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  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    The Ledbury consistently delivers a quality experience but when it comes to food and service and it has been the same on every visit. I do actually feel a bit bad that I have not written a review sooner but after yet another fabulous visit I felt it was time. We had a fairly early reservation for 18.30 so when arriving we were the second table to be seated. We were promptly seated and immediately someone asked if we wanted an aperitif and who would say no to that. We opted for a glass of champagne each. I opted for the Bérèche et Fils and my lovely companion S opted for the Jacques Picard rosé champagne. Having tried both before these were safe bets and the Bérèche et Fils is in my opinion slightly better than the Picard when drunk on its own while the Picard is a great option with some food. In general the wine list is good but having seen what for example Pollen Street Social are doing with the Coravin (nifty little device that allows you to pour one glass from a bottle, of course not from sparkling) and offering everything by the glass I did feel that the wine list per glass could have been a bit more extensive. That said we had a chat with the sommelier and found some great options for a few glasses each to accompany the food.

    That brings us in to the food. As this was a repeat visit the expectations were justifiable high but they were no doubt met. No issues with exchanging a few dishes on the tasting menu either so that is nice. The meal started with some lovely amuse bouche that really made me want more. Moving into the proper food we had some fabulous dishes. There was nothing that was average so every single dish was either good or better than that. The highlights included the onion soup with truffle and cheese bread, the heritage tomato salad (so simple yet brilliant) and the pigeon (the only good pigeon is a dead pigeon cooked by the Ledbury...). Desserts were plentiful and as usual when having the tasting menus I always end up feeling as if I ate a bit too much.

    The service was exactly the way I like it - they are knowledgeable (had some fairly detailed questions about the produce), take the time and also manage to be service-minded yet relaxed. The Ledbury remains one of my favorite fine dining options not only in London but globally.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Dishes served:
    Foie Gras Crisp with mead jelly
    Cauliflower Cheese Tart and Tete de Fromage with Celery Root
    Bacon Onion Brioche
    English Peach and Ginger Mocktail
    Seeded Bread with Whipped Goat's Milk Butter (not made in house)
    Fresh Almonds - Salad of Green Beans, Apricot, Grated Foie Gras
    Tomato - Green Zebra, Noire de Crimee, Pineapple Ribbed, Fresh Curd, Olives
    Flame Grilled Mackerel - Pickled Cucumber, Celtic Mustard, Shiso
    Scottish Langoustine - Wrapped in Shiitake, White Asparagus, Smoked Dulse
    Jowl of Pork - Carrots, Girolles, Crackling, Black Pudding
    Breast and Confit Leg of Pigeon - Cherries, Red Vegetables, Leaves, Offal Skewer
    Collection of unpasteurized cheeses, Lavosh, Candied Nuts, Honey
    Pre Dessert - Blood Orange Granita and Sweet Clover Custard with Olive Oil
    Warm Custard Toast - Poached Apricots, Shaved Almonds, and Mead Ice Cream
    Tartlet of English Flowers - Wild Strawberries, Chamomile Cream, Wild Honey Ice Cream, Strawberry Sorbet
    Kitchen Tour Toast with Marmite

    Fancying film nearly as much as I do fine dining it is rare that a meal proves as perfectly analogous to something on screen as my meal at The Ledbury did to Robert Rodriguez's "From Dusk Till Dawn," but with an interesting and well conceptualized introduction later degenerating into a disorganized mess I cannot help but make the correlation.  Truly a elegant space, clad in white linen with soft light atop the small Notting Hill kitchen toqued by Brett Graham, and recently handed a Top-10 spot by S. Pellegrino to pair with Two Michelin Stars it was just after 6:45pm that I was seated towards the back of the dining room and with canapés arriving even before my order was placed the night started off wonderfully - a quartet of rich bites flooding the palate in preparation for a seven savory tasting offering not a single texture or flavor out of place, the enthralling bitter-meets-funky pigeon dish amongst the best I've tasted this year.  Undeniably impressed at the two-hour mark despite surprisingly lax service whose 'shared' style never really allowed the diner to connect with the staff it was at the time of the cheese cart that the evening began to decline and although a long delay was finally met by a single staff member who could describe the night's offerings I was no less made to feel like my inquiries were a bother - a similar issue arising when my pre-meal request to add a second dessert was met by a single bite portion of the warm custard toast.  At this point having sat for a full fifty minutes between the granite and a tartlet that harkened the scent of an upscale "WC" it was finally the maitre d' who would approach and obviously sensing my displeasure as I requested the check my grievances were aired - a long apology heavy on excuses followed by the offer of a kitchen tour and waived gratuity offering some condolence as the time neared 11 o'clock - late, though admittedly not quite dawn.

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 17/7/2014

    We went with 2 friends for lunch on a Sunday and it's the best value set menu I've seen in London! For £45, you get 3 courses, an amuse-bouche and the tastiest bacon and cheese brioche rolls ever! Ok, to be fair, there were other roll choices but that one was stunning. They were lovely too, and kept coming back with them. I think I *may* have had four .... We didn't opt for the tasting menu this time but from what we saw on your neighbour's table, it's worth a trip back for.

    It was quiet when we arrived it had just opened so there was a few minutes of quite-awkward when there were more staff than diners. That soon changed as every seat was filled and the place was buzzing, in a reserved way.

