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  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    One of the best Tapas place of the many that we had try during our visit in Barcelona.  Not super expensive like Bodega/Tickets but still a lot of high quality and very tasting items. Presentation of all the dishes was very nice also.

    Menu can be tricky, especially for the specials but the wait staff are very helpful in translating and describing the dishes. Definitely worth the wait!

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    I have been here a few times and always will come back as this has been one of the best Tapas places I have been to.

    I recommend the following :
    Batatas Barvas
    La Bomba
    Llenties Guisades

    Complimented by their 100% fresh juice cocktails.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Not my favorite. Of all the spots we hit during our trip, Tapas 24 was one of the last restos we ate at and lacked the amazing Spanish hospitality and cuisine we came to know and love.

    First off, they generally have you wait inside, completely in the way of traffic going to/from the restroom, people eating at the bar, and bus boys running to and fro.

    Second, the two servers we interacted with (as well as the couple sharing our table, but that's not the restaurants fault) were snarky and condescending. I minored in Spanish (of the Castilian/Castellano sort) in college, so navigating around Barcelona was easy because most menus, signs, etc are in both Castellano and Catalan. However, the tapas del día menu here is only in Catalan, making it difficult to decipher what was what. Only seeing the confusion on our faces, the waiter insisted upon cava sangria, implying they didn't have red sangria-- of course, the former is more expensive. He would give us exasperated looks when we asked him what certain things were. They charged us €4 for TWO pieces bread & tomato, which is absolutely ludicrous and in pretty sure they over charged us.

    Strike three was when our server, from his Catalan high horse, suggested we get the chicken tacos from the tapas del día menu. They were mediocre and greasy. The roasted chicken croquette was okay, and the same can be said for the bomba. The burger in the McFoie was dry and bland, the homemade pasta was far far far from al dente and tasted like Hamburger Helper.

    I remember almost everything from our meals in Spain, but everything here except one was forgettable to the highest degree. The saving grace, which came out second, was the bikini sandwich. Cheese, jamón, and black truffles toasted to perfection on thin white bread? Simple, delicious, amazing. I'm just praying another, better place starts making these babies by the time I return to Barcelona.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Amazing tapas! We had the following:
    - bikini sandwich - so so decadent. It was thin pieces of bread with generous amount of mozzarella and jamon
    - patata brava - the garlic was a nice touch
    - ceviche (daily special) - slices of tuna, avocado and fennel with a fruity gingery dressing
    - estrellats (daily special) - fried eggs, bottifarra negra, and fried patatas. The eggs were cooked to perfection and the bottifarra negra was rich and flavourful. The patatas absorbed the richness of the meat and egg.
    - the sangria (€6 per glass) was refreshing and not too sweet nor dry - just perfect

    This place is located in the heart of passeig de gracias - across from the Zara home; easy to find. The service was mediocre; about a 10 min wait during lunch time.

  • 5.0 star rating

    We were delighted with the service and food. So much so, that we went back for a second night. Sea bass ceviche, sweetbreads, tacos, rabbit ribs were all faves. We sat at the counter both nights and enjoyed the chaos of a small, busy place. Our servers were friendly and helpful in describing and recommending dishes.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Not impressed. A standard tourist spot, we ate the stuff we ordered but went for another restaurant. Glad we just ordered very little! There are so much better restaurants just 10min walk from here. Can't believe that people will satisfy for this.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place was so delicious, we went back for more!!!  We had the Bikini, Patatas Bravas, the meatball tapas (can't remember the menu name), the bread topped with crushed tomato and olive oil, short rib in lettuce leaf... It was all amazing.  

    The food in Spain was all pretty delicious and different.  Definitely surprised our family, as we thought coming from Italy to Spain, we'd find the food second to Italy.  We were pleasantly incorrect with our assumption.  The food, although very different, was so mouth watering, ESPECIALLY at Tapas 24.  

    Great food, great atmosphere, really friendly staff.  Loved it!!

