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Reflex London, London
Reflex London, London
  • “Drinks are very reasonable, especially for London, and the music gets everyone dancing.” in 4 reviews

    Good For Dancing: Yes

  • “80's music, 80's drinks, 80's décor, 80's fashion faux pas = good times all around.” in 2 reviews

  • “Walk down the stairs and you're in a time warp of the best kind.” in 2 reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating

    Born in the 80's? Check
    Like dancing to songs you completely forgot existed? Check
    Want a trashy environment to let loose? Check
    Had no clue this place existed? Check

    What can you not say about Reflex? It's a good time if you go in not expecting much. It's 80s music all the way, plenty of dance space, reasonably priced drinks and it's in the middle of the City. Sure you could easily walk past this place or for that matter not even know it is there, but it is worth a check out if you just want an easy place to go out, dance and have a good time.

    We saw a couple of company office parties where I'm sure a bit of gossip ensued based on what we saw. Regardless, they seemed to be having fun and the boss man was happy to dull out the credit card for another round of drinks.

    Will I probably end up coming here again? Yes. Reflex is an easy, no thought place to go and take friends for a casual evening of dancing and drinking. Plus, it is always good for the soul to get a bit sentimental and remember your youth!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Ohhhh hells yes.  Granted i was four drinks deep (for my size youll understand why that is a LOT), but omg we had such a fun night!  It was 10 quid for ladies to get in, which is a litle bit of a let down, but WHAT an entertaining place!  I brought my friends who were visiting from SF thinking theyre 'too old'.

    Crazy young people dressed up in fancy dress, and older people who really grew up with this music (me!).  We had such a friggin awesome time - i cant wait to go back again on some other drunken night.

    Two points off: one for charging hot ladies, and another for the gross bathrooms

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Rule Britannia

    The Reflex is a lonely child...

    Oops, I forgot this is about the review of Reflex Club, ha,ha!!

    Booked this for my friend's birthday party, we got free champagne & the best booth next to the dance floor! We all arrived before the cover charge kicked in, so it was a win-win.

    80's music, 80's drinks, 80's décor, 80's fashion faux pas = good times all around.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Ended up here as part of a birthday party.

    The positive about this place is the music - you can't beat 80's music for a good boogie!
    However, I'd rather eat my own toes off than return here (Saturday night anyway).
    It's that real typical central London night club. Shitty bouncers that act like the 'Fun police' and say ridiculous things like 'excuse me, you can't smile in here'.
    The crowd consisted of stag/hen do's, middle aged women dressed up like 16 yr olds.....not a good look. Older men on the prowl for anything female with a pulse and many a drunken idiot. I was knocked over by one of those drunken idiots, he never even said sorry, the bouncer just looked at me, and when I hobbled over to lean on the end of the bar (because my knee had been slammed in the fall), the bouncer said to me 'You can't stand there'....
    I have a massively bruised and sore knee...still...

    Jesus, I would never recommend this place on a Saturday night, I can't imagine the crowd would be much different on other nights either...
    SO no. Don't go.

  • 4.0 star rating

    In walking around looking for a few pubs I wanted to review for Yelp, my friend and I came across the Reflex 80's club. Being huge fans of 80's we had to step inside even though it was 7pm.

    As we walked down the first set of stairs we are greated with a David Hasselhoff picture on a door, with 80's music playing, broad smiles crossed our faces. Itcouldn't believe we hadn't been here before! A friend had told us of such a place but to actually be there it was kind of a dream come true.

    It had just opened so it wasn't busy, we walked around checking out the A-Team, Flash Gordon the screen, and the many, many weird electric plastic things you can buy for cheap. (including a cone bra, glittered hats and glowsticks) The drinks are named after classic 80's things, (blue lagoon, the knightrider) and for £15 you can purchase a plastic margarita glass full of your favourite cocktail the likes of only Vegas can provide.

