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  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    This is a great place to chill out for drinks and a light dinner. Their menu isn't too long but we had the burger and asparagus with duck egg and it was delicious. They also have weekly pub quizzes so be sure to check it for a fun night out with some friends.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    My hockey club held its annual dinner at the function room at The Antelope

    Accessed by a separate entrance from the side road, the function room is upstairs with its own bar and toilets (unisex but thankfully with separate cublcles!)

    The management were very helpful in setting things up with our hockey committee and the food buffet was good value at £15 per head, giving an international variety of lamb curry, fishcakes and garlic bread amongst others.

    It was also appreciated that a member of management was visibly present throughout the evening to help iron out any problems that could arise. The bar staff were also friendly and efficient

    The room was the prefect size for our guest list of 50 and a good evening was had by all

    The club were suitably impressed enough to want to book up for next year's dinner already

  • 4.0 star rating

    A few hundred yards up from Tooting Broadway station this is a deceptively large pub. As you enter the doors you slam head first into the bar, making it feel like one of those compact and small pubs.
    However round to the left you will find a huge open space with tables and TV's.
    This pub has a nice blend of modern with tradition and serves a good range of drinks. By this I mean it has some fresh ales on tap.
    Even with a fair few people in the pub service is still quick. The local customers are your trendy twenty to thirty somethings.
    On my recommended list.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Tooting has been gentrified.  The Antelope is perfect example of said gentrification.  A gentile, friendly pub with "vintage" pub tables and leather sofas serving a large variety of beers, ales and some ciders.

    The restauranty bit in the "middle" of the pub (there are 3 rooms) looked lovely and posh and the food did smell lovely (we didn't sample).  Back room was a bit loud.

  • 4.0 star rating

    If you're in Tooting and want a drink there is only one place to go, The Tram. When the Tram is full (one in, one out as it so often is past 9pm) walk a little further down the road to it's big sister The Antelope. Older, wiser, sexier in a "mature" way you won't be disappointed. I think this is a five star pub but I'll need to go again, just to check and be sure, all in the made of Yelp of course.

    It was late on a Saturday night when I wondered into the pub, walked right to the back and found a huge room with loads of tables and chairs and people all sat around happily chatting. There's a piano, a stuffed fox and a small heard of antelope skulls nailed to the walls. It's all winning with me! Add candle light and reasonably priced drinks and you've got yourself a new local Lizzie! Now I have heard that this is the place for a Sunday Roast so I shall have to head down there and try it out.

    Really I don't know what I was doing before I moved to Tooting, I missed out on all of these gems.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Super delicious Sunday roast with friendly staff and a roaring atmosphere. Very baby friendly, and may I say, baby popular - never have I seen that many (well behaved) babies in a pub. But then I haven't been to a pub in Tooting before, either.

    The friendly waitress seated us promptly as soon as she learnt that we were only three of us. The Sunday 2PM crowd looked fairly eager, albeit relaxed and this seemed like the place to be in, in Tooting, on a Sunday afternoon. The food arrived less than 10 minutes after the order was placed. Everything was near perfect, the lamb and chicken were cooked right, and butternut squash was finely roasted. The onions were delightfully caramelized and accessorised with vegetables.

    The Antelope blasted my myth that Tooting is the capital of bad South Indian food. I'm going right back for more Sunday roast.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    This pub is too vast to feel cosy but besides that is a good and convenient pub not far from Tooting Broadway station.. When I was there 3 good real ales were served with a smile.

    If you want to watch the footballthere is a back room that shows it, although you wouldn't even know that it was on from the main bar (unless something happened to make everyone watching shout). This is perfect. Sport if you want it, but easily avoided if you do not. The décor is a bit mixed mind you. The room where the football was shown looked a lot like the posh dining room that lies between it and the main barbut on the steps inside the dining room is a small comfy chair and table that is more like what you would expect to see in a retirement flat. This theme is also found in the front bar with the unusual contrast between the wallpaper and a number of wall mounted plates (Gran's Kitchen!).

    I was wondering about the name Antelopeas I don't think you see many round Tooting Broadway, but apparently this kind of pub name can refer to various dukes, kings or ships. So that clears that up then! Used to be called Jack Beards

  • 3.0 star rating

    This pub is no more or less than what it presents itself as - a fairly poncy gastropub. If you like that sort of thing you'll like The Antelope.

    As an evening pub, it's got a nice atmosphere, a nice decor and a huge screen for sports events, as well as a pool table. It's definitely got a community feel and as a Tooting local it always ends up high on the list of likely haunts. The drinks are little above average, but there's a very good selection including Passoa passionfruit liqueur which a favourite of mine but is hard to find in most standard pubs! ;-)

    The food is high end and pretentious, which isn't really my thing (I prefer good value) but is very tasty (in that posh banquet-fare gourmet way which is terribly unhealthy and kind of the reason you feel Henry VIII ended up so fat), so I won't criticise the artistry of the cooking.

    It also sports a selection of board games which always makes me happy. It also hosts pub quizzes, comedy and occasional theme nights.

    All in all it's large, comfortable, attractive and friendly, and if you don't mind paying a little extra for the higher end food and drink.

    • Qype User bron9…
    • London
    • 19 friends
    • 42 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    Oh dear - really really wanted to like this place. It's just been refurbed and offered gastro menu and decent beer. but it's alll a bit over ambitious - the sofas are so second hand you sink almost to floor level when you sit down, at the tables the legs don't match so they wobble just enough to slop your drinks.

    Though not cheap the bar is good, as is the selection of beers on tap.

    And then there is the food.

    This place really really wants to be a gastropub. The snacks menu reads extremely well, like a clone of the finer tapas at Brindisa. Was seriously looking forward to my padron peppers with marcona almonds and thick cut chips with aioli - it was Saturday! When they arrived the chips were piled high in a bowl but the aioli had a forkful taken from the top like someone had already eaten from it, the top of it was set with a skin from hanging around too long - or being served twice!

    And if that wasn't bad enough the peppers were burned, as in black, the oil was rancid, it smelt horrible. Despite the evidence I tried one - bleuuuugh. Got my OH to try one - still bleuuuuugh. So I took them back to the bar and explained they were too burnt to eat and that someone else had already sampled the mayonnaise and the guy took them away.

    Then the manager came over, bearing the burnt peppers and told me that this was how they were meant to be served. When I explained that I cooked them myself at home and they weren't meant to be black he went away assuring me he would ask the chef to make another bowl but not so well cooked(!). Two minutes later he was back with the same bowl of chillies telling me the chef refused to cook them any other way.

    When I said I really wouldn't eat them he offered me something else from the menu. Given the preceding, and not really wanting spit on a plate, I opted for a refund, finished my pint. And left.

    Too sad.

    • Qype User een…
    • London
    • 2 friends
    • 22 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Went here after The Tram got too noisy (DJ, not crowds) on a Wednesday evening. Same owners apparently so same selection of drinks at pretty much the same prices. Sat in the very far back room which was cosy despite the size. Over all a nice pub for Tooting.

    • Qype User asimm…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 6 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    I went here on the weekend, while it's fabulous to go for a drink with stunning interiors and plenty of seating areas, I feel like the food is a rip off.
    We both tried the roast boar ravilioni and felt like to cost way too much for what we got, which was average. The side order of chips stole the show here (they were actually really tasty though!).
    The service was great, but it's let down by overpriced pretentious food that doesn't live up to everything else in there

    • Qype User Kram20…
    • Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear
    • 0 friends
    • 8 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Great beer. Good location

    • Qype User nlp9…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 5 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    really lovely inside with a great vibe, they have a room you can also hire for parties and some outside space so worth popping in.

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