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  • 5.0 star rating

    wow I had such a great time here!!
    went for the 'Lucha' mexican party. they said they wanted costume and they didnt bat an eyelid when us girls and boys all turned up with fake mustaches and mexican wrestalling masks! so welcoming.
    I booked a table for 9 (emailed, they got back to me straight away) turned up with 15 and that was not a problem even though it was packed with excited people. good food and entertainment; had to watch two blindfolded men try to smash a pinata in a very polite english way!
    toilets were good too- thats what gets my coveted 5th star!
    I would have stayed for longer if it wasn't a birthday bar crawl.
    to quote the king of california; IL BE BACK!

    but maybe without a tash :)

  • 3.0 star rating

    Went there a few days ago for Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert Q&A.

    The Roxy screen is small but cosy with comfortable sofa and chairs. If you're there for the football. There is a really large screen near the bar. The biggest screen I have seen in any bars or pubs in London so far.

    The waiting staff are friendly and made me very welcome.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I feel like Grant and I had different experiences here!

    I thought the staff were extremely friendly for a London Bar. The prices were a little steep, but that is to be expected of the area. I enjoyed my pan-galactic gargle blaster. The meat platter was the DotC (deal of the century ya dingus) for the price. It was 10 pounds instead of 15 and was easily a meal of it's own for two people; grilled chicken, homemade meatballs, lovely chips, and some goujons were basically piled onto the board. Complemented by whole grain mustard, mayo, and some slaw, this was a dream, and a true value.

    As the curtains closed however, the aggravations arose. The only problem with watching a movie at the Roxy is that if the crowd outside feels like being loud, they are going to be loud.  At times it was almost interfering with the movie dialogue. Granted, it was only 4 pounds a viewing, but it did detract from the night.

    Overall a lovely place that I would like to return to someday.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I ended up here with some friends from Yelp to watch "The Cabin in the Woods" on October 1st. I was really excited because I hadn't seen the movie yet, and surprisingly I had yet to be spoiled.

    I show up early and Brian is already there. We look over the drink menu. We get a dinner menu. We're told that the platters (meat platter and veggie platter) are only £10 until 7 pm. That's a deal. I decide to go with the pork belly with some sort of blue cheese potatoes, and Brian decides to order the meat platter (even though he's already eaten). We also order a couple of cocktails and pay. Then I'm told that they don't have the blue cheese potatoes (UGH, tell me when I'm ordering jerks, so I can get some other main!), so I get mash instead.

    We find our seats. Now the Roxy was awesome in that they told us we could make a reservation even though we didn't have the seven or more required. Thanks to Desi (who due to unforeseen circumstances couldn't make it) we had a nice bit on a couch, and a table and chairs behind. The set-up is pretty cool. A nice big screen against the wall and a few couches in the front, and the rest is set up much like a comedy show or music show would be, tables with four chairs around it facing the screen.

    The food comes. It's pretty good I have to say! My pork belly was nicely braised and falling apart. The mash didn't wow me to be honest, but I've had far worse meals. The meat platter was ginormous. Four meatballs, a couple of slices of chorizo, about four fish goujons, a pile of chicken breasts, and a huge pile of chips. The chicken was nicely cooked (and slightly underseasoned, but there was some mustard and another dipping sauce, and the chili mayo that Brian got extra), the meatballs were tasty, but slightly dry, and the fish for me was too fishy and really overcooked. But for £10 it was an amazing deal.

    Then Alex and his friend showed up. He ordered the burger, which he seemed to be a bit disappointed in, so I'm glad that Brian ended up talking me out of it!

    My cocktail was a bit too sweet (as the cocktails in London all seem to be, what's up with that?), so when I went back to order another drink, I ordered a martini. There was a £10 minimum to use a card, so when I asked him about the cost, I said I'd get a Blue Moon beer as well (which they don't serve with orange slices! it's a shame!). The bartender opens it and then says, "Oh, and here's your ticket". I only bought the beer because I specifically asked if I had to meet the minimum, and was told yes. The drink plus the ticket would have been fine, but instead I'm stuck with an extra drink. Jerks!

