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Slimelight, London by Qype User astrid…
Slimelight, London by Qype User astrid…
  • “i always find it amazing how goths can dance, as we do and yet rarely bump into eachother.” in 4 reviews

  • “There are different floors for different music genres, 3 bars which are reasonably priced, and some Saturday evenings, live bands.” in 5 reviews

  • “They play different music on different floors so take your pick including alternative and industrial.” in 3 reviews

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    • Qype User astrid…
    • Dublin, Republic of Ireland
    • 9 friends
    • 62 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    We arrived at Slimelight shortly after opening, so it wasn't too busy yet. But that was soon changed: people filtered in, mostly wearing black but with a variety of intriguing accessories. Ben and I had chosen coloured contacts (me in black, him in white) as our added weapons. Slimelight is a big, members only goth club. If you're a non-member, there are two ways to get in: know a member, or look the part. We looked the part.

    As well as many dance rooms (with varieties of music: Ben and I liked the ravey room best), the club also serves food (they had a barbecue!), has pool tables, many bars, and runs occasional events: we were privy to goth bingo, and participated in karaoke! Brilliant.

    Mainly, I loved dancing in the electronic style room because the UV lighting made my outfit look AWESOME.

    As far as karaoke goes, I went for a nerve-wracking rendition of Love Cats, and later on, my friend Sas and I teamed up for a blinding performance of 99 Red Balloons. Both were REALLY well received

    Great fun. Thanks to the chaps at Slimelight  you're a lovely lot

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    When I first went to London, my little goth heart was alight with the idea of getting into Slimelight, which is a members-only goth club that's open until like, 7am (quite a difference from Boston clubs which close at 2)

    Getting there was a little bit of a pain in the ass, but once we were at the club, patrons were very friendly and my friend and I quickly found some people willing to vouch for us and let us in as their guests.

    The club has a few different floors, the sound is good, the drink selection is ok (it used to be BYOB, I am not sure if that has changed) and the people watching is A+
    I saw a show put on by MU a few years later and I found the space to be a little more claustrophobic when used for events as opposed to simply club nights.

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in My Favorite Places

    I was so happy 10 years ago to find a place as Slimelight in London. Each time I visit the city I was able to go to this club and dance for all night and day lond till 7 am indeed. But last time I went I was quite disappointed to not find any news in the club, the music was still the same and the industrial room was quite empty and the music was not so good. It's one year now that I don't come back to London, but I donnow if something has changed and I think next time I will not attend the gothic night here.
    We have the same problem in Italy, music doesn't change and people remain the same.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Slimelight is a brilliant night - £8 for non-members with an unofficial BOYB policy, although drinks inside aren't too outrageous for a club.

    There are several different music rooms (retro 80s goth and a harder more ravey industrial goth room). The decor is great - cages and UV light, trashy goth look with a grungy charm. There is also a pool table and a large outdoor smoking area which is suprisingly sociable - I've gotten talking to strangers quite often!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Amazing Goth / Industrial Club

    You cant get in unless your a member or a member signs you in which is a really cool element that helps keep the club legit and not full of clowns.

    They enforce the dress code which is Great!

    There are 3 dance floors, multiple lounges, a karaoke room and a small movie theatre :) yea that's right you can watch classic goth films while at a club :)

    I definitely recommend check it out.

    • Qype User sushil…
    • Bristol
    • 7 friends
    • 179 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Slimelight has been a top place to go for alternative music for 15 years. It's no longer a strictly members club with BYOB, but is still a mecca for goth, industrial and EBM fans who want to dance the night away.

    There are different floors for different music genres, 3 bars which are reasonably priced, and some Saturday evenings, live bands. The unisex toilets are fairly well kept and can become part of the entertainment.

    The Djs are excellent and keep the floors filled most of the night. You will need loads of Red Bull to stay until closing (7:30am) and keep in mind that the Slimelight bars close much earlier than that!

    It's close to the Angel Tube Station, but around the corner in a side street, and is not well signposted. Just follow a goth or alternative person and you will find it.

    • Qype User sus…
    • London
    • 1 friend
    • 1 review
    5.0 star rating

    Probably the only industrial line is London repeating itself every saturday night till early morning for the past fifteen years. The slimelight started as an underground alternative nusic club playing industrial, EBM, gothic, Synthpop and rock music and today is featuring some of the best shows and concerts of bands from the scene playing those genres.

    The line parties are starting every saturday night at 23:00. membership card holders are getting a certain discount at the enterance and can also apply that discount onto two friends.

