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  • 4.0 star rating

    So, I'm meeting friends for a drink. We need somewhere central and quiet. But then, some of my pals drink cider, others beer. Wetherspoons is always too noisy. It is a puzzler!

    And yet, the Rummer is nearly always the solution.

    From outside it looks like a pub. Inside, it looks like a pub. I think it is safe to say that it is actually a pub. Not a bar, nor a gastropub. It isn't a cafe bar or a microbrewery, but a pub. Where you can go to do pub things - mainly drink and talk.

    The furniture is all wood and a bit odd. There is even a pew! And there are enough sort of nooks and crannies that you can sit in your group with some element of privacy. But then, most of the people I've seen in there tend to be quite friendly so...

    No loud music, and I haven't seen any trouble in there.

    If you're looking for somewhere for a pint with pals, or somewhere quiet to relax in between frantically shopping, then the Rummer might be just the place!

  • 5.0 star rating

    The Rummer Tavern is a homely pub opposite Cardiff Castle. It has none of the pretense of a re-worked classic like many of the older pubs in Cardiff. Instead, The Rummer looks and is, old and charming. Inside, there are wooden furniture and stairways and you can nab a window seat if you're lucky. Its warm and cosy.

    The bar has some nice ales and the glasses of wine are really generously poured. Perhaps, that is that the staff are generous as well as polite and quick.

    The food gives the homely atmosphere more kudos, as the meals are large and gastronomic, there are a range of things on offer including hot and cold meals. I can vouch for a very good baked potato, loaded with toppings.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Poor Rummer Tavern, I love you.

    This is a lovely little pub situated just opposite Cardiff Castle, so it's impossible to miss. outside it's all traditional whitewash and black beams. Inside, it's all old wood, so has a very cosy, toasty and traditional feeling to it. It's quite small, so tables and chairs are a little bit packed together, but I personally think that this just adds to the charm.

    Although they don't have a massive selection of cask ales, they do have a full bar with reasonable prices. Their food is also excellently priced, and, I think, very tasty indeed.

    This place can get quite busy, and is popular with locals and tourists alike because of its charm and location. This is a great place to hide away from the cold on a winter's day, and you'll feel very welcomed.

    I always envisioned this place as the Leaky Cauldron, from Harry Potter; it has that vibe that somehow time missed it. It's been around for a long time, and will hopefully be around for a longer time to come.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I find it so difficult to find a traditional looking pub in the center of town that hasn't been jazzed up, or 'wetherspooned' where I can just have a nice, reasonably priced beer in a cozy and intimate setting.

    That's why I like the rummer tavern, it hasn't been tweaked and messed with and looks like a traditional little inn.

    I haven't tried the food there but the diet coke was good as was my swift half of weak lager.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Situated in a prime spot just opposite Cardiff Castle, there's been a pub on the site of the Rummer for more than three hundred years.

    On both the inside and the outside you get a sense of the place's history, and they've kept the décor in keeping with the pub's age - there's nothing trying or trendy about it, but it's still fairly smart and clean (unlike some of the city's other 'traditional' pubs).

    Although they serve food, I haven't eaten here, so this review is only really about what the place is like for a drink.

    I first went in this pub when my friend was working behind the bar, and noticed that it attracted a really good mix of people rather than one particular crowd. Long and narrow, it's exactly what you might expect when you hear the word 'tavern' - a cosy little hideaway perfect for a drink on a harsh winter's day.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The Rummer Tavern is without a doubt, one of the best pubs in Cardiff. There's no pretense, no misplaced efforts to attract more people in with 10 pints for £5 deals or whatever. It knows it's good as it is, and that people will come. And they do.
    Along with the Goat Major just around the corner, this place seems to be standing firm against aforementioned chain pubs and more "trendy" establishments. There is simply no gimmick with this place and that's what makes it great.
    Onto the drinks then, and they've got decent prices and will pour you a generous measure. I had a couple of double whiskey and cokes and was feeling it alot more than normal after two drinks. I then slowed down and had a pint of bitter. I was served by two different people who were both very friendly and helpful. Due to my youthful looks I was ID'd here but they were apologetic when I finally produced proof.

    The food here is very good and very well priced, and, for me the Rummer Tavern has a certain charm which you simply struggle to find these days. Old pictures on the walls of the building over the years give you a good sense of the history of the place. It's also in a prime location just opposite the castle which is ideal if you fancy a quick pint on your lunch break or a quick break from the shops.

    Top marks all round.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The Rummer Tavern is one of those pubs you go to when you just want a brown old style regulars pub. The Rummer is right in the middle of town, however never seems that busy, maybe there's just not much allure to the place. I've been here in the day time only, so not sure what it is like in the evening really.

    The food is pretty cheap and they do some good heart attack burgers, which my boyfriend loves to order. I try to order healthy but find it a little hard, especially when all the heart attack stuff seems so appealing and cheap. The food was good, nothing outstanding, but good grub for the money.

