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  • “Loved this restaurant, the sizzling steaks were the best, with creamy mushroom sauce and garlic butter.” in 3 reviews

  • “If you're with a group, try to order different butters, salts, and sauces so you can sample them all.” in 2 reviews

  • “I felt it was great value for money for such an excellent steak with a free bottle of chardonnay with theatre ticket receipts-but to pay extra for the side dishes seems somewhat excessive.” in 3 reviews

Recommended Reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating

    After catching a show, we were famished for some good eats.  We stumbled upon Steak & Co. mostly because it was still open and serving food at 10:30pm.  

    The concept of this place is interesting.  You order your cut of steak, it's seared on both sides, and served it to you on a smoking hot plate.  The instructions were to place the steak on a side plate, cut up pieces of meat, and return them onto the hot plate with your choice of butter, salts, and sauce.  The idea is that you can then cook it to the done-ness of your choice and eat piece will be hot.  It reminded me a lot of Korean BBQ.  Although it was a little bit more labor intensive than I'd like for a steak dinner, the quality of the steak was amazing.  I ordered the filet with garlic butter, sea salt, and bernaise sauce.  I was very happy with my choices.  I like that since you're pretty much cooking the steak yourself, you can control the amount of butter and salt that's going into your food.  If you're with a group, try to order different butters, salts, and sauces so you can sample them all.

    We ordered chips, onion rings, and mashed potatoes for sides, and I would say that all of them were just ok.  Nothing great about any of them, which was a little disappointing.

  • 4.0 star rating
    21/8/2014 Updated review
    1 check-in

    Returned here today since the whole steak cooking novelty was very well liked by my kids... The ribeye was fantastic, this time I went with the chili salt (which we never got on our first visit even though it was ordered) the chile butter and the red wine sauce. I also ordered the Mac and cheese based on the other yelp reviews... Can't say that I would order it again though. It was a white sauce with some form of very sharp white cheddar melted on top. It wasn't bad but definitely not what I was hoping for. The sweet potato fries came through though! They were sweet salty deliciousness! Oh and they have a kids menu! I can't believe we weren't even offered the kids menu the first time we came. My youngest got a burger and fries that she enjoyed. We ordered the sticky toffee pudding for dessert... It was a rather small portion for the price but it tasted lovely.

    4.0 star rating
    30/6/2014 Previous review
    Returned here today since the whole steak cooking novelty was very well liked by my kids... The… Read more
    2.0 star rating
    25/6/2014 Previous review
    If I had received the ribeye steak like I ordered this review might have a different tune. Instead… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The steak here is pretty delicious. It was also fun cooking your own meal. I don't like the configuration of the plate the steak comes on however. As a right-handed person, it was difficult to go back and forth over the stove to cut the steak.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    What a magnificat Steak house.
    Uncomplicated service, manifold menu, great steaks of a high quality.

    What do you want more?

  • 5.0 star rating
    8/2/2014 Updated review

    And I did it again!

    Guess what, it was awesome as last week!!!

    You really should go here, eat a large steak, drink a pint or two, and then continue your touristy tour...

    5.0 star rating
    2/2/2014 Previous review
    Steak heaven in touristy capital?!?

    Hell yeah!!!

    This place is awesome! Service perfect, steak was to…
    Read more
  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    For a place that's named Steak&Co. you'd expect that at least stakes will be well above average. That's not the case here. I wasn't amused with steak here, my wife tried Fish&Chips and wasn't happy as well. We stopped by hungry, left unsatisfied. Feels like it's the kind of place that is more about catching unwary, hungry tourists.

  • 5.0 star rating

    After a long day sipping ale in the sun and wandering along the South Bank we ended up in Leicester Square, hungry and in search of a substantial meal.
    After walking around the square we decided to settle for Steak & Co, on the corner of Charing Cross road.

    Having settled down outside (ah outdoor eating on a warm evening) we order a drink and started to browse the menu. My Captain Morgan & Coke came already coked and had a kick like a mule, they obviously were not shy with the Cap'n.  S_ had a diet coke which by all accounts was good and sugar free.
    I decided, as I was having a steak for main, to go for something lighter to start, and ended up selecting the mussels. What arrived was a paper bag in a dish, wrapped tightly, On opening the bad I found a decent portion of good sized mussels in a rich creamy garlic & onion sauce. The sauce was so good I ended up de-shelling all of the mussels into the sauce and eating it with a spoon like a soup.

