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  • 36 Wellfield Road
    Cardiff CF24 3BP
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  • Phone number 029 2021 8815
  • “It's a cafe with a sweet and gift shop attached.” in 5 reviews

  • “Gifts, tea room and sweets in old fashioned jars.” in 5 reviews

  • “The front sells sweets in an old-fashioned, jars in rows on the wall way and also offers takeaway ice cream and a small shop stocking pretty crockery.” in 5 reviews

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    • Qype User chriss…
    • Cardiff
    • 3 friends
    • 7 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Absolutely gorgeous cakes and really good coffee  such a selection of cake, it was hard to choose so I had the Carrot, Pineapple and Rum and it was delicous!! The best bit was the little outdoor area to the rear with play things for the little ones which my 21month old absolutely loved. Enclosed and safe, perfect for a relaxing cup of tea or coffee without worrying about keeping the children entertained. Will definitly be back and will tell others, as I am now, as this place needs to be talked about as a great venue for families . The staff here are very friendly too, really seem to like being there and keen to help.

    Top marks guys.. see you again soon :)

  • 2.0 star rating

    Ok, well first of all this is more of a gift shop/sweet shop/cafe. There are lots of pretty things for you to go 'oooooo' at when you enter, but realize it's a) stuff you don't really need and b) It's stuff you need to sell your granny to afford.

    Heading towards the back of the store is the cafe, it has comfy seating and an outdoor area with a children's playhouse, showing this is a place for people of all ages.

    I purchased a chicken, pesto and sundried tomato panini and was excited for my order and figured the hefty £4.50 I had just forked out for it would be worth it. 10 minutes later I was told they had run out of chicken and had to take the not so exciting substitute of ham and cheese. I bought a can of drink which cost me £1.20 so this was turning out the be quite the bland and expensive lunch, I didn't even get a splattering of crisps to make my panini exciting or a sniff of any salad.

    It was about 2pm when we went here on a Saturday and it was heaving, tables were not cleared for the entirety of our stay which was not visually pleasing and a bit of an annoyance when people had to clear the tables themselves to sit down.

    All in all, quite the disappointing experience, but the decor was rather dashing, so if you have money to burn, give it a whirl.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I love the feel of this shop, it makes such a nice change and is an example to all those chains that consistency and buckets of coffee aren't what most people want.

    Tea and Cake is a mix. The front sells sweets in an old-fashioned, jars in rows on the wall way and also offers takeaway ice cream and a small shop stocking pretty crockery. The back is a pretty little tea shop which lacks size but makes up for in individuality.

    It makes a really nice change from many other coffee shops because it is bright and original. So many coffee shops opt for dark interiors and moody lighting, making you feel as if you should skulk in, mutter something French, smoke a pretentious little cigar, throw back an espresso and skulk out again.

    Not so in Tea and Cake. Here's a place to throw back your head and laugh, chat excitedly and finish by taking away an ice cream and a sweet gift for someone who couldn't be there, but would have loved it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Tea and Cake do things the traditional way. For a start they brew loose leaf tea in the cafe instead of using tea bags... this is always a good sign. Even though I'm a smoker, my taste buds are pretty sensitive. I can taste impurities in the water used to make tea, and I can also taste the paper if a tea bag is used. So, this is my kind of place, and sadly a lot rarer these days.

    Being a family business, there's the attention to detail that you'd expect; the service is great, the homemade food is a cut above the rest, and the cake... ah the cake... well, the cake is out of this world! And there's gluten free, veggie and vegan options... that's consideration for you!

    The gift shop and traditional sweet shop is a bit like taking a trip down memory lane... when I was a little girl they used to sell sweets in jars all lined up on shelves, one after the other... just like they do here. Lovely!

    Check out the traditional Victorian style toys, with wonderful wind-up mechanisms... marvelous!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Love a good quality cup of British tea and a plate of some yummy tasty cake? Then why not go down to the Tea and Cakes Cafe on Wellfield road in Cardiff?

    It is such a cute, small and a snug cafe with friendly and helpful staff and the place has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere that makes it a perfect environment to come and dine with friends or family in for afternoon or morning tea to wake you up.

    It is a tea room that you will never forget and a place that you will love to come back and stop in for relaxing drink and a bite to eat in.

