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Park Suite Master Bedroom
The Spa at The Dorchester

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  • 5.0 star rating

    I'm so glad I selected this hotel for my most recent stay in London. From the moment we arrived, the experience was five star. The front desk manager asked if we were in town for business or leisure, and after informing him we were on a romantic getaway he swiftly sent a bottle of champagne to our suite.

    We stayed in one of the Park Suites, overlooking Hyde Park. Absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. The wood paneling in the sitting area was warm and chic, and the TWO bathrooms were well stocked and rather luxurious.

    The bed was perfection, and we slept like the dead after each day and nights' adventures. We enjoyed room service breakfasts, which were served in our suite's dining area. There was a proper space for everything, and we used each.

    I also used the spa and, once again, had a marvelous experience! I had a 90-minute facial with Valmont products (my favorite for facials!!) as well as a 60-minute massage.

    From start to finish, our stay was perfect in every way. While most certainly a splurge, we felt it was money well spent. You simply can't beat the location, luxurious quarters and amenities. Did I mention the Alain Ducasse restaurant on-site? Separate review to follow. It doesn't get better than this.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Such a crazy opulent hotel. You just dont have these types where i live or grew up. Outside of Paris there are few more gilded hotels. The Promenade is a top place for tea and Alain Ducasse is a top culinary destination in he city. Even the attention to the public bathrooms is crazy. I shudder to think what the most expensive room runs

  • 5.0 star rating

    I am so happy I chose this hotel for my first visit to London. I had a very beautiful room overlooking Hyde Park, and my bathroom was huge. The standard rooms are on the small side but they are really beautiful. I have to say that the best thing about my room was the minibar. It was packed with goodies, including a great white wine and three of my favorite champagnes. The concierge is very accommodating and the high tea is a must. I now understand why celebrities choose this hotel when in London. I also loved the collection of luxury cars parked in front; the hotel is in Mayfair after all :).

  • 4.0 star rating

    Probably the best place I've eaten in London.  Amazing food, world class produce, service is immense and I felt relaxed, despite the fine surroundings.  I would absolutely go back.  Again and again if my bank balance permitted!

  • 5.0 star rating

    A trip to London is not complete without Afternoon Tea at the Dorchester.  The service is impeccable, the setting is beautiful and the tea and food are delicious.  No one does it like the Dorchester.  It's unpretentious and perfect in every way.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in 2013 Destroyer

    The decadence of the Dorchester is un-matched in London. If you want tea, go anywhere... if you want High Tea, this is the place. Pearl and heels and an empty stomach because you're about to be drowning in champagne, tea, sandwiches, desserts, and basically anything else you might require.

    Mind you, it is definitely going to cost you, but let that go for a minute because you're dressed nicely and right on the edge of Hyde Park and are rubbing elbows with some of London's finest.

    Just enjoy, eat as much as you want of whatever you love, not limited to my personal favorites: egg mayo sandwiches, and the lemon tart dessert. More please, sir!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Didn't really have much time here, met for a meeting, staff where very welcoming and helped me locate my colleague, we moved into the bar, which was a really nice laid out room with some booths, open tables and more private secluded seating.
    Was only having drinks and if you want cocktails or wine the selection was as you would expect but it was a warm day and I fancied a nice cold beer, they ONLY offered Peroni, which I like, but I was shocked that they had no other choices, There is a massive offering of beers out there, so they lost a star here.
    The waiter was very attentive, not very chatting but kept us supplied with olives and nuts throughout.
    Was expecting more! But perhaps we were not the target client?

  • 5.0 star rating

    It was certainly the Best Birthday treat and a seamless experience,  all members of staff was so proficient and truly friendly. It was sophisticated place where every instant was a pleasure. Dorchester is Dorchester - opulance and luxury!Wonderful experience, and Exceptional all round service and high standard of food presentation. Would definitely return again and again!

  • 4.0 star rating

    The afternoon tea here is divine. A few girlfriends came to visit me in London and after looking at several tea options we decided on the Dorchester for a more traditional experience. The service is lovely and the selection of teas and sandwiches was fantastic.