    I had a great time, as the company was fun, and it's a great venue to watch movies in, as it's laid back and there's a lot more room than your standard theatre. However, there were times it was quite difficult to see what was going on as the movie we watched was quite dark at times, and there was quite a bit of ambient light in the background. I'm not sure if the projector is HD which probably would help as well. The sound was turned up quite loudly because the movie is shown in half of the bar, and the other half is left open to the public, and there is a LOT of noise that drifts in from that area. It was almost distracting.

    I'd probably go back to see a movie there if there was something interesting playing AND I had a good group of friends who wanted to go for a fun night out. Otherwise, watching movies in my home is probably preferable. The barstaff just seemed really out of it and clueless about things, and in my opinion the list of cocktails are too sweet and not that interesting (mine apparently had Kaffir lime leaf syrup and there was no lime leaf flavor and the pan-galactic gargle blaster tasted like a giant glass of chocolate liqueur). If they slapped a few savory drinks on the menu (rosemary martini? yes, please!) I'd definitely would have been more of a happy camper.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I went back and forth on a four star versus three star review and I had to end up rounding down, but with a giant push towards the fact that I would come back and try again.

    The Roxy Bar is separated into two sections - the bar up front and the screens, couches and tables in the back. I really liked the feel of this place - old, classic, food and drinks flowing. It felt like a great spot to hang out and watch a movie. I wish it actually was.

    We had a reserved table in the back near the screen and found my friends. I found you have to order your beers and food from the bar (no table service here) so I went and got a beer, burger, fries and slaw and the last two were decent - crunchy fries and really great coleslaw (something you don't see often in England). The burger though felt disappointing all around. Poor meat (felt more like charred meatloaf than real ground chuck) and crusty buns. Overall, a disappointing meal.

    The service was OK. The staff was friendly enough but when I got there and asked if they were showing a movie tonight, the bartender looked at me blankly. I had to ask again and name the movie and then he told me they were. Ok. Also, my friend Grant was told there was a $10 minimum to use his card, so he bought another beer, only then was told he needed to pay for his ticket which would have put him over $10. That's a little frustrating.

    The real issue with Roxy Bar & Screen, though, is the screen. We went to see a movie on a Monday night but the bar was packed. And the bar was loud. The only thing separating the screen portion from the bar portion once the movie began was a red curtain, which did nothing to block out the noise. The bar potion was so loud that it was something hard to hear the film, and distracting all the way through, The screen was also incredibly dark, and since the movie was dark as well, it was sometimes hard to see it. And since movies are, you know, about seeing and hearing, this wasn't great.

    Overall, the film was £4 and you get what you pay for. I would probably only come back if there was an event taking up the whole bar and screen (like a costume contest or something along those lines) so everyone was on the same page. The split room here, while cool, just didn't work.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I love The Roxy. In truth, I may be slightly bias. A few of my films have been screened there. But then, my films have been screened in a lot of different places - many of which I didn't like.

    The Roxy is essentially a bar. And to be honest, I'm not much of a bar person. I've always been a bit socially-retarded in that way. But I am comfortable in the Roxy, it has a really nice and laid back atmosphere. And best of all, they have a screen. They often screen really old, classic movies - which is amazing to me, because it's very difficult to find places to watch old movies.

    They hire out the venue for different events. For example, my films were screened at an event called Rotoreliefs, which is a monthly event held at the Roxy where they show short films and have them followed by Q & A's with the Directors. Of course, I'm reviewing the Roxy not Rotoreliefs, but any venue which allows for such a cool event deserves at least some of the praise.

    So anyways, there are like three rows of very comfortable chairs at the front. So if you're there for some film watching, get there early. If not, don't worry - because the rest of the seating is fine too, and you'll get a good view wherever you sit.

    Prices are about normal for the London Bridge area; you could probably find cheaper places to buy a drink, but I think the Roxy is worth a visit.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I've never been here for a screen night so I can only write this based on my one experience of a friend's birthday party.  To be honest I wasn't too impressed.  The Roxy, with its cool leather sofa seating area and dull red lighting felt to me like any other place I've been in a hundred times before.  This is not to say it's bad but when I'm paying West-End prices I like to imagine that I'm gonna see something a little out of the ordinary.

