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  • “He also has a particular knack for choosing the right musicians to play together.” in 21 reviews

    Music: Live

  • “Wednesday or Sunday nights are good nights to walk in on and hear the band jam to some awesome blues and soul.” in 5 reviews

  • “Of the mains, their pulled pork recipe has certainly improved in recent months and their burger is good, while their delicious Oreo milkshake rounded off a pleasant meal.” in 6 reviews

Recommended Reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I'm going to review two separate occasions, as I've been twice in relatively quick succession although be no means not the first time we'd been there. The first time we booked a table for a birthday celebration, we had some friends arriving late, but they were happy to let us wait. In the end we ordered before they arrived, mostly because they were really late! The ribs had a good bark and the BBQ sauce was good and tasty. The others enjoyed pulled pork and burgers, portions were a decent size too. When our last couple of people finally arrived, there was no problem in ordering mains for them and they also arrived quickly. No room for dessert unfortunately, but the hard milkshakes were great. Captain Morgan and salted caramel being the favourite!

    The second, we'd ended up there after some dessert at the Pudding Bar in Soho, both of us living fairly close to Camden Town. Not quite finished with the eve, we went there for a nightcap. Surprisingly still kicking at 11pm on a Sunday evening, it was also an open mic night, with people signing up to play guitar, bass, drums or sing as part of an impromptu group. Not all combos sang, but there was always a full backup group. Drinks went down well, and the guy in charge seemed pretty adept at putting complimentary musicians together, even stepping in as drummer when necessary.

    The place is loud, a little dark and has good live music and a bar to drink at before/after. For me I think it's a nice spot to meet for some drinks, although unless you book, I think walking in and expecting to find a table may be difficult.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Having brunch there is always a fun thing to expect for weekend!!

    Although it's a bit unacceptable to have the toasts fried in oil :(

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This place is so much fun on a Sunday night. It's always packed so I book a table in advance, eat delicious chilli and watch the Jam Session.
    Menus entirely good ol' fashioned American BBQ though the Alligator special was interesting.
    Wouldn't rate the barrel aged cocktails they must have been in too long when we had them because they just tasted of maple splinters.
    Atmosphere and live music make this place amazing.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Forget Red Dog Saloon, meat mission, meat & liquor and the Diner Chain, this is by far the best American Food restaurant in London,

    The venue it's self is homely and cool but very quirky, the food OMG the food, hands down the best hot chicken wings I have had, bar elephant & castle in Dublin now they where good, went for the cheese burger for mains 10 out of 10 and then the cheese cake.

    Good job it's a Sunday and my diet starts Monday ;)

  • 3.0 star rating

    When I was a young man, there was a weekday evening TV programme that reviewed computer games. This was back before gaming became mainstream 'popular culture' and were just the thing that little boys did after they'd graduated from Panini stickers but before they had discovered Rebecca Burley's cleavage and the intense joy of illicitly obtained cigarettes.

    One of the many features I remember from the show, other than the venerable Patrick Moore as the titular Gamesmaster dispensing advice on how to reach previously unachievable levels and slay end of dungeon bosses, was the hilarious Viewer Reviewer section. Each week a pasty faced young limb from the provinces would be given the first play of a new game before reporting back in the way of any normal twelve year old confronted with adults and a TV camera: "I liked this game, it was good." they'd intone nervously. "The graphics were good and the sound was, um, good". Warming to the theme, "overall this game is recommended. If you like that sort of game". Hardly Giles Coren, but then who am I to talk?

    The Blues Kitchen on the Camden High Road makes all the right noises, and some of the things it tries, it manages to pull off perfectly. On a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm, it's slick, reclaimed brick and artfully themed interior is packed out and booked out, so much so that we're told by the chipper and efficient front of house that there isn't a table until 9.30. We slink back across the road for another pint before being called with a cancellation.

    Staff are universally friendly, funky and devoid of the 'tude one might expect given the locale (and the crowds). Beers from a slim list of US crafts are pricey, but a wonderful set from house singer Katy Anderson and her band the Rumours is as deliciously well done as it is unhyped. In hindsight, I'd have opted to sit nearer, have a couple of beers and enjoy the set more.

    The menu is, unlike the bar, a pretty straight summary of good ol' Louisiana stylings. And the selection of burgers, fried or BBQ'ed goods and gumbo certainly fit the design theme. Like the teen reviewer of my youth though, I can't get round the fact it was all good, but 'just' good. Despite the potential to be so much better. A shared platter of sliders were fair enough, perfectly adequate support to the band and the beers, though the new house special of deep fried alligator tail fillet could have been chicken or pork given the level of cooking it had endured in it's panko crumbed prison.

