• “I went to the farm this last weekend and fell in love with a kid...as in the baby goat.” in 10 reviews

  • “The surrounding gardens are also fabulous, especially during the summer months.” in 8 reviews

  • “Those are the only places you have to pay into the rest is completely free and makes for a lovely day out if the sun is shining and you can explore the grounds and beautiful gardens.” in 7 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating
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    Listed in 2014 Year of Yelps

    I'm not from Leeds. I grew up in mid Wales on a sheep farm. My cousins, however, were from Leeds and I used to love visiting them in the city - world of movie rentals, drive thrus, bowling and corner shops!

    Temple Newsam was their closest park and I spent A LOT of those childhood summer holidays visiting cousins coming here to Temsey, visiting their farm (far more exciting than our own), throwing frisbees, playing in their playgrounds, walking around their farm, admiring the building and as time progressed I even went to a V festival or two before they moved elsewhere. I've always loved Temple Newsam and with my cousins living back in the area, I got to visit again and relive many happy memories from my past.

    Temple Newsam has so much going on and is a welcome escape from the busy roads and dual carriage ways around this area of Leeds.

    I have many happy memories of visiting this place and on my recent visit, it seems that many more were being created by other visitors.

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    A beautiful place for a walk. You can make it as long or as short as you plenty of space & woodland to walk round. Big play area & farm to look round. Have been coming here since I was a child.

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    The free side of Temple Newsam is fantastic. Lots of lovely walks, a few geocaches, lovely gardens and my special favourite- the Egyptian walk, where you walk over the farm without going into it and get to see some of the animals.  Merlot, my dog, especially likes that :)  The azalea walk is great at this time of year too. (just behind the farm, away from the house)

    I went to the farm this last weekend and fell in love with a kid...as in the baby goat.  We had a moment. there was a lot of chin scratching and cuddles through the fence. it was special.
    I also loved watching the chickens and it was great to see so many breeds.  Spurred me on to get some of my own!
    Overall a great afternoon out and fantastic to take the kids (human kind) along to get them interacting with animals.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Had a nice family day out and we decided we would go here.
    We went up to Leeds and then had to catch the Bus 19 which took us up between Temple Newsam house and the golf grounds, we then had to walk about 10 minutes to get to the actual place.

    Walking up to it you're surrounded by green and then there are a load of tree's that seperate so you can walk through them towards the house and grounds, it was like something out of a postcard.

    When we actually got to the grounds we were stumped on where to go first!  Do we go into Temple Newsam House OR do we head towards their little farm OR do we wonder around their 1500 acres of woodlands, fields etc!?  Spoilt for choice

    We started off with the house itself.  Prices for a family tickets (2 adults & up to 3 children) are:

    Temple Newsam House:  £9.50
    Home Farm:  £8.70
    Joint Ticket:  £15.50

    The house is magnificent!  You are asked not to take photo's.  This is because of the flash as the light and heat can damage pictures etc, it can cause a chemical reaction.
    I did take a few pictures, but made sure my flash was OFF as not to damage anything.
    You have a choice of walking around the house reading bits and bobs, or you can use these handheld blocks where you punch in the number per room and a recording will guide you through the room and explain.  There are also children's versions of this.
    We all got confused by it so we opted out lol.

    Had a little laugh as there is a picture of a man near the picture gallery and he was a spitting image of my father - didn't take a photo of this.

    Despite it being so big and perhaps a bit dull for children, our children loved it and were full of questions that we tried to answer.  They were excited about going into different rooms and their favourite room was the 'nannys room' where they had modern toys for children to play with.

    We then headed towards the farm.  I will be honest with you, I didn't like the farm as much as I would have normally - perhaps it was because of the weather?  I would have liked it to have been a farm where we could feed the animals too because places such as the barns with cows, they only had 1 large bucket of this protien stuff which meant that only the biggest cows had managed to get to it (would YOU try and squeeze inbetween 2 fully grown cows!?) and so the younger smaller ones had no chance - perhaps later in the day they would?? :( .  One was even eating the straw on the ground which was covered in 'you know what', so I didn't like that bit.
    The highlight of the farm was that we saw piglets being born!  That was amazing!

    The grounds are huge!  As I've already said, all of this is within 1500 acres of land and they have woodlands you can explore which we didn't have time to get to, so it's deffinately an all day trip or perhaps even 2 days.

    I would go again, although I wouldn't pay for the farm again.