    Good parties! (the only similar thing in London is going on once at month at the electric ballroom in Camden Town, and that's the Inferno line)

  • 4.0 star rating

    oh Slimelight.

    its a classic. known world wide. i go every few weeks, and generally have a great time.

    on busy nights, they have three dancefloors: ground floor with old school goth, 1st floor with more EBM type stuff, and the 2nd floor with a bit harder electronic music. then lets add in the atrium with the old Tube car thats currently a bar and the BBQ for those late night omg i need food moments, the pool room, with several pool tables, a cake bar (yes really. they have cake.) and sometimes even karaoke. then theres the smoking area ouside. also on the ground floor is a cinema playing the most random films. on the 1st floor there is another bar and pool table. 2nd another bar and uber small lounge. theres even another really small bar that they sometimes open on the ground floor right by where you come in. in short, you can always get booze. and its actually reasonably priced (£5 for two vodka&coke).

    the eye candy is generally pretty soild. there is really something for everyone. and some amazing dancers. (and some not so amazing... but isnt that anywhere? people just like to move, who cares how they do it, as long as theyre not stepping on my toes or shoulder checking me! i always find it amazing how goths can dance, as we do and yet rarely bump into eachother. yay for having a sense of ones surroundings. )  these clubbers are not very discriminating and are often super friendly. i often go by my self and make a friend by the time ive left.

    and ive pretty much never left before sun up.

    ive heard stories of how it used to be - members and their guests only - byob - etc, however for what it currently is, i like it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Oh, my beloved Slimelight. Unfortunately, just a shadow of its former self. I will forever miss the upstairs "goth" room and byob policy. And now they are like every other pub/club and want you to pay five times the price to buy your booze from them.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I typically go every time I visit London... I've never been overly impressed with the venue. It has been around quite a long time, yet it looks like someone just throws the place together 10 minutes before it opens. They used to have a BYOB policy that was very cool, and very inexpensive. They have since opened a bar inside, and the drinks are fairly inexpensive by London standards. The music is loud, the dj's are good, the patrons are a friendly bunch and definitely dressed the part (Uber Industrial or over the top Goth). The few times I've seen live bands play, they were less than impressive... But, I know they have had some great bands in the past.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in EU

    It's a classic, esp. when you're one of the ones wearing black more than any other colour.

    • Qype User Anna_N…
    • London
    • 6 friends
    • 36 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Slimelight, also known as Slimes, is, in my opinion, the very best alternative club in all of London.
    At least their djs play the best music.
    Usually, there are two floors open, one where Industrial, Metal and EBM is played and one where the dj indulges in so-called powernoise and other tunes that will please the audience of cybers that usually crowd this floor.
    Once a month there is a Goth floor, too, where Trad Goth and Gothic Rock is played.
    A night in Slimes is really most enjoyable, that is, if you like like music and dancing.
    If you like drinking too, you can buy drinks at reasonable prices in one of Slimelights three bars (there is one bar at each floor). Only you must be aware that these bars stop selling alcohol well before Slimelight closes.
    Slimes ocationally plays host to events such as New Year parties and concerts likely to be performed by bands into the same musical genres as the ones being played at Slimes. At such occations you can usually buy a ticket that will give you free entry to Slimelight after the concert. Very practical.
    Slimelight is an all-night venue and luckily for those who like to dance all night long, it does not close until 7.30 in the morning -which is just perfect timing seeing as Angel, which is the nearest tube station, opens at that time.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Coming to London from Cleveland, Ohio, I was pretty excited to check out the club scene here. After attending Slimelight once, I think I'll be going back.

    Reading some of the reviews online regarding the member policy, I wasn't sure I would be able to get in. However, as soon as I started looking for the door one of the security guards said "Looking for slimelight?" and waved me right in. The 8 pound cover charge worried me, but for the experience, it was worth it. Great DJing, a very cool looking venue, good staff... did I mention that every drink I ordered was 3 pounds? Except the Red Stripe, which was 2. A lot of fun for not too much money, and a great crowd.

    • Qype User layers…
    • Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear
    • 694 friends
    • 174 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Slimelight has to be my favourite alternative club. There simply is no other Slimelight. Located down a side steet, this warehouse conversion has three floors, each with a bar, DJ, and toilets. The toilets look remarkably like a set from the 'Saw' films. They are however, suprisingly clean and unisex. The bars close at 2am but you can bring your own alcohol into the club so this isn't a problem. The Music is different on each floor and there is a mini cinema on the ground floor if you just want to chill out. I think Slimelight is an excellent venue for bands. With a friendly, fog-filled atmosphere, this place has an energetic vibe. There is a strict 'No photography' rule.

    • Qype User Lady_L…
    • London
    • 23 friends
    • 42 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    If you like to have a good time you have to know about this place designated in Angel so obvious it's hidden though, easier if you've heard about it, know about it or done your research not many places do this but you can bring your own alcohol although prices for drinks aren't bad. It's under ten pounds 4 non-members and discount for those who are members. Not your average club with a film screening, an arcade computer game and a snooker table. They play different music on different floors so take your pick including alternative and industrial. Strong powerful beats you can come with glow sticks which are very useful to dance with and work perfectly within the atmosphere. The club opens from 9pm depending on your club status you may be shocked to know they open till 7.30am yes in the morning. So you can go get yourself a drink or something to eat from Mc'd's before making your way to the tube station.

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