    The mains were united in three aspects; great ingredients, cooked well but woefully underpowered with their seasoning. My St Louis pork ribs were perfectly juicy and tender, cooked perfectly over (allegedly) aromatic wood chips, but just didn't have any flavour to them. Lovely meat, but someone had totally missed the marinading stage. Cooked nude, without the thick umami kick and spice a good sauce should have brought, they were just 'nice', sadly no more than that. The same, even less forgivably, was true of the gumbo... A deep slow cooked stew of seafood, meats and spices shouldn't need to be liberally salted and peppered just to render it edible, especially when otherwise it was so well prepared. It was puzzling though maybe that's 'fine' if you're not a big fan of the duurty BBQ experience.

    Sadly, despite the stunning rhythm 'n' blues and the friendly staff, I can't see that I'd be back in a hurry for the food. It's a great option if you are unlucky enough to find yourself trapped in Camden of an evening and more than adequate for a night of music and drinks, but the food feels very much ancillary to that. "Overall this place is recommended. If you like that sort of thing".

  • 3.0 star rating

    I went here with friends for a birthday dinner - although we'd made a reservation for ten people, there weren't actually any tables that accommodated that many, so were were split in two. This was a little bit of a downer.

    The food was actually delicious - I had a burger that was very stylishly served on a wooden board, and it was lovely and juicy with a pretty awesome brioche bun. A little expensive, but good for a night out with the gang. Good beer selection; few vegetarian options.

    Additionally, it was nice to have a space big enough to have dinner and then band/dancing without people walking all around the tables! Pretty rare in Camden. The band was very good; I'd come back to see who else plays here.
    A couple people ordered the fried alligator bits and said it tasted like chicken. To which I respond: why not just have the chicken?

  • 3.0 star rating

    I really enjoyed my recent visit to the Blues Kitchen.

    Strange as it sounds probably the most enjoyable part of the place is the exterior decoration, I love the deconstructed nature of the design!

    I poured into here with my friend on a quiet Wednesday night and headed to the bar. I enjoyed the decor and ambiance in the place and the staff all seemed very nice.

    There was a good vibe in the Blues Kitchen even on a quiet midweek and my fellow patrons seem to be having fun, and were eager to be social. I would be glad to make a return to the Blues Kitchen to try the menu next time. And after reading Lizzie G's review maybe I just do want to have a "side of the vagina with that!"

    See you there soon and next time I'm eating!

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you love Blues, there's one of three places you need to be in the city: Ain't Nothin But the Blue, Round Midnight... Or The Blues Kitchen.

    The Blues Kitchen is the best place for die hard blues lovers, and those who just want to dance to good music.

    Great bar, great staff, great music.

    There's always something fun going on, whether its on stag or in the crow. And it's a great crowd too.

    Perfect for groups, friends, dates, dancing, drinking and good times.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Would you like some brunch and a side of vagina with that!? Seriously, I sit down in here this morning and one of the waitresses leans over the table next to me putting her tight gusset in full view of both me and my dining buddie. Great on a Friday night out but a little stomach churning on Saturday morning with a god awful hangover.

    The Blues Kitchen just disappoints, I came on there opening day for "The best brunch in Camden" and was so disappointed I decided not to review it and try again when they had been going for a while. So I tried today only to receive a plate of boring hash browns, over fatty bacon and a small portion of everything. Oh and did I mention the OJ from concentrate? I paid more for a glass than I would normally do for a carton down the shop.

    The decor is so funny, it's like TGI Fridays for Shoreditch Twats. So disappointing from a place I had such high hopes for. It's not terrible or awful, it's just not for me, or my money. I won't be back again during the day.

  • 4.0 star rating
    29/11/2011 Updated review
    3 check-ins

    Me: "Please can I have a Manhattan?"
    Bartender: "How would you like that?"
    Me: "Umm, in a glass?"
    Bartender: "Balanced?"
    Me: "Just put it here on the bar!"
    Bartender *patiently*: "Do you know what's in a Manhattan?"
    Me: "Yeah! Whiskey!"
    Bartender: "It's very strong!"
    Me: "I like it that way!"

    One delicious Manhattan and about 15 minutes later...

    Me: "Please can I have a Manhattan, in a glass, balanced and put here on the bar in front of me?"
    Bartender *with a big smile*: "Of course you can!"

    I love The Blues Kitchen!

