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  • 90 St Martins Lane
    London WC2N 4AP
    Covent Garden, Strand
  • Transit information Bakerloo Circle District Northern Piccadilly Get Directions
  • Phone number 020 7836 5863
  • “Friendly staff and locals/patrons make this place a great pub.” in 11 reviews

  • “There will always be plenty of real ales on, though not anything rare and unusual.” in 4 reviews

  • “Great atmosphere in there as well - very friendly crowd and a real mix of people, from locals, to regular Londoners to tourists.” in 5 reviews

Recommended Reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    One of the most beautiful  & popular  pubs in London.In the heart of theatreland it is frequented by actors,dancers & choreographers & of

    course hundreds of tourists. If you go for only one drink, do go to see the

    exquisite etched glass & mirrors from the turn of the century. It was

    originally a gin palace in the 1800's being so close to some of the poorest

    parts of London at that time.

  • 4.0 star rating

    One of my favorite pubs we visited on our old historical english pub crawl adventure.  Built in 1892, the victorian pub is traditionally impressive and ornate furnished with polished wood, beautiful mirrors, etched/stain glass.  After hitting and quitting with previous pubs for english beer, I opted for their warm apple cider on special which was quite tasty. Notes of vanilla, orange, and spices made it delicious and warmed my soul.

    Large individual bathrooms downstairs.  Friendly staff and locals/patrons make this place a great pub.

    • Qype User vyrixa…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 3 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    My families truly like the pubs design, and the
    décorThe personnel were wonderful and brought me
    watercress, pea's salad. It doesn't sound much, but it is amazing!!! The rest
    of the menu was also great and I really enjoyed the different wines with it.
    Very well chosen to go with the different food! Loved it!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Bangers and mash!

    Nice pub, very airy so it doesn't feel like at all packed and stuffy. And it's kid friendly. They advertised that they had the best bangers and mash in the world so I had to give it a shot.

    This was my first bangers and mash so I had nothing to reference it to, but for just under £9, you get 3 different sausages, mashed potatoes and the gravy. Now thats a pretty good deal.

    And the gravy was new to me in that it felt like molasses and that it was sweet too. Thick and sweet for a gravy, who would have thought?

    Very friendly staff especially for single guy who's from out of town. Yah, you can tell I was a turd in a punch bowl as soon as I walked in, and these guys were pretty hospitable during my time there.

    I originally was going to eat somewhere else, but I couldn't find the restaurant, but I'm glad I came here and enjoyed a nice frosty British cider with my bangers and mash. It's kid friendly, family friendly and they have an ATM inside.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Asia De Nothanks
    Yeah, get me out of that psuedo-chess board of wannabees and put me over the road in one of the sunken seats of the Salisbury - a great traditional boozer behind the theatres. No pretension here, just beer, crisps and glorious etched mirrors bouncing the minimal English sunshine around and around for maximum serotonin induction.

    It's got old boozer competition from the equally fabulous Chandos down the road, but the pair are light-years ahead of other drinking holes around Leicester Square simply for not being full of dickheads on the lager lager lager trail.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I headed here as a pit stop a few nights ago..

    I had no idea that this pub had been around for 100 years... although the historic and beautiful interiors should have been enough of a clue.

    The elaborate interiors are a feast for the eyes, with huge mahogany  mirrors and art nouveau light fittings with bronze nymph figures protruding from flowers... this were all signs that this victorian pub was originally made for the upper class.

    When I went it was rather busy with office workers and theatre goers, however I did take record that they have over six variations of real ale, and an international menu.

    I was happy to find out this is a strict sports free pub, and those wearing football colours will not be allowed inside!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Ate dinner next door last night, stopped in here for a beer. Had no idea it was going to be all epic-beautiful and ornate and shit inside. But then it definitely was.

    The stairs & outer restroom area are wallpapered in old flyers/ads/kinda creepy shit, which doesn't really vibe with the polished wood & mirrors up top. Also, you'll probably give someone who's trying to come out of the bathroom a black eye with the door - no two ways around it.

