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  • Jubilee Hall 35
    Jubilee Market The Piazza

    London WC2E 8BE
    Covent Garden, Strand
  • Phone number 020 7240 6001
  • Business website roadhouse.co.uk
  • “Great for a mid-week dance to the live band and some good offers on Cocktails, etc early on.” in 19 reviews

    Music: Live

  • “Moderate prices, funny staff, flair competitions, great live music, great music choices, and great drinks.” in 3 reviews

  • “nice place to drink amazing songs to listen good rhythms to dancein 10 reviews

    Good For Dancing: Yes

Recommended Reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating

    I have been to Roadhouse a few times now, and overall I love it!

    The first time I tried to participate in Rockaoke on a Wednesday I got there too late to sign up (9.15pm), so GET THERE EARLY on a Wednesday if you want to sing! They were really good about it and the three of us got a free drink each as apology, and we had a really good night in the end (despite me starting out so disproportionately disappointed haha). The cocktails are priced erally well at £7 each (considering we're in central London!)

    We tried again on a Monday, as we were told they were quieter, and not only did I sing but I won! First prize is a £100 bar tab (that can be used on any night until the expiry date), second prize a bottle of champagne. We got there extra early to make the most of the happy hour - prices are seriously amazing (£5.50 for TWO COCKTAILS?!?! But it does end fairly early so we made sure to stock up for the evening)! Also the nachos are delicious, huge and GREAT value - the two of us have mega appetites but we couldn't even get through them. There is a substantial cocktail list, of which I have now tried a few, and they are all amazingly well made.

    Went back this past Saturday to spend my bar tab and the bouncer was friendly enough to check whether we would be able to use it that night which was nice, as it is not specified on the voucher and we started wondering whether you could only use it at a rockaoke night. It turned out we could use it so we went to the bar when we got in and the only stipulation was that you had to be sure to return to the same bar tender all night, and to use the whole tab that night - neither of those things were a problem. The band was great, the DJ's afterwards were great and we stayed until closing! For value, I would definitely recommend the porn star cocktail goldfish bowl, it even comes with a bottle of prosecco to top up as you please!

    All this, plus great decor and a really fun atmosphere. Highly recommended!

  • 4.0 star rating

    It's an American style diner, however also a very crowded bar, gets really busy on weekends.

    The food isn't bad, considering most people go to drink. Reasonable variety of beers and spirits, easy to get carried away and do way too many shots (the bar stuff will encourage you).

  • 4.0 star rating

    Set in the heart of covent garden this underground venue takes you back to the 1960's American dar/dinner experience with the bright red shiny coloured booths in one area and the tables and seats everywhere else coupled with the art work all over the walls but for me it is the Harley Davidson sitting on the top self of the spirits section in the middle of the central bar.
    There are smaller bar areas around too which are needed during the 2-4-1 happy hour(s) 5:30 - 7:30pm.
    Towards the back there is another long bar area on the other side of the dance floor which can get busy once the music kicks off later in the night.
    Overall the bar has plenty of space for everyone early in the night for an after work drinks place but can get busy later on, arrive early to miss any cover charge, cloak room available.
    I like it.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Let's just say, hypothetically, you mixed a 1950s diner with the cartoon-esque raunchiness of Sin City, and shoved that all into the bar-scene on the set of some random American TV sitcom. Sprinkle some glitter...there's always room for glitter. Throw in a live cover band and Happy Hour every night (Toto's Africa and two-for-one cocktails? Don't mind if I do...) you sort of have Roadhouse. Located in the stomach of Covent Garden (I would say heart, but it's underground, so meh..), this would be a perfect spot for whipping off that tie and getting down for some after work drinks. Be warned: bring cash. Their card machine doesn't always work (except, inexplicably, for South African credit cards...très zarbi!) and one of the bar staff tends to get a bit arsey about it. But once you present him with cash and compliment his hair, he softens and it's all water under the bridge.

