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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This place isn't bad at all. The food is decent, but nothing special. They have a great selection of beers and ciders and American craft beer on tap.

  • 1.0 star rating

    It's very trendy to slag off Wetherspoon's and its clientele, and I hate to be trendy, but in this instance I just can't help myself. This place is a dive.
    Like most people, I've called in here on occasion, usually when we've been drinking in Katy's for a few hours, realise around 7 or 8 we really need to line our stomachs otherwise we'll a) not last the night or b) be dying in work the next day, and can't be faffed staggering up the road to Spud's. Nando's has just opened across the road from Wetherspoon's so there's always that, but it's too bright and the food is terrible. So Wetherspoon's it has been.

    As I've mentioned before in my reviews, I'm not fussy when it comes to food and usually prefer an informal pub meal and a pint than a posh restaurant and a £30 wine. I'm a cheap date, me.

    But Wetherspoon's is still a dive. The food is so obviously processed, the staff normally get the orders wrong, and for some reason I find it a bit intimidating going up to the condiments trough in the middle of the bar. (Although they are very nickable, which gets Wetherspoon's one star.)

    And the clientele. Oh mamma. Last time I was here there was a group of middle-aged women behind us - you know the type, built like brick ahemhouses with forearms bigger than my thighs, dressed to the nines in tat with loads of 'gold' jewellery, and only let out of the house once a year so make the more than the most of it when they do. They were all steaming, as were the group of young men (I use that term kindly) sitting in front of us who called over us and across to them for around half an hour, trying to get the one under 40 in the group to come and join them. There was so much pretend coyness I wanted to get up and push them together like a child playing mummies and daddies with two dolls and bellow at them to freaking just get on with it.

    This, the very bright lighting, the lack of music and the spidey customers, mean this is a bar to be avoided. Go in the afternoon for an hour or two to neck as much cheap drink as you can before going somewhere else, but for the love of god strap on your parachute and get out of there before 6.

  • 1.0 star rating
    First to Review

    If you are thinking of visiting Belfast, perhaps give careful consideration to any of the other options. If you're already in Belfast and it's too late, don't go to The Bridge House.

    I say don't go to Belfast as when we went there on a Friday evening a year or two ago, barely anywhere was serving food still at 9 o'clock at night. On a Friday! We ended up eating in McDonalds on the first night.

    Somewhat peeved by this, we resolved not to let this happen to us again the second night, so when we out during the day we stopped into one or two places to ask what time they served food til. The Bridge House served food until 10 (or 11); no, we didn't need to make a reservation, even though there was about ten of us. Happy enough with this, we returned that evening. The people that seated us were very pleasant, and the food wasn't fantastic, but standard pub fare, reasonably priced. What bothered me was the surroundings.

    You see, The Bridge House belongs to the Wetherspoons chain, a concept that I was unfamiliar with at the time but one I have become all too familiar with now. They are a chain of horrible, very English pubs: really crappily laid out, and loads of pub games to make up for the fact that they aren't blessed with the knack of good converstion. Very English.

    There were another couple of off-putting things. It took forever to get served at the bar. Now I'm pretty tall and I would like to think myself adept at the art of getting a barman's attention, but this chap was serving everyone else before me. Then water began to pour out from the ceiling tiles behind me. It was strange.

    I went back to our table and asked the chap next to me did he notice anything strange about this pub (everyone had begun arguing at this point in the trip, so I thought it might have been that). Yes, he replied. He then pointed out that we, a group of louche media students from Dublin, had wandered into a loyalist-ish pub.

    And when I looked around, a lot of the men were kind of shaven headed and rough looking. And, even though it was still before 10, there was a group of lads with a blow-up sheep having a stag party.

    As soon as we had finished eating, we promptly made our exit.

    As we were leaving, one of the stag party lads decided to head outside for a bit of air, bringing his drink with him. One of the bouncers took it off and poured it out, drinking on the street being illegal. Some of this chap's mates took exception to this and started having a go at the bouncers, and we were even gladder to be out of the place.

    We went to another pub for the night, and it was a good buzz (even though it did close at one).