    Whatever, it's a nice place to go have a drink, stop reading reviews and just go.

    • Qype User Timina…
    • Sydney, Australia
    • 634 friends
    • 758 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I find this to be one of the most authentic Victorian pubs in central London, and always take visitors here. The etched glasswork and mirrors are ornate, and the wood richly stained. It's almost always very busy in here and the atmosphere is that of a real public meeting-place.

    There will always be plenty of real ales on, though not anything rare and unusual. Food is okay and prices are average. There will be a few tables outside when the weather is good.

    If you've got visitors to whom you want to show a great example of a traditional city pub, this is the spot to share a few pints.

    • Qype User scotti…
    • London
    • 57 friends
    • 88 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I love this place - frankly I don't go often enough. It was opened in the late 1800s as a Gin Palace, and it has some fantastic features. It's got Art Nouveau style and has etched glasswork in the windows, a fabulous central bar complete with original (i think) mirrors.

    Service is speedy and friendly. A very good range of drinks choices - putting me in mind of an American diner at one point as every drink I asked for had a choice to be made. Prices are pretty good as well.

    It's high ceilinged and has a lovely interior that is worth having a good look at. It's a decent sized pub with plenty of room. Good thing too as it's popular. It also serves some decent food as well.

    Great atmosphere in there as well - very friendly crowd and a real mix of people, from locals, to regular Londoners to tourists.

    All in - an authentic old pub with lovely design and detail and very well looked after to make sure its still offering today what it did all those years ago when it openedthough people probably nowadays are less likely to fall unconscious through gin and sleep it off on the floor.

    • Qype User filcha…
    • Copenhagen, Denmark
    • 305 friends
    • 829 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    There is no better pub round here than The Harp. I mean why would you ever go anywhere else? They've got a breville out back and will do you a sausage wait a minute what's this?! The Salisbury?! My word. There is a pub which is (almost) on a par with The Harp around the Leicester Square/Covent Garden areas, and it is this one. And as an added bonus, there's plenty of seating, so you might even persuade the girls from the office to come with you.

    Recommended ale: Morrisey Fox.

    • Qype User Sian…
    • London
    • 415 friends
    • 752 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Well this pub is just beautiful, isn't it? Despite winding up on this street a few times recently, I've walked past this pub and not even noticed it. Depressingly, I've ended up in the very boring pub over the road instead. How have I missed it? It's so pretty. Not to sound like a little old woman, but I've probably walked by because it's just so darn busy. Yep, am like a little old lady who doesn't like noisy and busy and fun.

    The decor of this place is worth the trip, all Victorian and impressive. A higgildy-piggildy pub, full of people all happy. And they should be happy. The staff are friendly, the drinks are reasonably priced and they whole bar just has a happy vibe about it. Pubs in the area aren't great (unless you're in the Harp) so this is an impressive stop gap on your way into Soho or Covent Garden.

    I didn't spend much time here, (and we were outside because there was no standing space at all), so my four stars isn't very objective. They're deserving of them, and those stars are cemented by the fact they do small, medium and large glasses of wine. Finally! A bar that doesn't think 175ml of wine is small. They can have all the stars they want for that. More pubs should follow in their pretty, happy little footsteps.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Beautiful Victorian interior with rose lamps, brass and etched mirrors and miles of polished wood.  Perfect place for a pint or three and the pub food was .  The fish and chips were fine, the service fast and friendly and being out of the rain made for a lovely afternoon!

    • Qype User erzibe…
    • Bristol
    • 12 friends
    • 162 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I threw a Jack the Ripper themed party here in their back room, which seemed like a good idea as it is a proper old Victorian gin palace! It was a good venue but not really all that private as people were able to wander in and out. Still, the alternative music was good if a bit loud and the staff were really nice and helpful even if they managed to lose our cakes for a bit! Panic!

