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  • “There are a variety of side dishes too, including cole slaw, spicy rice, chips, sweet potato mash, salad and corn on the cob.” in 3 reviews

  • “The corn was a little dry but everything else was delicious.” in 4 reviews

  • “With the high turnover, you are almost guaranteed freshly grilled meats, crisp and crunchy chips, and corn on the cob that's bursting with flavour (and thankfully not butter).” in 3 reviews

Recommended Reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Pip Pip Cheerio!

    Being extremely hungry, my friends and I were looking for a place that's not too expensive but filling and yummy. We decided to check out this cool looking restaurant and was very happy about the experience.

    We got seated in the upper level so that was pretty cool because you get a really good view of the entire restaurant and it is more private and quiet from the rest of the place. I got the chicken burger and it was quite delicious. Although, it was kind of small for what I was paying for. The sauce was definitely the best part of the sandwich. My table also got the unlimited frozen yogurt as dessert so we were grubbing on that afterwards. All my friends from the states wish Nando is in the US, too!

  • 5.0 star rating

    One of the great casual chicken chains of the world.

    After walking in and ordering from the counter, from which you can see morsels of chicken being basted and grilled, the smell teasing your nostrils as you struggle to utter the words of your order, you grab your drink cup and your order number sign. Then you head over to the fountain drink machine, where you are surprised by the wide array of sauces available next to the drinks. The sauces include Piri Piri-spiced sauces ranging from mild to XXX-hot. Also included are sauces such as lemon pepper and a garlic sauce.

    After grabbing your drink, you sit down and wait in agony to experience your chicken experience. Try not to look at nor smell other tables being served their own servings. I recommend whetting your appetite and/or washing down your chicken with a nice ale.

    We went for the chicken roulette: Rather than being chicken arranged in a roulette-like circular shape, all 10 pieces of chicken are haphazardly stacked in a glorious pile of chicken basted in sauces of various heat. A person of high heat tolerance may not find any of them truly intense on their own; each piece was delicious and flavorful in its own way and you can discern that each piece was individually basted.

    After you finish your dish, the next step is simply deciding whether you want to leave, or order more.

    The choice is up to you, my friend.

    5 stars, rounded up from 4.5.

  • 3.0 star rating

    What to say, it is Nando's! Food was really good, as normal.

    Service this time wasn't so great, brought the wrong food out twice and then when the waitress took the dessert order she forgot half of it so had to take it again - doesn't usually happen though!

    If you get an upstairs table there is a fabulous view of the river and St Pauls Cathedral - worth asking for.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I've been to better Nando's places. Definitely.
    This one is in a great location, and true, either the terrace, or the grand interior is a delight for the eye.
    However, the staff do not manage the place as they should, and you can wait for ages to get a table, while you discover later on that some have been free all this time.
    More worrying is the cleanliness of the place. Our table had just been "washed", and when we rested our hands on it, we found it more oily than fried chicken. We had it re-washed on the spot.
    While queuing, I saw some clients asking twice for another glass, as theirs was seemingly not clean.
    The food was alright, but I've had better-looking butterfly chicken in the past.
    The staff were friendly nonetheless, but I would go to another Nando's next time I've got a craving for chicken.

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in London Restaurants

    You've gotta try Nando's, Stephy! Ya just gotta!

    And so I did and I think I can safely say that this building is far too cool for a Nando's to call home. Nando's is a chain, you see, and while the chicken was tasty and the meal somewhat satisfying, Nando's has no business calling such a rad space home. It's just wrong.

    For starters, this place is HUUUUGE. We are talking super high ceilings, gorgeous exposed brick walls, views of the water and a layout large enough to house a circus! But all of this for chicken? Clearly the chain must be doing well, but I shudder to imagine how much the rent must cost here.

    As for the food, it's chainy. I ordered the 6 lil' chicken wings and with spicy rice and garlic toast and they were tasty enough, but after just coming back from Portugal and eating my own weight in delicious authentic fare, this definitely tasted like a chain to me.

    Also, with this location soooo close to the market up the way with a wide array of tasty nibblies to choose from, I say, go local and ditch the chain.

  • 1.0 star rating
    20/6/2009 Updated review
    Listed in London Lunch Spots

    In life, there are Nan-DOs, and Nan-DON'Ts

    This is definitely a nan-DON'Ts

    Closing up 15 minutes early, huffing and puffing through our take-away orders, and asking if I want to scrape up the excess frozen yogurt from the drip tray (oh, I'm dead serious)... this pretty much closed the Nando's book for me. For good.

    And I'm sure I'll live hap-peri-perily ever after sans-o Nandos.

    The end.

    3.0 star rating
    31/3/2009 Previous review
    Wait, I'm sorry. This is a Nando's?