    The service was impeccable, as was the sommelier. When we asked her to note down the bottle of wine we had, she came back with the label enclosed in a lovely envelope with a handwritten note. Definitely a nice touch.

    All the food was fantastic, especially the brown sugar tart. For one of us, who wasn't a big fan of desserts, this went down like a charm. We also opted for the cheese selection which didn't disappoint. The plate catered to our tastes but we were also introduced to a few new cheeses. The Chinese water deer was also stunning and when we asked for more detail (specifically about the bone marrow), the servers were able to answer them all!

    With only one sitting at lunch, we didn't feel rushed at all. I'd definitely recommend The Ledbury as it can cater to a lower budget (but for a special occasion) or you can splash out too! It's not as stuffy as some other Michelin starred restaurants I've been to but it was very professional and smooth.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This is in all honesty the best set menu food in London. If you're feeling a little cash poor it can be annoying when you feel like you can't get out there and enjoy some of these high end places. However all of them (Dinner/Claridges) have a reasonably priced 3 course menu. Yes you don't get the same amount of choice but hey, it's Michelin. What you get is gonna be good.

    Having eaten my way around the London scene like The Very Hungry Caterpillar (On Monday she ate through the menu at Hibiscus) I felt like it might take a lot to impress me. The Ledbury does not disappoint.

    We had rissotto made of potato (?!) to start, roe deer cooked to soft, melting perfection and then a white peach dessert which was layers and layers of heaven served with lemon verbeena doughnuts.

    I cannot give this place 5 stars though. We found the service to be very lacking. We waited for about 20 minutes before someone came and took our drink order, then waited about another 10 for it to arrive. Then we waited AGAIN for food orders and half way through taking it, the table next to us interrupted our waiter who instead of telling them to hang on, ditched us and went to help them instead!

    We then waited for another 5 mins for him to return.

    It was certainly annoying but it really didn't ruin the overall experience. I'd love to go back one day when I'm feeling flush and get the full A La Carte treatment. The waiters seem to have more time for the loaded.

  • 5.0 star rating

    An English meal so good on American Thanksgiving that I didn't even miss home.

    Food: Started with a nice (yet awkwardly sweet) amuse bouche of foie gras foam (very mild) and squid ink on a biscuit. Next we had scallop ceviche with seaweed oil and frozen horseradish. Surprisingly, the cold was a good touch. Cornish turbot was cooked perfectly and plated beautifully. The roast quail with fennel was delectable. For dessert, the sommelier recommended a nice red with the cheese plate we specially assembled. To top it all off, the jelly doughnuts were exquisite.

    Service: The first whiff of the devotion this place had to fine dining is that they didn't give us coat check tickets - just remembered whose coat belonged to whom. Class. The servers were friendly, talkative, and not uppity at all.

    Ambience: Elegant yet welcoming decor. Dressy and upscale.

    Bottom Line: When searching for an unbeatable meal in central London, look no further than the Ledbury.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Went there for a lunch with some good friends. Ordered the set menu which was very cheap for a Michelin star restaurant.
    The location, the restaurant setting and the service were all great.
    The food was beautifully presented. However, the starter could have less oil on the plate. This is the sole reason of not having a five star review here.

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 9/12/2013

    I've been to the Ledbury a couple of times, although thankfully never taken my wallet out, and it is an incredible dining experience. It's certainly not casual, cheap and cheerful or swift, but it turns a meal into an event.

    The first time I went was for a work dinner. Quite unusual for a michelin starred restaurant, they offer corkage on byob. As far as I can remember it was about £15 but it's a nice touch especially when working for a wine merchant.

    The food is out of this world, there were a few dishes that came out of the kitchen with ingredients I'm not such a fan of, but the way the flavours were balanced made each bite one to savour.

    The prices aren't for the faint hearted but if you can put together £150 for a meal over a couple of months then do it, you will NOT regret it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    It's been a while since I've had spectacular service with great food and going to the Ledbury was a great relief. Im relieved that I've found a place that I could always rely on for impressing people who want a great culinary experience.

    Booked more than one month in advance for lunch because dinner timings were no longer available. I've never been to the restaurant before so was surprised to find it to have normal Victorian housing as its immediate neighbour. Entering the restaurant felt like entering someone's home, it was intimate but also comfortable and it's like all the diners are someone you know.

    Our waiters were very attentive. They were quick, efficient, courteous and they were good enough for me to be swooning over them where I could catch their attention with a flick of my hand like I'm some character from a James Bond movie. Normal restaurants would have me waving my hands wildly, desperate for the attention of the waiters but noooo, this is the Ledbury and they make you feel very, very important. :)

    For me, the food was on par with my expectations and the pricing was very reasonable for a Michelin starred restaurant and one thing I'm happy is that they don't charge for us the extras they give us , i.e., the little horse-radish appetisers, bread, water and petit fours, which some restaurants do that I find super annoying and bordering on evil. So I'm super happy that I went to the Ledbury and if I have the chance i will go to the Ledbury again whenever I am back in London. (I moved back to a location that Yelp won't let me update - probably doesn't exist) Everything was so delicious and I was so happy throughout my meal that I felt like I was in cloud nine.