    There isn't always anywhere for large groups to sit. Just as well there's usually a great cover band playing tunes ranging from classic rock anthems, to contemporary chart toppers, and a small dance area. The cocktails are a suspiciously good price for central London and, with Happy hour til 7:30, there's plenty of time to get a few rounds in. Good thing the toilets are well kept; you can cocktail it up to your heart's content, in the knowledge that you have the option to throw caution to the wind and pee freely in all the sparkling cleanliness Roadhouse has to offer. Speaking of welcome cleanliness, their food looks pretty decent as well. I've only ever made it as far as the bar, but I would happily brave the rush-hour mush and try their Philly steak sandwich. I'll be coming here again.

    Would recommend: Their Big Mac Daddy: "A large measure of Jack Daniels mixed with Amaretto, fresh raspberries and topped off with ginger beer." Get with extra cherries.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This my first cocktail bar find in London, unsurprisingly it's in the heart of Covent Garden where I spend WAY too much of my time :) having said that, it's more hidden than initially thought as its an American underground bar and diner. Now I haven't tried the food here, which has always looked WAY too overpriced for my liking, but no one can complain about happy hour until 7pm with two cocktails for about 5.50!! More of those in London please!

    I recommend the porn storm or hollywood hills if you have a sweet tooth as they hit the spot nicely! Overpriced out of happy hour, but catch it until 7.30 and you've. Got a nice after work spot in the heart of tourist town!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I came here the final night of my semester studying abroad in London, and boy was I bummed that I hadn't discovered this spot a few months earlier.  I ordered the 'Porn Storm' fishbowl with my friends. Kings of Leon + Good Drinks = A good time.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Visited here last week for the first time. Found the staff to be rude - especially the nightclub style bouncers - and the food to be very average.
    I overheard one bouncer tell a guy he could come in but could not drink as he'd had too much. He didn't seem in the slightest bit drunk to me!
    We all decided never to return here again.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This is Not a bad review- it's just not a good one.

    When someone said 'lets go to the Roadhouse' I agreed as I mistook it for another place around the corner. Surprised we were headed for the heart of Covent Garden.

    My first thought *oh god tourist trap* and I was right. It's a big garish place with motorbikes and neon lights here there and everywhere. A big bar surrounded by tables and booths around the outside.

    It was a bustling Friday night, but we had a taste card and so took advantage of that and the happy hour drinks specials. Overall we got a good deal, but paying full price for what we had would really bring that star rating crashing.

    There's really one choice for veggies, but even when my friends ordered came out they were pretty uninspired. But hungry so we gobbled it all up and got the bill. The food was fine. Nothing special but nothing to go back for.

    Luckily we'd managed to wangle a booth, which means we didn't have the wait staff rushing past us every 5 seconds and got a little bit of privacy. Being in the booth was great so I'd recommend asking.

    The waitress was busy so there were no 'hi how are ya's, but she was on it. I initially got a wine glass which clearly had not have been cleaned at all - mmm lipstick marks - but got it changed pretty quick.

    Apparently there's a rock karaoke competition here once a week and a bit of live music, but I'm thinking it's really for the tourists or the fans of tack.

    I think this place has to be your thing... it's just not mine.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Dark, sticky, a little bit grimy...I actually have a bit of a soft spot for this place.

    They have a decent happy hour 2-4-1 deal on cocktails so is a handy spot for a few after work cosmos.  I have also ended up here as a last stop on many a drunken night and, from what I remember, have always enjoyed myself.  I always seem to end up making friends with complete strangers for the evening too.

    It's not the most amazing place in the area and I wouldn't advise it as a first stop on a night out - it's much better viewed through bleary-drunkenness, however on the many random occasions I have stopped by I've enjoyed myself.  I often find the bar men to be a little brusque and rude, particularly to other men but who cares when there are 2-4-1 cocktails to be had?

  • 2.0 star rating

    In short: You wanna put some booze in my drink?

    Actual Review:

    Do you remember watching the movie Office Space and the waitress with the really tacky "flair"? That's exactly what Roadhouse was like. It reminds me of Hardrock Cafe in the worst possible way. Sure it actually has music and live acts, but the surrounding music was so loud I had to shout at people less than 6 inches away from me (I'm more tolerant of that sort of thing late at night... but this was around 9pm).

