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  • “I think a great brunch has to include perfect poached eggs, and they're surprisingly hard to come by.” in 12 reviews

    Good For: Brunch

  • “Roast lamb, Steak Frite with chunky chips, Mac and cheese... All exquisitely done.” in 2 reviews

  • “The Celeriac Remould was good to eat made with Bayonne Ham,Bouillabaise,accompanied by a rack of roast Lamb with a herb crust.” in 2 reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating

    Brunch is serious business at Tom's make sure you make a reservation before venturing over to Cale Street. Service on weekends is quite busy and there can be a bit of a quick turn over for tables. My preference is for the classic Eggs Benedict. I think the food quality for the area is one of the highest.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Want some good farm-to-table food? Look no further than Tom's Kitchen. Foie Gras with egg and bacon, heirloom tomahtoes (proper British! pronunciation), great selection of wines by the glass and a terrific staff made this a new favorite in London. Can't wait to come back and will send anyone I can to eat here.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Absolutely amazing spicy crab cakes, mac and cheese (with and without truffle) and occasionally out of this world pork belly. Have had a few not great meals here (but still very rarely anything less than stellar) which have always been taken back to the kitchen and quickly and graciously fixed. They also have fantastic cocktails

  • 4.0 star rating

    Excellent omelet for brunch we had here. The sweet stuff not near as good but the eggs worth a trip.

    Says something in their menu about having some special organic shmorganic egg source.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Great food and great for kids. A casual but trendy atmosphere. The food spans tha gamut from traditional English fare to modern cooking. Really terrific. Make a reservation.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Hype schmype. I love Tom's Kitchen.

    We head here for a nice lunch when we need somewhere that serves good food quickly, without being rushed, and you want to keep it informal.

    There are smaller, individual tables at the front and shared bench-style seats at the back for larger groups.

    They do fantastic shepherd's pie, and lovely salads that come in generous portions. It's by no means cheap (that salad I talk about is £18), but I've always had a great experience and left pleased.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Recently had a repeat visit at Tom's Kitchen. This has for a long time been one of my favorite restaurants in London but upon this first visit in around a year it was clear that the place has really gone downhill.

    We were there on a Friday night and I was surprised that it was that busy, maybe half-full. We were immediately greeted at the door and promptly showed to our places and within 30 seconds someone came and asked if we wanted a drink to start with. We just asked for water and then some more time to look at the drinks. Then for a very long time no water or anyone from the staff bothered to show their face at our table. The place was swarming with staff but they all seemed busy doing other things than taking care of the customers (chatting to each other, running around without any clear goal or task). After a long time (around 10-15 minutes) we managed to get the attention of a waitress and place our orders - also asked to have the candle at our table lit (was never lit). Food and drinks were ordered - still candle not lit.

    Interestingly enough we also noted that some tables received bread and butter and was a bit surprised that it was something that they charged extra for. Had not seen or noticed that on earlier visits but a bit surprised at that. Starters then arrived and had to remind them of drinks ordered and to have candle lit.

    The starters were however good. We had the spinach and crispy bacon salad. A delicious salad that really was great. We also had a small Mac&Cheese with truffles. This was also good but clear that they have cut down on both size of dish as well as the truffles. It is still a good dish but compared to what it used to be this was not as good. Water was at this point out at out table so next time a waitress came by we asked for water as well as to have the candle lit.

    The water arrived later but the candle would remain unlit for the duration of the dinner. We were amazed that the huge number of staff were unable to handle a room that was little more than half full of guests. Several of them were clearly stressed and showed signs of really not feeling comfortable working in a restaurant. For me it is fine that people are stressed but it should not be shown to the guests and the service should not suffer from it.

    The mains we went for the oxtail and the pork belly. The oxtail was delicious but could have been slightly more pink. The pork belly was good but all the sides there had some carrot in it so was a little bit too much of it -. would have benefited from some additional flavors. My recollection of being at Toms kitchen had always been that the size of dishes are always generous so never actually had room for a full dessert but it appears they have perhaps not only been saving on skilled waiting staff but also on the size of the dishes as we both could fit a dessert each.

