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  • 5.0 star rating
    27/4/2014 Updated review
    4 check-ins here

    My go-to place for running kit.

    I had previously given Run4it 3 stars until I had done the sporty science bit of being fitted for trainers and running on the treadmill.

    Well I reached that point about a month ago. I had been dreading the sporty science bit or 'treadmill of doom' as I had called it but I had just joined a beginners running club so I knew my current trainers were woefully inadequate.

    Yes, the trainers are expensive (£70-£150+) but they are a cut above normal trainers. Saturday after 12 noon is also a very busy time to go given the time it takes. I got in about 11 and still took a good 45 mins for fitting. You'll be filmed running on a treadmill in bare feet and then filmed running (can be multiple times) in trainers. This is so your gait is checked and then you'll try on suitable trainers. So, needing a stability shoe (more support) I tried on 3 different brands (Brooks, Saucony and Asics) in different sizes and styles (I have freakishly small feet for my height), hence the amount of time I was in.

    I thought the service and attention to detail was fantastic as the girl serving me was making sure I had the right trainers, that were perfectly fitting. The fit was checked on the treadmill each time so we could see that some brands, despite being a stability shoe style, were better than others.

    So, four weeks in, my new (mud splattered) trainers are doing great. The socks that were recommended (for avoiding blisters) were so good I bought more and my jacket is perfect for what I need.

    So yep, there are lots of running shops in Edinburgh, but I would say that Run4It is the best and it is worth spending the pounds and pennies here :-)

    3.0 star rating
    21/1/2014 Previous review
    Three stars for Run 4 It but I'm sure it'll be upgraded soon.

    Most people go here for the specialist…
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  • 5.0 star rating

    Truly lovely place. Though they were close to closing the staff were so helpful and smiley. Sincere.

    A wee lass from Canada helped when I enquired about a magic massage ball. It's like a human pressure. As a ex dancer I know the value of a muscle busting getting knots out.

    Lord I have been on the look out for a "super ball". A little smaller than a tennis ball tennis ball will not do. It caves in.  

    So so happy the purchase a £23 Trigger ball. Check it out!!  I've had it for about a month and it rocks!!  Sore shoulder blades. Lie on my trigger ball and move it around. Wicked painful but the tension gone gone gone.

    I still have sore muscles as I do intensive ballast once a week and now a personal trainer!! See Gus Fitness.

    Wish I had this wee magic ball when I danced professionally.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I finally bit the bullet and purchased proper runners.


    About a year ago I decided to try out what I assumed would be genetically inherited traits of 'being awesome at running' and to my shame, found that some practice was needed. Since then I've been running in (in order):
    - A pair of runners I had since I was 15
    - A pair of runners that were on sale in Sainsburys
    - A pair of barefoot technology type things that I received as a sort of gift

    Each of these falls into the 'unsuitable' category. So last week, after gathering up the courage, I headed to Run 4 It to get a proper pair of runners that wouldn't give me pains in my knees. I was met at the door by a very sweet lady, who seemed like she knew her stuff. I told her my situation (gammy knee, back injury, general ineptitude) and she listened intently before telling me what she thought. Within a few minutes I was running barefoot on a treadmill feeling a right eejit.

    TIP: Don't wear a dress! You will look absolutely ridiculous.

    After examining a video of feet from the back, all slowed down and Baywatch-like the lady was quick to advise me on a pair of runners as it turns out I have indeed inherited some runner-esque traits.  She led me over to the display where I was shown a range of runners, starting from about £80 and picked out a few for me to try. After I had made my decision, and was taught how to tie laces on runners -that loop thing is genius!- I had another go on the treadmill to make sure everything was OK. Then it was 'Can I help you with anything else? No? Cha-ching! Goodbye' Bobs your uncle and out the door.

    Overall I didn't find the shop intimidating, which I fully expected. Everything was relaxed, friendly and suited, it seems, to the beginners and more hardcore amongst us. There was a wide range of jogging, swimming and cycling gear all for what you'd expect to pay, I won't lie, but you do get the added bonus of the knowledgeable staff so I wouldn't quibble over a few quid.

  • 4.0 star rating

    After spending some of my training for a half marathon in woefully inadequate trainers, which were really meant for hiking, I started casting about for proper running trainers and landed on the doorstep of Run 4 It.

