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  • 4.0 star rating
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    I'm going to give the Strathy Park a 4 star rating. Everyone around here has a love/hate relationship with the park. I'll start with the negative and finish on a positive.


    1. Litter. Lanarkshire people disgust me with their littering and sadly the Strathclyde park and the loch are filled with rubbish. I wish they'd get police monitoring the rubbish and people picking it up.

    2. Prices. Of you want a drink/food in the sports centre, or  from M&D's it'll cost you. And it's just not worth it.

    3. Neds. Sadly some of the Lanarkshire locals are just not great examples of human existence and can make normal folks feel uncomfortable. Trouble can break out, but it tends to be between the neds - innocent strangers are rarely the targets.

    And the positives:

    It IS a nice park. It's huge, has a loch, a gym, a nice Tarmac running/cycling path, 15mph roads with speed bumps for safety, toilets, a beach, swans, water sports (canoes, pedalos, speedboat etc), the theme park and two decent swing parks. Added to that is acres of grass for picnics, BBQ spots, tons of car parking and most of the locals are lovely, decent, litter picking up people!

    I do enjoy a walk round the park and I always have.

  • 2.0 star rating
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    Difficult to review this place as I've barely used the facilities and any review is going to reflect the interests of the reviewer. But my first encounter with the place has not exactly filled me with enthusiasm for it.

    It's a big enough park and it's great to have something like this just on the doorstep of the city; yet it seems somehow quite artificial and phoney and I usually prefer to experience my countryside in a more natural setting.

    The lakeside paths seem popular with joggers and dog-walkers, and there's plenty to keep kids occupied between the watersports facilities and the theme park. There's a nice-looking gym in the main building, but I didn't see anyone using it.
    The whole place has that Council-run vibe to it... just slightly tarnished around the edges, with an uninviting air about it. It doesn't exactly welcome you in.

    The cafe offers basic choices of food but is reasonably priced, and although not busy the staff seem harassed and the four drinks machines next to it in the main building were all out of order - except they didn't tell you that until they'd eaten my money and refused to give it back of course.

    I don't know - if I lived closer to it I might appreciate the place more, but on first impressions it's not scoring any more than two stars with me.

  • 4.0 star rating
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    Strathclyde Park can either be awesome or depressing, depending of course on what you want from it; quiet walking/exercise green space or amusement park holiday destination for kids.

    I like to go early mornings to walk the dog when it is quiet and you only have the odd jogger and the ducks in sight. I'm not sure the actual distance round the perimeter - 3 miles I think so not bad if you fancy getting a decent bit of exercise. The park also hosts Parkrun on a Saturday morning for semi-competitive folks.

    The boat house (loads of water sports options available) cafe is also a nice stop off point for a quick refreshment and there is plenty of green space as well as a small beach to chill out and eat some home packed grub.

    I tend to avoid school holidays and any time after midday as the park sits right next to M&Ds amusement park and can become a bit of a nedfest but to be honest I'm probably just being overly judgmental. Busy crowds just ain't my thing.

    Definitely deserving of four stars as it really is a lovely part of Scotland and a nice wee escape from the town-y environs of EK, Hamilton and Motherwell.

  • 4.0 star rating

    'Strathy Park'.

    It's really really nice and great for running or cycling around, especially during the summer months where this place really livens up with families having picnics, dads showing kiddies how to skip stones in the water and lots of littering from youths, just to keep everything in balance.

    There's some great swings and such for children and the childlike alike and it's on the site of M & D's which has a good indoor centre with arcade games, bowling and pool which can help make a day of coming here. The rides in the theme park themselves are a bit of a let down.

    Watch where you park your car at night, as there have been reports of 'doggers'!

    • Qype User pigtai…
    • Glasgow
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    5.0 star rating

    This is one of the nicest areas for a family to visit. It is a country park with plenty of green areas and some play equipment. The lake is quite large but it is still accessable for people to walk round. There is also a small land train that runs in the summer taking people from the watersports centre to the other side of the lake around the themepark side. The watersports centre has various activities including various boats for hire.

    There is also a camping and caravan site here with the costs being reasonable.

    When the weather is nice take a picnic and let the children enjoy the freedom!