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    26/3/2012 Updated review
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    Listed in Wedding suppliers

    just a quick update I'm amazed at how cheap the house is to book for a wedding

    The room you use effects the price but we are paying £500 for a room to seat forty at the ceremony and another room for drinks afterwards, this price includes staff to pour the drinks and the use of a huge solid silver wine cooler which will look amazing for the wedding photo's

    4.0 star rating
    3/7/2011 Previous review
    If the sun is shining you cant beat temple newsham as a venue theres some wonderful woods, a lake,… Read more
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    As we hopefully approach spring my fancy turns to wandering aimlessly amidst the glory and wonder that is nature and what better place to do that than on of the several stately homes and grounds dotted around Leeds.
    Temple Newsam is within walking distance of home for me (if I were in the mood) and I love to lose myself in the woods, spotting wild life, taking the air and dreaming my dreams. It's easy to spend a day here exploring the woods, gardens and lakes; visiting the magnificent home farm with it's rare breeds collection and wonderful displays; admiring the beautiful house and taking tea in the pleasant tea rooms.
    There are regular countryside activities especially in school holidays and watch out for open air productions staged in the amphitheatre.

    These days Temple Newsam might be best known as the venue for the amazing Opera and Party in the Park events both of which are free and absolutely fantastic

  • 4.0 star rating
    12/2/2010 Updated review

    Ok I know I've just done Temple Newsam House, but the two were listed differently from each other whilst essentially being the same estate, they do provide different functions, in that the House is a museum in it's own right, where as the estate as a whole offers different attractions, in addition to the farm house and blah di blah.

    So the Temple Newsam estate comprises of Temple Newsam House, the House Farm, Temple Newsam Tea Rooms, 1500 acres of woodland, greenland, parkland, and gardens, 264 acres of woodland and wildlife greenery, sport and recreation outdoor facilities, and is home to open air fesitvals such as Opera North.

    Whilst the outdoorsy bits are free to plod around in, the House Farm and Temple Newsam House are ticketed, £3.50 for the latter, £3.25 for the former, and £5.75 for a joint ticket, with various concessions and family tickets for parents and kidlet combos.

    There really is a full day's worth of activities to be had at the Temple Newsam estate, and if culture and art and greenery are your things then you will be in your high brow element here. On a nice day the colours of the landscapes and gardens are truly breathtaking, and there's a nice hum of children playing and being entertained by education which is more pleasing than annoying. Surprised!

    The history of Temple Newsam House from it's aquisition and ownership, complete with it's artistic offerings is interesting on a visual and historical level, whilst the House Farm, gives the same experiences but from the worker's perspectives. Wandering up and down the cobbled streets and seeing where the pig and bird pens are now, whilst gawping slack jawed in at the washing rooms and various work sheds, such as the blacksmith and joiner's sheds, is rather pleasing and a true shocker on just how things have changed. "Mum where's the computer?" made me laugh, along with such other classics as "if there's no telly, what did they do when they came home from school?" and "I bet life was well rubbish before the Wii". Bless.

    4.0 star rating
    12/2/2010 Previous review
    Temple Newsam can be a bit confusing to non-locals, as many think it's just an area of Leeds, and… Read more
  • 3.0 star rating

    This wonderful asset to Leeds provides an insight into lives of the very, very rich of the Tudor-jacobean era the mansion was home to the Ingram family for over 300 years. In this time there have been extensive collections of fine arts and furniture.

    The house has a farm which houses Europe's largest working Rare Breeds Farm. The public and roam the cobbled area of the farm and admire the Great Barn built in 1694 whilst also learning about the history and importance of the farm to the estate as a whole.

    Further to the house and farm are well manicured and cultivated parks and gardens as well as wildlife rich areas. Being an estate of  1500 acres there are plenty of well designed as well as more natural features to explore and admire. Entry costs for the farm and house are divided or you can pay more for a joint ticket. There is plenty to see and do and well as being a pleasant day out.

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    5.0 star rating

    Temple Newsam is a lovely place to wander round, in summer when it's lovely and sunny, or in the autumn, when all the leaves change colour. It's also host to Race for Life each year, when thousands of lovely ladies adorned in pink run 5 or 10k for charity.

    I only just found this out, but the grounds of the house were apparently landscaped by Capability Brown, and I find this interesting because I am a bit of a geek for good ol' Capability, who was also involved in the landscaping at Harewood House. He was a right dude. I'll never understand how he knew that sticking a tree in a certain place would make everything so much more beautiful, but it worked.

  • 5.0 star rating
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    Tempsy, as us locals call it is right on my doorstep, I walk round here all the time, and back as a lad we played war in the woods, and went gollying to raise cash, (collecting lost golf balls and selling them to golfers who were playing) or caddying for complete strangers, can you imagine parents letting kids do that now, oh the memories, lol, anyway I digress, there are loads of walks round the house, woods and garden, there's a farm which used to be free but costs a few quid now but is worh it, ducks to feed on the ponds and a few geocaches if you do them

    • Qype User Holmes…
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    5.0 star rating

    I go to Temple Newsam Park quite often and every time I enjoy it very much. I usually take my small dog for a walk and my son and it is beautiful open land and scenery. I enjoy the avenue with lots of trees and autumn leaves.
    My dog enjoys the freedom of running across the field and meeting other dogs and their owners.
    The flowers and plants are very picturesque with the house in the background.
    I also enjoy a visit to the cafe where it is always warm and welcoming.

