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  • 5.0 star rating

    So to be honest, I'm not the hardest to please when it comes to food and restaurants, which means I have a lot of favorites... But this is legitimately my favorite restaurant that I've ever been to. Now, Indian food is my favorite type of food, and I've had quite a lot of it, so I can pretty confidently say that this place is just the best. The flavors are incredible and the meat is so soft and perfectly cooked. I've been to London twice and gone here both times, both of which amazed me. My dad is also an Indian food fanatic and it's his favorite too. My family even has their cookbooks, but I can't say that our attempts have been anywhere close to the restuarant quality. The restaurant also has an elegant bar below, with great cocktails. The staff and waiters are also hands-down the most polite and helpful. I wish this restaurant was in the States!!!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    One of my favorites. The atmosphere is very sophisticated but not stuffy. The wines are unique. The waitstaff is knowledgeable and friendly. I have enjoyed this restaurant on several occasions and never been served a bad meal. It is appropriate for small groups or on a special occasion. The bar is quaint and warm. Definitely must go!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Stood next to hotel concierge while he talked with Cinnamon Club and obtained confirmed reservations.  Later that evening, the restaurant called the concierge to state that they had no availability.  How can you confirm a reservation and then unconfirm it?  The restaurant manager had no explanation when asked.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Never been disappointed here. Just get the prix fixe menu and let them take care of you.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I dined here by myself but I still very much enjoyed my experience.  I had to wait a little while since I showed up without a reservation, but having a drink at the library bar turned out to be an excellent way to spend time while waiting for a table.  

    The cuisine was like no Indian food I've had before, and I've had a lot of Indian food.  Since this place is more on the upscale side I expected the food to be more bland (for Indian food, that is), so I was pleasantly surprised to find that you still got the intense mix of flavors with every bite.  

    I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.  The atmosphere is nice, too.  Next time I'll make sure I have a companion.  :-)

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The Cinnamon Club came highly recommended and I was looking forward to dine there. By chance we got a table the same day

    We arrived early evening and were shown to our table immediately. We ordered drinks before the food and had to wait 20 mins getting served. The somewhat inattentive service however does not spoil the incredible food experience coming out of the kitchen. This was without any doubt one of the best asian/indian meals ever!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I had wanted to try this place for awhile - Indian fine dining in a British Library! C'mon it's appealing and intriguing. So I lucked out when I was invited to a Private Dining event at this restaurant by a friend.

    This is a special occasion type of place, not your casual average curry house! Don't go here expecting chicken tikka masala, Balti or Pillau - this is Indian Fusion at its best!
    The room looked beautiful, the service was friendly but unobtrusive and the food was excellent. The interior is elegant, warm and Old-world chic.

    I enjoyed a good meal, however did find it a bit overpriced -good thing I didn't have to pay for it.

    Edit: If you are feeling adventurous try the deer, rabbit or pheasant. Othwise the chicken, prawns and Wagyu Beef are pretty good!

  • 3.0 star rating

    For celebrity-spotting you go to Nobu, but for politician-spotting you go to the Cinnamon Club - Westminster's top-choice for power lunches and after-debate drinks. I GUARANTEE you that if you get lunch here mid-week you'll see at least one cabinet minister. After all, Cinnamon Club is sandwiched between ministries and it's much more patriotic to be seen eating Indian food than French or Japanese. Such is our perverted world.

    You dine in a beautiful old hall lined two-floors high with books on all walls. The lighting is good and it's real excellent white tablecloth service through and through (as you'd expect from the high prices). It's worth also visiting the dungeon-like basement which has a small but stylish cocktail lounge.

    So far, so good. But what of the food? Almost a decade ago Michelin made it the world's first Indian starred restaurant and Gordon Ramsay isn't shy at telling everyone how much he loves the cuisine here, but I found it underwhelming. My lamb dish lacked the sucker-punch I expected of sub-continent cooking and the mouthfuls I filched from my lunchmates solidified my thoughts... if you come in here thinking of the rich flavours and tastes of Indian food you'll only be disappointed, if you come in here having spent the last month dining on the bland subtleties of French food you'll love it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The atmosphere here is top-notch. A converted library makes for an extremely cool environment. The food is unbelievable - Indian fusion, very inventive and certainly not boring. Really enjoyed the visit and will make a point to return! Had Tandoori Pigeon for the first time... It's surprisingly great!

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place came highly recommended to us.  Now I know why!

    First, the location is beautiful, very close to westminster abbey

    The library bar was one of the most subtle cool venues ever for a bar.  The drink menu has some very creative martinis.

    The minute you walk in here, you've pretty much decided to splurge -- so we made it even more ridiculous by doing the 7 course fixed menu, since it had so many interesting items on it.

