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  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in 2013 Destroyer

    Oof. Mixed reviews galore. Let me throw my hat in the ring with a square three stars.

    The good about Supperclub:
    - a back room for private parties and events
    - tons of seating space and those crazy weird bed things to relax on when you dance too much
    - some times when the DJ was freaking on fire

    The bad about Supperclub:
    - a bartender with a serious attitude problem
    - other bartenders ignoring the girl with the card in her hand ready to order
    - a really bad selection of beers (really, only two?)
    - expensive, expensive, expensive cocktails and shots
    - some times when the DJ sucked
    - weird dancing people I just totally ignored

    All that said, I didn't have a half bad time here. When I got into the dancing, I was really loving it. I can see how past reviews have commented on the type of customer most likely found here, but remember what neighborhood we're in, eh? It's a club, it's going to be clubby. If that's what you're looking for, this is a place to go.

  • 1.0 star rating

    "You there! I see you, in the corner, having fun... Stop it, this instant! Stand up straight, stomach sucked in! Shoes OFF the bed! DO NOT touch the bath tub! No, you are not permitted to "quickly grab" anything from your bag in the cloakroom and NO POST-CIGARETTE LOITERING! No drinks outside, no breathing too heavily, NO ENJOYMENT OF THE SELF!"

    Well...that was the general mood. Though I may have over-exaggerated on some things (surprisingly, they mentioned nothing about having to suck your stomach in), this Supperclub/glorified bootcamp made for an experience as wet as their overpriced drinks. Although I applaud working with concepts, this seemed...well, unfinished. With beds lining the walls, some random bath tub in the corner and what I can only describe as a suspended outdoor cage for smoking, it seemed more like Shoreditch or Dalston's awkward little posh cousin trying to be edgy.

    This could have potentially been a fun night, but was ruined by all the rules, the following being the most annoying:

    1) Being made to take my shoes off whilst on the bed made me feel like a 5-year-old in circle time at school. Not that I would let anyone put their shoes on my bed but, that said, I wouldn't invite the world and his brother to come and sit on it either. That, plus I actually wash my sheets, which I thought they would do at Supperclub, hence my not thinking shoes on the bed would be as big an issue as it apparently was. I was also wearing high tops, so having to lace them up every time I wanted to get up for a dance or a drink was quite irritating. On top of that, I hate feet.

    2) Why have a bath tub in a club in the first place, let alone one that no one is allowed to touch? My friend thought it would be a laugh to get inside it and take a picture, but no...clearly this was a tub only to be gazed at. The bouncer seemed pretty upset (either that, or probably on edge from going more than five minutes without telling someone off) but they bring this on themselves. Anyone with half a brain knows if you choose to place a bath somewhere full of drunk people, it's going to be climbed in at some point. Pretentious, much?

    3) The stroppy-ness of the cloakroom girl just for wanting to grab something from my bag was unnecessary. Having to get off her arse for a second just to hand it to me apparently prompted her to announce that anything we needed, we had to keep with us throughout the night. Yes, because that's why we pay £1.50 per item for the cloakroom. To carry our tampons around all night. Logic, for the win.

    As I was there for a work event rather than a club night, I haven't yet experienced Supperclub's entertainment or food, except for a few canapés they handed out at the beginning of the evening that tasted mediocre at best. At this rate, I won't bother. Would rather save my money for somewhere else...you know, where you're actually allowed to do things.

  • 3.0 star rating

    It's er...a concept, put it that way...I'm grateful I went with the people I did...we were rather above the average age group, and had bmi's of over 18....everyone else had trust funds, spiky elbows and handbags so large I did wonder if they'd all bought their little ornamental doggies with them....

    The music is loud, and thankfully on the day we went VERY good, a mix of everything. There's some entertainment - a girl with amazing upper body strength dancing herself in and out of a suspended hoop, and a fireeater at the end of the day...quite nifty....and the chap who greeted us at the door was really something, what a fab character (and a nifty mover!).