    You mean this gorgeous arched-ceiling, exposed brick, candelabra…
    Read more
  • 2.0 star rating

    Beware the ginger dragon that doth guard the hallowed gates of PeriPeri-topia. Cross her and she will snarl and snipe and withhold fro-Yo!

    As I said to Laura N last night, sometimes a vicious Yelping just doesn't do it. So this particular experience will end up in one of my infamous customer service complaint letters. After being denied tapas, a bunch of relatively sober Yelpers toddled along to Nando's, skipping with glee as we imagined chicken from drawers and halloumi goodness. But the manager behind the counter snidely told us it was take out only and we had 5 minutes to order.

    Sigh! Okay we all lined up to order and quickly realised this lady was in a baaad mood. She rebuked all of us in some way or another, snapped and bitchily took our orders. Thinking it was just me and Ciaran R, I asked the rest what they thought and ruuuude was the answer. It was to get worse though. I ordered fro-yo and got a big cup to fill from the machine, which I thought switched off automatically... Err no it didn't, my bad!

    So when Laura N went up to order her fro-yo, she was denied by the lady because 'your friend left the machine on' (oops). She followed it up by 'but you can pay, I'll give you a cup and you can scrap off what's left on the drip tray ... (!!) Yeah I effed up, but there was no instructions on the machine and no staff to help. Even so, this kind of attitude is totally unacceptable. Regardless of the time you enter, 2pm or 11pm, you should be treated with the same courtesy and respect.

    This Nando's gets two stars though because the building is beautiful and the only problem with the place was her. She needs to be reminded that the unemployment rate is hitting record high numbers.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Reading some other reviews, I think it makes a big difference when you eat at this Nandos. We had an early dinner for 15 of us and a few of us came away proclaiming it was our favourite Nandos of all time. Ok, that was probably the Super Bock talking, but I think you could do worse. It's huge, I like the arches feel and it's right on the river.

    Being on the river might just be it's downfall though - as I'm sure it attracts hella lot of tourists, which traditionally means surly, tired staff. Not on the occasion we visited, but I bet you could find yourself on the end of a tongue-lashing should you hold up the queue.

    I'll go back though!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Chicken time! If you like chicken, odds are good you've been to Nando's at some point. One of the better imports from South Africa and inspired by the Portuguese, Nando's is a prime choice when you want a cheap and cheerful meal that's somewhat healthy (compared to KFC) and fairly quick. But odds are good you knew that so let's get into specifics.

    This particular Nando's is very spacious and during the week you are likely to be seated immediately or at worst wait a few minutes. Weekends are a bit trickier and I've been told of waits up to 30 minutes (which isn't too bad for a restaurant, but for Nando's is an eternity!). With the high turnover, you are almost guaranteed freshly grilled meats, crisp and crunchy chips, and corn on the cob that's bursting with flavour (and thankfully not butter).

    Foodwise, the chicken is just like every other Nando's (gotta love franchise standardisation). Most times, they get it right with flavour filled skin and tender moist chicken. However, there are those occasions where the chicken comes out dry and no amount of sauce will help. With this particular one, I'd say they get it right 4 times out of 5 which is a pretty good ratio.

    Make sure you get your sauces as soon as possible. Given the high ratio of eaters to sauce bottles and the tendency of people to grab every sauce they might want, there have been occasions here where no sauce could be found and you had to go table to table hoping to strike it lucky and borrow a bottle. Not much fun when all you want to do is dive into your food.

    Wine and beer are available at more than reasonable prices (a glass of red wine costs £2.10 for example) so easily a place to get your drink on while you eat. It makes Nando's a great pre-night out spot. This location has plenty of table staff so you can wave one over for another drink instead of trekking out and waiting 15 mins in line again.

    The front door is a bit tricky when it's cold out as the heat from the grills just inside create a high pressure area that takes a bit of elbow grease to barge through. It does provide entertainment while waiting in line though so overall a plus point. The lines tend to be a bit long so expect to wait 10-15 minutes to place your order.

    Overall, definitely the best Nando's for groups that I've been in and something to keep in mind anytime you're out near LB.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in London

    An interesting chicken fast food joint but the location was great (and really huge!), the chicken I had was a bit dry but the extra things you get on the side where good. This place probably could do well in the states thats for sure.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I always forget about this place when I'm making dinner plans but it's really good food. I love this particular branch of the chain though because it's designed to fit in with the surrounding buildings, using arches and bare brick work like in the clink beside it.

    The food is always good here, last time I went with my friend we both got a chicken burger with fries and she got a corn on the cob as well. The corn was a little dry but everything else was delicious. What makes Nandos unique is that they can serve restaurant quality Portuguese food at below restaurant level prices because they have eliminated waiter service, making it a kind of gourmet fast food restaurant. You're seated when you arrive, then you go to the counter to order your food, and they deliver it to your table once it's cooked. You also help yourself to drinks and cutlery.