    We went for the Apple&Blackberry Crumble as well as the Maple Syrup & Cinnamon Stick Creme Brulee. We were about to order tea but were never asked and the waitress rushed from the table before we got the chance to say anything. The desserts were good and they were really huge. To round off the evening of bad service we had to wait a long time to pay, eventually I had to stand up and state that I will be leaving unless they let us pay now and then we finally got to pay.

    So food is still good here, service deserves one star or less so doubt that I will be coming back as there are many places that serve good food and can at least manage something that resembles service.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I think a great brunch has to include perfect poached eggs, and they're surprisingly hard to come by.

    One of my favourite orders is Eggs Benedict, and more often than not I'm left disappointed (it's gone cold/ the muffins aren't crispy/ the ham is slimy or lacks flavour/ the hollandaise too lemony/ the eggs undercooked - which is a heinous crime, or the whole combination has just turned into an unappetising soggy mess. Bleurgh).  

    Tom's Kitchen however, gets it so right - Hallelujah! It's one of the best Eggs Benedict I've ever had, and given how many I've eaten, that's high praise.

    It's worth noting this place gets really busy for breakfast at the weekend, so it's advisable to pre-book (which is easily done via their website).

  • 4.0 star rating
    ROTD 3/3/2010

    Name drop alert: Tom Aikens was TOTALLY there as we dined on our brunch (although we didn't actually know that until he walked over to the kitchen towards the end of our meal).

    The breakfast/brunch menu is massive, and the crowd appreciates it. I don't think I spotted the same thing being eaten around the room twice. Phil R chose a vanilla milkshake (what a maverick, eh??) and I had the fresh squeezed OJ (and I mean FRESH).... then he had the baked beans on toast with 2 fried eggs (although it was served to him with one egg, the waitress noticed and brought him an extra one later) and I had the porridge with bananas, raisins and brown sugar with a side fruit bowl (although my porridge came out sans fruit at first, which again our waitress corrected).

    So as you can see, our brunch was not without its faults, but was hearty and satisfying nonetheless. And if it's good enough for the man himself, its good enough for me. A definite to-try in London -- take my word for it.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Breakfast, Brunch

    I arrived at 9:30am on a Friday to a half-empty restaurant and was asked if I had booked the table for 2 I requested. Um, no. This would have been fine - maybe the server was just ascertaining whether I WAS the type of person to book a table 2 for 9:30 in the morning (the answer, no) - but he proceeded to cast his eye over the dining area hesitantly before offering me a 4-top table right by the window.

    I sat down to wait for my dining companion to arrive, ordered a rather riduculous £3 americano, and perused the breakfast menu that looked quite fine. I was intrigued by both the poached pears with Greek yogurt and the freshly baked muffins of the day.

    My dining companion arrived over 5 minutes later. My americano hadn't. I put in an order for a £9.50 bloody mary and continued waiting for my coffee. It eventually appeared without milk, despite the fact that I ordered it white, and the server turned and left with such haste that I had no time to point out the mistake.

    Several minutes later, it was time to order food - too late to rectify the coffee situation, sadly. I got the £4 poached pears with Greek yogurt and the £3.50 toasted brioche with strawberry jam - because (at 9:30am on a Friday) the muffins I wanted had 'sold out'.

    The poached pears were presented in a bowl, submerged in their poaching water. They genuinely looked and tasted as if they'd come from a tin (their hand-peeled appearance was the only thing belying this).  And the Greek yogurt - while rich and dense - was less than abundant, sitting in a teeny tiny ramekin on the plate nestled next to the pear bowl. The brioche confused me - a thick slice of bread that was dry, savoury and not at all light or buttery - and its accompanying strawberry jam was more like a stingy portion of watery compote. The bloody mary was pedestrian. The americano, mediocre. Overall - NOT GREAT.

    Furthermore, I found the service a bit woeful. I had to repeat everything I said twice (my accent isn't THAT weird), which became incredibly annoying - I'll be honest.