    Since it was so early we didn't have to pay cover or wait outside, just walked right in and had a drink each. In the process we bumped into a stag night group who were quite entertaining.

    The place losses a star because the volume of the music (which border lined on 70's disco sometimes) was deafening for 9pm, and on Friday and Saturday nights it must be avoided as it's THE place for Stag and Hen nights. Meaning a lot of drunken messes. It's only open three days a week so keep that in mind.

    There's no cover on Thursdays, my friend and myself cannot wait to go back to see how it is during the week with a group of our friends and the proper 80's dance wear.

  • 4.0 star rating

    So cheesy and so much fun!!! Your night at this club is 100% about your attitude. If you're expecting to meet some hot girl/guy, take some classy pictures, and drink nice wine.. well I wouldn't know why you'd bother coming here anyway. This place is about having fun in a big group of friends, drinking cheap shots, and getting wasted enough to dance to anything and everything.

    I came here in a birthday group, so we didn't have to pay cover at the door.. I think it was possibly £10 otherwise? The drinks were reasonable priced, since they're nothing fancy. It's not a question of mojito or caipirinha, but rather jager bomb or tequila shot? We opted for many of each which subsequently led to hours of dancing to 80's music.

    Go here in a big group for a cheesy night out!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Super cheezy. Super fun. My best friend and I came here on one of my last nights in London because we wanted to let loose and dance to good ol' 80's music. Well, we couldn't have asked for a better place to do that.

    This is the perfect place to come if you're in the mood to bust out some classic dance moves like the Roger Rabbit or the Sprinkler. I seem to remember that you could buy all sorts of novelties at the bar as well. It was great. I mean, where else can you buy a plastic cone bra for £2?

    • Qype User izagui…
    • London
    • 17 friends
    • 83 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    ok, Let's get this straight, I did end up here because my workmates wanted to. eheheeheh. I'm not particularly aficionado to 80's business. However, if you go with the right attitude, a couple of pints on you and a wig you can have real fun.
    Neon lights. disco ballLooks like saturday night fever absolutely
    Music is.80's Michael Jackson, Madonna ( pre-house). drinks are cheap and people are very friendly. Since I was born in the 80' myself I am sure I miss many of the nostalgic remembering you may spark if older. actually, average is 35 i would say.
    They sell loads of stuff like sport hair bands to catch up with the appearance.
    In short, an ideal for one-off to have a laugh(free before 7), for 80's nostalgic or hen parties. ah! it is so much so that you have a pole dance to play around and flirt with someone.
    please drink before you go.

    • Qype User ra0212…
    • London
    • 34 friends
    • 122 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    This is a cheesy club which specialises in 70s 80s and 90s pop music. My friends visit this place quite frequenlty and are well known to the bouncers who usually let us in even if the club is full. The best thing about this club is the CHEAP drinks, especially on a saturday - £2.50 for j d and coke. Last time I went here, I do not remeber going home, but I remember the next morning very well when I had to get up at 7.30 for work. Longest day of my life!
    There is another reflex in Croydan and my mates prefer this one on a Saturday as the dj from bank plays here on this night. My friends know him very well and even bring music down for him to play. They love a bit of chaz and dave!

    • Qype User jojeb…
    • London
    • 12 friends
    • 88 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Reflex is hilarious fun - it's like walking into an 80's music video, complete with neon decor and David Hasslehoff on the wall.
    The music is - of course - all 80's pop, and the clientele are dedicated 80's revivalists, many of whom are dressed up in shiny wigs and retro get-up. (Dressing up is optional, although if, after a few jugs of neon cocktails you decide you want to join in, they do sell props behind the bar)!
    It's best to go in with a sense of humour and a few drinks in you, and take it for what it is - a lot of fun, and a chance to let loose 80's style. There's no other place like it!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I came here once when I lived in London back in early 2010, and it was probably the single most fun I had on any night out in my time in London. 75% of the people show up dressed in full 80s gear, and everyone is there to have a good time. The place plays nothing but 80s music with 80s movies in the background. I want to open up one of these places in NYC... they would make a fortune. Go here if you love the 80s and have no problem dressing like a total fool.

