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  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins First to Review

    Pleasant staff, nice salon and good prices if you take online deals into consideration. The price of regular haircuts these days is getting so out of order that I feel I have to take a second mortgage to cover the costs!

    My hair was cut well, by a nice girl with lots of good chat and banter. The salon does late night openings until 8pm several nights during the week, so that's good news for those of us that are stuck in the office all day.

    There's a decent selection of tea and free wifi. There are also phone chargers available, so the salon does try hard to offer extra special things to its clientele.

    I wasn't blown away by the place, but would be happy to go back and get another cut there - I will just need to be more assertive about what I am after!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I'd like to start by saying I've had a few visits to Urban, as I like the fact they're open late, on my way home and do an NHS discount. The staff have always been very nice, and it's a pleasant salon to while away an hour or so.

    I used to get my hair cut here however, I switched back to my old hairdresser as I didn't feel I was getting the cut I was asking for. Seriously, if I tell you to take more off, take more off, we're not leaving it to "see how it grows and we can always take more off next time!". All that happened was the style grew out very quickly, and I needed it cut sooner than I usually did!

    What I DID really like here was the colouring. It was a nice semi-permanent colour, lasted a good while and was applied very well by a different stylist. The price was always pretty reasonable, and roughly the same at each visit.

    However, my last visit to this hairdressers was indeed my last visit!

    I was needing my hair cut and coloured as I was going to a wedding reception the next day, and wanted to look all pretty! As I already mentioned, I was getting my hair cut in my old hairdressers, but decided to come to Urban to get my hair coloured. I trusted them, and knew they were reasonably priced.

    I was quite keen to go a wee bit lighter and, after a very brief discussion we got going with the colour. Now, I am not a hairdresser, I do not understand about foils, semi-permanent, half-heads and all that jargon, I trust that my hairdresser just knows what he's doing! Once my hair was washed and blow-dried, it became apparent that something had gone very wrong...think what might happen if some magnolia paint dropped on your head while you were painting and someone dragged a comb through it. It was not good!

    I mentioned at the time I wasn't happy with it, but was just told it was a bit lighter and I would get use to it! Then when I got the till, even with my NHS discount, I was charged double what I usually pay. Once I'd picked myself up off the floor, and pointed out it was a huge amount to pay for something I didn't like, I was offered a 'fix it' appointment 6 days later. 6 DAYS LATER!! That really didn't help me given I was needing to look all pretty for the wedding reception the next day! Yelpers, I'm sad to say there were tears!

    The hairdresser did call back later to say he'd overcharged me anyway, and was due me some money back, but it was little consolation! I did manage to pin the Manager down to a chat a few days later, but she wasn't helpful at all, just full of apologies, and even was cheeky enough to suggest that if I thought it was too expensive, I should go for one of their cheaper stylists at my next visit! I happily told her I wouldn't be back!

    Later that day, my next hairdresser told me later there were too many highlights on one side of my hair, and that straight peroxide had been used with no attempt to blend it. He said they were mistakes that an experienced stylist should not have made.

    In future this salon should ensure everything is explained well to their clients, they are fully aware of prices before the stylist does anything to their hair, and they should aim to put it right as soon as humanly possible. After all, the client might have a wedding to go to and need to look all pretty...without having a wear a hat!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Now, I used to work in this industry so my experience would be completely different to others...however I would like to make a couple of notes. The girl who cut my hair was lovely, patient and at no time did I feel like I wasn't her main priority...however the best part ( shampoo ) was average, no massage which I look forward to the most and wasn't given any towel to dry soggy ends off on my way back to my chair. I got a great discount as it was my first visit but sadly it will be my last. My cut hasn't been great, it's been a few weeks now and the layers have stayed chunky and disconnected, there isn't symmetry to both sides and I have since taken the scissors to a section that was far longer than the rest... A real shame because I thought I could look past the bad basin work & rest assured my stylist would have me returning.... Back to the drawing board!

    • Qype User millie…
    • Edinburgh
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    1.0 star rating

    If I could give a minus score I most definitely would. I asked for a messy bob, I was aware that my own 'hair cutting' had left mid length layers in my shoulder length hair. This stylist Leanne, was shown 2 pictures of bobs, one was messy, one was rounded and slightly tousled. I am a 17yr old girl, and the haircut I was given was one of an '80s power suited businesswoman! She curled it with huge curls, if anyone has seen Dharma and Greg, the sitcom from the '90s, well, it was when dharma had a bad haircut with curls.
    This Leanne cut the back of my hair to shape my head, actually, it kind of does shape it, with huge bits sticking out. When shown the pictures, she assured me that she understood what I wanted. She explained quickly what she was going to do for me, and then proceeded to cut it. She did not explain step by step, like I am accustomed to at an amazing salon called Neil Bartons, where the staff are friendly, welcoming and do not snigger when you call up to complain.
    Apparently, the manager of Urban believes in Leanne so much that he promoted her. When asked why the bob wasn't given, the manager replied that the pictures only showed the front of the hair, not the back, so it wasn't shown if it was graduated at the back. If this stylist had so much experience and skill, wouldn't she of asked me? And understood that, like the manager said on the 'phone, bobs come in many variations. The stylist did not ask if I wanted a graduated bob, she did however ask if it was ok to cut up to the hair line, I agreed, assuming the bob was taking shape. Alas, she thinned it so much, and I didn't see the back of head until after. I was used to a technical hair cut, being shown during the cut the back and sides of the hair (Neil Bartons)
    I was so upset when I saw it, and coming home, I was actually crying. My mother came back with me to complain in a civil manner, as i was too nervous. To be met with a man who I thought was a depute manager. He didn't seem to quite understand the problem, and said there was nothing they could do!
    When my mother rang up, we were offered a credit with another stylist, but as was explained to him, if anyone has had an awful experience at any hair salon, there is no way you would want your hair dealt with again at that particular salon. When my mother explained I was quite shy, the manager sniggered, and I could hear my mother getting impatient. She was very civil until that point.
    All I can say, do not go there and expect your needs to be met.
    There is NOTHING I can do about my hair, its short, sticking out and I look about 55, next time i shall stick to my usual salon, where at least the staff and management are friendly and not dense.