    On our way home, we had to walk by The Bridge Bar. I'm not exaggerating: there were about 6 or 7 people in a big brawl outside the place. A fire engine came along with it's sirens on and it couldn't get by because there were so many people grappling on the road.

    Shithole, avoid.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Well, its a Wetherspoons so you know what to expect. Its cheap, not particularly cheerful, but this place is just not a nice space to be in.

    My first experiences of this pub were when I was a student and we used to head down for a fry for breakfast and if this was late enough in the morning we would get a pint to go with it. It was good when you were a student and needed to get pissed and fed for as little money as possible but as soon as you go beyond that I don't see the point in the place.

    People always say about the price of the food but it is truely not up to much. It seems like oven chips out of the freezer and the burgers etc are not much better.

    Sure you can get a pint for less than £2 but I'd rather have a nice place to hang out and listen to some music than save a bit of money.

    I always feel there is a fight just about to break out when its past about 8pm, which again, is never ideal.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I don't really have a massive problem with this place. i've only marked it down because it's just not somewhere I like to go.

    I find it to be full of people I generally try to avoid, wearing clothes I'd like to burn. Oh, and the carpet is sticky. Gross.

    Time was, I would go regularly. A friend and I used to eat there quite a bit when we were at uni. Yeah, we knew the food was all frozen (including the friend eggs apparently - someone needs to explain to me how that works!), but when you're a student and you've no money and you can eat crap all the time without worrying about the waistline consequences, Wetherspoons does the job!

    You know what you're going to get with any Wetherspoons and The Bridge House is no exception. I wouldn't recommend you spend your whole night there, but it would be a grand place to watch the football, or have a few warm-ups before heading on to somewhere better.

    Without a sticky carpet.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I have to agree with some of the other reviews, this is a really, really rough venue and it's known for the less than savoury crowd it pulls in. It seems to attract groups of English men on stag do's in particular, which can frequently lead to trouble if they're particularly rowdy and clash with the locals.

    Having said that, I can't fault the food, which is fairly nice, and by day it's a pleasant enough venue, with more students as opposed to the eejits it attracts by night.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I don't mind Wetherspoons as long as it is during the day.

    I called in recently for a quick lunch as I was craving nachos. I used to work in a Wetherspoons many moons ago so I had a fair idea of what i was going to get. I didn't order anything cooked as such just nachos, sour cream, guacamole and jalepenos.

    For a plate for 1 - 2 people it is only £2.79 and I consider this a bargain.

    The reasons I don't go into this pub in the evening were present also at 1pm - lots of groups of loud, letcharous men sitting about drinking cheep pints and looking like they are about to stab and kill everyone.

    I find this bar a tad frightening. I also have a story about a bar stool which I will save for another time.

    Go if you want cheap, not great food and beer with loud drunken company.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Weatherspoons does exactly what it says on the tin, or rather pint glass and that is ridiculously cheap prices.

    A bottle of Kopparberg is £2.50, compared to the whopping E7 my sister paid for the same pint down south. Ridiculous!

    I would really only suggest Weatherspoons if you are enduring particularly hard times.

    The booth seats upstairs are the best to get away from all the noise downstairs.

    There were young teenage girls milling about on the Thursday night I was there who seemed a little worse for wear and were dressed pretty provocatively. Not nice.

    They offer jugs of cocktails for £7 which are so luminous they look radioactive. I don't think I could actually bring myself to put that crap into my body, never mind the amount of money I'd be saving.

    All in all, Weatherspoons is a tad depressing, but it is a recession eh?

  • 2.0 star rating

    The ONLY reason anyone ever, ever, ever goes here is for the blindingly cheap drink. That's my reason anyway. More to the point, its just a strange place. I could walk in at around 12 on a random weekday and it's still crowded with the strangest people on the planet. You know your life isn't working out when your a regular at a Wetherspoons

    .I would only ever come to this place during the day because when the moon is out, the weirdos come to Wetherspoons for a drink and a fight; not a place you want to be when you wear glasses and have a big mouth.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Ah sweet Wetherspoons.Your pub chain is brining cheap drink and liver damage to all those who walk through the doors, and he vast  majority of its customers are glad for this.

