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  • 5.0 star rating

    £1.50 a pint on Wednesdays

    full of "happy" students

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Don't order the breakfast. Just don't do it. How you can create a full English with no redeeming features is beyond me, but they managed it.

    Sure it was cheap. And it was the kind of place where I did not feel judged for being hungover (as I was at the time) which is nice I suppose. I expected Wetherspoons style food, but honestly I would expect better from a Spoons.

    Would happily call in here for a nondescript drink while going to and from the station again, but will be venturing elsewhere to break my fast.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in London!

    I get that for the locals this place might not be particularly endearing: it's a fairly antiseptic but benign pub that serves typical Brit pub fare.  There's a decent beer selection, and the place fills up with football fans when the latest matches are happening.  For our part, we were staying nearby, so popping in here wasn't difficult to do.

    I could see why this might not be first choice for some in a city filled with so many varied and cosmopolitan interests, but for me, it was comfortable, and comfortable suits me just fine. Bonus points for the locals not hysterically laughing as Americans tried to make correct change.

  • 5.0 star rating


    honestly, i don't think ive EVER had a better time at a bar. but ONLY because of the drunken US college students sporting their US sweatshirts mentioned in reviews below. and because i was one of those college students ;) god, i had so much fucking fun here. we were here on a weekly basis, that yellowcard was so awesome. if you were a student and got a yellowcard, your drinks were so cheap that it was pretty much a sin at that point to not get totally shitfaced and take advantage of the prices. so maybe we were a little stupid and maybe our skirts were a little too short, but so what! we were young and in london and living life!

    it's definitely not just a locals pub, although locals often frequent it. it's more a pub where all the american students studying abroad in london gather in hoardes to play trivia games, drink ridiculous numbers of pitchers of cheap as all hell beer, shake their asses on the grimy dance floor, and get schooled by the brits in "snooker". fun fun shit.

    i remember one night, i got kicked out because well, i deserved it. i was WAY too drunk and kept falling all over the place. but it was only like 11pm. so after i got kicked out, i tried to sneak back in not once, not twice, but THREE more times, and was promptly kicked back out each time. i was finally told that i could NEVER return. BANNED. this mortified me. never return to the rocket???? but it was only november...what would i do for the rest of the year?!!? terrified of staying home by myself while all my friends were out drinking, i went back the following week, hoping the bouncers wouldn't remember me. of course they did. but finally, after my friends and i begged the bouncer for nearly an hour, he grudgingly agreed to let me back in. honestly, i felt like i'd won a million freaking dollars at that moment.

    but here's the thing - while i do miss the rocket, i dont think i could handle it anymore.  these days, i want to be in bed by 11, latest. and the thought of pounding pitchers of beer makes me want to rush straight to the gym or do a yoga session. and that downstairs girls' bathroom that was perpetually stanky and flooded? ughhhhjksldf. i would NOT be able to handle that today.

    so adieu, rocket. you were honestly one of the best parts of my year abroad in london.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Oh The Rocket; You have me so conflicted. If I was but a fresh faced, first year student, I would revel in your cheap beer, two meals for £6 and your dbl Vodka Redbulls for £3.90. When half your optics are Smirnoff, the others with smatterings of Apple Sourz, you know this bar is about getting lathered.

    I liked the screens everywhere showing music videos, the jukebox with the bartenders favourites listed above, and I even spied a few arcade games and a pool table. The food is archetypal Wetherspoons, without actually being a Wetherspoons - cheap and good.

    The bar itself has an old feel, which resonates strongly with the old, ragged and often times slightly senile old folk who come in. The rest of the revellers on my visit were made up of young, spotty chav boys with their hoods and caps. They mixed quite nicely with the older, fatter, chav boys who have proudly paid for every pint of their flabby beer bellies. I can say with reckless abandon that I had no wish to converse with anyone I saw in this place today and I am far from being a toff.

    My lunch meal of gammon steak with chips was tasty, my New York cheesecake not so. I have nothing against cheesecake, but my first bite coincided with me watching a mouse stroll confidently across the floor not 5ft away. Mmmmm, appetizing!

    All in all, if you want a cheap night watching sport or watching young girls get wasted, flashing their ass as they fall on the floor, all coherent thought lost in the latest bottle of Smirnoff Ice, you will find no better place than The Rocket.

    P.s. I have successful used free wifi here. Whether it belongs to The Rocket is a different story.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This review is from a student's point of view (which I was).

    Get a Yellow Card and get smashed on the cheap with some great company and great bar staff.