    On buying our first round of drinks we were asked for the amount PLUS the supposedly discretionary tip...had the barman not taken almost ten minutes to make four very simple bellinis he may well have got that tip, but as things stood (gasping for a drink etc) we declined....let's remember people, you can't expect to get rewarded for shoddy service! Otherwise, drinks prices weren't too bad (£5 for a bellini etc, £7.50 for a 50ml spirit and mixer) unless you were looking to buy a whole bottle of vodka or champers..but then you wouldn't have an issue with pricing if you were going to do that kind of thing I guess...it did later in the day get so difficult to get a drink..especially if you were unable to get the bartenders attention because you didn't have an ultrabrite set of veneers to flash...  

    I think there was a powercut in the ladies. I mean, dark...very dark...but don't worry, there's a lady selling lollies and making you feel guilty for using a paper towel in there....

    Had it not been for the cuban brothers I doubt i would ever have gone here...and it's unlikely I will again....

  • 5.0 star rating

    Hmmmm, so i guess i kinda loved it! to be fair, i didn't do the whole "supperclub experience" with the dinner, lying around a bed with champagne, etc. a friend of a friend was DJing that night so we got on a list and entered without paying cover. otherwise, it looked like they were being exclusive about the guestlist. got here around midnight and the club was in full swing for sure. the crowd was pleasant, young 20s/30s dressed chic and trendy. it stayed happening until it closed around 3am, and this is the annoying part. super secluded in a nowhereness between westbourne park and ladbroke grove, so definitely no chance of getting home without a cab.

    definitely going back, maybe for the dinner experience as well next time!

  • 3.0 star rating

    My friend came here for dinner and had risotto served to her in a DOG BOWL.  What??!! Get real.  I gather the food is a little too overpriced for you to be served it in a dog bowl, and I gather the service is painfully slow, but thankfully I skipped the dinner experience and went straight to the club.

    Both times I've been here for the music and it's been somewhat a ...meat market experience...but in a good way I suppose.  A little attention never did anyone any harm.  What I can tell you is the dance area is huge and music is good, visuals on the wall are weird and drinks are average, there's a cage for a smoking area which is claustrophobic,  all in all the ingredients of quite a fun night, especially when it's time to kick off your shoes and dance on the beds!

    Don't eat here and you'll have a good time, and get a lolly pop on your way out. Thankfully taxi rank is always well stocked too (which is good as it's sort of in the middle of nowhere in bar/club terms).

    I'd come back to dance. I'm giving it a 3 and a half.



  • 2.0 star rating

    I've only ever been to other Supperclubs for fashion shows and club nights so naturally always wondered what the full experience would be like.

    Yes it is fun feeling like a spoiled princess in bed .. laying back and having everything brought and taken away from you. The voyeuristic side of everyone being around the outer walls watching each other. The staff are attentive and attractive and there is no complaints on the food itself.

    For a Friday night it wasnt fully booked and the show was shockingly sparse. They spent more time cleaning the floor with blue roll and mops after the acts than performing in general. So there was watching how they clean powder up, watching them clean glass and watching them pick up strawberries which i can only guess by the careful way they were plucked off the floor one by one that they must be re-used.
    I honestly think that they put an advert on the noticeboard of the local drama school and let the students do whatever their indie hearts desired. Having a camping tent in the middle of the floor does make one think that something amazing is going to pop out of it but no... it really was just a tent.. and they spun it around.

    The price of the food is surely justified based on the show .. but literally having one 2 minute bit of randomness every 30 minutes is not a show. They are competing with a lot of other venues doing similar things and they must realize they can't rely on the beds to save them.

    If you are a slightly dull person who is new to the City with a a good job, by all means you will probably enjoy it. I hope the show got better later in the night and i can only suggest they start it off stronger and fuller so people actually are motivated to drink enough to stick around all night.
    This place has potential but really needs to step up massively if they want to get people talking about it more than The Box.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Agree with Tallulah below - entertainment was sparse at best and tame enough to take your grandmother to.

    Drinks run about 9-12 pounds each. Food was ok but not memorable. The place was half full the Friday night we went as well and the tables looked really awkward so I'm glad we had a bed.

    Was expecting and looking forward to much more of an "experience" than what we got.

