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  • Victoria Square
    Belfast BT1 4QG
  • Phone number 028 9032 3452
  • Business website nandos.co.uk

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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Easy delicious dinning. If you like chicken you should definitely try Nando's.

    I had the chicken burger with Pineapple. To play it safe, I stayed with the Lemon Herb seasoning and it had a peppery background, it was nice and flavorful. The bun was ok, but the chicken, cheese and pineapple really made the sandwich. Chips were decent, ketchup helps especially as they cool down.

    The office gents I went with had a variety of chicken choices from the boneless butterfly to 1/4 and 1/2 chickens. They all raved about the seasoning and then began to dare each other to try the sauces on the table. The one that caused an immediate reaction (Coughing, Running Noise and Watery Eyes) the one in the black bottle. Make sure you have food to chase it down, it may burn the throat :) in a good way.

    Service was very friendly and accommodating to our work group - 10 of us. The bill came out to be $203 USD, not bad for full plates and sodas for everyone. No one...NO ONE left hungry.  I look forward to trying the boneless butterfly chicken with medium heat next time!

  • 5.0 star rating

    "There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright oh-Nando(s)".

    Abba always were a band with such great taste, and they certainly do not fail with these fantastic lyrics, which although do not directly refer to this great restaurant, could almost be written in awe and wonderment of Nando's.

    I have to admit, I've been a fair few times to Nando's. It's the 'old reliable', but I am constantly excited each time I venture into the tantalisingly aromatic restaurant. The smell (or perhaps 'scent'  would be more apt), wafts up ones nostrils, and the happy, joyous Portugese music helps to create a wonderful atmosphere upon entering Nando's. The friendly staff are always on hand to aid you should you be a Nando novice, and the self-service layout, is in my eyes, a much quicker and handier way of doing things.

    On this particular occasion, I arrived at Nando's on a beautifully sunny evening with my boyfriend, having been turned away from another, unmentionable restaurant, who threatened to keep us waiting 45 minutes for food. And so to Nando's it was. Both of us being Nando experts, we sailed in, picked a lovely wee table on the outside of the restaurant, immediately chose what we wanted and queued. As I searched frantically for my Nando's loyalty card (no prizes for guessing just how close to that free whole chicken I am...), my boyfriend questioned the number of our table, having evidently forgotten to check. A quick scarper back to table 44 (on my behalf naturally), and we were ready to go. Let this be a lesson to all you newbies...do not forget the numero de table! It will have a detrimental affect, not least to your poor growling stomach.

    A short wait in the queue, a well-recited demand for choice of food and a green stamp on my card later, we returned to our seats. A mere 5 minutes after, our food arrives. I'm exceedingly 'boring' when it comes to Nando's - chicken wings always do it for me! Lemon and herb...yum yum yum.

    Another note to you inexperienced Nando visitors, 'medium' peri-peri chicken is really rather hot. I have found that the milder flavoured chicken works rather well with lashings of 'medium' peri-peri sauce. It also aids in the testing of such a flavour, for it may not be to everyone's tastes.

    And so, back to dinner. Except it's pretty much all gone...wings, coleslaw and chips, washed down with two large glasses of tap water (a mere £7.80 some-odds...I know, you'd think I'd remember!). Well, one trip to the toliet later and we are done. No room for a dessert, although the chocolate cups are highly recommended.

    There we have yet another satisfying trip to Nando's. I'd probably have shares in it if I could...

  • 2.0 star rating

    Oh yes, at last I get to review somewhere that I had a truely shocking experience. I had been to this place a couple of times and had no real problems but the last time I was here it was a shocker and I simply couldn't believe how long it took to get our food.

    We were sitting with a group of other people and we were all having a bit of banter. We all ordered at the same time but the others had got their food, eaten it and finished by the time we got our food. When we said to our waitress about it she seemed completely uninterested and in no way able to help us. She sent over a manageress who, to be fair, apologised but it really was a shocker.

    Lots of people have given this place 5/5 but I really can't see why. The food is so basic and just about has a taste never mind even thinks about being tasty.

    Bad stuff.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Oh Nando's, you were a beacon amongst the fog. You saved us from the impending danger of the rocks...aka McDonald's...and you came through brilliantly.

    After a long night (and early/late morning as well) of drinking, our stomach was calling for food. As soon as we saw that black and red cock  above our heads, we knew we had found the spot to get a good portion of food in us.

    Nando's delivered. Consistent as the tides. There was an actual line of people waiting for them to open at 1pm on a Sunday, that's how much people like their chicken...and we were no exception!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Ate here on a sunday, busy spot for sure....

