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  • “The Northern Quarter has an enviable reputation as an area full of trendy, friendly and quirky businesses which will ensure you leave with a smile and some memories.” in 5 reviews

    Ambience: Trendy

  • “Cheap, owned by Mr Scruff himself, massive, friendly and chilled this place is cool in the coldest sense!” in 9 reviews

  • “The food was good Adam.Y had the poached eggs and I tried the Tonka (a bit like granola) and both had coffees.” in 7 reviews

  • 5.0 star rating

    I've been a Teacup regular for years, as I discovered it soon after moving to the Northern Quarter 6 years ago.  

    The menu has changed a bit over the years, for the better because the range of savoury food is better now, in my opinion.  My favourite breakfast dish is the Dippy Duck Eggs.  The fish finger wrap is a worthy mention for lunch.  

    Now, to the best bit: the tea and cakes. I would say 90% of my visits have been for tea and cake or afternoon tea.  

    For all the improvements to the savoury food, the cakes have been consistent over the years and I have tried every single one.  The flourless chocolate cake is my favourite.  The rainbow cake and victoria sponge are also deserving of a special mention.  I found the pear drop cake to be very heavy and have never managed a whole piece, but maybe that's just me.  

    The range of tea is brilliant, consistently good and I have tried many. My favourite is the Jasmine Pearl, but the Jade Tip Green Tea and Vanilla Cacao are also regular choices of mine.  

    The only minor criticism is that there is often a queue - even when I've been on weekday afternoons, there is often a wait, even since the expansion a couple of years ago.  But I think it is worth the wait, just don't go when you are in a hurry.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    We decided to give Teacup a try on Saturday Morning, we got there around 10:30am as we was meeting friends there, we have walked passed numerous times and always seen a long queue outside which must mean its good!

    Luckily we didn't have to queue and was straight in and was greeted by a lovely girl, i asked if we could sit at the back on the upper section but she said it was closed as there wasn't enough staff in, i thought ok but seemed a bit silly, we got a table right in the middle of the lower section though, it was already buzzing with people, a few minutes after we had sat down, the same girl started showing people to the upper section though the lower section was quite busy though kinda thought why she couldn't take us up there?

    Anyway we looked through the cool menus with a page for each section one for cakes one for the teas and one for breakfast items etc, its a kinda cool menu with loads of yummy breakfast items to choose from, when we was looking through the menu the lovely girl asked if we would like water so she bought us a jug of ice cold water and 4 tumblers, a nice little touch whilst still deciding what to have.

    This place is almost famous or maybe famous I'm not sure for its cakes, there is a selection of them on show on top of the bar near to where we was sat, they all looked devine!!! they had lemon meringues, carrot cake, red velvet cake and numerous others, i couldn't take my eyes off the carrot cake though, so i ordered a piece of that, at £4 a slice though its a tad expensive and a little dry but it was still really nice, i also ordered a latte which was really good!

    They also do a great selection of teas obviously due to its name, our friend ordered a tea which comes with a sand timer to know when you're tea is ready, kinda cool and never seen that before.

    I can understand why this place is so popular, its cool atmosphere and cool customers make this place stand out, and the breakfasts look amazing!!! obviously i will be back to try those out!

    The whole place looks great and I've never seen it quiet so its true this place ROCKS!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I had been meaning to visit Teacup for ages, so when someone suggested it to me for a meeting, the answer was a resounding YES!

    It was busy on that Wednesday afternoon, but still felt laid back and welcoming. The staff were polite and efficient. They make a good coffee (I had a latte), and their rainbow cake was very impressive - moist, looked great, and someone with a slightly sweeter tooth than me would have adored it. I've heard great things about their savoury food and will be trying that next time I'm meeting someone for a coffee in the city centre.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Best cake in town, I am definitely addicted to the white chocolate and poppy seed cake!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Called in on Sunday 02/03/14 with my son around 5.00pm and I have to say the experience was so enjoyable from start to finish. My son ordered the eggs benedict with some sweet potato fries and I had the longhorn beef pie. This was unbelievably delicious and I can't wait to go back and have it again! Even the cup of tea was out of the ordinary! Well done teapot!  Steve

  • 4.0 star rating

    I love Teacup, they are friendly and the service is always good, there is often a cue to get in at the weekend, but it is worth the wait. I like their hot chocolate although it does seem to change depending on who is making it (in terms of strength).

