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  • 3.0 star rating

    Like everyone else said, this is a after-work drinks place, and suitably it was rammo.
    So much so that while outside, some American kids asked me,
    'Dude, is this a private party?'
    'Nah this is just what we do in London on a Monday night'.
    A massive advantage to this bar is that it has prime location for watching the two huge TVs that are currently(?) installed in Canada Square so you can watch Wimbledon or whatever the powers that be decide to show.
    Given I shall be starting work in the area soon, I have a feeling that I will be coming back here a few times.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Stylish after works drink bar.  Rammed on a Thursday and Friday.  Dead on the weekend.  I've only ever been here for drinks, so can't comment on the food.  But it's the crowd that made the night rather than the venue.

    Drinks aren't cheap and service is very slow.  

    There's outdoor seating and table and in summer they set up an outdoor bar.

  • 2.0 star rating

    A had a pretty negative experience here but the staff was very lovely and tried to fix everything.

    I ordered the smoked salmon salad and it arrived in a nice wodden board. The salad was mainly spinach but it was tasty.....until, i found A LONG black hair in my salad. I was absolutely disgusted! The staff was very helpful in trying to fix the problem and the chef even apoligized. I ordered a bruger and fries next and it arrived pretty quickly after that and we were not charged for my meal.

    Overall the restaurants is well decorated and they do over a long list of lunch options!

  • 3.0 star rating

    went on a Friday night to eat in the restaurant. The good: the cocktails are great, they bring you tap water with mint in the jug (so cute, little touches like that) and I loved the presentation of my steak with chips in a flowerpot. They also have a brilliant outside terrace, perfect now the weather has warmed up.The not so good: My steak was teeny weeny, I was very pleased I got it with half a lobster on the side. Also the chairs are a bit uncomfy and the DJ was very loud, I hate having to shout to be heard over the music. I would go back for drinks on the outside terrace and listen to the free concerts they often have in Jubilee Park.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This is a meet me after work for a quick drink or two spot.

    Mind you, I've been here a few times and everytime is the same - nothing earth shattering.

    The drinks are okay, the service can be hit AND miss and for some reason it's usually very hot and humid in here even when there aren't many people lurking about. The temp cools then raises - very strange environment.

    Anyway, it just fine for afterwork drinks as I mentioned - haven't tried the food and not really inspired to do so after seeing some of it but I can't comment on how it tastes.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Generally speaking, this was some of the worst service I have ever had. A few highlights....

    - Food was OK.
    - They didn' put in one of our orders so a girl got her food 20 minutes after us... only after we asked a few times.
    - The crumpets were stale.
    - A friend ordered poached eggs and the egg came hard. We got another plate (mind you, before my other friend got her first order!) and the eggs were fine but we found some paper in the bacon.
    - Got a latte instead of a flat white (a flat white is on the menu...)
    - Our waiter came over once at the beginning, and not again until the end where he spilled milk for an Americano.
    - It took forever to get a bill...

    Overall, a pretty terrible experience.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Having enjoyed the bar at Parlour for an after-work drink, we decided to try out the restaurant.

    Upon arrival we were seated immediately in the secluded dining section, which is next to the kitchen area.  We were given menus and offered a choice water - including free tap water with ice and mint leaves, were presented a complimentary salmon amuse bouche and ordered cocktails. So far, so good.

    Once our delicious cocktails arrived, we ordered our starters and mains, and a bottle of wine. Unfortunately the white wine arrived warm, but it did come with an ice bucket, so it cooled down whilst we ate our starters.

    To our surprise, the mains (a standard burger and chips) arrived stone cold, but we let the waiter know, and he seemed genuinely apologetic and brought us fresh ones, which were hot. The food wasn't bad, but neither was it anything outstanding.

    The whole Parlour bar and restaurant menu has a quirky "circus" theme, with the cocktails named things like "tears of a clown" and "fairground millionaire", and the chips served in mugs or flower pots! Our burgers were served on a plastic cafeteria style lunch tray.  

    Whilst the service was good, the prices were a little on the high side given the quality. I suppose it's the central Canary Wharf location that draws in customers looking for team lunches paid for on company credit cards.

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    So there was a Reef Beef and Bubbles promo floating around: 4oz steak, half lobster, chips, and a glass of prosecco for £15. 4 of us went on a Saturday night, excited that we scored an awesome deal. Em... not so much.

    The atmosphere of The Parlour is great, its stylish, and the menu items looked promising - however, we were here for the promo.  Our server(s) were extremely nice and accommodating -  it was a bit busy on a Saturday night, and some things were forgotten but easily rectified by the servers, and never being annoyed with our requests through the evening.

