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  • “Music is always loud and they have often live gigs.” in 11 reviews

    Noise Level: Loud

  • “What I love about this pub, is its spaciousness offering seating both up and downstairs.” in 33 reviews

  • “The toilets were situated in a strange place, but other than that, a great place to visit.” in 15 reviews

Recommended Reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Looks small on the outside but is HUGE! Lot of beers to try and great music! Nice seats and tables upstairs and always nice people in there!

    I recommend!!!

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Giant dive bar. The bathrooms were disgusting. No toilet seats. Also no toilet paper. My husband said the men's room was disgusting as well.
    Disappointed that a bad that size didn't have more selection.
    Price was OK. Staff was available but not very friendly.
    Overall good a quick beer with out a glass I would go back. But for a proper pint nope.

  • 4.0 star rating
    ROTD 25/3/2014

    Oh come on, how you can't like this place!?! I mean seriously!!

    First of all, it's in front of the tube: you want to spend your night pub crawling in camden? being in front of the tube station means that it's just in the middle of your crawling, awesome! You want to have just a beer in a pub? awesome, just get out from  the station and you are there!!

    The pub is just ENORMOUS you enter, you see tables and the bar counter and the pub seems over. WRONG!! just keep going, and go, and go, and go!! amazing, I mean this place can easily reach 1000 people capacity!! damn it!!

    Beer is not that good, I mean nothing wrong, but you are not coming here for beer, you are coming here for the very same reason everybody does: because you are PEOPLE!! People from all over the world, skinhead next to business men next to punx next to high-heeled girls, everybody just enjoying their drinking together!! What else would you need!?! That's camden, you are not going to camden for a 25 years old scotch, you are coming here because of people, and chatting with complete strangers and be part of humanity!!
    And that's why I love this place! The day the world will end, I'll be here, drinking and enjoying humanity!!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Like the Tardis, it doesn't look that big from the outside, but when you enter, it feels much bigger on the inside.

    They were blaring loud thrash music when I stopped in for a pint (not a bad thing in my book) yet very busy. The waitstaff was constantly moving from person to person without ever really catching up. They could also use some additional seating as it seemed like more people wanted to sit than were able.

    I'd come here again when I visit Camden market, that's for sure.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    If the world did actually end, it might look a little like this place.

    The World's End is an unassuming bar on Camden High Street. You probably have even walked past it. Big red building with a normal front that looks like your average pub.

    Oh, how wrong you are.

    First of all, this pub is insanely giant. It just keeps going. There's a bar up front, another bar in the back, spiral staircases leading to second floors, fake shops in the back creating an almost Disney-land like promenade, funny signs on the wall (the rules don't allow things liker "unusual pets" or "nuclear weapons" to be brought in) and staff wearing Satan's face on their bar uniform shirt.

    Did I mention this bar is known for blasting death metal! Oh yes, as hardcode as it can get. And yet, there's nothing really metal about the bar. The lights are bright, the atmosphere crazy but comfortable (there's great artwork all over the walls) and it's a really friendly place.

    A friendly place filled with Death Metal.

    I came here with a Yelp/Meet-Up group and we had a blast. Sitting on the second floor (where the music became less in your face and more a dull thumping atmospheric bass). We drank World's End ale, the house beer, and it was delicious. Prices are good,

    Honestly, it's the people watching that make this spot amazing. You'll see ironic hipsters, angry goths, high-heeled girls in very low-cut shirts, businessmen, university kids, and everything in between. I've honestly never seen a more diverse group of people. It's ass if all of London came together to celebrate the end of the world. And it wasn't a bad way to go out.

    By the time we left, the music had changed to more angry grunge with a little Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but I actually missed the Death Metal. Not really... Ok, a little.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Before or after visiting Camden Market get one of the endless choices of beer here. A good variation out of international and local beers mixed with local people and tourists.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Not being a Londoner I rely on other people to show me the decent places to go, and I've been taken to The World's End twice now, so it must be great!