    I cannot comment on their food as I never had any.

    It is certainly NOT a tourist trap because those are usually defined by tackiness and high prices, of which the Rocket possesses neither.

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in Monopoly Pub Crawl

    Monopoly Pub Crawl - Stop #8 - Euston Road (Light Blue)

    The Rocket is an easy choice for this stop as it's large, cheap, and most importantly it's located on Euston Road (we're crazy like that). As pretty much every review will tell you, it's a very popular student pub and you can easily see why. However, the Rocket does have a few surprises in store - for example, it stocks Fruli which is a sweet strawberry beer. Not the most manly of drinks, but very refreshing when you've been knocking back bitter ales and herbal jaegerbombs all day.

    I couldn't tell you about the food (there is no time on such crawls to order anything beyond McD's) but they do seem to have the usual pub staples. The barstaff were very friendly and happy to see my intrepid group of rambunctious crawlers - but then again when you are used to being swarmed by students, crawlers are par for the course at best.

    Overall, an excellent pub crawl pub, but probably not a place I'd opt to go for a night out.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Whenever I pass it, I always want to go in. That's the kind of place The Rocket is. You can drink and eat cheap with some good company, or watch football. When it's warm there are wooden tables outside for you to enjoy the weather.

    "Come on Rrooooooooooneyyy!!!"

  • 3.0 star rating

    I liked this pub!  I was attending Tufts when I first went there with a horde of college guys, ready to take on the WORLD. The Rocket was affordable, lots of young students, and really fun!  

    We went a few times, and I remember distinctly going with seven friends from Boston, and coming back with two.  It was a lucky night for many of my friends!  So many great stories and memories!

  • 1.0 star rating

    This is the kind of pub that makes you understand why people are more inclined to go to a chain like an oniells. At least there you know what you're getting and you're never disappointed.

    This is incidentally the first place I've ever sent food back. I've never had to cut through mash potatoe before either.

    We popped in here because we're forever walking past it and always meant to pop in as it looked nice. Bang on midday we try and order the veggie breakfast, but they stopped serving it at midday so apparently missed the deadline. That's ok, there's not much on the menu for me so I order a veggie burger prepared for a standard dry meal. Fifteen mins after I was informed by apathetic staff that they had no vege burger. Half way through my pint and a little unimpressed I go for the veggie sausage and mash and wait another 40 mins for the food to arrive.

    The most pathetic dollop of mash potato followed by a weird, very salty gravy and vege sausages that were just chewier than your normal cheap and tasteless veggie alternative. I take my knife to try out the measly specimine and determined very quickly this was not worth anything near what I paid and took it to the bar. I stood unacknowledged for a while, then as soon as I said look, it's just not nice the guy just said the the other guy 'refund *sigh*' and gave me my money back straight away. It must be common practice there. As the Mrs finished what was edible on her plate... the scampi from scampi, chips and peas I was approached and got 'want a drink'?.

    I declined.

    While it doesn't clearly advertise the fact, it is indeed a Mitchel and Butler pub.

  • 2.0 star rating

    In writing reviews for YELP I've thought back over all the places in London I first visited as a fresher. Some places I still like to visit, while others I very much associate with first year. The Rocket on Euston Road is definitely one of the latter.

    The Rocket is a pretty rubbish Yellow Card (cheap drinks) pub on the Euston Road. The pub is loosely divided in two areas, with seating in both, and a small dancefloor and snooker tables in the back half. The decor is pretty garish, though not as bad as it once was. The clientele is a mix of alcoholics and students.

    I used to go quite a lot because it was near my halls and I had a crush on one of the bar maids. Essentially it's the sort of place you go if you're a first year, want to get very drunk, and maybe 'get lucky'. If that's you, you could have quite a lot of fun, otherwise avoid.

  • 2.0 star rating

    When entering The Rocket, you are faced with a contradiction. While the interior is a homey English pub, every person here is American.

    That's right, because the Rocket is so cheap and close to UCL, all the American exchange students (including myself) use it as their exclusive watering hole. The drinks here are never that great but the prices will make sure you have a good night.

    On the same note, the food is also deplorable but cheap. In fact, a friend of mine remarked that the Gammon Steak there look a lot like a plastic toy.

    All in all, The Rocket will definitely not be short of cheap fare and Americans in the future.

  • 4.0 star rating

    £3.95 for a delicious cheeseburger, chips, and a pint?  Yes, please.