    The only minor issue I had with the Dorchester tea experience was that you are very restricted on time, so as we were getting close to the end of our session, the servers were clearly eager to get us moving so they could prepare for the next set of customers. This is understandable, but we felt quite rushed at the end to pay and vacate the table. Overall still a wonderful setting and experience.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Afternoon tea at the Dorchester was fantastic!  Especially for someone like myself who can eat a lot (I know it's not classy but it's true).  I ate so many sandwiches and drank so much tea...it was a little much.  The waiter eventually stopped bringing me sandwiches and forced us to move to the next selection of dishes.  My favorite sandwich had egg and mayo with shiso cress on white bread...YUM!  It's beautiful inside the hotel.  There are so many flowers that the entire place has a subtle floral scent. And the staff is very attentive, of course.  Also, the tea was fantastic!  If I am visiting London again I would love to visit again.  It's such a fun novelty!

  • 5.0 star rating

    If I could live at the Dorchester - I Would!  This place is amazingly stunning!

    From the moment you arrive at the doors, to the moment you leave the service you receive will probably be the best you have ever received!! Impeccable in every way possible and definitely not snooty.

    The rooms are stylish and the bathrooms huge and perfect. Room service was of the highest caliber.

    Of all the luxury hotels in London, I'd have to say that the Dorchester seems the most relaxed and posh without being stuffyish.

    The Dorchester is an iconic British hotel and it is always at the top of my list when I visit London.

    Price is $600 a night.
    They have restaurants (3) and all are pretty good.
    Afternoon tea with unlimited finger foods - recommended
    A good hotel for spotting celebrities.

    • Qype User thinkh…
    • London
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    1.0 star rating

    i like this hotel
    BEST WESTERN Burns Hotel Kensington (thinkhotels.com/United-K…)

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in ROTD 6/2/2013
    Listed in ROTD/Weekly Yelp!

    I had an outstanding experience here.

    What really stood out was the fantastic service from the moment we walked in the door. Actually no, we were greeted even before we went inside. Upon hearing some of my friends speaking Spanish, a Spanish speaking concierge immediately came over to assist us and took us down to the Spatisserie.

    The two women serving us in the Spatisserie were absolutely brilliant. We had the little room to ourselves which was lovely because it was a hen party and we were doing soppy things like a "how well do you know him quiz." The room is small but elegant, and from what I saw of the spa, it's amazing!

    Afternoon tea was delicious, we had finger sandwiches - the bread is dyed different colours - so cool! I particularly enjoyed the cucumber sandwiches, which was weird because I don't really like cucumber or sandwiches. My favourite however was the incredible French ham sandwiches. I have to eat more of that ham. I asked the name of it but have now forgotten. I'm actually really concerned as to what might happen if I can't identify this ham and have to live the rest of my life without it.

    Cakes were also delicious! My favourites were mango/coconut cake and a peach melba macaroon. They were Olympic themed - one was like a little basketball! It was joyous.

    It was really a perfect experience, and I just was so impressed how every member of staff was so professional yet friendly. It was refined yet not stuffy. Every moment was a pleasure.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This review is for high tea at the Dorchester.

    The Dorchester is the most beautiful hotel that I have had the please to be in. I stopped here for high tea after reading a review stating that this is one of the places that I must go to for high tea. This hotel is fit for a king and queen. Beautiful rooms with lavish decor. I was asked to wait in the bar while my table was prepped. You have to see pictures to understand the elegance of this place. thedorchester.com/hotel-…

    The servers were on top of keeping us happy and our plates full. There was a point in time where they asked us if we would just like to have everything on dishes that they brought by. You would think in such a class place they would look at you funny for asking for everything you can get and to dump it on your plate. Not here. This place will treat you like a king/queen. This started a trend with a couple of tables around us. After seeing all of the food dumped on our plates they asked if they could do the same.

    If you are planning on having high tea in anywhere in London you must have it here.

  • 5.0 star rating


    I dined here for an afternoon tea with 3 or 4 other ladies and had a jolly good time. The staff at the hotel were very polite and accomodating. I had come from somewhere else wearing flip flops (heels were in a separate bag. Don't worry I would never wear flip flops to an afternoon high tea!) and, when leaving the hotel, I realized that I had forgotten my flip flop bag! I quickly ran back inside and the guy at the front desk kindly handed them to me without batting an eyelash.