    Ignoring the usual expensive London prices, this place has a lot going for it. It's half normal pub, and then half housed in what used to be a sort of indoor market, with the shop fronts still there, but a bar in the middle. So that half looks and feels great, and I actually really enjoyed sitting at the bar to drink there - something which I'm not normally a fan of.

    However it was really quiet in there on Saturday, so compared to the atmosphere around the rest of Camden - particularly anywhere that had a beer garden/terrace - was disappointing.

    There's good music though - I was greeted with Metallica when I first got there, and the drinks are decent.

    Well worth a look, except for when it's cracking weather outside!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Hey Yelper hear me out, whether in London or afar.
    I am not the type of girl who lives in swanky, chic bars.
    Character over gloss, I adore those gritty drinking spots.
    So naturally, the World's End I should love a lot.

    ...And by golly, it is no surprise that I do.
    The World's End, happens to be one of my go-to's.
    It is truly a wonderful place to get your pub on, in,
    So let me show it lots of Alex L. YelpLovin'.

    Never thought it possible to get lost in a bar.
    It's like two for the price of one, it extends back so far.
    Not a victim of one too many, in case you do not know what I mean.
    There is a bar station in the front, and one in back after the corridor in between.

    Now Yelper, they've got a lot on tap.
    But just give me a Jack or Maker's whiskey ginger, or a neat treat and that's a wrap.
    Here in the company of friends I've spent many a-days.
    Deep, philosophical conversations. Some funny, some mind-numbing, most a boozy haze.

    The alcoves afford a nice bit of privacy.
    In fact, I'll just say that I think they're quite sexy.
    The windows are huge, perfect for people-watching or stalking, at your leisure.
    And on a cold day, the fireplace grants warmth, hence lots of pleasure.

    And how could you deny The World's End it's place in history!?
    Charles Dickens was a patron, the chap had good taste, I see.
    The only complaints I have are the early closing hours and,
    The women's bathrooms --prisons of doom and gloom--plus cold running water, man!

    Fair Yelper, take it from me.
    If the World Ends, you know just where I might be.
    Though, I might hold it if I've gotta take a wee.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Yelping 100

    What pub to visit in Camden Town... World's End, of course!

    Each time I come back to visit, I make a special trip just to frequent one of my favourite pubs in London.

    What I love about this pub, is its spaciousness offering seating both up and downstairs. There is also a nice area for live band music.  Very unique compared to the other pubs throughout the city which can feel a bit cramped given small spaces for shops.

    Location is excellent too! Near the Camden Tube station, Camden Town makes this spot very convenient!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    They kicked us out at 10.30pm!!!! Yes it was Sunday but really??? That was disappointing!! :(

    Other than that it's actually quite a cool place especially if you like Rock. It's not the best place if you haven't got the loudest voice and you want to tell someone the story of your life but it's alright for a drink or two in an easy-going environment.

    Bar staff is pretty cool but when they announced last round and we asked for another drink just a minute later, they wouldn't give us another drink :( booo....

    Therefore I can't give more than 3 stars, and believe me I would have loved to do that simply for the fact that they played many Nirvana songs and I loooooove Kurt! But I guess I love drinks more.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The fact that this bar is large (sometimes you even get a table) and right by the tube stop makes it the standard place for rockers to meet up in Camden, though other types are often seen there too.
    The decor is certainly interesting (done up like an outside street), the music is good (if you like rock music that is) and the beer OK, though I often have to resort to bottles if the Speckled Hen runs out as the only other regular is the dreaded Green King "IPA".
    Seems expensive to me but then I don't live in London.

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins
    Listed in 2013 Destroyer, Pubbery

    I've been to the World's End a few times since moving to London, and I've never had the experience I know the World's End is capable of. The whole concept is brilliant--it's an old location with a dynamic atmosphere... Sometimes I've been in and they've been playing hard metal, and other times, the punk atmosphere wins out.

