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  • 4.0 star rating

    We were walking past Shiso on our way to another restaurant but got distracted - shiso are delicious leaves I really like, and there are big plastic geese swoop hanging from the ceiling plus the menu stated that their meat was free-range, or RSPCA standard as a minimum so we changed our plans to try Shiso. And it was good.

    We got avocado rolls, salmon rolls, salmon sashimi, chicken gyoza, shiso edamame and some rolls from the specials called 'ooh la la' rolls that were super good - mmm tempura prawn and avocado rolled in chives. YES. The avocado was deliciously ripe (important) and the salmon was excellent.  I couldn't so much taste any shiso with the edamame but the sashimi came on a shiso leaf which I ate happily. The gyoza were good too, crisp with a flavoursome dip.

    The prices were really reasonable - we spent about £30 for the both of us - and it can be so easy to overspend with sushi I think. Service was friendly and we had no problems.

    I quite like the decor too though it seems sort of half done. It's fun, with some graffiti and the flying geese and fairy lights, then some random strip of wallpaper and animal horns and a big alien. It doesn't quite fill the space and the tables are bit sparse with fake flowers that look like they've died. I think they should forget the lame wallpaper strips and fill the walls with graffiti and throw in more lights, but the decor is less important than the food and the food was good and I'll be going back.

  • 1.0 star rating
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    Have you read the Inferno?  Remember how Dante passed through the shore of the River Styx while the tortured souls incessantly sprinted back and forth on the cold river bend, forever chased by the swarms of bees, unable to pass into the next life of dining bliss?  Okay so maybe that's not exactley what happened, in Dane's Inferno that is.

    But I would liken this scene to our experience with the new modern Shisho sushi restaurant at Turnpike Lane.  Shiso delivered us the wrong order.  When we called about this issue the hostess and manager refused to right this wrong, claiming we must have told her the wrong thing.  Apparently she had never heard of meeting of the minds.  
    We  attempted to physically return the sushi to the store.  The establishment looked like a modern nightmare, with faux African medicine man masks on the wall and a foosball table where a hostess stand should have been.  We fearlessly approached the sushi bar, our unwanted bounty in hand.  The owner, a vengeful French man who spoke with angry and forceful gesticulations, began his discourse by stating he did not need this because "I get up and take care of the fish every morning...".  Right, you're a sushi restaurant, not the New England Aquarium, Monsieur Mieteron.
    Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"?  
    After this the owner said he had no time for us because he was very busy with other customers.  We glanced around at the empty restaurant which had four people on staff and two customers seated on the premises.  My roommate replied "but we are customers".  To this the agressively obstinant owner replied "No!  You were customers!".  When we then asked for a simple monetary exchange (hey, no lawful contract) he handed us his card and said we could take it up with his solicitor.  Should we have thrown in that we were all barristers then perhaps he would have given us his solicitor's number, rather than his.own.  But at least now we can write this yelp review.  
    I would endorse Shiso if you are masochistic and believe that pride is a dangerous commodity which one must go to extreme lengths to have beaten out of them finally to attain true humility.  If not, go elsewhere.

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    4.0 star rating

    Got a takeaway from here tonight. The best California roll I've had in this country. Some other pieces were a bit over riced though. Ok value (it's sushi, so it's going to be expensive but I do feel a little under full for what I paid) quick delivery time. I was surprised there'd be such a good sushi joint in hornsey. I'll be going to the restaurant itself when I'm feeling flush.

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