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  • 4.0 star rating

    Stayed here on my last trip to the UK and loved this place.  I sat on one of the golden teeth seats and marveled that I was sitting on golden teeth.  I played around with the colored lighting in my room for hours (now sadly not as novel because I bought some of those Phillips HUE lights for my place!)  I felt slightly melancholy because I was a) in London and it's customary but, more importantly, b) the room decor is very minimal, despite the lighting customization you can employ.  I loved how central it is to everything.  

    Before this experience I had only stayed in one other hotel in London so I don't really have a nearby hotel to compare it to but it definitely tops boutique chains like the W and Palomar for tasteful style.  It's pretty expensive but hey, if you're traveling to London you're probably already prepared to pay double for everything so why stop now?

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was so excited about staying in this hotel when I saw we were booked to stay here for work. I had stayed here before and remembered it being nice.
    Don't get me wrong the lobby is nice. The bar is nice. The room itself is ok.
    I understand some rooms are smaller than others. I can deal with jumping over my suitcase to get around. I didn't like my "corner room" that has windows as wall that open to the street. First, I couldn't open the curtains without letting people on the street see in my room. People can see in the room. I waved to a person on the street and they waved back. Second, it was so loud on the street I couldn't sleep past 7am. My first real day off in many many days and I was awaken by street noise. Trucks backing up and beeping, cars honking their horn, loud banging, you name it.
    I don't think I would be so upset about all this if my request to change rooms had not been denied. I knew my day off was coming up and asked to change rooms. I was told it was a nice room and that if I wanted to change rooms it would cost me more money. He was not accommodating at all. In fact he seemed offended that I didn't like his nice room. When I said I didn't like the feeling of staying in a fish bowl, he told me it was one of the nicest rooms in the hotel. We have 80 people staying in this hotel. I know it was not one of the nicest in the hotel after everyone discussed their rooms.

    I would give this review one star after my experience with the man at the front desk but I can't let one person ruin my entire stay. The bathroom is great. The room has a nice desk. The bed was great. The mini bar is well stocked. As for the other yelper that commented about there not being an outlet in the bathroom. There aren't outlets in bathrooms in the UK. It's a health and safety thing. There is an outlet next to the full length mirror for you to do your hair.

    Bottom line, if you stay in this hotel and want to sleep do not stay in room 224.

    *Edited due to the nice person at the front desk!

    After reading my complaints the front desk offered to change my room. They put me in a room that was so much quieter. They apologized for the misunderstanding with the gentleman at the front desk. Basically they lived up to the four star ratings that everyone else rated them. Rafael was extremely helpful and remembered me the next day. They young lady at the front was also so accommodating. I can't remember her name. I'm sorry! If I had been in this room from the beginning this hotel would definitely have a 4 star rating.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Pretty good hotel.  Its modern and comfortable, but has some shortcomings.

    I stayed at this hotel for a few days after Christmas in Dec '13.

    I get the impression that the theme of the hotel seems to appeal to a younger, more partying-going customer.  It reminds me of 'The W', but a bit more modest yet less flashy.  That type of hotel is generally not so much for me, so I was glad it was a little less obnoxious.

    The hotel is clean and fairly modern.  All the sheets and rooms were immaculate as far as I can tell.  There is a lot of modern furniture.  Most of which is well designed and practical.  Aesthetically, I find the design theme a bit gaudy and outdated at times, but not in any way that makes the experience uncomfortable.  About the worst thing is the loud music that plays in the lobby at night.  Its a bit sleazy.

    I liked most of the room amenities.  I stayed in room x27  I found my bed and mattress more on the firm side, but comfortable nonetheless.  I did have trouble sleeping, although its something I attribute more to jet lag, flying in from California.  The shower had good pressure, and it remained consistently hot always.  I was able to get high temperatures from the shower and sink.  Some of the lighting was a bit dim, but no to the extent that it prevented me from using my laptop.

    I have mixed feelings about the room space.  The bathroom appears exceptionally large and roomy.  Its the best part of the room.  The bed is a good Queen size.  However, the bedroom space surrounding the bed is much more cramped than I'd like.  The ceiling height is comfortably spacious.  Closet space is a bit tight.  There is a small desk with a chair.  I found the chair to be something I couldn't use comfortably because it was so cramped.  

    My main complaint is that the rooms can get noisy and offer less privacy.  I found the room I was in did filter out sound well from the floor under me.  Because I think I was on the top floor, I'm not sure if it did well with floor above me.  Sound from rooms next to me, the corridor outside, and the streets didn't filter so well.  It wasn't always noisy, but it was often enough where it could be uncomfortable at times.