    It costs £5.80 for a chicken fillet with fries, and a side order of corn was £1.70. Unlimited drinks cost £1.90 which is brilliant as I usually order a few cokes at dinner. If helping yourself to drinks and forks means getting such delicious food for this price I hope the good word will spread to all the overpriced restaurants in town!

  • 4.0 star rating

    This is by far my favourite Nando's.  It sits perfectly within its surroundings, working around the impressive arches and vaults, making it a rather spectacular venue for a fast-food restaurant.  There are large tables throughout the spacious interior and the service is as quick as it should be in a Nando's.  

    As you might already know, Nando's specializes in selling chicken.  Best on the menu is the grilled chicken which can be spiced to your liking.  Funnily enough, last time I was here we ordered a half spiced, half lemon-zest whole chicken, so they do leave you the opportunity to personalize your meals and have a taste of both.  Even though most of the people I know adore Nando's, I still can't help but feel that the food is a bit dry at times, but their famous Peri Peri always does wonders to make this better.  I also do quite enjoy the Nando's routine of having control over drink refills, sauces, plates and cutlery.

    This is the perfect place to venture when feeling peckish after a stroll down the beautiful London Southbank.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The food was up to the usual high standard (although don't bother with the garlic bread) and in terms of layout and décor, this cavernous restaurant under the railway line is probably the nicest looking Nandos I have ever been to. They even have a place to wash your hands next to the drinks and cutlery which is a great idea.

    What let the place down was the service at the till. I was waiting for a while (not helped admittedly by people who seemed to have wandered up with their menus but had not yet figured out what they actually wanted  these people should be shot). When I finally got to the front and began my monologue the chap at the till got a call on his mobile phone and vanished off the face of the earth. Eventually he was replaced by an attractive waitress, which was a good tradebut by this stage I was grumpy and considering leaving. I'm glad I didn't..but I have to knock off a star for this!

  • 5.0 star rating

    We don't have Nando's in the US (there's allegedly one in DC, but until I see it, I'm skeptical). Now there's a few factors as to why I'm a huge fan of Nando's having only been here twice in my life (in the past two days since arriving in London):
    - I'm Portuguese - this food is like Crack to me
    - My Aussie buddy raved about Nando's when I met him and I've been looking forward to trying one
    - The exceptional chicken, rice, sauce combo, with some corn and garlic bread thrown in is a meal I subsist on every day. Love the sauce

    Honestly, I wanted to give this place 4 stars but my wife insisted on 5. Given she'd give up a meal at Alain Ducasse to eat here, I deferred to her preference.

    Quick thoughts on the other reviews:
    - Comparing this place to KFC is like me comparing Man U to the Colorado Rapids
    - Complaining about this place being a chain or shuddering at the rent cost seems idiotic

  • 4.0 star rating

    While visiting the London, our British hosts raved about Nandos! This location is really cool because it's built along the river bank, using the previous industrial structure.

    The chicken is grilled to a juicy perfection. They have an array of sauces that compliments the chicken nicely. The spicy rice was okay but the ratatoulle was very bland and mushy.

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I once wrote a review of Nando's for Londonist  and got summarily reamed by readers commenting on how I should have been reviewing less ubiquitous eateries. Those folks had a point, but I'll stand by my review. Nando's is good. I love digging into a plate of their wings dosed with extra hot sauce. And if we must live in a corporate-oriented world of chain restaurants, I'll take Nando's grilled chicken over the multitude of greasier options any day. It appears as though plenty of people agree with me as well. Despite the onslaught of incredulous responses to my Londonist review, I've yet to meet anyone who didn't like the place - I've even had a vegetarian friend recommend it to me (apparently, Nando's few veggie items are better than those at a multitude of greasier options). Nando's seems to be a happy medium.

    I particularly like their Southwark location. It's massive and in a rather lovely setting, nuzzled underneath Southwark Bridge. The tables are huge and seats are cushy. Of course, its South Bank address means it can get crowded and overrun with tourists. Nothing against tourists (I like seeing the Tate Modern et al too) but with Nando's find-your-seat-before-you-order routine, it can get a bit chaotic.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This Nando's branch is great. I usually go to the one in Elephant and Castle, but once you've eaten here you kinda always want to eat here because the interior is really quite lovely.

    Chicken is the order of the day, available in various sauces including lemon & herb, mango & lime, medium peri peri, hot peri peri and then extra hot peri peri sauce. There are a variety of side dishes too, including cole slaw, spicy rice, chips, sweet potato mash, salad and corn on the cob.

    The sweet potato mash is very buttery and the texture is quite gloopy which I didn't like, and the mango and lime sauce on the chicken is probably best left unordered. The coleslaw is very nice though and well you can't go wrong with chips.