    • Qype User chewie…
    • London
    • 33 friends
    • 85 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    Supperclub London has been open for more than a month now and it still feels amateurish. It's fairly expensive for what you get and you would deserve more. It's a little bit cheap as if they spend a few pounds and then their budget got it half way through decorating the place. The service was very friendly but it's just not very classy to bring some canteen trays around to serve the soup starter...
    To sum up: disappointing all around. I hope they can sort themselves out. In the mean time I would rather make the weekend trip to Amsterdam.

    • Qype User hazz…
    • London
    • 28 friends
    • 39 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    "Escapism is mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an "escape" from the perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life."

    Simply brilliant. The latest addition to Notting Hill and it doesn't fail to impress. Everything from the decor to the staff to the food and drinks are on top. This is a place that would be worth crossing London for, a real destination venue where you can have supper and not have to move on elsewhere as from ten it is a proper club and the place rocks. Superstar DJ's, very chic crowd and beds. Leave your troubles at the door. Once this place is established I don't think it will be beaten for it's originality, copied maybe but never bettered.

    There is nothing like it. A real must visit.


    • Qype User honest…
    • London
    • 6 friends
    • 22 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    They say a happy customer tells one or two people but an unhappy customer tells everyone they know..So how was the Supperclub? Where to start...

    Having been to Amsterdam (like so many others), San Fran and Singapore I had high hopes for London. Amsterdam went down as one of my best nights many years ago, London went down as one of the worst. I have now been on 3 occasions, once to the launch, once by invite and lastly with business. Every time failed to impress, why!?

    Location - it's wrong.. To be the uber sexy, fun and convenient it needs a W1 address or perhaps a hidden Soho or Shoreditch door (Milk and Honey entrance good example or just take a look at Amsterdam again). Opening time - well it shuts a 2am, which on one hand is poor because later would allow a much sexier night out but on the other hand I don't really want to be out on Acklam road (under fly over) after dark anyway, trust me its not a nice area, just ask the cabbies if you dont believe me. Really needed an ultra sexy, hidden, sophisticated location this is not.

    Amsterdam staff were, sexy, well dressed, well mannered, interesting and fun...London staff, pretentious, short (manners), poor service, big room for improvement.

    Lighting and venue - It feels too small..The lighting is not a patch on other venues and this is were the club should be a shining beacon of creativity and example to all others. I have been wowed by lasers and projections in a few select clubs and this needed, no had to be one of them and it wasn't.

    Design - it's a large white room! Fixings in front of beds upstairs should have been "see through" or just better design, simply they need to be more stylish. Bar could have been something modern, exciting, funky, sexy, fun, intriguing, crazy, but its not.

    Acts - Well if anything this is were the club has to be outstanding, a big selling point, its what makes it stand out from the crowd and say "look at me, im amazing and unique!" And unfortunately it doesn't. It's been done before and is still being done just better in other clubs all over Europe.

    OH, and to cut a long story short about the launch night,qued for 1.5 hours, performer dancing, kicks champagne glass at least 10 feet, I nearly get glassed and did get very wet, I email complaint, told manager will address, they never did, I didn't want a dry cleaning, I didn't want money, Just an apology...Fail on service.

    Good points, well if you haven't been to Amsterdam, New York, Russia etc clubbing, then you will find this different enough from other London clubs to enjoy. Food is nothing to tell your friends about, cocktails are good but any half decent cocktail bar will produce just the same, people....well it is what it is... Make your own mind up. I for one have told everyone I know, have ensured at least 40 - 45 people have not been there for a night out, and I hope at least showed them that a customer should be treated with a level of respect and trust. Not forgotten and certainly never treated badly... Supperclub you lost me.....

    I have since had direct contact with the Supperclub following my posts and raised my issues to them

    • Qype User MissLA…
    • London
    • 15 friends
    • 39 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Go with good friends, clean feet (you lay on a bed), and a wad of cash and you'll have a rolicking good night here.

    It's a mashup of entertainment, food and freaks and is definitely worth a look if you haven't been to the other Supperclubs (which I will defer to my other trusted Qypers who say they are much better - haven't been).