    The bar hosts a standard range--I often go for the cider, and just do a bit of people watching when I've popped in. I'd love to sit on the mezzanine and watch for a few more hours. It's a brilliant location on the intersection of Camden High and Kentish Town, and though it undoubtedly draws in a wide range of non-locals, I've never been disappointed or felt like I wasn't getting an authentic feel for the Camden area.

    Like I said, I've been a few times and will likely go a few more, and hopefully I'll get to spend a lot of time in the future.

  • 2.0 star rating

    This is a big scary pub full of people with big scary faces! I once went here to meet a friend for a drink and was too scared to go to the loos on my own. It's not that the people here are rough and ready, it's just that they are weird - I don't think anyone would actually choose this place to hang out in for it's clientele!

    That being said, this is Camden and it wouldn't be a proper Camden hangout without the Emo wannabes and old skool punk rockers hanging out the front would it now?! I just don't think I would ever choose to drink in here unless someone dragged me. It's too big and just too weird - sorry!

  • 4.0 star rating

    ...the pub so big I once left it, having had just the one pint, may I add, turned the corner to see another pub just down the road. 'Let's go in there,' I said to my companions for the evening. 'Ok!' they said. It was the same pub.

    Maybe you had to be there.

    The crowd is a good mix of students, music-goers and city types, and the ambience is vibrant but friendly. It's in a great location, just acrss the road from Camden tube, and is big enough to accomodate large groups, though it does manage to fill up pretty quickly , such is its popularity.

    All in all, a good place for a bevvy and somewhere that you should check out if in the area.

  • 5.0 star rating

    A. This reminds me of what the village (NYC) was like in the 80's, fun, no rules, no pretense, straight crazy
    B. Bartenders were awesome, cask ales were awesome
    C. Music was all over the place (reggae, death metal, brittney spears...not)
    D. Thai cuisine here? F yeah...and was one of the best I've had
    E. Huge drinking spot, bathrooms...not so much
    F. Patrons were wasted....waaaassssttteeeddd

    I will hit, over and over.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Kitted out in the traditional decorations of interesting signs and specially dusty-fied bric-a-brac, The World's End is a huge pub, brilliantly placed to catch all the market goers as they throng back to Camden tube station.  

    I've had 'good times' here, many, many good times. We laughed! We cried! We fought to get to the bar!  I've made new friends here. When conversation lulls you can organise cross-gender trips to the toilets to see If They REALLY are that Bad.  (Personally, I deal with the World's End toilets by leaving the pub, crossing over the road, walking past the always-closed public loos, nipping down the Parkway and popping into one of the nice late opening Italian cafes.  It's a 20 minute round trip and you may have to fork out 80p for a Big-Eat bag of Walkers but hey! You'll still be back at the table, drinking your chosen beverage before your less adventurous pal shuffles back, goggle-eyed and trailing bog roll.)  

    The food is overpriced and nasty.  I'd avoid that hot food counter thingy they've got at all costs.  Absolutely and without doubt almost anywhere else in Camden does better food, cheaper.  The range of beers is good but you'll have a very, very long time to decide between them as you queue up at the bar and afterwards to wonder what happened to all your money.

    And yet, I'm always back here.  I met my boyfriend here.  Whenever I make a new friend, I know that, if they're a good sort, we WILL end up at the world's end on a Sunday afternoon, grumpily going back down that scary spiral staircase having found that, no, there aren't any seats. I know that you're not a 'proper Londoner' until you can go "The World's end? Dear heaven, the toilets! Have you SEEN them??"  It's been one of my personal London landmarks since I moved here; I just wish it were better.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Deceptively spacious, surprisingly cozy.

    Lizzie G. is right to say that it's an emo den.  It's not surprising really - Camden is after all the West Hollywood-meets-Los Feliz equivalent to Los Angeles.  An odd mix of Guns N' Roses, Cold Play and Kings of Leon was playing overhead when I had stopped in on a Tuesday afternoon.

    Two things I found amusing about the joint: the first is the amply spacious balcony lounge perched just above the inside bar.  Second is the in-venue food stall serving both greasy spoon fare and, of all things, Thai curry.  It's weird but it works.