    The food was exquisite!  Not exactly Indian, more Indian-inspired.  I don't think deer with curry is a common dish in India! :)  We struggled to keep up with all the wine that is paired with the meal.

    A word of caution -- at 250GBP for the meal (over 400 USD), this place is pricey!   But the amazing dining area, unique food, and the all-around experience made it worth it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is an Indian restaurant with a British twist. The executive chef is Vivek Singh.
    The building itself is pretty impressive - the old Westminister library so think lots of book shelves that I am sure can tell a few tales!
    The crowd is a mix of casual/dressy/business and MP's - from the nearby Houses of Parliament.
    Food is very nice and original, think pigeon, quineoa, strawberries in your dinner all mixed with great Indian flavours and spices.
    It can get a bit noisy due to the high ceilings.
    Cocktails are fantastic. They have a lovely small library bar and then also a bar downstairs with Bollywood moives playing on the projector.

  • 5.0 star rating

    A remarkable culinary journey that is unrivaled in Indian cuisine! Vivek Singh's remarkable interpretation of Indian cooking is presented with great flair at this Westminster converted library. The library bar is a quiet place to meet colleagues before retiring to the dining room for the grand meal. The downstairs bar has a little more energy for night life.

    The dining room includes shelves of books denoting the building's prior life. Waiting service is extremely well appointed. Make sure to ask the sommelier for recommendations from the extensive wine list. Your wine and water glasses will never reach empty at the Cinnamon Club!

    But enough about the atmosphere! The reason you go to CC is for the marvelous menu created by Executive Chef Vivek Singh. There was not a single dish among those I tasted from the 5 diners that I considered even mildly lacking in flavor. Dish after dish was replete with flavor and inspiration. If you have 3 hours to spare, I would recommend the 8 course tasting menu (with optional wine pairings). If not, then make sure to try one of the great appetizers, including: roasted plaice & crab, carpaccio of salmon, char-grilled Welsh lamb fillet and the tasting of Bombay street food.

    For the entree, Singh's roast saddle of "Oisin" red deer is not to be missed! The hot & sweet prawns and the Hyderabadi lamb are also quite desirable. Order a side of garlic naan and masala mashed potatoes!

    For dessert, the kulfi is my personal favorite but every dish I tasted was more than delicious!

    This will always be a "must-visit" for me when in London. Well done Chef Singh!!!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I'd have to go back and try the menu a la carte, but the tasting menu was decent if uninspiring.

    The salmon tandoori, beetroot and plantain thingy, stir fry of shrimp, and breast of squab (the first 4 of 8 dishes) were very tasty, but the remaining dishes were fairy non-descript. I was particularly looking forward to the venison but the flavor of the meat was completely disguised by the strength of the accompanying curry (which was delicious by itself but I wanna taste deer!).

    The service gets a star, they waiters were superlative, but the food gets an unenthusiastic thumbs up, at least until I can go back and try the rabbit tikka and some of the other a la carte dishes.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I have been meaning to go here for ages but it has always been one of those restaurants that I didn't want to pay for myself.

    I finally had an excuse to go during London Restaurant Week (which peversely lasts for two weeks) as they offered a set menu.  I enjoyed the meal enough that I plan to go to the Cinnamon Kitchen in the City sometime soon.

    The building is a beautiful old converted public library which has a great leather bound bar and good dining room on the ground floor. The bar in the basement is a definite miss and is more suited to Tooting or Norbury than Westminster.

    The food was better than I was expecting. The salmon starter was excellent. The duck main was enjoyable and the pudding was good (especially for an Indian restaurant where it is not exactly a forte of the cuisine).

    As everyone says it is Westminster politico heavy but it makes interesting people watching.

  • 3.0 star rating
    Seated via OpenTable

    I really, really, really wanted to like the Cinnamon Club.

    It's a great locale, set in the old Westminster Library, very art-deco-ish (if you like that kind of stuff), has an exclusive feel to it as you enter, but then things kind of progressively deflated as the evening wore on.

    Let's start with the bar, where we had to wait 15-20m despite having reservations at 830pm and having arrived on time. People have gushed about the bar, but seriously, the room is a bit incongruous, the furniture mismatched, and the overall seating arrangement a bit weird. We ordered 2 martinez's (sp??)... however, which were truly excellently mixed. Chapeau to the bar tender.

    We got seated, and I must say, the service for the most part was excellent. They moved us to a quiet corner, which, if you've been there, you know is difficult to achieve; the high ceilings reverberate, and the atmosphere gets pretty loud... which is great if you want to keep your conversations private.