    The clientele vouches for the luxury of this hotel. Tennis players stay there during Wimbledon, celebrities stay there during film or awards events. It's just a very nice place where even someone like me can feel welcome! Oh and it goes without saying that the tea and food were fan-freakin-tastic. I loved every minute I spent there!

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 8/12/2010

    I enjoyed two brunches at the Promenade in the Dorchester Hotel. A good friend who was staying there invited me over.

    Walking into the hotel you know it will be nice. In the parking lot rested five beastly autos: a Rolls Royce, a Maserati, a BMW, a Mercedes and a Ferari. I'm not sure if the differentiated line-up was intentional but the effect was stunning. Three doormen greeted me, then there were two porters inside, two concierges and three receptionists - a lot of bodies for a Monday morning.

    My friend met me and we walked to the nearby Promenade dining area. This area is plush, elegant and lightly ostentatious. The waiters were attentive and polite, always there when needed and never oppressive. Each day, I selected orange juice, coffee, muesli, omelette and toast, all part of a set meal. Each component of the meal was delicious: the OJ freshly-squeezed, the coffee rich, the muesli hearty, the omelette fluffy and tasty with wonderful ingredients such as ham, cheese, onion and herbs. The toast was good toast. My friend had an omelette the first day and enjoyed it greatly. The second day he got a pancake. Not a short-stack, but rather a singular cake. He said he enjoyed it but was bummed not to get more than one.

    Even as a brunch, this was in my top three finest dining experiences of all time. Atmosphere was sublime, service excellent, and the food delicious. The prices are certainly outrageously high and I wouldn't eat here if I had to pay for it; but my friend had a free breakfast as part of his room package, so I felt compelled to join him. For a luxurious brunch the Promenade was outstanding.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Dorchester London is one of those places that makes you feel good, a big aahhhh, when you return.

    It is opulent, elegant, decadent, and still very classy. The Promenade, a restaurant with a lobby feel, is staged in a giant entry hall. There are no windows, but there are luxurious draperies framing mirrors and paintings.

    The seating is perfect, elegant tables with plush sofas and pillows, and the right amount of privacy. The china, silver, tea, scones, champagne, service, it's all exactly right. Not pretentious, I know it sounds like it is but it's not, and it's still outstanding.

    I brought my bad kids here for tea last Christmas and REALLY didn't want to throw down the $ for my 13 year old won't-eat-anything-that's-not-Kraft Mac-N-Cheese son. They let him snack around and served him without an additional charge.

    That's an example of the kind of service that is normal here, the kind that looks for a way to say "yes" even when many places wold give you a "no".

    Yesterday I also did a spectacular flipping toss of a parfait which landed in a gorgeous splatter, including my blouse, pants, and the carpet. The staff was all over making me look like less of a goober covered in parfait, and had a sense of humor about it.

    Our server yesterday said high tea served in the Promenade was more like a performance than serving tables and I think that was well said (he wasn't referring to my flipping action...I think).

    At Christmas time they have mini performances with storytelling and actors/dancers once or twice a day. This year they have a young boys choir caroling in the back of the hall.

    The rooms are luxurious and welcoming.The bedding is the best. The bathtubs are huge and fill very quickly, they provide a very nice bath oil too.

    You get the idea. If you're in London, try it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    As one who is used to decadent luxury wherever I go, I was hopeful that the much talked about Dorchester Hotel in the Mayfair district of London would serve me well. After all, the famous, political and royalty of the world find this place hospitable, so I figured it must be worth a look.

    Now let me come clean and tell you that I was trying extremely hard to be critical when I viewed the roof garden suites along with the amenities within the entire hotel.
    Sadly, I must report that I have but one bad thing to say about The Dorchester. For it is a truly magnificent property with stellar views of Hyde Park. Besides, who really needs to look at Hyde Park when you have a bathroom like this?

    Yes, it is indeed all marble! The Dorchester just kept me entranced with its attention to detail throughout the rooms and into the restaurants. Famed chef Alain Ducasse has an eponymous restaurant in The Dorchester and as recently as January, it has received not one, but two coveted Michelin stars.
    If that wasn't enough to convince you to have a quiet dinner, then the decor, as designed by Patrick Jouin should give you further encouragement. With the Table Lumière as the centerpiece of Alain Ducasse, one would be wholly conviced that heaven is indeed on Park Lane.