    I have an inkling that this place must be pretty poppin' on a Saturday night.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I swear, this may be the only place in Camden where bikers will sit at a table next to a group of soccer dads, next to a group of blonde valley girls, next to a table of emo boys. It's super ridiculous seeing the vast assortment of people around there and spilling out onto the street.

    It's certainly not my cup of tea: while it's big, it looks quite dirty and the bathrooms are disgusting. I can't honestly describe it any further, you really need to experience it to understand the just plain ODD vibe it gives off. The music ranges from cheesy Bon-Jovi rock to German heavy metal (trust me...I live within hearing distance of this place) which may account for some of the oddness. Give it a go if you must, but don't plan on staying there long when there's so much to do in Camden!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I never fail to have a good night in this pub. The World's End is a great place for a beer and a bit of a dance before you move onto a club. When it's quiet during the week there's an eclectic mix of shabby sofas to relax on and chill out with friends and during the weekend you shout over the loud music, get annoyed at the terribly slow staff and disgusting, smelly toilets!
    These 'attributes' however don't put people off going back there because it has a great vibe and it epitomises everything that Camden is. It's a real dirty, gritty pub but despite this I always go back and so does the rest of London! I would give one piece of advice though-watch your handbag-there's always lots of pick pockets in this area. If you love rock and mixing with the weird and wonderful people of Camden then you'll have a good night here-it's definitely got personality!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Huge pub! AND towards the back it looks like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean!! Complete with a hanging, cobwebby skeleton I've affectionately called Percy. I ask you what could be more exiting?! A trip here has become tradition for whenever 2 of my best mates and me ever meet up. More relaxed in the day time, the clientele changes as it gets darker taken up with the rock/metal/goth crowd. It can get pretty crowded when there's a gig on at the equally notorious Underworld club directly below it. Tickets for which can be purchased behind the bar or at seetickets.co.uk

    The toilets are a bit skanky if only for the fact that they are metal and quite sobering if you're drunk and not expecting a cold landing.

    Prices are a bit high but it's alright compared to some other places. All in all good place for a quick one, start a night or as a run up to Underworld.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I visited the World's End, much by accident one drunken evening after stumbling out of the Camden Town tube stop, mistaking it, (the tube stop) for a greasy ladder to either kebab heaven, or my flat. One of the two.

    (Actually, in further retrospect, upon leaving said tube station I was very much aware that I lived in N'hamptonshire and also very sadly aware that there was no tube in the world that would take me home that evening. I suppose that it was then, just wishful thinking regarding the kebab quest..)

    However, that being so..

    I entered the pub and was IMMEDIATELY struck by the fact that on the wall was a large sign proclaiming, "No nuclear weapons allowed."

    I can honestly say that this completely stymied me.

    I then, (I'm assuming due to the alcohol that I'd previous consumed) proceed to search myself, verifying that I was in fact, not carrying ANY weapons of mass destruction, nuclear or otherwise. This caused slight issue for persons who were entering and leaving the pub and I was jostled and elbowed QUITE RUDELY. I even attempted to explain that I was diligently `just trying to follow the rules, mate!' but sadly, no-one seemed interested.

    After entering, I walked the length of the bar searching for a free seat.. Then KEPT walking the length of the bar.

    ...And kept walking the length of the bar. (By this time, I was astounded by the sheer size of the pub and assumed that I'd wandered into some beer-swilling version of the Tardis, fully expecting Tom Baker to appear at any moment offering me a packet of crisps and a snakebite.)

    After finding a seat, (I figured by that point I was in bloody Hampstead or something), I stowed my gear and requested a pint. The service was prompt, the beer fresh and chilled to perfect temperature and the clientele.. Well, they were nice enough, but a bit `rocker' for my taste.

    (My taste leaning MUCH more towards the "easier", more "prog'ish" rock. Like Hawkwind, or something.)

    While I did not sample the fare, I did consume plenty more pints and as said above, the service was always prompt and friendly.

