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Seared Scallops with Iberico Ham
Roasted Rabbit Fillet with Braised Leg

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  • 5.0 star rating

    Amazing dining adventure! I went there with 4 friends on a Saturday night and went for the 10 course tasting menu without wine pairings.

    While looking at the menu we were offered with a tuna tartare with potato and garlic croquette as "amuse-buche". Definitely a great start. The actual tasting experience started with quail poached egg served on a (really amazingl) asparagus cream. This first course made us understand we came to the right place.

    It followed a tuna tartare served with mini fried squid tentacles and basil velloute'. Again, an extraordinary preparation. (Only flaw in the evening, we had already been served tuna tartare before, I wouldn't expect such a repetition in a top notch restaurant like this).

    After the tuna we've been served white asparagus with garlic jelly, crab mayo and iberico ham. While the quality of each ingredient was astonishingly good, I found the iberico ham better tasted alone.

    The next course was poached and roasted sole with lemon grass mashed potatoes. The best course in the menu. Full stop.

    The fish was followed by veal fillet with garlic cream and mashed potatoes - definitely not disappointing.

    The cheese was  French Comte' and British Stilton - For the first time in my life a british cheese completely overcome France. It was followed by a "Tasting of lemon and blood orange" basically a layered dessert made with lemon sorbetto, orange jelly and lemon foam on top. Good stuff.

    Finally for dessert, we were served a chocolate crème with caramel sauce, salted peanut ice cream and chocolate jelly - which despite the "complex" description, was nothing particularly interesting, even though very well done.

    During the evening we were proposed with a broad selection of different breads, ranging from italian focaccia to a (superb) onion brioche.

    We order two bottle of wine (one for the starters, one for the mains and the cheese) and while we picked the first one ourself from the very well supplied wine list, we asked the sommelier for advice on the second one. He proposed the Madrian Baste 2010 with very good structure and the right level of tannins (the wine was left breathing in a decanter, as any wine with good body should).

    We finally asked for coffee, which was served with a selection of small pastry that I actually enjoyed more than the dessert.

    My overall sensation about the place: astonishing. Despite being quite expensive (we paid about 150£ each with service) it was worth it every pence. I strongly  recommend the pied-a'-terre to anyone looking for a fine dining experience in London.

  • 1.0 star rating

    So, here I am, the day after, and I feel like I would've enjoyed sitting on the sidewalk and lighting the 250 pounds on fire instead of having dinner at this place.

    See, I'm vegan.  But, we called ahead and fessed up and asked them if this was OK.  They said sure, no problem.  Indeed, they even advertise a vegetarian menu.  So, they at least appear to think outside of the box a bit.  Can't really lose, right?

    No.  Stop.  This line of thinking is wrong.  Here's what actually happened.

    I showed up and then proceeded to get served a tiresome and endless series of uninspired scraps they cobbled together from the edges of the kitchen.  I can't remember a single flavor, other than truffle oil somewhere.  Oh maybe some of the canapes had an herb fried into it.

    It was edible, but you don't come here for simply edible, do you?

    Indeed, this the lamest Michelin star dining experience I've ever had.

    Come to think of it, I've enjoyed every single vegan meal I've ever had at any steak house over this place.

    At some point someone in my party asked the waitress, after they served a course, "be honest, what we got is way better than what the vegan got, right?"  She froze, looked around nervously, smiled sheepishly and backed away without answering.

    Obviously, they were more than happy to charge the full price but phone in the work.  So, let this serve as an example of their values.  If they had any respect for their work they would've just been honest and said they couldn't accommodate me.  And I would've been more than happy to give this spot to someone else in my company and everybody would've won.

  • 5.0 star rating

    What a great dining experience! The food and services are both top notch. My friend and I went for the 7 course tasting menu. We started with chestnut and juniper gnocchi with chestnut and truffle veloute. It was very tasty and I can just take a whole bowl of the veloute sauce as a soup course. Next we have a pan-friend fillet of cod. For main, we had two types of lamb, slow cooked neck of lamb and nice piece of loin. I have to say the portion was quite generous. Another thing that is worth mentioning is the bread. The whole time when we were enjoying the differences courses, we were given several choices of tasty warm bread. My friend and I liked the bread so much, we totally ODed on it. So by the time we finished the main, we were ready to call it quit. However, we still have some more exciting surprises coming our way.

    I love the cheese course. The two types of cheese were great, but the killer was how the crackers were presented to us. The restaurant cracker holders custom made from olive tree. So this course was like a cool piece of art work presented on our table. Then for dessert, we had white chocolate tart what was more like a slice of creme brulee. Then there was petits fours, basically 4 little bites of chocolates and sweets. We thought we were done and our lovely waiter brought on several cute donut balls and some best tasting caneles.

    Be prepared to spend a solid 3 hours there to enjoy your meal. And expect great food and exceptional services. Highly recommend it.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Great restaurant with haute cuisine. I think nothing really stood out to be so amazing but it did everything you would expect from fine dinning - the setting is quite intimate so it is one if the nicer place to go as a couple. Go for tasting menu if you have space.

  • 2.0 star rating

    This Michelin one star, downgraded after a chef change from two stars, was eagerly anticipated on our one night in London, as we were returning home through London after Istanbul, Vienna, and Prague. A small restaurant, we were greeted by a somewhat confused hostess who had us walk around the two room restaurant to choose a table, unable to speak intelligibly in either English or French. We concluded later, when she brought a check to the table before we had even had our amuse bouche, that she may have been a bit handicapped and forgive her befuddlement.

