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  • “I was recently here for an event sponsored by Gran Patron (http://london.blog.qype.com/?p=149) . It's a private members club featuring quite possibly the most incredible views of London.” in 5 reviews

  • “The British Museum from my angle of view looked spectacular!” in 3 reviews

  • “Whisked through the silent vast lobby, a porter programmes the lift to stop at the bar/restaurant on the 31st floor.” in 5 reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Awesome place to go to see London from above. Great to take friends who are visiting the city.

    We went for a drink after a meal. At first there were no tables and the bar area was busy so we thought we'd just hang out in the "viewing gallery" without ordering a drink (yes, it's very easy to just go there and pretend you're a customer if you're penniless and just want to enjoy the view/atmosphere), but after a mere 5 minutes a couple left so we sat down in some very large armchairs in a secluded are.

    Cocktails were good. My negroni was a little too bitter for my liking, but Frenchie's watermelon and mint cooler was perfect.
    Service was so-so. The receptionist and the waitress who took my payment were both charming, but the waitresses who took our orders were slightly rude and very unhelpful, offering no advice on choosing drinks.
    The price (for cocktails) is reasonable for London (a little over £10), but they lack variety with only a small list to chose from.

    Overall, a great place to take friends / impress dates if you take them there for a drink after dinner/lunch without spending much over £20.

    (Oh and did I mention the view?)

  • 2.0 star rating

    My encounter with the Paramount is one wherein I was left with the impression that the establishment feels confident enough in the view they don't feel the need to try any longer when it comes to service. It is a shame that I had such an abysmal time with the service since the views truly are beautiful and drink selection so impressive (all be it mediocre food offerings). I think there are other restaurants offering comparable views with better food and service. I'm not likely to return.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Drinks - yum! What a great and innovative drink selection. Everything was really good; my favorite was the Leftside with balsamic vinegar. Very good.

    Service - nice service. The views are AMAAZING

  • 5.0 star rating

    Ever wanted to feel like Don Draper sipping a cocktail high above the London skyline? Well now's your chance.....

    Paramount is a spectucular bar and restaurant at the top of the Centre Point building offering the best 360-degree views of London.

    I first started coming here a few years ago for business meetings with clients, which I was very grateful for, as the the bill can become ridiculous!

    Paramount is nothing short of stunning. As you arrive and confirm your reservation you are guided into the elevator and taken to the restaurant/bar on the 32nd floor. I don't know anyone who's jaw doesn't hit the floor the first time they walk in. The place is über-cool with stylish yet modern art deco furnishings.

    The best time to come is around sunset as you get to enjoy the views of London in the daytime and at night. I love it here in the evening when the lighting is low and soft music playing in the background. The views aside, it's definitely a Mad Men moment!

    The food in the restaurant is a selection of different European dishes with options available whatever your preferences. My favourite dish has to be Braised Oxtail with Foie Gras, Creamed Potatoes & Roasted Root Vegetables. Not only is it exquisite but I haven't found it this good anywhere else and with all tables turned towards the windows, no meal is enjoyed without breathtaking views of the city below.

    The bar is the perfect place to come for a few cocktails with good friends as they do outstanding cocktails. My favourite cocktail has to be the one called El Corazon, which includes Herradura Blanco tequila, green Chartreuse, lime juice, seasonal berries and a touch of black pepper. A great drink but try not to be sick, it's hotter on the way out, which I found out the hard way!

    Everything is pretty pricy, but you could just come for drinks only shortly after a pay day and hopefully you won't be delving too far into your rent money and leave yourself eating ramen noodles for the rest of the month.

    The staff are friendly and very helpful. Considering the amount you're spending you hope they would be right? I would always love it when I would turn up greeted with, 'back so soon Mr D, your table is ready', but I was unable to come here as often as I used to once I had to pay for myself!

    Trust me. It's totally worth it. There's a reason why A-list celebs from all over the world frequent this place when they're in town and you will want to see it for yourself. They mostly only accept reservations, not walk ins, so as long as you call at least a few days in advance you shouldn't have a problem getting one.

    The viewing gallery, on the 33rd floor, is without doubt Paramount's 'pièce de résistance'. Head up there and find yourself a seat and just take in London with a few cocktails and good company. Hello London.....nice to see all of you!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Centre point london

    360-degree views of London

    A simplified modern menu

    Paramount was a great time and the perfect venue for a big 3-0 birthday bash. We sipped on bubbly and brought in our own birthday cake.