    As a second stop on our pub crawl, it did not live up to expectations. It had potential for later in the evening, but it was not the sort of place I'd choose to hang out. I ordered a sex on the beach that ended up being extremely weak. Some of my companions ordered long islands that were also weak and didn't taste nearly as good as a proper Long Island despite having less alcohol. Really?

    I'd be a bit more open to an American themed establishment if the drinks were at least good, but the too tacky decor coupled with weak drinks and too loud music takes this place down a couple notches.

  • 4.0 star rating
    30/3/2009 Updated review

    A true Mecca of flair, Roadhouse has been a site for drunken debauchery and some of the craziest bartender antics on the planet for near on a decade. It has been a long time since I've been and I was interested to see if the atmosphere was still as beer charged as ever.

    I should never have second guessed. I arrived in time to witness the heats for the UK Flair Challenge Two. All the contenders have moved on from the days I rocked the stage. The amount of taps, rolls and multiple item juggling is spell-bounding. The bouncing beats that these guys perform to really get the crowd going. All of the best flair bartenders in the world have at some point graced the Roadhouse stage, Nicolas St John, Christian and Rodrigo Delpeche. Just for flair alone makes Roadhouse worthwhile, but add to this, insanely drunk, happy people, beautiful girls in very skimpy outfits, selected cheap booze and Buffalo wings, and you may just have the best Sunday nights in the capital. Oh and how can I forget, Jagermeister girls selling shots for £2. Woo hoo!

    For any aspiring flair bartender, the last Sunday of every month should be spent in the Roadhouse. For application forms see their website.

    4.0 star rating
    22/11/2008 Previous review
    The Roadhouse is the ultimate flair bar in London. They hold monthly flair competitions on the last… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    Oh, lord. The two times I've been here have been very memorable. The guys who come here are blood-thirsty for cute girls and jump when they spot a good one. Boyyyyy, they are aggressive. Especially the other European boys (the Scottish and Italian are especially ferocious).

    Outside of that, the drinks are well-priced and the DJ picks good songs (although his transitions are a bit sloppy). Last night he was especially fond of his 90s R&B and Jock Jams mix.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Easily one of my favourite places in the world. A lot of Londoners don't rate it because they're so spoilt for choice but as a flair bartender myself, this is the dog's!
         The last Sunday of every month sees Roadhouse's famous Flair Challenge with bartenders from all over the world flipping, tapping and stalling like there's no tomorrow. Cocktails are great, staff are mad, food is fantastic, tequila girls.... hubba hubba, Olly Pluck taking over for Jay Du Toit as flair coordinator and MC, helicopters hanging from the ceiling, Back of the stage is a fire engine, Haley Davidson behind the bar, this place is just ELECTRIC!
        Listen...trust me, next time you're in Covent Garden....just go

  • 3.0 star rating

    Having read the existing reviews, I felt like I knew what I was getting into here. And it did what it said on the tin.

    It's sort of a mix between a club and the Hard Rock Cafe, where you think you're too cool to be there but you have no desire to leave.

    I was there with a girlfriend and I would recommend it to any ladies who want a bit of an ego boost, because Man, these boys are aggressive. I've never experienced anything like it. I would not, however, recommend the Porn Storm fishbowl as a good idea. It put me on my ass pretty swiftly.

    If you're looking for something mildly ridiculous, aren't too keen to remember the details, and fancy a bit of casual flirting and bopping you're onto a winner with The Roadhouse.

  • 5.0 star rating

    When I lived in London, I went to Roadhouse all the time.  It was definitely my favorite spot to go out, since it was laid-back and always so much fun.  Get there before they charge cover (before 10 on weekdays) - they do have a drinks special Monday through Thursday 9:30-10:30pm.

    My favorite part of Roadhouse were the bands.  They were cover bands of course, but always great.  My friends and I would stake out a spot in front of the stage and dance like maniacs.  So fun!