    3.0 star rating
    2/9/2011 Previous review

    This bar made me want to play a badass piano riff and start…
    Read more
  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Yelpers to try this place with? ..Check!
    Alarms set for 6am? ..Check!
    Failure to wake up til 10 minutes after I should have left? ..Check!
    Ability to thus not look properly at directions and walk the opposite way? ..Check!

    So, great start to the day to check this place out, When I did groggily (I was out of cigarettes) walk in through the doors to this surprisingly large place, the first thing of notice is, well, the size. It looks like they can handle quite a crowd, so I'm curious to see what use they'll make of this!

    The tables are quite sizeable, able to handle the amount of seats/sofas without too much problem. There's wifi, albeit slow, friendly staff, an appealing breakfast menu, and music quite enough that I wasn't quite sure if it was actually playing or just my imagination (I like music that doesn't take over the conversational abilities of the group, but I do like it louder than impossible-to-hear!).

    Prices are a little higher than I'm used to for breakfast, at £7.50 for a 'Full English/American Breakfast', £4-5 for a milkshake, and.. I didn't actually look at coffee prices, silly me. Though the breakfasts come with a choice of tea or coffee (which we weren't actually offered? But judging by our bill, they included anyway). In fact, the bill looked cheaper than it should have been, but I didn't inspect it in enough detail to work out why. Will thank them rather than complain, of course!

    Now, Leon C, Lizzie G and I, having never had an American breakfast, decided to try this out. American style pancake, with a choice of blueberry or maple syrup, egg (you choose how you want it done), toast, hash browns, mushroom, BBQ beans and baaaaccccoooonnnn. Oh, and more butter than you can shake a loaf of bread at!

    They gave us, for whatever reason, a sausage instead of the beans - no complaint from me - and seemingly actually cooked some blueberries inside Leon's pancake, too. After instructions from Laura and Miriam on how to actually compile the pancake heart attack, I think we all drifted off into a little slice of heaven for a bit. I know bacon is good enough to go with, well, pretty much anything - but the mix of an american pancake, bacon and maple syrup seemed crazy! And it was! But crazy GOOOOOOD, yo! With my egg scrambled and surprisingly good, after a while of struggle, all but the hash browns and tomato went down with some ease, in spite of our little Americans telling us how un-American it all actually was.

    But who cares how it was? I have some fatass (and I will have one of them at this rate, too!) cravings for more of these pancakes! Seriously! Please!

    The coffee wasn't at all bad either, but the stars of the show for me were by far the pancake/bacon/maple syrup combination, and the oreo milkshake I had. Ohmygod. I've had oreo milkshakes in numerous venues in and around London - it's one of those things I just have to do when I see them - but I think this one actually topped them. It was a lot thicker than most of the ones I've had (which means, with oreos, constant straw removal and suckage, as well as spoon using. Mmmm, spoonage!), which is frankly how it should be. A major plus there!

    The only problems I had with the place was the fact it was uninspiring. With a sign above the bar stating, quite boldly, "The best breakfast in north London" (I believe that was the wording - correct me if I'm wrong Leon), I don't think I could go that far (especially being only their second day of serving breakfast). The decor of the place felt like they tried a little too much, too; With half faded/torn up posters on the wall, which just didn't really fit and was clearly (as they usually are, but this one painfully so) doctored to look that way.

    It's not to say that the experience wasn't enjoyable, it certainly was, but I'd need to be going there with people, rather than the kind of thing I'd head off to go to on my own (ignoring the fact I live over an hour away, of course). In fact, it's probably more the kind of place I'd put forward as a venue for brunch before a shopping trip with friends, than somewhere I'd recommend for breakfast on a remotely normal day.

    All in all, the place could go somewhere pretty nice with this, especially once they've been trading a while longer and fine tuned everything to perfection. I do hope it does, because I could use some excuses to conveniently end up sat here with more pancakes. And oreo milkshakes.

    Mm, oreo.

  • 2.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    This was my first time here and having spent loads of time at Charlotte Street Blues, I must say that I don't think I'll be coming back.  

    When I first arrived, I was accosted by the nasty security guards at the entrance who demanded to see some ID.  1. I'm 27 and refuse to believe that I look younger than 18.  2.  This is a blues bar not a high end club.  What's with the attitude.  Security Fail.

    Once I got in, I ordered a drink - Tenessee Iced Tea and spinach dip with tortilla chips to nibble one.  My drink tasted medincial and not in a good way.  It was like I was drinking a glass full of Ricola.  Ick.  The spinach dip was ok but it was steaming hot to the point that I almost burnt my mouth.  Once it cooled down though, it was pretty tasty.

