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  • “It's good value for money in here and if you go to the odeon next door on the back of your cinema tickets you've got 2 for 1 offers so can't be beaten really.” in 2 reviews

  • “The menu is a mixture of styles including the American South, Creole and Louisiana.” in 2 reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating

    I'm surprised reading the reviews for this place, granted it is not the greatest restaurant in the world, but its a chain, its rare for chains for be 'special' but I certainly wouldn't say its a bad restaurant, otherwise I wouldn't keep going which currently tots at around 15 times in the last couple of years.

    The clue is in the name as to what to expect inside (from stereotypical view point) it feels like its been decorated by the stage hands from BluesBrothers2000. The music playing 90% of the time goes with the theme, though slightly irritatingly when there's a Gig on they switch the music to whomever playing, but that is a trait of most of the Printworks.

    I also like that its a little dark inside, I find that while there is noise around you it makes your table feel a little secluded from the rest of the restaurant.

    Personally I like the inside, I'd say its themed enough without being too tacky I kinda like looking at what's on the walls or above your head while eating, hell its a themed chain restaurant what else are you expecting.

    Availability of tables, always book! I've only ever gone 2 times without booking, once wait maybe half n hour, other time wait was 45 minutes because we had a film to get to (though going to one of the other places in the Printworks we only got the wait down to 30 mins and figured best not to keep searching)

    The Popcorn Debate. It does seem utterly random whether you get it or not, I've had the same servers give or not on this one so I don't really know what their criteria is on serving this little taster while you order, I can't say they forget when busy because its mostly forgotten when quiet.

    Service, usually good, only time I've had bad service would be when in large groups during a stag and last christmas (it would probably be worth their time putting 2 staff on large tables, but *shrugs*) one time we were a little pressed for time as going cinema and told the waitress who went out of her way to tell us what foods could be gotten out quickly, what may take a little longer, etc which was much appreciated and the food came out exactly when she said it would.
    Coming back to the Christmas night, that was a bit rubbish they clearly didn't have enough staff for the place and it showed in rushed food and forgetful service, as I've said maybe not the best place for laaarge groups say over 8, but going with maybe just another person or 3 I've not had issues with the service.

    The Food, I'm not even going to try and claim any knowledge of authenticity, to me Avg. Brit it comes across as what movies or man vs food has taught me Southern cooking's like so I'm happy. I find the food tasty. something that is missing from most dishes though, is more cornbread (authentic or not, the cornbread they have I like and it should be with everything, except maybe the dessert, sod it put it with them as well)
    One additional note on the food, the starter I've always had the Louisiana Sampler its a really good Sharing starter, the only thing that does seem a bit weird about it, is that its set-up for 3 people, so we do feel a little piggy when we have it but meh we like it (they have just added the Mississippi Sampler which has swapped some bits for Frogs Legs and Corn Bread, not tried that yet)

    Drinks and Price I feel go hand in hand, the price of the food I don't really mind for eating out maybe that's being a Bramhall boy of having to put up with a few quid added on for location. I think what does affect the price is when you get drawn in by the cocktails of which there are quite a selection, we tend to have 1-3 pitchers depending how much time we have and they really do bulk out the price granted that's our own fault for drinking too many of them, while the cocktails are tasty they do however have alot of ice in them the classic drinks sales technique. as for BEER (yes I would get it in somehow, I really like the Louisiana beer called Dixie, easy drinking lager goes with the food)

    All in all, its my first port of call if I'm going to the cinema, and my suggestion if there's a work night out. I certainly rate it over F&B's
    If you are potentially meeting up with people there something that's definitely worth mentioning, the place must be lined with lead because whenever I go in where ever I sit my phone signal is non-existent as is the Wi-Fi

  • 4.0 star rating

    I simply don't understand the reaction of the reviewers here about Old Orleans which, albeit is a themed restaurant, it is neither tacky nor over the top.

    In my experience I have actually found it to be fairly intimate. The interior has been thought about seriously, with smatterings of rhythm and blues scattered around, but certainly not in your face, neither ridiculous.

    The music played inside Old Orleans likewise is not tacky honky-tonk music as some of my fellow reviewers would have you believe. Old Orleans plays a great mixture of classic jazz, blues and modern blues and jazz which is tasteful, rousing but without being too modern. As many reviewers here have said that Old Orleans could be an excellent gimmicky restaurant for 'bringing the kids to', I couldn't disagree more. The ambience of the place, whilst certainly not that of a 5 star restaurant, is certain not purely for childish enjoyment, although you should bring them along if you want to give them some proper food that's way above the likes of McDonalds and KFC. It's tasty and you get good portions and their Key Lime Pie is out of this world.

    In addition to this, if Sarah from an earlier review had actually stuck around for the food, she might have been pleasantly surprised. I have been to Old Orleans around 10 times now and have never once had a problem with seating nor being served or a lack of food available.