    The location itself was bright and open, but filled exclusively with Rah and Hooray Henry types. The plaque over the entryway that states rather overbearingly 'FOOD FOR EVERYONE AND ANYONE' might have well said 'Food for people in Chelsea with too much money and too little taste'.

    The only redeeming factor would be that Tom Aikens was in the kitchen. Although, then again, based on the quality of the food I received under his watch this might actually be a bad thing.

  • 5.0 star rating

    OH. MY. GOD.

    A. Maze. Zing.

    Wait for it. I'll tell you the good bits, the one flaw to the place and try to describe that feeling that all my Christmasses had come at once after one of the best meals I have ever had ever.

    First things first, this place is NOT a ££ place. It's £££ at least. Just so we're clear on that. Don't go expecting a cheap eat.

    Now, I came here last night at the last minute. We'd been expecting not to get in as they had said on the phone earlier in the day that they were fully booked. So either they had a cancellation or they save some seats for first come, first served customers. So... give it a try if you're in the area.

    Here's a confession: I actually thought 'Tom's Kithen' was the other Tom Aikens place on Elystan Street. But no. Apparently that's more expensive.

    So.. Tom's Kitchen. We were tucked in next to the window, which in hindsight seemed a stroke of luck. It's a cool place with a casual vibe (with Kasabian and MIA on the playlist) but it seemed to get louder the more you walked through (the people, not the speakers) and the light chat we shared would definitely have been disrupted had we sat elsewhere.

    We shared the mussels to start and they were cooked to perfection. A really subtle but lovely sauce with enough mussels to feel like you'd actually had a starter, rather than the one-mouthful-for-a-tenner you get at some other up-market places in town.

    Then... fish and chips. Ree. Dick. Your. Loss. Your loss indeed. My gain - I ate it. Now, I've been to the Magpie Cafe in Whitby, which was recently voted the best fish and chips in all the land. When I had it there, I agreed. Not any more. Yes, you pay twice the price at Tom's as in Magpie's, but it was exquisite. Every bite was a joy. From the splendid homemade sauces to the lovely 'big' chips and the really succulent, fat fillet of fish, perfectly cooked in a light crunchy batter, I think I found a new 'last meal' for my Yelp profile.

    And then the cheesecake. I thought nothing could top off my main. It did. Too sweet for weaker souls, perfect for me. And all of this with a couple of glasses of Chablis.

    I was in food heaven, being treated like a saint. If there was a 6th star available, I'd use it.

    So, after all of that, you might feel like you've had a meal yourself. Do you want a summary?

    1. This place is not as cheap as Yelp thinks. But still absolutely worth it.
    2. No need to book.. necessarily. Don't deliberately not book, but try it even if you haven't.
    3. Sit next to the window if you can.
    4. Eat the fish and chips
    5. Die happy

  • 4.0 star rating

    A lovely evening.

    Everything at Tom's Kitchen was lovely. We made a reservation for 4 on a Saturday night and had no trouble getting a table. We were able to wait upstairs and order drinks before our entire party arrived; and when everyone did, we were swiftly escorted to a table. The service was quick and efficient, but not overly pushy -- exactly what you'd expect at a restaurant of this calibre.

    Everyone really enjoyed their food. Dishes at our table ranged from the fish pie to shepherd's pie to the vegetarian special. I was a little disappointed there weren't more veggie choices on the menu because I'm sure they would've been delicious.

    Given the price, I'd likely come back here for special occasions rather than an everyday weeknight dinner, but it seems like the kind of reliable place where you'll always get great, fresh, farm-to-table food served with a smile.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Made a reservation for 1 for dinner on a weeknight...could have just walked in since it wasn't that crowded.

    Very clean, attractive place in a quiet neighborhood with attentive servers.  I had the fish and chips, a rocket (arugula) salad, and a cucumber/apple/mint drink.  Everything was very good and nicely presented, although I didn't care for the drink (not that I'm complaining...it tasted EXACTLY as advertised and I had ordered it just for the novelty).