    It's a fairly young, indie crowd that comes here and that is reflected in the music which features some good tunes but many others that weren't really to my taste.  As mentioned the drinks are fairly pricy but that's to be expected I suppose.  

    Don't come to this place expecting to be blown away and you'll probably have a decent evening.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We booked Roxy Bar & Screen for our post-Birthday dinner drinks. The venue itself was pretty spacious and nicely decorated, but I was most impressed by the venue's organizational skills.

    I had emailed them about a week in advance and booked a (free) reservation for 25 people. I asked if I would need to provide a guest list of some sort, but was told that wouldn't be necessary. Initially, this made me a bit nervous, but when we showed up at Roxy, we saw that the entire back area had been roped off with my name. It was absolutely perfect, seamlessly done, and definitely added to our experience!

    That, plus relatively cheap cocktails and two Tiger beers for £5, and we had some very happy guests! Would definitely recommend Roxy again, especially for footie matches and the like as their screen was huge!

    One star docked for the cocktails (some were lackluster, others were better) and somewhat slow bar service. But overall, a great venue!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I've really enjoyed the times I've been here. The atmosphere really depends on what's going on that particular night, sometimes it has been a little static, and other times it has been lively, with a VJ or an independent film premiere, and even cabaret. I like the lounge/jazz club kind of feel with the soft lighting and red drapes; the cocktails are decent and the specialty bottled beers are supplied by borough market.

    Last Wednesday I went to a 'TV Dinner', had a couple of 'meze' choices from the greek menu (most are £2.50 a dish) and watched an episode of Blackadder. Brilliant!

    I'm quite looking forward to returning for for a few beers and snacks to watch the Christmas special and the screening of the X-factor final. Yes, I said the X-factor final!

    • Qype User Sian…
    • London
    • 415 friends
    • 752 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I do like it here. But the concept confuses me slightly. I find drinking and watching films a very strange thing to do if you also can't talk. (Mostly because if I get a bit tipsy you can't shut me up!)

    But sometimes they just have films playing in the background too, and I find that strange because I wanna be able to hear what's going on. So I can't decide what to do.

    That said, it is handy if you're on a pretty dull date as you can watch films and pretend to listen to stories about investment banking. All night. Riveting I tell you.

    But the bar itself is cool. The staff are nice and the food is pretty yummy. I think I'd come here if they had a really great event on, but I wouldn't just pop in.

    It's also really hard to find and I always walk right past it. If you feel like you've walked too far, you probably have.

    • Qype User almost…
    • London
    • 33 friends
    • 121 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    A lovely, well-designed bar dominated by red velvet curtains and a huge screen, and plenty of chairs and tables. Definitely somewhere to go if you want a stylish drink in a stylish place.

    The monthly pub film quiz is amazing too - well recommended

    • Qype User lauraa…
    • London
    • 38 friends
    • 59 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    A great great bar!

    Love it for it's film screenings, it's huge comfy sofas and generally relaxed vibe, veryunique feeel to the place which makes me love it more.

    The bar staff are brilliant, we had some guy called Anton serve us who just made us laugh and was brilliant at mixing delicious cocktails. The food was good with killer burger and a brilliant salad dressing!

    Nice for a chilled night in front of a big screen lolling on the sofas!

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    The best times I have been here are the times when they draw the curtains across the middle of the venue. THat way, the back section where the screen is feels all longe-like and cosy and you can plonk yourself down with a nice bottle of wine and chat and watch a movie. Or alternatively sit in the front section where it is a slick classy bar.

    I also saw a comedy show here which was really good although they had a few technical difficulties with the built in sound system.

    As a bar the wine list is well picked and the meze style food is ideal for picking while you watch the films. A nice alternative to a stand-alone bar.

    • Qype User JLLond…
    • London
    • 5 friends
    • 47 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Roxy Bar & Screen is a great alternative to the huge, soulless, very expensive Vue and Odeon cinemas all over the city. And not only is it independently run and offering a far more exciting venue, it also has a bar.