    The mussels also came with 2 wet wipes and a spare bowl and napkins, the kind of touch so often missing.

    S_ had dipping skins, which was a good basket of crispy potato skins complete with garlic mayonnaise and jalapeño & sweet chilli dipping sauce. She was happy and we both chowed down, well pleased with the starter selection.

    When I ordered my 10 Oz Rib Eye, I was informed that it was served rare on a
    sizzling platter and I could complete the cooking to my liking. With the steak, you can order a seasoned salt, a butter and a sauce. The idea is that you season the steak when you get it, use the butter to fry off one piece at a time on the stone, and then use the sauce as a dip. I got the Chilli sea salt for seasoning, the garlic butter and the pepper sauce.

    Wow! When the steak arrived I promptly moved it form the stone to my plate, seasoned it with the salt, and then proceeded, piece by piece, to sear it on a small knob of garlic butter before diping it and popping each morsel in my mouth. The steak was juicy and tender, the sauce was good and tasted of black pepper, and the butter was obviously not tesco value brand. This method of eating a steak really works for me. The smell of the garlic butter sizzling and the steak searing before each mouthful really adds to the overall flavoursome sensation.
    With the steak I had a side of Fries and Onion rings, both excellent.

    S_ had a rack of ribs, which turned out to be  1/2 a large pig. The ribs were wide and juicy, and as she commented, "were not boiled" (a big bug bear with her). It certainly looked and smelled great. Again plenty of wet wipes and additional napkins were provided for the ribs. As our watier commented, this is where things get messy.

    Although quite satisfied, we decided to go for broke and ordered dessert.
    Her Rocky Road was an interesting concoction. Although it contained all of the usual ingredients of a Rocky Road, they were in layers instead of all being jumbled into one slab. An interesting take on a classic sweet snack and quite tasty. I had the Chocolate Fondant, a nicely sized rich slightly cakey exterior hiding a quite decadent thick warm gooey chocolate sauce. It was accompanied by a scoop of home-made vanilla ice cream bursting with grains of vanilla.

    Service was excellent and non-intrusive throughout. The waiter, while being alert and communicative left us alone while eating. When my steak was served, he hovered over me as I put the first tiny knob of butter on the stone, and immediately judged that the stone was not hot enough and whipped it away to be replaced with a lump of lava that stayed sizzling until I had cooked off the last morsel.

    What else can I say? Steak & Co ticks all the boxes for me and I will be re-visiting the next time I pop over for a show or a visit.

  • 1.0 star rating
    20/2/2014 Updated review

    I returned to Steak and Co. for lunch on a Saturday and I was sorely disappointed. First and foremost the side dishes were disgusting. The baked sweet potato was practically raw and inedible. The 'seasonal' vegetables tasted like they'd been taken out of the freezer and microwaved. The steak itself was also pretty horrible, and I normally love steak. The hot iron slab that it comes on continues to cook it whilst you're eating. It just tasted awful. My view of Leicester Square restaurants has returned - avoid at all costs.

    4.0 star rating
    6/12/2013 Previous review
    Restaurants around Leicester Square don't tend to be good. Which is why I wasn't expecting too much… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    My fellow Yelping girlfriend and I targeted Steak & Co for its supposedly great mac & cheese. I'M HERE TO WIPE "SUPPOSEDLY" FROM THAT SENTENCE.

    Before I get into that lemme just say that this is an amazing steak place, but THE SIDE DISHES. THE EFFING SIDE DISHES. I got a starter, the southern fried peppered chicken, and subsequently ordered three side dishes.


    Southern Fried Peppered Chicken Starter - Tastes like chicken tenders to me rather than fried chicken. Not that it's a bad thing at all, but after a few bites I got some ketchup to start dipping. So delicious.

    Friend fries - Thanks for calling these fries! I'm American so that hit home. The fries are presented in a cool way, it looks like a mini-frying basket. Perhaps they were in fact fried in that basket, but probably not. Refer to the pic I uploaded to see what I'm talking about.