    Also, the toilets were amazing there was Aesop hand soap and hand balm available which is a brand that I love because it targets dry skin. *happy sigh*

    I love you Ledbury! I hope no one counts how many times I've written the word "happy" in this review. I don't need a thesaurus.

    PS: whenever you're feeling down from bad dining experience and/or bad service, go to the Ledbury to feel better again!

    Tl;dr: recommended restaurant. Please go!

  • 5.0 star rating

    One of a few Michelin starred restaurants that does not disappoint.  Food lived up to expectations and beyond. The food treads the line of traditional and experimental brilliantly, with subtle new flavours adding that certain something new and wonderful to a classic dish. Service was impeccable without being stuffy or overly fussy.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The food is very good. They also offer lovely mock tails for those who don't want alcohol.
    On the weekends they only offer a choice of two tasting menus for dinner.
    This obviously makes their job simple. I think a very good kitchen should be up to the challenge of offering diners a proper choice of either a tasting menu or a regular dinner menu. It is for this reason that I deducted a star.
    Another reason is value for money.
    Too expensive.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Very nice venue - I love coming here as it always has a good tasting menu. The setting is quite intimate and classy. The only thing is that servicing staffs are not as friendly as before and I feel that their dishes are not as innovative as it used to be. It is definitely still good but for someone who had been coming here for 8+ years, I hope it tries as hard as it used to... This is the only reason for 4 star instead of 5.

  • 5.0 star rating

    My experience at the Ledbury inspired me to write my first Yelp review (which turned out to be more of an essay) Yes, it was THAT good! I was impressed even before we got there...

    As the story goes, we booked a month in advance before visiting from California. Last minute we tried to switch our reservation from dinner to lunch and they kindly accommodated our request via email.

    The ambiance was elegant, but not uncomfortably stuffy or over over the top. There was impeccable care placed in the details of not just the dining room, but the entire experience.

    After being greeted by multiple people, our palates were welcomed with a rich amuse bouche.

    The service was orchestrated seamlessly, with someone delivering you your choice of hot bacon and caramelized onion brioche, or fresh sourdough or spelt roll. Normally, I'm not one to indulge in much dairy, but the fresh butter served with the bread was divine, no doubt sourced from somewhere special.

    Had the green bean salad with toasted macadamia nuts, thinly sliced nectarines and shaved foie gras to start. YUM! The beans were cooked perfectly, the portion was the right size and I've never had anything quite like it. The richness of the foie rolled over my tongue for the entirety of the dish, without overdoing it.

    I opted for the scallops which was listed as a starter, but they offered to serve it as a main. Oh. My. God. Each gigantic scallop was cooked to perfection and served in a beautiful artistic arrangement.

    I don't think I've had better scallops in my life. The accompanying sauce was light but full of flavor, a perfect complement to the well executed sear.

    Ended lunch with a trio of sorbets- mango, peach and apricot. Lovely, especially the peach.

    My sister had the set lunch with the boudin with shaved truffles and the slow-roasted short rib. I still can't get over intricate each flavor was on both dishes. Both also beautifully executed. Moreover, the set menu was only 30GBP- a steal for the amount and quality of food you get.

    Highly, highly recommend! You won't regret going out of your way for this experience. Keep ob keepin' on Ledbury!

  • 5.0 star rating

    The Ledbury is among my favorite restaurants in the world.  The service is knowledgeable, friendly, unpretentious and just perfect.  The food is incredible and creative.  On a nice day, you can sit outside and enjoy the views.  It's a truly wonderful experience all around.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Oh my gaaah. So. Much. Food. The more you like seafood, the more you'll enjoy this.  

    The Boy did well and surprised me to an amazing tasting menu (90 quid).  Started with:

    1. Amuse bouches of biscuit containing a seafood puree on top, then a celeriac puree with a crunchy noodly thing on top (horrible description I know)
    2. Ceviche of Hand Dived Scallops with Kohlrabi, Seaweed Oil
    and Frozen Horseradish
    3. Flame Grilled Mackerel with Pickled Cucumber, Celtic Mustard and Shiso (came with a mini rice roll)
    4. Hampshire Buffalo Milk Curd with Saint-Nectaire, Truffle Toast and a Broth of Grilled Onions (this was so light and delicate)
    5. Cornish Turbot with Asparagus, Peas and Morels (was starting to fall into food coma so cannot remember much at this stage)
    6. Roast Quail Breast with Creamed Rye, Wild Garlic and Pear (they brought out the quail for show before slicing it)
    7. Much needed lemon palate cleanser with mini meringue
    8. Chocolate mousse cake
    9. Meringues and biscuits

    The service was attentive, coming around with replenishment of their amazing bread.  I'm pretty sure I saw someone in a t-shirt and jeans, the environment was not stuffy at all.  The experience reminded me of Le Bernardin in New York, but way more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • 5.0 star rating

    It was a great experience and a lot of food! We had a tasting menu for £110 a person and the food just kept coming out. Every dish was delicious it is even hard to remember specifics and on top of that we got SIX deserts. All included in the price above. Portions are small but when you get to the end of all dishes you can barely walk. The restaurant is located in quiet Notting Hill and there is no bar area so it is better to arrive on time otherwise there is not really anywhere to wait. Special thank you to the staff from sommelier to all our waiters everyone was absolute amazing!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Do go!
    The food is well thought out and well presented.
    Lunch is not to be missed if you want the experience without the hefty pricetag.
    Service is top notch too.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Ever eaten in a two-star Michelin restaurant in Los Angeles? What about in London? This was my chance to compare...Providence vs. Ledbury.

