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  • 1-27 Castle Street
    City Centre

    Belfast BT1 1BL
    Oxford Road Corridor
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  • Phone number 028 9024 2288
  • Business website primark.co.uk

Recommended Reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating

    Primark! The bastion of cheapness and thrift that stops me from being arrested due to indecent exposure! This place is seriously cheap. Over my Yelping time, I've come to realise that I can be extremely cheap to, so we fit together quite well. Nothing costs more than a tenner, to be honest, few things go over a fiver, especially in the guys section. I would get a lot of work shirts from here.

    Their range is plain and casual, which makes it perfect for what I need. The staff do look like the most unhappy people on the planet, but I suppose that's to be expected when working in one of the messiest shops on the planet!

  • 3.0 star rating

    This Primark in the middle of Belfast is the topic of much debate, with many swearing on it as the saviour of their low priced shopping needs, whilst others wouldn't enter it even if acid rain would start pouring from the Belfast skies!

    I myself am caught between a rock and a hard place judging this place. On one hand the store is staggered over four floors, providing all clothing for both genders as well as a selection of home wares on the top floor! Everything is as you would expect reasonably priced, and for most that is the bottom line that they care about.

    The main reason that people hate this place is that it is constantly bunged! It is really unpleasant to be surrounded by people everywhere you go in store in busy times, and this many people create a lot of mess with clothes flung everwhere!Also because the store is so busy, the most popular sizes of the rare bargains you spot in store are gone before you can get them!

    If you can get the right sizes, Primark can be a great place to get a bargain, but the quality control is questionable, with quite a lot of disasters filtering through store.

    And for the most ardent Primark haters out there, you can always get a cheap umbrella here for £2 which is invaluable in those rainy days in town!

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    This branch of the discount giant Primark is worth a mention for a couple of reasons.  The first is its sheer size - 4 large floors of cut price goods and the second is the building itself.  It was built in 1785 to house a bank and still looks impressive today among the city centre buildings.  Of course, like most city centre buildings, it was bombed during the 1970s but came through the other side and was refurbished to its former glory.

    Now, the inside.  Unless you have been under the proverbial rock for the last 2 years, you will have heard of the Primark phenomenon and the age of disposable fashion.  Setting aside the moral and ethical questions about how goods can be made and sold at such low prices, Primark is the king of cheap fashion and homewares.  And do you know what, no matter how vehemently people deny it, I bet every house in the country has at least one item from Primark.  This branch is massive and stocks everything from fashion to kids school uniforms, bedding and cushions, shoes, accessories, gift wrap and greeting cards and at Christmas, decorations and toys.  There's no doubt that there is a high volume of tat to be found, but in among it are some great finds.  Personal bests are a faux fu coat, chunky necklaces and boys shorts which are totally Boden-esque,a nd all for sill silly prices.

    A word of warning, you won't have a sophisticated or upmarket shopping experience.  On one occasion, someone actually shoved me right out of her way and gave me what's called in Belfast 'a real mouthful'.  I kid you not.  So keep your head down, make no eye contact and gather up those bargains.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Oh, Primark. As Brian C says, my only problem with it is that I can't take it home and rock it to sleep. Probably the shop I spend most time in.

    I don't usually go for the main selection of clothes, preferring to use Primark for staples like those cute V neck winter jumpers they do for four or five quid - their fashionable/this season ranges aren't really for me, and I've found that their jeans tend to lose shape after a few washes.

    But for stuff like coats, jammies, kaks, socks, tights (especially tights - two quid for a pair of patterned tights, as opposed to eight or nine in other shops), baby clothes/presents and household stuff, Primark are second to none. They're not great for bras if you're at all (blush) well-endowed, but there's always Marksies for that with all the money you save at Primark.

    Plus, they have toiletries, makeup, scarves, gloves and costume jewellery from only a quid. I once picked up a pair of gloves, marvelling that it was only a quid on the price tag, to then see that for this quid there were actually two pairs of gloves modestly tagged together. This type of thing makes me very very happy.