    Overall, I had a WONDERFUL time there, and HIGHLY recommend it to everyone and anyone visiting the Camden Town area of London.

    (To add a post-script to this story, after consuming an unknown number of pints at The World's End, I wandered down the road for a few hours and found myself in front of Shepard's Bush Empire, where a nice young man obtained a minicab for me, and with the help and kindness of a few more strangers, I eventually made it back home to the Midlands.)

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in London Calling

    Not a bad pub....

    I love System of a Down, but seriously, overkill....I think they played every single song from their entire discography while we were here.

    The place is HUGE -- it just keeps going & going with multiple rooms throughout.  They have an insane number of beers both on tap and in the bottle.  My favorite, Hoegaarden, is available only in the bottle here, but I wouldn't recommend ordering it; one 12oz bottle costs more than an entire pint of everything else on draught.  

    Not the cleanest place I've seen, but not the dirtiest either.  Excellent people-watching too, I might add.

    Bathrooms are fucking gross.  Prison toilets?  Really.  Reading the graffiti on the bathroom stalls is pretty amusing, however.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I can't believe that I haven't reviewed my fav watering hole in the whole of C town, and that's obv saying a lot.
    Some people may question my sanity by that statement..but I don't care, I love this place. Is huge, many dif sections for how you're feeling..upstairs lounge, main bar madness, mellower front bar, decent looking food section (think is Chinese or Thai..unbelievably never eaten there :) ), live music at wkends, sports on big screens, great mix of every type of person coming in n out the doors non stop! That's some list..what else do you want, juggling dwarves?.
    Would give this place 5 stars, but nothing on this earth is perfect. What would Camden be without the World's End huh.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Gritty, rough round the egdes rock joint, all exposed bricks, painted plasterwork and graffittied tables.  Edgy and uncompromising crowd, you'll find no contrivance or pretension here.  Yes, the music is loud, but not so loud that you can't hear the buzz of conversation in the place.  Good vibe to while away the evening in over your choice of tipple...it could do with expanding its choice of rums though.  ;)

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I'd agree that it is a strange mix in here... but not gonna lie, I kinda like it.

    If nothing else, this place offers great people watching. Though I must say, it is one of those bars where when you walk in (girls, you'll know what I mean) you sort of feel...eyes....watching....kinda creepy. A wee bit flattering? Maybe? But mostly just creepy.

    Other than the eclectic mix of "types," and its massive size... meh, its a pub. I'll keep searching for my fave spot in Camden.

    Side note: I WAS however, impressed with the bar tender. He could stack two pints pouring, walk away, and come back in perfect timing, whilst doing about 4 other things at the same time. I know many a good barkeep can do such things, but it never ceases to amaze me.

  • 2.0 star rating
    Listed in When In London

    Three stars for the atmosphere, which was needlessly awkward. At the same time, it was an experience worth trying out, although ultimately disappointing.

    I've never been in a place that has a group of businessmen, school boys who get carded, slutty girls and friends just looking to chill all at once. It seemed to be a place where people who did not know where to go ended up.

    Not to mention, the beer was expensive and the bartenders took a long time to get back to me. They don't have a sense of who's been there, but who is standing in front of the cash register. Not to mention they're a bit slow moving, considering there were so many people!

    Ambiance was strange. Such a large place but it felt empty yet full, probably due to the awkward interior design. Some places were packed but if you walked around the bar, it would be completely empty. Quite deceiving.

  • 2.0 star rating

    The pub as defined purely by the drinking area isn't really as bad as my rating implies. This is actually a handy well-known pub for meeting people before going elsewhere in Camden, due to it's proximity to the station, although you might want to specify what part of the pub you are going to be in as it is quite large. Besides the huge main part of the pub there is even a carpeted side section that looks more like a proper corner boozer.

    They serve a couple of real ales too, although I did get a bit of a short measure due to the head she left on the pint! I get the feeling the ale is a bit of an afterthought too so is probably not always in the best condition.