  • 5.0 star rating

    If any of my friends are reading this, they'll be surprised that this didn't make #1 on my list. Ah the Reflex, my home away from home. It encompasses everything great about the 80s: 80s music, 80s heart throbs, 80s decor, and more importantly - 80s fashion faux pas. Grab your legwarmers, your spandex, your shoulder pads, your headbands...we're going back to the 80s.

    Walk into The Reflex and you're greeted by the King of the 80s, the Hoff himself. You can already sense this is going to be great. Walk down the stairs and you're in a time warp of the best kind. Say hello to Mr. T on your way down and step onto the multi coloured dance floor of Electric Dreams.

    Now I have to say, some of my best nights in London have taken place at the Reflex as this place is a legend in its own right. Pure cheese to match the decade, to match the night, a Thriller night. Step right up to the bar and grab a drink and some Ice Ice Baby as you buy your Madonna cone boobs, your He-Man underwear, and inflatable air guitars as we're going to party like it's 1999 - ok like it's 1982.

    Your night at this club is all about your attitude. If you've got the Eye of the Tiger and if you Want to Dance with Somebody, you're going to love it. You're going to have The Time of Your Life as  I dare you to do 'the lift' and get a little Footoose.

    Even though you're Like a Virgin but as we all know, Girls Just Want to Have Fun ..Reflex is the place. So go on Push It, push it real good.


    • Qype User lyndse…
    • London
    • 11 friends
    • 148 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    A fantastic night out if you like cheesy music and 80's classics. Although this London branch is very different from the branch in West Yorkshire which featured heavily in my teenage years, it's still well worth a visit. Drinks are very reasonable, especially for London, and the music gets everyone dancing. Only problems I found were the huge queues and lack of other drinking places nearby that were open on a Saturday night which was very odd and meant that once there, you would probably have to stay there all night. It's easy to find from Bank tube station though, and entry is free if you go early enough - I think they start charging at 10pm.

    • Qype User sindyg…
    • London
    • 8 friends
    • 67 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    i am sure this place is like back to the future

    • Qype User leechi…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 42 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Reflex nightclub is hidden away almost on the widing streets that lead off Cheapside street. It is a favourite haunt of the many middle aged bankers that work in the area. If you go onto the website you will know what to expect. It is total full on cheese situated firmly in the 80s. But in no way is that a bad thing. The club itself is designed like a planet hollywood restaurant, and covered top to toe in neon. The bar staff are all great and the music is firmly grounded in the Now Music 10-15 range, and theres even a pole in the middle of the dance floor for he lades if they fancy getting wild.

    • Qype User pubhun…
    • London
    • 3 friends
    • 8 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    Terrible terrible night out. Chavvy crowd, mediocre drinks (my g&t was like only tonic, and my vodka coke was just coke) and a bad play list. Never again.

  • 1.0 star rating
    First to Review

    If you have ever wondered what it might be like to be cast into the eternal fires of hell, I would imagine that Reflex might be worth a visit, you will still be repenting weeks later. It started off innocently enough, the 80s music was fun and though the bar only seemed to serve alcopops, which had to be decanted into sub-par plastic cups, it generally seemed like a fun place to be. As the night progressed, ever more undesirable looking stag and hen night parties kept arriving and taking over large sections of the club. The stags were of a particularly obnoxious variety, grabbing whomever they could get hold of, and forcing them into Dirty Dancing style moves. Resistance was met with ridicule and subsequently aggression, so it became clear that leaving was the only option. As my only experience of Reflex, I have no idea whether this type of behavior is representative, but I will not be back to find out anytime soon.

    • Qype User TaniaS…
    • London
    • 1 friend
    • 3 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I havent had this much fun in ages!! Love Reflex

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