    We sat for about 20 minutes before being greeted and given a menu, then another 10 before the requested carte des vins was brought. We wondered if we were invisible, though we could see each other and those around us. The back of my chair was repeatedly bumped by the servers who did not note the frequent encounters, so perhaps we were hard to see.

    The menu was not explained, the servers were too aloof and disinterested to convey any enthusiasm or information regarding the cuisine. The words they spoke were monotonous and the minimum needed to convey their message, robotic and disinterested rather than haughty or condescending. The first plates were introduced by a server who needs to learn how to enunciate; a brief course in elocution would have helped. It was not a language barrier, as I am conversant in English and French, but a service barrier.

    The white wine, a 2006 V. Dauvissat Forest Chablis, obviously just pulled from a refrigerator, was served at near ice cold temperature and took an hour of swirling and cupping in one's hands to warm to a temperature where it could be appreciated for the fine wine it was, and then it showed quite unevolved--as I suspect it had spent its entire post-bottling life in that cold refrigerator. By contrast, the 1999 L'Arlot Suchots was served at the perfect cellar temperature and showed quite nicely, but is not a blockbuster wine, more a wine of finesse and breeding.

    The food was quite good, presentation beautiful on lovely dinnerware/china, inventive combinations--I loved the langoustine/suckling pig combination, enjoyed the quail appetizer, and was quite taken with the partridge entrée, my first time eating that bird, served with a perfectly cooked small piece of foie. All courses were delicious, though dropped off as unceremoniously as if we were being served a quick breakfast at Denny's or The House of Pancakes. Timing was erratic, with brief and then long pauses between courses. We were given dessert menus and then sat for at least 30 minutes before being asked for an order.

    Service of 12.5% was added to the bill; I suspect most diners would not have been that generous given the option.

    The saving grace--beside quite excellent food--was the charming sommelier who asked where we were from and actually engaged us regarding the wines and restaurant. He had a quick smile, a lot of kindness in his voice and actions, and was so out of place with his interest in this otherwise disinterested restaurant.

    We won't go back. There are too many fine restaurants that welcome their guests and make them feel comfortable. In fact, this experience motivates me to register on Yelp and perhaps OpenTable to render my opinion to others. The fine cuisine of this restaurant is tarnished by the unmotivated, disinterested staff that should be summarily dismissed--with the exception of the kind sommelier.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Michelin stars

    We had a top-class evening out at Pied a Terre.  We ate from the a la carte menu and we were happy with all of our courses.  We were delighted with the warm and personable service throughout the whole evening.  It is a Michelin starred restaurant, so you expect to see a lot of bonus courses in the way of a bread selection, amuse bouches and petits fours at the end.  They did each of these very well.  The bill was a bit pricey, but for this experience I feel it was worth it.

    My first impression was that the tables were rather close together, but as the evening progressed, this didn't feel like an issue after all.

    The table had a bowl of nocellara olives which we grazed on while we were browsing the menus.  These are our favourite type of olives and when we had finished the bowl, they refilled it!  We chose a bottle of Sancerre from the extensive wine menu.

    The bread selection was very nice; a good variety.  My favourite was the treacle brown bread which had a nice burnt caramel taste.  I was careful to stop after three pieces because I didn't want to fill myself before the later courses.

    The amuse bouches were pea and fois gras parfait and mini croquettes.  The parfait was beautifully presented in a sea urchin shell.  The mini croquettes had an excellent crunchy coating.

    Morteaux Sausage Boudin with sauteed lamb sweetbreads, broad beans, girolles and a lamb and mint consomme.  This was very impressive. The consomme was intense. The sweetbreads were nuggets of joy and the small sausage was tender with a subtle flavour.
    Lobster with suckling pig glazed in honey, gremolata, romain lettuce and red mizuna. This was good, with an Asian twist. The salad dressing was refreshing and appetizing.

    Fillet of Pork with braised shoulder, sweetcorn, potato and parmesan gnocchi and shallot jus. The pork was tender and each corn kernel was juicy.  However, it did feel like a strange combination.
    Roasted breast of pigeon with hummus, smoked sardines, piquollo peppers and rosemary jus. The pigeon was cooked to my wife's liking, however it may have been better with crispy skin.  The meat was tender, but not as strong as duck.  It came with apricot which was a good pairing.

    After our mains, were were easily persuaded to have the cheese course.  This was one of the highlights of the evening.  The waiter talked us through all of the cheeses and their characteristics.  I wish I could remember all of their names!  We chose three of them: a hard cheese, an Italian cheese (a blend of cow, sheep and goat milk) and a camembert from Burgundy (very soft).  Our serving of cheese was presented with a "cracker tree": an interesting wooden ornament with slots for the crackers.

    We had a pre-dessert of fromage frais sorbet with black cherries.  A refreshing dish and an appropriate gear change from the cheese.

    White chocolate tart with poached apricots, fresh almonds and lemon thyme ice cream. The white chocolate was not as strong as I expected.  This was good because white chocolate can sometimes seem too sweet.  We liked the creme brûlée style glazing on top and the ice cream pairing was good.
    Mango Millefeuille with coconut mousse, lychee jelly and passionfruit icecream.  This was simply awesome! It looked like a great deal of work had gone into constructing it: the delicate layering and the arrangement of the mini sliced mango in the middle layer.

    To complete the evening, I had a Sauternes Pinard sweet wine and my wife had a pot of lapsing souchong tea.  The tea had a very nice smoky aroma.  The tea came with enough petits fours for both of us.  Then, when we had finished those, we got a bonus round of petits fours!  All different from the first batch.  This was unexpected and, of course, appreciated.