    So why the low rating? The toilets. How can you rate a pub highly when you wouldn't want to spend too long there? They..aredisgusting. There are no toilet seats for a start, but the vilest fact was that the whole urinal was surrounded by a pool of liquidindicating either a leak or dozens of people with the aim of a Scottish centre forward. It had clearly been there for a while, long enough for a number of flies to decide to make this strange underground pond their new home

  • 3.0 star rating

    The World's End is a *huge* pub in Camden, right next to the Underworld. I pretty much go there whenever I'm about to head into a gig at the aforementioned Underworld.

    When I say this place is huge, it really is huge. It's got a sort of "dirty rocker" vibe about it, which I quite like. Apart from this though, I've never been really excited or overwhelmed by this place. It's perhaps a little *too* big and therefore lacks in atmosphere.

    I guess I just prefer, cosier little pubs and old man's boozers but this place is a mixed bag with rockers, Camden tourists and all sorts, making it a little empty in feel...

  • 4.0 star rating

    I used to be a bit of a metalhead in my youth so I quite enjoyed the trip down memory lane that this pub afforded me.  I've only ever been in here in the afternoons but even then it still has a pretty lively atmosphere.  Music is always blaring and live bands are frequent.

    Situated right next to Camden tube and just above The Underworld club/venue, World's End attracts the metal-oriented primarily but is just as welcoming to non head-bangers.  It's also quite amssive consisting of two main areas; the smaller more pub-like area in the corner and the extremely spacious main bar.  Drinks are fairly cheap and they have a decent range of cheap and cheerful English grub.

    Good place for an evening out or somewhere to tie one on after a shopping trip.

    • Qype User Sian…
    • London
    • 415 friends
    • 752 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    How hard is it to clean toilets? Seriously!

    I love this pub. I like the little old bit at the front, which is great for a few beers and a catch up. But you can always pop into the huge chasm of a pub at the back for something more lively - although your chances of getting served there are slim. For some reason the bar is shaped in a U and it doesn't occur to the staff that other people might be waiting on the other side. Really annoying.

    I'd go here more often if it wasn't for the fact that the service is shit in the evening and the toilets are the most disgusting I've ever seen in London.

    • Qype User antiso…
    • London
    • 41 friends
    • 159 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    If you are a true Londoner and, like me, aren't a big fan of big tourist groups on a night out then I suggest you give this place a miss. There is a buzz about it but it's a 'just got to London and want to be friendly to absolutely everyone I meet using the few English words I know'' buzz which can sometimes be annoying if you just want to keep yourself to yourself.

    It's absolutely cavernous inside, if you get a bit tipsy then go to the toilet with a friend otherwise you will stumble away from your group and might never find them again!

    But no, in all serious this is a half-decent place for a drink if you are stuck for where to go but in my opinion there are dozens of other, cooler, cheaper, more happening pubs in Camden than this one. Don't be lazy and go here just because it's right near the station!

    • Qype User Bel…
    • London
    • 59 friends
    • 133 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    I think of this as one place you HAVE to visit, just because, and when you go ther you wonder why.

    The service is disgusting, both behind the bar and at the tables. The space is large, but badly planned and you feel as if you're being chanelled to the door all the time.

    The bar is ok, but nothing spectacular and the craowd is what you would expect from the more touristy parts of Camden.

    Not really my cup of tea :(

  • 3.0 star rating

    The Skinny: Worth a try but there's other more low key but fun bars out there. This one just happens to be right outside the Camden Town Station.

    The Fat: Drinks are a bit pricey but that's the price you pay to say you've been to the world's end or the end of the world? The atmosphere as mentioned by my other fellow yelpers is quite an experience. You do get a rather colorful mixture of punkers, businessmen, old geezers, housewives and all sorts mixing around. There are broken glass on the floor and bottles/glasses pile up all over the place.

    Just try it once but that should be enough.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Here's to you World's End.