    I imagine this place could get quite student-bar-y, but I was there during the afternoon on a Monday and it was very quiet.  Aside from the £3.95 beer+chips+pint deal, they've also got special dishes marked on the menu that are two for £6.  (I love cheap things.)  The chips were good, and I really enjoyed my burger.  Service was quick and friendly (and, ok, attractive).  The music choices were a bit odd...I don't think I've heard "Who Let the Dogs Out" in quite a few years.

    As I said, I was there during the afternoon on a Monday, so I'm sure my peaceful dining experience wasn't entirely typical, but I figured I'd put in a good word for The Rocket's lunch!  

    I was going to give three stars, but then I remembered that the ketchup is put in these adorable little plastic tomatoes that are so much easier to squeeze than annoying glass bottles.  So I bumped them up to four stars.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in When In London

    Great place for students and locals alike.

    You'll get your fair share of creepers, but where is there ever a place without? There was much less than the last place I went to, but what I liked what the friendliness of the staff. The bartender (what a cutie) stayed to chat despite the crowd and always made sure I was satisfied. And about the crowd, one man even told the bartender to serve me first. Chivalry is alive, and drunk! There is a DJ on Thursday nights. He doesn't play the same usual mainstream crap. It's all special remixed songs by him or his friends - you'll find Passion Pitt, the xx, Florence + the Machines, etc. The owner is a lovely man; the bouncer is from NYC. And they have a slideshow of drunken customers :) It's not my goal to be up there - but maybe yours?

    Sunday is quiz night, I heard it's popular! 8PM!Oh and burgers after 3PM for 3-4 pounds with a drink?!

    Can I not stop raving about this place?

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I can't think of the last time I had an All Day Breakfast that was such good value for money. Everything else on the menu looked to be equally keenly priced - possibly as the place is a Scream pub but I was under the impression that the cheapness therein such places was only for students.

    Either way no quibbles about that or the service, ambience or number of screens on which to watch the football should you wish to do so.

    Handily situated for both King's Cross/St. Pancaras & Euston stations as well as plenty of buses & The British Library.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This is a review for nightlife and not food.

    My 2 friends, sister, and I were walking around close to where our hotel was located and every place seemed pretty dead. This was surprising to me since it was Eurocup so I thought everywhere would be a bit lively. Not so much. We walked by The Rocket that had a decent amount of people and a DJ inside. Finally!

    We had sooooooooooooooooo much fun here, so much that we came back again for our last night in London too. We were drinking Tetley's mostly, which I liked, and Jagerbombs haha. We freakin limboed here. Limbo. I haven't done that in foreeevverrrr. Then we did this weird dance with guys and girls, which I hated, but whatever, all in good fun. There was a Journey sing-a-long at the end of the night. Typical bar fun. If I had been home, I probably wouldn't have been too ecstatic about the limbo and things, and would probably have rolled my eyes with a "what grade are we in again," type of question. But hey, when you're a tourist, you have to enjoy it to the fullest extent. It's one of the only times people actually expect you to act like fools. We definitely lived it up at The Rocket.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I bet almost everyone could associate their university years with a Yellow Card pub.  Cheap drinks and burgers is what Freshers usually live on and The Rocket offers both of those in abundance.  

    It also has a dancefloor adorned with young uni girls in short skirts shaking their hips and strutting their stuff, a couple of snooker tables, and tv screens for the footie.

    How I ever used to frequent this place is a mystery to me now.  Thankfully I have evolved a bit and my knowledge of London has improved, so I now know which places are best avoided and this pub is definitely a pub worth avoiding.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This place was recommended to us by some of the locals so we decided to check it out. As we were told this was one of the places that was busy & open until late any night of the week. Apparently not anymore, this place now closes early on weekdays and with the new management has lost a lot of the appeal it had from the local student community.

    While this is a cool place to hang out with cheap drinks from my experience this is a quite average bar around Kings Cross area.

    • Qype User gotige…
    • London
    • 83 friends
    • 92 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    Need to come back some time and maybe see this place in a better light.
    On the plus side it had a energetic atmosphere and the beer seemed really cheap.
    This was all undone though by quite simply the longest wait for a drink I've experienced in London. It wasn't even that busy, but it took nearly half an hour to get served. People (including myself) were getting a bit grumpy as we all pressed and waited while an understaffed and underpaced team waddled around the bar.
    I'll come back though and maybe it will be different. Can't go past cheap beer!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Damn.  I cannot believe every spot that I frequented while studying abroad is considered a sh*t hole.  I guess it was because I was there.  However, I will add that I met a few non-Brits  here who didn't think I was insufferable.  So far so good.