    The music was not at all blues.  If anything it was more alternative rock which was kind of disappointing.  

    Plus I somehow managed to end up at a table with a guy who decided that it was a really great idea to start telling racist jokes.  BTW, I had just met this guy 2 minutes earlier.  He then proceeded to interrogate me as to whether I was there to pick up a guy.  Um, if I was, I certainly wouldn't end up with you!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Café Culture, Brunch

    'All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again...'

    The service? Sweet but inattentive.

    The food? Woefully mediocre.

    The space? Surprisingly large and comfortable for Camden (which is the only reason this place gets three stars).

  • 4.0 star rating

    I went to Blues Kitchen this week with 5 friends and had a good time. Considering it was a Tuesday the place was buzzing. The staff were attentive and smiley in that way we expect stateside, and the live blues band added to the cliched americana vibe.
    After a crisp pint of lager while we weighed up the menu, it was on to the food.
    The platters are a good choice, with the hot wings a standout. Of the mains, their pulled pork recipe has certainly improved in recent months and their burger is good, while their delicious Oreo milkshake rounded off a pleasant meal. Due to the slightly ambitious prices, this is probably a better choice for members of the tastecard dining club.

  • 2.0 star rating
    Listed in Bar me up, Scotty!

    Let's start at our default 3 stars and see where we go...

    * Cool vibe, nice decor. + 1 star

    * "Reservation for 14? What reservation for 14?" "The one you confirmed to me by email." "We don't have any reservation for 14." - 1 star

    * Good mojito. + 1 star

    * Not much mojito for £7. - 1 star

    * Seriously good effort at service recovery by a friendly and efficient waitress. + 1 star

    * Very good blackened shrimp starter, albeit portion on the small side. + 1 star

    * "I ordered a gumbo, everyone else has their food, where is it?" Then a 15 minute delay waiting for it to materialize. - 1 star

    * Flavourless and small portion of gumbo. - 1 star

    * And you want £20 for the food?? - 1 star

    A distinctly 2 star experience. It's a shame, since they're doing some things pretty well, but the management failures in handling reservations, the kitchen not coping well with large orders, and the spotty quality of the food means I'd not come back.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Best Burger

    I came here for a work lunch and was so pleasantly surprised. To be frank i probably wouldn't have wondered in if my work friends hadn't have recommended it.
    The menu is very extensive and combines two of my favorite things very well: meat and alcohol.
    I had the jerk chicken burger which was so tasty also a great portion. I would definitely like to go back for their pulled pork burger, yum!

    If you're in the Camden area, take a wonder down, it's worth it! Great for lunch!

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    After my first time here I would have given this place 0 stars or wouldn't even bother to write about this place, and it wasn't even the Blues Kitchen's fault... Some friends organised a party here but in the end I was there all by myself for about 2 hours when I decided I hate this place and will leave it forever! (Bad friends, not bad place I guess)

    Well I came back, after the World's End closed very early on Sunday night and Blues Kitchen was still open. There was some live music which was pretty cool and the people in there were really friendly and funny! My friend and me found a place to sit down very quickly and we had a good night! So this time was much better and my rating is now on OK! (Hopefully after a third visit it will be even better, I'll try the food next time for sure, it looks yummeee!!)

  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    Nothing like a bit of good ole Blues!

    I had heard good things about the Kitchen, so when a uni chum asked me to met him for lunch in Camden, I suggested eating there. Was that what happened, or was he standing outside the main door when I met him, and I thought "so that's where Blue Kitchen is, why don't we eat here?" Either or, that is where we ended up!

    He went for the Peri Peri Chicken wrap with corn on the cob as his side, and I opted for the club sandwich with lightly spiced sweet potato wedges. I actually was indecisive, whether to have the corn or the wedges, but the waitress heard my deliberations and was super helpful, and advised that if we ordered one of each, we could share as the corn because it came in two pieces. Bonza!

    The food wasn't a show stopper, but it was good, and well made for what it was.

    The winning point for me was the staff. ALL the ladies were friendly, funny and they seemed to really enjoy their jobs, which as I'm sure you know makes such a difference, to not only the service you receive, but also to the atmosphere of the establishment. Especially on occasions like this one when the bar is far from full, but you know what, it didn't matter, we still had an enjoyable  lunch.

