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  • “Best traditional brauerei in dusseldorf, go for mettbrocke with beer!(it bread with butter raw meat) definately exceptional” in 6 reviews

  • “For those of you looking for some food, note that an English menu is hidden inside of the German one--just take it out, flip it over, and voila!” in 2 reviews

  • “The beer is delicious and you always get to meet locals who tell you all about the Dorf!” in 3 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    Definitely stop by for a beer if you're in the area.  I dropped by when I had a long layover in Dusseldorf, and was delighted by what I discovered.

    Perhaps it was because I came in the afternoon on a weekday, but the entire place seemed to be a hip hangout for the retired citizens of Dusseldorf, in the best way possible.  The waiters are grandfather-like grumpy old men who speak a smidge more English than the zero they try to convince you of.  The patrons all seemed like old-timers, in everyday or at least regularly throughout the week.

    The beer: My goal was to try the famed altbier of Dusseldorf, and I was pleasantly surprised.  A dark variety, with low carbonation (which I love.  I always find that American beers have too much carbonation to drink comfortably), the beer has quite possibly become my new favorite.  Keep in mind, the alcohol content seemed to be a little higher than what we might find in the states.  The only problem now is trying to find it outside of Dusseldorf...  Re-fills are automatic, and your bill is tallied based on the ticks placed on your coaster after each re-fill.

    The food was a fun experience, but the mustard was phenomenal.  Sharp, nothing fancy, but a perfect complement to meat and beer.  I ordered, with the help of a neighbor, some sort of sampling platter than had raw pork (I think), some sort of aspic and meat slice, and a bologna type thing (there are proper names for the last two in English, but given that I've never eaten them before, I can't conjure them up at this point while writing this review).  Although skeptical of the raw meat, I was pleasantly surprised.  The texture was a bit odd, but the seasoning was solid, the taste fresh, and there wasn't any hint of the odor that is usually the reason why I dislike touching raw meat.  Although the meal wasn't particularly up my alley, it was fun to try.

    Definitely check this place out for a drink!  For those of you looking for some food, note that an English menu is hidden inside of the German one--just take it out, flip it over, and voila!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Uerige knuckle of pork is amazing. Absolutely amazing. The stuffed cabbage leaf is equally delicious. It's stuffed so tight that nothing falls out when you cut it because the meat keeps the shape. Gotta stop here for the food and the endless drinks.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This place is all over town with their temporary pop up tents.  I had to try this legendary beer while in Dusseldorf, and at only $1.90 euros, it was a small price to pay!

    Well.. it's quite bitter.. not my cup of tea.. i mean beer!  But, I'm glad I tried it.. better when it's served ice cold, however with the high temperatures of 98 degrees Fahrenheit, it's almost impossible to stay cool... so "it's okay, my little cup of bitter beer, maybe we shall meet again another time."

    Scene seems vibrant, as everyone is looking to drink a ton!  Saw lots of groups just sitting around and getting drunk!  

    Bottoms up! Prost!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Best traditional brauerei in dusseldorf, go for mettbrocke with beer!(it bread with butter raw meat) definately exceptional

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was told that I had to try this beer place by my almost-Doktorvater. So he brought me here with another colleague, and when we sat down, almost immediately, beer appeared in front of us. It was none other than the local brew, noted to be the bitterest beer ever.

    I've later learned that the reason why they serve it in small glasses is because it should be cold when enjoyed, and so a large glass will just not help if you want to maintain the cold temperature.

    While we were still drinking the first glass, guess what, the server came again, and told us we were getting another. I still had 1/3 remaining on my first glass, and so when we hesitated, the server said, "Oh we drink fast here." So why not, and the second glass came for all of us.

    After enjoying this second glass, the server came again, but we were fast enough to tell him we only wanted two glasses, as we were heading for dinner afterwards. After that, we paid, and life was good. If I come back to Düsseldorf, I'd pay a visit to this brewery again.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in Europe= Booze.

    Great tasting, inexpensive beer and a nice seating area outside.

    Perfect way to enjoy Dusseldorf for the first time.

  • 4.0 star rating

    It's the first brewery we went to in Dusseldorf.
    I enjoyed the real beer town bar environment and tasted the blood sausage. It tastes better than it looks like. It tastes like meat. They have freshly baked pretzel. It tastes good with mustard.

    • Qype User Somnam…
    • Dusseldorf, Germany
    • 5 friends
    • 6 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    The altbier is pertty good, probably second or third in Dusseldorf behind Schumachers, and the atmosphere - particularly outside when it is warm can be buzzy. At least until mid-evening. After that, some of the locals start to suffer from the effects of the strong beer and it can get a bit tiresome.

    Ueriges is where you go to take out-of-towners for the 'authentic' old town pub experience. Note though, once you get past the novelty of having your tab scrawled in pencil on a beermat, you'll find that authentic equates to consistently woeful service. If it's busy you grow gradually irritated by one minute having a half-empty refill sloshed on your table without being asked, to the next 20 mintues with empty glasses trying in vain to get the attention of deliberately blinkered, randomly wandering servers. Grudging and indifferent are the best euphemisms I can come up with, but then to be fair Ueriges doesn't have the monopoly on grumpy waiters in the Altstadt.