    Caesar salad - I lovvvveee caesar salad so I got this for the hell of it and it was just as good as you'd expect a restaurant caesar to be.

    Mac and Cheese - OKAYYYYY HEREEEE WE GOOOO. I've been searching for the best mac and cheese in London for months, and we're staring down the barrel of a top candidate right here!!! It's the best I've had in London so far, and perhaps will remain at the top of my list for the rest of my time in this city! The noodles were doused in an ultra creamy pale cheese sauce. It was cooked to a crisp with its parmesan top layer. The inside was a white cheddar cheese sauce with double cream that was unlike any mac and cheese sauce I've ever tasted. It is one of the best I've ever had, definitely top 10 in my life. I'm so happy about finding it!!!

    PRICES: YOOOOO the prices for the sides were GREAT! All were about 3.50 or less! Which is a sharp contrast to the steak dishes which are 20 pounds or more. However all of the sides are quite affordable so you can order four or five and have that be your incredibly diverse meal! The starter I ordered was only about 8 pounds. These were definitely the cheapest things on the menu, but that's not why I chose them. They were AMAZING.

    The service was great as well. Very friendly server who gave us constant attention. However one of our party wanted her mac and cheese wrapped up and we were told they didn't have the license for that. Weird, didn't know there were laws about that. Especially in a place where people get such enormous portions.

    The place does not have wifi per say, but Wagamama is next door and their wifi fully envelopes the restaurant. So I signed into the cloud for free no sweat, and got fast internet while I was there!

    Every source says the underground stop closest to this place is Charing Cross, but I'm here to squash that thought. Leicester Square is much closer and is literally on the same block. Steak and Co is technically on Charing Cross Road, but that's not where the Underground stop dumps you off. Leicester Square puts you much closer.



    After flipping out in that review you might be wondering why this now has four stars when it had five before. I've come here several more times since writing it and the food is still amazing, but the service at times is deplorable. It's some of the worst service I've had, the waiters are wayyyy understaffed and are literally running around the place. This often leads to extreme wait times for something as simple as tap water or ketchup. It's a damn shame because the food is incredible. The people I have gone with could not stand the service, nor could I. And I'm the one who spoke so highly of it! Come on guys.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Came here with a large group a few weeks ago. The service was excellent and they had no problem filling our reservation.
    Everyone had steak in the group and we all really loved the food. We're Americans and we thought it was one of the best steaks we've ever had. They give you a choice of seasoning and flavored butter for your steak, served on a hot stone so you can cook to your desired temperature.
    Also, Mac & Cheese is DELICIOUS.

    Cheers for a great meal!

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Wow, I am already looking forward to the next time I come to Steak & Co (easily within the next few days).

    The food was INCREDIBLE. The ribs were to live for; the meat fell right off the bone and the BBQ sauce was so delicious.

    I cannot stress this enough: GET THE MACARONI AND CHEESE SIDE DISH. My boyfriend and I have been on a mission to find the best macaroni and cheese in London, and I have to say, this may be some of the best in the world.

    The food was served quickly and the waiters were very friendly. The restaurant's atmosphere was very nice, classy decor. The place smelled intensely of steak immediately upon entering (which shouldn't be surprising for a place called Steak & Co).

    I didn't get the steak but it looked amazing both on the menu and on the tables of customers around us. There are about a dozen different butters to choose from to get with the steak you choose (six choices I think).

    Weird thing: you can't take your unfinished food to go! Something about "licensing?" So make sure you finish your food and enjoy it!

    Overall great place. Super, super delicious.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was sceptical about going to this restaurant and I have to say this was mainly due to my hatred of Leicester Square and the fact that the majority of eateries here are extremely overpriced and commercial with poor service.

    I have to say.....I was pleasantly surprised. My friend had raved about the place as he works extremely close and had been twice before for lunch. When we went it was a few days before Christmas and it was our goodbye meal before the holidays! We enjoyed a lovely meal - he had ribs and chips and I had scampi and chips - and had some lovely wine. The service was great too.