  • 4.0 star rating

    If you are looking for great American food and amazing live Blues acts throughout the week... well, I'm afraid this is not your place. Blues Kitchen in Camden disappoints in many ways, most of which have been described in painstaking detail in previous reviews ("Would you like some brunch and a side of vagina with that!? - Lizzie, 6/3/2010).

    HOWEVER- this is one of the hottest places for up and coming musicians to come and jam on Sunday nights (19:00-midnight). The two hosts interchange every Sunday, and the difference that each of them brings to the quality of the jam is remarkable.

    The first, a loudmouthed, crazy drummer with long hair gets the crowd (both musicians and spectators) in the right mood. He also has a particular knack for choosing the right musicians to play together. (Since it's a jam, musicians are constantly rotated in and out and it's up to host to decide who plays with whom).

    The second host looks like he could be about 15 years old and doesn't quite pull it off. Still a good night, but not nearly as fun as when crazy drummer dude hosts.

    If you like the Wednesday jam at Charlotte St Blues, I would definitely recommend checking out the Blues Kitchen on Sundays. If you play the keys like me, you may need to bring your own axe as there's not always a keyboard when the drummer hosts. See you there!


  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Big comfy restaurant that serves brunch late into the day. And there were power outlets at the table. How could I not love that?

    I wasn't feeling like pancakes, so I ended up ordering a chicken club sandwich with onion rings. And a beer. At 1:30 in the afternoon. Who's the alcoholic now? There's a full bar and for a bit, I watched the bartender plucking mint for mojito's. I was tempted, but with a busy day ahead, it wasn't going to be strong drink.

    It did take a bit to catch the waitress's eye to place my order and the onion rings seemed like they just went into the fryer after coming out of a mass-produced freezer bag and the whole thing was served on a massive cutting board. Odd. But it was quick and it was an excellent chicken breast club sandwich. And the beer was cold.

    In my book, that makes it A-OK.

  • 2.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    Second trip to Blues Kitchen, first time was the trip already reviewed by Vicky and Matt.  It had it's hiccups, but I really enjoyed the food, so I'm back for round two before submitting my review.

    Went for lunch this time.  Wasn't busy, but the service was still questionable.  Asked one of the wait staff for a table for one, he responded sure and walked back to the wait station.  I presumed he was looking at a seat map for reservations to determine what table to throw me at, or perhaps grabbing a menu.  He talked with a colleague for a bit, then ambled back after a minute or two.  ...with a receipt in hand and question in mouth:
    him: "so you ordered the burger, right?"
    me: ...um, I haven't ordered anything yet, I'm waiting for you to seat me, table of one, remember?  
    him: "oh, yeah... um... sit wherever.  ...except the big table"

    Same type of thing happened after being seated.  He called out, I'll bring you a menu.  ...it took awhile to arrive and I noticed him twice do a double take looking at my table and realizing he hadn't brought it, started to walk towards the wait station, and then somehow get distracted in the 10 feet he had to walk and forget.

    As for the food, less impressed than last time.  I got the hot link po'boy.  There was way too much mayo, so much that my first bite into the sandwich resulted in one of the links flying out of the bread like a greased pig.  The chips were dry and the coleslaw (from a special recipe I'm told) was bland.

    On the plus side, the music and general atmosphere contributed to by other patrons was good.  I probably won't come back for food for quite some time, but I think I will for the live blues purported to be had.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Had a really decent little Saturday night out here. Can't speak for the food or table service (which is what most people seem to have a gripe about) as I arrived around 11 and ready to dance.

    And dance I did. Oh, man.

    They had great old school rock 'n' roll and rockabilly cover bands either side of a cracking 50s/60s pop DJ set. Everything from Beach Boys to Buddy Holly to girl group anthems. Lots to sing-along to and even more to hop and bop to.

    The place was jam-packed with what appeared to be a very laid-back clientele who were equally as pleased as myself to just be dancing and partying like it was 1959. I was surprised (and delighted) to see that the crowd was so young as well: I'm often the youngest one by a couple of decades at similar venues in the States.

    I'll definitely be returning for a Saturday night and am also very tempted by the weeknight offerings: free stripped-down acoustic soul nights on Wednesdays, anyone?

  • 5.0 star rating

    I had been looking forward to this site opening ever since I heard Camden was going to get its very own blues bar. I gathered a couple of friends and we headed down for some 'Soul Food'. Now having visited America on numerous occasions I am certainly a fan of stick to your ribs cooking and I have to say Blues Kitchen didn't disappoint. My buffalo wings were a treat. My lips haven't tingled like that since my last visit to the states. The sauce was spot on. If only I could buy some to use at home. I followed with Barbeque Ribs which I have to say were huge. The ribs were pull apart tender and the BBQ sauce delicious. I didn't have room for a dessert but did help my self to a peanut butter milkshake which tasted just like a snickers which let me tell you is a very good thing. My friends enjoyed the Gumbo and the Jumbo Crab Cake. Both were huge and offered great value.