    I would be happy to bring my wife or family here.  Something for everyone and Tom's does not disappoint.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Given the reviews of this place (seemingly all by American reviewers) I was really looking forward to eating here...

    Unfortunately it was ok, a nothing meal.  The room is, however, nice.  The food is just fairly standardy gastropub meals at a price notch above.  To those Americans living in London and seeing this as good as it gets for British food... you really need to look around more.  Having just spent a couple of weeks in NY and massively researched all the restaurants we went to on yelp/ nymag/ NYT I was solidly and repeatedly disappointed by the majority of the meals I had over there.  Buy a copy of Time Out London, look at their Top 50 recommendations and start eating...

  • 2.0 star rating

    Apparently I chose wrong.  My fish and chips' fish was rather soggy and tasteless; but everyone else seemed to enjoy their brunch.  The burger was "the best" my sister ever had and our in- laws thought their french toast were phenomenal.  But then apparently the sausages were way to peppery and the bacon looked rather greasy. I got food envy with the roast dinner on the next table.  So ME.  Being biased here, will give it a 3* food rating with a footnote of rather uneven food quality.

    Then the service sucked.  They were overly keen to order (they wanted to know whether we were ready within 2 minutes of landing our butts on the seats!) and get you out (even though you wait ages for food); not bothering to remember who ordered what, unable to seat tables properly and not much knowledge on what is being served here- it is just a selection of breakfast foods for christ sake).  Overall I could have been at a macdonald's for the level of service we experienced today.

    The acoustics here also sucked.  BIG TIME.  I couldn't hear what the other end (of a table of 6) of the table was saying.  (And I won't even go into the mother who was shouting at her kid telling her how stupid she was for 15 minutes; with acoustics like that; it was like being sent an howler.)

    I can imagine it is lovely for breakfast on a quiet weekday morning; but I have seen enough to safely say that this ain't going to be hasta la vista for me.

    PS.  you have to share tables here.  How very ironically plebeian of them.

  • 2.0 star rating

    The 2-star call is purely on the basis of what you pay for what you get.

    What you get is good. Not outrageously once-in-a-lifetime, but good.

    What you pay is not good. It's ridiculous. 3 quid for an espresso? 5.75 for a milkshake? 14.50 for the puniest burger I've seen in a while?

    The interior is really nice, with high ceilings, very bright (there's a glass opening in the middle of the ceiling), and fun seats along the bar where you can watch the cooks fry the eggs.

    But again - I just felt it was overpriced. The place was full, though, so apparently enough people think otherwise.

    Funnily enough, Tom Aikens was there, too - so he seems to be around often (given that Molly K. also spotted him a few months ago).

  • 4.0 star rating

    It's difficult to rate a place when you've only been once. That's the disclaimer here. It was good and the server really knew his food. I'd go back on this basis alone. Waitstaff who know the prep and ingredients well and who get your meal right with a friendly attitude are AOK with me.

    The place was so crowded but we didn't wait long because we'd called ahead. I'd rec. doing this or you'll be standing for a while.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Best blueberry pancake I have ever had!

    As an American living in London there are certain things I miss, while my friends and family come to mind, it is usually more food. . . One of the things I miss is good American breakfast items - pancakes, french toast, etc. The first time I ordered the blueberry pancake at Tom's I looked and it and thought, "what on earth have they done!" It was about an inch thick and covered the entire plate. I was so disappointed because I had heard good things about it. Then I took a bite. . . oh, my, god. So good! Not like mom used to make, so much better than mom used to make! One of the only times that I have seen Brits take an American staple, change it and have it come out better.

    I have also tried the burger, sausage and mash, english breakfast - all good. Not the best meal you can get in London, but consistently good.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I don't have much tolerance for places that are full of snobs with more money than sense, and this place is full of them, so that's definitely part of my problem with it.

    I've been here twice, once for brunch, and once for dinner.  Brunch was  overpriced, but we enjoyed ourselves.  My eggs benedict were pretty close to perfect, and the hollandaise sauce was worthy of licking my plate (which I refrained from but might have seriously considered if we'd been someplace where less people would have looked down their noses at me).