    Now on with the food:

    For appetisers, we shared the:

    Grilled Scottish king scallops with hot lentil chutney, smoked Devon crab puree (17£)
    Hot yoghurt and chickpea soup with crisp pink aubergine steaks (£8)
    Char-grilled Welsh lamb fillet with nutmeg, sweetbread bhaji and caper kachumber (£10)

    Everything tasted delicious... except for the amount of money we were dishing out, I was expecting more bang for the buck, if you know what I mean. The scallops tasted amazing, but they were tiny! So great on the taste front, but really poor on the value for taste front. I know, I know, it's all about quality, not quantity... but I don't buy that BS. It's possible to have amazing quality with non military ration inspired amounts of food. This is just pure customer margin extraction.

    I had ordered a bottle of NZ Syrah... which was great... except 5 different waiters kept trying to pour my partner for the evening a glass of wine, despite numerous requests not to do so. I don't particularly like 'servititis', and the overzealous servers at the Club do have a little bit of that going on....

    The mains were even better (and the portions reasonably more adequate):

    Chargrilled Halibut with Kashmiri fennel and ginger sauce (£25)
    Tandoor wild Spencer Gulf king prawns with Goan curry sauce, pandan, and coconut rice (£27.50)

    The halibut tasted amazing, and the 4, let's say 'princely' rather than 'king' prawns were out of this world. But, I kept thinking back to my time living in Mumbai, where we would go to the ITC Hotel near the International Airport, and gorge ourselves on fat, juicy, tandoori tiger prawns for less than 10$. It made the 7£ per prawn slightly more expensive that I was happy with. Again, call me a miser... but I can't escape my internal benchmarks.

    For dessert, we had the 'Lime Cheesecake' and the 'Pudding, Pecan Nuts with Garam Masala ice cream'.

    Forget the cheesecake, it's a lump of 'crème fraiche' mixed through with some lime rind or something. Boring and uneventful.... the pudding however is to die for. The combination with the garam masala ice cream is out of this world, with the slight hint of heat from the masala accentuating the depth of the chocolate (kind of making it like an Indian version of mole sauce)... and the ice cream cooling stuff off. Nice combo. Worth coming back just for dessert next time (will help not to break the bank ;).

    All in all, 200£ for 2 people.

    Was it worth it ? No.
    Would I do it again ? Only for dessert ;)
    Was the food good ? Yes
    Could I get as good quality somewhere else, minus some originality? Yes

    Now, don't let that detract you from seeing for yourself what the fuss is about.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I got an email about a special 5 course tasting menu with wine pairings that they were having.  My partner, being English, loves Indian food (especially curry), and I, having been to India, also love Indian food (perhaps more than English curry, but that can be our little secret).  We are also huge fans of wine, and we often find ourselves in a wine rut at home only purchasing the same wines over and over again.  Especially white wines.  Our white wine purchases are pretty much either New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or the white wine from Chapel Down.  We're a bit more diverse in our red wine purchases, but living in California for ages, we're still developing our tastes for European wines.  For these two reasons, we jumped at the chance to have some Indian food with some European wines!

    When we got there, they were handing out either cinnamon bellinis or white port with tonic.  I definitely preferred the bellini, as tonic to me always makes me feel like I should be drinking gin, but since I wasn't, the taste just made it taste strange.  

    Needless to say, we both had a great evening.  The wine was tasty, and there was plenty of it.  The food paired phenomenally with the wine.  My favorite course was probably the mutton.  It was quite smoky and delicious.  My partner liked the plaice with crab.  However, all the courses were great, including the chicken and the duck.  I really enjoyed the dessert as well, a chocolate tart with cumin.

    We were both fairly plied with wine when we left, and we had a very enjoyable evening.  It's definitely on our list of places to go back to.  I enjoyed it so much that I kind of want the cookbook.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I'm not huge on Indian food, but the ambiance and tastes in Cinnamon kitchen show why it's a top notch restaurant in London! We came for lunch, which was not crowded at all. We booked through toptable and got a deal that included a cocktail, quite naughty for lunch time during a work day!

    I won't repeat what everyone has said about the exceptional Westminster Library location and the great food (their flavoured mash is excellent!) but will say to be mindful of the price of their wines and sides as we nearly doubled our set menu price by having one glass of wine and one side each.

  • 5.0 star rating

    First, you need to know that this is one of the stupid-expensive London places.  Dinner for two is going to get you over 200--maybe well over depending on what you do about drinks and wine and tasting menus and such--without trying very hard.  So be warned!

    But...I never regret the price afterwards.  (Well, maybe for a moment when the credit card bill comes.)  Cinnamon Club is fab and is worth the splurge.