    In terms of price, the hotel was booked by a friend of mine from the US.  We paid around 225 English pounds or US$370 per night, which includes breakfast but not Wifi, which is ten English pounds per day or approx US$16.  

    Value is something I struggle to determine.  I know hotel prices are higher in London, especially during holiday season.  I can't say if this is the norm.  Its not cheap, but I don't find it implausible if this happens to be the going rate.  Comparable New York and Los Angeles hotels are more affordable, but not by much.  My guess would be that value is reasonable.

    Service from the staff was positive.  I found the front desk and staff at the hotel restaurant to be friendly and helpful.  At times it seemed as if the waiters would forget food items or take longer than usual to bring a coffee, but I found with some degree of frustration, it was nothing outside the norm of London dining hospitality.  The maids were very thorough with cleaning the rooms.

    Location is good for most tourist activities, particularly theatre and restaurants.  However, I wouldn't recommend it for most shopping if you spend most of your time in the department stores and boutiques of Knighsbridge.  The clerk at the front desk mentioned it might take 45mins to an hour to drive to Heathrow Airport.

    Overall not a bad hotel, even if I didn't find it to be optimal.  I would consider returning.

  • 5.0 star rating
    26 check-ins
    Listed in London

    Stayed here for 3 weeks on business and had a quite enjoyable experience. Staff was very nice to me and the group I was traveling with. Offered many different things like drinks to Light Bar, if you forget your umbrella they quickly hand you one and they offer great advice for local restaurants and sights.

    Daily cleaning is solid and they offer membership during your stay to the gymbox next door. Plus, with that they offer a daily wash service for your gym clothes. That's just great service.

    Definitely would stay here again.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    From the moment we walked in the door we were impressed by everyone and everything that we encountered. The staff, especially Nicole at check-in and throughout our 2 separate 1-week stays over the 2013/2014 holiday season, along with the comfort of the beds, quality of all bed and bath linens, products, coffee/tea service, the view, location, etc...I could go on and on but instead all I will say is that St Martins Lane Hotel and all Hotels within the Morgan Group are my "Go To" for all future travel...and I travel a lot for work and pleasure.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I stayed here during a trip for work. Great rooms, large bathroom, breakfast area was clean and had a great offering. I really enjoyed the fresh juices they make. WiFi in a hotel is necessary for me and there's is very strong throughout the building. I would definitely stay here again if I needed to be in the area. Location is an easy walk to almost anything. Then again, the tube is a close walk so easy access to anywhere.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I expected more from St. Martins Lane and I was sadly disappointed. It's supposed to be uber luxurious, and it just didn't live up to the hype.

    The hotel is quite modern. It doesn't look like much from the outside. However, the location is pretty amazing, it's near Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. A nice stroll from the tube.

    When we arrived our room wasn't ready. We were paying good money, so that didn't fly very well. We kept being told the room would be ready in just a little bit, well that turned into a couple of hours. We entered our hotel room and it was blazing hot. You would think someone would turn on the air on a hot Summer's day. My husband was in a rush, he had a meeting at his office. Our bags weren't brought up for at least an hour. My husband was more than pissed. He detests being late, especially for something so incredibly frivolous. It's not like the staff was busy, they were just too busy rolling their eyes and behaving like f8cktwats. WOW, what amazing mind blowing service.

    We were paying top dollar, uhm pound, and our room was huge. White and modern, but drab. The bed was uncomfortable. The carpet was anything but plush. The bathroom was lovely -- nice and large with lots of drawers. But there was only a plug for shaving in the bathroom. I called the front desk and inquired if there was an outlet for hairdryers or straightening irons and I was told there was no such outlet. Is this how London bathrooms operate? B/c if so, I now understand why the women had such awful hair... can't blame it on the poor dears.

    The best thing about the hotel is that the bar makes a lavender martini. It's no longer on the menu, ask for it. It's delish.  And the granola is supposed to be better than crack.

    This place just isn't worth the money in my opinion.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Sleeps abroad

    What a funny little hotel you are, St. Martin's.  I stayed here with a friend recently at the end of a long tour... I would've LOVED a room with a tub, alas, it was not to be.  The hotel is super trendy (love the art-o-mat in the lobby, don't love the glass reception counter - d'oh, I hit my head so hard!) and it's so centrally located it's scary, but the rooms are incredibly quiet.

    I'd definitely stay here again (on someone else's dime) and I'll know to look at the carpet to find my hotel room... and I'd also know to steal more of the great product from the bathroom.  

    The beds are very comfortable (down comforters) but I don't like the modern disco lighting -- we turned ours off.  Another plus is Chipotle across the street as well as one of my favorite rare stamp shops just across the way.