  • 5.0 star rating

    To appreciate this truly you really have to be of a foodie/snob. I say this only because the subtleties of the food are going to escape the palates of some people. It's impossible to recommend one dish as everything I have had has been outstanding. It's expensive and time consuming but worth every penny and every minute. If you are a Londoner or visiting, this is one place for a really sublime experience. Don't think about going on to the theatre afterwards as this is a complete evening in itself.

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 6/3/2009

    To celebrate the launch of Yelp in London, I'm opening my London account with Pied a Terre, where my sister brought me to celebrate my 40th birthday recently.

    The restaurant is in a area buzzing with nightlife, bars and restaurant and there is a world of comfort hidden behind the unassuming front door. Service on the phone was prompt and efficient and this was carried through to the restaurant. The atmosphere was refined but friendly and not stuffy despite the restaurant being only 1 of a few in the capital to hold 2 coveted Michelin stars. We even felt able to asak one of the waiters whether anyone ever told him that he looked like Thierry Henry (French soccer player) to whhich the answer was "Not today!"

    As is our habit with new restaurants, we went for the tasting menu, whicih allows us to sample more courses and the kitchen to showcase what it thinks are its best dishes.

    It was one of the best meals I had last year. I think chef Osborn's style can best be described as modern European with very European ingredients but given his own Pacific Rim twist. The flavours are clearly defined with a few surprises breaking through some classic flavour combinations.

    My favourite dishes were the scallop "ceviche" and the cumin crusted rump of salt marsh lamb. The scallops were so sweet and the kitchen didn't drown this important taste with too much acidity. The lamb was cooked to medium rare perfection, retaining its tenderness and moistness and was given a hint of Middle Eastern exoticism with the spicing.

    I had a lovely glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and my sister was very happy with her glass of white. The wine list looked impressive.

    I would be very happy to return for my 50th birthday!

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in Collecting Stars

    This Place has 2 Michelin stars? Really?

    i could see 1, but 2?!

    let me explain....

    I went for lunch last week with a friend. I'm normally the one who is always 10 minutes late, but this time i was the first to arrive. i was greeted warmly and they offered me either in the front part of the back. I picked a seat in the main part of the restaurant. It was a beautiful restaurant. Small, cosy, refined, beautiful. As i waited, i looked around at the other clientele and how the staff were with them. There was a table opposite me with a small child, who (at that point) was very well behaved. Their waiter, however was speaking so loudly and forcibly that I could understand every word he said. It felt so brass and out of place, but I shrugged and let it go.  

    My friend arrived, and this snooty, i suppose she was a Manager? came over to take our order.... literally 2 minutes after my friend had sat down. "We havent even looked," we say. For the next... 20 minutes... she ignores us. Finally we get her attention. We order off the lunch menu:

    "I'll have the Chicken -" me
    "The Poussin," she cuts me off, correcting me.
    "Yes," I say, "The Poussin. Followed by the Lamb."

    Ok, i can understand if the menu is in French and you're checking to make sure i understand which dish I'm ordered, but the menu is in English, in an English speaking country.

    My friend had Char followed by Cod.
    My dishes were better.
    In fact, The Poussin and the Lamb were outstanding. which both of the fish choices were alright, but nothing to write home about. The dessert, a pumpkin panne cotta, was light and delicious.

    Our other server, in contrast to the loud one i had seen with the other table, was so quiet and mumbled his words so we frequently had to ask him to repeat himself.

    One amazing thing: The Bread. AMAZING. Treacle Bread with butter... yum....

    So, the moral of this story: it was good, but the service was lack luster and the food wasnt outstanding. Maybe i'm becoming a snob. Maybe they were just having an off day.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This is a tough one. I was really excited to go here, having heard great things from friends and colleagues, and being pleased by the menu. I had heard equally fantastic thoughts about L'autre pied (their sister restaurant - I have not been there), and so thought this should be an amazing meal.

    The venue is quite beautiful. Courteous staff provide proper yet comfortable service in a small, well lit room. I didn't find the booth to be very comfortable, but that's ok. The wine list was very impressive, and we ordered the least expensive Chateauneuf-du-pape with great success.

    We did the tasting menu, hoping to get the most complete experience. Everything was nicely made and beautifully presented, but nothing was really inspiring or memorable. The foie gras, which I looked forward to most, was properly cooked, but, again, just sort of plain and flat. Best course was the lamb, beautifully prepared and well seasoned, and the only memorable flavor for me, other than the petits fours.

    I give full credit for their petits fours, especially the macaroons. These proved those most lasting impression for me, and about the only thing that would bring me back (I wish they sold them on their own). As before, everything was beautiful, and I cannot say anything was done improperly, but for a Michelin two-star charging ninety pounds for a tasting menu, I can't say I walked out happy. I regard it as a one-star, based primarily on the refined service and setting, coupled with the competence of the cuisine, but to get to two, I think a smattering of inspirational flavors should be required, and I think I should leave wanting to return, which I didn't.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Posh Nosh

    The first thing I noticed about this small but welcoming Michelin starred restaurant was the complete absence of music. It was so quiet, especially as we were amongst the first to arrive for dinner.

    We started with cocktails at about £13 a pop with a few olives to nibble on. Because we only had a 2.5 hour slot we were denied the opportunity to even peruse the tasting menu so we instead went with the 2 courses for £60. My tuna starter was tasty but the accompanying vegetables and extras on my plate were so crunchy and squeaky the noise was deafening. Still, it came with sliver leaf all over it, and although I can''t really say how silver tastes exactly - it did provide a certain wow factor.