    Food is basic and would recommend moving on to one of the countless other eateries on offer in the Altstadt.

  • 4.0 star rating

    IMPORTANT:  When going to Dusseldorf make sure NOT to mention their rival city, Cologne.  If drinking Altbier (aka Alt) DO NOT mention the Kolsch, or by any means make a comparison to this 'other' beer.  Being a tourist, they will forgive you but your service will be questionable throughout the night.  You have been forewarned.

    Otherwise, on to the review...

    This is one of the popular breweries in Dusseldorf.  I believe there are 2 other famous ones as well.  You know it's 'fresh' when they are rolling huge wooden kegs of beer either along the floor or hoisting up these kegs through a dumb-waiter system.  Altbier is great!  If you like a good dark beer, closer to an ale and low on carbonation, this is a really good one.  It's a fantastic experience to really get a chance to partake in the local cuisine, especially when it is beer!  Customers either stand outside, inside, or find a seat at family style park benches and enjoy their beers either with friends or strangers.  The custom to drink in Dusseldorf (as well as Cologne) is to say 'yes' to a glass, they place it on a coaster, then every time you finish a glass they will come by and place a new glass down for you and put a mark the coaster.  It's really a neat experience to go out drinking and really not have to worry about the choices, what's even more enjoyable is that there is never an issue of having to 'wait' for a glass.  The waiters walk around with traditional steel trays and if they see an empty one, more often than not, they will just take the empty one and drop a new one on the coaster with an additional mark on the coaster.  More often than not you will end up drinking a lot since they serve the beer in 200mls glasses, but never fear!  The glass will be replaced and the drinking can resume!  Truly a fun experience!

    Food:  I will have to say the majority of their food is geared around typical German pub fare, like meats (Liverwurst, frankfurters, etc...), cheeses and potato salad.  What a fantastic potato salad!  They use a mix of vinegar, Dusseldorf mustard, and other ingredients to make a German potato salad that is out of this world!  One of the few, if not the only, potato salads that I order just by itself.  I highly recommend it!

    This last time I had one of their plated dinners, of which they only have a handful (literally), and it was a plate of German style ribs, a whole boiled potato and salad.  The salad was typical, combination of oil and vinegar and was very fresh.  The potato was boiled and then wrapped in foil and thrown into the oven.  This had the added effect of making the potato extremely soft and tender and a pleasure to eat.  Word of caution, they will plop a mound of butter on top of your that is about the same size as the potato itself.

    The ribs, well, what can I say...Germans like their meat and this was a great plate of ribs!  Extremely tender where a knife and fork would just melt through at each cut.  I can totally say without a doubt that this was a great dinner selection!  They have other selections, but this one was too good to not write a review on!

    Like a lot of local places, they don't accept credit cards, so come with cash ready!

    I have been to Dusseldorf twice and to Uerige twice.  Without a doubt, one of those places that you will always think about when it comes to great German beer, food and fun!

    Final tip, most of the waiters don't really speak that much English, but don't worry they are extremely understanding and will work with you on figuring out what you want.  When you go see if you can find someone that can help out with the translation.  They do have an English menu, but that's only for the pub food and not the entrees.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The most famous Duesseldorf Brauhaus, not beautiful, but very authentic. If you like the more bitter kind of Altbier, this is your place. Plain food, but good.

    • Qype User Danil…
    • Boston, United States
    • 10 friends
    • 78 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Locals say this is the brewery to go to for heavy drinking  and I agree. Other places have more and better food. It's loud inside with a party feeling. But the beer here is great, and the atmosphere can be a lot of fun. The waiters can be grumpy but usually they seem to have a sense of humor. If you want white tablecloths and polite, attentive service, look elsewhere. If you want to go somewhere where you can get drunk with friends and maybe even make some new ones for the evening, I haven't found a better place in Düsseldorf than Uerige. UPDATED to reflect my new opinion of their beer great! I now think it's the best Alt you can get, as good as Schumacher and Füchschen. Also, I tried their Weizen  not so great. Tastes like plain unfiltered beer. But their non-alcoholic Fassbräuse soda tastes great if you want something non-alcoholic.

    • Qype User nina_m…
    • Dusseldorf, Germany
    • 2 friends
    • 63 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    The special charm of the staff is part of this traditional brewery  So don't get annoyed at their rudeness  take it as a part of the experience. The beer is delicious and you always get to meet locals who tell you all about the Dorf! It's also briliant if you like people-watching!

    • Qype User ubert…
    • Dusseldorf, Germany
    • 5 friends
    • 17 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Very very characteristic place. The halls inside are very charming.
    Food is typical German 100%.
    But probably the main reason to go there is their beer. Sometimes it is 5 stars, sometimes is barely drinkable, you have to try it day by day.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Perfect brewery in the middle of the city center of Düsseldorf!
    Always a nice place to be and to drink...
    Good food, great Alt-Beer, friendly waiters, prices suitable for a small budget.
    Everything was fine!

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