    When we ordered our meal, we were told our 4oz steaks could only be done as medium or medium well because its so thin.  Now, I've had thin steaks before, but it was always cooked on the rare / medium rare side.  Our server said the chefs will try their best to make sure the meat was rare - but when the meat was served up, it was way way wayyyyy overdone, tough, I could barely cut it with my knife, and the lobster was extremely rubbery and chewy.  Our server kindly brought it back to the kitchen for round 2, and offered us complimentary drinks while we waited.  

    Our 2nd serving arrived, and the steak was cooked medium rare (which is fine, and yes, it can be done!).  But the lobster had this black slimy jelly clumped all over it, which I found out are likely eggs, and turn red when cooked properly - but stay black when undercooked.  It also smelled really off - not that the lobster went bad, but just a strong uncooked seafood smell.  The waitress took our meals away and said they can redo it a third time, or we could choose something else from the menu.

    While the menu items sounded good, we didn't have much of an appetite and left shortly afterward.  The service we received was top notch: everyone was friendly and didn't give any attitude when our meals weren't up to par, however, we wasted 2.5 hours on a Saturday evening waiting for food to be fixed.  Definitely not returning!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Your typical worst kind of modern bar with absolutely no charm or redeeming feature to it.
    First reluctant visit here I couldn't see anything worth drinking at the bar so was quite relieved when after 20 minutes of trying to gets served my friends abandoned ship and determined to go somewhere else (better).
    Came back even more reluctantly a second time for a work event. This was better as things generally are when you are not paying! Still nothing really worth drinking though!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Ballseroni!  The service here is so damn wretched I can't even deal.

    Maybe it's different during the week when Canary Wharf would normally be bustling, but on a Sunday, holy cow it was bad.  We had a waiter... but as our hours passed by sitting at our secluded table at the butt-end of the restaurant, I think said waiter became so ashamed of his performance that he eventually stopped checking on us, leaving the manager to serve us our mains, and then finally actually left the restaurant without telling us, leaving us with a completely new waitress to clean up and bring the bill.

    The standouts of the bad:
    - Took us nearly an hour to get our initial drink order.  This is in no way an exaggeration.  I got my drink well before the rest of my group, but nobody else got theirs.  This included a beer and two glasses of wine from the others.  That only takes a second to pour.  Waiter genuinely looked surprised when we asked him where our drinks were.  He'd totally forgotten.  We were told it was a computer error and the ticket never printed out.
    - Asked for tap water in the meantime... we got glasses, but getting water IN those glasses took another 20 minutes.
    - We ordered bread and olives as a starter.  BREAD.  AND OLIVES.  This, again, should not take an hour to deliver.
    - Got our mains, but none of our ordered sides made it to the table.
    - Even getting the bill and trying to pay the bill took an act of Congress.

    We asked to speak to the manager at the end of the debacle.  All of us with indigestion from the abysmal display of customer service, and we were met with excuses about how they were actually busy for a Sunday and it's hard to predict the amount of waitstaff needed.  Didn't make any offers to try and make us happy.

    I seriously think we could have walked out without paying and nobody would have noticed.  Lucky for them, we're honest folk.  But I will never be back.

    If you don't mind this sort of crapola and stress (Seriously, we were so happy to be out of there, we frolicked on the green across the way as we exited), then the food is decent.  Just decent.

    Charlotte T.
    Comment from Charlotte T. of The Parlour
    Business Owner
    25/4/2013 Hi Nava,

    I can only apologies for such an experience at The Parlour, I can promise you this is not a…
    Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    Had my London going away drinks here (tear). The Parlour takes reservations for tables with a spending minimum. It's a great option for after work drinks in a nicer venue in Canary Wharf. Table space is usually hard to find since it gets busy, but there is quite a bit of outdoor space which is fantastic for the summer months.

    I'm also a fan of their lunch menu. LOVE their flatbreads and sharing boards. Try them all!

  • 4.0 star rating
    13 check-ins

    Because it is conveniently across my workplace, we find ourselves here when we are lazy to venture out of the wharf for our Thursday night out club.  

    The crowd seems cooler than the slug and lettuce & all bar one  crowd - well as cool as the Canary Wharf crowd can get.  

    The inside is nice but the real feature is its outdoor area, especially when they added more seating for the summer and the big screens for Wimbeldon.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The Parlour. Now known to me as the place where all work do functions seem to gravitate towards. It's a nice place, pricey drinks (2.45 for a coke) and really rather nice toilets.

    The ambience is ok, it's never too packed but busy enough to have an 'atmosphere'. Staff are really good at clearing up, so much so, they'll nab your drink by accident if you so much as set it down on a table, so beware!