    From the menu we sampled a bit of everything. I personally enjoyed the scallops followed by the Scottish sirloin and I was happy with both (though the former was a really small portion and the latter too large for my liking).

    AS we had cake I passed on dessert but you will find they have a couple of options.

    Be aware that Paramount has two evening bookings (one set of parties can arrive around 7pm and the next for the second sitting at 9pm.

    Another limitation: the fixed menu offers four options for appetizer, entree and dessert. Not much of a menu to peruse.

    Bu as a result I found everything was of consistent quality and with a large party, this made ordering a breeze.

    Lots to choose from for cocktails and wines. I really liked my Lavender Sky martini-
    Lavender infused Oxley gin, Creme de fig, sweet Almond syrup and passion fruit puree shaken with lime juice and garnished with passion fruit. As promised, it was fresh and floral and mildly nutty.

    Not a moderate cost but definitely less than I expected given location and posh setting.
    Great service as well. I truly had few to no complaints.

    Will definitely make a point of going back to Paramount next time I'm in london.

    I RECOMMEND: The sirloin dinner plate

    EXTRA TIP: No balloons or flowers allowed.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I went here last night to meet some friends. I would say it was pretty interesting seeing how i was VERY late to the meet up! But it was pretty easy to get there...except...when I got to the 32nd floor I didn't realize i had to go up another flight of stairs to get to where my friends were so i stood around for about 15 minutes trying to find my party.

    Anyway after flagging someone down to direct me towards the stairs...i climbed the flight of stairs to go upstairs and sit with my friends. There the view was pretty amazing...except for the fact...i'm AFRAID OF HEIGHTS! Also, it was SUPER cramped trying to walk towards the back area where my friends were seated.

    The service was pretty decent and I guess the ambiance was pretty good.

    If I had any friends that wanted to visit, I would say let's try this place why? Because drinks are normal priced for London standards...and well why not go and see the view? Most people aren't as afraid of heights as I am...AHAH :)

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The views are great from the place, however, the rest is... just poor.

    Let's start from the menu, which offers you a relatively small selection of meals. Ok, if the choice is small, then all meals should be on par. The lamb I tried was hardly good enough for a restaurant of this level. To be honest, I did not like it at all, but this might be my individual preference.

    The deserts ordered were better, but still not impressive. I would not go to this place for a dinner, however, if you are going there just for the views & glass of wine, it might be a good choice.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Cocktails & a view of the city? I'm there.

    My friend and I decided to stop by since we had lunch nearby and wanted a place to hang out, chit-chat, and have a drink. We made our way up to Paramount which is perched up high in a building right above Tottenham Court Station. When we arrived, the bar/lounge was relatively empty and we got a nice window seat looking out to the east. Although the weather wasn't as nice as it could possibly be, it just gives me a bit more incentive to come back during nighttime because I can only imagine how stunning that view is.

    Service was friendly and the cocktails are a bit pricey but that shouldn't be too surprisingly considering its prime location.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Incredible views and less crowded than the Shard bar. The wine was £7.50 for what the menu said was 175ml...but the barman didn't use a measure and it must have been 250ml. You pay partly for the view. It's not obvious but you can walk up another floor to the viewing level and buy drinks there too...fewer people and a chance to sit by the huge windows and watch the city life far below. Take a visitor to London here!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Visited on a Tuesday evening and the place was very busy but we were still given a great window-side table with incredible views.  I thought prices were reasonable and not really out of line with a "good" restaurant in other parts of the UK.  Food was also very tasty - I half expected the place to coast on the amazing panoramic sights and not offer good food.  

    Service was friendly but unobtrusive and we were encouraged to go to the viewing gallery upstairs.

  • 2.0 star rating

    So I booked this place as an alternative option to Duck & Waffle as I've been to Centre Point before and often say it offers the best view of London because its the only place you can't see Centre Point.

    I had no idea what to expect when I got there but my first impression was so bad I couldn't stay there to eat.

    First off there was NOBODY there. At all.
    The second problem (perhaps the first really) was that it smelt like an old pub. You know, how pubs used to smell on a Sunday morning after the half-baked attempt to clean them from the night before, but before the water had a chance to dry out. Stale and nasty. The decor also looked like something from 1971 which is probably the last time the place was cleaned,

    I genuinely cannot understand how anyone can rate this place highly when the experience is so bad before you even sit down that it puts you off wanting to eat there.

