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  • 5.0 star rating

    Hangover cure
    Funny place, really pleasant friendly staff who understand a fair amount of English and now doubt loads of Spanish.

    Table service in a pub is a novelty and delivered in a slightly haphazard Fawlty Towers style, which if your not in a rush is funny and very appealing.

    Eggs Benedict is fab, back here today with a second hangover and a combo of brekkie and their nice coffee will do the trick.

    Will come back again even though there are loads of places in and around Earls Court station.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    We ventured here this morning in search of the full English breakfast I've been hearing about. It was filling and tasty yet wasn't something I'd order again. There are cheaper breakfast spots close by. The waiter/ owner(?) was so friendly and talkative. His son worked there as well. I  took a look at the dinner menu and the fish and chips were £12+ which is ridiculous considering the number of places that are close by and much less expensive.

  • 3.0 star rating

    3 words: Sticky.Toffee.Pudding
    3 more words: Oh.My.God

    Sitting at my desk I'm day dreaming of their sticky toffee pudding. So moist, so sweet, so god damn delicious. The entire week we were in London every night I wanted to go back just to have it again. I would fly back out to London TODAY just so I could have that deliciousness in my mouth again. My mouth is watering right now as I type these words.

    Besides the magnificent toffee pudding, this place is alright. Beer offerings are a little weak but I'm not sure if the options downstairs in the pub section are different than the dining room. My chicken stuffed with asparagus was very good, and I snuck a bite (or 10) of Joe's pie and it was quite tasty. Heavy food, you will definitely be dragging yourself out but the end of the meal. Service was slow but very nice.

    Just make sure you leave room for the sticky toffee pudding.  5 billion stars for the sticky toffee pudding, 3 for the overall pub.

  • 2.0 star rating

    This is the pub for you...

    If you want a faceless pub like every other!

    Is that harsh? Should a pub be judged on it's grog, grub and service rather than compared to others? I don't know, if you decide differently to me, leave a review, but here's what I think...

    Being charged £5.30 for a shandy (I've lived in London too long) and a blackcurrant squash is painful enough, but no Yelper would let that cloud judgement. The tables are all square, and too close together. The food, nice as some as it is (I didn't try the sticky toffee pudding to be fair) you just know it is cash and carry microwaved stuff, even the beer tastes like a faceless chain pub beer, and I know you know what I mean.

    That said, this isn't an awful pub. On a sunny day, the light through the window is lovely, there are seats outside, and the staff were friendly. The price wasn't ridiculous for that area of London I guess. So it gets a star or two.

    Basically, when I go anywhere, pub, restaurant, cafe, shop, I want to go there, becuase I want to go THERE. The courtfields is a pub you go to cuz its convenient for the station (or for the sticky toffee pudding, but my mum makes the best sticky toffee pudding, sorry Amanda, it's a fact!)

    Meh, I've experienced better! 2 stars!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    NOTE... I am writing a review for a pub about Decent Breakfast.  The staff was very friendly.  I had a traditional English breakfast and it did not disappoint...except for the small portion of bacon. :(

  • 1.0 star rating

    I made a point of writing down the name of this pub so I could write a Yelp review when I got home- DO NOT GO TO THIS PUB.  The door was blocked by two 'security' in the middle of the day with about 8 people inside, needless and unfriendly as all get out, the waiter/bartender was the most condescending ass - do not waste your money, there are SO many places to eat and drink in London, avoid this place, even if you need food right off the Earl's Court station, there's tons of places to go besides this place.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Never had a whiny queen but I also didn't have any sticky pudding or anything else except pints, football(aka soccer) on the telly, and a sandwich downstairs in the pub.  Please note, I never made it upstairs to the restaurant.    

    The staff were all friendly and I had a choice of four different cask beers to choose from.  In fact, the establishment has some sort of national distinction for their cask selection.  The Croque monsieur I had though was meh. There are many places to eat in the area and if you get off the main street, you'll find many small, busy establishments to choose from.  

    But if you want pints, and if you want cask ale followed with some football and friendly banter from someone rooting for the other team, this is the place.  

    That Sky license is key as not all pubs that have a TV have the ability to show soccer.  The place was full for both matches I saw and discussion's with strangers were frequent and friendly.  

    I'll definitely go back.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Day 1 in London and the fam sets out to find breakfast, after sleeping past the free breakfast in our hotel. About a block out, we find the Courtfield and see their sign for "traditional English breakfast" for something like 4.99 pounds. Even converted into dollars, that's more than decent, so we give it a shot.

    My parents ordered the traditional, while I opted for their salmon and eggs. Delicious! The smoked salmon was very fresh and the eggs and toast were great too. Nothing fancy, but good taste. And my coffee...oh man. Once I figured out that "white coffee" means "with milk," I ordered the best coffee with milk I think I've ever had.

    I also really liked that the patrons weren't just tourists from the surrounding hotels. I love Brit-speak as much as any other California girl, and knowing that locals visit the establishment gives it extra points.