    I would recommend the place and would return, wonderful location too - stone's thrown from the Portrait Gallery, off Charing Cross Road, walking distance to Charing Cross Station, Piccadilly and Leicester Square tube stations and Theatreland.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Uninspired and terribly slow service.  The table next to us, which arrived fifteen minutes after we ordered, received their good simultaneously.  The manager gets high marks for caring about our feedback.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Overpriced and overcooked.

    I ordered the rump medium-well, and it came out overcooked--tough and dry. I had to hack through the beef and then drench it in sauce to make it palatable. Thankfully, the side tomatoes and potatoes were fine, although the special I ordered them. Had I ordered a standard dish, I would have only gotten the meat, and sides would have been an additional £2-3 on top of the £18 for the beef. Plus there's a £1 cover charge per person. Service was slow, disorganized, and inattentive--my water was never refilled, for example. Certainly there is better food to be had in Covent Garden.

  • 3.0 star rating

    A different approach for sure, but novelty is the best description.  Steaks arrive with a quick grill sear and are than finished at the table on a stone/cast iron brick to the diners preference.  The steak butters and sauces were quite good I personally would recommend the mustard seed.  The meats are quite good cuts, a little light on taste as most euro/British steaks seem to be.  Price is a bit high but in the end you are paying for the location more than anything else.

    • Qype User lab…
    • London
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    • 2 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I've been to Steak and Co. right before Christmas with my flat mate and we have had such a great dining experience!
    We wanted to have a girls catch up and dinner in central London, therefore we chose to be close to Leicester Square, and head to the cinema straight after dinner.

    My flat mate has chosen Chicken Alfredo, while I decided to order the new Steak Stone, a special steak that you can cook directly at your table. The staff was very helpful and friendly, and I felt like being Nigella for a night! Cooking my steak was a fun and quirky experience, loads of laughter involved.

    Clever idea, they give you a choice of flavoured butter and different sauces to dress your steak up.

    Prices absolutely reasonable and excellent choice of wines, venue decor and the central location are a big plus.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Stick to the fillet.  My sirloin was bland.  The garlic bread was excellent.  Service was incredibly slow.  The price was reasonable.  Our waiter did his best bet the wait was ridiculous.

    • Qype User Scarel…
    • London
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    • 9 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Loved this restaurant, the sizzling steaks were the best, with creamy mushroom sauce and garlic butter. I could cook the steak just the way I like it and I could keep it hot all the way through my meal. Absolutely love it and will be going back soon.

    • Qype User steakm…
    • London
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    • 1 review
    5.0 star rating

    I had the opportunity to try a steak on a stone at London's Steak & Co. The meal was to put it bluntly, superb. The size of the steak and the presentation made a massive first impression. The steak came served as medium rare, but the unique thing about this meal is that you have the ability to cook the steak yourself using the hot stone which accompanies it. The taste of the steak was as good as i have ever tasted and even exceeded what i was expecting. The steak came with butter that added to the over all taste and experience of what i will remember as a perfect meal.

  • 4.0 star rating

    A truly wonderful choice for meat eaters, and the perfect choice for those wanting a restaurant not surrounded by noisy children (there is no childrens menu for a reason!) I enjoyed a 10oz fillet steak which was divine-the meat arrives with a sizzling plate in the centre for you to cover the steak with your chosen butter and or sauce and finish off the cooking slice by slice-and the meat was simply perfect. I felt it was great value for money for such an excellent steak with a free bottle of chardonnay with theatre ticket receipts-but to pay extra for the side dishes seems somewhat excessive. the surroundings and decor are immaculate, toilets pristine, and there is a pleasant atmosphere. but as others have noted the evening service is slow (i had to remind the waiter to bring the wine as he forgot) and although I ordered ketchup twice it never arrived. The waiting staff had a slightly carefree attitude versus apologetic..(hence a star drooped on my review) but despite that i would definitely return again and would like to be able to restore that star on another visit.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Fantastic restaurant in a great area in London.  Lots of work going on around there right now on the road and you would never know from the inside.  Excellent service, mushroom appetizer was amazing and plenty of reasonably priced menu options.  Very tasty, love the service - makes for unique experience.

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