    One thing about the Ledbury is that it's tucked away in a residential area in Notting Hill. The other is that it's smart casual, so not many suits here...mostly locals. Once the Chinese arrive with cameras it'll be over...oh, that's us! :)  Pics: bit.ly/15e8G5u

    The decor is a relaxed, but curated vintage look: velvet embossed black drapes, chairs with muted, but unmatching textile designs, plates that change with the courses. A real sensory experience. Pics: bit.ly/131UocV

    We chose the set menu $150/pp without wine. bit.ly/Yi7zBL
    #1 Amuse bouche. Pics: bit.ly/XPDD2I bit.ly/115Vsv6
    #2 #2 Chantilly of oysters with oyster tartare, cucumber and radish. Pics: bit.ly/131UvFn
    #3 Flame-grilled mackerel, melon radish, celeric mustard and shiso. Pics: bit.ly/141F6UQ
    #4 "Risotto" celeriac, new potato, smoked eel and parsley. Pics: bit.ly/110HNBy
    #5 Fillet seabass, brocolli stem, crab and black quinoa. Pics: bit.ly/131TMUE
    #6 Jowl of pork, walnut, apple and black pudding. Pics: bit.ly/103UdtG
    #7 Saddle of roe deer, red vegetables leaves, rhubarb and bone marrow.Pics: bit.ly/1450nNI
    #8 Pre-dessert. Pics: bit.ly/YAx0KV
    #9 #9 Brown sugar tart with poached grapes and ginger stem ice-cream. Pics: bit.ly/ZjnoYh
    Post-dessert. Pics: bit.ly/15e8Bis

    So what was my conclusion? Ledbury was pricier than Providence due to it being in London, but it was worth every penny. The dining experience was more relaxed than at Providence, yet there was no lack of dining experience and excitement to see what the next dish had in store for my tastebuds. I'd come back here. But, not so much for Providence.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Michelin stars

    My wife and I came here for a special meal.  Our overall impression was that the food was well done, with some memorable courses, and freshness was a highlight.  However, the service was not as polished as you would expect for a two Michelin star restaurant.

    Our only option was to have the Tasting Menu, to be taken by both of us.  This can be good because it removes the stress of choice, when you see lots of tasty alternatives.  Before the tasting menu proper, we could have bread rolls - my favourite was the brioche one with bacon inside!

    The courses were as follows:

    1. Amuse bouches.  First was a squid ink "cracker" with a creamy mousse on top.  It was nice, but nothing special.  Second was a small soup with a seafood morsel inside - it was pleasant, but I can't remember more than that!

    2. Salad of Green Beans with Fresh Almonds, White Peach and Grated Fois Gras.  The nicest part was the grated fois gras.  I also liked the contrast of the white peach.

    3. Flame Grilled Mackerel with Pickled Cucumber, Celtic Mustard and Shiso.  This turned out to be the favourite course for both of us.  The mackerel really was cooked to perfection.  I particularly remember the tender flesh of the fish and the crispy skin.

    4. Steamed Asparagus with Duck Ham, Morels and Spring Truffle.  I have really grown to like asparagus when it has been cooked to the point where it is still firm.  We got a green one and a white one and they were cooked to my liking.

    5. Cornish Turbot with Crab, Fennel and Elderflower.  The turbot was cooked nicely and it fell apart on the plate.  I liked the combination with the fennel.

    6. Roast Quail with Peas, Black Pudding and Girolles.  This was a nice change from the fish courses.

    7. Short Rib of Ruby Red Beef with Celeriac Baked in Juniper and Bone Marrow.  I had actually forgotten about this course, so it was a welcome surprise when it arrived.  The beef was tender and I liked the fried potato.  However, it felt like there were a lot of "extras" on top of the beef that I had to work through.  My wife's one had a very tiny hair in it, which we told the waiter about.  He let us know that the chef was most apologetic about it.

    8. Pre-dessert.  This had a mango base, yoghurt and a granita on top.  It was a refreshing transition from the savoury courses to the sweet.

    9. Whipped Ewes Milk Yoghurt with English Strawberries and Lemon Verbena.  The best part of this was actually a strawberry sorbet which was so full of flavour.  The other components of the course went well, but as a whole it was not too memorable.

    10. Bonus dessert.  This one was the rectangular caramel bar which I had seen photos of and was very much looking forward to.  It actually tasted like caramel dairy food to me (sorry - NZ childhood reference) and I enjoyed the biscuit base.

    We had our meal with a full-bodied red wine recommended by the sommelier and our sparkling water was topped up all night (for no extra charge).

    The service was efficient, but felt a bit clinical most of the time.  When the service is at its best, then it feels more personable (like you and the waiter are in on a secret together).  That "something extra" felt missing in this case.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I pulled some strings to secure a reservation here, but it was completely worth it.  I had the 3-course dinner, starting with the flamed grilled mackerel, fillet of sea bass and Mille Feuille.  Every single course was unique and flavorful without being pretentious.  Classy ambiance, impeccable/friendly service and delicious food - what more can I ask for?!