    The room is elegant (and the downstairs bar very swanky).  There tend to be a lot of well-dressed, moneyed folks around, from business people out spending their firms' dough (that still happens even in 2009!), to the older guy impressing the youngish girl, to the couple on the splurge, to the hens dumping their husbands for the night (you'll get the bill later, honey).  A few underdressed people stand out, and not in a good way...

    The food is good and interesting.  Graduate school from the typical curry shop, this is elegant cuisine.  This visit I had a rabbit appetizer that was the perfect amount of spicy--my mouth tingled but was not lit up so much I couldn't taste beyond the heat.  All sorts of interesting depths of flavors.  My main course was venison in pickling herbs that was masterful (it was a cold, wet, wintery London night and game sounded great to me).  Everything went well with a bottle of New Zealand Pinot Noir (great wine list too).

    Then a walk back to the hotel passing by Westminster Abbey and Big Ben at night, a great way to end the evening.

    Cinnamon Club is worth budgeting for, seriously!

  • 5.0 star rating

    A terrific restaurant that virtually invented high-end Indian fusion for the London audience 11 years ago.

    My wife and I tried the Tasting Menu (£75 per person £115 with paired wines).  I'll let the menu speak for itself:

    1. Roasted plaice fillet with Bengali spiced crab
    2. Tandoori breast of Anjou pigeon with chickpea chaat
    3. Ground vegetable kebab
    4. Baked wild African prawn with 'kadhai' spices
    5. Khus and mint sorbet
    7. Char-grilled halibut with Bengali 'dopyaza' sauce, ghee rice
    8. Saddle of Cumbrian wild red deer with corn and millet kedgeree
    9. Chocolate mousse with white chocolate and garam masala parfait
    Coffee and petits fours

    The setting is an elegant terrific former library, with a hip modernistic bar downstairs.

    Table service was a bit mixed.  After the first 5 flawless courses, they cleared our sorbet and we waited a bit.  They then tried to serve our sorbet a second time.  They then tried to serve us another table's course, but finally got back on track.  A small gripe however, it was an awesome meal and they are friendly and seem to try hard to please.

    The meal was just over 2.5 hours -- which was just fine by us.

    We also ordered one of the 3 Cinnamon Club cookbooks by their celebrity chef and co-founder Vivek Singh, who was in the kitchen and was kind enough to sign one for us.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Indian-influenced fine dining in Old Westminster Library, Intriguing enough!

    A large business group looking for a nice place to eat, some of us wanted Indian food, others don't really eat Indian food, so this place seemed to be a very happy compromise -- haute cuisine with a hint of Indian flavour, exquisite presentation, and gracious service. Not to mention the uniquely interesting location and interior decoration that other Yelpers have already commented on.

    The food is quite tasty, albeit not authentic (the restaurant website uses the description "Beyond Authentic"). Amongst the dishes enjoyed by our group, there were tandoori breast of Anjou squab pigeon, skate wing, sea bass in goan curry sauce, Hyderabadi style lamb. The menu is not extensive but it changes frequently, if not daily, so the desired outcome is that you will always find something interesting enough to try.

    The price is quite reasonable for this type of establishment and in this area of London, especially if you can get there during the time that set menu is being offered (2 courses for £19 or 3 courses for £22).

    All in all, a nice place to go to for its location/ambience/service and Indian-influenced fine dining. Obviously don't go there if you are looking for hardcore authentic Indian food.

  • 3.0 star rating

    WHITE PLATE FOOD!!! The taste of the food was great - so no problem there but it was pricey though...and I left hungry.

    I am not a stranger to fine dining (and before you ask nooooo I don't have a chip on my shoulder) but the atmosphere was far too quiet and ultimately I could not shake the feeling that this place too stuffy for its own good.  Sorry guys it just didn't work for me.

    Everyone else seemed to like it though....so maybe I was having a bad day...or maybe I wasn't...

  • 4.0 star rating

    Before you go here phone the bank manager and ask for his permission. Also let him know that your card hasn't been cloned or borrowed in answer to that recurring shonky email request.

    Put simply, Cinnamon Club is for high rollers, wannabe ballers and shot callers.

    I remember the first time i ever came here: it was like foreplay for the tongue.

    I've 'done' lunch here a few times over the years, sometimes on the largesse of others at on occasion by myself and what can i say?

    Every time I go here the taste of the food refuses to budge from my palette for days. It's like being upgraded to First Class on a plane. You know, you go left instead of right and you start your trip off with a bang.  Every other flight experience thereafter is a pale imitation.

    Sprinkle in a few celebs and politicians - if you like that sort of thing - and you'll be in the zeitgeist. Let's put it this way, if you think you're sitting next to someone famous then you probably are. It's that kind of place.