    Good sized portions for the kids meals too (must be under 12 years old), and depending on the flavour of frozen yoghurt (strawberry is nice), it may or may not be worth getting.

    • Qype User Stadlh…
    • Tegernsee, Germany
    • 1 friend
    • 48 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Amazing locationvery cool under the bridge with brick-walls, old wood and modern glass. Mediteranean styling inside.

    Prices are fine (2x chicken with different sides, salad and 2 beers: 18GBP), but regrettably food was only ok and it was freezing cold inside. Good location for a quick lunch though!

    • Qype User marie_…
    • London
    • 2 friends
    • 50 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I've eaten at Nando's twice today. It's not something I make a habit of, I hasten to add - before today I had not set foot in a Nando's restaurant for several years, but it just so happened that a work party headed to the Richmond branch for lunch today, and the Clink Street branch was the closest food outlet for a munchies emergency during a drinking session in the Anchor this evening. It's the truth, your honour, I swear, and all dieting intentions will be resumed as of tomorrow

    Mind you, visiting two outlets on one day is pretty good for comparison purposes. The Richmond branch at lunchtime was busy, slow on food, and the chip machine was 'broken'. By contrast, although the Clink Street branch was just as busy this evening, with several groups waiting for tables, the food service was quick and efficient, and much tastier than at lunch time - though I am sure this is in no way related to the volume of wine consumed.

    The setting in Clink Street is also much more impressive: the Richmod branch is something akin to a grubby shed, lined with faded beams and tatty tables; but the Clink Street venue is under the railway bridge, giving it high vaulted brick ceilings and a totally different feel.

    Definitely recommended for snack attacks during drinking!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Really cool looking interior, the food is great, and not bad value. We had to wait as they were pretty busy, but only ended up waiting a few mins before they seated us.

    • Qype User sirilu…
    • London
    • 53 friends
    • 45 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    It's Nando's! It's chicken! This place is so popular that from about midday the queues wind round the proverbial block. It's a huge space but you're still advised to book if you want a table for lunch, especially on a Friday. Once you've actually placed your order and depending on the length of the queue the service is quite quick and a combo meal of chicken, a side dish and soft drink costs under a tenner so it's a good deal. The food itself is good but not exceptional and the choice of 'chilliness' (if that's the right word) from lemon and herb to extra hot for the chicken is an inspired idea.

    • Qype User chrise…
    • London
    • 5 friends
    • 38 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Well worth a trip just for the venue alone. Its set under the railway and makes a great place to enjoy a meal. We sat outside as the weather was nice and was very enjoyable. I am always really pleased with the food from the whole Nandos chain. Lucklily didn't have to queue on this ocassion (as other reviews mention). Can only be a good thing of course!

    • Qype User friend…
    • Hatfield, Hertfordshire
    • 2 friends
    • 94 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Cheap and tasty 'fast food' in a nice setting by the Thames. Nice views and the perfect place for grabbing a quick bite with friends or family.

    • Qype User Rease…
    • London
    • 6 friends
    • 82 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    One of my favourite Nando restaurants it's a big branch, hidden away, except for people who are spending time on the South Bank. Try and get a seat upstairs, which then gives you more of a riverside view.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Went here for dinner, was thoroughly confused initially, but I figured it out quickly (why do all restaurants in London have vastly different ordering/seating methods?).  Got the Hot Chicken Breast in a Pita with a side salad.  Chicken was pretty dry, but covered in a delicious sauce.  I also had the roasted red pepper dip, which was pretty good.  Overall, pretty decent meal, not on the top of the list, but still pretty good.  Also, when they say Hot, they mean Hot, so be ware if you can't stand the heat.

  • 2.0 star rating

    From what I understand, Nando's is a chain in London. For a chain, this isn't bad and is unique -- for London? Why do I say for London you might ask? Well, because I'm from the US and I live near a town called Newark that has TONS of similar establishments to Nandos, that are much more authentic. When I hear Portuguese roast chicken I think of juicy, fall off the bone goodness. Nandos? It was definitely fall off the bone and juicy, but was seriously lacking in flavor. I tried the mango something one and didn't taste any seasoning at all, simply tasted like chicken. I had to douse my chicken in their Peri Peri sauce, which i will praise. It is garlicky and spicy. Not the spicy that hits you right away, but definitely does after a few bites. Very yummy and wanted to steal a bottle of it ha. The two sides that I got were chips and rice. The chips weren't crispy :( I like them crispy, but were tasty with the Periperi sauce. I could probably eat everything with that peri peri sauce!! Rice was OK... nothing special. Overall, it was a decent dinner, but it didn't live up to the authentic Portuguese roast chicken I've had in Newark, NJ.

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