  • 5.0 star rating

    St Martin's Lane Hotel is a very contemporary luxury hotel which is part of the Morgans Hotel Group.  From the outside, it is not really clear that this is even a hotel, since it has drapes along the big windows hiding the inside and there is not even a sign for it.  This is clearly a hotel dedicated to those in the know.  

    The inside is stunning with a mixture of art deco and kitchy decorations, similar to its sister hotel, the Sanderson.  

    I once had the luck to be invited out for dinner in the famous Asia de Cuba restaurant located inside the hotel and I must admit it was great.  Before heading to the restaurant, I think it is best to sit and have a cocktail in the amazing light bar.  Once finished with these you will be invited to the restaurant which offers what is called fusion food.  It specializes in Cuban and Asian food, but with a slight European touch to it.  All of the meals are served in big platters which you share between the table.  The calamari salad and carpaccio were extremely delicious as was everything else actually.  The service was impeccable and the setting is magical, with light art columns rising from the floor and bookshelves lining the walls.  

    This is definitely a great place to come out for a night out if you have the money and the time.  Everything is rather dazzling and I had a great experience here.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Certainly the central location can't be beat. You're steps from Charing Cross Road, the Theatre District, Piccadilly, tourist spots, and a variety of London Underground stops. I don't like walking into a lobby where thunka-thunka music is cranked up, as if one is entering a club, but the staff is friendly and helpful. There's a swank cocktail bar that mixes quite decent though outrageously expensive cocktails. I didn't try the restaurant, Asia de Cuba, but it seemed very loud and not a good venue for conversation.

    The room itself was quite small and although I'm sure it looked terribly smart when new, it's not worn all that well. The furniture is cheap-looking. I do like the mood lighting, however. And the bed is very comfortable.

    I spent about $200/night, which I think is reasonable given the location and all. So, yes, I'd definitely stay here again, if the price holds.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Not that I didn't enjoy my stay here, but I'm a little bit disturbed that St. Martins Lane passes for a 5-star hotel in this town.  I mean, it's cute, but the concierge is some dude with a MacBook who may or may not be around, and the rooms are charming but pretty gosh darn small.

    I do love the eclectic decor in the lobby - gnome chairs, fur throws on ornate divans, an oversized wooden chess set - and Asia de Cuba sure looks swank.

    I don't actually mind the casual air of the staff, as the service is friendly and helpful.  I bothered the guy with the MacBook on numerous occasions, and everyone else, including bell man with matching T-shirt and sweater vest (possibly the uniform) and registration girl with adorable blonde top-knot, was ever pleasant.

    The rooms (we stayed in two, as our London trip was interrupted by a weekend in Paris - get a corner room if you can) were small but nice enough.  My mother and I shared a queen with no problem.  It was a very comfortable bed with a fat airy comforter and plenty of pillows.  Service was prompt and easy to access.

    £15 daily wireless charge is a bit over the top.  Luckily, we were able to steal some signal for the majority of our stay and asked no questions.  Not that I'm running full speed to come back here, but don't tattle, okay?

  • 4.0 star rating

    There was a time where my dad's flat was undergoing renovations and I conveniently decided to plan my trip to London within that same week. What's a girl to do? Find the trendiest, swankiest hotel with all of the amenities in an excellent location, of course!

    St. Martin's is very modern and I like that it appeals to younger patrons. (When I showed my dad the hotel, he didn't understand the concept at all.) I thought the thumping club music in the lobby, along with the changing mood lighting was a nice change from the Muzak one is normally accustomed to. I was also surprised to find the mood lighting in my bedroom - and there was also a Precor treadmill in the room, in case I didn't feel like venturing downstairs to use the gym. Awesome! I scoped out the gym, and I thought it was very nice by hotel gym standards - plenty of treadmills, bikes, weights with televisions as well.

    The rooms are very modern and minimalist (furniture included).  It's not like the hotels in Monte Carlo, but it's very luxurious in its own right.

    My only complaint is that they moved my room mid-week. I had unpacked my suitcase and placed everything in the drawers and the bathroom, so I was a little annoyed. However, they were very courteous about it and gave me an even bigger room at no charge to make up for the inconvenience.

    You can't beat the location. The proximity to the Underground, the theaters, restaurants, nightlife, and shopping cannot be beat. I've dined at Asia de Cuba downstairs, and although I was not impressed, it was definitely a fun place to people watch.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Very modern , minimal decor. Concierge was amazing, having Asia D' Cuba downstairs was a nice touch. If you normally stat at a W, this will do very well. Bed was large as was the room. Great water pressure and product.


  • 3.0 star rating

    Hmmmm ... reading some of the glowing reviews of this place, I'm going to be in the minority.  Nothing bad about this place ... just didn't think it was great ... especially for the price.