    Wetherspoons for me is the ideal place to go before you are heading out elsewhere. All drink is reasonably priced and there is ample seating, and if you are lucky enough you can land booths or leather seating areas to caress your butt cheeks whilst you drink, which is nice!

    The crowd can be a bit dodgy and rowdy, but with cheap this cheap it is easy to understand why it draws in this clientele. The best advice I can say is keep yourself to yourself and a good time will be yours!
    I've been in here at lunchtime before and I got a Panini that wasn't too bad actually. The food wont be winning awards any time soon but it isn't terrible by any means!

  • 5.0 star rating

    We stayed in the Travelodge nearby a few days ago so went to The Bridge House for several breakfasts and evening meals. I have now visited countless branches of Wetherspoon all over South Wales and Southern England and this has to be one of the best. It's very large (with upstairs seating too), clean and looked after well (including the gleaming pristine toilets!)

    We were there for meals on Friday and Saturday nights and, although it was very busy (as everywhere would be in a city), we found somewhere comfortable to sit and the meals were brought as quickly as possible.

    The menu is so varied and excellent (a joy for vegetarians as well as everyone else!!), everything arrived beautifully presented and piping hot. Great service too: we have nothing but praise for Richard who made us so welcome - he's a real credit to Wetherspoon.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The wonderful Wetherspoons, famous for selling cheap drink to the unemployed, to be honest that's about the only good thing about it, the cheap drink and the strange mix of people you find inside, usually during the day you get office people on lunchtime sessions and a few barflies trying to cadge a drink off you, I saw one guy doing the rounds hoovering up any leftover drink, before he was chucked out, after 6pm the place takes a mildly sinister turn, fortunately, being 6 foot 1 and 18 stone deters most would be aggressors, but I've seldom been in here on a friday night without hearing the crack of fist hitting jaw, and that's just the women.

    They do the odd cheap ale, gratefully recieved by the daytime DLA mob, but it's not the real ale heaven it's made out to be. And avoid at al costs if you have a decent looking woman with you, she'll either get hit on by letches or bitched at by millies.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Standard Wetherspoons.  Poor food, close to a good atmosphere but just missing the mark, nice cheap beer with few brands that are much other than macro-brews.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I can't quite understand this place having two one-star reviews. Yes it does have the Wetherspoon's lick of paint but it is a nice place for a cheap drink. I have been in some Wetherspoon's both in Northern Ireland and England and this is certainly the best decorated one I've ever stepped into. Food is nothing to write home about but it is decent pub grub. I do not know what this place is like at the weekends because Belfast does have two distinct crowds - during the week and at the weekend - but what I would say is that this is a good place for a drink or two and a decent enough area for a bit of craic.

  • 2.0 star rating

    This is Belfast's Lloyds/Wetherspoons pub, located in the heart of the city just across from the BBC building

    Its a large open space when you walk in, tables and chairs adorn with the usual faux wood and tasteless decor many Wetherspoon's feature

    Large bar, with 4 handpumps. Sadly, they usually just have Abbot ale on which is pretty average to say the least. During the recent 'beer festival' they had nothing on and despite advertising the fest heavily for weeks they had no festival beers on...

    I made an attempt to purchase a bottle of Thomas Hardy ale as I saw a 4 pack resting up with the champagne. After 10 mins of one member of staff asking another etc etc I was informed that it was expensive.... I said thats fine. She then returned and told me it wasn't for sale... things are not going well so far

    I proceeded to try to order a bottle of Pivor Herold Dark with great difficulty, eventually after much pointing I was served it without a glass...

    I ordered a pint of Old Rosie cider too although instead got some other Weston's, possibly the organic.

    The atmopshere? Well.... during the day its tolerable but sadly once dusk falls things go from a fairly sedate environment to an atmosphere akin to a social club for troubled teenagers with a fair few asbos to their name. During the 'festival' there was a hen and stag do including a 30th birthday party...

    This pub has a Cask Marque... I don't know how but they do. Its a pretty dire place, I occasionally pop my head in to see whats on the handpumps but to be honest its not worth it for the environment.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I would like to add an eleventh reason for a previous reviewer's (Nick S.) list of reasons to visit this place.  It is absolutely fascinating.