    Brett Graham is a culinary genius, not to mention super cool and friendly.  Thanks for a memorable dining experience, tour of the kitchen and overall VIP treatment!  I will come back every time I am in London.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    A decent restaurant, perfect choice for a small group on a weekend night!
    Tried the tasting mane, which was composed of pork, fish, pigeon, pre-desert, desert and wine. I would say, every course, I believe totally 9 there, was delicate. The quail egg was boiled placed in the center of the plate, set like a small nest. The sea bass was right with the balance of crispy in skin and tender in meat. The desert looked like a fruitful tree in the winter with ice cream, pear, cake etc. Just well done! I am not a big fan of meat, which made me a little bit hesitate to compliment the eight-hour made pork and the medium-well pigeon.
    The services were nice, given that we spent a long night there - of course, you have so much to finish! The waiter introduced each course patiently and suggested the cheese plate before desert (we did not try as we were so full already).
    The price was reasonable if you think this is a good Michelin 2 star restaurant. More expansive than most of the restaurant I've ever been. So not much to complain. Yes, after all, you are in London, this is a French restaurant, this is Michelin, and you are happy after the dinner, so what else you would expect about the bill! (well, I would be even happier to see a more moderate number though lol)

  • 5.0 star rating

    Coming from NY, the Ledbury did not disappoint! We did the tasting and everything tasted delicious and service was up to par! Had a wonderful experience!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Went for lunch, which has a good price offering.
    An easy walk from Westborne Grove tube. Booking is essential, and it will be several days before you can get in. They politely call you to check, and were simply helpful without a problem when I had to change the day.
    The interior is comfortably formal. You can tell they care about service and food. Our small table was a little crowded, but the larger ones were fine.
    The service was good, the Sommelier engaged with us. I did not choose the wine, so no comment on the list & pricing. The wine we did chose was a little dull, but that was down to us.
    The bread was great, food was beautifully presented, and tasted as we hoped, very good.
    The establishment fully lived up to its reputation. Do make an effort to dine there.
    Will return.

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    3.0 star rating

    The plating is beautiful and
    the menu is very remarkable.The Ledbury is not only good onpresentation but the
    taste as well as the service that they have.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    The Ledbury is a little one Michelin star oasis of sublime French cooking in the heart of Notting Hill. Westbourne Grove is a little treasure trove of wonderful food experiences but the Ledbury is a venue offering a slightly more upmarket experience. I was lucky to be taken there for a belated birthday meal by some good friends from medical school.

    The restaurant website gives a good idea of the dishes - classical French tradition married to some modern ideas and presentation. The staff were efficient and friendly and people were dressed in a mixture of casual and more formal wear.

    We decided on the tasting menu which had some unusual dishes on it as well as some old favourites.

    1. The amuse of tomato essence was an excellent palate cleanser and got the gastric juices going nicely.

    2. The oily flame grilled mackarel and smoked eel were nicely evened out by the mustard dressing that was sweet, slightly acidic with a little mustard heat to cut through all the richness. A little nasturtium reflected the current trend to decorate plates with flowers.

    3. The most unusual sounding dish of the day was the celeriac baked whole in ash - this was brought whole to the table to show us before it was sliced. I can see why this was done because the once presented on the plate with the hazelnuts, wood sorrel and pork kromeski, it was so wonderfully tasty and so savoury that I would never have guessed that it was celeriac. An amazing dish in its concept and execution and exactly the reason I dine at Michelin star establishments - they have some dishes that I can't even conceive in my wildest dreams let alone cook them.

    4. Foie gras :-)  How can it ever go wrong? :-)  I prefer mine seared but this was served as a wonderfully rich torchon.

    5. Brill done in a classical meuniere with some creamed potatoes, mussels and broccoli in a lovely light seafood jus.

    6. The next unusual dish was muntjac. We had to ask the waiter what this was and it's deer. We were served best end of muntjac baked in hay served with root vegetables, pear and liquorice. I love pear and I love game but would never have put them together. Another genius moment.

    7. Pre dessert of nice light sorbet.

    8. Brown sugar tart which was yummy, served with Muscat grapes, white raisin ice cream and vin cotto.

    The quality of the meal was reflected in the fact that 4 hours just flew by and we had to run to catch our last Tube! A wonderful place for a special occasion.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Le Michelin

    My reservation was at 10pm. Yah, 10pm was the earliest they can give me and it's also the closing time too. Before I came in they told me that the tasting menu was not available for me since 10pm was already too late.

    But when I sat down, they were pretty cool in getting me the tasting menu. I mean it was a dinner for one. So it would have gone by a lot faster because it was just me. And 2.5 hours later, I finally ate my last bite, and 2.5 hours is actually pretty quick too for this type of meal.