    With a light show emanating from the 4,500 fiber optics that surround the six seat oval table, one would be hard pressed to focus on any conversation. Furthermore, this special seating has its own Hermès china, Puiforcat silverware and Saint-Louis crystal, all of these change with the season, of course they do!

    After having been humbled by The Dorchester and my lovely British host, I was ready for a break. Afternoon tea greeted me while a flair and ambiance that is second to none. I sipped champagne, tea, and ate delicious snacks while reveling in the true crown jewel of London.
    Now, back to that one problem I have with The Dorchester. After the whirlwind tour and picking up my jaw, I could not help but to lament at the fact that I do not live there.
    Although I did see an empty broom closet...

  • 5.0 star rating

    I have never stayed at the Dorchester. Not really my style when it comes to hotels. I have been at the Dorchester almost every time I'm in town for Afternoon Tea. It is probably my favorite place to go and I've been to over a dozen places all over the city. Understated elegance.

    The service is fantastic & the tea sandwiches are all you can eat. They just keep coming to your table to see if you care for any more. The sandwiches & pastries are all excellent. However, my favorite is their tea selection. They use Harney & Sons teas which is a small family owned company in Connecticut. BEST tea ever. They have to be amazing for the British to use an American tea company.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Having previously experienced Tea at The Ritz, I was interested to find out why the 'tea' experience here is about 30% cheaper in price.

    The food is as good, a generous helping of finger sandwiches, chicken, ham, egg mayonnaise, smoked salmon and cucumber and creamed cheese. Follow this with a selection of scones and small cakes and you won't go home feeling hungry.

    So why is it cheaper? Probably because it's less formal and frankly the service was poor for a hotel of this standard. Our waiter/waitress changed shifts during our 'tea experience' and consequently our 2nd pot of tea went missing!

    If you're looking for a slick 'tea experience' give this place a miss.

  • 5.0 star rating

    When my sister and I were back packing through Europe around Christmas time, we had afternoon tea here. Definitely couldn't miss out on that experience. We originally had plans to go somewhere else but it was closed for a private party and a local recommended going here. This place is absolutely beautiful, but extremely expensive (the exchange rate made it over $300).

    The staff was super nice and although we were only dressed in jeans and sweaters, they let us in. I would highly recommend dressing as if you are going to a wedding, I felt so under-dressed.

    Champagne, all types of finger sandwiches, scones, chocolate, tea, and my favorite foie gras = duck liver! :-)

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you are willing to splurge, the only place to stay is The Dorchester Hotel.

    Perfectly located in the heart of London's Mayfair on Park Lane, between Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner, The Dorchester is close to exclusive London shopping in Bond Street and Knightsbridge and is within easy access of many London attractions including Buckingham Palace, West End theatres, the Royal Albert Hall and the National Gallery.

    The Dorchester is one of the most famous and best hotels in London. It's a 5 star hotel and a Travelers' Choice® 2013 Winner by TripAdvisor. The Dorchester does bring in some big name celebrities so if you are not into celebrity sightings, don't stay here.

    Inside the Dorchester is Alain Ducasse, a three star Michelin restaurant serving contemporary French cuisine. It's still the very best dining experience my wife and I have ever had. World class food, excellent service as we had 8 different people serving us! Reservations are mandatory, at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

    We'll be staying at the Dorchester any time we are in London.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in Greater London

    Are you British royalty?  No?  Want to feel like it?  Come to the Dorchester.

    When you're looking for a place to host 500 of the UK's top business executives (including more than a fair amount of OBEs and MBEs) you can't get much better than the Dorchester.  The staff was amazing and pulled out all the stops to turn the place into a wonderland in the middle of a cold and dreary day!

    I'd held events at similar places, but it is the details that make The Dorchester a 5 star location; little things that the staff thinks of that would never cross your mind.  For example, when arriving at 7am to prepare for the gala there was a plate of Bacon Butties and pitcher of fresh orange juice waiting for us.  Staff checked in frequently see if we needed anything else and to offer their assistance.  

    They even provided us with a room so we could freshen up and rest.  How plush!  I could have curled up in that room for days!