    • Qype User speng…
    • Leeds, West Yorkshire
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    4.0 star rating

    I lived very near to Templenewsam house as a child, so i have very fond memories of it.

    The farm is great for younger children, although there is a fee.

    The grounds are very well maintained as is the house.

    Good day out for all.

    • Qype User Educat…
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    5.0 star rating

    A beautifully presented and preserved house. The surrounding gardens are also fabulous, especially during the summer months. Well worth the visit.
    The EducateFirst Team

  • 4.0 star rating

    Not only is Leeds a buzzing hotspot for some of the best bars and clubs the region has to offer, but it's also packed with some beautiful heritage as well. One of my top places to go to on a lazy Sunday afternoon has to be Temple Newsam. It's one of the great historic estates in England, set within over 1500 acres of parkland, woodland and farmland landscaped by Capability Brown in the 18th century, it is a magnificent Tudor-Jacobean mansion.
    The house itself is definitely worth checking out but I personally make a beeline to the home farm and abundance of walks it has in it's vast grounds. The best time to go is spring. Then you'll be treated to lots of newly born animals including piglets, lambs and chicks. I personally believe you are never too old for a super hit of cuteness overload. You can also coincide your visit with one of the regular family activity days, demonstrations, guided walks or tours taking place throughout the year. So why not pretend to be lord of the manor for a day, like Lord Darnley or immerse yourself in the garden on one of the Rhododendron and Azalea walks.

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    5.0 star rating

    I love Temple Newsam as a whole having grown up living within walking distance I feel extremely lucky. Its great for a family day out, or just if you're wanting a stroll around nice gardens or even a picnic in the lovely surroundings. The farm and house are good places to visit with the kids and you can get in free with a Leeds card. Those are the only places you have to pay into the rest is completely free and makes for a lovely day out if the sun is shining and you can explore the grounds and beautiful gardens. Its one of my fave places in Leeds.

    • Qype User jowadd…
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    4.0 star rating

    Attended an outdoor festival there. The grounds are really beautiful. Great for a day out for all the family during summer.

    • Qype User dt…
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    5.0 star rating

    temple newsham is a big estate that is now open to the public , with guided tour of the big house, a working farm, playground & lots of land, ideal for visiting in the summer hols, also holds many music festivals including party in the park & opera in the park .
    been loads of times, just for a picnic& to chill out , for party in the park & to the farm loads of times. also went there for the hot air balloon fair which was expensive but brilliant, especially at night when all the hot are balloons were lit up.
    loads of buses to the estate although you do have a very long drive way to walk up if you get the bus but on a warm day its part of the fun.

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    Temple Newsam House is educational,historical. The house is set in victorian times full of beautiful antique furniture with a guided tour of the house and stories are told by the guide of the Blue Lady who"s spirit is said to haunt the house and grounds .Open to public also school parties.

  • 4.0 star rating
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    I once heard someone say that all stately homes looked the same, and if you're of this mindset then you probably won't enjoy Temple Newsam. If, however, you'd prefer to spend an afternoon admiring fine art and architecture and strolling through 18th Century parkland than traipsing around the shopping district of Leeds for the umpteenth time, this beautiful country estate on the outskirts of Leeds is definitely for you. The 1500 of gardens and woodland are the perfect place to while away an idyllic summer's day, feeding the ducks in the pond and admiring the masses of rhododendrons; it's free to get in and a lot more relaxing than any of the city centre parks. If you feel like a bit of culture, you can spend the princely (and slightly bizarre) sum of £3.43 and gain access to the house along with its impressive collections of antique furniture, oil paintings, metalwork and ceramics - keep your eyes peeled and you might even spot a ghost or two. The estate also runs a comprehensive programme of events, from dawn chorus and bat spotting walks in the park to ghost walks and special interest tours inside the house.

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    the house at temple newsam is great, you can easily spend a few hours in here looking at all the brilliant peices. i'd reccomend getting one of the free (although it costs to get in) hand held tour guides so you can hear about all the malarky in the house. if you go on a heritage day its free as well

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    5.0 star rating

    Temple Newsam house located just outside of Leeds is a nice place to visit with plenty to see. The best part for me is the farm. Parking is free though I would advise you go on a sunny or at least dry day as it can get a little bit muddy. You can walk through a real working farm and even pet some of the animals. It's great for kids and indeed you do see school trips. There is a small gift shop which is reasonably priced and also a cafe which serves traditional cream teas and other small snacks. It is a lovely place to visit. A good family day out.

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    Great gardens have a stroke chill out on the grass, good for a cheap family day out

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    4.0 star rating

    lovely stately home, and its free with a leeds cards. various activities are happening on weekends. went to a tudor session few weeks back, wasnt planned to go but had great fun anyway. staff are very friendly and happy to answer any questions

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