    The sumptuous ambience takes civility up a notch. Concierge service at the front door, makes you feel like a true VIP the moment you breach the threshold. Then again, maybe they just liked my tailored suit. Sit down, ruffle an eyebrow and you'll have service before the word forms on your lips. Very attentive, very cute.

    But what of the food?

    It ain't cheap, but then again given its location, did you really expect that to be the case?

    If your bank manager will let you, depart from the set menu.

    Try to explain to him how good the food is. Though it'll be like trying to describe colour to a blind man, it's worth the effort but ultimately futile.

    At first glance the food doesn't look like much - shrimp on a stick, small pieces of weirdly shaped meat etc - and in truth the portions appear stingy but here, the ethos is clearly less is more. In their defence, i guess it's all about the ever-changing menu.

    This is a definite once a year treat for restricted budgets or if you're a bonus heavy banker-type: a light, regular snack. Still if you want to live like there's no tomorrow go ahead and throw financial caution to your stomach. The experience promises not to disappoint. Just don't expect to come away to come away any wealthier or less hungry than when you stepped in.

    I won't even get you started on the wine list as it'll add a minimum of 20% to your bill by my calculations...

  • 5.0 star rating

    Really fantastic upmarket indian food, set in the Old Westminster Library. Totally wonderful and grand-feeling dining.

    We took some friends from New York here for dinner, and all four of us loved the food. I think my favourite thing about the meal was the dessert, though! It was a really interesting combination of three different Indian-flavour-inspired things. Dessert is not a course I normally associate with Indian food, but my mind was changed after coming here.

    Basically, the standard of the food, quality of the service and all-round pleasant-ness of the experience is equal to the Cinnamon Club's prices. And that's always a good thing to find.

  • 4.0 star rating

    A fabulous meal in a lovely environment. We went relatively early at 6.30pm so very empty and placed in the corner but by 7.30pm it was packed.
    We were given a free morsel a lovely potato ball deepfried.
    I had the scottish king scallops covered in baby squid stirfiry on a bed of spinach and cauliflower puree - amazing!!
    I then had the welsh saddle of lamb served with keema sag and finally a warm chocolate mousse with white chocolate icecream, followed by coffee which came with petite fours. I would love to go back and might try there special offers next time. I also had their zombie cocktail which contains absynthe which was quite refreshing

  • 4.0 star rating

    There are times only a curry will do.
    Those times when you're hung over and you want to create a commotion in your mouth. To purge your body through fiery sweat of all the ills inside.
    To comfort and sooth your aching bones with the magical lubricant that is ghee.
    To gorge yourself silly with mad flavours and three too many side dishes. And poppadums.
    Warning. The Cinnamon Club isn't for those times.
    There's no gorging here. No poppadums either. No flock wallpaper or piped music. No lurid picture of a waterfall where the water moves magically. The menus aren't laminated and the sauces aren't the colour of nuclear fusion. Personally I'm a sucker for all that stuff you get at your local curry house.
    But I'm also a sucker for everything the Cinnamon Club has to offer.
    The missus and I had been once before, about 10 years ago, and loved it. But we never find ourselves in Victoria much, hence the gap.
    Well, after a morning at Westminster Abbey, we thought it was time to go back, so we strolled down.
    First off, the building. A grand place. An old library with plenty of space, lots of crisp linen and sparkling glass. The welcome is warm but at the same time formal enough for you to know you're coming to dine, not gorge.
    Next the menu. A la cart dishes to make the mouth water and the eyes water too when you see the price. No vindaloo, no CTM (the most popular dish in the country so we're told). We plumped for the set lunch menu which had plenty of choice.
    To start we had a mackerel fillet which had a beautifully balanced spice rub on it before being delicately steamed and fried (I think). Delicate flavours every one. Personally I prefer a well burnished skin on my mackerel but this would have defeated the point of the dish. It was accompanied by a mustard sauce which worked ever so well. It complimented the fish rather than overpowering it. The other starter was tender pieces of chicken, again beautifully spiced and served with a yoghurt that set if off well. It was close to tandoori chicken but simply more delicate in colour and flavour and cooking.
    My main was a lamb curry (can't remember the exact description) which came as two pieces of lamb with a thick creamy red sauce around it. The sauce was soaked up by beautifully done rice. It was fantastic. The missus's main was two plaice fillets, again rubbed with a beautiful blend of spices, cooked to perfection. The salad it came with I didn't particularly care for, it was a runner bean and coconut thing. I'm just not a great fan of runner bean. It was expertly cooked and presented though.
    I can honestly say the plaice was sensational. So light and fluffy but with this pronounced spice which didn't mask the natural flavour of the fish. Memorable.
    Not that we needed a pudding afterwards but seeing as it was only £2 extra to have one, then why not?
    Basil Panna Cotta with a ginger and date crumble is what came out. Great texture, robust basil flavour, a hint of the east with the ginger. A lovely finish.
    The thing about this place is that you eat an Indian here completely differently to how you eat one normally. we found ourselves savouring every mouthful, combining different flavours thoughtfully and really appreciating all that was happening on our excited tongues. Beautifully balanced is the best I can describe it. Thoughtful cooking which leads to thoughtful eating. Makes a change for a crammer like me.
    Service was warm, friendly and helpful, especially with me enquiring after every dish EXACTLY what went into it. Surroundings ever so swish. Not the place for a proper rave up certainly. It's quite reserved and cool, but very relaxing and you really find yourself focussing on the food.
    And for £24 for three courses, well I think that's the best bargain I've come across in a long while. A lovely meal in every respect but mostly a real treat for the taste buds. A reminder if one was ever needed that Indian food is simply the king of all  cuisines. Je suis desole Frenchies.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    If your looking for fancy swanky upscale delicious Indian fusion heaven you have come to the right place. Situated in the Old Westminster Library converted into a large open dining room, it has this classic air of English meets London.