    And that's what happened with me. The smell of the place put me off wanting to eat there, and what good is a restaurant with a view if you don't feel like eating there?

    I'd give it one star but it gets 2 stars for having the view, which you'll at least get to see momentarily before the smell makes you pass out.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Rule Britannia

    The view from up here...

    Is outstanding! London is quite a beautiful city & sparkles in its own right, alongside other gems like NYC and Paris.

    The Paramount Bar had some delicious cocktails. I had the Apple Martini which was divine. After a few, I can't remember what I was drinking..lol The place is a caramel coloured dream (I adore caramel) and the tables are nicely spaced so you're not on top of each other. You can also get some bar snacks. I didn't but my friends got some nibbles & said they were fine.

    A good time to be had here...just be mindful of the camera police! Yes, my friends & I wanted to take a snap of us in the bar area (one level below the actual observation level) and were told:

    1. You can't use a flash in the bar. No probs, we turned it off.
    2. (on our 2nd attempt) You can't take photos in here (wow, quick change from the first lashing we got)...so we asked why? "Celebrities come here & they may think you're trying to take their pic."

    Hmm, sounded plausible but as neither I or my friends are fans of Peter Andre or Laurence Lwellyn Boleyn, we wouldn't want a snap of any of those types of celebs who would likely have come there anyway.

    We moved to the upper level & continued our merriment.

    **My main profile pic was taken inside Paramout Bar. In yo' face camera police!**

  • 5.0 star rating

    Paramount, London's hottest venue with views.... for sure. Having recently ditched it's members only rule (went as a member's guest) I must urge everybody to book up and ride the lift up to the top of this rock because its a gem of an outing with a classy side.

    Whisked through the silent vast lobby, a porter programmes the lift to stop at the bar/restaurant on the 31st floor. We were lucky enough to be going to the actual top, members stylee and were escorted to another lift for the remaining to flights to the 33rd floor viewing gallery Champagne bar...which I'm told is reopening this March as an Oyster and Champagne lounge. Not often am I lost for words but this really was something else. Sure I've been on the London 'Sty' but these night views were 360 degrees of panoramic eyeball bliss. London has never looked so breathtaking. This bar is silent, still and unnervingly cool. City slickers and rich people hang here just cos. And why the hell not.

    Treated self to a couple of uber expensive Champagne cocktails and just sat, taking it all in, amazed, for a few hours. Celebs hang here by the shed load. Good quality, wholesome type celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. None of the Z list riff raff.

    Back down to the lesser realm of the 31st floor sits a restaurant which I am waiting to try and another bar area which doesn't quite live up to the 33rd, not sure why but can only guess that once you've tasted caviar, you do not want to settle for anything less maybe.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Ok. So. I didn't eat anything. Now that's out of the way.

    The views are really lovely. Most definitely a great way to see a lot of London. I was there around Christmas time, and the lights in Seven Dials and on Oxford St. looked wonderful.

    But the service. What? I didn't realize we needed to be on a special list to get upstairs, so when I showed up with my boy, who was visiting from Los Angeles, we almost weren't allowed in. We explained we didn't know the policy and were allowed to go on past reception, with the warning that in future, we should not expect to get in without calling ahead.

    When we arrived upstairs, we went to the bar area and seated ourselves at a high top table near the window. After nobody came by for several minutes, my boy headed to the bar and ordered. He was given his beer and promptly charged a 12.5% for service.

    I didn't know this, having only crossed paths with him on my way to the bar, where I ordered my own beer. The woman from whom I ordered it then told another woman to pour it for me and left. The second woman poured it for me, put it on the counter, and left too. So I put money on the counter - exactly the amount it read in the menu, and came back to the table.

    Soon enough I found out I somehow got out of the service charge, which was great as we weren't really served. We enjoyed our beers and our dark corner. Having no cocktail server stop by to check in wasn't really a problem since we only planned to have one round while we enjoyed the view.

    Then we made our way to the next floor up and walked slowly around the outer edge, taking in the views as we moved along. Pretty lovely!

    All in all, I'd say not to expect much from the service. But all the reviews on here mention the views, and that's probably what you'll be coming for, so enjoy!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Lunch here last week. Most importantly, the views are stunning. Lovely receptionists, despite an initial lift miscommunication. Glittery champagne for god's sake!

    Anyway, we sat and had a glass of bubbly (with aforementioned 'glitter' than didn't change the taste of the drink) before sitting down to eat. Straight for the main course with a steak, lovely bernaise and a fabulous Merlot.