    The Tea and Cakes cafe has disabled access and you can use your credit or debit cards if you should so need to. The food and drinks prices are pretty reasonable though. I recommend this place to all... to be able to go and unwind and chill out in. There website isn't very good though, there isn't much information about the company or their products at all, really.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Well where to start? As someone with a very sweet tooth, and who is rather partial to old-fashioned confections, I unsurprisingly fell in love with this place, the moment I set foot in it! In addition to sweets from a bygone age this shop also sells handmade chocolates (though not nearly enough in my opinion), and I would particularly recommend the white chocolate and hazelnut butterflies which are truly divine

    A small café has recently opened at the back of the store, where you can have handmade paninis, sandwiches, toasties or even one of their fabulous cakes. I really like the black and floral wallpaper in the café and the pink fairy lights, which come across as trendy rather than tacky.

    If you're trying to be good or are not in the mood for food, there is also a small card and gift selection. They sell some very witty tea coasters and magnets (think naughty 1950s housewives), and even the jewellery has a confectionary theme (I absolutely love the iced ring biscuit and cupcake necklaces). Though the selection here is small, the cards available are incredibly unique and in a word, fabulous! My favourites were definitely the ones which spoofed popular fairytales.      

    There is certainly a lot going on in this place, but rather than detract, this just adds to the cool, quirky nature of this sweet store, come café, come gift shop, which is without a doubt worth a visit!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Tea and Cake are probably my two favourite things ever so the shop was always off to a winning start and so far nothing about it has disappointed me. The fresh handmade cakes are gorgeous, the cafe is kitsch  and fun and the staff are very lovely. All the cakes seem to be made with love and thought. They do sell other food but why would I not choose cake over a panini.

    What's better is that I can also get some pic and mix sweets to take away and  remind me of the shop.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This trendy little tea room and gift shop can be spotted by its striking brightly-coloured orange, pink and green 'Tea & Cake' sign.

    Inside, it delivers on its promises and serves up copious amounts of both tea and freshly-made cakes in the café area. They also know how to make good cappuccinos, as well as (real!) milkshakes, soups, salads, and more substantial snacks such as paninis and sandwiches.

    In the shop part, you can pick up beautiful, hand-crafted artisan chocolates, and they also have a small selection of greetings cards, jars of old-fashioned sweets, and little gifts.

    The staff are cheery and seem to enjoy being there, which as a customer is always a bonus, and the place's quirky decor gives you the feeling it's very much loved by its owner.

  • 5.0 star rating

    At first glance, this shop makes no sense. It's a cafe with a sweet and gift shop attached. Or maybe it's a sweet shop that also sells gifts and has a cafe out the back. Who knows which way around it is. And the name, "Tea and Cake" only suggests that it might sell tea and cake and completely ignores that you have to get past the sweets and the gifts and the jewellery to get to any tea or cake.

    Still, I think this shop works really well. It's a girl's dream shop. Like they took all the best and most colourful bits of the 50s, wrapped it in bubblegum, rolled it in sugar and then dressed it in the frilliest dress they could find.

    On your left as you walk in is the sweet shop, and it's done like a proper old fashioned sweet shop with jars of sweets on the shelf and individual chocolates under the glass counter. Very nice.

    To the right and moving into the centre of the shop are the gifts. This section has become slightly smaller since the inclusion of the bigger sweet shop, but it still sells a lot of truly wonderful items. From pretty tea pots and vintage kitchenware to funky jewellery and a few toys. A great place if you're looking for things that have a vintage / retro feel.

    At the back is the cafe. In keeping with the rest of the shop, it has a traditional feel to it and you half expect to see a young couple straight out of Grease sharing a milkshake in one of the booths. The food is really good and all freshly made, and - true to the sign on the door - the tea and cake served here is exceptional.

    • Qype User afello…
    • London
    • 6 friends
    • 136 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    What an amazing little shop. Gifts, tea room and sweets in old fashioned jars. What more can you want from a shop!!

    Love these kind of places as they are quirky and full of charm. Definitely a place to visit.

  • 5.0 star rating
    23/11/2010 Updated review

    For those who know Wellfield Road, they will recognise it perhaps as the heart of bohemian coffee joints and earthy shopping experiences. It was here, that I was drawn to pretty 'Tea and Cake," the eclectic cafe that fusions gift and olde sweet store, cake mecca, magic garden through rainbow streamers and most importantly, in this case, exhibition space for Renato Pequito.