    For main I had guinea fowl, which was delicious. Followed by a very impressive chocolate dessert and beautiful petit fours at the end. We were also treated to some mini courses inbetween courses - a pre stater, pre main and pre dessert.

    The sommelier was great. Bringing us wine based on a description as well as keeping the cost down.

    At the end we were shuffled upstairs to the bar for coffee and almost forgotten about. Until then it had been a very smooth evening with staff being very attentive. Up here though, we couldn't seem to find anyone who could get us the bill. Eventually it arrived and all I can say, is thank god I wasn't paying...

    This place is fine dining in London and is amazing food. I feel 4 stars may be a bit harsh as it's far better than other places I'd give the same rating to. However, for this price I think they could have done a little more to make our evening end positively as opposed to slightly frustratingly.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Quite a good experience, though pretty pricey for what it is.  The food was all very solid and expertly, but nothing stood out as extraordinary.  In particular, the kitchen seems to have an expert handle on cooking fish - both the scallops and halibut were perfectly cooked.

    We had the 10 course tasting with wine, and it definitely cost a pretty penny.  It was a celebration of some good news at work, so I didn't mind splurging, but I think there are a lot of places where one can find better value in  the city.

    One major plus was the service, who were really quite friendly for a French establishment!  With our wine service, the Sommelier had us play "guess the wine".  It was fun & not intimidating, and I think I learned more about wine and focused more on it than if I had been just told "this is X from Y, next is A from B, etc"

  • 5.0 star rating

    We had a fantastic meal here in June 2013 and we're still talking about how it was probably the best meal of our lives (to date). The 10 course tasting menu was delicious, and when we exceeded our time slot for the table (which we knew about before-hand), we took our drinks upstairs, where we enjoyed our dessert.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    A very fine restauant where the food is always the best you have had for ages.
    Worthy of any excuse if you can afford it. If you can get more than 6 people they will usually let you have a room to yourself. The wines are a bit daunting, and the wine list is exceptionally good, but there is always a Portugese red or simmilar that is very good and it's the cheapest wine! Look also to Alsace.
    And at the end you get to pig out on the petite fleurs. The staff always make you feel welcome and relaxed and take a genuine interest in your enjoyment & comfort and you feel they are rewarded too.
    Marcus Eaves has settled in and simply shines!
    A great place to 'destroy' the afternoon when you need a break.

  • 5.0 star rating

    My boss took me here when we were in London and what can I say but WOW?

    Seriously. Awesome. Food.

    The chef is this young Aussie guy who is extraordinarily creative

    One of the best meals in my life.

    Now to get back to London.

    (Putting on dream cap )

    • Qype User susi1_…
    • London
    • 5 friends
    • 42 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I loved it! I went here with my friend for lunch and we both were super excited. The friendliness of the staff, the presentation and the food was just wonderful. As usual in nice places like this you get a lot of extras like freshly baked bread with sea salted butter, amuse bouche and for coffee pralines, cakes...

    If you dont have a lot of money but a passion for food, then come for lunch. 3 course was 25£ which is a bargain compared to what quality food you will get.

    • Qype User TheHap…
    • London
    • 34 friends
    • 40 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Full review on thehappinessprojectlondo…

    We had the tasting menu  the second ever time I've done this. At 10 courses, it was really far too much (I felt sick on the tube home from being over-stuffed) but it was the most exciting gastronomique experience of my life so far. The amuse bouche themselves were incredible, including a ginger foam thing that bubbled in the mouth and was so good I giggled. Starters included marinated Scallops with Brandade Mousse, Cauliflower and Truffle Salad, Lemon Oil and Baby Wood Sorrel  I'm allergic to scallops but they managed to make me something even better. Mains included cod and venison and the puddings seemed to go on forever. We loved the coffee and petit fours at the end (if only we could eat, or see, properly  see below). I don't regret doing the tasting menu  it was a wonderful experience and the food was original, experimental and delicious - but next time, I'd like to order a la carte.

    We also did the wine flight with this menu which meant a new wine for every course. The glasses are about half full, but still I was pretty tipsy by the end and the last few courses were a little hazy. However, it was really fun guessing the wine, there were some really interesting choices, and the whole experience sent us into giggling schoolchild mode.

    I loved how the chef and wine sommellier were both Aussies  shows how good Australian cuisine has become, meant that there was a lot of experimental cooking, and that the wine choices were eclectic - New World and non-French European as well as some good French wines. I loved how the French aristocrats asking the nationality of the chef were shocked  ha! It is also unlike other Michelin-starred restaurants, as you can book it through toptable.

    First downside is the money  if you do choose the taster menu plus wine flight, you're looking at around £170 each  ouch. Second downside is that it was filled with Eurotrash and bankers, and the atmosphere wasn't great even on a Saturday night  it didn't seem full of regulars or the cool crowd like the River Cafe

    • Qype User Jonla…
    • London
    • 4 friends
    • 103 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I was surprised at the size of the dining room, but the intimate atmosphere was a nice change. We ate early, with a 6:30 booking, and were the first in the restaurant, but it started to get a little busier after about 45 minutes and was packed by the time we left.

    The staff went out of their way to accommodate a fussy eater in our party (coming up with a complete main course that wasn't even on the menu) and the food was very, very good.

    Fairly rich, French-style cooking, though that's to be expected, but still very enjoyable. Delicious bread (and very nice to see them offering more once we'd finished our first (and second, and third, and fourth!) portions and attentive service, though the white wine could have been put on ice by the end of the meal.