    So, this is a ultra modern, trendy hotel and they obviously discourage the average pub patron from visiting (14 pounds for a drink at the Light Bar?)  That's okay ... it's catering to a specific audience.

    Here were my issues.  While the room was clean, it just wasn't very functional.  Backlit TV stand and underlit writing table, but horrible lighting in the bathroom and in bed ... cool looking little chrome cylinders to turn the water on and off in the bathroom sink ... they look cool, but they hard hard to grasp ... especially if your hands are wet.  And 10 pounds a day for internet access?  If there is one thing I expect NOT to be charged for in a hotel as a guest, that's it!

    Like all of Morgan Group hotels, you pay a pretty penny for the coolness factor.  I just not their target audience ... I'm generally a value buyer.

    One REALLY strong point about this hotel is it's location.  About 1.5 blocks from the Tube and close to everything a tourist would want to do in London.  Even convenient if you are here for business in The City.

    3 stars!

  • 3.0 star rating

    This is my second stay at St Martins Lane - and I'm still not sold on the hype for this hotel.  I'm not even paying for it out of my own pocket... but since this is where my boss wants to stay - so be it.  I will have to try harder to convince him to move to the W London on the next trip.

    Rooms are average given the amount they charge for them.  If you're into the minimalist, spartan look - this is the place for you.  If you're looking for something functional while you're traveling on work - you are sooooo in the wrong hotel.  

    Here are the pluses:
    - Love love love that have a deal wth Gymbox next door because the hotel gym SUCKS.  But you'll get a great workout at Gymbox - gotta go try out the boxing ring!  If you're here on the weekend, Gymbox closes at 4pm on Sundays.
    - Also love love love that they will launder your gym clothes for free.  More hotels should do that.
    - As people have said - the Starbucks across the street is super convenient.  There's also a Tesco close by.  All in all - great location.

    Here are the annoyances:
    - Lack of electrical outlets.  I counted two in my room that weren't used by lamps and the iPod dock and everything else they have plugged in. This means my phone is being charged in the bathroom.
    - Their front desk staff - rude and unhelpful seems to go right in hand with being trendy and ultra modern.
    - Their concierge - I can do a better job as a concierge with the internet connection in my room.  This guy has no maps and is basically a guy with a Mac computer sitting at a spartan white desk.  That is NOT a concierge.
    - Internet expensive is SPENDY!  Good thing work is paying for this - but if your company isn't picking up the tab - beware!!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I recently had a fantastic week-long stay at the St Martins Lane and would recommend it without hesitation.  The location is _perfect_ - in the heart of the West End, a couple of blocks from Leicester Square tube station, and less than a ten minute walk from Piccadilly Circus.  The service is impeccable while still being friendly and personable.  It's also a lot of fun and surprisingly unpretentious for somewhere so trendy.

    Still, there are some things you should be prepared for, especially if you're travelling for work not pleasure.  And double especially if you're used to American hotels.

    1) The hotel wifi access only provides connection for one device at a time, so too bad if you want to use wifi on both your laptop and your phone.

    2) As has been mentioned by other reviewers, the rooms are very small compared to American hotels rooms.  I didn't find this to be a problem because I wasn't working in my room, but can see that it would be a drag if you needed to work in your room all day.  Of course there is a lovely spacious Starbucks right across the street, not to mention several pubs...  

    3) Another difference from American hotel rooms - the bathrooms only have one electrical socket which is for shavers only.  I'm given to understand that this is a UK regulation, so while tiresome it's certainly no fault of the hotel.  However the hotel provides a 15ft extension cord so you can plug your hairdryer into an outlet in the main room but still use it in the bathroom and I appreciate their ingenuity.

    4) In keeping with the chic minimalist aesthetic, your room comes equipped with a beautifully designed analogue alarm clock of about 1" in diameter.  This thing ticks like the tell-tale heart.  Each night I wrapped it in a towel and lovingly placed it in the furthest corner of the bathroom in order that I might get some sleep.

    That said, I really enjoyed my stay and only mention these things so that they don't surprise future guests.  The St Martins Lane is a great hotel - enjoy!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Super convenient location for getting around in West End, and close to Tube stations. Almost nondescript exterior, with modern minimalist luxe interior; a trendier and more luxury version of W hotels.

    The rooms are of good size, considering it's in London and a prime location. Some of the first floor rooms have their own gardens albeit very small gardens.

    The Club/Bar in the hotel seems to be a popular destination for locals, judging by the long line-ups out the hotel door we've observed many a night. Sadly, I am usually on business trips and haven't had time or energy to sample. But you can definitely tell it's a place to go to see and be seen.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Let's be clear art the outset. St. Martin's Lane is a high concept, modern hotel with urban flair that will not appeal to everyone. If you don't like modern design, small rooms, or high-concept urban experiences then you will probably not like St. Martin's Lane. Or at least, you won't be very forgiving of its particulars. There are plenty of equally expensive major label hotels in London for people who enjoy that kind of experience. If you're a budget traveller then this place should not be on your list. But if you're looking for something hip, off-beat, and a little unusual then St. Martin's Lane is worth a visit.