    Cakes are good too, pretty as well which of course only makes them taste all the better.

    I have also enjoyed there savoury snacks like poached eggs, etc.. They are reasonably good value although I think they are slowly becoming a victim of their own success hence the four star rating instead of 5.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Such a lovely place to eat. Staff are always friendly, the drinks are lovely and the cakes are sublime. I love the milkshakes and smoothies too!

    Weekends are always busy and there is commonly a queue but it normally moves quite quickly. Even if there is a queue you aren't rushed to finish your food quickly or vacate your seats which is nice.

    Can't recommend this place enough!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    I liked this place. I came here twice. The food was good and the tea was delicious. But I was expecting a game-changing meal. The game wasn't changed.

    Again, the tea was great. They bring you a little tea timer, in theory to brew the perfect cup of tea. Great - I love food rigor. But when they refill your pot they don't reset the timer. I asked "how long should the second pot brew?" I got a shrug. Ultimately it felt like the timer was more for show. They use coarse-ground pepper in fine pepper shakers. It clearly won't shake out. Didn't anyone notice? I ordered espresso which they claim comes from the finest beans in Britain. It was bitter like Starbucks. If they don't like coffee, they shouldn't serve it.  I had a scone - I'm in Britain, how could I not? It was fine. For all the fanfare and rave reviews, I was hoping for more than fine.

    Some say the devil is in the details. I say five stars are in the details. And this place was a little too casual in the details for me to echo the chorus of praise.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    we checked this place out after our destination (moose) wasn't serving food today due to a technical problem in their kitchen... shame it wasn't open - the food was ok nothing to rave about my partners dippy duck eggs were unfortunatly over cooked and i could have done with a saw or steak knife to get through my sourbread toast - my eggs benedict looked a little small but filled the hole - runny eggs a plus point - shame the staff were too busy talking to be attentive - got my drink order wrong - would not go again - food looked pretty though - shame it didn't taste so good - also over priced - especially the drinks

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Staff are really friendly at Tea Cup on Thomas Street.

    Had a lovely smoothie called "iggy pop" (orange, strawberry, mango and red pepper) although they had run out of red pepper on this occasion, but the drink was still nice.

    Wouldn't eat the cakes as there not covered with anything... And ants crawling over them which had to be pointed out to the staff.

    Cost of smoothie: £4.50

  • 4.0 star rating

    Came here 2 weekends ago with my boyfriend and his friend. We're not from the area or even the same country (well, the bf's friend is. He and I are not, though) so I had researched some places to come by once we were in Manchester. We decided to come here and we were quite pleased with our choice.

    Since we came on a Saturday, there was a bit of a queue to be seated. We did not have to wait terribly long, though, and there were even little cups of tea and pieces of cake for us to nibble on as we waited. Once seated, we perused their pretty extensive menu of teas and vittles. Their pastries change on a daily basis, so what we had that particular day may not be available on any other given day. I chose a hot chocolate for myself and a slice of their Victorian sponge cake, which also came with a generous scoop of clotted cream. Everything was quite tasty, but the reason why I gave this place 4 stars instead of 5 was because I thought my hot chocolate could have been a little sweeter and the cake slices that we got were a bit on the dry side.

    I'd recommend people to stop by if you happen to be in the area.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Food is always good and staff are friendly enough and always a have a good range of teas.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Everything your heart desire when it comes to tea, cakes and breakfast. I had the Royale breakfast with salmon and it's as always lovely and filling.
    I always get the Chai tea as in my opinion they make the best in town!
    Be aware that it can be rather busy so expect a queue especially at weekends.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Not a place your likely to find being a stranger to manchester. Even after being taken once i would not have easily been able to find my way back.

    But to the residents of manchester (and any lover of good food and drink) the location of teacup is no doubt emblazoned on their hearts.

    The tea and coffee list is gigantic, perhaps as you'd expect from a place called teacup. The list of cakes is impressive too, i've had five of them now and have yet to be disappointed. The size of the slices matches the quality too which is somewhat rare for what looks all the world like a boutique tea house.

    The food though, that is the real surprise. Feeling like a busy cafe (and it will always be busy, justifiably) you'd not expect proper food.