    Dinner service wasn't cheap, but some of the lunchtime and special offer menus look extremely good value for money.

    • Qype User Gastro…
    • London
    • 7 friends
    • 34 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    This is a great restaurant producing superb cuisine with excellent service.

    It is in my view one of the best restaurants of it's type in the UK an equal to The Square and Gordon Ramsey at Royal Hospital Road.

    One feels that each dish hs been carefully developed and constructed like a fine oil painting - everything on the plate has a purpose and contributes to the whole.

    The wine list is vey well chosen with a particulary good selection of red Burgundies.

    • Qype User Lulu_r…
    • Frankfurt, Germany
    • 8 friends
    • 62 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I celebrated my birthday here just before it gained its Michelin status and had an outstanding meal as did my fellow diners. Highlights included a rabbit dish which truly showed what varied flavours can be gained from the succulent and versatile meat, and a crisp skinned, perfectly executed sea bass dish.

    The atmosphere is chic, elegant, but without being unwelcoming. Prices have risen slightly since the Michelin status was awarded, but this is to be expected and standards have not slipped since my first visit.

    • Qype User naomik…
    • London
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    • 2 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    This place is something special!!!! The food was heavenly especially the venison! Service impeccable and atmosphere lovely.

    Can't wait to go back!!!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I had the 10 course vegetarian meal, and it was exceptional!  Vegetables are definitely not an afterthought here.  Wine pairing were also very good.  They had some surprising wines from South America mixed in with a some NZ and European selections.  Service was impeccable.  Price seemed a little high, but within reason given the quality, size, and setting.

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 8/2/2011

    I had already tried the sister restaurant "L'autre pied" and had loved it. Very cosy, charming staff and very nice food. It was time to upgrade and try the mothership :) And it was worth it! I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch there!

    - the restaurant itself is quite small, but it's charming. Very cosy and classy interior that gives it a soft atmosphere. It's made with a lot of taste, makes you feel comfortable, with a few touches of color here and there.

    - the staff is smily and very nice. They are not overwhelming, but still very attentive and eager to make sure you are enjoying yourself. The sommelier was especially fun and friendly, joking with us about the wine.

    - the food! BRILLIANT! we had the lunch menu. It started with a choice of butter (salty or not) and bread (the parmesan is to die for!), then mise-en-bouches (the gnocchi with tomato and parmesan was so yummy!!!). I had the prawn carpaccio with apples and sesame as a starter. Very surprising, but in a positive way. When it came, I wasn't sure what I had ordered. But it tasted very nice. An unusual, but pleasing combinations of flavours. Maybe a little too heavy on the sesame side for me. Then I had the rabbit. It was DELICIOUS. So tender. So packed with flavours. And the red spanish wine I had, was stunning with it. Then came the pre-dessert, a sweet lemony light creme/mousse. Refreshing. For dessert, I had the mascarpone & nectarine tart. I need the recipe. It was heavenly good. Fresh, rich and crispy. And finally, the petits fours to end this feast (my fav was the cannele, still warm from the oven!).

    - the manager must be a smart & kind person. A 2-stars michelin restaurant that offers a £23 lunch menu (starter+main) is beyond great! The whole experience of a high-class restaurant, with incredible creativity and yum-factor deserves a big warm hug. It allows everyone to experience the worlds of haute cuisine, and this is something to be noted :)))

    • Qype User faithc…
    • London
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    • 11 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Lovely food, prepared according French tradition and recipes  I've never been to France so I can't guarantee if they're authentic or not but the food is delicious. The place has an unique classy feel and I can honestly recommend it.

  • 5.0 star rating
    4/1/2012 Updated review
    1 check-in

    Round 4: Seared Duck Foie Gras with Glazed Endive, Pumpkin and Orange Purée, White Balsamic Gel
    My biggest worry with foie gras is that instead of rich meatiness you get overwhelmingly oily tastes. Not so here. The foie gras was full of high notes conjuring images of luxury and decadence. After all, there are few dishes as decadent as foie gras, even the saying the name makes you feel a bit elite. This was well supported by the full mouth feel of the dish. The glazed endive provided the necessary crunch although I couldn't see an easy way to cut it and popped it in my mouth alone. Tasty, but lacking the ability to tie in with other elements. The puree was a bit random and again tasty but without any real link to everything else. In addition, the bread provided with the foie gras was woefully insufficient. Overall, individually the elements were brilliant but this is a case where the whole is less than the sum of the parts.

    Round 5; Poached Fillet of Halibut with Wet Walnut Crust, Sautéed Jerusalem Artichokes and Lovage
    This might have been one of my favourite dishes on the menu. The fish was cooked perfectly and just on the right edge of done which resulted in a moist offering that melted in your mouth. Again, good contrasting textures provided by the walnut crust (what a wet crust is and how it differs from a dry crust I don't know) and sautéed artichokes. I normally see asparagus with this type of dish but the artichokes provided the same flavor group while changing the visual lines of the plate. The fish is a longish line and asparagus continues this trend whereas the artichokes provide a more circular design that was visually pleasing.

    Round 6: Loin of Berkshire Venison with Golden Cauliflower, Glazed Herefordshire Snails and Red Wine Jus
    I love venison. I love the rich gamey flavor and the tenderness of the meat. This didn't disappoint and the seared loin was perfectly done. It's easy to overcook or undercook venison and leave it just too tough to easy eat. This was tender enough to cut with a butter knife (and the wickedly sharp curved blades provided for the course had no problem at all) and full of juicy goodness. However, as good as the meat was, it paled in comparison to the flavours of the jus. I even asked for more bread to mop it up. I did my best to behave in a posh manner as befitting the restaurant, but sometimes you just gotta go for it and wipe your plate clean.