    The waitresses are very smiley and friendly which for Camden is a rare treat and they looked after us  from start to finish. Having seen the previous two reviews I think they have certainly improved very quickly.

    The blues music in the background is also a winner. Timeless quality music which isn't reliant on the latest trends is certainly a much needed change on Camdens musical landscape.

    This place cant fail. We'll be back next week. Better hit the gym in the meantime though to work off those ribs!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Yep, three stars is about right.

    The food is really nothing to write home about. It'll do. Eat here with a tastecard and you'll be happy with the prices.

    Where this place stands out in Camden is for its live music and big open space. If you can grab a booth with some friends, get some drinks in, listen to the (hopefully) decent band and chat the night away, then you could do much worse.

  • 3.0 star rating

    There is only one reason, and one reason alone, this place gets three stars--their Mint Juleps. Being a Kentucky native, I strive to find authentic things from the motherland (because Kentucky is really its own crazy nation of bible thumpers and republicans...sigh) and sadly, this is the most authentic Mint Julep I've found in London. The reason? Most other bars use syrup to sweeten it, but the Blues Kitchen uses sugar as my forefathers intended. Juleps take time, not this easy-to-use syrup crap.

    Anyway, I love the Juleps, a bit pricy but worth it on homesick days (or for dates...my date thought they were amazing). I agree that the music was more rock when it should have been southern BLUES, but this is evened out in that the bartenders let us try a brand new drink they'd just finished making...win! Overall, I wasn't that impressed but would come back for one drink to start the night.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Now I wouldn't give the whole of Blues Kitchen an 'A' plus, but I would heartily recommend its buffalo wings. Also i think that you can get some good blues there if you show up at the right time. Darkness, jam music that isn't a bad Grateful Dead cover band, and real good chicken wings. yes please.

    Now the downside to this place is that they can't mix a decent old fashioned, although I thought it might've been a winner when I saw the setup, this is a very big indicator of real class, versus mimicked charm. And as everything does, it gets too crowded to sit and chat, or see the act. I have never been to the brunch here, or tasted the other food on offer. But when a tri-state area boy gets behind a bunch of buffalo wings, you pay attention. Either that, or my taste buds are shot, and I'll be thrown off this site much like a olden day tar-and-feather exiling starting at town hall. Still I back this place because of  a signature dish done right, but qualify that with a signature drink done so-so.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Nice atmosphere when you first walk in. Came here on a friday night around 7:30pm for dinner. You should reserve a table otherwise it can be hard to sit down right away.

    They have a huge selection of whiskeys and bourbons and other such Amurrrican alcohols. They even have a selection titled "corn liquor", pretty novel/awesome to me. Immediately ordered a whiskey sour. Very delicious. Tried to order a pitcher of margaritas later but the waitress came back saying they don't make it in pitchers anymore and we ordered something else that was too lemonade-y and gross. Lesson learned, just order what you want no matter how much cheaper a pitcher would be.

    Tried to be a little healthier and ordered the chicken caesar salad. Meh.  It was bland albeit fresh. Friends ordered the chili which was way yummier. And alright I ordered the onion rings too. you caught me. they were yummy. Was practically forced to get the chocolate milkshake with a shot of whiskey. okay, yum. yum and yum. Was told that the burgers were great too. All together there were only three of us eating/drinking and the bill racked up to about 100 pounds. Guess I gotta get used to that happening every once in a while. sheesh.

    A live band that plays regularly started around 10:30pm. You walk towards the back of the place to check em out on stage. We stayed at our table to finish the drinks. Was a little harder to talk to each other but still nice to have live music playing.

    Every once in a while it's nice to treat yourself to an american experience all the way out here.

    Your turn!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Wow, I'm sad that so many people have had such an awful time here because tonight was wonderful. For that reason, this post might be a little long because I'm hoping to persuade you all to go back in the evenings!

    I walked into the bar and the live band were playing "Cry to me" (you know, the track from Dirty Dancing). That was The Blues Kitchen's "hello" and they had me. The music all evening, played by the House band, was a-maze-ing!! Let's not even begin to discuss the multiple guitar solos that were electric!