    The bartenders are also great.  Nice people who will get you pretty much whatever you want.  They also do the throwing tricks which are entertaining.  They do flair contests there I think every month which I never went to but are probably cool to watch.

    I can't wait to go back to Roadhouse next time I'm in London!  I miss it so.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This used to be our regular 'after work' club when I worked at a nearby (and also American-themed) restaurant. This place is naff to the max and should be treated as so. This is not a classy establishment by any means, so please don't go expecting a vaguely sophisticated time, as you'll be bitterly disappointed.

    That's not to say that you can't have a great time in Roadhouse, you can, just make sure you're with a group of rowdy mates and you're prepared to share the dance floor with a few hen parties. It really is a place for large groups, just be careful when approaching the bouncers; if you're already half cut chances are you're not getting in.

    Drinks are typical London prices. And, during the week, it can be a bit of a tourist trap. Yes, there is a diner squashed onto the side of the bar, but you rarely see it full.

    From my hazy memories of fun nights out, I remember a lot of cheesy music transporting me back to my student days. Go with an open mind, low expectations and a gang of mates and you'll no doubt have a top night.

  • 3.0 star rating

    My group caught word of a place open late on a Wednesday night near our hotel. Turns out it was the Roadhouse.

    You could tell the proprietor was trying hard to establish a place that had the look and feel of an American night club. Apparently the bartenders were given the green light to do their best Tom Cruise imitation as seen in the movie Cocktail by slinging around liquor bottles as they poured drinks.

    The idea is good in theory, however, it doesnt really work for the Brits. Leave the cheesy bullshit to us.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Rockaoke RAWWWWR!!

    It's like playing rockband... but with a real rock band!

  • 4.0 star rating

    2-4-1 COCKTAILS= WIN. :)

    They have a decent menu, I highly recommend the dirty sounding cocktails like porn storm or Sloe Blow. I was only really here for happy hour and then we went on got grub elsewhere but we did try their nachos which was quite nice. It wasn't really packed on a monday night but it still had quite alot of people who were mainly there for cocktails.

    It's pretty easy to find, it's right next to the london transport museum, and near bedford street.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This is a review of the bar during happy hour:

    The cocktails are strong, tasty and worth their money during happy hour. The setting is ok if a little cluttered and the tables and chairs could do with some updating.

    In all a good place to start the night.

  • 3.0 star rating

    A good night starter especially if you get there for happy hour.

    - Yummy cocktails
    - Fancy throwing stuff from the barmen oooo aaaaahhh
    - Kitschy retro setting
    - Relatively large space to get your groove thang on

    Would be lying if I say I'm not going there again.

  • 3.0 star rating

    make sure you book a table, this place is very popular and i never saw the queue grow shorter.
    great nachos and a huge smokehouse platter that has a great sauce.
    I will definetly come here again but hopefully find a deal as its rather pricey for tex mex

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    This classic American diner experience is remixed with house music, alternative bands and a full course meal. I went to Roadhouse for a birthday celebration and had a blast. The venue features a dance floor, dining booths, a stage for entertainment, along with a full food and bar menu.

    I had a generous portion of chicken fajitas and potato skins for dinner and was still able to recover in time to dance in beat to the band. Roadhouse is great for large parties or an entertaining night out on the town.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I have only been here once on a Saturday night. We arrived to a large cue, in which we waited for sometime in the cold to get in.
    I mean, it's an alright of a place but nothing that special. I don't think it's worth the £12 pounds to get in (free before 9pm), but if you're armed with the right people you can make a good night out of the place. I think you just generally have to be in the mood for Roadhouse.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The Roadhouse is a bar/restaurant/club in Covent Garden. It is an American themed place. I've been a few times at the tail end unplanned inner city club nights. It is a sizable place decorated within the American diner theme.

    It is a pleasant enough club, though the place has something of a reputation as place to go and pick up. Which, if is what you're looking for, generally seems to be a pretty sure thing. However, if you're just out with your friends for a fun night out, the predatory, slightly depressing nature of the place can be somewhat depressing.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Cross an American style diner with a bar and DJ

    Sundays brings with it cheap cocktails but with cheap cocktails comes ice ice ice ice ice and ohh was that a watered down cosmopolitan I just consumed. You definately couldn't expect to get drunk on these bargain cocktails to be true and fair I am not sure they even contain alcohol.

