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  • “It is cozy, noisy and the dining area is quite large with a super-high ceiling (kind of like Macaroni Grill).” in 3 reviews

    Noise Level: Loud

  • “It's now my favorite spot in Munich, and I brought my mom here for Mother's day.” in 7 reviews

  • “The soy medallions with arugula spätzle are wonderful.” in 2 reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here
    Listed in Bavaria

    This was the first restaurant I bookmarked on Yelp for the trip, so I just had to make sure I went.
    The restaurant is quite large, especially in comparison to most European eateries. I started off with a tomato and moz appetizer, which was presented with small bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Tasty but nothing over the top. I also ordered the Tomato Lentil soup, perfect for such a chilly day. In my American brain, I was picturing chunks of tomatoes in a lentil soup. Nope, it was all pureed. So, I was a little let down when it was brought to the table, until I tasted it. I ate almost all of it, and it was a huge bowl! Creamy, yummy goodness. And it warmed me up.
    The prices are very high, I guess just because it only serves vegetarian food, so fellow veg-heads flock here. I almost ordered the vegetarian stroganoff, but it was 19 euros, which I thought was too steep for lunch. One dish, for around $24? No thanks.
    The restaurant itself is lovely and airy, with nice waitresses and English menus available. Definitely worth a try for any travelers looking for tasty vegetarian food.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    I have walked past this restaurant many times and heard people mention it, so I was happy to finally eat there. I am certainly not a vegetarian, but enjoy my veggies and legumes. I must confess I have a bit of a problem with the style of food being offered as Prinz Myshkin though. I'm used to vegetarian food that doesn't try to be like non-vegetarian food. Dishes that are unabashedly have no meats in them. But the specialty of Prinz Myshkin, as I understand it, are dishes that you expect to have meat in them but that are made using vegetarian ingredients.
    While I suspect that they excel in it, it just doesn't quite do it for me. Still the level of ambition is high, and the atmosphere is good, so it was a pleasant visit recently with colleagues. The service wasn't awesome, some confusion about what had been ordered, but it was sorted out well enough. If you like the idea of dishes like vegetarian Stroganoff, this place may be just what you need. If not, well, there are alternatives. The desserts were nice, by the way, and "naturally" vegetarian!

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins here

    I went here for dinner tonight and it was my first visit. There are very few vegetarian restaurants in Munich and some normal restaurants have good options for vegetarians. This one of course is all vegetarian. I grew up vegetarian so have had lots of superb vegetarian cuisine with lots of different variety. I also trained as a vegetarian chef when I was younger so learnt so many different ways in which to use vegetables and other ingredients to make interesting dishes.

    This place however has a bit of an "Identity Crisis" as, the menu is a combination of German, a lot of Italian (typical of Munich) some Indian and some Chinese / Japanese. What also surprised me was the distinct lack of vegetable in many of the dishes. Soya discs / buttons / medallions feature a bit in the menu and there was almost nothing with lentils or other beans on the menu.

    I had the Curry Diablo for main and the Wasabi Hummus for starter. The vegetable sticks on the Wasabi Hummus plate were the best part of the dish, The Hummus lacked flavour and you certainly could not tell it had Wasabi in it. My main course of curry Diablo is supposed to be a vindaloo curry (which is usually flaming hot) and this one was barely hot. It had not a single piece of vegetable in the curry just soya buttons with a sour tomato paste with a tiny bit of heat to it. Did not try any of the desserts and would like to try some another time. They do have an extensive dessert menu (I am always a bit hesitant as dessert at dinner is not a common thing in Germany and often they can be quite disappointing).

    Maybe it's just me but, if I want good vegetarian Indian food I think I will stick to my local curry house, and the same process goes for Thai and Italian.  I don't think I feel the need to go to a vegetarian restaurant with an unimaginative menu. There is so much you could do with the menu here to make it super interesting for vegetarians.

    The portion sizes are small and the food is quite expensive for what it is. The service is slow and took ages for them to get us the food, bill and so on. They need more staff on busy nights in my opinion as the staff were run off their feet. I should also make it a point not to try a place for the first time on a busy night (however that should not matter if the place is good).

    The ambience of the restaurant is excellent with great interior design and comfortable seats etc. For looks I would give it five stars. The place was packed so it is popular with the locals and tourists. Maybe the flavours are great for the local palette and I am just not used to it. In any case I will come back here as there is not a lot of choice in Munich for vegetarian food however, I will not be rushing back.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I have never been a fan of most things pork, so I thought my choices of dining out in German eateries would be limited to salads and Semmelknödel. But I was happy to be wrong when I learned about the vegetarian restaurant, Prinz Myshkin. We went on a late Monday afternoon, so finding a table was not a problem.