    Buy a pie. I don't care if your only stopping by for a cup of tea, get one, now! They are each amazing. I thought the chicken one was the best thing ever, had the choritzo and now i'm torn. But the fact that i keep going back to try and find out which it is says to me this place has it all.

    A firm favourite of mine in manchester for sure. Teacup only misses out on the hallowed 5 stars for the shear amount of money two diners can spend on a pie, a cup of tea and a slice of cake. I've no regrets and will go again but i am sure there are cheaper delights to be had.

    Not wanting to end on a sour note though i  shall mention Teacups association with Mr Scruff. You will see events marked on posters on the walls. As a fan i would say this makes yet another reason to love the Teacup, it has good taste.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Stopped in here for a light brunch a couple of weeks ago.  Relaxed and chilled inside with good tea (Earl Grey for moi) and food.  My scrambled eggs and toast were delicious.  As a bonus I had forgotten Mr Scruff owns this place, top man.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Great place in Manchester for brunch or tea. Get the rainbow cake, it's magical! I also had a bite of my cousin's carrot and coconut cake and enjoyed that as well. I think that the carrot and coconut is a really smart combo! A must visit.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This shop absolutely made my afternoon in Manchester.

    The tea menu was extremely detailed and offered plenty of details on each tea.

    I started with a pot of Rooibos Super Grade Organic tea. It was one of the best black teas that I have ever had. The tea made me super mellow and the Teacup offered free refills, so I simply posted up at my table and enjoyed the pleasant ambiance. I saw all sorts of people wake into the shop acclaiming to how wide of a clientele it is able to appeal to.

    I also ordered Florentine Eggs which I can best describe as poached eggs (with yolk still in tact) seated on a layer of baby spinach and toast covered in a light yellow sauce. From now on, when asked how I want my eggs, my first reply will be Florentine.

    After a delightful brunch, I decided to top it off with a Manchester Tart. The tart had a custard, banana slices, raspberries, thin gram crackers, and was topped if with a luscious raspberry sauce.

    On top of the tea, food, and atmosphere, the staff was friendly, attentive, and helpful making it a great experience all around.

  • 3.0 star rating
    5 check-ins here

    One of the most popular Breakfast Cafe in Manchester, you should see the queue on weekends! It is a typical Northern Quarter hippie cafe populated by the hipsters.

    They have a large selection of tea right from Assam to Earl Grey and a good range of desserts and sandwiches to choose from. I personally like their carrot cake but feel its a bit over priced for its worth!

  • 4.0 star rating

    It's alllways busy at the weekends

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins here

    I am sometimes useless at going to places that I know I will enjoy,Teacup being the prime example.I am a creature of habit,so when I like a place I usually stick to it,and in the NQ there are several places that I like, so some places never get a look in.

    Myself and Ange have been meaning to pop into Teacup since spying the cake selection at the brilliant event that was put on for us there,and as we had a bit of time to kill we thought we'd pop in for a cake and a beverage.

    I like it when staff are friendly,although to be fair I also find it funny when they are surly. But there was no surlyness to be found today,maybe I should of gone to Burger King instead : )

    I had a latte,king of the coffee no matter what the bean snobs may say. You know who you are! I also opted for a white chocolate brownie. The coffee was very nice indeed,it really hit the spot,and the brownie was extremely nice,so moist a gooey inside that my mouth was glued together,and it was topped with white choccy shavings/curls.Very nice indeed.

    Ange went for the malteser brownie (I think),which was just as gooey and moist as mine,but was topped with little chocolate balls. She opted for a pot of Moroccan mint tea which she thoroughly enjoyed,and she was particularly taken with the little egg timer thing that told her when the drink had been brewed long enough.

    All in all it was very nice pit stop,sorry I haven't been in sooner,but it shouldn't be too long before i'm back........

  • 5.0 star rating

    As tea/coffee shops go, Teacup IS as good as it gets for me. That's why when arranging to meet Kevin, the regional community manager of Yelp, I booked us a table.

    In this little Northern Quarter gem; Tea is the top of the agenda and there is a wide range. Teacup's own bagged blends of cute, quirky labels to have in or take home with you.

    Popular choice from the menu is Blue Sky Earl Grey & Cheeky Moo Pie - such a lifting, taste sensation and not over facing, it's no surprise.