    I think this is a nice place to go in a group, where you're just expecting cheap food and drink, there's nothing much really happening so you need the company of good friends to keep you going.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This is a great little traditional pub situated right in the middle of town. What makes this pub stand out from the rest is that it isn't run by 'Brain Brewery' which in my book is a huge plus! They serve a good range of beers and the food is great. The staff are very friendly during the day but this pub seems to have a dark side at night, when the locals set in and the bouncers watch the door. The atmosphere suddenly changes and unfamiliar people are made to feel unwelcome not just by the locals but by the door staff as well.

    However, I would highly recommend coming here during the day for a bite to eat and a drink and maybe also a spot of people watching. You get a strange mix of people in here and it seems to vary depending on the time of day and the mood of the city. Just be warned, there are far better places to take yourself off to on a night out in Cardiff.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Not a bad little pub.  One cask ale that was ok, though not very interesting.  Tried the black bean burger and chips: it wasn't bad, but it was sort of just utilitarian food.

    I've been to far better pubs, but this one is great for location.  Probably won't go back, but I wouldn't discourage anyone from stopping in for a pint.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    As soon as you enter The Rummer Tavern you forget about the world outside (no matter how miserable the Welsh weather may be). This is a proper pub, not a retro fitted bar.

    I'm not sure if they take reservations by phone, if not hopefully they will soon as getting a table can often be tricky if you want a bite to eat. And I think they owe it to themselves to update the design of their menus to reflect the qualty of the food served.

    The menu has a good variety of traditional pub dishes. The Sunday dinners are particularly worth going for. They are a bit more expensive than most of the chain pubs' prices in town, but for the taste and atmosphere I would say it's worth the extra pennies.

    • Qype User picke…
    • Liverpool, Merseyside
    • 19 friends
    • 97 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    This is a great little traditional pub situated right in the middle of town. What makes this pub stand out from the rest is that it isn't run by 'Brain Brewery' which in my book is a huge plus! They serve a good range of beers and the food is great. The staff are very friendly during the day but this pub seems to have a darkside at night, when the locals set in and the bouncers watch the door. The atmosphere suddenly changes and unfamiliar people are made to feel unwelcome not just by the locals but by the door staff as well.

    However, I would highly recommend coming here during the day for a bite to eat and a drink.

    • Qype User jonath…
    • London
    • 4 friends
    • 53 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Definitely one of the most under rated pubs in Cardiff.

    They pour a nice pint and the doorstep sandwiches are tremendously good value. And hey when you think about it the place looks lovely from the outside, is clean, tidy and has everything you need in a city centre pub.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great food also friendly and just next to the castle. Will visit again soon

  • 4.0 star rating

    Nice to go into a bar that isn't part of a massive chain.  I always forget to go into the Rummer and when you do it's always a great surprise.  I went in recently during the day for some food, sat in the window seat and watched the world go by.  It was lovely. Also the food was really great.  The portion size was huge and didn't look like it had been pre-portioned and microwave'd within an inch of it's life too.
    It wasn't really busy but there were quite a few people in there mainly couples or business people.  The staff were really helpful and knowledgeable about the food.  They also got me a coffee somehow even though the coffee machine wasn't working.  The Rummer's got a great location too right smack bang in the middle of town.  I hope it continues thrive as I notice The Model Inn just round the corner has closed it's doors.
    Presumably Wetherspoon'd to death.  I've got my fingers crossed.

  • 3.0 star rating

    With the best will in the world, if The Rummer wasn't slap bang in the middle of Cardiff, right opposite the castle, it probably wouldn't have survived nearly as long as it has. It wouldn't be sort of place charming enough to persuade you to go the extra mile were it out of the way - unless you happen to know any of the friendlier bar staff - but what is certainly does deliver is convenience. Perfectly placed to start your big night out, spending the entire evening doesn't always present such a thrill. The ales range is decent for a city centre bar, admittedly, and the food costs a pittance by any standards. So it's fine with a few mates, but almost too quiet for a quiet pint, with an atmosphere that can veer toward slightly dead. At time of writing, The Rummer has closed its doors temporarily while, apparently, undergoing a change of ownership.

    • Qype User ruthda…
    • Cardiff
    • 2 friends
    • 48 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    My favourite city centre pub, if you are after a proper pub and not a bar then this is the place. The drinks choice is good and well priced, the food is great value. The staff are friendly and i like the atmosphere of the place - it is not a student place which is always a bonus.

    • Qype User Tiendr…
    • Cardiff
    • 1 friend
    • 7 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    Situated opposite the castle, the Rummer is a traditional style pub complete with wooden frame and odd historical looking objects on the walls and shelves.

    Serves good food from a decent sized menu, from Sunday roasts to sandwiches and soup. The Rummer also has a good selection of ales and wines, most of which are decently priced. The food whilst good, is a little over priced, although I would definately reccommend the chocolate fudge cake!

    The pub is not really very family or student friendly, at the door is a sign barring under 18s and babies from entering the pub, even with parents. Students are not made to feel very welcome by the rather dour staff, so if you are a student looking for a good place to drink, you might want to go elsewhere.

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