    When we were back for dinner 2 months later, the place just did not cut it.  I had the fish and chips, which were good, but no better than what I can get for £4 at the take-away down the road from my flat.  My two friends had the venison which was tough and tasteless, bordering on inedible.  The whole dinner felt overpriced and just not worth it.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I have been here three times, and each time I am satisfied with the meal, but I can't bring myself to truly rave about it. The main reason why I've come here so many times is due to its close proximity to where I live. And if I am in the mood to take a friend somewhere nice in the neighborhood, this is the spot. They are also open until 11pm, which I appreciate.

    This place is packed 7 days a week so I recommend calling to make a reservation. It is small and quaint and the decor is very well done. It feels like home; candles on the wooden tables, with enough lighting that you feel like you are at home. They have a small bar area and an open kitchen, which I very much like.

    The fish and chips is well done, but small for what fish & chips should be. It is surely the fanciest fish and chips you will have. Their bouillabaisse is nicely done and surprisingly filling, they use saffron so it has a bit of a curry flavor. Their salads are very popular; simple and well made. I had their macaroni and cheese (it was recommended by the waitress) but they didn't mention the cheese they use (i was expecting cheddar) and it was a particularly stinky cheese that I did not like so I barely ate it unfortunately. They change their menu ever so often, and in the summer months they had a baked mussel dish with cheese and parsley, it was divine.

    The ambiance of the place is what must keep me coming back, that and the food is fresh and sourced from nearby English farms.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Best Pancakes

    I was recommended Tom's Kitchen a couple of years ago by a work colleague, after confessing that I am a pancake addict (American style preferred).  So, I finally got my act together and visited for my birthday - we made a reservation about 5 weeks in advance via Toptable, but it really wasn't necessary as there was only one other table  occupied.  

    The restaurant is lovely - very open and welcoming.  I particularly like the open kitchen (no pressure on the chefs!!!).  Tom's Kitchen do a range for fresh fruit juices - we had apple juice and a cherry tomato and apple juice.  The former was a bright, bright green and tasted really fresh; the latter wasn't my cup of tea and I really couldn't taste any apple.  But it was definitely fresh.  

    For food, I (of course) had the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.  My other half had the potato rosti, fried egg and bacon.  My pancakes were nice - although, I would say not strictly American style as I'd been led to believe - the inside was really fluffy, but the outside was kind of crunchy! It was tasty, nonetheless.  I actually preferred my husband's potato rosti - it was really crispy and seasoned well.  

    Overall, really enjoyed my visit to Tom's Kitchen and would like to go back to try the waffles, french toast and lunch menu!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Came here for a large group dinner.  Our waiter had no idea when I asked him "Does Princess Kate come here?" because heard it was her favorite restaurant but he said Paul Walker was there recently.  Oh the fast and the furious days!    

    I digress, anyway, for starters I split the mac and cheese.  I felt like it wasn't quite cheesy enough.  It had lots of sauce but lacked cheese except for the baked part on top.  For my entree, I ordered the pork belly.  It was delicious but the rice underneath was far less appetizing.  It had an odd bitter complimentary taste for the pork belly.  

    The desserts looked delicious but I was actually quite full.  This restaurant was a bit hidden but once we found it, I think it was worth it.  Nice dimly lit restaurant with good food and good service.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner...good, good, good.  Tom's Kitchen is now one of my favorite restaurants ever!  I was in London for a conference and came across a review of TK on Time Out for best breakfast.  So that's what I headed there for.

    Had the Brioche Apple French Toast and the black pudding.  The black pudding I will not try to exude an appreciation for.  Don't get me wrong, I liked it but as a non-Brit, this was my first time trying it and I wouldn't know if TK's version was great or not.  But the French Toast?  Now THAT I can appreciate!  Thick sliced brioche that must have been absolutely DRENCHED in egg, milk (or more likely cream) and spices.  It was damn near bread pudding it was so rich and I mean that to be a good thing.  I came very close to ordering another item from the extensive breakfast menu but thought I should use some restraint.