    The one downside is that we had our baby stroller with us and they don't have a ramp to get into the restaurant.  We would have sat outdoors, but most people who want to smoke sit outside, thus we had to find tables inside to avoid smoke getting to our baby.  We had to carry the stroller up and down the stairs to get in and out of the place, but that didn't stop us from returning for more of their delicious tapas!

    If given the chance to travel to Barcelona again, we will definitely come back here.  I've had a few friends ask me for recommendations for places to go to for their upcoming travels to Barcelona and Tapas 24 was always one of the places I recommended for them to go.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Tapas 24 is very popular. Lots of people seated outside (street café set up) and inside (downstairs) where there are tables and a bar. When I say bar, I mostly mean a bar like you would find in a diner. A lot of the food preparation is done here and there is a window into the area where hot plates are assembled. We had the jamón ibérico and bombas and beers - all good.

    Sitting at the bar allows one to watch the kitchen - in particular the cold preparations, I learned something here that I'll definitely use. They slice a smallish baguette lengthwise and then smear it with a halved tomato, sort of like if you were rubbing a potato over a grater. Then a little olive oil and under the broiler to toast it a bit. Really simple and flavorful. I've looked it up and its definitely a "thing." How cool to discover it in practice instead of in a book or on TV. Thanks Tapas 24!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Food is good. Bikini sandwich is delicious. But there s one rude spanish waiter spoiling the experience

  • 5.0 star rating

    Where god goes for tapas.  Stunning food. This is world class food in a basement dive.  Do not miss this.  Owner has a Michelin starred restaurant.  Everything is amazing here. Fois burger. Patatas bravas. Chocolate with olive oil.  Fine dining at half the price.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I knew this tourist trap wouldn't be great from the start, but not so bad that it'd warrant 1 star. My brother was so sure it would be great because 2 friends recommended it, Rickie Steve's wrote it in his book, and yelp gave it 4 stars! The fact that another Rickie Steve's recommended restaurant served mediocre food was an indication that any place he recommended in his damn books would suck.

    * Bikini - toasted sandwich with cheese, Iberian ham (?) and truffle. These were sooo tiny! The taste was pretty good but even though the cheese appeared melted, it was hardened and the whole thing was cold! Not worth €8,50 at all.

    * Bomb - fried ball with potato and meatball inside. It was pretty tasty but also salty.

    * Pasta - tiny, macaroni in some sauce with sausages. The dish makes it appear big until you realize its more like a plate than a deep dish. Meat was tender while the pasta was super soggy. €12. I do agree with another commenter that it does resemble Hamburger helper.

    * Fried rabbit ribs - I didn't try but this was my dad's fave tapa. He said it was super crispy.

    * Iberico ham - a disappointment. It had the texture of old/dry salami and the taste of a hybrid salami/Chinese lop cheung to me. I don't get the hype for this? €14.

    * Ox tail - really tasty and tender meat. Reminds me of the stuff in Chinatown, especially cause it has daikon radish though so it wasn't anything special or unique to me. Again, super, super salty.

    * Water - in a tiny bottle. 2€. Sucks cause everything was filled with sodium.

    * Sangria - served in a glass with some citrus fruits. I've made better. €6.

    *** SERVICE - You'd think that if the food was so mediocre, it should at least be compensated by great service, right? NOPE. The waitress was extremely curt and RUDE. She had the bitchiest face and looked like serving us was the last thing she wanted to do. How did she even get hired?? She literally threw the food onto the table and walk away immediately. Threw as in, she didn't make sure the plate was safely placed on the table before letting go of the plate. I know people say this about some servers but i always thought it was an exaggeration! She had an impatient look on her face when taking our orders and it got worse when we asked any questions cause she'd look away while she waited for our response back. When we paid the bill, she said "OK". No gratitude whatsoever! Where is my " have a great night"??? She didn't even deserve a tip.

    If you're still keen on trying this OVERPRICED and way OVERHYPED tourist trap after my review, at the very least, avoid the woman with brown hair in a ponytail with DKNY black frames to save your sanity.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Waited about 1 hour in the rain, but when we ate the Tapas, it was all worth the sacrifice. The Gambas, lentil stew with Chorizos, and Valencia Rice are to die for.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Lovely lunch here at this busy place in BCN, which was worth the wait for a table. The fried anchovies with lemon zest and pepper were particularly well done, as was the Russian salad (which you see on menus everywhere, but this one was a stand out).