    The little egg timer for brewing your tea was a cool little touch - apparently quite common but I've not seen it before.

    I'm going to make this place, that's in my favourite area of Manchester, a regular Friday treat. Might have to try a mini scone with clotted cream next visit :)

    The lunch meeting at Teacup concluded with Kevin urging me to start writing reviews on Yelp. The Teacup was the natural choice for my inaugural review.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    What a treat! If you're lost and lonely in Manchester, morning or noon, take a wander to the Northern Quarter and grab a decent cup of char at Teacup. This is such a beautiful café, rustic and quaint all at once, with a delightfully dedicated breakfast, brunch and lunch menu to suit all.

    I came here one fine morning with fine friends and we all dove straight into the eggs - for me simply poached, but that makes them sound dull. They're not, they're fabulous. With exquisite bread and delighfully seasoned this was the perfect pick-me-up. Accompanied by a delicious latte this was a morning of Kings, having partook of a few wines the night before, but just a few mouthfuls and I was already on the road to recovery.

    They've a few outside seats for those who with to take in the world going by, and a plethora of seating inside for groups. The tea menu is also varied, so I'm going to have to make a return journey to try them, as on this occasion it was all about the hardcore caffeine for me.

    With wifi, wonderfully attentive staff, and even a fabulous collection of collectibles (tea cups and other such treats) this is more than just a café - it's a bit of an experience. I highly recommend any discerning tea-drinker, visitor, lone wanderer and just about anyone else acquaint themselves with this lovely place.

    We are a nation of teadrinkers and this is our station.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Awesome little cafe! Funky decorations and scrumptious looking brunch menu (too bad we'd already eaten brunch and were just in search of good coffee). Notwithstanding I was full near to bursting, i still succumbed to a blackforest choccie tart and also tried my friends eggnog tart.

    The blackforest tart had a deep dark chocolate flavour with a moist cherry plopped in the centre - not too sweet and not too rich either, just a perfect texture and flavour! In contrast, the eggnog tart was very light and fluffy - but again, not overpoweringly sweet and the pastry was perfect (not too flaky but not death-by-buttery-short either).

    All up I think quality of the food and general decor of the place was awesome and would've been a perfect joint to chill out on a sunday arvo with the paper and/or book + 3 coffees and a pot of tea later...

    Last but not least, my macchiato was perfect!! 3 thumbs up for this place. Must have brunch here if ever in manc again!

  • 5.0 star rating
    6 check-ins here

    A special thing happened today.  Today I fell in love.  With Teacup.  Coffee houses and tea rooms are amongst my favourite places to be in the world, and I think that maybe...just maybe I have found a new favourite.  But saying that makes me feel a bit guilty, like a teacher who has a preferred student but knows they shouldn't.  It feels wrong, as though I am somehow neglecting my also beloved Christie's (yelp.co.uk/biz/christies…) and Sugar Junction (yelp.co.uk/biz/sugar-jun…). But Teacup might just justify this extraordinary claim.

    Matt J and I seated ourselves at a dainty little wooden table outside in the sunshine to peruse the menu, which was mightily impressive. In the mood for something stronger, Matt J opted for a pot of Assam whilst I was unable to resist the bold claims of 'the best chai in the UK'.  There are also offerings of coffee and soft drinks, and a scrumptious cake menu, and also plentiful selections of nosh to boot.

    When our drinks arrive, excitement is to be had, on my part at least.  Our waitress informs us that both of our loose leaf teas are intended to brew for four minutes, and hands over a sand-timer.  The next few minutes are spent eagerly awaiting the last grain of sand to drop, at which point we both seize our teapots and begin to pour!  I tell thee - it brings a whole new level of fun to drinking tea.  I've only ever had chai tea at one other place, so I can't testify whether it really is the best chai in the UK, but it was pretty damn good.

    One pot of tea is the equivalent of about three cups, and once this is finished...you get a FREE refill.  That's right, free.  There's nothing that makes me happier than getting stuff for free, and this is by no means an exception.  I was also a fan of the waiter service.  You are seated on arrival, and a waiter will come and take your order, instead of having to queue at the counter, I like this a lot.  I do also have it on good authority that the milkshakes are pretty bangin'.