    Round 7: Cheese selection
    We were given a selection of 3 cheeses. One was a mild goat's cheese, one a fairly middle of the road cow's milk cheese, and a sharp blue stilton. A selection of crisp flatbreads were provided which are not very tidy or really suitable for cheese. The goat's cheese was spectacular and I could have had that all night. The cow's milk cheese was fairly unmemorable and the stilton a bit much given the richness of the dishes so far. One of my friend's didn't want cheese and they graciously replaced it with a  treacle tart that had me a bit jealous. I was a bit disappointed we weren't able to choose from a selection of cheeses but overall it was perfectly adequate.

    Round 8: Pumpkin Panna Cotta with Confit Clementines and Orange Consommé
    I've got to say I've never had a better panna cotta before. This was smooth and creamy and you could lose yourself in the silkiness of the dish. The clementines were a clever element and tied in nicely with the orange consommé. Needless to say we scraped our dishes clean.

    Round 9: White Chocolate Crème Brulée with Blackberries and Lemon Leaf Ice Cream
    The crème brulée was likewise soft and silky although I didn't get much of the white chocolate flavours. The tart blackberries provided a good contract from the sweetness of the brulée. The ice cream was nice but nothing special. At this point we were stuffed but the end was almost upon us.

    Round 10: Coffee and petit fours
    At this point, you need an espresso just to make it out of your seat. The coffee is good (not on par with Paris but close) although I fear they slightly burned the beans in ours. The petit fours (there are four of them nicely done) range from delicious to horrendous but I imagine that depends on your tastes (I personally don't like fruit gel filled chocolates) so I won't comment too much more on them.

    Hmm, well if you've made it this far, some other thoughts for you. I would say this was worth the price tag for the food. The atmosphere is quite relaxed so while good for catching up and perhaps a date, it's not the ideal spot if you plan on going out afterwards as you tend to be a bit sleepy by the end. Also, given the small size, if you are a bit loud you will dominate the scene. We were joking around as was the table behind us so we didn't notice it for a while. But when we took a break to eat at the same time as the other table, the restaurant was deathly quiet which highlighted the fact everyone else probably knew exactly what we were discussing. Good wine list - I'm outta space!

    5.0 star rating
    28/12/2011 Previous review
    This is one of the few Michelin starred restaurants that live up to the vaunted standard, at least… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    We had an outstanding dinner here last night, as part of an early birthday present for my husband. We did the tasting menu with the wine accompaniment, which took around 4 hours or so, including the kir royales and olives at the beginning. We were seated in the small 4-table area at the front of the restaurant, and the service felt very personal and attentive the entire time. Doing the wine pairing was particularly fun, since the sommelier/waiter would have us eat a bit of the meal and drink a bit of the wine before he would reveal the region and name of the wine (each wine came from a different country). It sounds like that could be a little irksome, I know, but it was actually a great experience, with some easy guesses and some tough ones.

    In addition to the olives, we started with four amuse bouche, three cold and one hot. The flavors ranged from salty to sweet, which was a nice contrast.  Our first course was "Pickled Cornish Mackerel with Shaved Fennel Salad, Roasted Baby Beetroots, Beetroot and Balsamic Gel," paired with (spoiler alert) a 2009 Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire. The mackerel completely tasted of the sea, while the earthy, sweet beetroot balanced the dish. The fennel was very subtle, and the balsamic gave it all a nice tang.

    Next, we had "Pan-Fried Scottish Scallops with Baby Artichokes, Gremolata, Iberico Ham, Lemon Verbena Jus Gras," paired with a 2010 Gruner Veltliner (Hasel). This dish really upended my tasting expectations! I love Iberico Ham, but sometimes find it a bit "fishy." Here, that fishy flavor fit in with the butter notes on the scallops, and the tartness of the lemon verbena. The "Seared and Poached Foie Gras with a Ragout of Borlotti Beans, Fresh Peas, and Sauternes Consomme," with a 2009 Ribeiro (Vino do Campo) was next. This dish also screamed "French classic" from the menu, but was invigorated by the little touches of the chef. The foie gras was seared to perfection, and the beans and peas (in particular) brightened up the dish and balanced the heaviness of the foie gras.

    The fourth course was "Pan-fried Monkfish with Morels, Baby Leeks, and Liquorice Sauce," with a 2009 Viognier-Chardonnay (Qupe, from CA), and the fifth course was "Roasted Gressingham Duck Breast, Red Chard, Fresh Almonds, Cherry and Thyme Sauce," with a 2005 Quinto do Seival (from Brazil!). Both dishes were tender and rich, and the Brazilian wine was quite a surprise.

    Now we were in the home stretch - cheese, desserts, and petit fours. The only disappointment with the cheese course is that the cheeses were chosen for us, rather than letting us select from the awesome-looking cheese board. The wine to accompany the cheese was a 2008 Bonarda Cinco Tierras from Argentina. The first dessert was a tart and sweet "Strawberry and Yoghurt Mousse with Fromage Frais Sorbet and (teeny tiny) Wild Strawberries" (with a 2008 Malvasia Colli Piacentini from Italy), and the second dessert was a sweet and tart ;^) "White Chocolate Creme Brulee with Kentish Raspberries and Lemon Leaf Ice Cream" (with a 2008 Mulderbosch Sauv Blanc). Both desserts captured the fresh flavors of summer, with a nice rich counterpoint, sort of a dressed-up strawberries and cream. The meal then finished with coffee and tea and a tray of petit fours, all of which were little works of art. The nougat was my favorite, but all of the tiny tarts were so nice, too.