    Service was prompt, they seemed to really understand their products and had a great variety of trainers. With prices starting around £65-70, they weren't cheap, however, to make it round a half marathon course with your feet in a healthy, happy condition is surely the dream?!

    Now, my favourite bit! They have a treadmill...attached to a computer and camera...and they film you running! The physiotherapist in me was brimming with jealousy as I wanted this kit in our gym. Once they had looked at my running gait in slow motion (very interesting to see this by the way!) the staff were able to try different trainers (more treadmill running, filming etc.!) until we found the perfect one!

    As an extra bonus, Run 4 It were affiliated to the half marathon I'm running and therefore gave me a 15% discount. Very happy days!

    In addition to trainers, there is a large selection of running clothes, equipment and electronic gadgets (for timing, heart-rate monitoring etc.) and plenty of advice on hand from the very helpful staff.

    I can't wait to get running with my new trainers...half-marathon, here I come!

  • 4.0 star rating

    "Let's find out your running style"
    "Well, I tend to flail and not carry on for over a week"
    "ok, so would you say that you're a beginner"
    "Yes, to be honest all I want is to buy all the kit and never do it"
    "oooohhhhhh kkkaaayyy... well, we have all these things in the sale"
    "thank you very much"

    *sound of the cash register*

  • 4.0 star rating

    After about a year of running in really inappropriate canvas trainers that gave my ankles pretty much zero support, I was decided it was time to equip myself with some sturdy and athletic looking proper footwear. Coming in here for a browse was a fantastic call, as the staff are real experts in their field and really make the effort to supply you with the right gear for your purposes, rather than fobbing you off with something that's going to make you hobble around in agony and distort the shape of your foot.

    In order to figure out what kind of trainer was suitable for me, I was instructed to run on the treadmill provided in the shop, so that the guy helping me could figure out what level of support I needed. Pretty thankful this was early in the morning and no one was in the shop, as I'm not sure my treadmill running style is the coolest ever. He concluded that I had thin ankles (woo hoo!), so would need trainers with a considerable level of support, which he duly provided several examples of for me to try on. If you're a runner of any level or experience, I would definitely recommend coming in here to sort yourself out some magic feet. They also have clothing, and other running accessories too, so you're sorted from head to toe really.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Come to Edinburgh.
    Walk around the city a lot.
    Realize the super glue job you did on your tennis shoes isn't holding up and also something in this country has made them begin to reek and you have another month here.
    Go to the first local running shop that shows up on Google Maps.
    Walk in and announce to the staff member that you are not actually a runner, but a walker, however you are in dire need of shoes.
    Be asked if you know what a treadmill is. (..?)
    Walk on treadmill, have your ankles videotaped, and learn more about how you walk than you thought was possible to know!
    Put on the pair of shoes that the staff member has graciously delivered to you.
    They are the best athletic shoes you have ever worn.
    Try on another pair to make sure my feet aren't just overly enthusiastic from their moment of stardom. (They aren't.)
    Angels come from Workout Heaven and sing "glory glory hallelujah time for you to start running."
    Probably not, but these are some nice shoes from a nice place with nice people.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Edinburgh has an expansive selection of places to go running. Therefore, regardless of how good people are at it, they often opt for the latest gel padded bum toning super shoe.

    Run 4 It provides all the latest running gear and related equipment to keep you pounding the pavement for years to come.  All the prices seem to be standard RRP and thus you won't find any bargains here.

    Nonetheless the staff are helpful and will give you the odd tip on how to get the most out of the gear on offer.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I realised early that jogging was big in this city. There are always joggers about. At any time. Running. Somewhere. Still haven't figured out where they are running too. Or more importantly what they are running away from.

    Anyway, as intimidating as a group of joggers coming towards or behind of you in the Meadows, my few running friends like coming to this store to have a chat with the friendly staff and browse the latest gear in running. It's quite an up-to-date store and hence quite popular as well.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I don't know much about running, but I started training with my brother when he was running the Marathon ( i know, crazy right). We both came here to get proper running shoes - if you're into running you'll know how important the shoes are for the old knees!
    The staff are absolutely lovely and extremely thorough. They want you to have the perfect equipment as much as you do!
    When we came in here we were spoken through the whole shop and how they operate, and told about all the methods they use to make sure everything is just right!
    They watch you run on the treadmill or walk on the spot to judge what you need. I must admit though, it can be really expensive if you want the good stuff, but I suppose it's worth it. My brother spent about £200 in here, but he needed it. I spent £200 on a pair of heels once, never wear them.