    And with the tasting menu here is what I had for that evening:

    Amuse Bouche
    Salad of Heritage Tomatoes with Goat Cheese, dried olives and green tomato juice
    Flame Grilled Mackerel with avocado, celtic mustard and shiso.
    Hampshire buffalo milk curd with Saint-Nectaire, truffle toast and a broth of grilled onions.
    Dover sole with a herb milk skin, roast cauliflower, mussels and mousserons.
    Pork cheek with peas, ham and liquorice
    Portland hogget with wild garlic and an Aubergine Glazed with Black sugar.
    Saddle of Berkshire Roe Buck with White Beetroot, Red wine lees and bone marrow
    Whipped ewes milk yoghurt with wild strawberries, lemon verbena meringues and warm ctirus beignets.

    My favorites included the saddle of Bershire Roe Buck (deer). It was a nice and tender, and not too gamey. yelp.com/biz_photos/bEma…
    And the dessert was a great way to finish the evening. Combination of sweets and tangy from the many fruits was just right. yelp.com/biz_photos/bEma…
    And that beignet was nice, fluffy and warm too.

    I was pretty much pub crawling right before I got here so I had to forego on the wine pairing because I was pretty hammered coming in. So I only paid £105 for the tasting menu. Now that's a pretty good deal especially for a 9 course meal.

    This dinner was a great way to start off my trip in London. Make sure to book your reservations in advance.

    Michelin: 2 stars in 2012. Jacket preferred.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I've wanted to go to the Ledbury since before they even got a star.  So how many years was that? Anyways.  The Ledbury totally suffered from "Overexcited and over looked forward to, leading to a huge disappointment syndrome".  So I'll give it 4 stars coz I would be mean otherwise.

    Amuse bouche, bread and starters (I had the milk/ mushroom soup/ cheese toast thing) were brilliant.  Mom had the oyster 2 ways.  Faultless start.  Came with lots of decoration, I liked having useless bit of log as a plate.  Cool.

    Then came the traditional Michelin star cuisine hurdle.  What do you do with 1 meat 2 vegs?  Sorry, they aren't that creative here and the taste- well once you have had chinese roast pigeon nothing taste as good, so sorry,  pigeon fail (5/10).  Mom- lamb of some description.  Could have bought her some pesto lamb from Lidgate and saved some money at this rate!

    Shared- some type of dessert, can't remember anything about it, just that I wished I didn't have it and went down the street to Ottolenghi instead.

    Petit Fours- amazing.  Wine pairing by sommelier- pretty good.  Hooks for handbags- genius (and honestly was what got you this 4 star review). Service- Impeccable, but expected at this caliber.

    Moral of the story: Come for lunch (dinner no a la carte apparently).  Order 2-3 starters.  Scoff your face with petit fours.  Go down the street and have a piece of cake from Ottolenghi.  Go down the street a bit more and eat some chocolate from melt.  Be so fat that you won't fit back into the front door of the house.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Amazing. Breath taking. As close to perfect as it gets. It currently has 1 Star, however, trust me, a second one is on the way.

    My first experience with The Ledbury was a few weeks ago, on a night so filled with rain it was insane that i was on foot outside. i walked by with a friend and paused to look at the menu posted outside. the manger, a wonderful man named John, saw us and said hello, asked if we wanted to step inside for a look. hardly dressed for the venue, we shied, but he insisted. Charming and friendly, John obviously loves what he does. when he found out that my friend and i had an interest in the the culinary world, he offered to take us down to the kitchen (!!!) and meet the chef(!!!!!!). Chef Bret managed to get a few words with us between plating full service and told us to give him a shout when we came back for dinner.

    flash forward to the next week when we actually came in for dinner. oh. my. god. no really. every mouthful was an experience. we got the tasting menu complete with wine pairing and it was fantastic. so much food, but we could hardly resist finishing every plate. When Chef Brett found out that we were there, we came up at the end of our meal and hung out, chatting for 30 min, talking tips of the trade and fun stories of service. he gave both of us his card and said anytime he could help out with anything.

    i was full for 2 days.

    im actually going in next week to hang out for a day in the kitchen. i cant wait.

  • 5.0 star rating
    5 check-ins ROTD 27/11/2011
    Listed in Notting Hill

    I have a new favourite, lazy-ass, Sunday activity: three-hour lunch at the Ledbury.

    It's probably the best, Michelin-starred dining deal in the city. Forty pounds buys you an appetizer, main, and dessert. Of course, we also dabbled in some sparkling rose, white wine, and dessert wine that made the bill a whole lot more expensive, but that's not the point.

    For starters, we had heirloom tomatoes with goats curd wrapped in phyllo pastry, the rabbit lasagna, and the partridge to start. All were great in their own right... the rabbit lasagna was sublime. Our mains included the grouse, feather blade of beef with ash-cooked veggies, and the lamb shoulder and loin. The preparation of the grouse showed off its intense gaminess, while the lamb two ways illustrated the brilliance that is slow-braising lamb shoulder. The hubs was particularly taken with their cheese trolley. So much so, I think he'll be in the market for his own before long.

    And as much as I enjoyed dessert the only aspect I can remember were the tasty little morsels knowns as beignets. They may have been served with fruit. The junior som did an excellent job picking a white Bordeaux to go with lunch and chose a separate dessert wine for each of our desserts--all were brilliant in their own right.

    As much as I love dinner here, I can't help but love the Sunday lunch option so much more. I can imagine it will be just as much fun on a blustery winter day as it was this past beautiful Sunday. Such a great atmosphere! Definitely book well in advance, as being the Ledbury and all, it books up fast. So worth the wait, though!