    As expected usual crowd of city boys, but it's Canary Wharf so you can't expect to get really nice genuine characters in here. I guess the words that sum this place up are: Nice but generic. Like a slicker All Bar One.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Peckish, anyone?

    The Parlour is one of the restaurant/bar establishments in the recently opened Park Pavilion building in Canary Wharf. It describes itself as "bar/kitchen/cocktail lounge", which seems to be an accurate description.

    I came here for lunch earlier this week with a friend. It was busy, but tables were still available. There is a wide choice of food, ranging from traditional British (pork sausages in onion gravy with mashed potato) to European (Linguine Vongole, with clams and chilli), and an extensive wine and cocktail menu.

    The food was very good indeed; my friend had the sausages, I had beer-battered fish and chips; the batter was light and fluffy, with slightly crunchy and non-greasy chips, presented on a board with freshly-made tartare sauce. The food was also served extremely hot!

    I can't speak for the alcohol as this was the middle of a working day, but if the range of the menu is anything to go by, it's likely to be good.

    The one star got knocked off for service. This establishment needs more staff; they are unable to deal with the number of customers sufficiently promptly -- and I had to push the point in order to pay and leave. However, I suspect that this is both a "recently opened" and "seasonal" thing, and that once this restaurant beds in it will be a very desirable lunch and after-work spot on the Wharf.

  • 3.0 star rating
    15 check-ins

    Ouch! Prices are steep here. Solution: Bring your posh friend and forget your purse.

    Lots of high tables with woven chairs (a couple broken), and clean lines in the dining area.  We had to wait for ages for get a drink at the bar on Friday evening - it was packed out - although when it finally arrived my wine was perfectly chilled.  

    It really can get crowded here, but I get the feeling it's a place you'd start your evening at...rather than finish.

    Recommend for groups with a company account to drain!

  • 2.0 star rating
    2 check-ins
    Listed in The Wharf

    Urgh.  I am not sure what to make of the Parlour.  Located in the middle of the Wharf, The Parlour is a busy place in the evenings serving good quality beer/wine to its suited patrons.  While, sometimes being busy is a sign of popularity and quality. However, in the Wharf, I am not convinced.  I think that the popularity of The Parlour is more to do with its proximity to the businesses which surround it - that is certainly the only reason why  I visit post work.

    There is a different ambience during the day, serving a range of snacks, burgers and sandwiches, the Parlour is more pleasant (but no less corporate) and is a good place to grab a bite to eat with friends if you have time to get out of the office.  Unlike the evening, you can move around without constantly rubbing shoulders with the people next to you - a much nicer experience all round!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Always the meeting point when I'm meeting friends in the Wharf.  It's your standard after work drinks bar. You can afford to be pricey when your clientelle all work in these big tall buildings.

    What I do like though is that there is a lot of room outside as well as inside. In the summer I always head out there so escape the crowded inside. In the winter I do the same thing - thank you heat lamps.

    I don't know what else to say. It's the Parlour - nothing crazy will happen here, but it can start you off in the right direction.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Here's a stylish addition to the otherwise meh scene of the Wharf. On my recent visit (londonist.com/2009/10/ne…) , The Parlour was pumping with the afterwork crowd on our visit. I liked how the large space was divided into different sections - lounge, winery, bar, dining, etc - while still retaining an overall congruent flow. As for the food, I only tried the canapes. The chilli tiger prawns made a positive impression as did mini beef burgers on focaccia (both offered at £12.95 for nine pieces). Assuming The Parlour's menu is on par with its sister resto, the Refinery (londonist.com/2009/08/re…) , I wouldn't be against popping back round for a proper menu peruse sometime.

    Drinks were good, service was fine, bankers were rounded up in one place. All in all, Scary Wharf seemed a little less dehumanizing than we remembered it to be. Had this swishy joint opened in, say, Soho I'd probably have just shrugged our shoulders (and scratched our head at how such a massive restaurant could afford the costs in so central a location). However, given the options, if you're stuck out at Canary Wharf and looking for a halfway decent place to grab a bite to eat or to mingle over some drinks, you could do a whole lot worse than The Parlour

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great spot for Drinks after work.

    Its a little pricey and gets quite packed right after work hours but it has a nice atmosphere and lively crowd. Its a great spot to start the night off right after work and move on.

    I have even been here for lunch and must say the food is good too!

  • 4.0 star rating

    excellent service and great food. A little loud for an intimate meal, but good atmosphere for a works night out

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great after work drinks place in the heart of London's Canary Wharf. A bit daunting on a Thursday or Friday evening but that's what it's like with a bunch of bankers who are trapped 24/7 in glass skyscrapers and need a drink!

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