    Sure it's an odd location (at the top of the 32nd floor office building), but it's well worth a visit.

    Great staff to boot, and not *too* pricey. Perfect for a long afternoon lunch with a good friend or to chew the fat over a big project with a colleague as there's plenty of space between tables.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Question: What has an amazing view of London regardless of where you sit, amazing cocktails and delicious cuisine?
    Answer: Paramount at Centre Point.

    Question: Why do I love my job?
    Answer: Cause when my reps from a company that rhymes with Doogle come into town and suggest we go to Paramount for dinner, I am a happy chappy.

    Perched up on the 32nd Floor of Centre Point on Tottenham Court Road, this place is an absolute gem. The views are possibly the best in the city. I could see all the big attractions and even my office (which was a bit weird). However, this isn't the type of place that rests on just a great view, their cocktail and wine menu is fantastic and the food is exceptional. Basically my meal consisted of whiskey and steak. I was truly impressed and would love to go back again. Definitely pricy, but when you have a company like the one I mentioned above paying for, you indulge and enjoy!

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place is simply stunning.

    The concierge in the lobby sends you up to the restaurant level and you are greeted by a warm smile and friendly staff and led to the bar area or to your table. We had a great table next to the window with an incredible view looking out towards Canary Wharf and the Olympic Park in the distance.

    The selection of beers on offer is extensive and has some good European imports. The brunch/lunchtime menu that was on offer during our visit wasn't overly extensive, a little limited for my liking. The food, as you would expect, was fine dining type scram. Nicely cooked, prepared and served in a poncy way (square chips stacked in a tower and everything covered in rocket salad)... but the food was very nice.

    I'd love to come here during the evening for a nightime view of the capital. The waiting team after our meal that we were free to go and visit the Viewing Gallery on the level above. This is an attraction in itself - Panoramic views of the City, from this nice little cocktail/champers bar nestled right on the top of Centre Point. The loop around bar allows you to walk all the way around the building with floor to ceiling windows offering unrivaled (until the Shard opens) views of the capital from all angles. Certainly a place for photo opportunities! (See some of my uploads into the photos).

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that the service was great, as was the drinks selection. The food was nice, although choice was limited. But really, this place is sold by it's impressive views. A bit of a novelty and certainly worth a visit. I'll be trying to go back to Paramount soon - that's for sure!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Location, location, location. Yes, you're going to enjoy one of the best views in central London, though the venue space is a bit dependant on what you do with it.

    A blank canvas, if you will.

    It's easy to see how you could have an amazing event in Paramount or a really shit one.... in the venue space that is. Which I would potentially give 4 stars for the views alone.

    The restaurant though, (different floor)  three stars. I was here for a business lunch, great for conversation as the views speak for themselves, but it was dead and they sat the only other table right next to us.... we wanted to talk about numbers and the entire place was empty but they had to have sat them next to us.... it's like a tube carriage guys... if there's seats available, spread us out.... just a tip as we're paying for atmosphere.

    Service was... ok. some mixups. Food was barbie-sized if you order the set menu. I just kind of rolled my eyes a bit. If you're going to pull the pretentious food card, at least remember which one of us ordered the soup so I don't have to swap plates with my colleague.

    There's potential here... perhaps it isn't in the set menu.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The whole experience was really nice and the views across London were excellent.

    The food - mainly smart European fine dining style food. I put a picture up of the seafood assiette main course and it was very good. The bread rolls served included a garlic baguette and a warm brown roll. Yummy.

    Drinks - Excellent cocktail list with the usual favourites on there plus some house special cocktails including one with bubble gum.

    Service - mainly good although we felt a little rushed by the staff who were keen to turn the table over.

    The 31st floor bar was good although the windows were quite dirty that night so couldnt see as well as we should have.

    Great for a special occasion.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is a great bar - definately worth a visit.
    We booked a table for my birthday with 4 of us attending. It was the perfect sized group as it meant we could easily find a place to sit, with a beautiful view over London and have plenty of room.
    The best thing about this place was, unlike Tower 42, the space you have is much larger meaning you dont feel suffocated.
    We had some beers and a bottle of prosecco which, given the location, we felt wasnt overpriced.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I decided to blow all my birthay money on my very specific craving for a good meal, high up in the sky.  

    This was a 'happy birthday me' meal, and a 'yay, we love London' celebratory moment, nearly 2 years into our London living adventure.  