    I was a regular here in the Fall of 2007, back in the days when I wasn't old enough to drink in the US of A, but old enough in the UK.  I had plenty of good nights here.  Honestly, is it really about the facilities and the people who are there?  No.  It's about the people you are with.  I can see how people think the food is deplorable, or the place is filled with punks, but beside two australian chicks who I befriended, I mostly kept to myself within my 'party.'  Oh AND beside that time, a real, live British girl not only talked to me, but gave me a peck on the lips.  Thanks only nice British girl in London.

    • Qype User Bobbi…
    • London
    • 1 friend
    • 20 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The Rocket is a sort of sports bar/pub located 2mins away from Kings Cross Stations. It is equipped with Sky on widescreens, an old style jukebox, 2 pool tables, fruit machines and quiz machines. There is extensive outdoor seating which is great in summer and meals are served during the day. The food inst really the great however and is only a small step above the Weathersoppns microwave-meals.
    I'm not really into sports bars, I'd really prefer something different but....

    ... on Saturday nights it's £1 pint!

    This makes it more worth it, there crowd is mainly young students in the evenings - probably as there are 3 university hall within 200 meters and this is the union bar for students at the Royal Vet nary College.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Ok, so if you're a first-timer to London and Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and the London Eye are on your itinerary, my review is probably not geared towards you.

    I had the pleasure of working in London as a freshfaced college grad, so needless to say, I was basically a college student. This place was great. Reminded me of the good ol times--which was only a year ago for me--American coeds, CHEAP BOOZE and food, bar music. Think your local college bar relocated across the pond.

    Be wary of pretentious college kids sporting their US college sweatshirts or even worse, their Greek letters. Not that I dislike it. But be wary of it. I not 100% sure, but I believe it's on Wednesday's that they have 4 pound, YES 4 POUND, pitchers with Yellow Card. What's a yellow card? Ask the bartender and buy one.

    Ladies, no creep older guys. They don't make it this far Euston Road.

  • 3.0 star rating

    As pretty much every review so far has successfully managed to communicate, you will not be paying much for your pints or lunch time jacket potato here. Which does induce somewhat of a student population at times, but the French have this phrase; c'est la vie.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Somehow I was able to avoid this American tourist trap until just a few weeks ago.  I really didn't want to like it, but in the end I couldn't help myself.  With the cheap yellow card drinks, the catchy American pop songs, and the college crowd (made up of basically everyone I go to school with) it was a night reminiscent of my entire freshman year of college which I didn't hate.  I'm embarrassed to say it, but I'd be down to make another trip before I head back to the states.

    • Qype User filimb…
    • London
    • 44 friends
    • 300 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    This is great if you're young. Past the age of thirty however and you just want everyone to shut up and calm down and for th emusic to be quieter. The beer is not as cheap as you think it's going to be, but they do serve exotic stuff like Fruhli. There is a big dancing area where drunk people sometimes cut a rug, and lots of chairs and sofas and things for those of us who have to rest our joints. The toilets are downstairs and are horrible. The bloke's is drowned in an enthusiastic amount of piss. It stays open late, and would probably appeal most to teenagers.

    • Qype User Jonla…
    • London
    • 4 friends
    • 103 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Very popular with students (along with the Court on Tottenham Court Road), largely because it's fairly reasonably priced and conveniently located close to Euston, King's Cross and UCL. Decent atmosphere in the evenings at weekends, with DJ/karaoke and a pool table if you can get there early enough to grab a spot. Not too bad to watch football in either.

  • 4.0 star rating

    good place to watch some soccer... Food was good!  I had some sort of meat/potato pie which was very good!  Beer is cold.  Life is good!

    • Qype User london…
    • Munich, Germany
    • 4 friends
    • 9 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Great atmosphere, good and cheap food

    • Qype User czokib…
    • London
    • 1 friend
    • 2 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Good for students but not only. Nice atmosphere. It's great place if you have lot's of energy and not to much money. Cheap drinks and beers. Tasty and cheap food. Great atmosphere and lot's of crazy people. Nice music (Fridays). Seats outside, space to dance. Just the toilets could more taking care of.

    • Qype User kwilk…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 7 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Nice food, good atmosphere.

    • Qype User Diyan…
    • London
    • 1 friend
    • 1 review
    3.0 star rating

    Very cheap pub. Food is ok.

    • Qype User JoeEsp…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    foods ok

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