    I wish that I could come back here every week, it was so outstanding.

  • 5.0 star rating

    It is the best food experience I have ever had. The room is intimate without feeling small and the atmosphere is relaxed with a perfect setting of Jazz and background lighting. The staff were attentive and prompt but not intrusive. We ordered our three courses, but what with everything else they bring you, it turned out to be more like 7 courses. But despite this extravagance, at the end I did not feel like I had over eaten. Afterward we relaxed upstairs in the plush bar. A first class experience, with the only negative I can say is that it did not come cheap.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Perfect for a Michelin Star restaurant lunch... with clients!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    One of the best, intimate restaurants in the UK. My partner and I first ate here over a year ago; we were turned away by another well-rated restaurant in the area because we had no booking. Pied A Terre welcomed us even at 10:00pm and we had a fantastic meal. Food is exquisitely prepared, there are lovely between course treats (really works of art) and the service is as professional as it gets in the UK. Expensive but worth every penny for the very special occasion

  • 5.0 star rating
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    Deep wine list with lots of great Burgundies and Rhones. Great service.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is the best tasting menu I've had in London so far. It's french and two star Michelin rated. This is the first restaurant while in London that I have eaten everything, like licked my plate clean everything (except I didn't finish the brie because I was trying to pace myself for dessert). The service is impeccable as well. Here is what I had:

    They offered me juice after I declined the wine so I went with tomato and got it spicy. It tasted and felt like I was drinking shrimp cocktail sauce. Which isn't bad if I'm sipping it, but I usually gulp down tomato juice pretty quick so my first taste was very powerful.

    Selection of Canapes - Beautiful presentation and it tasted as good as it looked. I'm not sure what I ate, but it was all fantastic. I spilled about 3 eggs of caviar onto the bottom charger plate (the one thats there for decoration, that you never actually eat off of) and they instantly changed it to a new clean one.

    Bacon roll - wow what a great bread selection. Of course I had to get the bacon roll! It looked like a mini cinnamon roll, minus the frosting and with bacon sprinkled on top instead of cinnamon. And to make this moment even more epic for me, a newlywed Chinese couple just sat and they have british accents! I still can't get used to asian people with british accents.

    Yellowtail Tare Tare - delicious! Had crunchy stuff on top and was seasoned differently than most restaurants yellowtail. It was a great change.

    Scallops with purple cauliflower - It was good for scallops (sorry scallop lovers out there, I just think they always taste plain)

    Pan Fried Foie Gras on top of one big piece of ravioli filled with beans and bits of bacon. On top of the foie gras was crispy tempura-esque veggies. They poured a consume on top and it just made the dish. I think this is the best foie gras dish I've ever had.

    John Dory encrusted with green powder topped with fennel foam and squid on the side. - It was good, a little plain.

    Lamb - It had those tiny tart red european fruits in it along with some kind of tasty sauce. The fruit added a little zing that brought the dish together very nicely.

    Cheese - two kinds (didn't catch the name of the first one and brie) came with these awesome paper thin crackers.

    Blueberries wrapped in cantaloupe with ice cream and sweet thick lime juice poured on top. It was sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds that just made it crazy good. Wish this dish was bigger.

    Bitter sweet chocolate tart, ice cream and macadamia nut cream, plus two macadamia nuts (caramelized on the outside). Loved it!

    green tea(I don't drink coffee) and petits fours - wow 6 little treats and I took them all down. It always came with this paper thing sweet crispy things. I don't know what they are or called, but they go perfectly with tea.

    I never do the wine tasting with the menu because I'm such a light weight, but hearing the other people in the restaurant, it seems like a good one here. They make it a guessing game for you. They don't tell you what kind and where its from until the end of the course. So if you are a wino you should go for it.


    • Qype User danlhe…
    • Hastings, East Sussex
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    4.0 star rating

    One of the best meals I have ever had. Give yourself plenty of time, let your bank manager know you are going and don't hold back.

    • Qype User jontre…
    • London
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    • 18 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    It is the best food experience I have ever had. The room is intimate without feeling small and the atmosphere is relaxed with a perfect setting of Jazz and background lighting. The staff were attentive and prompt but not intrusive. We ordered our three courses, but what with everything else they bring you, it turned out to be more like 7 courses. But despite this extravagance, at the end I did not feel like I had over eaten. Afterward we relaxed upstairs in the plush bar. A first class experience, with the only negative I can say is that it did not come cheap.

    • Qype User michae…
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    5.0 star rating

    Amazing restaurant. The food is exquisite and the kind you can't get anywhere else. The service is subtle but attentive. The atmosphere is intimate. I've been to the best restaurants in London including Marcus Wareing and Gordon Ramsay and this is still my no.1 restaurant. Been there 3 times, hoping to go there again soon!

    • Qype User rpj…
    • Gillingham, Medway
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    5.0 star rating

    For her birthday, my wife wanted to have dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant. As Pied a Terre has two, we decided to book there. We were not dissappointed.

    The food was exquisite, in both flavour and presentation. For me, my starter of quail breasts stood out slightly over my main of lamb, whereas my wife preferred her main of monkfish over her starter of scallops. These preferences were relative of course - it was all of the highest quality.