    I would recommend giving the place a try before taking a look at the other reviews here and judging for yourself. Sure if you just want a standard restaurant setting, then I'd recommend you look elsewhere, but at Old Orleans you get good food, excellent and quick service and just the right amount of Americana, as well as a fantastic low lit atmosphere.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I could barely contain my horror last week when my friend suggested here as a good place for dinner! Eurgh.

    I ended up here once, as I'm sure most people have, for some dinner before heading to the cinema next door. I will never make the same mistake again.

    We had to wait, fine - we didn't have a reservation so it was fair. Except there were TWO tables in total in the restaurant and they were both already eating. Whatever. After 15 minutes we were told it's because they had been having a staff meeting and they ready for us now. At 7pm on a Thursday?! Meh.

    So anyway, we finally get to a table and muse over the typical chain restaurant menu before being told that both the things we wanted to order were 'not available'. No reason given, just not available.

    So we had to choose again. My friend picked something else that was also 'not available' and so by this time we were getting a bit frustrated and Nando's was beckoning from the window across the way so we decided to leave.

    Waste of our time but I'm glad we didn't waste our money there too.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Here's the thing, I am not a massive fan of Printworks and I am never impressed by themed restaurants so when I found an American themed restaurant in the Printworks......well I should have known better.

    My problem is this I want American food I do not need the decor, the staff and the tacky extras to be American themed. If the food is authentic and half decent this will speak for itself.

    I will admit if you have young children I can see the appeal. If you do not have one member in your party under the age of 12 then I would give this one a miss and find a classier alternative.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Old Orleans is all about the hail Alabama, red neck, real American yaddadayada of American patriotism. They do the usual selection of fatty meaty products expected off the yanks including steaks and burgers and the omnipresent chips. Is there any original American food apart from apple pie?

    Everything they seem to do comes from somewhere else. Sorry I'm being negative, the problem is I don't want to like this place but I do. The sticky chicken is awesome and it goes further with its food then the average burger with nice mixes such as the Louisiana platter. It's good value for money in here and if you go to the odeon next door on the back of your cinema tickets you've got 2 for 1 offers so can't be beaten really.

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Old Orleans is a chain of around 30 restaurants nationwide.

    The menu is a mixture of styles including the American South, Creole and Louisiana. Highlights include a selection of burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, southern fried chicken, jambalaya, gumbo, meat loaf, fish, ribs, pastas, salads, steaks and fajitas.

    Typically starters cost £3-5, mains £9-15.

    I have been to quite a few Old Orleans around the country over the years, and I think the Manchester one is one of the better examples.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I visited my first Old Orleans years ago, and actually liked it. It was a nice, former pub in Epping Forest, Essex and I liked the food and the different location. I have been many times in Manchester though I am always disappointed. If I wasn't with friends who want to eat here, I would never have returned.

    The menu is really overpriced, and the quality is not worth the money. The food is nothing special at all. When a restaurant charges these prices, I expect something a little better. Something about this place annoys me. Even the little bowl of popcorn they (sometimes) give you when you arrive.

    If you are looking for alright food, and don't mind over paying, this is fine. They do cocktails as well and some OK starters, so it is not all bad, but it is definitely expensive and poor value for money. At least the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex has an Old Orleans that looks like a boat and is sort of cool / takes your mind of the bill.

    +Some free popcorn (when they can be bothered to give it to you)
    +Not "un-tasty" food
    +In the Printworks, so good for visits to the Odeon etc

    -Excessively priced
    -Sketchy service
    -Sometimes no popcorn (maybe we look too fat already?)
    -Tacky menu / feel to the place
    -Long waits on some days / queues for tables

  • 4.0 star rating

    Decent food but they do seem to change the menu yearly, which means that over the years all my favourite desserts have been discontinued :(

    A good place to eat.