    The restaurant is spacious with high ceilings and a single open dining space. It has a posh setup with minimalistic wall paintings, simple lighting, and basic chairs and tables with gray couches situated against the walls. It definitely provides a slightly upscale dining environment.

    The first thing to notice upon looking at the menu is the price. Salads are mostly 11-14 EUR, and one of their classic dishes, Tofu Stroganoff (tofu with mushrooms in red wine cream sauce with a side of veg and potatoes or Basmati rice), costs 19 EUR!!! This is the MOST expensive vegetarian restaurant that I've ever been thus far in the whole world (and I must emphasize "the whole world")! Perhaps vegetables are delicacies in Munich?!?

    I got the "Involtini Teriyaki" (tofu, mushrooms, roasted nuts crumbled and wrapped with chard leaves glazed in teriyaki sauce with a side of whole grain basmati rice) for 18 EUR, and C got the "Moroccan Sunset" (bulgur salad with oranges, tomatoes, parsleys, mints, and red onions) for 11 EUR. The involtini looked and tasted great, but the mushrooms were so minced that I could hardly taste them. The teriyaki sauce was tasty but perhaps slightly overpowering for my palate. The bulgur salad was delicious, but the portion was small. Overall, both dishes were not worth the prices that we paid.

    The best part was the dessert. We got the Cassis cake, and it was divine. The smooth Cassis puree paired greatly with the cake part. For 3.50 EUR per slice, that was a much better and worthy bargain.

    I am curious enough to go back to try the Stroganoff (and possibly the other classics), and I will definitely go there again for the desserts. I read that they do serve lunch for about 7 EUR--I might try that option as well. But I do hope that there are other vegetarian options where I don't have to dish out +20 EUR per meal.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I've known this place for the past 10 years and I eventually go back even if I am never entirely satisfied.

    They take pride in being one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Munich, and that's true. They also make an effort in offering a varied and creative menu but they do not manage to produce decent food in the end. I mean it is acceptable but not for the prices they charge. I had a soy-nugget Indian curry, a tiny portion, for 19 euros. That's way too much. The oriental salad was basically shredded carrot and cabbage for 13 euros.

    The interior is kinda nice but with its high vaults and the echo it can be REALLY loud.

    Service is almost always too slow and not always very efficient. Last Friday I had booked a table for two, at the same time a second couple arrived without a reservation. They got them a great table and they gave us a shitty one where we could barely move. I complained and asked what's the point of making a reservation if walk in customers get better tables. The waitress couldn't answer and we had to keep the tiny one.

    I still love the mango tiramisu though, that's probably the only reason why I keep returning.

  • 5.0 star rating

    excellent presentation and gourmet taste; we satoutside on the sidewalk so I really don't know about the interior ambiance, but the food was memorable. Really worth the short walk for vegetarian and non!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    I am not a vegetarian / vegan but I loved the food and ambiance here. We enjoyed the isarauen and green salads with a side order of italian breads.

    Service was excellent

  • 5.0 star rating

    Great food, even better atmosphere.

    My sister found this place in her Munich city guide (Frommers?) I was a little skeptical since it's vegetarian only, however I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived and I could immediately tell I was going to like this place. The layout of the restaurant is very open with all the fresh vegetables and desserts on display when you walk in. It's now my favorite spot in Munich, and I brought my mom here for Mother's day.

    The curry orange carrot creme soup is amazing. I had the stir-fried veggies (Nansei) for a main course, which was also great, and chocolate mouse for dessert. Everything was delicious.

    One word of caution, stay away from the pizzas, there are far better places in Munich to get pizza (L'Osteria and Bei Mario just to name two), however I still give PM 5 stars because everything else is so great!!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Good food, great wine list, even by the glass. I've had dining companions complain about the guacamole but I fault them for ordering Mexican food in Europe. However, their Indian dishes are pretty good, so not sure what to say about that...German friends have told me they feel it's overpriced, but there's really not any other vegetarian restuarants in Munich like this I can think of to compare it to.

    I come to Munich often and look forward to dinning here every time. The soy medallions with arugula spätzle are wonderful. I would give them a 5/5 but feel 5 stars should be reserved for Greens, San Francisco in the Vegetarian Catagory.

    • Qype User kaneda…
    • Munich, Germany
    • 27 friends
    • 260 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Good vegetarian restaurant, unfortunately not organic food.

    I really like the various dishes, tasty and quite a variety - not the usual boring stuff one get's when looking for vegetarian food.

    The atmosphere could be better though, a large and loud room, the chairs and tables are very close together (the chairs not comfortable) and the service is a little slow.

