores, my gym, movie theatres, wide open spaces (which is so nice in London).

    Huge variety of stores from Ferragamo, to Uniqlo. I mean if you can't find a gift within the walls of this mall... Someone's being a bit picky.

    2 hours free parking.  They'll even wash your car while you shop for an extra fee. A parking system that tells you which stalls are occupied or open (look for little green light in the ceiling looking down the aisle) that I haven't seen except in Korea.

    And in the wintertime, I love shopping indoors with lots of natural light.  In the summertime, there's air conditioning!  Brilliant!

    I agree with the other reviewers.  It is totally an american creation but hey i see nothing wrong with that!

  • 3.0 star rating

    So after having dodged the weekend crowds, I decided to explore the brand new shopping centre that we have all heard so much about: Westfield.  I must admit that it is rather 'grand'.  The ceilings are high, the decorations are plain but expensive-looking, the marble is shiny, and the architecture undulates effortlessly.  All imaginable services are available, from a concierge to valet parking (they are clearly trying to attract a different class of clientèle than any other average mall).  

    All of the main store chains are present, allowing you to do all your purchases in one trip.  The food hall was still a bit messy and although the shopping centre was not that busy, queues were still forming at the stands.  It does however, cater for all tastes.  I went for a Lebanese wrap which was good, but slightly dry.  All that being said however, no matter how much effort it makes, Westfield still retains a bit of that soulless aspect that most shopping centres share.  I don't think Westfield will provide a replacement for Oxford Street anytime soon.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Wow. I have been to plenty of malls in my day but I have never seen one quite like this. Not even the massive Mall of America compares to this monstrosity.

    First of all this place is HUGE. There is a separate area for those of you who can afford to shop in the designer stores With the dollar as weak as it is and the fact that I'm not loaded, we rushed through this area pretty quickly. The rest of the mall has more affordable fare and tons of variety. Seems like here is something for everyone here. I am pretty sure we didn't even see half of the mall despite spending pretty much all day here. That's how big it is.

    We came here on a Saturday afternoon and it was just jam packed with people. We tried to grab a bite to eat in the food court area and there was not a seat to be found. We wandered around for quite a long time but not once did we come across a single seat. We decided to head upstairs to one of the restaurants instead where there was a minimal wait. The food court chaos actually gave me quite a headache. I have never seen a food court so large and packed in the States. The restaurant we ate at was nice. It was clean. We had good food. I cannot complain.

    Overall I was impressed with Westfield but also overwhelmed by its size. I do not think I could shop at a mall of this magnitude on a regular basis. Especially if it's always that busy. We had a good time here but would probably skip it if I ever find myself in London again.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Probably my favorite shopping center in London proper. Sure Harrod's has the history and Selfridges has the architecture, but the modern-day goods are definitely at Westfield.

    I just moved to London from California and it was nice to know that London had a Westfield (they have tons of them in California and all over the US). Westfield London is by far the largest one I've been to. Ican find anything at this mall and since it's big, it never feels crowded even on its busiest days.

    I also like that I can find a lot of American stores here feel like I'm back at home in San Francisco.

    I highly recommend this mall to anyone since it's literally attached to the Sheperd's Bush train station.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I am completely not impressed--Tourists running around randomly stopping in front of you and the rude a-hole store clerks(honestly, every store) does not equate for a good shopping experience in my opinion.

    I thought the 'village' or whatever had the worst selection I have ever seen--its VAT free but with nothing being in stock in your size and everything so plain--mehh

    Large for a London-Yes
    Massive variety of Shops-Yes
    Edible Food at Food court-Yes