    I have stayed here twice and found the staff to be professional, the rooms comfortable, and had all of my needs well served. There is also a decent gym. Not large but it does have tread mills, elliptical, circuit machines and weights. It's clean and well kept with water and towels for quests.

    Of course, another appeal of this property is the location. From St. Martin's central London location you are in walking distance to Piccadilly Circus, Parliament, The London Eye, and Victoria Embankment on The Thames. If you don't mind longer walks then Hyde Park and the West End are within reach. You are also close to a terrific and equally designer Indian restaurant called Mint Leaf just off Trafalgar Square on Suffolk street. I know there is an abundance of great Indian cuisine in London but Mint Leaf is special and worth the trip.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I hate London hotels.   If not small, service is ass, or last renovated around Queen Elizabeth's coronation...and you pay for it.  

    St. Martins Lane is basically a W Hotel, more Miami like in style, even has Asia de Cuba as the restaurant.  

    Location, location, location, and this is close to Soho, all the touristy stuff, and the river.  I started every morning my walking to Monmouth coffee, and life was pretty good.

    It's rough around the edges, so understand some of the reviews here, but if you get an upgraded room here, it's pretty impressive size and style in this part of London town.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I stayed here for a work trip, so I wasn't too worried about the cost of the place.

    It was a bit more posh (read "pretentious") than I would prefer, but if that's your style, I'm sure you'd love it.

    They had great room service and housekeeping staff. The dessert in the hotel restaurant was amazing.

    On the downside, the doorknob fell off of the inside of my room and the fire alarm went off at 1am. On the upside, the front-desk staff was extremely friendly and handled both situations gracefully. They even comped my two-weeks worth of wi-fi (£140) to make up for it.

    As long as I'm not footing the bill, I'd definitely stay there again.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was a little nervous about staying at this hotel, as the whole starck, minimalist, oompa oompa vibe of the place seemed way too chic for me. but it all ended up just being a little fun note to a great hotel stay.

    our room was great -- go for an upgrade, to get the 2 solid walls of floor-to-ceiling windows that make the tiny room seem, well, less tiny. it's worth it, as you'll be spending your lounging time in your room instead of say, in the cavernous lobby, which is populated with very cute but totally impractical seating options. the bed was very comfy, and storage was plenty for our week-long stay. walls are a smidge thin, as we were made well aware of every time our neighbors used their toilet. it was stocked with all the basic amenities, like what you might expect from a standard marriott. however. the daily internet charge is ridiculous in this day and age.

    staff was very good -- friendly front desk, and efficient housekeeping. didn't use the concierge much, but our few v simple requests were handled efficiently.

    location is excellent. it's walking distance to at least 2 Tube lines, and less than 1 mile to many of the major sights, like trafalgar, covent garden, british museum and even buckingham palace. that being said, the central part of london is so packed together you could probably stay anywhere and still be in a great location.

    if you're looking for a comfortable, well-situated, well-priced place to stay while exploring the city, this hotel is for you. if you want a place where you can also hang out in the lobby eating scones and sipping wine, I would look elsewhere. I certainly wouldn't have a problem with staying here again, but will probably try something a bit more posh and traditional for our next visit.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Like it's sister hotel the Sanderson this truly is the epitome of modernity and contemporary design.

    None of the rooms are the same and each have the trademarked Phillipe Starck bed set at an angle.

    This hotel is wonderfully situated in the center of London allowing easy access to all the sights and theatre land.

    The exterior gives nothing away but the moment you come into the lobby you are greeted by a fusion of art and design. Keep an eye out for the Dali Lip Couch and the Andy Warhols adorning the walls.

    Don't be scared of the reception though (it's an open coffin!).

    St Martin's also houses an exclusive Vodka bar with one of the best selections in the UK.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The Morgan Group hotels are always a treat. This one in particular is a whimsical treat! Hotel staff is fabulous! Decor is fun fantasy at every turn. Location perfect.

    • Qype User absint…
    • London
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    • 264 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Never actually stayed at this hotel, although I have been to one of its sister hotels in New York (get me!). However its drinking and dining area is an experience worth having, and one I'd definitely recommend if you've got a group of people to impress and access to a company credit card
    The light bar at the front of the hotel is kitted out with all kinds of mind-bending furnishings and cool bits of lighting trickery. Further back there is a huge dining area and separate cocktail bar.
    I've heard rumours that the hotel hired male models to stand out front as security guards when the hotel first opened  not sure if this is still the case!