    For about ten minutes, of course.  I'm not sure I could even begin to describe the other customers that were rammed into this hugely popular place last time I was there (my reasons for my presence follow).  Hordes of young people in tracksuits and astonishing amounts of makeup, using a twisted, unintelligible version of the language that the rest of us have agreed upon and have gotten used to.

    I was there because I was on a long-planned-in-advance pub crawl, the type that starts at 2pm, with a group of old friends I have known for many a year.  About six hours in, one of us made the suggestion that maybe getting some food in Wetherspoon's (two meals for £7, or something silly like that) would be a good idea, and seeing as how we were all plastered, it didn't need to be high-end stuff.

    I'd like to think I put up an argument, but I really don't remember.  I remember every single second of sitting in Belfast's biggest sociological experiment.  I remember ordering chilli con carne and getting a bowl of microwaved gravy and some fluorescent yellow rice.

    The mind still boggles just thinking about it.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Shudder...this is a tragic place...not really much to add to any of the previous reviews other than that it opens at 7am and they do a cheap breakfast. Ridiculously cheap I might add and the coffee is pretty ok so if you have time to kill before the cinema etc..it makes a lot of sense.

    However, if you have a sane thought in your head, do not visit here after dark. It seems to be a huge magnet for all kinds of lairy nutters (both male and female) and there always seems to be some sort of aggro going on (last time it was a bunch of Scottish chaps spoiling for a ruck).

    Pros: Cheap.
    Cons: Hellish after dark.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Ok its not the best place, but not nearly the hell-hole that Yelpers are trying to make it sound like. It is one of the few places in Belfast with cask ales, so that raises them a few notches in my book. Vibe is a little plastic, and saturday night the crowd gets a bit clubby and somewhat cringe-worthy, but there are lots of couches and cheap and decent beer, so how can it really be that bad?

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Came here for lunch and got a burger & a beer for 5.10 pounds. The food wasn't the best of course, but it is still good. We also ordered the smoked haddock & mozzarella fishcakes, which were also good. Finished the meal off with a Belgian waffle with ice cream and my girlfriend had the warm chocolate fudge cake with ice cream. Both were very good as well. I would be a regular here if I lived in Belfast.

    • Qype User ok200…
    • Derby
    • 3 friends
    • 101 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The Bridge Inn is located a short distance from Belfast City Hall, and is part of the Wetherspoon chain of pub's accross the UK. The atmosphere inside is what you would expect from any wetherspoon, there is no music, but there is sky sports news displayed on the large flatscreen tv's. The food and customer service is good, and the food was hot, which makes a change to some wetherspoon experiences, the food has sometimes come out cold! but they are allways happy to return it to the kitchen, and give you a fresh dish of food, so why bring it out cold?! Overall the price for a pint is the cheapest anywhwre in belfast city centre, and is only a short walk from all the sights, ideal for tourists.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Don't like it, don't like it, don't like it. I'm sorry, there's not much more can say about it - apart from the questionable cleanliness of the place, the sticky tables, the stuffy feeling with too many big men shoved into one place at a time, the total average quality of the food, that is cheap yes, but it what you're getting in my opinion isn't even worth that price, and the fact that there are all sorts of fights and barneys both inside and outside the place on a weekly, maybe even nightly basis, make it a place that I really wouldn't want to go back to very quickly. It's so bloody rowdy too, does everyone who goes there need to get tested for a hearing aid or something. Don't go.

    • Qype User DiscPe…
    • Belfast
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    • 1 review
    5.0 star rating

    Improved a huge amount since my last visit, Sunday lunch was a pleasure, very well cooked (half chicken - new on the menu), tasted fine and delivered promptly. Atmosphere as always is quiet as it's designed to be (and how I like it), but a big Sunday lunch and a pint of Guinness for under 6 quid, how can you go wrong?

    • Qype User pixiep…
    • Belfast
    • 1 friend
    • 12 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Best place in Belfast to get proper beer. And cheap too!! Food is pretty good - crowd can be a bit rough at weekends.

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