    Left with a smile on my face.  Special thanks to the oh so friendly hostess.  Didn't catch her name but if a helpful strawberry blonde wishes you "good morning" as you enter, then you'll be in good hands.

    So fast forward to my return two days later for a late lunch.  Not sure why but both the bartender and my server quickly asked me if I knew what I wanted.  Maybe because they saw me in for breakfast before and figured I came back for something very specific.  This was not the case.  In fact, I had to really think things through!  Went back and forth...decided on the Slow Roasted Pork Belly.  When I placed my order with the server she smiled and said, "That's my favorite."  Music to my ears!!

    The pork belly was absolutely perfect and prepared exactly as great British meats should be.  Simple.  The skin was crisp and scored, making it easy to cut.  The pure favor of the pork was allowed to come through.  It rested on a bed of lentils and mash with a hint of citrus.  I barely looked up as I was eating this masterpiece.

    So before I pass out from retelling this experience, I'll close by saying...go to Tom's Kitchen.  Go there often.  I am back in the states now but returning to Tom's Kitchen is good enough reason to return to London Town VERY soon!

    Num, num...get some.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I ordered an amazing beet risotto.  Small and cozy place, white tiles throughout and cafeteria style.  Very pricey (and I had a small portion of the risotto)!  

    A little taste of the South End in London.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Reservation for breakfast? Yes definitely recommended, even you come 10:30a as they open, it fills up immediately like a puzzle.

    Hidden away one block from the main street of Chelsea, worth looking for it, about $40-50pp based on 3 [with wake up drinks]. Eggs benedict with smoked salmon a winner.

  • 1.0 star rating

    We had a charcuterie board for starters which was a joke. Parma ham was worse than straight from the Tesco pack, capers were served ice cold, pate was non eatable. I'd give the bread ok on that platter but that's about it.

    Mains were dry and complements pretty bad. Beetroot with a suger'y balsamic reduction (jieeees), Sauerkraut that tasted like it's gone off. Root vegs were alright to say something positive.

    We skipped dessert. Service fair but okay, like ants running around without knowing what they were doing.

    Is Tom Aikens involved in this in any way? If he is, it's a complete disaster!

    This was garbage, garbage at it's best!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Very nice place with a laid back atmosphere.  The service was very nice and it wasn't crowded, tho we did come midmorning on a weekday.

    I had 2 soft-boiled eggs with white toast and a side of bacon.  The eggs were perfectly cooked and the bacon was amazing!  Though I think it just may be standard for London.

    My wife had the french toast.  I maybe one of the best french toasts I have ever had.  Its about the size of a 300 page paperback book and its covered with cinnamon goodness and a huge scoop of this whipped maple butter/cream thing that is good enough to eat off the spoon.  AND I don't even like french toast or sweets!  So that says something.

    Overall, nothing bad to say about this place.  

    Oooooh, I missed the fact that everything on the menu is free-range and organic.   This is becoming more of an important part of my eating, to thats a plus and changes my 4 star rating to a 5 star

  • 5.0 star rating
    82 check-ins
    Listed in London

    Tom Aikens is probably one of the best chefs in London. His Kitchen restaurant serves top quality comfort food you might expect if you went to his home for Sunday dinner. Roast lamb, Steak Frite with chunky chips, Mac and cheese... All exquisitely done.
    Also, the most amazing dessert: Vanilla Panna Cotta with Passion Fruit Sorbet is a summer seasonal delight.

  • 4.0 star rating

    When I first came here, I didn't know what Chelsea was, and thought, ok, that was some good food. Now I am learning all of the London stereotypes and I still think this place has great food. Yes, this place is SO Chelesa, but don't let that put you off. In fact, that is part of its charm -- the local human scenery. One side of London has hipsters. Other parts of London have other sorts. All make for great people-watching. Yes, here, you may see a man wearing pink jeans, a pink jumper (sweater) and pink socks with boating shoes, and it will make you smile. But don't forget that the reason you come here is because you will also have amazing food at Tom's Kitchen.

    I've been here about three times now, twice for dinner and once for brunch. The food is reliably great. It has cool exposed beams and other trendy knickknacks.