    I was a very delighted lady this afternoon, very delighted indeed.  I think Teacup have made a loyal customer out of me.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    I am almost ready and willing to hold Teacup to ransom, and steal it away up to Edinburgh. Manchester, you lucky lucky city you. Not only does Mr. Scruff herald from your fair brick and mortar, but you are host to his very own café - and oh my, what a café it is.

    I got the text from Emma-Lou H for breakfast plans. A quick taxi ride through the Northern Quarter (which is in itself delightful) and we were at Teacup. The name had already charmed me, and whilst I originally imagined lace doilies and the old-fashioned style afternoon tea type number, Teacup surprised and delighted.

    It's really large inside. Almost massive. So plenty plenty tables for many tea-drinking types. The cakes spill forth from stands on the counter. Check out the photo of the wee Mr Scruff themed cupcakes. And oh the cakes look delicious.

    The menu for breakfast was great. Lots of eggs. No bacon (oh well) but you can get boiled, poached, benedict, florentine, and there's healthy porridge. Two poached eggs, yum. But the rye bread. Oh the rye bread. I would write poetry for that rye bread. Unlike any other rye bread I'd had before.

    Being a tea-specialist joint there are plenty teas, and they treat it with proper tea respesct. So there's an ingeniuous wee timer served with your tea that allows you to have light, medium or strong brew with three different timers.

    Oh and not forgetting the juice. I had a citrusy number, that had a real kick to it. Perfectly palate cleansing and felt very good for my insides too (after the many cupcakes, Indian food and wine of the night before). Lemon, ginger, apple and grape juice with a whole lotta ginger.

    I loved the look of their meatball nights too.

    Basically everything about this place ticked my boxes. The food was really deliicous, home-made and hearty. Worth the slightly higher price tag. They love tea. I love tea. There's Mr Scruff merchy up the top of the shop. The staff were super friendly. The café has a great vibe, cool tunes.

    Now how does one exactly smuggle an entire, large café from one city to another cross-border?

  • 5.0 star rating
    26/4/2012 Updated review
    13 check-ins here

    FIVE STARS REINSTATED. Oh yes. After a brief lovers' tiff, Teacup and I reignited our passion with aplomb after I visited twice recently. What a difference a holiday makes! Or rather, what a difference their effort makes. The entire back area of the space has opened up to create a whole new dining experience. If you don't believe me, check out their deconstructed evening menu. manchesterconfidential.c… Just ruddy look at it. What even is that. Brilliance, that's what it is.

    What looks like something beyond what you'd get at Room or Australasia in the nouveau cuisine stakes is brought to casual dining, in a casual environment at thoroughly casual prices. I've had some utterly lovely meetings and social experiences in here recently and its reclaimed its crown as Norther Quarter Big Daddy. No, wait. There are too many contenders to that crown. Let me get my Game of Thrones geek on. You know how in the second book there are seven folks claiming themselves king? If you don't, seriously, get involved. Anyway, Teacup feels like one of the more rightful contenders. Kind of like a Stannis Baratheon. Willing to experiment with new things. Determined and full of effort. Takes things seriously. Might have had a dip in popularity at some point, but heck, that does not keep a rightful king down. Teacup has totes re-stolen my heart.

    You know how quite a few Yelp reviews complain about certain things? Particularly Claire I's whereby the manager treated her meanly - well, fear no more. The manager she mentioned is gawn. In his place is an environment that feels so welcoming and friendly that it's like going into your best friend's front room for a brew. Their coffee is still one of the finest blends in all NQdom.

    It's time to wipe the slate clean. I for one cannot WAIT to taste this new evening menu. Supper and a cuppa, yes PLEASE!

    3.0 star rating
    3/2/2012 Previous review
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    Grace, you ain't wrong. Teacup used to be one…
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  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Wanted to show of the Northern Quarter to some friends from Portsmouth. They loved Teacup tea and cakes on an epic scale.

    We went in at four and only queued for a short while. Prices on the high side but worth it once in a while.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The Teacup is perhaps the loveliest coffee shop in Manchester, which I stumbled upon when my mum came to visit and we wanted to get some lunch. This place is owned by uber-friendly DJ Mr Scruff and his niceness is everywhere, from the cool décor to the smiling and attentive staff.