    Given a potato dumpling after ordering I knew we where in for a treat. The restaurant begin to fill up to capacity and the waiters who fix your napkin when you go to the bathroom no longer standing around trying to find something to do. I ordered the plantain kofta with beetroot chutney. Absolutely amazing.

    I am still full and it is the next day! I ended my meal with an over the top dark chocolate pudding served with masala ice cream which I could not finish but tried my best.

    This place is a utter treat. The bar downstairs does 2 for 1 drinks between 4-7pm weeknights.

  • 3.0 star rating

    My friend was sad. I decided to take her out to dinner to cheer her up. Problem was, I was also broke. But no matter - there was a great deal at Pizza Express.

    Unfortunately, my friend (of expensive taste and one never to miss out on an opportunity for free food) had already booked us into the Cinnamon Club. 'Don't worry,' she said, 'I've got a TopTable special!'.

    In order to qualify for this (2 courses with Bellini for £19 or 3 courses for £22) we had to be seated by 6.30. As I don't finish work until 6pm in North London, I duly arrived at 6.40, a giant ball of sweatiness and immediately felt intimidated by my 'rah' surroundings. It didn't help that as I sat down with my friend her first words were 'Ha! you look like a nurse.'


    The surroundings are beautiful - wood-panelled walls, a balcony dining area and crisp white table cloths. And quiet... Admittedly it was fairly early and therefore not too busy but you did feel awkward speaking at anything above a hushed whisper.

    Anyway, onto the important bit - the food! The Set Menu was limited - 3 choices for Starter, 3 for Main and 3 for pud. And it was a different Set Menu on their website from which I'd dribbled over earlier that day. I ordered the Grilled Plaice and Lamb Chops. Grilled Plaice was delicious, definitely more so than my friend's 'M&S' style tandoori chicken chunks. The Lamb chop was good although the portion was decidedly too little! My friend had the mullet which looked and tasted divine. The Bellini was most exquisite - it tasted of spice and exoticness.  I could have easily made my way through a pitcher.

    My only alarming moment was when the waiter snuck up on me until his face was pretty much 3 inches from mine and asked 'DESSERT?'. I almost punched him.

    All in all, the food was pretty tasty if a little on the small side, the atmosphere was rather hushed, and it was pretty expensive, even with our TopTable offer. An additional glass of wine and side dish bumped up our bill by £20. I'd go again, just as long as someone else was paying! For me, it's def a special occasion visit.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The best posh indian food i've tasted.....but be warned, the heat is as high as the price.  

    Went here for a friends birthday who has nuclear taste buds and she had what was called the bollywood burner - we understand now that its no longer the hotest dish in the world....think it maybe around number 3 now (well thats what the tall dark and handsome guy said that offered to get me a chiili to try - maybe his plan was to try and cause me a heartatack then save my life than I would give an even bigger tip!!!).  Anyhows, friend did actualy sign the contract to eat this meal and she did find it too hot, but to everyones dissapointment working there who kept checking on us she didnt break into a sweat, although I must say they were never intrusive and i enjoy my glass being topped up every time i take a sip

    Wine list is fair, but don't expect many bottles to be under the 50 quid mark, actually probably more 100.  The non nuclear food is just as good and has an extremly tasteful zing to it

    Its a posh place without the pretendance....everyone working there is attentive, but not intrusive, I would say that its posh but not old school posh and all are welcome, although you would fit in better if you wore a suit and your more 40 upwards (even in the funky looking downstairs bar)...basically for established people that can easily spend a couple hundread on dinner

    To sum up;
    The food was great, people working there really attentive and know how to provide a service.  The only down side (well apart from the fact someone else wasnt paying for me) was the wait for the wine...which we werre later infomed that they had to go to the cellar to fetch, which nearly caused me a mini heart attack as i thought I might have missed a 0 of the price tag

    well worth a visit, although unfortunately for us non westminster suit types its going to have to be a special occassion

  • 3.0 star rating


    My experience of the Cinnamon Club is rather different from most of those here, so I'll get straight to the point!

