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    ALWAYS A WINNER! one of my favourite modern art museums in the world. the building is great, the shop is great and the temporary exhibitions are always great. It easily competes with NYs MOMA.

    There is a great permanent section on industrial design with cards, motor bikes, computers and furniture designs. You are allowed to take as many photos as you like.

    Definitely worth a visit if you re into modern art. The other 2 pinakotheks are down the road but if there is a big temporary exhibition on you would easily need half a day only at this one.

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    I typically look for two things in art museums.

    1. Cat art (meaning art with a cat in it, not art made by a cat... unless they painted a cat... or self portrait, I guess).
    2. Nudes

    This museum didn't have a ton of either of those things, unfortunately, but it was still a decent hang for a couple hours... at a rate of roughly €12.

    If you're like me and are in to cat art, you can sleep soundly knowing that I took a photo of every piece of cat art in the museum (and then some, because that's allowed here) and added it to Yelp listing.

    The museum itself is impressive in size and design. I particularly enjoyed the optical illusion of the lower level stairs. We started at the top floor and worked our way around and down, which is how I'd recommend doing it... though you'll need to visit the basement first if you have any coats or bags as you're prohibited from bringing them into the exhibit part of the museum.

    There's no shortage of security in every room, so be prepared to feel monitored to a degree in which you may have never before been. Buncha hawk eyes up in here.

    They had some notable works from Salvador Dali, Picasso, Klimt, aaand those were pretty much the only artists I knew here, but admittedly I'm not a big fancy art person. I did really like these plates they had on the wall with various forms of painful happenings on them (see photos).

    The special exhibits were pretty boring, I thought. A collection of old furniture and computers along with this cardboard room just didn't do it for me. And I found myself constantly going back and forth saying to myself, 'This is art. This is art? This is art. This is art?' So be prepared to maybe view some questionable pieces and perhaps do the ole, "seriously? I could do that."

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    Sometimes I just don't understand modern art.  What is it about this particular yellow line on canvas that makes it spectacular?  Why are these sketches of circles in a notebook hanging in a museum?  Does the Pinakothek der Moderne have such pieces - yes.  Do I understand them - not at all!  But, this Pinakothek also has much more that I did enjoy and for that it gets 4 stars in my book.

    Yes, the modern art was crazy.  I walked through those rooms quickly and thought to myself "seriously?"  As a fledgling artist myself, it just floors me to see works hanging in such a prestigious museum that seem to take so little talent or imagination.

    But, the Moderne also has a surprisingly good selection of Expressionist works.  This is my favorite art category, so I was a happy camper!  When I lived in Munich, my absolute favorite museum was Lenbachhaus (when it reopens, it's definitely a must see!), but with it being closed for renovations, I thought it was doubtful I'd get my necessary dose of Blaue Reiter artists.  The Moderne came through for me.  There were Kandinskys.  There were some Matisses (not Blaue Reiter, but still colorful and fun).  And, then there were some works by Franz Marc (my personal favorite) that I had not seen in person before.  So, while I whizzed by the crazy modern stuff, I lingered in other rooms and visited a few paintings multiple times.  

    We also stopped in the cafe for a snack - decent food in a nice dining setting.

    My one minor irritation was the ticketing.  We bought tickets at the Neue that were good for both museums, but couldn't just use those at the Moderne.  Nope, we had to go to the ticket counter at the Moderne and turn in our stub to get a different ticket.  Why the hassle?  And, then showing that ticket wasn't enough to get by security; we had to affix these strange metal fobs to our clothing.  That whole thing seemed highly unnecessary.  But, I'd go back again in a heartbeat to see some of those artworks.

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    I went when on a sunday shortly after it first opened and it was free. I believe this may still be the case on Sundays.

    Some good exhibitions in some of the rooms. Great for a rainy sunday afternoon though.

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    Munich spoils itself with art museums--on the continent, it's second only to Paris. So when we first visited the PdM, we expected something good.  But I didn't expect the such a great building, nor exhibits which so demystified 20th century art.  The design section is a hoot.  The building is designed to make some quite extravagant spaces, in the best tradition of Munich museums. All three of the Pinakotheke are superb, but many assume that the PdM is the least distinctive of the three, and leave it off the list.  Don't.

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    that is a place not to miss if you are in munich and like art! although the entrance ticket is a bit too expensive

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