    We both had some delicious home-made pumpkin soup. I ordered a sandwich to dip into my soup and the whole thing was spicy, warm and perfect for a cold winter day. If you're popping into the Teacup for a quick drink, then there is an excellent range of tea, coffee, smoothies and juices. The "Aretha Franklin" was a refreshingly sweet mix of banana and strawberry.

    The Teacup has loads of organic, home-made cakes to choose from too. The apple cake with lashings of cinnamon was especially brilliant. We were thoroughly satisfied with the whole experience, and on our way out the manager asked us if everything had been ok. He explained that all the cakes were individually made on the premises. I went back to the Teacup a few days later with my girlfriend and to prove his point, a totally different selection of cakes was available, yet they all looked equally as tasty!  

    The Teacup is the perfect place to spend a relaxing hour or two with your other half, friends or even your mum. The food, drinks and service are all absolutely great, and it won't break the bank either.

  • 4.0 star rating

    There are not many places in Manchester you can get a sublime cake after 7pm, indeed there are not many places you can get a desert worthy of review in Manchester, so Teacup got my taste buds salivating with anticipation way before I entered through the doors of DJ and producer Mr Scruff's embodiment and tribute to all things tea.

    Teacup is what many would call cute and fortunately for my tastes buds, the cakes match the welcoming interior.

    Whilst the daytime is predominately about tea and cakes, there is enough choice within the paper menus to fulfil the most energetic of appetites. In particular my choice of beef balls with mushroom and rocket infused gravy were a delight. Equally the portion size appeased my ever so particular and exacting northern requirements.

    There are few self-respecting Northerners raised on cautionary stories of post-war rationing in the mythical Isle of Sandwich that could resist the aroma of freshly baked bread. The choice was limited to two, but in a city dominated like the rest of supermarket Britain by the uniformity plastic wrapped Chorleywood loaf that dominates the premium shelf space, it was a very welcome surprise.

    In my finest dulcet accent, I opted for the not-so-northern-sounding Pain Catalan. Thankfully, neither was I presented with a tribute to the Spanish Inquisition or what sounds like a culinary interpretation of Nicholas Cage's Italian accent in Captain Corelli's Mandolin, but rather a delight to the taste buds. Combining the flavours of tomato and red onion with complementing gravy, both Mancunian and anosmics alike would be hooked.

    It was a rather chilly afternoon, so I didn't indulge in any side salads, but looking over my right shoulder, the lady in the canary yellow 99% cashmere, 1% elastane pullover seemed very content and pleased with her choice of freshly tossed leaves and homemade dressing, which equally appeared in good supply as it seemed tasty.

    The gastronomic finale was equally rewarding and came in the shape of a rather unanticipated and unexpected desert. Shrugging off traditional comfort and cautionary bias towards homemade cheesecake, I went for one of my grans old favourites, truffles. Again I was not disappointed.

    I rounded off my visit to Teacup with the truffle delights, and Italian caffè macchiato of milk-foamed, chocolate topped liquid heaven.

    Teacup isn't the cheapest around, but then good and 'proper' produce often isn't. And when food is as pleasurable and as pain free as this, why would you ever want to go back to the processed lottery that gave us Findus 100% equine lasagne and the modern food economy.  

    The only reason I didn't give it 5* stars is because I didn't spy custard on the menu. Some old habits just won't die.

    This review contains no horsemeat.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here
    Listed in Manchester

    These northerners take Tea far more seriously than Londoners. Egg timers, loose leaves, instructions, two pots and hot drink heaven. My carrot cake left a bit to be desired and I regretted not going for the brownie but all in all our Teacup experience was lovely.

    The place also does tasty looking salads and mains and I regret having eaten too much brekkie to sample these. There is so much water being boiled in here that the windows were completely steamed up when we arrived so not ideal for people watching on a cold, January day. With free refills of hot water and great fresh juices it's a good job they have lots of tables as we didn't want to go anywhere else in a hurry.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Owned by local deejay Mr Scruff and his manager Gary, Teacup is a cute cafe inbetween print shops, clothes boutiques and bars in the Northern Quarter. It started off selling a cracking range of tee-shirts, crockery and limited edition screenprints as well as food and drink but these seem to have disappeared recently.