  • 4.0 star rating

    As running shops go this is one of the very best and offers great value for money.  If you can you'll want to try and buy as much as you can from here at sale times because then the prices plummet and you can pick up some really sensational deals.

    The shop covers everything you'll need so you will be able to avoid having to visit multiple shops just to buy all you want including a variety of gadgets that whilst not cheap will help you monitor your progress accurately helping you reach and set your targets.

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    • Edinburgh
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    4.0 star rating

    I first visited run 4 it when I was looking for trainers for the moonwalk and they were extremely helpful, looking at the way I walk and working out whether I pronate etc. My one complaint was that they would not write down the shoe they recommended (someone was going to buy me them as a gift).

    Their prices are a little more than online, but at least for the trainers I was buying, not significantly so.

    I've been back since to buy anti blister socks and they were really helpful again, recommending different socks and explaining the pros and cons of the different brands

  • 5.0 star rating
    24 check-ins here
    Listed in Runner's World

    one of the great things about Edinburgh is the number of independent running shops that are on offer.  being a gym/fitness enthusiast and attempting to be a serious runner i have a fairly big need of these shops and Run 4 It is definitely the best.  i had a brief visit here last year to get some new running kit and found the shop assistants helpful and willing to chat about my needs and give me a number of options.

    on friday afternoon i stopped in to buy a new pair of trainers as mine were looking pretty worn from training for a half marathon.  as soon as i stepped in the door i was approached by a shop assistant to ask what i was looking for and if he could help.  now what's really awesome about this shop is that when i said i needed running shoes, he showed me to a seat and sat down to talk to me about what sort of running i did.  when i confirmed i did the majority of my running outside on the pavement and a bit of running on the treadmill, he then asked that i take off my shoes and socks to get on their shop treadmill to see what my gait looked like.  like the other reviews mention i was recorded running on the treadmill and then we watched the feedback to decide what sort of support i would need from a trainer.  the good news was that i had a fairly straight gait and didn't have too much movement when running, so just needed all around good support.  i tried three pairs of trainers on and was on and off the treadmill to see how i ran in them.  i liked that the guy asked my opinion on how the shoes felt and what i looked like running in them.  it made me feel involved in what i was buying and not just being told what i should get.

    after deciding on trainers i asked about getting some new running kit, in particular a pair of compression tights.  unlike a chain shop, the shop assistant asked me if i had any injuries or was prone to them as that was the only reason i would need compressoion tights.  when i said i didn't have injuries he then took me round to look at a few pairs of normal running tights as he assured me that these would suit my needs.  i really appreciate that i wasn't talked into buying kit that was over twice as expensive as the tights i did end up buying.  especially as it's unlikely they would have benefited me at all.  i did try on a range of different running tights before deciding on an awesome nike pair that had two side pockets instead of one along the back.  much more useful for me!

    so overall, a really fantastic experience at this shop!  i really like that the people who work here are so knowledge and ready to help.  also that they don't try to talk you into buying more expensive things just to make money.  i did spend a fair bit of money (over £130 for shoes, running tights, and socks) but i felt it was well worth it to help keep me safe and supported for the rest of my training.  i will definitely be heading back here for any other running needs i may have!

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Run 4 It on Lothian Road is a fantastic shop for the more athletically minded amongst us. The large store caters for both men and women and they stock everything you could possibly need in order to pound the pavements (or track) successfully, including 'smart' clothing that will keep you cool and dry, and trainers for feet that may have been referred to as flat once upon a time. The knowledgeable staff are well trained and can watch how you run on a treadmill in order to provide gait analysis, so you'll leave the shop with the right kind of trainers for your running style. Given that it is a pretty specialist shop, prices aren't too expensive and there are generally some good sale bargains to be found. The store also runs jogging groups in partnership with jogscotland, these are a fun and free way to get into running and meet some new people at the same time.

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