  • 1.0 star rating

    Very long wait on a Tuesday night at 10:00pm. The place is too small and the lines are huge at a time. We waited for an hour after we were told half an hour wait, and we were still not seated. So we gave up and left!

  • 3.0 star rating

    This place has 4/5 stars but it really is more like a 3/5 and here are a few reasons why.... My whole stay in Barcelona (3 weeks) these were the smallest portions I've ever seen. The pictures do not show you how small they are! The other reason is, it's pricey! For the amount of food you get, it really should be cheaper. However it does have good food! I liked the stuffed potatoe balls, the steak in mushroom sauce, the lamb skewers and the bikini! If you don't have a big appetite and just want a few tapas then I do recommend this restaurant.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place is AMAZING!!! Went twice during my week in Barcelona. My mouth starts drooling just thinking about the food here.

    The place itself is small, so both time I went were packed with people. The first time I went by myself, and I waited probably about 20 min in line to get a seat at the bar. However, it was totally worth the wait. The food here is absolutely delicious. Basically everything on the menu is super yummy, though that comes with a price, and it's not cheap.

    Regardless, can't wait to go back already!!!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    16€ for 8 small prawns on a plate!!!

    Similar price for 10 small squids...

    A small and tasty Bikini sandwich for 8€.

    To summarize - some dishes were outrageously expensive while others were simply highly priced...

    All in all, Food was in good quality - but one can expect much more for these prices in a tapas place.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Packed with Japanese tourists holding their Japanese city guide. My local friend insists we should visit this lovely place.

    The tomato toast is richly buttered. And the beer with soda! who said I don't drink beer...They no longer serve paella so we had the Valencia rice, very interesting! The sweet and chili source for fries are just right.

    Tourist or local, you should try!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Other reviews seem to be from folks who have never had tapas before. I found this place good and have been there twice in the past few months. Prices are too high for the amount of food. Service is mediocre but it is fun to sit downstairs and watch the action in the kitchen.
    Keep exploring for a few blocks around this place and you will discover that most of the joints have great food.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Hit or miss creative tapas, definitely worth gambling.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Small and busy basement level tapas bar. We definitely liked the quality of the food more than the fancier Cerveceria Catalunya. More innovative and chef-inspired rather than traditional tapas. Highlights included the mixed olives and amazing, thyme-scented Arroz Valenciana. Staff worked hard to keep us comfortable by offering us drinks while we waited in line. Nice touch.

    Definitely a global destination. Met folks from France in line and sat with a nice couple from Sweden.

    NOTE: If you're not comfortable sitting with strangers in communal seating, this may not be the place for you. Also, try to avoid peak times by getting there before 9:00 or after 10:00.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Just came from tapas 24. Food was good but service was awful.  We went for brunch and after ordering breakfast dishes they told us that we can order from the tapas menu in 10 minutes. So over all, a lot of waiting. Food is good but very greasy and somewhat salty. Kind os a tourist trap.

  • 5.0 star rating

    My friends and I were incredibly fortunate to be previously introduced to one of the waiters in this small, trendy tapas restaurant. This place gets PACKED, but we were lucky that we were seated quickly on a Saturday night around 9pm. The waiter served us a ton of drinks - me with the wine glass that was never left unfilled - and the food was outstanding. We didn't have to order anything, the waiter chose our whole meal for us and it was excellent.

    The bikini sandwich IS as outstanding as all the other reviews say. We had croquetas, tacos, calimari, potatoes with runny egg cracked over them, and also some chocolate mousse with sea salt.

    Their menus are awesome too - I really wanted to steal one, unfortunately our favorite waiter couldn't find one for us to steal :(

    Upside: Extensive menu, delicious food, friendly servers
    Downside: Closes at midnight, small space

    I'll be back the next time I'm in Barcelona!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Mediocre at best this place seems directed at tourists. All of the staple tapas here but the prices are way above the norm. You can find better and cheaper tapas in Barcelona with a more authentic atmosphere to boot.