    I have been lucky enough to escape cover charges on the numerous occasions I have been there and to be honest though it is always a good night, I wouldn't like to pay for entry into this venue.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I really didn't know what to expect from this place because I was led there by friends on a Saturday night. I thought it was a laid-back pub-like venue and initially, it was pretty chill. But as it got later in the night, it turned into a meat market and full of drunk people. The usual suspects were present: guys in fancy dress, girls on the pull, old middle-aged men and an inexplicable group of either family or friends of all ages. The music was okay - mostly 90s pop/dance. I could not believe the queue outside when we were leaving.

  • 5.0 star rating

    LOVE the Roadhouse!  I know that most Londoners will look down on it, but it's a fun place!  It can be pricey, but it's good to start off the night or often if you're a girl you'll find some boys that are more than happy to buy you drinks is you just talk to them.

    There's always a live band that performs covers, followed by a DJ.  The bartenders are always flairing and the last Sunday of each month there is a Flair Competition (those get very crowded but they are tons of fun!)

    Those bouncers used to put up with a lot of stuff my friends and I used to do (one of my friends once knocked over a speaker, that was a grand night!), but they knew us and we loved them!

    Great times were spent here, great memories, and even though I no longer live in London, I always will think of this as my club there!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Roadhouse is an absolute institution in Covent Garden. It has great music, live gigs on some nights, an amazing cocktail menu, and best of all if you are a true Londoner you will go during their 2-for-1 cocktail hours (usually 5-7pm), and have their food on BOGOF.

    Their drinks and food are not necessarily the best in London, but for the price paid during the offers (it is a tad bit expensive otherwise), and for the atmosphere, location (perfect place to start before heading on to other clubs/lounges in the area), you really can't beat Roadhouse!

    An amazing value for the guys is one of the massive sharing platters. Normally £32, with a TasteLondon card or 50% off promotion it is only £16, and for that you get 2 steaks, 2 chicken breasts, calamari, fries, salad, and other stuff! Bargain for only £8 each.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This place serves a purpose. If you find yourself wobbling down the stairs into the Roadhouse then you had better clear your diary for the next day and stock up on the painkillers. Yep, it's going to get silly.

    No, you'd never go there on a date, but you would certainly turn up with like-minded friends for an all-dancing, all-drinking, all-hangover-from-hell-the-next-day kind of night.

    Check your pretence at the door and cut loose.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Moderate prices, funny staff, flair competitions, great live music, great music choices, and great drinks. I may have had some food but I really don't remember. It's grimy, it's loud, and that's just part of it's style I guess. My friends and I all had a blast here. Good location too near Covent Garden.

    Be careful, it really sucks you in. You will get drunk here. Inevitable.

    • Qype User sophis…
    • London
    • 58 friends
    • 62 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    I came here with a big gang of university pals - and you know what, if sobriety ain't your thing, and if you're undiscerning, love queuing, adore paying £12 to get in somewhere and are into dreadful cover bands - this place should be right up your street!

    I've written before about the West End on a Saturday night - and in Roadhouse it is demonstrated at its very worst. Firstly, queuing to get in somewhere never puts me in a great mood to enjoy it, and having to watch scantily clad girls pathetically attempt to queue jump makes me shiver with scorn. Once inside there is yet more queuing. The crowd is heavily peppered with backpackers (not sure why this place draws them in their droves, but it does) and more heavy handed bouncers than punters. To top all that off, the music is pretty dire.

    Having said that, it's massive, the bar stuff are friendly and very quick considering the crowds and I ended up having a pretty fun time with my big entourage. I wouldn't come back here in a hurry - actually, I wouldn't come back here at all - but this place is what it is and it took me back to my university days, something I won't complain too much about.