    Food is interesting in taste and service (pizza boxes for salad), and it's four courses so you can afford to not love every one. Our group felt the first few were better than the "main" but regardless, there was enough to go around.

    The wine list is good, but nothing under £20, and a beer is £6+ so probably best to head for a cheeky one before getting there for the 8pm start.

    The music migrates with the mood - loungy to start, party by the end. We went on a Weds night, so dancefloor moves were cut short by our day jobs but could definitely hit it up for a big night at the weekend (if you can get in).

    If you have a TasteCard then you get 50% off (except Fri/Sat) and then the experience becomes more accessible and enjoyable.

    • Qype User jhalbe…
    • London
    • 2 friends
    • 4 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    This place is a waste of money & time. I went with high expectations and was massively disappointed. The food is appalling, which would be fine if the club made up for it in other ways, but it doesn't. The live acts are tame, last about 2 mins and it all seemed incredibly contrived.The crowd is young bankers are jeans and shirts (says it all). There are women walking around offering massages (oh, please, whatever, this isn't a warehouse party in '95). The music is middle of the road dance music, the sort of thing you might find on a 'best of' compilation CD. The drinks menu looks impressive - but my impressive sounding cocktail just tasted like a vodka and orange.
    The novelty of sitting on a foot rest (not a bed) wears thin after about 10 mins.

    • Qype User mattni…
    • London
    • 31 friends
    • 141 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Notting Hill is a superb, chick location, and the Supperclub just confirms it.
    Glamours, domesticated and impressive decor, lovely staff that seem to be having fun, a club like a club should be,great music and excellent choice of drinks, had a great night out there with friends and planing the next one!

  • 2.0 star rating

    I am going to start this review by reminiscing my school days, as I think this will give a great perspective on my feelings towards Supperclub. So here my story begins.

    Remember those school days when your hormones were out of control and you blatantly lied about how much sex you were having, and for us boys, just how big your manhood was? "As big as a train," I often heard get bandied around. Now as a 13yr old boy I certainly wasn't as interested in the above as I was in say, football or beating my high score on Street Fighter II Turbo down at the arcades. Yet I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the fact that I knew there were girls, and that from time to time a chemical reaction would go off in my body that would allude to me, that I in fact had quite a fondness for the opposite sex. Now at this age, there are always a handful of ladies that are somewhat overdeveloped for their age. These were always the 'IT' girls that every young lad wanted to be with. There were often rumours about what these girls did, and with whom. It wasn't long before our young imaginations had us believing that, these young ladies were everything we ever wanted, they would be the porn queens of our teens.

    Building the courage to face a certain temptresses, the young Leon tried his luck. "How'd you like to come over and watch a movie at mine?" After blushes, sideways glancing and much giggling: "Ok!" SCORE! There were not many bigger triumphs than this as a teenage boy. Fast forward to the night. Leon and temptress sitting on his bed, petting starts... NIce! Hands start to move... "No stop!" (insert record screech here) "What do you mean stop?" I implore. "I've, i've never done this before." Noooooooooooooooooooo! All those dreams, all those fantasises, they were lies, evil lies.

    Fast forward a decade and some to 08/01/2010, the place: Supperclub. So much hype so much expectation. You walk in to be greeted by a curiously friendly and super camp host. He leads you through to the red room bar, where everyone turns to see whether you are the celebrities they hoped to rub shoulders with. They dress and undress you, it is the old alpha fe/male syndrome (Can I kill? can I eat it? can it eat me? Translated to Am I hotter than it? Has it noticed me? Can I f#@k it?) It is time to test the bartenders with a couple of technically difficult drinks - an Old Fashioned and a Sazarac. My Sazarec was great, the Old Fashioned slightly over stirred. Yet still an impressive start. In a grand ceremony the doors open to a room of decadent white. A 10ft deep bed shape hugs the perimeter of the industrial, minimalist room. There is a huge screen against the back wall showing avant garde film. There is a balcony with more bed and a bar. The staff are clowning, doing backflips creating a carnival atmosphere. We are shown to our bed area, and four of us relax, awaiting our four course meal. I won't spoil the surprise but know after the paltry four servings that lasted the allotted 2hrs, I was still ravenous. I could of eaten everyone's food and maybe, maybe of been satisfied. As for the entertainment? Interesting. A huge man of African descent dressed as, I'm guessing Tina Turner, and later as a dalmatian sings and ribbon dances, without question the highlight of the evening. Another equally large man dressed as a cross between a 50's housewife and a clown, throws flowers around, gives birth to a bottle of Diet Coke (yes I said gives birth), strips, and then sprays his hairy bulbous body down in the fizzy liquid whilst we all stare open mouthed over our only remotely interesting main course dish. At 10:30pm the disco starts and the ever exuberant staff try to get people to dance. I pay and happily leave, much lighter in the wallet department.

