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  • 4.0 star rating

    I'm definitely a fan of Schuh but the prices usually deter me from getting as much stuff here as I would like to.

    I really like the snazzy high heels (going out) shoes they do for girls. There's always some really cool edgy or quirky stuff that you don't get in a lot of other shoe shops.

    They also stock the Irregular Choice range, which I love as they're rally fun and sometimes a bit mental!

    They always have some really cool Nike 6.1 trainers that are a multi-tude of that I took a notion on in the Dublin store ages ago. I don't think I should get them as they would go with absolutely nothing else in my wardrobe! Perhaps my tastes are a little too eclectic!

    A great shop with a great selection for ladies and gents.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Several times a year I come in here during my seasonal, not always successful, hunts for new footwear but have only bought once in all those visits.

    The boots I got have been a great buy and should last a good long time (they're Fly, by the way, one of the well stocked brands in here)

    Generally speaking the women's shoes tend to be too high, multi coloured or quirky to be my choice though there are a lot of trainers etc. Also the shop downstairs is a bit cramped and crowded for trying things on - though there is little to be done about that. Maybe the men's section upstairs is better in that respect.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I actually worked here part time one Christmas and before I worked in Schuh I used to love it.

    Being fair to them they do have an excellent choice of footwear and trust me they will stock nearly every size as the stock room is huge. But even with my Christmas discount I found the shoes quite expensive.

    Previous reviewers have said that the staff are quite pushy and to be honest at one point I was that guy. I am not proud of this but I was forced to get in your face and space. I apologise for this behaviour now but at the time this was encouraged.

    Schuh now faces huge competition from Office in Belfast and I am not sure who will come out in top in the epic battle of shoe retailers.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Expensive but well stocked. Everything you could want in the show world you can get in here but for some reason I still don't like the place.

    Far too many trainers on display, it feels a bit like a sports shop. I think I am just overwhelmed by the choice which I don't really like.

    They stock all those mad looking irregular choice as well as Ugg boots but don't expect a bargain on these expensive products as it doesn't happen.

    You can pick up a bargain at the change of season times when I have found nice sandals reduced down in price.

    The men's stuff is upstairs but I have never been up. I bought a pair of green converse boots last year which I later saw on the internet for £10 cheaper.

    I just don't like this shop but I can appreciate why other people do.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I'd like to love Schuh, but can't quite bring myself to.

    This is because, even though the shoes (schuhs?) are just approaching the squeal and steal side of gorgeous (well, the black spiky boot types lurking at the back are, not the skate shoes, though to each their own), they have always been way out of my budget. And now that I am earning a bit more (read: some) money, the range still seems too expensive for shoes I can get on Ebay a bit cheaper.

    Hence my ambiguity towards Schuh. Gorgeous footwear, but the prices mean I rarely ever go into the place, and instead stand outside drooling forlornly over the display like some kind of Dickensian windie-licker.

    The staff are lovely though, if maybe a bit too young and hip for this crusty suspicious old hippy, but of course that's not their fault. And when I did decide one month that groceries were for wimps and bought a pair of Swear boots, the Schuh staff were more than happy to refund them the next day when I tried them on at home and decided tearfully that they made my legs look big. Nice.

  • 4.0 star rating

    If you're looking shoes, trainers, boots or even flip-flops that are bang up to date with the latest fashion then you must and I mean must take a trip to Schuh. It has every style and type of shoe that you could want. I recently took a trip here because I was sick of that little hole in the bottom of my trainers that constantly allowed water to seep in and soak my feet. As my last pair came from the ever so reliable Primark, I decided I'd raise my budget of £8 and take a trip to Schuh.

    The selection of mens shoes was fantastic, considering that in any other shoe shop, it can be limited to black shoes and white trainers. I was immediately drawn to a funky pair of black and white trainers that were right up my street and as I'd raised my budget, I didn't find the £45 price tag too bad at all.

    This place is definitely worth a shout.

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Schuh is one of the few shoe shops in Belfast where you can find yourself a really good pair of trainers. I am not sure whether it is because of the demographics of shoe purchasers, or simply more eclectic selections of shoes are made for girls, but as with most shoe shops I am sure, Schuh caters for girls a lot better than for guys.

    However saying this, it still has one of the best selections of men's shoes in the city. Whether you are looking a pair of Dunlop's or a limited addition of Nike High-tops, this place should be your first port of call. Even if you are looking for something dressier they have a great selection of designer shoes for all situations. They even have themselves a good selection of boots in the winter if you are looking something a bit more rugged.

    The girls shoe floor is a little bit alien to me. I have been around this floor with my girlfriend a few times, and most of the shoes look a little eccentric, but they still have all the big brands as well.

    Certainly a place you should visit if you are shoe shopping, as it is probably the best in the city.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Schuh is a great place to find a good pair of trainers. I am a bit addicted to Converse and Dunlop's, Schuh always has a large collection for me to look through and usually at very competitive prices. The value for money, is really advantageous, especially if you're buying Dunlop's which have a life span of about 2months before the evaporate under the pressure of being used for their designed purpose. The staff were more often than not, friends of time during my university years and they loved working there which came across in the way that they serves their customers. Down stairs is the women's section, which I know very little about so I'll leave that for another Yelper to have a go at!

  • 2.0 star rating

    I'm not a huge fan of Schuh to be honest. It's one of those shops where the staff seem to be hovering around, putting you under pressure to buy something even if you just want to have a browse. I don't find their range fantastic either; surprisingly limited for a shop that's so popular.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I have had a habit in recent years of buying my shoes (ok when I say shoes I actually mean skate shoes or 'gutties') in Tk Maxx and/or online. It's hard to beat knock down prices to be perfectly honest.

    That said, occasionally I will want a specific pair of something, and when that happens, Schuh fills the void.

    Split into two floors, male upstairs and female downstairs there is a fantastic range of skate shoes and other fashionable wear upstairs.

    The last pair I bought were Osiris, unintentionally to match my glasses, and the service was quick and professional. Prices are roughly retail but the range more than makes up. They also do a rather good 10% student discount which on a pair of shoes in excess of £50 is quite a bargin.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I have a bit of a problem, in that I am in fact, a shoe addict. Nine times out of ten I have to put imaginary blinkers on as I walk past here because the shoes are just too enticing not to look at (which inevitably means I go in, try them on, they fit perfectly and I then consider it a match made in heaven, they're too perfect too put back and voila, just like that I'm down £80. Damn.) but on special occasions I will allow myself to treat my wee feetsies to a shiny new pair of shoes (ah, bliss) and it will often be here that I will come to ogle over all the little beauties that are on offer. I may seem a little over the top, but oh they're just so gorgeous! Especially the range that Schuh sell, they always seem to get it exactly right when retailing the season's trends. They sell the ever popular Iron Fist range which I lust over constantly. Oh please, hurry up birthday! (It's only five days away, woohoo!)

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