    • Qype User honest…
    • London
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    3.0 star rating

    Not sure what came over the people reviewing this place! I spent several years in London visiting and staying in only the uber chic venues and as much as this place fits in that perfectly, its far from the best hotel or bar in London.

    Now before you even think about visiting here do you have plenty of cash because you going to need it. If you want to stay, eat and drink and have fun think £750 as bench mark for 2. Night out for 2 with cocktails (4 each) think £120 - £160.

    So the staff are really friendly I see the other reviewers cry, What did you expect? Everything has a price and as one previous person wrote - £4 for Kit Kat and £50 for breakfast Of course the service is going to be good because whats on the plate is not worth £50. And lets face it unless you are part of the big spenders club telling your mates you did £50 on a fry up instead of going to one of the many farmers markets or hidden gem deli's in town are just going to get you the are you mad looks. Breakfast in bed with the special someone as mastercard may put it, priceless, not here its not :)

    The place is stylish, amazing in places. If you want to impress and this is what floats you boat then this is the place for you (but look a little harder in london and theres much better out there). Your date will be blown away, and you will have a good time. Yes go and see it and have some fun, avoid the kids with dads credit card, the party girls, celebs, older men in suits and its awesome. But please, this place is good, very good but not amazing.

    • Qype User nightf…
    • London
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    4.0 star rating

    The restaurant was very good with great service. The calamari salad was stupendous with a good balance of variety of vegetables. The squi9d was fresh and batter was light enough.

    Interior was a minimalist scandinavian slant with lots of white finish.

    Cocktails were fresh, creative and made with alot of heart put into it.

    High end and top notch.

    Good to go if the visit is on expenses.

    • Qype User nickmo…
    • London
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    3.0 star rating

    St. Martins Lane is an über-chic hotel located on St. Martins Lane in Covent Garden.
    The hotel is owned by the Ian Schrager Company who also manages hotels in Miami, Los Angeles and New York City.
    The Asia de Cuba restaurant is superb. Food and decoration is very exquisite.
    The Bungalow 8 members club in the hotel basement is a great place for celebrity spotting and good drinks but a bit over the top with pretentiousness and young Sloane Ranger types.
    However if on a visit through London I recommend you stay here for the overall experience.

    • Qype User melvr…
    • London
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    • 10 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Well, for a painfully trendy and stylish hotel, the place is awfully friendly. The staff seems to try to get to know you, and the bouncers in the evenings seem to instinctively know who's a guest and who isn't. So don't let the exterior fool you.

    The beds are lovely as is the bathroom. Never want to wake up! Asia de Cuba as always serves up a fantastic meal and solid cocktails, and I do regret not going to the Light Bar although I was with mum... bonus points to the hotel for not being snobby like I expected they would in such a "celeb" place - they treated my mom with her old-fashioned sweater sets as wonderfully as the uber-hip fashionistas who you will certainly run into in the elevators, who on the other hand offer just a little too much condescending looks for my taste. The location is also just perfect. Covent Garden - but away from the tourist hoards, and near some tiny little shopping streets with quirky things as well as the National Gallery. There are (count 'em!) three tube stops simply five minutes away.

    One major blow though --- the rooms aren't soundproof to the outside. Which meant that every morning without fail, my mum and I woke up to the garbage truck. It was so awful, and they couldn't do anything about it besides offer to switch us to another room halfway into our visit. For the price we paid for this place, I would really not like to be woken up at eight o'clock in the morning when my body is jetlagged.

    And tiny bum too -- wireless is not free, and indeed is overpriced. I hung out at Med Kitchen next door where you can leech off them - something they don't announce, but hey I ended up eating there every other day because of it. Actually come to think about it.... most things were overpriced in the hotel. Even the laundry bag! I've never been to a place where you had to pay for that before...

    Anyway yes, good experience, but burns money away like mad and definitely try to get a good room.

    • Qype User Tor…
    • London
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    • 28 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    This hotel is more than a hotel, it's an experience, quirky and unique in every way. The hotel exterior is easy to walk past but once you're through the revolving doors you're in another world altogether.

    Reception service could not be faulted. Similarly, the concierge was superb. They will book cars and restaurants for you swiftly and easily

    The décor is larger than life throughout Large gold tooth shaped seats, gnome tables, chaise longs, oversized flowerpots and a giant chess set are all part of the scene. The bedrooms have a real sense of space to them, perhaps in part due to the fact the bathroom has no door! There is sumptuous mood lighting and floor to ceiling glass windows.