  • 5.0 star rating

    A truly exceptional dining experience that justifies the Michelin two-star rating and the exorbitant price. From the moment we walked in, the service was welcoming without being overbearing.

    The menus are small - either a fixed tasting menu or a 70-pound choice among about six starters, entrees and desserts. But that belies the experience... on the 70-pound option, we ended up receiving seven courses without counting two bread courses. What really impressed me was the way they customized our meal. After the server helped us choose among the options that sounded good to us, he also brought us courses of the ones we HADN'T ordered - making the extras conform as closely to our tastes. So we each ended up with an amuse-size plate, three small appetizer-size plates, an entree, a dessert amuse and a full dessert.

    In total, we tried 10 different dishes, the worst of which was very good, and the best of which were superb. The chef embraces modern techniques without getting lost in the culinary wilderness of molecular gastronomy for its own sake. A starter of scallop ceviche, for example, was accented with roe and frozen horseradish for a cold dish of numerous distinct textures.

    Accompaniments receive as much attention as the dish's center; crisp boneless chicken wings came with divinely stuffed morels and spears of sweet white asparagus dusted with parmesan breadcrumbs.

    Proteins are welcome departures from the norm: fresh venison, guinea fowl and John Dory make the menu exciting and fun.

    Far and away the most expensive meal we ate during a week in London, we left happy, full and absolutely sure we had invested wisely.

  • 5.0 star rating
    4/9/2012 Updated review
    2 check-ins

    Quite simply an outstanding dining experience on every level.

    Big reputation but zero attitude at this elegant Notting Hill restaurant. The Ledbury lives up to its well earned great reviews beginning with the space itself. Quite small for a 'grand' restaurant, sort of like walking into someone's home with a slightly larger dining space. Approachable staff to ease you through the select seasonal menu. Plus the luxury to sit at your table to enjoy everything from soup to nuts.

    The food is exquisite. Presented with flair and artistic eye. If it didn't smell so good you wouldn't want to touch it is so pretty. But it just gets better when you bite in. This is definitely the place to go for a special meal to celebrate and the prices reflect that, but don't let that put you off. The food is so good you will find a reason to go back.

    5.0 star rating
    17/10/2010 Previous review
    Absolutely fabulous!

    At first I was a bit put off by this small Notting Hill restaurant. Modern…
    Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    Just BRILLIANT.  I took my mother and family there for her birthday, and it was relaxed, happy and slick all at the same time.

    It was a few months ago now so i can't remember what we ate (except something that looked like lichen on a branch which was delicious), but I can remember the service being super.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Best meal of my life, no question.

    You know something good is going on when each course of your 7-course tasting menu alternately leaves you speechless and giggling. I can't imagine a more perfectly executed dinner, from the insanely delicious food to the attentive but not cloying service to the elegant but relaxed atmosphere, The Ledbury was PERFECT.

    Go.  Eat beans on toast for a month so that you can afford it. Seriously, it's worth it.  Just go.  Absolutely amazing, and worth every stinking penny.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Save up your money so you can experience this place.
    My husband and I decided to splurge and get the tasting menu.  We experienced food-euphoria the whole entire meal.  The service was flawless and quite personable; it's nice to have a server with a sense of humor and none of that highfalutin stuff you can get at some nice restaurants.  Don't expect to rush through the meal, you should take your time and enjoy every bite!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I do love my Michelin stars... and I do love this place.

    I went there for my birthday lunch on a Sunday and it was definitely a lovely treat.  You do feel like you're pampering yourself.  I went about a month ago and I can't remember what I ordered as a starter and a main!  I remember what my friends ordered but goodness - definitely a sign of old age.  I do remember that it was good but forgettable.  I do remember the dessert which was the passion fruit soufflé which was the perfect way to end a nice meal.

    Do make reservations as far in advance as you can - especially for the lunch as it books up nearly 2 months in advance.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Undoubtedly one of my favourite restaurants in London. Brilliant food combined with top-notch service that isn't overbearing or patronising which seems to be the unfortunate norm in certain fine-dining restaurants.

    The set lunch menu at £35 is a steal for the quality of cooking. The dishes are in essence a simplification of tasting menu dishes with some substitution of ingredients.

    Venison was in season when I visited - my muntjac and juniper confit was to die for. As a main, the fillet of brill infused with bergamot served with oat-crusted mussels was fantastic. The fish was crispy on the outside but so tender once you cut through...I definitely cleaned the plate. For dessert, we were absolutely torn between passionfruit soufflé, banana galette, and the rhubarb mille-feuille. The maitre'd decided to choose for us...and we ended up with all three desserts! The soufflé came with sauternac ice cream which complemented the lightness of the passionfruit nicely. The caramelised banana galette with peanut butter ice cream was rich but extremely satisfying. The rhubarb mille-feuille was surprisingly light and not too sweet.

    Petit fours were simple and innovative - such as the bourbon chocolates. Two and a half hours later, when the bill arrived, we noticed that they had only charged us for two desserts to our surprise. The restaurant is simple, and inviting with attentive service. Seriously, nothing but praise from me and definitely deserving of its 2 Michelin stars.