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Update: 28/10/2008

    The pub is under new management, and seems to have improved hugely: the edgy atmosphere has gone and the service has also improved a lot. They also sell several real ales, so they seem to really be making an effort to turn te place around. They also have a later licence than the nearby Blackbird.

    The interior seems to have had something of a makeover, in the traditional style - lots of vermilion ceilings and dramatic draping curtains.

    The mix of customers is still varied, and it can get packed when Chelsea play at home, but it's moved from a place to be avoided to one where we've happily had a few drinks!

    This is the first pub you see emerging from Earl's Court tube station, and from the outside it looks like a nice, large, traditional pub.

    Don't be fooled: although the interior looks OK, and it serves real ale, the service has in our experience always been pretty unfriendly, and it seems to possess an edgy (unpleasant) atmosphere - perhaps because the SkySports on the huge TV screen, combined with the jukebox music, militates against sociability.

    I'd suggest walking the short distance to the Blackbird, nearby. Much nicer.

  • 4.0 star rating

    A convenient pub located across the street from Earl's Court station. There are always some great cask ales available.

  • 2.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    If you're visiting from the States (and if you're on Yelp then there's a good chance that you are) and if you're asking "Is this a good pub?" (and again, if you're on Yelp then there's a good chance that you are) then the answer is "not really."

    It's neither good nor bad.  The £4.99 full English breakfast is quite a good deal, it's just not an outstanding full English breakfast.  And aside from that breakfast, most everything else here is overpriced and not very good.  They do have table service so you don't have to order at the bar, which is a welcome rarity at a pub.

    Given its location directly opposite Earl's Court tube station and the aforementioned cheap breakfast, this place pulls in lots of tourists and commuters, but mostly tourists.

    The one really good thing that The Courtfield has going for it is that it opens early (I think 8 am) and stays open until midnight.  It also has free WiFi, although you'll frequently need to ask them to reset the router.  That was the only reason I ever came here, as I live close by and needed somewhere to get online before we got internet installed in our flat.

    On the flip side, there's this obnoxious whiny queen who works there who makes the experience almost unbearable.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not homophobic - I just don't like obnoxious whiny queens.  One time I was there and three Italian ladies (see "lots of tourists" above) ordered a round of machiattos.  In his most obnoxious whiny queen voice, her majesty snapped at them, "What's thaaaaaaaaaat?????"  The Italian ladies just looked at him with that "Are you serious?" look, and not in the sense that they were shocked that he didn't know what a machiatto was (but seriously - what self-respecting gay guy doesn't?), but more in a "What's with the fucking attitude, buddy?" kind of look.

    Another time I took my wife here and I warned her about her majesty.  We were sitting down looking at a menu and the obnoxious whiny queen came up to us and (seemingly politley) asked, "Did you want to order something?"
    Thinking that he was offering to take our order, my wife began to reply "Yes, I'll have the-"
    "Oh FINE! I guess I'll just play waiter then!" her majesty snorted, cutting her off and storming away.

    Needless to say, we haven't been back since.

  • 4.0 star rating

    It was our first night in London and we were exhausted from our train ride there from Paris so we wanted to find somewhere near our hotel room. The Courtfield was only a two minute walk from our hotel (The Trebovir Hotel). As we walked in, the atmosphere was rustic and appropriately worn out, but in a cozy this-is-clean way. When we found the staircase to the dining room upstairs, we were greeted by the waitress who seated us without hesitation.

    We ordered and food arrived quickly! I ordered a cocktail shrimp appetizer and my sister ordered their soup of the day, both very tasty! For our main dish, I got the salmon, which while it wasn't the most mindblowing soft, succulent salmon i ever ate, the portion and large sides are more than overcompensating for what the dish may be lacking in taste. My sister had the chicken, which tasted a lot better than the salmon. Their potato sides were INSANELY heavy (and delicious)! We didn't make it to dessert because the dinners were large, heavy and absolutely fulfilling!

    Our waitress was nice and accommodating and understanding that we are tourists and know absolutely nothing, which was nice, but it could also be because Earl's Court is such a tourist living spot and we were in the midst of the olympics for London.

    Otherwise, I would definitely recommend it for people in Earl's Court living nearby that wants a good, affordable and novel experience in what seems like a rustic and "traditional" london-like dining environment (but take it with a grain of salt, i'm American and is culturally idiotic to what real "london" is).

    But I would definitely stand behind the beautiful, rustic and antiquated atmosphere of the dining room, it played a part in our overall pleasant dining experience! It really set the tone of our first night in London!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great ale (Umu) and perfect fish and chips (The Codfather). We loved it!

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    3.0 star rating

    The pub was the first one you will see when you come to Earls court.It was refurbished recently and open the first floor as the restaurant.The atmopshere in the pub was just so so,the drink was not very impressive too.They have a good range of food choices but the price was not that competitive.There were many other eating place in this area which were better.There were also blackbird and king's head nearby.Little far down the road was O'neills which offers very good price for food.

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