  • 3.0 star rating

    One of the trendier places we went to in Barcelona - which explains the higher prices.  We didn't know better because it was the first place we hit when we arrived.  We were worried about the crowds, so came a little "earlier" at 6:15 to miss the late dinner crowd (even when we left at 7:30, it wasn't too bad).

    On to the food, in order of yummiess, BOLD are MUSTS:

    BIKINI COMERC - truffle, ham, mozarella - This was pretty amazing.  Just a fancy ham and cheese sandwich (with the crusts cut off), but so yummy!

    MCFOIE BURGER - A foie gras burger?!  Coming from California where foie gras is now banned, HAD to get this.  It was decadent and good but I prefer the bikini!

    Braves - thick cut fries with spicy sauce and aioli - good but not amazing after the bikini

    Ous Estrellast al Gust with chorizo - similar to bravas - thick cut fries with scrambled eggs with your choice of bacon, ham or chorizo, we chose chorizo - would have loved this with the Bravas sauces (!)

    Baby grilled squid - in ink sauce

    Salted chocolate on olive oil - Super rich, great flavor with the oil but to rich to finish (2
    scoops may have been perfect).  We edned up picking out the salt.

    All in all, a good dining experience.  Would we come back...?  Seriously, maybe just for the bikini (if ever in Barcelona again), but honestly for the price, there are a few other local tapas places I would rather revisit.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Worth the wait; yes it is a trendy, touristier place, but the food was out of this world good.  

    They servers came by and made sure we had drinks (try the Moritz beer, a local BCN brew) while we waited.  They are extremely busy all the time, so don't expect them to be the friendliest or the most accommodating.  Get ready to get close with your neighbors. People will ask you how your food is and what you ordered.  

    If you order one thing, it must be the Bikini sandwich.  It is a masterful pressed sandwich with mozzarella, truffle and ham (the good Spanish stuff).  It is a blend of toasty, creamy, earthy, salty goodness.  It is one of my all time favorite sandwiches!!  The Pardon Peppers, Huevos Rotos and Patas Bravas are great here if you want traditional Spanish fare.  The ceviche was dynamite (we got the last serving at 8ish).  We finished with a plate of biscotti like cookies and chocolate chunks.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Tapas here are totally amazeballs. Get there on time because there's a line waiting. Staff works really quickly though so tables are juggled and food arrives fast. Most dishes mentioning 'potatoes' contain big fries so don't overdo it on the potato dishes, you'll be buried in fries.

    The bikini sandwich with truffles is really good, great fresh juices, and the chocolate-olive oil-fleur de sel dessert is to die for.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We really enjoyed Tapas 24.  We had heard from yelpers and other sites that this was the trendy place to try tapas and we were definitely pleased with the recommendation.  

    My suggestion is to go early for lunch, we had no problem being seated but by the time we left, there was a line out the door.  

    Highlights of are meal include the Bikini Comerc sandwich.  It was simple and absolutely delicious.  The McFoie Burger was good, but didn't blow us away most likely since we had gone to Paris before where the Foie is plentiful and delicious.  We really loved the the tapa d'or - essentially smashed tomatoes and olive oil with bread for dipping.  Again, simple but delicious.  My absolute favorite was the Oust Estrellast al Gust.  We had one with chorizo and one with iberico ham.  It's pretty difficult to go wrong with fries, eggs, and meat.  

    This is definitely a must in Barcelona, inventive but simple and all delicious.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Wow delicious!!!
    I sure hate European portion sizes the fat American I am but the flavor was spectacular in every dish.

    1. Lamb skewer: so... Juicy... The herbs on this made it unique and balanced the inherit greasy goodness.
    2. Croquettes: try them both! The chicken one was kind of like a chicken stew, very delightful and different. Altho other croquette is better if u had to only pick one.
    3. Rice and meatball clay pot thing: I only wish there was more... So delicious
    4. Beef stew: so salty but god so good- how is this so good?????? Went especially well with some rice. It was so flavorful we may as well have licked the plate.
    5. Damn I wish I remember what this was called but it's their famous meatball and I think potato dish, Delish
    7. Probably my favorite: the grilled ham and cheese sandwich. By GOD that flavor... AMAZING..
    6. Chocolate and oil with wafer cookie: super dense and heavy chocolate. It was fluffy and a overall delightful texture. Interesting to try but I can't say amazing...