    PS: Make sure you try the warm, fluffy and delicious bread. The bacon and onion rolls are seriously addictive.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I have been to The Ledbury about 6 times now and it is hands down the best restaurant in London.  Food does not get better than this.

    I've been to Ramsay, Fat Duck and others and I would choose this place anytime.

    I went this past Monday and had (as always) the tasting menu.

    Our meal started with a thin homemade mille feuille (I think was the term for it), with foie gras.  Delicious flavours and perfectly seasoned.

    The Ceviche of Hand Dived Scallops with Seaweed and Herb Oil,
    Kohlrabi and Frozen Horseradish was delicately presented and just an incredible combination of flavours.

    This was followed by "Risotto" of Squid with Pine Nuts, Sherry and Cauliflower.  Incredibly, the risotto was actually made from thinly cut squid!  the cauliflower was like shaved parmasan cheese.  Very creative and beautiful.

    We were then brought out Celeriac Baked in Ash with Hazelnuts and a Kromeski of Wild Boar.  The ash was brought out before which is like a cocoon that cooks the celeraic for 24 hours.  Another triumph.

    Then came out Roast Cod with Grilled Leeks, Hand Rolled Macaroni
    and Truffle Purée.  Again incredible and great attention to detail down to the homemade macaroni.  

    This was followed by Pyrenean Milk Fed Lamb with Baked Jerusalem Artichokes and Winter Savory Milk.  By this point I was starting to get full but still managed to wipe every last globule off my plate with bread!

    Dessert was  a beautiful and refreshing jelly (I can't remember what it was).

    I didn't know such flavour combinations could exist until I went to the Ledbury.  How on earth a chef can think up such incredible dishes is beyond me and Brett Graham is truly an artist.

    This restaurant deserves more Michelin Stars!

    **UPDATE:  As of January 2010, The Ledbury was awarded a second Michelin Star.  Congrats and well deserved.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Yes, they deserve their stars and their place on the top 50. This place goes the extra mile (or two) to get from excellent to exceptional.

    We started with what I'll call Christmas tree meets fried chicken -- pieces of chicken served with rosemary - even smelling it is an experience.

    It's really hard to describe every dish in such a way that would describe how good it is. It's more than the ingredients -- it's the way they come together. Seafood with frozen horseradish, ribs that had us moaning for more.

    The service itself was so friendly and made us feel at home even in such a swanky place. We spent the whole night talking with new Australian friend about wine. She poured us glass after glass of surprising and interesting wines I never would have tried myself.

    Yes, it's worth it. How can food be this good? Magic.

    Gluten free notes: Yes, they can serve you a gluten free tasting menu, and they are pretty reliable about knowing what's gluten. Yes, they serve gluten-free bread (specifically Genius bread).

  • 5.0 star rating

    When it isn't being razed by disgruntled hooligans, Leddbury is a top-notch dining experience in London.  

    Michelin-rated, so you know it's going to be good - the bonus is that folks of all culinary backgrounds can enjoy their meal here.  Sometimes these fancy places are completely pompous and trying so hard to be upscale that it actually has the opposite effect.  Whether you're a true foodie, or just want a good meal, I can guarantee you'll love your dining experience here.

    The food here is not only delicious, but intriguing in flavor, texture and presentation (I didn't know you could serve super fancy guacamole in a gelatin-like skin, for example... or that frozen parmesan cheese pairs wonderfully with courgettes).  If you're a foodie and living in London, this should definitely be on your must-visit list.  

    The lunch menu is actually quite affordable for a place of this calibur.  I'd recommend going on a weekend so you have time to relax and really enjoy the experience (unless you're fortunate enough to have copious free time during the week).

    I don't know where this recommendation is coming from, but I feel like this would be the perfect place to bring your parents (or significant other's parents) to lunch or dinner if you were really trying to impress them.  :)

  • 5.0 star rating

    Went here for lunch on a Sunday and it did not disappoint. The food here is exceptional. We had the tasting menu at lunch, since we didn't want to eat a huge meal at the very end of the day (the problem with popular restaurants is.. you can't get a table at whatever hour you want).

    The restaurant itself was very nice.  The tables weren't squished together too much, although we were closer to the two tables on both sides than I would have preferred. The wait staff was very attentive and friendly.  They did an excellent job. Each table also had an oval rock (dense glass really) that served no purpose other than to be a conversation point for virtually everyone in the restaurant.

    The food as I said was exceptional.  Being that the tasting menu probably varies, I won't go into details, but the sauces were amazing and everything was cooked just right.  The breads they served were really good as well.  I saw some of the other reviewers also mention the bacon and caramelized onion bread, which is well worth trying. In my opinion, good bread is hard to come by.  They did well with the bread. We were looking forward to a dessert that we had read about on line.  They didn't have it on the menu, but prepared it for us anyway.

    For the week that I was in London, The Ledbury was almost completely full for dinner.  However, there were a few empty tables for lunch.  Something to keep in mind I guess.  It is also apparently fairly close to weekend street markets, which would be a great way to walk off an excellently massive meal.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Wow! Just wow!!

    You expect that a two Michelin star restaurant is good, but what I didn't see coming was that as soon as the extremely professional staff had seen that that we were a "light" group and just there to have a good time, they started playing on the jokes and being a little more loose - but always staying well on the professional side. Very, very impressive balance that just perfected the night.


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