    • Qype User ra0212…
    • London
    • 34 friends
    • 122 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    The comments are true to the fact that roadhouse can be over-crowded on fri and sat night. But that is the case with the majority of decent bars in central london. There are different types of pubs, bars and clubs in London that cater my needs. Roadhouse for me is a place to start off during Happy Hour. Cocktails usually cost around £6, but during happy hour (between 5.30 and 7.30 Mon to Fri), two cocktails cost £4.50. The service is very quick and staff are friendly and cocktails contain an acceptable amount of alcohol (not like belushis which do TERRIBLE COCKTAILS)... But do not try to spend the night there.
    Start there and move on to somewhere a bit more lively and less crowded. you could try the gardening club which does happy hour until 9pm.
    Covent garden is not the best place to be on a fir or sat night. It is full of mediocre bars and pubs which are over-crowded and over-priced.

    • Qype User chrisg…
    • London
    • 22 friends
    • 119 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Always a great night out at Roadhouse, particularly with cocktails on 2for1 or a bit cheaper during their happy hours (varying times throughout the week). They do some tasty little bar snacks as well as bigger food for the more hungry, which you can either eat at one of the restaurant type tables, or at one of the smaller tables with high stools around the stage and dance floor.

    They have fantastic music here, lots of local (and far away - last night when I went they had a band from Australia) bands playing live music. My favourite group that play here is The Tide, but whatever or whoever your favourite, they list them all on their website and so you can see when you want to go based on who is playing.

    Bartenders and security are nice and friendly, and if you go on the right night (last Sunday of every month I believe) you can see some flair competitions behind the bar, with bottles and glasses flying everywhere.

    My only criticism is that if you're not buying during Happy Hour the cocktails and other drinks can be a bit expensive, and cocktails are so easy to drink that you end up spending loads, but that's the aim of the game, isn't it?!

    Apart from that, a solid club, great décor inside, perfect for a good night out with a couple of friends or with a larger group.

    • Qype User merlin…
    • London
    • 18 friends
    • 50 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Gotta love this American themed, rock bar/club. Great for a mid-week dance to the live band and some good offers on Cocktails, etc early on.

    Obviously expensive late in the evening, but it is in Covent Garden, so really expected.

    Overall though, good selection of live acts playing rock classics of the Livin' on a prayer variety.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I like the Roadhouse despite its central London location it can provide a fun night out. This is all helped by the generous 2 for 1 / happy hour promotion, a good selection of music and a name that suggests Patrick Swayze is working as one of the bouncers.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Great happy hour specials that end at 7:30pm.  It looked like there were a couple of big groups sitting down to eat and drink so if you have a big group look into coming here. We were there on a Monday night and it wasn't dead but wasn't packed which was good.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I went here last night and had a brilliant time. We were given fliers in covent garden earlier on in the day and decided to go back. It was 2-for-1  meals before 7.30pm and two cocktails for £4.50. I couldn't believe that each of my amazing mojitos were less than £2.50 each, they weren't even light handed on the alcohol.
    The food was great too, I had a burger with chicken, bacon and bbq sauce. It came with chips which were good but my friend got way more than me with her burger so was slightly envious of that.
    It has a really good atmosphere, there was people having there xmas parties there and the cocktails were certainly flowing.
    What was the funniest was the the poor waitresses who had to wear really skimpy "sexy santa" outfits, they were totally confident and seemed to be enjoying themselves so there wasn't the usual cringe factor with work place dressing up. The service was good and although nobody paid us much attention throughout the meal we didn't mind because they brought the drinks and then food really fast.
    Our whole meal with two main courses and six cocktails was only £30, a total bargain for such a snazzy part of town. I'm a massive fan!

  • 4.0 star rating

    This place was hot and jam packed on a Monday night... live music, young corporate crowd. Bartender was douchy but entertained us all night with our crazy requests. Lots of nostalgic automotive Americana decor. Large space, private booths, big dance floor, "waterfall" bathroom motif.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Loud and crowded, not necessarily the best place to talk to people, but great covers band, great atmosphere and great location! It's free if you go in early and they also have a bar/grill restaurant going on which I imagine is good earlier in the evening.

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