    But the food is well worth it, certainly an above-average place to eat.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The entire restaurant is now smoke-free - again. Apparently Prinz Myshkin started off non-smoking and bought the shop next door to give in to popular (?) demand.
    I have been here twice now and favour the more relaxed atmosphere of the previous smoking area.
    The food is great and very good value.
    I enjoy reading their wine list, too, it makes me smile and seems spot-on.
    It is very difficult to find a vegetarian restaurant in the home of Schweinshax'n and Weisswuerschtl!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    An overdue review for Prinz Myshkin but worth the writeup. Back when I was in Germany for two weeks, I came to Prinz Myshkin twice for lunch on the weekend and I really digged their chill atmosphere. Although it looked very posh and upscale from the outside, it was very family friendly and study friendly on the inside. Crying babies, tourist families, and study groups galore. I myself came to sit for a few hours to read and study (although a bit dim) while slowly munching on my Wasabi Hummus appetizer and the Tofu Straganoff. I wasn't rushed and didn't feel rushed either; which may have simply been because I was in Europe but I appreciated it nonetheless. Unfortunately I don't think the hummus was very good because it lacked the kick of actual wasabi flavor and was quite salty instead. The Tofu Straganoff was flavorful and enough to fill you up! It has a heavy and savory sauce so when you have the option of a side of potato or rice, I think having the rice is a much better combo. I also had a pot of their green tea which was as you may expect, tea-ish. Nothing special but the waitress was happy to refill it with more hot water as I continued to loiter.

    Oh I had also reserved a table but I don't think it's quite necessary for a late lunch and felt silly reserving a table for one with no line and lots of empty seats. Although dinner I'm sure can get a bit bustling since it's near a shopping area. I think this place is definitely worth a visit for those seeking a more veggie friendly option in Munich!

  • 5.0 star rating

    There seems to be a vegetable shortage in this county. Pigs feet, everywhere. Sausage and pig knuckle, at every dining option. Vegetables?  A delicacy!  We were in search of a clean meal, and Prinz Myshkin is that and more.  The ambiance is Euro-chic and comfortable, and service is the best we have experienced in Germany so far!  Four of us sat for dinner, and our meals were full of flavor and absolutely perfect. We bought two pizzas for sharing. They were prepared to perfection. My husband ordered the potato zucchini casserole, which was perfect!  The desert was the best part. The desert menu is plentiful. We ordered the apple streusel with ice cream, and it was warm and tasty with homemade vanilla ice cream. The food is delicious. The service is top notch.  We enjoyed our experience as a whole!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I was on a recent business trip to Munich, and I'm writing this review just so I don't lose track of this restaurant.

    The restaurant is a short walk from the Marienplatz S-/U-Bahn station.

    A vegetarian restaurant in Bavaria is a rarity.  But because it's vegetarian, they make sure that all of their cheeses are vegetarian (i.e. no animal rennet).  So this was the only place where I felt comfortable having cheese.  I went there for dinner twice.  I had a pizza both days because that was the only warm food they could make without onions and garlic.  The taste was fantastic (the crust and the sauce) and was as good as any of the best that I have ever had.

    The restaurant is super clean and the ambience is cafe-like.  It is cozy, noisy and the dining area is quite large with a super-high ceiling (kind of like Macaroni Grill).  Service was good too.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I am one of those people who like their food to have been semi sentient at some point but I really enjoyed their pumpkin soup. Atmosphere is good, service is ok. (On two occasions I had Greek waiters and that got me a larger cake portion ;-)

  • 4.0 star rating

    Though I'm not vegetarian, there is enough savory food on the menu to satisfy most carnivores.  When I first searched for it, it came up under Indian food, but there's more to the menu than that.  I do not consider it Indian, per se, as Indian only makes up a fraction of the menu.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Prinz Myshkin  This is an upscale vegetarian restaurant, which consists of simple and modern decor, nicely arranged tables, and arched ceilings. It has a tree in the middle and the ambiance is very soothing. More information : kitchenprinzessin.blogsp…

    • Qype User SunnyM…
    • Prague, Czech Republic
    • 1 friend
    • 12 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Enjoyed the food which was interesting and tasty and I would recommend. However the experience was let down by slightly uninterested staff. Real shame as it could have been a superb night but it was too off-hand and casual. Room for improvement.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I uploadd pictures four of the five dishes we ordered. Excellent all around. I had soy medallions wrapped in marigold leaves, I think they were marigold leaves, in a soy sauce like broth. A bit hard to get one in your mouth without it falling apart, but tastey nonetheless.  Then vegetable dish with pineApple coconut milk was also smooth, mild, like a Thai curry.  The  graitan was good, too a bit heavy. One of our guests was a child and he thought the pizza was too adult tasting for his taste.  My kids have eaten here before and enjoyed it, butit is flavorful food.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Per Chip M., the Sojamedallions with Arugula Spätzle dominates.  Get it.

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