    I think back to those school days... disappointment and frustration. It wasn't that classy at all, slightly tacky in truth. A case of trying way to hard without much substance to back it up. Yeah there were some middle eastern guys there with some hired totty on one side of the room and on the other, bankers - but is this really what makes up London's cool social scene? Meh!

    Moral of this story, don't listen to the hype, because invariably it will be lies, evil lies.

  • 3.0 star rating

    When i was a kid, i always wanted to have breakfast in bed. But my grandmother was very strict. "No ... get up and come to the table", she used to say. So i rarely had breakfast, let alone dinner, on a bed.
    This was precisely why Supperclub took me by surprise. Completely white, with minimum decor, and filled with beds (and a couple of tables) for the patrons. So you can come and relax, lie down, get yourself massaged if you so desire, and eat and drink in a destressed atmosphere while enjoying the live performances.
    Until this point i was totally bowled over by the concept. But as the evening went on, the experience lost some of its shine.
    The food was good ... the fish balls, the cauliflower soup, and especially the venison steak with a sauce made of some chinese red wine. The quantity was decent for a sit down meal. But given that the courses were spread over a good 2.5 hours, it wasn't enough. All of us went home hungry.
    The cocktails (especially the apple concoction which was my 2nd order) were good, but ridiculously overpriced. The performances were nothing to write home about ... in most cases they started all of a sudden and we didn't notice something was happening until well into the event.
    The dessert comprised of rhubarb and vanilla ice-cream. It had a strange soury taste ... and i am still unsure about whether i liked it or not.
    Our waitress was very attentive ... and she actually conversed with us ... this alone gets them one additional star :)
    Overall i thought it was a pretty nice concept, but could have been executed much better, especially for the steep price (£45 for the food, drinks additional) they charge.

    • Qype User Client…
    • London
    • 38 friends
    • 12 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I have been to supperclub a few times now, and Have to say it's a great night out. The last saturday went off!! The DJ was excellent, people were up dancing on the beds and dance floor even whilst the food was being served. I understand that the relaxed nature to how the food is served won't be something that all "restaurantuers" would like but to be fair, you're eating on a bed for god sake!!! If you want to eat formally and not eat somewhere where the music is pumping whilst being served then try another place or either wait in the cool bar rouge part of supperclub (this is what is the holding pen for those not eating but waiting for the dance floor to open up) or choose to chill on the balcony where there is another bar situated and wait for the floor to open up. The food is great, it's a set menu so again the choices are either Veggie or Non Veggie. On my previous visits when eating yes the soup was bought out on kitchen appliances, but to be honest the soup was great, I did wonder at what it was served in (Tupperware type bowl) but when I saw what the very friendly waitress was dressed like it really didn't matter, I got that it was supposed to be looked at thinking what the hell?!.... As is the visuals! And trust me a few jaws opened on our bed when we first really looked at the wall displaying the Video/visuals! The drinks are normal priced like any other club, 3 quidish for bottle beer. £ 8/10 Jack n Coke, standard really....

    From what I've seen of this club is that yes its early days, but have been gradually getting better for all the times I've been. London has needed a place like this, not only that but away from the circuit that is the west end. It's not trying to compete with these archetypal champagne scenie places, it's different.

    This is going in the right direction, this won't be a run of the mill club, the decor is fantastic and the music is great. When the small kinks have been ironed out then this will be a regular haunt for 100s of people!!

