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Got A Question? Get In Touch With The Sh! Girlz

  • “The staff is very helpful and I think the prices are pretty damn good because I bought the same vibrator in Brighton for 10 pounds more at least!” in 5 reviews

  • “Where else can you easily browse silicone dildos and harnesses, with a hot cup of English tea (yes, the store assistants will brew you a cuppa)?” in 2 reviews

  • “Now this is no seedy Harmony, or Ann Summers, this is the real shhhhhh-bang (see what I did there?) with a wonderful and terrifying array of vibrators, strap-ons and butt plugs.” in 2 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating
    4 check-ins

    Spankers and dildos and lube, oh my! It's a veritable wonderland for naughty lady-shopping!

    Walking into this pink lady-haven you'll be greeted by the Sh! Girlz who instantly make you feel at home with a smile and the offer of a cup of tea or coffee. Peruse the tables of vibrating wonders, the shelves of raunchy books, the racks of sexy lingerie and the wall of spanking tools, and feel free to ask the Sh! Girlz questions about the products - they can talk openly, expertly and without a bat of an eyelid about anything you might need to know.

    No sudden gaggle of school boys will run in to have a giggle at the vibrators, no weirdo beardo will be following you around and watching what you pick up because men are not invited in either without a lady friend to keep them under control OR on a Tuesday evening from around 6 when they are allowed in unattended.

    Sh! has art displays that change frequently, usually found on the lower ground floor, I've seen paintings and photography exhibitions down there and they are often available to purchase. They also have classes such as their spanking masterclass and 'Blow His Mind' workshops (have a guess!), and sometimes will host book launches!

    The prices are reasonable (more reasonable than the likes of Ann Summers!), the staff friendly and it's always been a pleasure to pop in here for a bit of personal shopping.

    Sex toys and a cuppa tea - now that's my kind of shop!

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 3/9/2011

    For all your lusty loin desires Sh! has the remedy. Gosh I hope my mum doesn't read this review! Gosh I've been mentioning my mum a lot, I really should visit her...

    Yes so this is a sex shop, I *am* reviewing a sex shop. But it's more than a sex shop, it's a *lady* sex shop, just for laaaayyyydddeeees. That means you fellas aren't allowed in. Well not without one of us holding your hand anyhow. Now this is no seedy Harmony, or Ann Summers, this is the real shhhhhh-bang (see what I did there?) with a wonderful and terrifying array of vibrators, strap-ons and butt plugs. If you're a prude like me you face is more of a shade of purple rather than red right now.

    So why am I letting you all in on my little secret? Well, this shop is great. I have never felt less of a pervert and more of a normal person surrounded by latex and lesbian porn. It's okay to talk about your lady bits in here and you'll actually get helpful advice, a little like an on hand Samantha from SATC but less perverted. You'll find no penis straws here, just erotic books and fruity lube. Come on girls, let your hair down, be a little less British!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in ROTD 8/6/2012

    Firstly and foremost, I don't consider myself a prude. Or squeamish about sex, or sex toys.

    YET despite my claims I have never really willingly crossed the threshold of emporiums like SH! Before.... By oh my how those times will change.
    Everything about the place is welcoming, from the softer pink decor, to the hands on staff, to the eclectic mix of  products from natural cotton tampons (which I've new looking for everywhere), to every kind of spanking toy. There is also a fantastic colllection of erotic fiction and fantasy books.

    I rarely give 5 stars. This places deserves it, as i'm pretty sure, without expecting to, I will become a dedicated customer and I dont care who knows it... (except for maybe my mom, don't tell her). Shhhh!!! if you will.

    All the pieces are made locally in a workshop in East London and a lot of them are original designs, which is uber cool. You're getting local Sex Toys. I think that's amazing. eco friendly, local produce, amazing.

    It is girls only, but boys can go and look on Tuesdays from 6-8pm or with a lady friend.

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    I like buying my vibrators from stores with pink façades that are filled with ladies and helpful female staff members who give me top tips on vibe selection.

    A downstairs area with whips and gag balls is a bonus.

    (PS, Gents' night is every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm.)

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Some say once you go black, you never go back. I say once you go electric you never go back.

    I love vibrators. I'd have mine with me on a deserted Island. Sh! does a great selection of all types of vibes and butt plugs. They also sell light s and m gear, erotica (lesbian and straight ,for women mostly), great silicone dildos (hand made at their factory I'm told) and hot lingere.

    This store is great because it delivers sex for women without making it cutesey. The staff is very helpful and I think the prices are pretty damn good because I bought the same vibrator in Brighton for 10 pounds more at least!