    The Dorchester's executive chef  put together a menu with lamb that was absolutely delicious and perfectly finished off the evening with mini mince pies (I may have eaten more than a few)  =)

  • 5.0 star rating

    When you walk up to the Dorchester you will find the most immaculate cars parked in the front. The grand entry way is well grand.

    The interior is very traditional english with warm colors and floral patterns with gold fixtures and chandeliers. In many hotels I have been into the guest seating area's may have a person or two around, but this large room was very full with people sitting around ready to be seen and mingling within their groups.

    There is no shortage of designer clothing and jewlery, these items are for sale in show case displays surrounding the lobby.

    I went for a drink with my friend in The Bar. The bar was more modern and trendy with dark woods and sleek clean interior. The service was absolutely amazing. I ordered a champagne cocktail that came with infused fruit and brandy, and it turned out to be mainly brandy with a splash of champagne and toxic fruit. It was a bit strong for my likings and made a subtle comment which the waitress over heard and she gladly whisked away my drink and had the bartender style it to my liking. There was no shortage of olives or nuts as any time the dish became half full it was immediately replenished with a new dish.

    A+ on service

  • 5.0 star rating

    Having experienced afternoon tea in five countries, I can say that this experience is the best, by far.  The service was impeccable.  I don't even need to try afternoon tea elsewhere in London.  I am confident that no place can match the tea service at the Dorchester.

    Our reservation was made via email as I was heading to London for a business trip and had extended it for a few days for pleasure.   Upon arrival, we were seated immediately in some uber comfortable chairs.  Once we selected our tea, the sandwiches arrived.  And then the fantastic scones.  And then some more sandwiches.  And then desserts.  And then, oh yes I will actually have just one more egg sandwich please.

    We stayed for over two hours and never felt rushed for a minute.  It was, by far, the best afternoon tea of my life.  I hope that, one day, I will be able to find an experience as lovely as this back in the States.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Missing the British Luxury yet? A splendid high tea experience is a nice treat to your visitors.  Guarded by the palms, the Promenade greets you with a series of rich, warm, intimate spaces... the Pianist indulges himself as his fingers kiss the black & white.  My parisienne/Indian friend was stunned by the grand vista and adored the soft sachets.  

    Tea seems secondary although Dorchester is a proud member of the prestigious Tea Giuld.  The warm scone recipe has lived its 50+ year reputation along with the famous along with the Devonshire clotted cream and glistening strawberry jam.  The savoury finger sandwiches can easily fill one up before the scones arrive, so be mindful. One thing I still don't get is that  they serve pièce de resistance (French pastries) to finish the English tea.

    The tea serves twice each day, 2:30 and 4:45pm.  I prefer the 4:45pm which is a perfect timing if you plan on watching a show in the evening with friends.  Have a great time!!!

    NB: Thanks for Ronni A.'s intro and Mrinal B.'s accompany.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    During a break from sightseeing in Paris my mom and I took a overnight trip to London and did some "treat yo self" pampering, including stopping in at The Bar at the Dorchester for some drinks. The hotel is delightfully decadent and the staff there were everything you would expect from a five star hotel.

    The bar has a chic feel to it, the place was busy but not packed so it was a nice way to wind down from a fun day. After perusing the drink menu, my mom and I each ordered Her Majesty's Cup, a take on the classic Pims Cup.

    The drink was delicious and presented with whimsy in a plaid teapot and poured into teacups with stems - a beautiful presentation.

    While our experience was lovely, it did come at a price, I believe each the drinks were 17 pounds each, so we only indulged in one each, and still with the exchange rate, the bill came to over 60 dollars.

    I encourage you to save up and have a drink here.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Seriously an amazing hotel.  This is the first place where I have spent the night where I have actually considered calling the gift shop and having them send me the entire bed, sheets and most comfortable pillows on earth home so that I can recreate the entire experience every night.

    Paparazzi was parked outside the entire stay here because Britney Spears was also staying here, but it did make for some interesting moments.  All of it was still very low-key nonetheless.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Classy is an understatement.  There are doormen to help you out of your car, doormen to stand between you and the paparazzi that show up when a celebrity is in-house, and even a doorman to spin the revolving door for you.  