    The interior is indeed impressive, having once been a library, this two-storey room does provide a unique ambience.

    The food is Anglo-Indian in true fusion style, and there's no doubt that you can get some rich and unique flavours. Whether you actually like something like Massala Mash will be up to you - expect the innovative rather than classic Indian cooking. Personally, I find the offerings a bit hit and miss, and the vegetarian selection disappointing for an Indian restaurant. Some dishes really are very good, but others rather less so. The wine list is very good indeed, at a price.

    The price: I've not tried the £22 early-bird menu, which sounds like a very good deal, and probably the best way to sample the food. If you go a la carte, expect to pay £60 a head or more - plus service. Go for an above-average bottle of wine and I'd budget on £75 a head.

    And that is my main gripe. For this amount of money, I have not been impressed with the quality of service. On my last visit, my starter arrived before I had finished my (actually rather nice) 'free' appetiser, which was unceremoniously whisked away before I had finished it, and without being asked. I found this absolutely astonishing. And the waiters seemed a little sniffy throughout - again not what I expect for this amount of money (or for any amount of money, actually).

    So, good marks for the food and surroundings, but three overall taking into account value for money and service.

    • Qype User greenm…
    • Esher, Surrey
    • 173 friends
    • 270 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    This really is a top place, be sure to go in the bar first but you can't order your food in the bar!!
    The flavours of the food are superb , different spices coming at you in succession, difficult to describe well enough.
    I've been a few times and nearly always the food is great.. try the Game Platter!!
    On the downside the staff are proficient, but don't seem to do 'friendly'... it seems to be dliberate.
    Reckon on £50 t0 £70 each for dinner and wine.

  • 5.0 star rating

    What can I say that hasn't already been said in all the thorough reviews before mine? Well ... how about this? The morning menu here is on par with sister restaurant, Cinnamon Kitchen (londonist.com/2009/07/re…) . The uttapam (south Indian rice pancake with onions, green chilli tomato and peppers served with coconut chutney and lentil broth) is an especially delicious way to spend £8. The flavourful and spicy Bombay scrabbled eggs are pretty rockin' too.
    Gorgeous setting for a gorgeous menu.

    • Qype User cah19…
    • Yeovil, Somerset
    • 73 friends
    • 42 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I was slightly apprehensive about this place. If you are a curry purest, then this place may offend. See the Cinnamon Club as an experiment in fine dining in the style of the Indian Sub-continent.

    Ambiance is first class, which isn't always easy to achieve with large spaces like this old library the restaurant now occupies. Ask to sit on the bench seating along the back for a kingly view of the whole dining area - great for people watching.

    Yes it is expensive - both times I've been there the bill has come to £84 for three courses including wine & coffee. They do a special set menu for £22, but you have to order before 7:30 or after 9:30 - an absolute bargain in my honest opinion!

    Can't fault the food or service. Some of the waiters try a little too hard, and would benefit from being more relaxed, but I've never had to wait long for anything. If you come here on your own, you're offered a newspaper to read while you wait!

    The staff, while initially seeming a little dry are very friendly once you get to know them. I've been twice last week and I'll definitely go back - this will probably become my favourite haunt while I'm working in Westminster.

    Cool little bar downstairs which would be great for a Qype party. AHunter are you reading this?

  • 5.0 star rating

    When we stayed in London for a week last time, my fiancée and me lived on indian food basically for the whole time. Almost made it, and with highly diverse results.

    We went to Cinnamon Club upon recommendation by a friend. Otherwise, I guess, we would not have found it. When I checked the web page online, I feared we would not get a reservation for dinner on the same day, but that was not an issue.

    Passing by Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, we found the Cinnamon Club in a side road. What a nice place! We sat in the middle of the lower floor, and it was quite big and lively there. Three business gentlemen at the next table each had 2 cellphones sitting next to their cutlery and were heavily discussing. Not the perfect place for a dinner for two, I thought. But I deemed wrong.

    The service was top! We had about four different waiters during the stay, and we never felt we had to wait for anything. Quite a difference when you're used to my home town's restaurants.