    Back downstairs, the Asia de Cuba restaurant provides Asian-Cuban fusion cooking in a way unrivalled by many. Dishes are designed for sharing, service is first class and portion sizes are excellent. In such beautiful surroundings it's worth dining here for the atmosphere alone. There are two bars, The Rum Bar and The Light Bar. The latter is primarily a cocktail bar with waitress service and top DJs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

    All in all, the service was first class and could not be faulted. The atmosphere was great in the restaurants and bars. It was perfect for people watching. This hotel comes at a price and room service is extremely pricey but prices in the bars and restaurants are acceptable and similar to other London establishments. Situated in the heart of London, the National Gallery, Leicester Square and Covent Garden, are also minutes away from your doorstep.

    • Qype User mattni…
    • London
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    4.0 star rating

    St. Martins Lane Hotel is one of the most stylish, sophisticated and beautiful hotels that central London has to offer.My stay here was memorable, due to the fantastic rooms, spacious, clean and welcoming.The temptations of the restaurant and the impressive cocktails bar haven't gone unnoticed :~)
    fabulous :)) so , for a great location that will make your stay enjoyable in every possible aspect, St.Martins Lane is the best option as far as I'm concerned.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Rather discreet... cool, minimal decor. My room had a gorgeous view. The staff are all suuuper friendly and I felt like a princess. There's a Starbucks across the road, and generally the location is fantastic. Loved it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I need to buy skinny selvedge denim and some distressed work boots or at the very least, read a fashion magazine and fix up my wardrobe before I checked into the St Martins Lane Hotel.  This place is hip, cool, chic, etc., etc.  Tucked away unassumingly on a fairly quiet street between Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square, this hotel breathes modernity into an otherwise stodgy part of town (10 Downing Street and Nelson's column, anyone?).  However, it is close to both the Charing Cross and Embankment Tube lines.  This property is part of the Morgans Group, which owns all kinds of sweet places like the Mondrian, Royalton, and the Hudson Hotel.

    I spent 4 nights here and enjoyed the heck out of each one of them.  The staff here is excellent.  From the doorman to the front desk staff to the concierge, everyone was on their A game.  The doorman quickly came out, opened the taxi door, took my luggage (along with my last name) to the front desk, as to expedite the check in process.  The desk staff was very friendly and answered all my dumb-just-got-off-the-plane-and-I-am-delirious questions.  After checking in, I had a wonderful dinner at Asia de Cuba, the hotel's restaurant - beats what you get at your typical Hyatt or Marriott.  In addition to Asia de Cuba, the hotel also has a bar/lounge called light bar, which I found myself in several times as they stay open past 2am - long after most bars are closed in London.  Another hot spot in the hotel, although not associated with the property is Bungalow 8, one of those gotta know someone to get in / no signage on the door kinds of places.
    The hotel does not have a gym, but is next to GymBox, which is a high end boxing gym / regular gym, so hotel guests get complimentary admission.

    The rooms are very small by American standards, but with floor to ceiling glass and white walls & curtains, the room still felt light and airy.  The bed was very comfy and the bathroom was well appointed.  I highly recommend this hotel to anyone staying in London

  • 4.0 star rating

    Super trendy, amazing decor, unbeatable location, and best yet - not pretentious at all! The staff are great - young, funky and friendly, super accomodating, and just down to have a good time (one of the server's at Asia de Cuba engineered a random photo shoot of me and my cousin as we were hanging out in the lobby!). Very cool design inside - spacious rooms (complete with mood lighting - yay!) that are v. minimalist modern. Didn't eat at Asia de Cuba, but had drinks at the bar, and again, great experience.

  • 5.0 star rating

    trendy, modern and understated. what else could you expect from a morgans group member?
    as part of a fairly large entourage we were accommodated with style, no fuss and everything we needed they made happen.
    location: covent garden, trafalgar square, carnaby street and soho are all right there. even getting to shoreditch was easy enough via transfer.
    restaurant: asia de cuba I remember having dinner in the new york location, and the london one equalled it.
    rooms: spartan, elegant with slight touches of whimsy.  after super long nights working, the bed was a dream.
    would definitely stay here again.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Wow... As soon you enter in the lobby, u will be surrounded by amazing design, an incredible room design, and the best restaurant in town... It is not impossible to miss to stay here if you are around... Staff is just good vibes! Wow Wow Wow... Amazed by the place and people!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Beautiful interior decoration, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the light bar!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I stayed here recently on a 2.5 month trip to London. I love this place. Ian Scraeger knows his shit. West coast of the states all the way across the ocean! It's clean, hip, fun, luxurious, with flawless staff! Thanks for the memorable 4th stay guys! See you in a couple of weeks!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I ordered a room service and found out someone painted the door with his/her shaving cream. The staff who brought my food didn't take any action. I called the concierge myself and told I feel insecure to stay in the hotel and the concierge said there are cameras everywhere and security guards make routine checks on very floor. I asked him if I could come down and review the recording to find out who had done it, and this guy starts to stammer and told there is no camera installed near my room because it was in the corner but there is nothing to worry.  I asked him why he would lie to me about the camera and what if someone spray lighter fluid instead of shaving cream and start a fire, but he kept saying there can't be any harm.