    This bar and restuarant is on the 32nd floor of the Centre Point tower.  The experience is sensational, and I'd recommend it unreservedly to anyone who fancies a treat or who has visitors they want to impress.  As Londoners we don't often get the kind of  city-at-night-through-skyscraper-window views that I associate with big American cities, and specifically, Frasier's apartment.  It was a real treat to drink in the whole twinkly global city beneath us, and we felt like gods.  There is a viewing gallery, and we spent a happy half hour, noses up against the glass, spotting famous landmarks and roads that we knew.  I haven't been on the London Eye, but I'm sure this must be a much better way of doing it.

    Because only club members or people with dinner reservations can get in, the atmosphere was cool and sophisticated, but not intimidatingly so.  Everyone looked like they'd come from work rather than dressing up specially.

    Being greeted by a glamorous blonde bond girl at a copper desk, and being ushered secretively into a lift with the Russian accented instructions'do NOT touch ANYTHING.  Get out at 32nd floor' is an experience I'll never forget.  The bar and restaurant is dark, masculine, sexy and contains more copper and leather.  The cocktails are delicious.  I asked for one that I'd seen online which unbeknownst to me, they'd discontinued, and the bar tender went specially out to the shop to get roses so she could make it for me.  All this is seductive and marvellous.  The view, I have covered.

    The food is, I'd say 45-50% overpriced because you are paying a supplement for the view.  It's not anything special (and actually my dessert was gross), but it looks the part.  Best you know that before going, so you are not disappointed.  

    My god that VIEW.  An experience of a lifetime.

    • Qype User robert…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Having been invited to the Paramount bar for an invitation-only event, I must admit that the location of this bar cannot be missed as it is located right next to the entrance of Tottenham Court Road tube station and the views are amazing. They provide excellent and extra-ordinary views. The British Museum from my angle of view looked spectacular!
    The food itself has to be put in context. Paramount sometimes back was a private members only club, and it's not until recently that it has been opened to the public. The dining room is slick and modern.
    Paramount is definitely worth checking out.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I was invited to the Paramount bar for an invitation-only event.

    The location of this bar cannot be beaten - it's right next to the entrance of Tottenham Court Road tube station - and the views, the views! They are amazing. I seriously doubt that there is anywhere else nearby where you can get such great views. The British Museum looked spectacular!

    In terms of decor, this place is certainly nice and stylish. It's not as posh as I a few of the other posh clubs I have been to (not that I've been to many, I'll admit) but it felt classy enough.

    Service was nice and friendly, though a little on the slow side, but I'm not sure if that had anything to do with the party, and more to do with the organisers (not affiliated with the bar).

    As everything was free, I don't know how much it would ordinarily cost to get in, or whether you can get in as a non-member, but if you do manage to get an invitation to come to this place, do go. You'd never get a chance to see London from this angle otherwise!

    Edited on September 29th to add:
    I have now been to the Paramount for brunch, and the food and service was mighty good. The menus, we're told, change regularly depending on what's in season, so anything we had may not be there the week after, which is both cool and not. The lentil and smoked haddock chowder was very very good, if a little on the salty side, while the eggs benedict with bacon was great, though a little too rich for my hungover stomach! The Virgin Mary (aka spicy tomato juice) was very good too. The service, as I've mentioned, was friendly and accommodating. Add that on to the fantastic views of London, and you've got a perfect way to start your day!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I've been dying to go to Paramount for years and finally my wish was granted when I went on Friday night for a work event.

    We were on the 31st Floor and the views were absolutely stunning, I can only compare it to those at Altitude 360 but better as you're more in the thick of it as you're closer to more landmarks. We were fortunate with the weather too as it was the first day in weeks that the sun was shining and there wasn't torrential and we had a beautiful sunset too. Winner!

    If I was basing this review on the views alone, it would be five star worthy not three but some of the service and staff were a bit below par and expectations.

    On arrival, the staff in the lobby were really nice and friendly especially the lady that saw us into the lift who was very chatty and bubbly but the service at the bar wasn't as good as you'd hope for and we had to often wait a long time to be served and considering for the first three hours of our event the drinks were complimentary, service should've been a lot more efficient. Also, for all the staff that seemed to be serving it was ridiculous that some were only there to collect your glasses and couldn't serve you drinks too. You'd have hoped for a better experience in that respect. I was fortunate enough to not have to pay for any drinks once it became a cash bar so I can't comment on any prices but I can only imagine what they're like!