    We walked in at 10pm and found it to be quite busy but were still able to be seated  right away by our wonderful waitress Maya. She really was so pleasant & just genuinely happy to be working there, in a none annoying way.

    The menu had buffalo wings and if you've ever lived in the U.S. you'll understand ones life mission to find authentic, finger staining wings here in London! U.S. ex-pats listen up, this just might be the closest to it. I did the eye test of holding a wing close to my eyes & ladies and gentleman, we had some stinging going on! The wings were spicy & had the right amount of tang to them. The blue cheese sauce is a whole different story, it was pretty disgusting. I miss Ranch sauce *sigh*.

    I ordered the Jerk Chicken burger, which pretty much tasted like your average grilled burger. Not sure what happened to the Jerk. The skinny fries were quite nice & the dollop of coleslaw was crunchy. My friend ordered the Steak & was quite pleased with it. I'd say the dishes were a little pricey for their quality but the atmosphere you get with your meal was worth it!

    Please don't be put off by the other reviews, give this place a chance. Wednesday or Sunday nights are good nights to walk in on and hear the band jam to some awesome blues and soul.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I've been here before and had bad service, also the reviews I have read are quite bad. However we had a good experience a few weeks ago. We pre booked a table on a Friday night. It was dead when we arrived about 9pm which I guess is to be expected in early Jan, but this worked to our advantage as staff were attentive and availble,and the enetertainment ie. live music was subdued to say the least which was convinient as we were mainly there for a mea, and going to a gig later on.

    The hot wings were amazing and the same standard as those I've had in NYC. The porions of the mains were huge too, and the waitress at our table also offered to get us cocktails. It wasn't cheap but I've been there before and knew that.

    For good quality american food in Camden you can't go wrong and I definitley prefer it to the diner.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I had a great time coz yelp is here but otherwise, Blues Kitchen, I am really sorry but you underperformed.

    1) mint julep- why is not in a julep beaker?  Also it was way not minty enough.  And SO icy?  
    2) loosing our reservation.  Oops.
    3) ribs slathered in yummy sauce... that tasted like the steak sauce I get in IGA in canada.  For $1.99.  Where is the homemadeness?
    4) Music too loud.  Are you trying to be a bouncing bar or a restaurant?
    5) Urm... you promised me live music and there wasn't.

    I feel upset.  I feel short changed for the amount I spent there.  Lucky for you the company was BRILL. (but I am not feeling charitable so still only 2 stars.)

  • 2.0 star rating
    5/12/2010 Updated review
    2 check-ins
    Listed in Camden, innit?

    Dear Blues Kitchen.

    Sack your chef.

    No, really.

    Because your place has so much promise, why oh why is the food so bad? The problem is, I love coming here because it's huge so you always get a seat and it's comfy. The staff are friendly and the coffee is good. But the food is such a fail, my Eggs Royale was cold and that, dear Blues Kitchen, is soggy and unforgivable.

    Sack all your kitchen staff and rehire. Best decision you'll ever make.

    Love, Linzi.

    2.0 star rating
    6/3/2010 Previous review
    When it comes to all things Americana, I like 'em big. Big beaches, big malls, big cars, big....… Read more
  • 2.0 star rating

    I am giving this place a 2 only because I was in there for a short amount of time.

    The drinks were pretty expensive. I did enjoy the music that was played. I unfortunately missed the live music.

    It was crowded but manageable.

    I would definitely go back there and give it a second chance and hoping that 2 star can bump up to a 3 or 4 !

  • 2.0 star rating

    I think this the type of place where the "funness" of the people you're with is directly related to whether of not you'll enjoy it. Go with a boring group of people, you'll hate it, go with a fun group and you'll love it.

    I went along last night for a private party and was with a cracking gang of guys and gals - the kind of people you could take with you to a water filtration plant and you'd still have a good time.

    The decor is a bit 'slap dash, this is our roughshod approximation of a New Orleans Blues bar', but the one thing that saves it is the excellent light fixtures and chandeliers. Ace. There was one chandelier that looked a collection of tuba horns, which was pretty cool.

    I don't think I can fairly judge the drinks as they were serving free vodka and Jack Daniels cocktails that were being made at lightning speed. They did the job, which was all we really cared about.

    The food? Really shocking, but again, probably not fair to judge. They dished out a collection of really bland corn fritters, really salty overseasoned potato wedges, nicely crisp fries (but how can you get fries wrong?), pork ribs and chicken wings (I didn't try either of these, but I was told that they were okay).