    Now. I am serious when I say these portions are small. like super small. I would share a plate between 2 hungry people or 3 semi hungry people. Order a lot and share everything so u can try as many as possible! We ended up paying about 17 euros for an amazing lunch. We can't say we were super full but just satisfied given limited timing for lunch (shopping time!!)

  • 4.0 star rating

    YUM! This place is awesome. But do try to get there before it starts getting busy after 9 (when all the locals come out to eat). We got there just before 9pm and had to wait in line for about 15 mins. The line did eventually get bigger down the street.

    We were seated outside and had fun people watching. Ordered a few things to share including the patatas bravas, McFoie burgers, a couple croquettes, and sangria. Everything was good but we were not fans of the McFoie...maybe we just don't have refined palates, but it was a bit "livery" for us. MUST try their seafood special if it's available. We had the octopus with ink and the grilled shrimps, they're to DIE for! The octopus was my favorite dish in Barcelona.

  • 5.0 star rating

    One of the best places we ate in Barcelona. The price was reasonable after trying a lot of other $$ restaurants. My favorite was the chili prawn & crispy pork. It was great to watch them cook in front of you. We would come back again.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Don't understand the hype for this place. Mediocre food. For example the "house specialty" the Bikini dish is basically a mini grilled cheese sandwich that you can get anywhere. Wouldn't order it again. Wait staff is incredibly rude, despite the fact that I speak fluent Spanish as it's my first language. They insisted in responding to me in English and were frustrated that I had questions about their Catalan language menu.  Overall, decent food, nicely presented, but this place in no way qualifies as superior to other Spanish tapas bars. You're not missing out if you decide to skip this place.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Really good place to eat outside, located in a near perfect spot.

    Bikini Comerç 24 was absolutely awesome and Patats Braves were really "braves" indeed (which is to say very spicy).


  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Tapas 24 was recommended by Lonely Planet as well as several friends who had visited Barcelona. I will in turn pass on the recommendation to friends who visit Barcelona.

    * Olives stuffed with anchovies - 6EUR
    I didn't think the anchovies worked that well inside the olives. I enjoy regular olives or olives stuffed with tomatoes or peppers more. The only thing I tried that I would not recommend.

    * Croquetas stuffed with jamon - 2.2EUR each
    Super delicious! I burned the roof of my mouth on one. Be careful.

    * Bikini Comerç 24 (sandwich with black truffles, mozzarella, jamon) - 8.9EUR
    Hard to go wrong with that combination of ingredients!

    * Fideuà - 9.8EUR
    The best fideuà I had on the trip. The noodles used reminded me of Kraft macaroni and were different from the thinner vermicelli noodles used everywhere else I saw this dish.

    This might sound random, but the gin + tonic (12.5EUR) here was a very legit gin + tonic. The waiter brought out a large tumbler that contained several strips of cucumber and large ice cubes, poured it half full of Hendrick's, and filled the rest with tonic. He left us the bottle of tonic and a cocktail stirring spoon.

  • 5.0 star rating

    We love all the Carles Abellan places in Barcelona from Tapas 24 to Bravo 24 (at W Barcelona)  We have been so many times to Tapas 24 and it is actually one of my favorite places to eat in Barcelona,

    From the gazpacho soup to Mc. Foie-Burger, to fried anchovies with lemon, to roasted chicken croquets. This is the typical tapas bar without reservation, so sometime you have to be patient with the que. However... It is a must do experience.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Our first time out to Barcelona, we were trying to look for an authentic Catalonian tapas Bar! Luckily, we found it here at Tapas 24! All the items on the menu looked great! A must try is the Ceviche! I'm from Los Angeles and always hit up El 7 Mares and seafood restaurants, but this ceviche here puts all to shame!