    Outside there's a couple of tables and chairs where you can catch the rays on a sunny day and inside there's enough space for a large coach party. The only problem is, the staff don't seem equipped to deal with a dozen customers let alone a coach party! I've been to Teacup three or four times this year alone and although I love their range of smoothies and hot drinks, I have to admit the service is so slow I'm always tempted to nip behind the counter and offer to make my own!

    If you're not in a rush however and you fancy a great fruit smoothie (my usual tipple is the Aretha Franklin!) a pot of organic and fairtrade tea or a piece of cake, Teacup is a fun place to go. They also do plates of pie, mash and peas - which I've never tried but have heard are the perfect cure for a hangover!

  • 5.0 star rating
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    Listed in Best Green Teas

    Any place that has a framed sign by the door saying 'Tea Revives You' is my kind of place.  Continuing my quest for the perfect cup of green tea, this had to be on my list.

    Quite a large seated area with quaint little checked table clothes, but that is about as kitsch as this place goes, with t-shirts em-blazed with 'a balanced diet is a cake in each hand' worn by the staff and awesome tea towels with 'champion brew technician' on them, I think I had died and gone to tea heaven.

    There is a great range of loose teas available here, all with fabulous thirst quenching descriptions, some of the teas currently being offered are an Organic White Peony, Heart of Love Blooming Flower Tea, Darjeeling Second Flush and as I was on a green tea mission, I ordered the Organic Jade Sword Green Tea.

    It arrived, not in a cup or a simple pot, but was delivered to my table was a pot full of hot water and the green tea leaves, a second smaller empty pot, a small glass cup and a 3 in 1 egg timer.  But dont be scared, my server came with instructions. When the first egg timer finishes, its time to pour the hot water into the 2nd pot, when the 2nd egg timer finishes its time to pour the water into your little glass cup.  And the 3rd egg timer . .  umm I confess, I lost count so just drank the tea, which was superb and just the right temperature, maybe thats what the 3rd egg timer was for?

    I was only here to sample the teas, but I enviously gazed at some of the dishes being eaten by fellow diners, there is a great menu covering breakfast, afternoon teas and dinner with a menu for meatballs all on its own and they had the most amazing pastries lined up on the counter.

    i have to come back, this time with an emptier bladder and empty stomach!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Wow. Cakes. Wow.
    I fantastic place to pop in and indulge. Will be back and thanks to Yelp reviews I discovered they sell flour-free chocolate cake, which my wheat intolerant son wolfed down. Thank you Yelp, thank you Teacup!

  • 5.0 star rating

    They take tea seriously, and I love it. I only got a pot of tea, and have never had the food, but I can only imagine that their food/cakes are as good as the tea was.

    The staff was very friendly, and being by myself I was seated right away.

    I was pushed to leave as soon as possible, though. The place was so busy (constant line), and I've heard it's always this way. This was the only thing that made me sad about Teacup. I would have loved to enjoy my tea at a more leisurly pace, but alas the place is very popular...

    If there's a less busy time to visit, or if you only want something to go, I would highly reccommend this place! Definitely good quality, definitely worth checking out.

  • 1.0 star rating

    The Northern Quarter is full of little trendy hidey hole places but Teacup stands out proudly on view with a full glass view of its inners.
    Proud seller of Mr.Scruff's tea and merchandise will scream out as you enter to see a wall full of the stuff on your left. But wait until you see the delicious cakes right infront of you! Look past these up to see a varied menu, full of choice for vegetarians, vegans and if asked, they will try within their means to fulfil a dietry requirement. Lovely staff to deal with in the place, who present your food and take your order. However, this service is only for customers.

    Whilst working, i was required to visit venues to enquire about hiring them for an event. When I asked for the manager to enquire about hiring the venue, the waitress couldn't have acted more annoyed and low behold when the manager arrived, he was rude enough to laugh at me and said it wouldn't be worth losing the money.
    Even though they might serve good quality food, this service put me off for life. For a small business, the manager is clearly more obsessed with making money than to be polite to an enquirer.

    R B.
    Comment from R B. of Teacup
    Business Employee
    29/5/2012 Hi Claire, We're really sorry to hear about your bad experience with us. Please accept our deepest… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    My friend brought me to Teacup after a day's shopping at Arndale when I wanted somewhere to just sit back and relax.

    At first glance, its packed with people (Obviously it was tea-time), and I tend to have higher expectation for a place that attracts a lot of crowd.