  • 5.0 star rating

    As a girl, Primark is a total Godsend. If you need a belt, a pair of tights or a little top at the last minute before a night out then Primark is so handy to pop into.

    You can get such a great range of clothes here and in recent years Primarks reputation has really gone up.

    The clothes aren't going to last you for years, it's kinda throwaway fashion, but they offer some great style.

    In recent years they've been copying catwalk trends and have some really amazing pieces like little playsuits and chic trousers. They also have some super basic stuff like cardigans, jumpers and t-shirts.

    There are a lot of times you'll find yourself out complimenting someones style only to find that they got it in Penny's, for a fraction of what you thought it would cost.

    This store is always jam packed with people, so don't go in here for a casual browse. They also have a mens, childrens and homewares section where I recently picked up some good quality towels for a bargain.

    You just can't beat Primark.

    • Qype User Kingbl…
    • Belfast
    • 0 friends
    • 53 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    A keynote Belfast store.

    Cheap clothes shop - Primark is what it is.

    Staff will help if you are stuck but the word pro-active is not taught.

    Still, you get what you pay for - and you pay not much

    Always busy !

  • 3.0 star rating

    Primark is known as the 'budget' clothes shop in Belfast. It's got 3-4 floors catering for everyone from babies to their grandmothers. My main issue with it is the quality; as you would expect, it's not great. Having said this, the clothes are very pretty in it, mimicking High St fashion, and I am partial to them as well as their shoes.

  • 5.0 star rating

    My dearest Primark,

    Where would I be if it weren't for your cheap alternatives to the "latest High Street Fashion" that I see so much of as I wander the streets of Belfast in search of a new shirt to go to Rain? For you have provided me with some of the finest garments at such a low price, it seems almost illegal! Though your clothes often do not last as long as the hangover they seem to encourage, for £3 for a pair of shoes and t-shirts for £2.50, it is hard to look elsewhere when I need to get myself something that has not been stained beyond repair.
    Who cares if those "posh" people walk into a store which has three models in the window, collectively worth more than your entire first floor? They may be happy spending £60 on a pair of shoes or buying a 3 piece suit for £200 by some designer so famous you wouldn't know him if he slapped you! But you, my dearest Primark, have provided me with a suit for no less than £30 (shoes included) which leaves me with so much more money to spend on alcohol that the only flaw I can possible pick is that I cannot bring you home and rock you to sleep.

    So thank you Primark. Though your clothes may be discounted and cheap, you will never, ever take my drinking money away from me.

    Five stars

    • Qype User honey_…
    • Belfast
    • 18 friends
    • 64 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    Primark and I have a love/hate relationshipmostly hate but a little love. Love the cheap underwear. hate the clothes, hate the bad quality of material/stitching and HATE the masses of millies that swarm the floors. Not a place for the claustrophobic.

    • Qype User rookie…
    • Belfast
    • 3 friends
    • 26 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    You get what you pay for! The clothes are really cheap and the quality is not that great. Good for cheap t shirts and shirts for guys and accessories for women. Often is convenient for people to get a few bits and pieces before their holidays.

    As the clothes tend not to last too long it is probably the most sustainable place to shop.

    Always packed, so be prepared for a bit of push and shove at times!

    • Qype User Olive_…
    • Belfast
    • 2 friends
    • 15 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    Great for the basics and caual wear. I find some of there things don't wash very well but i suppose the clothes are much cheaper than some of the other hight street stores it doesnt really matter. Great throw away fashion so you can keep up to date with the fashions but dont have to break the bank.

    If your visiting primark my advise is get there early as it gets really really busy especially round lunch time!

    • Qype User piemun…
    • Belfast
    • 7 friends
    • 34 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    gotta love shops that are so cheap even the millies dont feel comfortable with it  never shopped there personally, but i think some of my clothes are from there, so all i can say is never trust thier sizes, and if you buy something make sure to send money to africa, as apparently its all sweatshops behind the scenes .

    • Qype User cherry…
    • Belfast
    • 2 friends
    • 67 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Cheap stuff and quality is not so good as wellnot much variety

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