    Despite this, we had a cracking evening - the live band was great, we danced, we drank, we laughed. But based on the other reviews, I probably wouldn't come back here just to eat.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    July 4, 2012.

    checked into the blues kitchen. i now have a smartphone so i feel obligated to "check into places" now. why, i don't know.

    there were four of us today. we are american, and feel obligated to celebrate the day of our independence at a place which claimed to offer free drinks to persons of our nationality. after waiting about 12 minutes to order a drink at the overcrowded bar, we find that the offer has expired.

    what a big tease you are, blues kitchen. what a tease.

    i order a budweiser and one sip brings me back to my college years of beer pong, flip cup, shot gunning, keg stands and various other american drinking activities during one's years of stupidity. as i stand sipping my bud, i observe a man with long hair seated at the table on the left. he is clutching a notebook and a standard ballpoint pen. his hair is long, unkempt and slightly greasy, classic british camden drifter. he doesn't seem to be with anyone yet sits with the girls at the table. he proceeds to draw them.

    as each guest leaves and others sit, he continues to draw. very quickly, very messy. the ballpoint pen lines remind me of something produced by a bored high school student, doodling on the margins during a dull lecture. All of a sudden, he stops.

    just stops.

    and clutches the notebook to his chest.

    he sits and stares at all of us. everyone around the room. as if he is making a mental catalogue of the events happening around him. like a journalist of everyday humanity.

    this makes me want to look around as well. i see people just as me, getting off work and filling their time with chatter and alcohol. i see joy, fear, boredom and dread.

    I look back and the drifter is gone. we go listen to the music in the back. the band is on fire and totally killed a blues cover of dirty diana.

  • 3.0 star rating

    In short: Disappointing when it comes to the food. Not so bad if you go there in the evening for a drink and some live music.

    I was there a few times in the evening to enjoy some live music and some drinks, and that always was quite okay.
    Today I went there for lunch, and I was really disappointed. The food was not bad, but not really good either. In part because before I went in I read "Best brunch in London" - well I did not have brunch. But anyway you should always be suspicious when people call themselves being the best in something ... The chicken of my chicken burger was a bit burnt, and the fries were quite salty. Not too bad, but still definitely not "the best" whatsoever ...

    So, if you want to go there, just go there for the music and the drinks and you will have a great time! :)

  • 5.0 star rating

    To the sound of the 12 bar blues

    I woke up this mornin'
    my woman skipped town

    Didn't know where to go
    So I went to Camden Town

    Woke up feelin' frisky
    Feelin' my feet were itchin'

    So I went for a whisky
    at The Blues Kitchen

    Sips a smooth sippin' bourbon, to the sound of some live soul funk blues

    Ain't no doubt.

    • Qype User deCabb…
    • London
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    4.0 star rating

    This is a gem not far from the tube with an excellent mix of blues bar at the back and American restaurant at the front. The place has a great vibe and a surprise visit by Pete Docherty when I was in there made me think a zombie fest was in town however the number of tittering fans of course revealed that it was indeed his real face.
    It's afun place and I won't get in to the bar staff, special cocktails (which weren't) and hot dog eating contest (which was interesting) but overall it seemed a nice place to visit.

    • Qype User Marshy…
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    4.0 star rating

    Maybe it was the free Bourbon cocktails that swung it but I had a really good time at the Blues Kitchen last night.

    I came to this place many, many moons ago before the place became a Blues bar and it was pretty awful. Now though they have done the place up very nicely and the small tasters of food we had were sensational.

    The Ribs were delicious and my companion (who knows about these things) thought the wings smelt very authentic - although we weren't quite quick enough..!

    Blues band playing some good jams as well and I think this could be a good place to come for a party.

    • Qype User so…
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    4.0 star rating

    Hot dawg! The Blues Kitchen hosts a fine hot dog eating competition. Owing to my victory, I was unable to eat or drink anything else, but they get 4* for atmosphere! (plus apparently Pete 'I don't do drugs' Doherty was there  not sure if this is a positive or not)
    Once I've been back to spend my winnings I'll add an updated review. Until then

    • Qype User reyes…
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    4.0 star rating

    The Blues Kitchen hosted the hot dog eating competition. I don't want to go into detail but the staff were excellent in tidying up any 'mess' First 6 hotdogs tasted delicious, the next 4 maybe not so good but this was no reflection the chef, it owed more to the fact I already had 6 in me.

    Nice venue and looks like the place to be when live music is there. Plenty of space to move around or just sit down and nurse your pint. Extensive collection of spirits.

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