    Extremely close to Tottenham Court Road tube station and walking distance to Oxford Street, Charing Cross Road (where my colleague and I carried on down to Charing Cross station) and Covent Garden.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Amazing views and good drinks. Next time will have to see the next floor up when there is no event to see more stunning views. Very nice place to lounge.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I was recently here for an event sponsored by Gran Patron (london.blog.qype.com/?p=…) . It's a private members club featuring quite possibly the most incredible views of London. See, the Paramount club is situated atop the aptly named Centre Point near Tottenham Court Road Station. Not necessarily the most spectacular sight to be witnessed from here, but I think I got the biggest kick out of being able to see the entirety of Oxford Street stretched out before me.

    If you ever find yourself with an invitation to the Paramount, do your darnedest to go!

    • Qype User almost…
    • London
    • 33 friends
    • 121 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I've heard about the wonders of the Paramount Club - a place where you can drink and eat surrounded by views of London 31 floors above the hoi polloi.

    Thanks to an invitation-only event, I got to stumble up - and while the space isn't that big, it's big enough to host 300 drunken people.

    The most important thing of all, though, is the view. If you turn right out of the lifts facing the bar, the view looks comparatively mundane - but it's when you hit the other side and the window by the men's toilets that the view really comes alive, and you get what I call a London moment, when you're just glad to be in such a gorgeous city. Although ironically, on a Monday night in January, hardly anybody was moving about.

    The bar staff seemed efficient, the food was lovely and a good time was had by all.

    But somehow I don't think I'd be paying the £750 club fees. Aside from anything else, you need to be nominated by two existing members.

    • Qype User hayjan…
    • London
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    • 152 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    If you're looking for a stunning venue for an awards ceremony, product launch or swanky drinks reception then this is a great option. The 'express elevator' takes you directly to Floor 31 (cue ear-popping) and the views that greet you at the top are breathtaking. From one side you can see east to Canary Wharf, with the magnificent domed roof of the British Museum rising and glowing majestically from the hustle and bustle of the streets around it.

    Once you've got your fill of the views (which takes a long time, believe me), Paramount is still a lovely place, although without the views it probably would lack a bit of the 'wow' factor.

    Definitely worth checking out as an option if you work in events.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The website and photos for Paramount are far more attractive than the place itself. It's in a corporate office building so it's not exactly easy to find. I would position Paramount as more of a lively gastro-pub, than elegant, special experience dining. The views are great. The ambiance of the restaurant is poor. The restaurant needs a major face-lift, everything is a bit worn down. It's very noisy which can be good for groups. The cuisine is sophisticated, plentiful and extremely well priced. We had the Salad of Cornish Crab, Ruby Grapefruit, Cashews, Avocado, Sirloin of Scottish Beef with Hand Cut Chips & Peppercorn Sauce, Lamb with Roast Potatoes & Vegetables and the Honey Glazed Breast of Duck with Pomegranate, Pear & Spatzle. It's a great place to go with groups of friends.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Paramount is fantastic.  

    I had my wedding here, and Austeja (the operations manager) was absolutely amazing.  I've never actually dealt with someone who is so responsive and always available.

    All of my expectations were met.  The view is just amazing, and the food doesn't disappoint.

    I can't recommend Austeja enough for her efforts.  It was like having my own wedding planner.


    • Qype User greedy…
    • London
    • 17 friends
    • 69 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    For photos see Greedy Diva @ greedydiva.blogspot.com/…

    There's always that fear that the better the view, the worse the food. Would the fear be founded at Paramount?

    Paramount has 360 degree views of London, from the 32nd floor of the Centre Point tower. You can see the bridges line up along the Thames, past the London Eye, the Gherkin and unwary Londoners sunbaking on their rooftops. It's fair to say it has a good view.

    The food itself has to be put in context. Paramount was a private members club, which has recently been opened to the public. The dining room is slick and modern, designed by Tom Dixon (I don't know much - ok, anything - about him, but judging from his website, he seems to like these suction cap style things on the ceiling):

    There's a sleek bar area, where you can just go for a drink, which leads on to the restaurant - both are frequented mostly by 30-something men in suits drinking from big wine glasses and 30-something women dressed up in the latest Karen Millen gear, preferably with a bit of sparkle. It still feels like it's mostly filled with its members at the moment. It's smart, even if it does feel just a teensy bit soulless. This feels more like a place run by a faceless "management" than somewhere the heart and soul of its creators is in every corner and on every plate - but the crowd are not here nuzzling up to their cocktails for that. They're here for the view and the scene, with a bit of fancy pants food on the side.