    Was greeted by one of the employees and my friend explain that we were first timers there. Since the place full at the moment, the staff entertain us by giving us some samples of their famous and best selling tea. (Quite a good service especially when they are busy. I normally get shove to the waiting lounge and that was it).

    Had a Lemon Zinggie and a carrot cake which I absolutely like. The price were reasonable and the atmosphere was definitely worth paying for.

    Definitely a place I would recommend for Tea!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Shizzle my nizzle this the coffee & tea related bizzle!
    Cheap, owned by Mr Scruff himself, massive, friendly and chilled this place is cool in the coldest sense! Plus it does the best pie and mash of all time.
    The space also acts as something of an interactive gallery and novelty shop as you most of the artwork uber fashionable chintz around you is actually for sale.
    Although, they missed a trick by not overpricing everything and calling it Mugs!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Oh how I do adore a good egg. And on a dull, drab and dreary Wednesday morning I was in desperate need of a fine egg. Teacup did not disappoint, providing the biggest selection of eggs I have ever seen on a menu!
    Boiled, fried, scrambled, poached and with all the posh accompaniments!

    It was eggs Florentine that rang my bell and trust me it was gone in sixty seconds.
    Their coffee was strong and presented in a beautiful mug.

    My colleague and I were rather cheeky and set up camp on our stylish wooden table for two from 9 till 5; our aim was to drain the free WiFi dry!! We did not succeed but we did drain our laptop batteries dry and the helpful plug sockets which are dotted around the room helped to solve this dilemma.

    The set up is so spaced out and relaxed, with the plain wood and splashes of red colour here and there. And the cakes looked so tempting I had to face my back to them in order not to indulge!!

    There was only one small complaint...I am able to drink vast amounts of water, so the teeny tiny glass they brought my seemed more like a shot than a drink. But with the service being so helpful and friendly they did not mind to keep giving me a refill!!

    Do - get some eggs down ya.
    Don't - be surprised when a man walks in the toilet (there unisex.)

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    We are British and we love our tea, yes we do.  In the heart of Manchester's Bohemian Northern Quarter sits this hidden gem of a tea cafe. It is the epitome of what is so fantastic about this diverse part of the city centre.

    Teacup is refreshingly humble in its presentation, the ultimate chill out place,  It has personality, and is informal. Glance at the menu and you'd think wow, here I was thinking tea was just about popping a tea bag in hot water swirl swirl tap tap add bit of sugar and sip. There is a whole new tea world to be discovered through the menu here. I tried some green leaf tea, but there is also chilli and mint tea for those of you who are in the don't diss it till you've tried it camp. But hang on a minute they serve a lot more than tea. I haven't tried out alot of the food yet but at least I know they serve soups home made pies as well as cakes and cookies, and it is an option for me to bear in mind for my future visit.

    Furthermore to go in sync with the bohemian theme they also sell teacups and t-shirts in these cool tins, I thought that was pretty cool. The place has a sixties vibe to it which I found surprisingly works well, and  I couldn't help but notice the crowd was a bit of a mixture, which is a good sign in my opinion. There were young professionals enjoying lunch, mum's with kids having soup and arty moby lookalike types with macbooks munching away on their cookies, all chillaxing seemingly very contempt in their surroundings and their respective choices from the menu. I'm in northern quarter next week and might have a gander. Just rolls off the tongue nicely, "I'll have a cup of English breakfast tea and some cake please love"

    Tell you what might pop the kettle on :D

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place is owned by Mr.Scuff who if you have never heard of is the friendliest DJ in the world who also loves pies and tea. It is perhaps not surprising then that he opened up a café in the Northern Quarter such as the one he did. Cup is a great café that sells a wide range of pies, cakes and pastries all for really decent prices. There is also a wide range of egg cups for sale here that admittedly are quite pricey but are mostly antiques or collectibles.

    Anything that Mr.Scruff puts his hands to seems to be a success and this place is no exception. It would be unquestionable that a DJ who promotes caring for each other, giving one another a hug and all round niceness would employ bad staff so Cup is full of helpful staff that can advise you on which pie variety or tea flavour you might like to give a go. Get yourself a newspaper, prepare too eat great food and try to avoid spending way too much on one of the  egg cups for grabs.

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