    I have been in during the day as well for a quiet drink and it was really nice. They serve a decent Pimms here, which is a bonus and it seemed like a good place to come for a quiet chat or a lunchtime break.

    The decor is stunning though and really quite fabulous. The loos are downstairs and papered with an interesting selection of theatrical posters.

  • 3.0 star rating

    MAN that place was balls!

    ok, so again i'm there with some friends(no, not mates, we don't say that in Montreal), and I'm at a table. bus boy shows up, no good afternoon and completely oblivious to the 'hello' that i had just said, twice after saying please clean the table. no, he just goes on to say hi to a friend of mine whom he recognized. ok, sure yo recognize someone but guess what, politeness is ALWAYS a good thing.

    anyway, here i was, sitting at my table, waiting 10min for someone to come take my order, making eye contact with a couple of waiters and waitresses and all i got was, well, nothing. so being bored out of my mind i decide to get up and go the bar to order.

    again, the waiting for bartenders to be done talking amongst themselves,  them not having a clue what a local brew/ale meant. i wasn't until i met Maria, one of the bartenders. now SHE was nice and hence the 3 stars instead of 1. i asked if i could try out some local brews, she suggested a couple and even made me try them. that was cool of her. only upside of that pub really.

    food! yeah no impressed. i ordered the city sampler to get an idea of what to expect....well don't even bother. the garlic bread is more like stale bread with some butter on it, the sausages were not bad, wings could have been less overcooked, yeah, they overcooked the overcooking part, and the wedges were not that noteworthy. only upside i'd say would be the nachos, but they really need to oven bake that instead of microwaving it. unless you're starving AND in a hurry, you might end up with a very cold platter with solidified mozarella.

    recommended for: just the waitress really. if she's not there don'e even bother.

    • Qype User jpulfr…
    • London
    • 18 friends
    • 41 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    The Salisbury in Covent Garden, not to be confused with the Salisbury in Haringey that I frequent, as many of my friends have done. Covent Garden's Salisbury is quite a lavish affair for a pub, very traditional, usually bustling and a proper English pub. Should any tourist strike up the courage to open the doors then this is exactly what they'd be looking for from a famous British public house, but will someone please start telling them at the airports that children are not allowed.

    With a large central bar and dark seating areas for both drinking and a more 'restaurant style' dining vibe, the pub is suitable for food and drink. Plenty of staff serve quickly and the food looks adequete inn grub. The Salisbury is always busy and there's always a nice atmosphere, a perfect, and rather pretty pub to take one's parents should they be visiting the big smoke and you're being dragged around the tourist trail, they'd certainly approve.

    There's real ale on pumps and I had an exceptional pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord, rather a favourite of mine and so a bonus star is awarded.

    • Qype User andrew…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 6 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Salisbury has in late Victorian style which has some interesting original features, such as the etched glass and the impressive lamp stand statuettes. Atmosphere-wise I found it a tad too busy for my liking. Other than that the staff is quite friendly and polite. Definitely deserves a second visit at a quieter part of the week.

  • 2.0 star rating
    14/4/2009 Updated review
    Listed in Nachos

    I just had nachos here and had to update based on the nachos alone. I still love the Salisbury. However, the nachos are awful, bagged corn chips accompanied by some sort of bechamel sauce with chilies in it and a few pots of other condiments from jars, or worse yet, tins. I've posted a photo so you can see for yourself.  If you're eating here, order something else.

    4.0 star rating
    23/2/2009 Previous review
    This is two doors down from my office so it's the watering hole of all the people I work with. In… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    I stumbled upon this place hungry and looking for pub food. Sure pubs are not hard to find around London, but I got a good vibe about this place, walked in and it looked like a fantastic place. It's an old pub and it certainly feels like it but not in a bad way at all. The staff behind the bar were really friendly and the prices of food were comparative to others bars I looked in to, and maybe a little cheaper. I ordered a pint and their beef "Roast of the Day" for under £12.
    I walked in on a late Monday afternoon and it was not filled up but had a good crowd in. My food arrived within 8 minutes or ordering so that's always a bonus when hungry. It was good food and just what I was in the mood for. I was expecting it to blow me away though, but that was just my high expectations. It did seem like something I could have gotten at most pubs though. But still very welcoming.
    Looking around once seated I did notice that the place did have very interesting design and it did look like it had some history behind it (later at home I googled it and my suspicions were confirmed).