    We agreed that It was with the desserts that the restaurant excelled itself though. My hazelnut mousse was simply the best dessert I've ever tasted, and my wife had similar feelings about her chocolate tart, a signature dish of the chef, Shane Osborn.

    Top marks too to the sommelier for his wine recommendation, and the service was amazing. Watching the choreography of it was almost as much of a treat as the food!

    • Qype User Ob1Ken…
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    4.0 star rating

    This is my new favourite London restaurant. Went with my wife for her birthday. Had the taster menu and asked for wines to compliment them as part of the experience.

    Food was perfection itself- beautifully presented, wonderfully tasty and obviously cared for ! Wines they suggested were also perfect and all round service fantastic, attentive without being intrusive. Worthy of their 2 stars and will certainly go back although rather expensive at £200+ per head.

    The booking arrangements and providing card details is I know becoming more common amongst such restaurants but doesn't mean I have to like it as immediately implies no trust in relationship.........otherwise a great expereince

  • 5.0 star rating

    I am chagrined that it has taken me so long to get around to writing this review.  Trust me when I say that hardly a day goes by when I don't think about the wonderful dining experience we had at Pied a' Terre last summer, and that every high-end restaurant we have patronized since has suffered in comparison.  To explain:  My husband, daughter and I from Los Angeles and my sister and her husband from Chevy Chase Maryland came together in England last June to attend Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot.  While the races were the primary reason for the trip (and did indeed totally live up to expectations), I was tasked with finding marvelous things to do during the week leading up to the main event.  At this point I don't recall how I came across Pied a' Terre but WOW!  We all agree that our lunch was one of the very best dining experiences we all have ever had - which as frequent world travelers and diners is actually saying something.  The food was exquisite, but what really set the experience apart was the phenomenal service.  I have written only two restaurant reviews in my life - and the one I wrote before this was for a highly touted "celebrity" spot in Los Angeles.  While the food there was good, the service was beyond terrible and hence the experience was spoiled and certainly not worth the cost.  Quite the opposite was true here.  Although we were clearly "tourists" and hence unlikely to return any time soon, the restaurant staff treated us like royalty.  The amount of pleasure this added to the meal and the experience is incalculable.  As said, this was one of the very best dining experiences ever, and we will be forever grateful.  Bravo!

  • 4.0 star rating

    My first London Michelin Star dining experience. (Lunch) The prix fixe menu was nice however I requested a vegetarian option. Neither main appealed to my palate today however the vegetarian option was a hit. (sometimes can be a miss since it's mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms) Not that I don't like them, just too much of a good thing rule. Anyway, our reservation was at 1pm... we departed at 4pm and yes, this was a work luncheon. Sooooo... on a Friday this wasn't too big of a deal however it'd been nice if they would have recognized that we would have like to kept things at a bit of a timelier pace. The food was very nice. Our canapés came out right away, a goats cheese pastry accompanied by fried croquette and mushroom. My meal consisted of a delightful risotto and truffle topped with spinach and Romano cheese. ABSOLUTELY delicious! The main arrived and honestly I was quite disappointed. Of course it was presented beautifully and taste just fine but purple broccoli and roasted onions in a cream sauce left me longing for a bit more. Thank goodness their breads are fantastic. The walnut wheat is by far my favorite. As for wines we selected a nice South African Chenin Blanc as well as a New Zealand Riesling for those who appreciate a sweeter taste. A nice palate cleanser arrived with lemon oil base over a sorbet covered by a unique pink gel. I failed to catch what it was called but it was good. The dessert arrived, a panna cotta sandwiched between a shortbread topped with a light cinnamon ice cream. It was nice however the "congealed" texture of this panna cotta was a bit odd. It giggled like Jell-o (a popular and inexpensive American gelatin product.) Once we finished our cafe, espressos and teas arrived along with some parting sweets... all quite tasty however we were "done" and ready to depart. The private room we were in was warm. I'm totally an ambience person and my first impression of this room was 1980's board room. I expected Joan Collins to sashay in with broad shoulder pads and strike a pose. The leather chairs were in horrible shape. Personally I'd be embarrassed to serve anyone in my house if my furniture looked that way. After our 3 hour lunch my feeling was it's good and I'd return but keeping a few things in mind. Also, my colleague told me they have a wonderful tasting menu in the evenings. It's on the list to try again however it'll be planned as an event, not just dinner. So in the end this American Southerner says, bon appetite, y'all!

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is one of those meals that comes along very rarely, a perfect storm of excellence.  The welcome was warm, and service is friendly but professional and almost preternaturally efficient.  The room is subdued but very comfortable and pleasant.  We had the tasting menu, in which every bite was exceptional, beginning with little extras like a round of amuses that included a delightful foie gras sandwich and smoked salmon (among others).  Every dish on the tasting menu was a highlight unto itself, but among the most heavenly plates were foie gras (perfectly seared) paired with an ethereal passionfruit coulis and a lamb shoulder (super tender) with a pea puree that rocked my culinary world.  An asparagus veloute, scallops done almost sashimi style, a velvety chocolate "cake" and even the cheeses were exceptional.  And the petit fours at the end were gorgeous and tasted even better.  It's not a cheap meal, but if any meal is going to be worth it, this one surely was.  This is a kitchen that has great respect for quality ingredients, and then elevates them.  If you love food, get out those credit cards and come running.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Came here for valentines and it was awesome! Great little venue, very cosy yet cool ambience. Albeit dining here a while ago (menu has changed), I do remember that I couldn't really fault any of the dishes. Up there with one of my all time fav restaurants.

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