    The multitude of restaurants for a hotel is staggering, I'm not quite sure which ones we dined in or ordered room service from but there are a lot, and those that we tried were fabulous.

    The hotel rooms make you feel like a princess - I had a view of Hyde park and there was coral (the nice shade) drapery everywhere.  Bose speakers that were iPod ready.  Desk with built in outlet converters (life-saver).  But the bathroom was my favorite icing.  Marble everywhere.  Towel warmers.  Massive counter (I hate those little pedestal sinks that you can not even balance your tiniest make-up bag on).  Extravagant tub.  Old English style and charm without a single modern amenity lacking.

    Maybe the best part: being able to go for morning jogs in Hyde park by merely crossing the street.

    The service is what really sets The Dorchester apart.  Room service is prompt and courteous.  The always staffed concierge desk was quite helpful.  Personal, handwritten welcome notes.  You never have to lift a finger if you don't wish - apparently someone can come and unpack your suitcase for you if you so desire.  The housekeeping staff is wonderful - someone even comes around to inspect your room - I happened to drop by my room when they were examining it one mid-morning and she was quite polite.

    You get what you pay for and The Dorchester isn't cheap.  I was lucky to stay there on a business trip, but I wouldn't touch the mini bar - you could have a proper meal for the price of a tin of peanuts.  Laundry was outrageous - the service charge was higher than the cost of the clothing to be washed!  You can order food in from an outside restaurant - but be prepared to pay twice as much as the meal cost for the privilege of having it delivered to the hotel.

  • 5.0 star rating

    It's not very often I enjoy paying £21 a cocktail - - but for The Dorchester and their Patron Margaritas I'll make an acception every once and awhile. We were in the area - just leaving The Punch Bowl - - and wandered in there on a Thursday night a few weeks ago. I must say this place is immaculate head to toe. Within 5 minutes the bartenders knew each and every one of our names, where we were from (accents) and what we wanted to drink - - quite good since all three of them obviously had first languages other than English.

    Topping the night off - - and after about 5 Patron Margaritas - - one of my friends says "That guy looks like Russell Brand" in which I reply "Ah, that is Russell Brand". Of course we had to go over to say hello - - to which he was a really cool guy, in an S&M Willy Wonka type of way.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Despite the bar looking like a sunken coral den of nightmares in Poseidon's palace, with my companions and I being seated behind a wall of flaming red glass spires (yes, real life!), the drinks, oh my the drinks, will make you forget the questionable decor and hilarious elevator/being-put-on-hold mood music.

    My heart went pitter patter when I saw the bartender methodically stir my old fashioned and the finished product was a thing of beauty, perhaps even better than the Savoy (obviously more exhaustive research is necessary in regards to this probing question). I also had a Bourbon Smash, which was like a charming refreshing take on a mint julep.

    I think I also ate an entire jar's worth of olives (they were super tasty!).

  • 3.0 star rating

    I came here with my family last week at the recommendation of Yelpers.

    I guess I'm not old enough to really know what high tea is, but I think the overall experience was okay. Not out of this world though. I for one found the pastries to be WAY TOO sweet, esp the pistachio macaroons.

    The tea was good though. Our waiter was very attentive and polite. The ladies working the front were professional.

    The setting (The Promenade) was very high class and luxurious. Very classy and it was exactly what I expected.

    One thing I loved about The Dorchester was all the luxury cars parked outside. The second we were leaving and walked out the revolving doors, a white Lambo pulled up. Vroom vroom, anyone?

    Overall, the experience was alright I guess. My mom told me high tea is all about taking in the atmosphere and setting. She's right.

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 6/10/2013

    my boss and i won afternoon tea at the dorchester, and what a lovely win that was. for £41 (or £51 if you want to include champagne),  you get a lovely first round of (seemingly endless) sandwiches (crustless!), scones with clotted cream and jam, and then delicious cakes/pastries to end it all. plus your choice of (seemingly endless) tea.

    we managed several sandwiches between us (go for the cheese + mango chutney if they are offering it - truly so simple yet delicious!), and our scones before admitting defeat. our lovely servers (of which there were loads - and all lovely!) packaged our cakes up for us so that we could take them away with us. i imagine this happens a lot.

    the atmosphere is beautiful - very calm, but buzzing, and fresh flowers everywhere. it is also the world's best people watching spot. i could have stayed there all day just looking at the people there. i actually expected it to be a lot more touristy than it was - in actual fact, there was a lot of very well dressed, well heeled people milling around the promenade and it was endlessly fascinating for me.

    we were treated very well (as you would expect from a 1st class establishment!) from start to finish, and had a very lovely time.

    i wouldn't hesitate to spend my own money here in the future, and i will definitely try to take my lovely mother along with me at some point, too. mothers will love this place! dress up fancy (although you don't have to!) and have a real good time!