    The food is, as others noted here, a mixture of anglo/french/european style and indian cuisine. Don't expect the usual stuff for the usual price. You won't get it at Cinnamon Club. Admittedly, for enjoying a snug evening with garlic naan and massalla gosht, I still prefer my favourite indian place I go to since many years. But to make a difference, Cinneman Club is the place to go for lovers of indian cuisine.

    We chose a la carte, and spent something like 280 pounds that evening for starters, excellent meals, and an enchanting dessert, each accompanied by fit and proper choices of wine. I can't remember leaving that much money in a restaurant for a single dinner before, and I didn't believe I'd be willing to do so, either. After visiting Cinnamon Club, I changed my mind, and we will go there again, the next time we visit London.

    One down-side was the bar down stairs was closed for a private reception that evening we were there, so we could not test that. Well. There should always be something to look forward to, the next time.

    • Qype User anteen…
    • London
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    • 134 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    A fabulous meal in a lovely environment. We went relatively early at 6.30pm so very empty and placed in the corner but by 7.30pm it was packed.
    We were given a free morsel a lovely potato ball deepfried.
    I had the scottish king scallops covered in baby squid stirfiry on a bed of spinach and cauliflower puree - amazing!!
    I then had the welsh saddle of lamb served with keema sag and finally a warm chocolate mousse with white chocolate icecream, followed by coffee which came with petite fours. I would love to go back and might try there special offers next time. I also had their zombie cocktail which contains absynthe which was quite refreshing

  • 5.0 star rating

    Probably the best example of how to handle a customer problem that I have ever come across. My wife and I went there a few weeks ago on a night when everything was going wrong for them, our main courses arrived before the starters, and naturally I was not happy; however, they got back to me and offered us a free meal on the house, which I was delighted to take up.

    We have just enjoyed a wonderful meal, some of the best and most original Indian food that we have ever enjoyed - not your normal curries but something on a totally different level.

    It is sophisticated and interesting food, perfectly cooked and served in a thoroughly professional manner. This place sets standards that few Indian restaurants could compete with, and we have eaten at Benares, Tamarind and Trishna, all of which have gained a Michelin star, I am amazed that Cinnamon Club doesn't have one.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Went there for a lunch on a Saturday. The restaurant was very quiet.

    Service was fine without being exceptional, no complaints, job was done.

    Food was magnificent. I wasn't expecting amazing rich flavour at indian haute cuisine but there was never any taste lacking in any of the dishes on the tasting menu. I highly recommend getting that as it was a great experience.

    For indian fine dining one cannot go wrong here but if you want your quick chicken tikka masala then this is not the place.

    • Qype User Catgir…
    • Yeovil, Somerset
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    • 20 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I'm not a great Indian food eater but got taken here by my partner who is and I have to say it was very pleasant.

    We were seated in the old library while we waited for a table and sipped on Kia Royales.

    We were then taken to our table in the main room which was lovely. It had a real buzzy atmosphere and the food served was delicious.

    The table next to us was having the taster menu which I believe is quite expensive £100+ but definitely worth a try on a revisit.

    The wine list complemented the type of food very well and I can see why this place is so popular. Its a modern twist on the typical Indian type restaurant and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

    • Qype User tdste…
    • Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear
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    • 128 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    This is a treat. Expensive yes but something avant garde/ innovative mouth-wateringly different with some high end twists to Indian Cuisine. One of the places that is on my must list when visiting London.
    The amuse bouchees (freebies) tell you you are in for a treat.
    Decor fresh and open with a funky little cocktail bar downstairs
    Quite good people watching offered here too
    Hoisin deer with pickling spices fantastic. Only dish I have ever had that was not tremendous was the dhal. Fish and mat curries are excellent veg curries also (save the dhal)

  • 5.0 star rating

    I'd been told great things about this restaurant so I was expecting a lot. I went here with my partner, my mum and sister and my cousin who's like a brother, so the food needed to match the company. We ordered starters naturally. I went for the vegetarian route and had tandoori broccoli. The main was a chicken curry of sorts. Both were excellent. Where everything excelled was in the quality of the side dishes. Every one of them so delicious I could have had them as mains. I didn't have one mouthful that I didn't like throughout the whole meal. Even the naan bread was amazing. For dessert I had the Indian equivalent of a creme anglaise tart, and wow was it good. I almost ejaculated whilst eating it. The bill was expectedly eye watering and it's definitely a place for extra special occasions, unless of course you're Tamara Ecclestone.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I usually avoid high end Indian restaurants (preferring more ordinary fare), but this was an exception.   Tasting menu and premium wine pairing.   All of the dishes were excellent, with sea bass being a narrow winner. Wines were also excellent, albeit somewhat obscure.  Nice room with no bad tables.  No missteps.

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