    Fourteen of Pequito's finest works line the coffee shop wall, all of which were completed this year as a graphic diary. As a collection, they are outstanding. Their colour, composition and sharp illustration have something of Pete Fowler, mixed with the research based artistry and simple clarity of David McCandless. It instantly reminded me of classic geometric Penguin book covers, such as Michael Innes' 'Hare Sitting Up,' or John Holt's 'How Children Fail.' Individually, Pequito's pieces fascinate, drawing the eye around the diagrammatic forms like you are calculating formulae, one action prompts the movement of another. They are calculated, careful and cool.

    The pieces are well lit, cute fairy lights give spectrum shoots of light from above, while kitsch green chandeliers, not only give bright light, but help bridge the eclectic businesses with the suddenly crisp, grey and pale egg-shell blue walls. The work is not begging for your attention and wildly out of place, it does not dominate the space above your cafe table and impose its presence upon your quiet five minute date, with a delicate cup of tea. Instead, the quietly beautiful pieces watch over your little world like with an ever-presence, like the moon over the earth. Sturdy and certain, it has a 'simple statement' quality, whereas in construction, its complex, architectural and informative.

    One particular piece which stood out in terms of this complex simplicity, was titled "Worlds Apart." Turquoise and grey, it depicts an arrangement of shapes, subtle and quiet and seemingly entirely effortless. On further inspection, an 's' shape, with expanding circle halves over laid with triangles of ascending sizes, all of which were sliced in half by a vertical line, acting as a trigger to symmetrically flip and fold the image. Below the maze of geometry, housed by two directing lines, reads the phrase "World's Apart." I was fascinated by the clean lines, the delicacy of this print's construction. It seemed as if a diagram of dimensions, had I been presented with this as evidence for the fluctuation of space and our potential to travel beyond our time-based means, I would regard Pequito as a master physicist. This piece could have been a three dimensional graphic, it leaps off the page and feels intellectually interactive, something which most art enthusiasts will relish...

    Read more at amandabathory.com
    Renato Pequito's exhibition Graphic Diary, can be found at Tea and Cake, 36 Wellfield Rd, Roath Cardiff, CF24 3BP, until early December.

    renatopequito.com / 07875581731 / twitter.com/kyanos hello@renatopequito.com

    5.0 star rating
    27/7/2010 Previous review
    Today chaps, I had a goats cheese and caramelised onion sandwich on brown bread with a cup of earl… Read more
    5.0 star rating
    19/7/2010 Previous review
    This is the best cafe on Wellfield Road, without exception and if you haven't been you need to go.

    Read more
  • 2.0 star rating
    Listed in You didn't....??!

    Come closer and I'll tell you all my hopes and dreams. We can whisper our secrets. You can tell me your fears and ambitions. In turn, I'll tell you I want to be a critic when I grow up. I aspire to shatter the world with my insightful reviews and branch new areas with my evaluation stills.
    Unfortunately, companies like Tea and Cake make my ambition pretty difficult to realise. By giving themselves a name like this and then attempting to branch out into different elements, they write their own review. Unusual yet bland and impersonal gifts, overpriced cards which make you question how much you love your friends and expensive sandwiches, are all pushed to the sidelines. Ultimately all this store is about and all it SHOULD be about is tea and cake.
    When it comes to these essential factors, the choice is overwhelming. There is a blackboard exclusively dedicated to liquid excellence and you can guarantee they'll be no PG Tips here.
    The cakes play their part in defining the café by lying alluringly at the front of the counter. Like femme-fatales, they taunt and tease from afar. It was such displays of deliciousness that caused a close associate of mine to break down and beg the kind staff to give her half of each piece.
    Now, my friend, enjoy the surroundings but don't let yourself be too taken by the peripherals. After all, we all know that there is only one true way to have your cake and eat it.

    URBAN CHALLENGE: Order a type of tea you've never heard of

  • 5.0 star rating

    Such a cute little gift/traditional sweet shop with an excellent Cafe, lots of choice  salads, pannins, fresh coffee and wonderful cake. It gets very busy though and can be a tight squeeze as it's very popular with locals, although they do have an outside area when it's sunny. Well worth a visit  amazing decor

  • 3.0 star rating

    Tea and Cake is a Gift come Coffee shop situated right in the middle of Wellfield Road. It is always very pretty to look at and stocks fun usual gifts and house hold items and a whole selection of Traditional sweets. The gift shop is a little pricy (as you could get alot online cheaper) but if you are after a fun special present its great and convenient.

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