    The real reason you should come to this restaurant is to eat the slow-cooked lamb. They say this lamb is for two people, but it's actually for probably 3 or 4. Even though this may be the best lamb I've ever had, I've never been able to finish it. Oh, this lamb. It is cooked for five hours in a wonderful sauce that caramelizes along with the onions and carrots in it. The only comparable lamb I've had was a seasonal special at a restaurant in Paris that I believe had a Michelin star.

    They also have twice-fried chips (why do they stay hot for so long) and a great English breakfast. They have a starter that's a gigantic slab of foie gras which a friend orders every time. But it's the lamb you come here for.

    It's not cheap, but if you split the lamb 3-4 ways, it's not bad. Restaurants in Chelsea are generally not cheap.

    Gluten-free notes: Many of the dishes on the menu are naturally gluten-free.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I remember Tom's well for several reasons.

    First & foremost, for it being the single best meal I had in London for the week I was in town (my dining companion agreed whole-heartedly). The ironic thing? I think I had the burger (how American!), & I think we sat at the counter (how Passe!). BUT, the vibe of the place was decidedly laid back & casual, if the clientele were a bit upper crust. The bartender was French or Dutch or something (I can't remember as it's been awhile), & very attentive, engaging us in conversation & recommending drinks -- even hooking us up with a few tastes of various wines & spirits.

    Additionally, I was so satisfied with my meal that I left my expensive Nikon behind slung over my chair. Not two minutes later, the matre'd (who we had dubbed R.B.G., or "really British guy") literally ran down the block to return it to my possession. Seriously?! That's amazing. I'm sure it would've been gone forever in 9 out of 10 establishments. Forever grateful to the RBG & Tom Aikens' whole crew for that.

    Thus concludes this episode of How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love Tom's Kitchen.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This is a really nice little restaurant in Chelsea where you will find some tasty grub. If you are looking for some meat then look no further.

    I am a full blown carnivore when it comes to eating out and nothing other than some bloody red meat will suffice. Fortunately Tom's Kitchen caters for that (though probably not much else). The menu reads well for carnivore's with burgers, lamb, steaks, steak sandwiches, pork and chicken in various formats. If you are a veggie or fancy some fish then I would think twice mind.

    I ate a steak sandwich and it was spot on. An excellent piece of beef, nice and tender. It came with chips and I salad (I think) and some nice bernaise sauce that did the trick.

    I can empaphise with the others that said the service was not great. It was not. It is probably the different between me rating this place a 3 and not a 4. The food is certainly 4/5 (on this scale) but the service and ambience let's it down. The service was slow and not very attentive. It did not spoil anything and they did nothing wrong, but there were no little things that bugged me (not offered bread, not offered a second drink, wanted mustard and had to wait etc). Despite there being around 10 chefs working and the restaurant being quiet we had to wait 25 minutes for a rare steak.

    I have a bit of an issue with the ambience too. It was fine, but the place is very Chelsea. Now some people may like this aspect, but I am not a fan. Yummy mummies float my boat in one respect, but the general burgeois atmosphere is off putting for me. As with many Chelsea places it is slightly pretentious, extremely white and middle class and a bit stuck up.

    Very Chelsea, but does some great grub. If you want some nice meat and can put up with a bit of snobbiness then give this a try.

  • 5.0 star rating

    On a visit to Tom's Kitchen a few weeks back, I fell in love with Tom's tomato salad with basil melon mint crayfish tails and thought it was an ideal summer dish. When can I go back? I had a bit of the seven hour lamb as well. That was lovely  and good one to keep in mind when the weather's a bit more autumn-y.

    I also recently got to interview Mr Aikens:
    londonist.com/2010/07/ch… . He seemed like an approachable guy.

    Whenever I mention Tom Aikens to friends, there's always a chance somebody will say something negative about him and his business. But I gotta say the dude can cook and that Tom's Kitchen is a lovely restaurant.