    I would be interested in a return visit whenever I'm back in London, definitely worth a visit especially if you like going to places with a bit of a history behind it!

  • 3.0 star rating

    came for a drink on the way back home and thought it was just meh. it was fairly crowded for a pub on a weeknight, so we couldn't find seats and had to stand at the bar. the bartenders were pretty slow getting around to serving us, but once they did they were nice enough, nothing above the usual though. the prices were average and we didn't try the food... crowd is sort of old man-y

    the decor was the only standout here.. big glass mirrors and flowers - it was really pretty. it was an okay stop for a drink, but i wouldn't go out of my way to come back

  • 5.0 star rating

    This historic pub has an interior that's so magnificent it's worth a visit even if you don't drink. It's popular with patrons of the nearby theatres before or after a performance.

  • 5.0 star rating

    We were walking around Convent Garden early noon and being a bit hungry and thirsty we stopped at the Salisbury Pub. The interieur alone is worth a visit! Mirrors everywhere and it doesn't matter where you look, you see something new and interesting. We felt very comfortable there. There was a good dozen of Londoners and we the only foreigners there. Asking the barman, which ales he can recommend, he took his time and told us a lot about the different ales they offer. Thank you so much!! We really appreciated this! The ales we've chosen then were good and also the food. The next time we're in London again, we do stop there once again!

  • 4.0 star rating

    From the outside and the location, this pub seems like it is going to be epitome of a "ye olde English" tourist trap. Wrong, wrong, wrong! The pub is historic and beautifully refurbished, with pressed ceilings, etched glass, copper tables, luxe booths,  etc. The staff is funny, friendly, and helpful, and the crowd is a mix of office workers, theatre types, locals, and (yes, some) tourists. They have a nice selection of real ales. In terms of food, we were doing a CAMRA pub walk from one of their books, so we didn't have a lot to eat, but we did split a selection of mini-pies with chips and peas. The glossy menu made me nervous that the food was going to be crap, but I was wrong again. The pies weren't exactly artisanal, but they were warm and delicious, and the chips were *perfect.* This was one of the highlights of the 6 pubs we visited that night, and I'm happy to go back again.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Very convenient as a pre/post-theatre drinking venue in the heart of west end theatre land. It is also on the sunny side of the street in the summer months but unfortunately no official outdoor area which would give it an extra star. But you can sit in the window and catch some rays over a pint or two. Nice.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Must be the most authentic pub in London. Absolutely beutiful inside and out. The staff are all friendly and very attentitive. The menu is great with traditional pub/English grub. Great pies, bangers and fish. A must if your in the area. If not MAKE A DETOUR! We do 4 or 5 times a year - from Scotland.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I think this is a good pub for tourists but Londoners will probably feel like they're visiting a tourist attraction.

    • Qype User ronlea…
    • Llanelli, Carmarthenshire
    • 2 friends
    • 8 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Lovely pub on Saint Martin's Lane. I must have walked past it dozens of times before reading a review on Qype. Staff are friendly and welcoming. Gets very very busy in the evening at weekends.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Used to love this place but it must of had a change of owners, the food was terrible. The drinks were fine. We had baked potatoe and it was the size of a golf ball and with a teaspoon of cheese and beans. The sandwiches we ordered also did not fare any better...ham sandwich which used to come with decent ham now was transferred to plastic limp ham....gross

    • Qype User hayze…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 5 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Beautiful, friendly, authentic, memorable and busy! Whenever I have friends visiting from out of London I like to take them here and they usually love it.

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