    This store is great! Give yourself many happy ever afters. Go to SH!

  • 5.0 star rating
    5 check-ins

    Let's talk about sex baby.
    Let's talk about you and me.
    Let talk about all the good thing and the bad that may be.
    Let's talk about sex!

    Having attended an all girls Convent school, there are some things in life that I have been exposed to later in life, a women erotic emporian being one of them. Well they do say the best things in life are worth waiting for.

    The Sh! Girlz are a delight and make even the most awkward of customers feel at ease, with a welcoming smile and a cuppa.

    The shop itself, well you'll need to go down and take a peek for yourself. As my other learned Yelper have already advised, if you're a gent you must be escorted by a lady or visit on a Tuesday evening between 18:00 - 20:00.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Pink dildos. Leopard print vibrators. Furry handcuffs. Cup of tea?

    If  I'm wandering around Hoxton Square, I'll often just pop into Sh! Why not? It's a pink, pleasure palace.  No boys allowed unless they are with a female companion. And I've been offered tea here and asked my opinion of silent vibes. Always happy to be of service.

    Sure, it's not the classiest sex shop, they still have a tacky arrangement of pleather and Ann Summers like underwear. But it's girls only, the sales staff are the loveliest and you are free to ask whatever you need to.

    Sh! let's not keep it our little secret.

  • 3.0 star rating

    As sex toy stores goes, this one is particularly women-friendly.  Very safe.  Why?  Because men are only allowed accompanied by a female friend generally (there's a special unaccompanied men's time, Tuesday evening).  Located in a little hole in the wall near Hoxton Square, Sh! is a mini-haven (especially when you consider its competition are faceless websites and seedy SoHo).  Look for the big, long, pink banner.

    Where else can you easily browse silicone dildos and harnesses, with a hot cup of English tea (yes, the store assistants will brew you a cuppa)?  Try on corsets, latex boots, flirty undies, or thumb through naughty books and DVDs?  Get your fill of lube and condoms, and satisfy your senses with a poke around here -- there is surely something to tickle your sexual taste-buds.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Even though it was freezing cold outside, I was too excited about exploring what bizarre new treats were on offer at Sh this visit to accept the offer of a cup of tea or coffee from the sales assistant who lept up to greet me on arrival.  Some people might need a warm beverage to relax them when confronted with the plethora of pleasure giving devices presented in this sexy grotto, I am not one of them, although I have to say, what a lovely touch.

    What I love about Sh is that they cater for girls and understand that most of us don't want to be confronted by a huge, black wobbly dildo when entering a store.  Not to say that you cant buy one, or one covered in spikes or made out of glass or attached to a harness here (you get the picture) but they are tastefully presented and surrounded by feathers, bell adorned nipple tassles and rhinestone handcuffs amongst other wonderful inventions.

    The staff are pleasant, very knowledgeable and discreet, my first visit to the store was to buy a vibrator and the sales assistant recommended several, based on personal experience and sent me away very happy indeed with a waterproof 'Jessica' (£22).  The variety of toys for men and women here rivals any similar store that I have visited and they also have a good selection of lubricants, literature and underwear.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Maybe it's the prude in me, but I can never walk into an erotic store without a wry grin and a slightly embarrassed demeanor. Perhaps I need to grow up. I do like the fact though that this store is very friendly and welcoming, all the staff are female, and there is no question that you cannot ask. It's a bit like an Ann Summers party without the alcohol or the frenzy to grab the nearest over sized dildo and make some comedy pose. Not sure how the store would feel about that one.

    If you haven't yet been here yet, perhaps you should get with the 21st century and try it out. It isn't as taboo as it once was. Rather, people are perusing in here like they would their local supermarket.

    I'll spare you the details of what I bought, but whether its Durex condoms or latex gloves (!) this store has it all. There are rather futuristic looking items for men as well as women so it isn't a bad place to shop if you have that someone special in mind either.

  • 5.0 star rating

    It's a fun little shop on a quiet street. These are the places I go when I'm bored and overseas. My coworkers were out for a night on the town, drinking and boozin it up. I'm not much of the drinking kind. And I wanted to see the 'sexier' side of London. =) Good times.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    seeeeeexxxx shooooppppppp.

    It's a sex shop. And it's pink.

    A fairly old sex shop according to the salesperson. hmmm is it haunted perhaps??? I've walked by this place a few times and never noticed it until recently.

    Downstairs there is a hen do section with fun accessories and games for the night. If you so need that sort of stuff, maids of honor.

    There is one star missing because the salesperson kept saying "that's ok" in a weird guilt trippy kind of way when I tried to leave the store.

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