    I joined my dining companions in the private Red Room, and watched the sky line change as the sun set and the city lights took over for the night shift. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

    Head chef Colin Layfield has created a menu which reads like one temptation after another. It's seriously hard to choose based on the print alone. But then everything is executed with ultra modern presentation, which is either your thing or it's an irritation - black slates, rectangular plates, cylindrical shaped food etc. The style certainly matches the architecture.

    After a gorgeous amuse bouche (cappuccino of asparagus veloute), my double baked Roquefort souffle (£9.50) had a rich and lovely flavour, if ever so slightly too dry.

    My wild sea bass with potato gnocchi, samphire and caviar cream (£23.50) was a luxurious combination which I mostly loved - the fish and firm little gnocchi were cooked perfectly but the fish was overseasoned, particularly given not much was needed in combination with the salty caviar.

    For dessert, my walnut tart (£9.50) was "quite nice" and came with a lovely Pink Lady apple strudel, sweet ginger custard and a really powerful cider sorbet (which I didn't like).

    It's fussily presented, ambitious food and it's generally pretty good, but doesn't always hit the mark. However, you won't be able to complain that you make one just like it at home.

    Service was lovely and unpretentious (although I was attending an event for my meal and found the front of house area near the bar slightly more cool and aloof when I visited anonymously with friends the following week).

    Paramount is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner - or just for drinks at the bar to lap up the spectacular view. There's a decent looking bar food menu, and wine by the glass starts at £6.25 while cocktails are a whopping £11. There's also a narrow bar (more like a carpeted corridor really) wrapped around edges of the 33rd floor which will be an oyster and champagne bar ... again with the view.

    Although Paramount is apparently open to the public, when I rang to put my name on the list for our drinks in the bar this week, the phone was answered by a rather toffy, unwelcoming man who, when he could not find my name in their system (I don't always get around as "Greedy Diva"), explained that only those who have been before with a member or have some kind of link in can get in for drinks. What the..? Just call first and maybe you'll work it out.

    (I dined in the Red Room as a guest of Paramount with other food bloggers.)

    • Qype User EventG…
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    4.0 star rating

    Centre Point Soho is one heckuvaneyesore from the outside, a great towering monolithic hunk of 60's chunder that has one highly redeeming feature plonked neatly up on the 32nd and 33rd floors. You can of course imagine what the views are like, and any self respecting host or hostess will at some point take guests to London here for a gander at the stunning city panoramas the bars afford its throngs of mesmerised guests.

    Food wise sadly I can't comment as I have yet to sample the menus but I can say that the drinks, although drastically overpriced (I guess you're paying for the location and views) are pretty good. On a recent visit our cocktail waitress invented a drink to our vague specifications which proved to be perfectly quaffable; thankfully so as it cost £12 or so. Decor is quite slick and has a postmodern industrial feel to it that I find quite pleasing and a rare treat in London, the staff are a little slow but perfectly amiable in my opinion. The space benefits from an original layout that the designer Tom Dixon has really made the best of, as well as having large windows that wrap around the entire wall space.

    It can get quite packed from Thursday to Saturday so always worth ringing in advance and being very nice to the staff who will be nice back to you. Don't be a rude arrogant bore or you're unlikely to get in. Just a tip.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Looks like I'll be the first to say anything negative about this place. The view is amazing, yes. I didn't eat any food there, some can't comment on that. The wait staff was friendly and competent.

    What I can comment on is what it's like to try and do an event there: a complete disaster. First, we weren't informed of the dress code in advance, so not only was a member of my team harassed for his white leather shoes not being "smart casual" enough, later in the evening our guests were treated to the same harassment. We informed the doorman/glorified secretary we had guests coming and they were not told about a dress code, yet this individual continued this behaviour all night.

    Next, we had specific requirements to do video interviews, and the event staff at Paramount not only falsely told us there was a well-lit location we could use (there wasn't), they actually had the gall to chase us into a stairwell and harass us about needing a permit while we were shooting! The stairwell was the only place we could go to find any light, and our requirements to shoot video interviews were communicated to the Paramount staff well in advance. Evidently the staff do not communicate amongst themselves.  

    The other reality, and this will impact everyone who goes here, is that you'll spend the entire night leaning back to make space for people to walk through where you're standing. The venue is very narrow, so it's quite disruptive to have people walking through your group while trying to have a conversation.