    Also, the vibe is good-times, prices are reasonable, busy, but quite small inside! Be prepared to wait a bit especially on the weekends. It is definitely worth the wait! Enjoy!

    Quick tip: we found this spot on Lonely Planet Travel Book, Barcelona! So far all their recommendations to restaurants have been spot on!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Tapas 24 is just northwest of Las Ramblas, located at the NW-corner of Passeig de Gracias & Carrer de la Diputacio. Look for the Adolfo Domingues clothing store and this tapas heaven is just to the right with the yellow umbrellas for outdoor seating with steps to the basement where the mother-restaurant is located.

    My husband and I loved this spot. It was the perfect place to get some cervezas y tapas around mid day. The staff is very friendly, and you just have to be forward about asking for what you want......we sat for about 15 minutes and realized that waiters will make fun conversation with you, but won't be too forward about taking your order until you simply start making requests. They speak English, but are really receptive to you trying to speak Spanish if you want to try your hand at fluency.

    We sat at the bar with our 9 month in tow (she sat ON the bar) and ordered the "Bombs of Barcelona". This particular plate of two tapas consisted of fried potato balls with minced meat in the center. The balls were topped off with some fancy red spicy sauce and white mayo concoction to cut the heat. Holy mole, I need to find this recipe and try to recreate it now that we're home.

    One other recommendation is to get their fresh juice. We requested the apple juice for our baby girl, and I drank half of it. Who knew juice could taste like a milk shake, hold the milk?

    Great energy, cold beer, awesome tapas, nice air-conditioning, and just touristy enough.

  • 4.0 star rating

    A definite must for those fellow yelpers who are addicted to tapas. While in Barcelona, Spain, I had the opportunity to eat at a true, Catalan tapas bar....and I was definitely anxious to get there from our hotel. However, expect a wait of 30-40 minutes, but once in, ur in absolute bliss.  There's only a few tables and a pretty lengthy bar in which to sample all the appetizers and snacks. The place was small and it was absolutely crowded which didn't really bother me, since the food was so damn good. The service was acceptable, but not amazing. The atmosphere is quite congested, it's in a basement or cellar which doesn't give you a whole lot of wiggle room.

    By far, me favourite of the tapas I ate was the grilled cheese wiv buffalo mozzarella and truffles...holy hell that's some good eatin. Another amazing item was the mcfoie hamburger, it was definitely a classic. It consists of duck liver on top of a ground beef patty, yummy. The meat and potato balls, called Bombes were excellent and me and my friend polished them right off, she actually had the nerve to ask the people sitting next to us, if it was ok to have some of their Bombes ;)  she has some bigger cajones than me :) The ham croquettes was another really delicious appetizer. There's soo many tapas to choose from, you get almost "tapas drunk". The wines were truly one of the bright stars of the bar. We sampled three different wines and all were phenominal, great wine selection.

    For dessert we both had the chocolate wiv sea salt, which comes wiv olive oil and bread; but the chocolate & sea salt alone was truly outstanding. This was truly an incredible experience that I hope more people have the opportunity to encouter. No comparision to several other tapas bars that me frequent. For our 5 tapas and our several glasses of wine, the damage was 80 euros, not bad at all.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Probably the best meal I had in Europe.  Relatively simple things made exceptionally well.  We (party of 2) walked in around 7 pm and were seated immediately at the bar and after we arrived a line formed.  

    Agree with the majority of the reviewers as the Bikini sandwich was phenomenal.  Bravas were on point, as were the croquettes.  Omelette was very flavorful.  The choco pillows with olive oil and sea salt were a perfect ending.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Wish I could give 4.5 stars...although I doubt the authenticity of its tapas (based on the overwhelming amount of English speakers in the establishment) the tapas have been the best so far. And all I've been doing the whole week is eating...best patatas, good lamb, tasty spice bomb, and cheap beer. Cute and helpful wait staff.

    Edit: Returned for breakfast. Verrrry slow meal because the waitors all seem to be active in the kitchen as they prepared for the day, but worth it. The Spanish omlette and fois gras burger were to die for. Also, I am rethinking my suggestion that its not authentic.

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