    • Qype User streng…
    • London
    • 20 friends
    • 259 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    I didn't get the full experience of this place as we turned up very late and didn't eat so this review is of the clubbing experience only. I found it quite clean and clinical both in terms of the decoration and the music, which is unfortunate  clubs should be dirty, dark, and edgy, with an underlying feeling of tension like something dangerous is about to happen. This place has none of that. Will be trying the Amsterdam version in a couple of weeks

    • Qype User Charli…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 3 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Had a blast last week with my friends. Really cool place. We loved the electronic music and the DJ was really good (don't remember his name). The drinks were little bit overpriced, but at least the service was fast considering it was really crowded. 5 stars !

  • 2.0 star rating

    For once I have to strongly disagree with my fellow Qypers. I went to Supperclub twice in a row in December, once with my better-half and once with a group of friends. Each time the evening was a bit of a joke really.
    The owners of Supperclub London have licensed the concept from the Dutch original inventors but the execution is really disappointing. Location is fine, where the great Subterranea club used to be in the 90s, at the end of Portbello. Decor is quite fun with a red bar and a totally white dining room with the famous lounge beds on which dinner is served. I am not sure how this will age as the decor looks good but lacks attention to detail if one looks more closely - it feels a bit "cheap". But where Supperclub fails big time on staff and food. Staff is a total joke, and I don't think that the total amateurism shown both evenings was part of the concept, even if they are supposed to do a kind of "show". There was a singer (or a screamer I should say) trying to act as a soul diva but failing miserably, when the DJ went on music got better, at least we could start to relax a bit. Food was served with total nonchalance, each course presented by a new staff member, often not sure of what was in the plate. Our neighbours had some food all over their beige suede boots, but they only noticed at the end when dinner was over, the boots were ruined, and the waiters gone. Food was pretty average, and is definitely not the main attraction, but at £50 for 4 light courses without wine it really felt expensive. After drinks, coffee and service it's a £80+ bill which is really painful... On the second night we had the same laughs with the totally amateur service (trying to act more like a kind of Cabaret or Burlesque show) but the worse part was when the fire alarm went on with noone able to tell us for 45 minutes what was happening. The noise was so unbearable that we left half way through the dinner, at least we did not pay but for a Christmas party with . The first evening the crowd wasnt great, it got better the second night We have apparently been reinvited to compensate us for the fire alarm evening... I am still pondering whether I should give them a third chance!
    So it's half a restaurant, half a burlesque show and half abut the sum of three halves isn't quite a total knock-out, far from it! Still, I give them two stars as at least it's different and it's worth giving them a chance once they beef up the staff and the food!

    PS: I forgot to mention that you should check if the AC and heating works as both times it did not works and they advised us to keep our coats! and they brought some covers and cushions to keep us warm as there was a "problem" that was going to get "fixed"... definitely worth waiting a bit before you try that one!

    • Qype User hazyma…
    • London
    • 33 friends
    • 63 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    If eating dinner on your lap in a darkened nightclub on a bed overlooking a dancefloor with staff of all flavours (masseurs, pole dancers, front of house in drag, fancy-dressed waiting staff and the like) milling around you is your scene, then you'll doubtless want to give the Supperclub a try.

    It's not nearly as offensive as many Qypers make out, but I must agree SupperClub was full of unimaginative types with a little too much money. Something about the atmosphere is conducive to people behaving like silly children. Possibly something to do with the Jägerbombs they keep throwing at you towards the end of the night...

    I preferred this place in its previous incarnation as the club Neighbourhood.

    Actually it feels harsh giving so few stars; the service was okay, the food was okay, the evening was overpriced but then you are paying for the experience so that's forgiveable, the room was well-thought-out, the sound-system very good, the entertainment was predictable but it passed the time...

    It's just it wasn't my scene.