    11 years of drinking on the day that Douglas Adams died and this is the first bar that the bartender didn't even blink an eye when we asked for 3 pints each at lunch time.  Six of those pints were even the hand pulled kind, I personally would be a little annoyed by that.

    Having only been past once on a bus, I knew this would be perfect for our Douglas Adams day.  I looked at the website and new it would be huge but that didn't prepare me for how big this bar actually is!  We sat up front in the more traditional pub part, but I would've loved to sit what I guess in the middle area with all the sky lights.  Seemed to be a good mix of people when we were there.  A guy in a suit, an older gentleman with all of his coins sorted, younger people., etc.  We got there right at opening so I didn't see anything wrong with the bathrooms.  Bare minimum, yes, filthy, no.

    Hopefully next trip to England we can make it back here for the night time and see what it's like when it's a little busier.

    But till then, Yay for day drinking at the world's end!

    • Qype User sazzbe…
    • London
    • 24 friends
    • 69 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I love this pub! its in Camden Town and full of people with eclectic taste in music, bright clothes, skinny jeans and everyone else.
    Regularly has bands playing and plays the best music!
    one of camdens most famous pubs and also for the famous.
    the atmosphere is hipnotic and the decor of the place is amazing its like little shop windows displaying all sorts!
    it can get very busy on the weekends so expect to stand but on a weekday its you can find a cozy place to sit

    So worth a visit if your ever in Camden Town

    • Qype User kingof…
    • London
    • 2 friends
    • 49 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    Massive pub right opposite Camden tube.Gets busy but as theres no music lacks atmosphere but a nice place to go with friends if you're in a chatty mood. And your right in the middle of Camden so if you decide to move it's a great starting point.
    Theres a indie or goth club next door in the basement but since that's not my thing ive never been but you can get an idea of the kind of people that frequent the pub.
    Reasonably cheap beer, and the occasional eye candy make this an ok place to go on a Sunday afternoon/evening.

    • Qype User Jonla…
    • London
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    • 103 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Quite telling when most people mention the toilets, which are terrible.

    Fairly good selection of beers, not too expensive and absolutely huge inside, but that doesn't stop it from getting absolutely rammed at the weekend.

    Great interior, but fairly alternative customers and not really to my taste - prefer something a little more relaxed somewhere nearby.

    • Qype User RePl…
    • Berlin, Germany
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    • 61 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    They play the best music in all of camden town and surprisingly attract all kinds of people. I never quite understood what music they play on what day, so sometimes it's almost all rock classics, sometimes it's Norwegian black metal all night long! :) - and for some reason that doesn't seem to scare anyone away.
    There's a lot of space, which means that the bouncers won't sent you away when you are coming with 20 or more people.
    Drinks are alright and not too expensive. Bar staff is friendly, if it's really crowded they could be a bit quicker, people are here to drink.

    • Qype User Eleni…
    • London
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    3.0 star rating

    I ended up at the worlds end on Saturday night! OMG!
    Well pub was ok the usual camden crowd and music was cool . Met some funny people and have to say that people do get up to all sorts in here. Dying to go to the loo i headed over to the ladies where there was a huge queue and i was told that this was the only toilet in the whole place! The toilets were rank! but to be honest i wouldnt expect anything else. When i went into the cubile it was a metal bowl (in the shape of a toilet) covered in probably everything gross you could think of, but i just had to go! when i was queuing outside some girls were even coming out of the mens which was aparently a trillion times worse than the womens! Well needless to say i definatley didn't use the mens. What i liked about it is that you just get every type of person in there so is quite entertaining at times.

    • Qype User ck-on…
    • London
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    4.0 star rating

    The Worlds end is one of the cooler venue's in Camden. It's a massive pub, that suits different customers depending on where you are in the pub. The main part of the pub is very rocky/goth, and its dark with very unusual art-work on the walls. The music is quite heavy, but adds to the atmosphere.

    They have a main bar if you fancy a bit of a brighter location, and the older folk/locals tend to drink in here.

    There's a wide range of drinks, and they also do food.

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