    • Qype User scotti…
    • Glasgow
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    4.0 star rating

    This is a country park which provides enough open space for everyone to enjoy. It is somewhere to go during the day but has gained a reputation of being a no go area at night. The drive into the park has a low speed restriction with quite a few speed bumbs. There are a couple of play parks and a large lake which is home to some swans. There is a water sports centre so if your wanting a bit of time on the water then you can hire out some boats. The prices are not too expensive and there is a car park at the centre. You can walk around the lake and it can be nice during a sunny day. It is a nice family day out as you can visit the theme park or the nearby restaurants.
    There is a hotel as well so you can stay in the park if you really want to.

  • 5.0 star rating
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    We ( my family and I) have spent a number of years touring Scotland and always start off with at least a week staying here. There is a lot of room for tents, touring caravans and motorhomes as well as sites for more permanent 'vans.
    It has a huge watersports area, catering for almost all sports - excellent to watch if you're not into participating (or too old, like me!).
    For the younger ones, there are a number of activity play areas as well as a full scale funfair every evening.
    We always use it as a base and travel into Motherwell, Hamilton and Glasgow is very easy and rewarding. Day visits as far as Stirling and Edinburgh are perfectly feasible.
    One of the highpots for my children wgen they were younger was waking up in the morning, going out of the tent to the showers and picking mushrooms for their breakfast on the way back! You hqave to be quick though as the locals turn up with carrier bags!
    Local visits always include Hamilton swimming pool and Cotebridge Museum - well worth a visit.

    • Qype User trish1…
    • Motherwell, North Lanarkshire
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    4.0 star rating

    Strathclyde Country Park plays host to M&Ds which is a large funfair, with all the usual rides you would expect, including the big wheel and rollercoaster.It has lots of toddler rides and all the usual side stalls which cost a fortune.Inside there is a large amusement arcade which many yound ones locate at the weekend. It has bars and restaurants which are varied and reasonably priced and you can grab a snack from the many fast food outlets. Or sit down with a glass of wine and have something more substantial. It also has a bowling alley and Amazonia, an indoor tropical rain forest,plenty to do whatever the weather. It is set in the grounds of a large country park around a loch, which is great for walking or cycling,roller skating and has a lovely beach area for the lovely sunny days Good family day out, which can be as expensive as you want (or dont want!) it to be.

    • Qype User ScottC…
    • Bellshill, North Lanarkshire
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    1.0 star rating

    I think the other reviewers are talking about a different place here. Yes it is a nice, large park with a lot to see. But the local's are hellish. If you've ever wanted to be mugged or assualted by a gang of ned's I can't think of anywhere better (this side of the city of course).
    I would NOT recommend taking your children here. We live just above it and when we last went down 2 years ago we had a good time down there. But it was non-stop harassment from drunk, immature ned's walking home. They were cursing at us, smoking and making stupid noises from the bushes. And clearly we are not the only people to have been harassed when they are closing the railway bridge due to the local's - in a great neighborhood - getting so fed up with the ned's.
    And that's not all in it's ned filled history. A few years ago they had to put speed-bumps down due to ned's taking their cars down their and meeting up for a race or whatever...
    I honestly wouldn't go down to Strathclyde park today without a gun.

    • Qype User bigski…
    • Motherwell, North Lanarkshire
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    3.0 star rating

    good place to visit with kids and dogs ,plenty grassy areas to have a picnic if its dry,big lake with watersports centre, think they hire boats and i know they have a big gym inside centre .they hold certain event throughout the year including the walk for life (cancer charity) and they hold an annual fireworks display which is really good , but a nightmare to get parked inside the park itself,as well as having m&d;s there is also a choice of hotels within park and the toby carvery restauarant and the bizarre pub/diner.also has a bowling alley which is good to spend an hour or two in , would avoid at night though as there has been a few incidents, muggings , and assaults over last couple of years

    • Qype User Leet20…
    • Glasgow
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    5.0 star rating

    This park has very well maintained grounds and is great for a picnic, dog walking, cycling, walking, and even driving about. It has several little play areas that are also well maintained and safe. There are several parts to park the car next to the water where you can watch the swans and the ducks! It has a theme park, but I can't really comment on it as I haven't been there for years. I did find it expensive and limited, but fun for children. Maybe it has changed since! But a lovely big park.

    • Qype User Alice1…
    • Glasgow
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    5.0 star rating

    This is a lovely park for picnics! It's great to visit in the warm weather although does get pretty busy. There is no admission fee for the park and plenty of things to do (swing park, feed the ducks etc) and if you want to pay for things there is a theme park and you can hire a boat. I haven't visited but I believe there is also a petting zoo.

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