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  • Churchill Square

    Brighton and Hove BN1
  • Phone number 01273 719526

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  • 4.0 star rating

    Generally, I find shopping in Brighton a stressful experience. It is always busy, you spend hours walking from shop to shop and usually go home with nothing. The only thing that makes it worthwhile is Pizza Fritta.

    Situated in a golden location outside Churchill Square, for a mere £2.10 you can purchase a large wedge of one of the best-tasting pizzas known to man. Cooked using real ingredients and with grease dripping off, the only downside is that it does tend to leave you a bit of a mess afterwards with sauce all over the place

    As well as pizza, they also do pasta and other Italian fare, but if truth be known I've never strayed away from the speciality so much do I enjoy it.

    Easily the best place in the centre of town to grab a bite to eat - especially if, like me, you can use it to justify going shopping

  • 4.0 star rating

    Mmm Mmm! Frittas never tasted so good!

      I'm a little disappointed that they've bumped the price of these babies up so much over the last couple of years... but I still keep buying them! In all honesty, I'm not sure what the other stuff they sell tastes like, but it all looks and smells amazing! If it were sold anywhere else, I'd probably have sampled it all twice over by now but every time I come here I ask myself:
    "Shall I try something new?... or just take one of these delectable Pizza frittas!!!"    Much scoughing ensues
      One of my friends loves this place so much that he'll buy himself TWO in one sitting! And yet he's still as thin as a clothes line!

      For anyone who doesn't know what a pizza fritta is: Its basically a special kind of pizza that has been folded in half, sealed shut and then fried to perfection! Its hardly going to win health food of the year, but it makes up for that with savoury tomato-ie goodness! Oh, and this place just so happens to have really nice and cool people working here too, so that's another winner. My tip would be to ask for extra serviettes when you get your order (which will be a fritta) as you'll need 'em... Trust me on that!

      If they'd stayed around the £2.50 mark like when I had my first, and if they didn't have a habit of exploding mozzarella all over your face, this place would get my fifth star easy!

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Ever wondered what that big food stand is in the centre of Churchill Square? It's called Pizza Frittaa and it sells Italian fast food. There is always a side of grease with every dish you order, but it's the kind of grease you can allow to permeate through you body and out of your pores from time to time without feeling too guilty. The Pepperoni Pizza Fritta is my personal favourite.

    Consisiting of heart-attack levels of fat, cheese, tomato sauce and, of course, pepperoni, all enveloped in a less-than healthy fried casing, it is a great filler if you've little time/cannot be bothered to walk more than 50m for food when sat out on the plaza. They also do pasta, Italian chips and pizza slices all priced between £2 and £4. Also, I would recommend you take a San Pelligrino orange juice drink. It's delicious and feels ever-so slightly healthier than a coke, because healthy food is a priority here! Cough, cough!

  • 4.0 star rating

    When I used to work a serious job, Pizza Fritta was my once-a-week lunchtime treat: overflowing with grease and cheese, there wasn't quite anything like a Pizza Fritta, although my body would generally punish me for days after! In all seriousness, the food served here is really great, classic pizza, pizza frittas (fried pizza), and excellent pasta. This is all available right outside Churchill Square, as good a place as any to grab a snack on the way home or on your general travels... although I have now taken this occasional stop-off down to a once-in-a-blue-moon treat: I don't think my skin could handle much more!

    The basic gist of Pizza Fritta is this: yummy, freshly made pizza and pasta, that they will gladly fry for you for extra grease content. If you don't go for the fried option, the pizza on its own is to a very high standard, as is the pasta. Prices are exceptionally good on all of these items, considering they all completely fill you up and are more than enough for a lunch-on-the-go. Just mind the frittas: they are prone to exploding in your face, or dribbling hot oil that never quite scrubs off all over your new work shirt...

    As food stalls go, Pizza Fritta is one of my favourites: simple, freshly cooked food that will fill you up in an instant, costs very little indeed, and is actually quite convenient to everywhere, thanks to be outside Brighton's biggest shopping centre. Next time you're in the area, try these guys out, just don't be surprised if the queue's a little long!

    • Qype User vince_…
    • Brighton
    • 3 friends
    • 73 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Finding an address for this shop is impossible, as its essentially a food shop on wheels outside Churchill square area. they do very nice pizza and other Italian food at low prices. I personally like the 'chips' which are cube shaped potatoes which a delicious seasoning coated on them. this place is very popular as its convenient and easy to eat (cutlery and plates provided of course).

  • 3.0 star rating

    Pizza Fritta is to Sicilian food what espresso is to Coffee. It's a little stall selling little portions of condensed flavour that draw you in with their smell and send you away feeling a bit weird and wondering how you just spent so much money on something so small. Still Like espresso I love it there are times when a super tasty little bite to eat is just what you need and the cost is definitely justified be the great flavour and speedy service. It used to be a habit of mine to swing by once every couple of weeks and pick up a vegetarian pasta Napoli which proved so consistently delicious I was hard pressed to try anything ells. Like the pizza side of things though it was a victim of a superfluous helping of cheese, but then if I was there it was because that was what I was after. Another charming feature about this place is that, due to the great scrapbook-esque artwork all around that outside of this little box, you just know straight away what this place is about from all angles.

    • Qype User MikeFa…
    • Brighton
    • 7 friends
    • 181 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Due mostly to its location, Pizza Fritta is a pretty satisfying if not superb Italian fast food stall. I have eaten here on numerous occasions and despite the high prices, I have to say it's much better than most fast food places you're likely to encounter. Firstly, it's much healthier than a McDonalds or BK. The pizzas and pasta dishes use a cheap but addictive tomato sauce that'll sit well with most people looking for a quick hunger-fix. I do have one complaint though: their heavy use of thick, salty cheese makes their dishes a little dehydrating. Other than that their dishes are usually pretty dam good. The cubed chips are quite nice but they get boring if not accompanied by some ketchup. Pizza Fritta is basically a decent alternative to most fast food places, however, it could be so much better. As the owners are currently in the process of re-branding and revamping the business it looks like it might soon be. With a few changes to their recipes they could properly jump on the healthy bandwagon and ride it all the way to the bank.

    • Qype User foodpr…
    • Lewes, East Sussex
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    there is one same shape trailer much bettet quality food in HASTINGS town center serving English breakfast in french baguette. super deliciouse.

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