    I will not return to this venue again, professionally or personally, based on the poor attitude of the staff and the physical design of the location. It really does have a nice view though. :-)

  • 4.0 star rating

    I came here for drinks with some friends and it was really great. Our drinks were delicious, but for the price you are paying ($$$) they had better be! The atmosphere was kind of pretentious so we left after drinks, pictures, and looking at the "beautiful views of London" and hit up some bars in Soho. London is a beautiful city, but I would try to come here just before it gets dark out because the night time skyline wasn't as  impressive as our drinks.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I took a girl on a date here a couple of months ago as she was new to the country and I wanted somewhere that had good view of London.
    Given that it was a date on a Friday night I called in advance to make sure we could get in. The call itself took less than a minute.
    I'd been to the paramount once before and the waitresses remembered me, as I did with them (a few of them had quite unique names). I'm surprised by some of the comments about the staff being snobby and pushy. To me the staff were the personification of friendly.
    Cocktails were £11 and Champagne cocktails were £14. Which is what one can expect to pay in the majority of cocktail bars in central London.
    The drinks tasted ok but not great. Great drinks would earn this place a 5* rating from me.
    What I found that most people missed/were unaware of is Paramounts 'viewing gallery'. To go here you need to walk past the lifts and go left and left again through the doors. It's oddly hidden.
    The is where I spent a few hours with my date, the lightning is such that it can be romantic if you sit in the right place.
    Note to those going to see the viewing platform, be sure to sit on the side opposite to where you enter the viewing platform. You get a much better view on this side, not to mention that the glass doesn't fog up like it does on the other side.
    The view is quite possibly the best that you can get in London.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Fab view. Nice wine list. Good food. Superior srive

    • Qype User hugose…
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    3.0 star rating

    I feel that the service (although friendly) and the food is not up to standard for the price. I had fois gras followed by a steak and have had much better in much cheaper restaurants. I expected better quality.

    • Qype User woodyr…
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    3.0 star rating

    The views are amazing, granted and the service was great and felt highly personal & on whole nice and discreet but I couldn't help but feel that there was just something that did not gel for meI was there on a Saturday and it was hardly buzzing in there but I guess this could be what is desired by the patrons but I feel with people come energy and that is one thing Paramount lacked for me.

    The cocktail list is extensive with lots that I can assure you will be new to you - I learnt that I don't like egg white with my alcohol

    I might as well talk about the toilets - you know I always do - well, I was expecting something a bit more wow than what I was met with tbh - no neon, no under lighting and most definitely no pre-warmed hand towels! Saying that, the panoramic views of London in all its glory does take the edge of any niggly bits that doesn't quite measure up.

    Although I wasn't paying, I sneaked a peek at prices on the menu (and that in itself speaks volumes, if it was truly expensive there would be no prices listed!) and I found it all reasonable for what you get.

    All in all, a nice place to spend a few hours but it wouldn't be my members club of choice to join.

    The location is brilliant, literally come out of TCR and you are on the first step to the club.

    I was informed that one of the floors can be hired by non-members, as well as members, for private events and this comes with 24hrs license so I guess I better get saving for that big 30th bash of mine!

    • Qype User kristi…
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    4.0 star rating

    Visited the private events space of this club venue and was really impressed by the views.
    It's essentially a whole rectangular floor of the centrepoint tower, a brutalist concrete office block on Tottenham Court Road. Location is great, and on entering the ground floor, access is via a direct lift to floor 31. There's a huge zinc bar that runs through the middle with two long open rooms on either side, each with view to the east and west of London. Ladies and gents toilets are at the North and South end of the venue respectively and also have views while you're washing your hands. This floor is quite plain, with plum walls and dark wooden floors allowing the views through knee-to-ceiling windows to be the main focal point.
    On the floor above ( 32nd ) the members club thrives, with a restaurant, bar and smaller private dining room. The good news is that they have recently opened the restaurant up to non-members ( shock horror! ) so mere mortals can eat and enjoy before a night on the town. If you can't afford a boozy dinner to impress someone, go there for breakfast and a coffee, they open at 8.00am - 10.30am. A great way to appreciate the city without the sky-high entrance fees of other towers and wheels.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Love this place just so much going for it.  From the views to the drinks to the great food.   Best views in London both from the bar / restaurant and from the viewing gallery.  From the 32nd floor the viewing are breath taking. Who ever you take they will be impressed. Great in the summer when you get the late sunsets.  Food is great at the restaurant.  Drinks are great - good selection of wines.

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