    • Qype User MissGo…
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    5.0 star rating

    Want somewhere expensive and luxurious for beauty then the Dorchester Spa is the ideal place to go to.

    Although part of it is undergoing refurbishment,it is still open for business. Just enter the hotel lobby and go down the art deco styled doors,curved stairs case and Lempicka-style paintings into the walnut furnishings in the changing rooms.

    All the treatments are luxurious and you can have top-to-toe body treatments in complete privacy,leaving the hustle and bustle small noisy overcrowded salon behind.

    After the therapy is all over you can indulge yourselves in the hotel lobby by having tea or going to one of the several bars for a drink.

    • Qype User Sian…
    • London
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    4.0 star rating

    Yes, this place is swish. It's the Dorchester after all. But it's a bit what's the word? Stuffy I guess. it's very old fashioned and I don't think it does it as well as the Savoy or The Ritz. The old fashioned style of the Dorchester actually makes me think it's a bit dated. (And typing that make me sound like a snob.)

    I came here for my friends birthday after a top table deal meant we could have a five course meal for £30. Very yummy indeed. But for some reason they kept on whipping things. Whipped potato fondant, lemon fondant, everything had fondant on. Very strange.

    Unfortunately, as great as the food was (never has paying a fortune for macaroni been such a good idea - I don't even LIKE macaroni but it was one of the nicest things I've ever eaten._ our experience was somewhat marred when it came to paying. Their system didn't like that we all wanted to pay on our card. We broke the machine and paying actually took half an hour. This meant half of us had to pay and rush off and get the last tube before saying a proper goodbye to the birthday girl. Put a bit of a downer on the night. The service was actually excellent though. They seem to pre-empt everything you need which makes me think all posh places train their staff in ESP.

    I'd come back, happily. But if you gave me the choice, I'd be in the Ritz. That reminds me, has the Savoy opened again yet?

    • Qype User tali…
    • London
    • 61 friends
    • 118 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    A very lovely place to experience my first proper afternoon tea. My old friend from school & I went earlier this week as a bit of a treat. It is very expensive though just for the standard afternoon tea and the price on the website doesn't include VAT which was a bit of an added shock when I paid the bill. Who does that?!

    Although tea is served in a glitzy room, the atmosphere was quite laid back and casual. The comfy seats added to this as it was easy to just slouch and eat. Hurrah!

    Janet Jackson sat down on the table next to us. Thus, Dorchester = amazing.

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you are all things luxury and class then high tea at The Dorchester must not be missed when in London. This place is simply stunning. The Promenade area where you will be seated for the afternoon tea has been designed with no attention to detail spared and the decor of the entire place dazzles with the finest in everything!

    I absolutely loved the teas, the delicious finger sandwiches, as well as the perfectly prepared pastries. Their service was just as amazing as everything else about this place. Your experience here will certainly validate the fact that royalty still rules England!

    • Qype User maliky…
    • London
    • 3 friends
    • 18 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Afternoon tea and then a relaxing nap in a impressive ensuite. Lush bathroom and friendly helpful staff.
    The location is fab as the hotel is in the heart of London so you can go for a tranquil walk down Park Lane and see the sights

    • Qype User Albert…
    • London
    • 2 friends
    • 3 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    A great Hotel. It's one of the best I've ever stayed in. Great service, the afternoon tea is delightful.
    Everytime I come I choose The Dorchester or The Mandarin. Both have different atmosphere but both have very good quality.
    The Dorchester with no doubt is one of my recommended ones.

    • Qype User hozelo…
    • Hastings, East Sussex
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    The best, great food, service, and rooms.

    It's not cheap but hey you are at the Dorchester

    will stay again soon thank you all.

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