    About the food. The food was actually promising; by that I mean it started off well. My fish cake starter appeared to consist of a variety of raw fish plus blobs of fragrant curry mousse. Naturally the fish was very fresh, although it consisted mostly of white fish. White fish and strong spice: an inoffensive combination, but a stupid one. Sadly downhill from there: the second course was a large paper cup of the type of gloopy soup you might expect from a high street chain sandwich shop. I'm sure it was much better than that - but I never tried it. Soup in a paper cup, when I'm wearing a suit and celebrating a friend's birthday: NO. The main course was edible. The lamb was too fatty, the blobs of sauce squeezed onto the plate were non-descript. The crispy seaweed-style greens on top were brilliant if impossible to eat. Joyously, the dessert - and by this time you are half on the dance floor, Jägerbombs being thrown at you - the dessert was chocolate, sumptuous, and served with perfect fresh summer fruits.

    • Qype User celgen…
    • London
    • 4 friends
    • 17 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    I went to Supperclub for a art/fashion show during the London fashion week and was looking forward to discover this place having heard great things abour the one in Amsterdam.
    The place has a lot of potential, the idea of having dinner on a bed is not my cup of tea but I understand why it can be appealing for others, but the staff uniform, the atmosphere and the people there fail to impress me!
    They had put on a show which took hours to start and lasted 2 minutes.
    The bar is very small and you would expect it to look clean and well organised which is not (1 type of beer per fridge sorry to be picky but...), the host of the night was having his dinner when we came in and finally what's with the atmosphere in the bar?....or should I say the lack of it! Don't go there on your own or you'll stay on your own all night!
    Really not a good experience which is a shame for a venue with that much potential!

    • Qype User AlmaEa…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Not bad, I like it, though it was expensive, but the atmosphere is nice!

  • 2.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I went with 5 mates for a meal before Christmas.  Definitely a "concept" restaurant/bar - bright white room, eating on beds, with DJs after dinner.  Maybe our expectations were too high but it was definitely on the wrongside of "too cool". The cocktails were good but over priced.  Full of beautiful people trying to out-cool each other. The food was very slow in coming and often cold by the time it got to us.  It's not as easy as you think eating soup on a bed - and difficult to feel elegant with your boots off - displaying my delightful pink socks to the rest of the room.  As the food was so slow ended up ordering way too much booze.  The fire alarm went off in the middle of dinner, none of the staff let anyone know what was going on and just seemed quite panicked. So sadly we ended up leaving mid-meal not particularly impressed.   We spent the rest of our evening at a more understanted bar round the corner on Portobello Road and had a great night!

    • Qype User petar_…
    • London
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    • 3 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Where is this place? Do I need my bodyguard? Finally we found it, waited about 15 minutes, no-one was getting past the doormen. When we finally get to speak to someone it takes them a while to find us on the guest list. I want to go home now but so pleased I didn't as I had a fantastic time. We met some of the co-owners and people involved in setting it up, I was really impressed that they were there and really passionate about the venue.The host is stunning and the drinks are amazing. Next time I will go for dinner. I have been to the Amsterdam one and the food there was great but the London crowd are so much cooler. I can't remember how much I spent but who cares.

    • Qype User Ebsta…
    • London
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    • 2 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    Don't turn up in anything less than a black eurotrash outfit. This club takes itself a bit seriously. If u do to I'm sure you'll love it. Fail

    • Qype User ellie…
    • London
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    1.0 star rating

    First time I've ever been moved to write a review of somewhere the minute I wake up after a night there. Can't believe we spent over £100 per head on the most embarassingly awful evening of our lives! I had to spend the whole time apologising to my friends as I had suggested the venue! Sorry Supperclub, there may have been a time when a couple of tired transvestites and some uber camp teenagers did a wild evening of entertainment make, but it is certainly not now. We literally were in hysterics by the end, laughing at what an embarassment it was. The staff seemed to mainly be there to entertain themselves, teaching each other how to do 'catwalk walks' and stealing each other's shoes, like being at a 14 year old's birthday party. The only group of guests who were enjoying themselves were clearly friends of the owner, and even they ran out of steam after a while. Service - awful. Food - average. Decor - boring. Entertainment - kept expecting Jeremy Beadle to jump out and find out we were on candid camera. A.V.O.I.D.

    • Qype User TylerS…
    • London
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    5.0 star rating

    It's a bit on the expensive side and not an amazing choice of drinks.

    • Qype User zoezoz…
    • London
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    5.0 star rating

    i love this club it is so nice and the food is to die

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