  • 3.0 star rating

    After a little research for dinner, I decided to go for Tom's Kitchen.   Love the design style with clean space, wooden tables, and subway tiles on the wall.   I think the space fit well with the type of food served.  It was almost a no brainer for me to order the iconic fish and chips.  Fresh line caught cod with crispy beer batter. Thick cut potato chips / fries were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  My only complain is the small portion of the fish.

    The grilled rib eye steak was made with Scotch premier beef aged for 28 days.  I love USDA prime graded beef, and this Scotch premier beef is no slouch with good distinct flavor.  The steak was properly cooked to the specified medium.  Tom's Kitchen is known for breakfast, but I didn't get the chance to try it this time.  I hope to return for breakfast next time I am in London.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    We arrived at 7:00 on a thursday evening. The restaurant was surprisingly quite considering its reputation. The waiter immediately seated us and took our drink orders. I had a Bombay Saphire Martini with a twist. The drink itself wasn't quite dry enough for my taste but did the trick just fine.

    Then I got around to reading the menu. A Wonderfully eclectic menu with all the best flavours of the autumn season.

    To start I had the Pan fried Foi Gras with a fried egg and caramelized Shallots. Hugely rich, flavourful dish, balanced rather nicely by the modest Rioja we ordered.

    For mains, I had the Oxtail and Lentils. The oxtail was delicious, fatty melt in you mouth goodness accompanied by delicious Lentils.

    Final word. This restaurant is an excellant casual dining choice. While it may be a little pricey, the menu reflects the best seasonal flavours of British cooking

    • Qype User tvha…
    • San Francisco, United States
    • 70 friends
    • 81 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I first heard about Tom's Kitchen in Conde Naste Traveler when they named it one of the best new restaurants in London. We checked with our ex-Pat friend and she agreed that it was a great spot so we decided to give it a shot our first night in town.

    Let me just say that Tom's Kitchen set the bar high for the rest of our dinners in London. Everything was fantastic but the clear winner was my fish and chips. I didn't bother getting fish and chips anywhere else during our stay because I just knew that I'd only be disappointed after the fantastic version I had at Tom's Kitchen.

    With such a friendly, efficient staff, lively dining scene and fantastic food, I can't recommend Tom's Kitchen enough.

    • Qype User thenus…
    • London
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    • 104 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    great food, from the chef and yet still affordable. I love the burger with fat cut chips, homemade sauce and great meat. They understand what rare and juicy means!
    Also the cote de boeuf is a must! Try to eat at the bar where you can have a chat with friendly staff while overseeing Tom cooking your food.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great neighborhood gem!  We were in London over the 4th of July and headed here one night before going out.

    Squeezed into a table share at around 9. Great food, quaint ambiance and typical British service (ah...just enough).

    • Qype User Discer…
    • London
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    • 40 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Fabulous private room(s) upstairs for drinks and dinner... good food got cold very quickly - not the restaurant's fault... We were so busy talking!

    It felt more like a party at someone's grand house rather than in a restaurant. Service was unobtrusive but slick.

  • 4.0 star rating

    After living in London for several months, Tom's Kitchen was a shining light on London's otherwise bleak culinary horizon (sorry, guys, you know it's true...)

    I came here for brunch and it was amazing! Make sure to have reservations because the wait looked ridiculous on a Sunday morning.

    The prices are VERY steep, so this is a rare treat for myself, but what a treat it was...

  • 3.0 star rating

    Came here ages ago in search of London's finest bacon sandwich, found it and then it was taken off the menu.
    Came back for my wife's birthday, food was great service was a little vague and the restaurant was filled with a cloud of 'cooking smoke' when we arrived.
    The restaurant had NO CHAMPAGNE, what sort of organisation do you have that can't ensure there is a stock of Champagne, especially at the price, it must be a huge profit centre and both from our enjoyment and for your business someone needs a kick up the arse!
    Finally, despite saying it was my wife's birthday and them confirming that they knew this when they called me to confirm they made no effort to make us feel special. So a little bit disapointing, nice not stunning.Good news though, I checked as we left and the bacon sandwich is back on the breakfast menu, just don't expect a glass of champagne with it!

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