  • 3.0 star rating

    If we were to consider for a moment, the Prinworks as a great big dirty laundry basket- and we really should, Old Orleans would be a particularly grubby little T shirt with a dollar bill printed across its chest that has been stuffed to the bottom of the pile- right next to the socks you wore to go jogging.
    Not content with how quickly we are turning into 'Little America' some muppet has opened this sickly sweet slice of Americana so we can go and see what it would be like if we were bigger and better and our York was New.
    I imagine the poor old yanks have built up quite a thick skin towards critisism over recent years but even they would be offended by Old Orleans with its Cajun cartoon characters and its mock deep south drawl.
    I've never understood the point of themed restaurants, they just end up being an insulting parody of what they are supposed to be and reinforce the zenophobic attitudes of the bulldog tattoo crowd as they leave the latest French effort telling their put upon wives 'I told you the frogs all stink of garlic!'
    I'm just waiting for the microscope to zoom in even further and we begin to see regional themed restaurants- the flashing blue lights of the rozzers will then become a permanent fixture in the dining out experience.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I have limited experience with Old Orleans, but one recurrent theme is I always always always have to wait. Now I'm not an unreasonable impatient sort, and one of the nights I am indeed on about was a concert night, so the whole of the Printworks was properly rammed, but Old Orleans wasn't crazy busy in the restaurant department, the waiter front of house dude (whatever) came over said we would have a 15 minute wait for a table, and that was fine, this was at about 7pm, we ordered drinks and hovered outside with them until a table came available, as we were seated, we realised that the restaurant wasn't as busy as we thought it to be and wondered why we were forced back to the foyer area. Everything from getting seated, to placing the order, to the food arriving, and then the plates being cleared and the bill coming just seemed to take forever and before we knew it, it was way past 9pm. Any chance of catching the support acts were blown out of the window, and as I don't consider myself too cool for support acts, I was proper pissed off at this point. We had mentioned that we were due at the gig, and the staff yeah yeah yeah'd us, SOOO ANNOYING. I could have understood if the place was rammed, but it wasn't, I know I keep saying that, but I want to make it clear we weren't being petulant arseholes about this.

    When the food arrived it was alright, for what it was it was ok, more expensive than the Frankie and Benny's food, and not as good in the quality department, my chicken had been in too long and was unhackable around the edges. In total I think there were 7 of us, and three or four left a healthy portion of food on their plates. The effort was appreciated in theory, but in practice it wasn't quite working. So when the table was cleared and it was established we didn't want anything else because we didn't have time, it took 30 minutes between table clearance and bill payment, which is ridiculous. If time is of the essence then avoid Old Orleans, as there's no go or gumption in the staff, no matter who you speak to.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Situated next to the ODEON cinema in the Printworks, Old Orleans is in an ideal spot for a pre/post cinema meal.

    When we entered the restaurant, they seated us quickly and gave us a free bowl of popcorn which was a nice touch. The waitress came and served us drinks quickly and pleasantly and our food arrived quite swiftly too.

    It's not the greatest meal I've ever had, my blackened chicken was a little on the small side and not particularly spicy, and the chips were obviously oven chips with no effort made to even disguise that. The veg was fairly pleasant though.

    They do have some good offers, 2 for one on fajitas, or 2 for one on all main courses if you've got cinema tickets (used or un-used) on Sunday-Thurs, because it's pretty pricey otherwise, at around £10 a main course you'd probably expect something a bit better than what we got.

    Would give this 2 1/2 stars if I could, I wouldn't go here unless I was going to watch a film. The service is good, the food not so much

    • Qype User stacey…
    • Oldham, Greater Manchester
    • 103 friends
    • 126 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Old Orleans is an American Resturant situated in the Printworks Manchester the food at the Old Orleans is really nice and so tasty i always have the bacon burger with sauce and fries and this is only £7 and the servings are massive!! The staff are always busy but friendly enough and the decor as you would expect is brilliant and has a great American Theme if your venturing to the printwork i would recommend a visit to Old Orleans.

    • Qype User babydo…
    • Stockport, Greater Manchester
    • 5 friends
    • 81 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    overrated place with a nasty bar area! lol

    Food is ok, nothing special

    • Qype User Brenny…
    • Cheadle, Staffordshire
    • 2 friends
    • 108 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I love this place! My (now) hubby took me here for our first date so it holds some special memories. Good food & I loved being able to write on the tablecloth - we had a good laugh. Nice staff & very friendly but found it a bit over the top at times. Very nice food & big portions to. We don't go often as it's a bit expensive but is nice for a treat.

    • Qype User packfa…
    • Preston, Lancashire
    • 0 friends
    • 6 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Always make sure that I spend at least one of my meal times here when I visit Manchester.

    The food is great, the environment is great, and my Mrs loves the cocktails (I appreciate the funny American beers myself).

    The only draw back is that if you go early, and the manager looking guy is on, he seems to be obsessed with filling the crappy seats first. Fortunately though, if you point out he has sat you under a speaker and next to a toilet, he will move you to a big old booth even if its just two of you! Win!

    • Qype User robbie…
    • Manchester
    • 71 friends
    • 157 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Old Orleans is located at the Printworks, I have been here twice now and on both instances I have found both the food and the service to be of a very high standard. I know several friends that have eaten here also and they also agree, this is a good place to eat. As soon as you walk in the staff great you at the door very polite and sit you down, I was worried that we would have to wait as we were in a hurry but we sat straight down. The restaurant was fairly busy but the staff was again quite quick in serving us our drinks and again our food. They menu was quite extensive, there were a couple of things that they were out of but there was a great deal to chose from. The food was delicious my only concern what the cost, it was a little more expensive that I would like to pay. If you are in a hurry to watch a concern and don't mind paying that little bit extra for your meal then I would definitely recommend going here.

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