    Is there anything better than getting slowly drunk while watching a horror film on the big screen, sinking into a big comfy sofa? Answer: No, of course not!

    Recently the cinema had to charge for newer films, just £3 though - which is nothing when you get a far more fulfilling experience than at a chain cinema, and at the fraction of the price. Friendly staff too, and nice nibbles available.

    • Qype User CharmL…
    • London
    • 5 friends
    • 14 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    You know that friend, the one you hesitate to introduce to your other friends in case they don't 'get' him. The friend who is frustrating, hard to please and world weary. You forgive these foibles cos he's intelligent and unpredictable and, sometimes, incredibly thoughtful. Well if that misunderstood young man has a favourite bar, where he can think and drink in equal measure, then this is probably it. And I mean that in a good way. Honest.

    The Roxy has the down at heal glamour of a film noir, it should be filled with cigarette smoke and aging boxers or private eyes drowning their sorrows. In fact, the cosy dark corners host a crowd of mainly young professional locals. They come for the idiosyncratic film seasons, the well stocked bar, and best mojitos in London. I've knocked one star off as the place can get a little chaotic on a busy night, but that's the only criticism I've got, I recommend it without hesitation. It just a great great place, reasonably priced, the staff are affable and efficient without ever being intrusive. Unpretentious, independent and original - it's unlike any other bar in London.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This place can be explained in the simplest of terms - film screenings and 2 for 1 mojitos. What more can be said?! With an extensive and exciting cocktail menu, and offers throughout the week, the staff are nice and can even blend you your own cocktail if you ask nicely. They screen films old and new, and it's a total pleasure (if slightly weird) to sit in a bar, drink in hand, watching Casablanca! They also have a menu of Greek meze style treats - lots of flat breads and dips, perfect nibbles to accompany your movie and cocktail evening. Especially good for a date venue.

    • Qype User chrise…
    • London
    • 5 friends
    • 38 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Another one of my personal London favourites and a great place to consider if you are ever around Borough. Roxy Bar and Screen's lavishly decorated screening room is the great place to while away an entire afternoon. Great choice behind the bar. Cover charge of £3 applies to some of the newer releases but is always a good laugh - much more fun than going to the cinema!

    • Qype User lace11…
    • London
    • 11 friends
    • 100 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    This is a great bar/cinema hidden away in Borough. With an unassuming discreet front door, the bar opens up into a trendy but unpretentious venue. A screen adorns the far wall while really nice sofas are scattered about giving the impression of a large living room vibe. Its slick and chic with prices to match, but staff and clientele are friendly but well-dressed. It has an excellent programme of music events and well-selected film screenings. Definitely worth looking into for a more cultured, classy night out.

    • Qype User bethan…
    • Zürich, Switzerland
    • 2 friends
    • 7 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    When you walk in, it's comfortable and cool. As you glide past comy chairs and tables, you arrive at the long bar, always stocked producing the usuals and unusal with a friendly smile. Then you see the chill zone, big comfy couchs and tables all huddled around the big screen there's lots of space, but get there early prior to the screenings, as it's like watching a movie in your own home, but you get food and drink service!! Dream come true huh!?
    The food is tasty with good tapas selection which is not too dear staff are efficient and relaxed.
    When the picture starts sound qualities excellent with a clear picture they show arthouse/boxoffice/documentaries, you name it they show it so sign up to there e-mail list to find out whats on!
    It's a short walk away from London bridge, far away from the hustle! It used to be my favourite wednesday night hang out, till i moved to switzerland, but enjoy it for me :))

    • Qype User Bgraha…
    • London
    • 1 friend
    • 1 review
    5.0 star rating

    I stumbled across the Roxy with a friend last friday. we were looking for something other than yet another greasy boozer typical of the south of the river. there were a few people smoking outside and we thought, yea why not. the place was pretty full but the service was still quick. the bar tenders were a right laugh and spent most of the night making cocktails involving fire.

    the whole night worked out quite cheaply as they did two cocktails for 7.50 until midnight. deffiniley reccomendable for classy drinks in good surroundings without feeling the aching wallet the morning after.

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