    • Qype User Tabous…
    • Edinburgh
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    2.0 star rating

    Totally loved this salon on my first visit. Loved the colour.
    Returned with anticipation of another great colour.. Really happy with the colour again  However.
    Their juniors are totally useless (not all of them but certainly one). Think this person is new but let me tell you she can't even blow dry hair. Fair enough my hair is unruly but she actually said your hair is a nightmare and as if that wasn't quite bad enough she then commented that it was soo frizzy. Clearly she missed the class at college that covered etiquette!!
    NOT IMPRESSED at all!

    • Qype User gracie…
    • Edinburgh
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    Writing reviews is not something I tend to do, but after a very disappointing haircut here last month I felt the need to warn others with thick hair like mine, to avoid this salon.
    I arrived for an evening appointment here with high hopes of walking out with light, bouncy blow-dried locks. What I came out with was a poor, flat, helmet-head hair cut that I was so very unhappy about. I have very long, thick, course coloured hair that really needs someone who understands how to cut this type of hair effectively. To avoid flat and dull hair, I require a lot of blending and softening layers, particularly in the ends of my hair. I arrived at the salon with a good, standard haircut just in need of a trim and tidy up and was appalled at the lack of attention the stylist gave me (probably because it was the last appointment of the day and she was already running late). The 'trim' I received consisted of cutting 2" in a straight line off the bottom of my hair, effectively 'evening out' and cutting out all the softening layers and giving me a blunt, 80's floppy dog ear look that bunched around my shoulders. My shorter layers were not even touched  no shaping, nothing. Along with that, I had asked for a fringe  a bad decision on my part, however it wouldn't have looked so bad if it was cut in a straight line, and not completely uneven. I thought she would at least give me a nice bouncing blow-dry, but instead she straightened it flat to my head.
    The ends of my hair are so thick and blunt I can't do anything with it  I am so self concious that I feel I can't wear my hair down like I used to love to do, and am now having to save up to have it fixed elsewhere, as I don't want to go back. All in all, I'm really unhappy with the senior stylist here and would not recommend or return. I especially do not recommend to those who have thick hair like mine.
    I am sorry to the other staff here who may have much more talent in hairdressing and are affected by this review.

    • Qype User donnam…
    • Edinburgh
    • 1 friend
    • 19 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    I wrote a glowing review (below) in 2010. Unfortunately things have changed at Urban so I have changed their star rating from 5 to 1. To cut a long story short, Urban got Groupon-crazy and had so many clients to see that customer care just went out of the window. It no longer mattered that I was a long standing client  it was in, out, money please, that was it. The price for my regular trim went up hugely and my last visit there ended with me feeling really upset and uncomfortable as I was only told at the end that I would be charged 6 times (!) what I normally was, due to sudden pricing changes.
    Sharon, the most wonderful hairdresser in Edinburgh, now works in Gordon Fraser in Stockbridge after having left Urban, so I go to her now. I would avoid Urban at all costs, their attitude is greedy and uncaring.
    In 2010 I wrote:
    I love U-Star. It's the only hairdresser I've been to in Edinburgh where no matter who cuts my hair, I always get exactly what I want. I often pop in for a quick fringe trim (£5 to maintain my very short, sharp style  even this is treated with attention and care, unlike many other places which see a fringe trim as something to be done as quickly as possible) as it's on my way into town. Recently I saw Sharon for a restyle and she was just fantastic, her experience shows and I came out with the exact haircut I had gone in picturing. I'd recommend her, or any of the other stylists, wholeheartedly.
    They offer great discounts offered too  30% off your first visit, and a further 30% off every time you recommend a friend and they go in for an appointment. City of Edinburgh Council Card holders get 25% off. The late opening is brilliant too, as I can go in after work and not have to worry about making an appointment for my rare days off.

    • Qype User MarieT…
    • Edinburgh
    • 0 friends
    • 7 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    Very poor haircut, we carefully discussed what I wanted, and discussed what did and didn't work with my hair, then the hairdresser did exactly what I said didn't work. All I wanted was a trim, now my style has been completely changed and I have to get another haircut to fix the damage. Very disappointed that my beautiful hair is gone, I was very happy with it, now it will take ages to grow it back out and get it fixed. Didn't quite realise how bad it was at the time (I thought it was just the way she had styled it that made it look bad) or I would have said something. It's not an isolated problem either  a friend of mine had a mediocre haircut here a few weeks ago as well and is also going elsewhere to get the cut cleaned up.

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