    I woke up next morning, the shaving cream was still left uncleaned.  

    You are right.  I will never go back to this hotel.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Imagine, if you will, a bare white room. Add a Scandinavian-style double bed with crisp white linen, a tall white unit set at a jaunty angle in the middle of the floor, a glass desk which lights up and a white plastic stool. Odds on, the room you are imagining has a door. Shut it and paint it white so that there is no clue that there is a door there. Welcome to your bedroom at the St Martin's Lane hotel.

    The St Martin's Lane hotel is more than a hotel, it's an experience. Part of the Morgans group of hotels it is known for its quirky nature which is aided and abetted by Phillipe Starck's rather unique designs

    Reception service could not be faulted. Bookings were swiftly located and the needs of the guests ascertained. On subsequent visits to the desk one was greeted by name. Similarly, the concierge was superb. Simple tasks, such as the booking of cars and restaurant recommendations were met with enthusiastic responses which felt personalised. This hotel seems to know about service.

    This is a hotel where anything is possible but at a price. A KitKat from the mini bar? That'll be £4 Sir! A CD for the player in the jaunty white cabinet? That'll be £25. There is a Tesco metro just around the corner, use that! A call to room service for some drinks elicited a swift response, but then so it should have for the price. A call to housekeeping for some fresh towels was similarly met with a positive response. What's more, we had a choice as to when we wanted them delivered  we were off out, so it suited us to have them later in the evening.

    There are various options for dining within the hotel. Room service is swift and portion sizes are good. The prices? You guessed, extortionate! Our room service breakfast came to over £50 for one cooked breakfast, cereal, French toast with a berry compote, tea and juices. It was very nicely presented, arrived on time, was set up in the room on a trolley table with crisp napery and so on, but was it worth that much?

    Breakfast in the restaurant is better value. A full cold English and Continental buffet is available which is discretely restocked at every opportunity. A cooked menu is also on offer and ordering off-menu is permitted.

    For meals at other times of the day your best bet by far is the Asia de Cuba restaurant. This is a renowned restaurant in London frequented by the beautiful people. It produces Asian-Cuban fusion cooking in a way unrivalled by many. For lunch bento boxes are the order of the day (although a full menu is available). Afternoon tea is also taken with a twist of the East. Dinner though is really where this place comes into its own. Portion sizes are excellent, if anything they are too large. Prices are not as hefty as one might expect (having seen the KitKat for £4 in the room) but you won't get much change out of £100 for a basic meal for two with drinks. It's worth dining here just for the atmosphere, however. Bare bulbs hang from extra long wires above the tables, pillars are adorned with objects d'art ranging from books to mini-tv's showing arty pictures, to flower pots to well it's art! Dishes are designed for sharing, service is first class and presentation is to die for. The crispy calamari salad comes highly recommended to start. Leave room for dessert though  not only are the desserts fantastic, they are works of art in their own right! Justice to this restaurant can only be done in a full opinion, however!

    For drinking you have two options (other than room service); the Rum bar and the Light Bar. The Rum bar is situated at the entrance to Asia de Cuba. A rather odd little area, it features tall brushed chrome tables designed by Starck taking a pop at the traditional English pub. The tables are tightly packed, about 10 square and there are no seats. Odd, slightly uncomfortable, but strangely appealing. Service is slick and individual with the bulk of drinks coming from a rotating cabinet.

    The more comfortable alternative to the Rum bar is the Light Bar. When the bar opens in the evening, the doors are replaced by a charming hostess at a podium and a rather burly bouncer. The bar operates a hotel guests and guest list policy. On a Friday and Saturday night it is packed full of those beautiful people I mentioned previously. It is possible to get on the guest list, a discrete call to the hotel will usually suffice. It's also possible to get in if you are not on the list, however, unless you are a guest, be prepared to be looked up and down before you are granted entry. If your face, clothes and demeanour don't fit, you won't get in, list or no list. Whilst this type of discrimination doesn't appeal to me I think I can understand why they operate such a policy. There is a buzz about the place which shouts money and good times. The Light Bar is, primarily a cocktail bar. An average of £15 will buy you a beautifully presented cocktail selected from a long list. The waitresses serve you at your table and are happy to recommend.

    • Qype User okapit…
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    5.0 star rating

    Very cool. Unfortunately very expensive as well. But if you like design places you should invest the money to enjoy one of the best places in London.

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