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  • Warrington Road
    Wigan WN3 6XB
  • Phone number 01942 493469

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  • 4.0 star rating

    taybarns is a uk version of golden corral. it is operated by Whitbread who also own Beefeater & Premier Inn. that said its always hot food and for those who travel a lot it offers food just like home!!

    visited today for lunch, which is always pleasant (except in school holidays!!!)

    if you have freedom to choose the time of your visit then it is great. at teatimes it can be full of loud screaming kids.

    still my preferred place to eat when traveling and not able to eat at home!!

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    This had been recommended by so many of my work colleagues that I had to try it. We regularly take out people with various disabilities and problems - finding this place was wonderful.
    They do an all you can eat, like so many other restaurants, but here there is more than just chinese on offer. They cater for all possible tastes, and you can mix and match anything!
    18.10.2008 - Just had to add that we've stopped taking our guys here as it was becoming too dangerous - it is too busy now. You have to pick your time or this is no room at all. Maybe I shouldn't have recommended it?

    • Qype User Liz…
    • Manchester
    • 2 friends
    • 27 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Taybarns is great!
    The staff have always been very polite and helpful.
    You do feel quite guilty when you leave, because you've eaten so much and are fit to burst.

    • Qype User Tattoo…
    • Warrington
    • 2 friends
    • 103 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    I went to try this place out after hearing people talk about it.
    I went at approx 5pm on a Wednesday.
    My satnav was trying to take me passed the building for some reason but I noticed the bright orange sign and the equally orange building front.
    At least you notice it on a dark night with a dodgy satnav!
    Only one person was on the 'pay' desk to get in and as people buy drinks there as they enter it took a long time to get in.
    On entering a girl explained how Taybarn's worked and where each food was which was helpful.
    I'll be totally honest here.. the food was decidedly average, in fact below average in some areas.
    The Carvery was a joke, very disappointing, the vegetable pots where all close to empty or actually empty. Wet cabbage for greens, school dinner style tinned veg and what looked like baby sick for stuffing. Choice of gammon and turkey ( I think that's what they where!) both where given in stingy portions but I guess this could be down to the fact that you can go again ( which after looking at the carvery I wouldn't have! )
    The fish skewers and meat skewers where so dry I had to drench them in ranch dressing to swallow them, also everything tasted bland.
    The pizzas were awful .. they are some type of flat bread with a skimp of cheese on with a small amount of toppings.. not really what I call pizza, and again VERY dry.
    Maybe it was the time of day I went ( by now it was 5.25pm ) but I was hoping to see more 'world food' but there was only 3 pots with mild chilli con carne that had no mince that i could see in but half a field full of onions ( to bulk it out ), onion overkill fajita mix and something else I didn't fancy eating as again it was 90% onions. ( I love onions .. but I was all onion-ed out by that point! ).
    The pasta dishes were a welcome break though very basic, as they were wetter foods than most things there. I found myself sipping on cola to ease the dry throat and I never normally drink fizzy drinks.
    Later on in the visit they brought out prawns on skewers that were hard to swallow and tasted like fried eggs. Please someone teach them how to cook prawns ( or any skewer food ) without murdering them.

    The crumble was mostly tasteless.. but the custard tasted ok so the two mixed worked.
    The cheesecake they had that night was not very nice and looked like it was 2 days old ( I am sure it wasn't but it looked that way! )
    I am a cheesecake fan so that was a let down.
    Ice cream... always a safe choice - but still not as nice as pizza hut icecream machine which is hard to beat :-)

    On a good note... the carrot cake was to die for. :-)

    I didn't stuff my face, I ate a small amount of things that 'looked' appetizing.. so I was basically left with the deserts to fill up on.. bless the carrot cake... yum.

    I think kids would love it for the novelty.
    Desert lovers.. fill your faces.. the portions are large so no need to take 4 plateful's at once.

    This could have been an 'off' day and perhaps the weekends have better foods so I can only give my honest opinion of my visit on this particular day.

    Anyone with a liking for nicer quality food then only go here if you want a fun trip out with friends/family to eat and be merry, not to compare the cuisine to other restaurants you may have been to as you may be left feeling disappointed.

    2 stars out of 5 simply due to the blandness, dryness and terrible carvery that looked inedible.
    The 2 stars go to the friendly staff and the carrot cake.

    • Qype User moomin…
    • Wigan, Greater Manchester
    • 1 friend
    • 1 review
    4.0 star rating

    We visited Taybarns in Wigan yesterday - a nice experience was had by all! We enjoyed piping hot food (good quality too) at a great price.

    No complaints from us about the food or the staff!

    My only one fault find is that if you're disabled (which i am) the waiting in the queue to pay is a bind especially when you can't stand for more than 2 mins at a time and the queue's are quite long generally it gets very hard work!

    • Qype User wigd6…
    • Wigan, Greater Manchester
    • 1 friend
    • 14 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    For price you really cant complain at an all you can eat with loads of choice. But is not always the best. i been twice 2nd time was better.

    • Qype User alfred…
    • Runcorn, Halton
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    4.0 star rating

    Haute Cuisine it isn't but that's not to knock it. It's plain and simple food, thetype that most of us eat on a daily basis at home.Taybarns represents good honest food at low prices for the budget minded.Unfair and hurtful comments about the people that dine there says a lotabout those that post such dross.We eat there on a weekly basis and find the staff and indeed the fellowcustomers to be very friendly.Don't be put off by negative comments. Judge for yourself. I'm sure you'llagree we me.

    • Qype User erica…
    • Warrington
    • 26 friends
    • 100 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    i visited taybarns, and found the meals good value for what you paid,you could eat has much has you wanted,at one cost,enjoyed my first visit,however when visiting again although quite busy,you had to queue to pay before you could enter,i generally like a few drinks first before a meal,but you had to join a rather long queue,to the till,we had children with us who grew impatient,has did others,i also had a back problem,which made it worse,i could not stand up for too long,so anyone with any disability would have problems,it was ages before the end of the queue,paying and entering,i enjoyed it once we had paid and got seats,and could get drinks at the bar,but did not like having to wait in a queue for so long,and that was just to pay to enter.

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