    The staff are so nice , all so obliging to help... and are all really cool to talk to.
    It was my first time ever in Nandos and I will defo be returning..
    It was myself and 2 of my work mates, we had the wings platter and wow the garlic bread and wings with (lime sauce i think and the medium sauce) delish... the chips could have been a lil better with a bit of a peri peri powder woulda melted me but awesome!!!!

    The staff were all so nice, the manager Lynne wow she couldnt do any more for us. We ate like kings... The atmosphere was so good in the place... I wish i had room for dessert thats all i can say....

  • 3.0 star rating

    Although I quite enjoyed the food at Nandos, I think I may be getting too old for this kind of dining experience.

    We got off to a shaky start by not knowing the ropes.  How was I supposed to know that you queue up, order and pay and then go and sit down and wait for your food??  The waiter explained this to us slowly in a 'dear God not another one' fashion.  Noted for next time, which there probably will be now that I have got with the system.

    So we settled ourselves after that departure from traditional ordering and waited for the food.  Not too long which gets a thumbs up as this isn't the sort of restaurant I would go to to spend the whole evening.  I like to match my drinks with my food so I went mad and had a Portugese beer. Didn't order a second.  Oh and for fellow Nandos virgins, Nandos serves Portugese food.  It seemed only right to have the signature peri peri chicken and I liked it. Not loved it, liked it.  The husband opted out of the sauce and cutlery gathering slot completely so I did that which I found a bit faffy.  We had garlic bread and chips on the side, after I had actually laughed aloud at the very thought of paying £3.75 for corn on the cob. How amusing.

    I think the side orders and sauces would be where you need to be careful, especially if you take the whole family.  A large portion of chips is £3.75 and extra peri peri sauce is 50p a shot so keep an eye on those things if you are budget conscious.

    Nandos defo has the novelty factor and there are burgers and wraps for anyone with an aversion to peri peri sauce.

    There were lots of over-excited noisy teenagers there when we went (Saturday tea time) but we didn't get too bent out of shape as we just wanted a casual bite to eat before the cinema.

    I will definitely give it another go.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Oh Victoria Square, why did you do this to me?

    When you have a love for chicken and are very hungry and crave some chicken but don't want to go to KFC, you can often be stuck for somewhere to go. And then like a cocaine addict looking for a fix, Victoria Square sold me some Nandos. And now I can't get enough.

    Nandos is a terrific place. You have a huge choice of food and more importantly than that, you have an even better choice of sauces. The Peri Peri is a favourite of mine but I found if you mix a few you can create something magic.

    The first time I went here, I was a bit confused as to what to do because it involves more than pointing to a menu and waiting for food. But once you have  a hold of it, the experience becomes a bit more enjoyable and a bit more personal.

    Plus when you have food this good and a bill that is no where near as high as you first though, chances are you are going to want to come back. And I did. Many many times.

    The one on Bedford Street is really good, possibly even better than here. But Nandos in itself is well worth a visit.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This is a perfect place to go out in a big group. Lets get one thing straight at the beginning. This restaurant is by no means fine dining, it is cheap and good value. It is rather quirky which will have you wanting more.

    It mainly offer burgers and chicken. The chicken is its best dish and you can choose the degree of spice or heat you desire. It is the kind of place that you pay before you eat then the servers will deliver your food to you.

    I like eating here because you can enjoy your food knowing that you have paid for it whilst enjoying free drink refills. They have a club card which you can get stamped and sooner or later earn a free meal.

    Love this place

  • 2.0 star rating

    I love Nando's, don't get me wrong.  In most instances I often settle for mediocre vegetarian dishes and accept them as an unfortunate consequence of eating out.  Nando's, as a relatively cheap dining option, has a vegetarian fare that is a joy to behold.
    However, this particular restaurant made almost had me question my previously unquestioning faith in all things Portuguese chicken restaurant related.  The service was nothing short of abysmal.  The wait times before and during the meal were especially frustrating due to the fact that my visit had by no means coincided with anything suggestive of an evening rush.  Now I don't expect a Zagat-rated dining experience at Nando's, but there's a definite problem with the service when it takes nearly three quarters of an hour and a couple of polite reminders just to get coffee and dessert.

  • 2.0 star rating
    First to Review

    It was my first time and boy oh boy was I confused...
    You choose your spice, then your main, and you are offered then the choice of 2 sides or 1 extra special side. Then you queue up at the till a bit like McDonald's, order and pay.
    Its a cross between a fast food outlet and a restaurant.
    The 'waiter' looked at me blankly when I asked to place an order 'You no been here before??' he asked with a curious expression on his face. No I said obviously not of I would know how the whole secret system works. Some customers were obviously practised in ordering and they were rewarded with fancy bottles of intriguing looking sauces, we just got the bare bones what we ordered and were not offered any sauce. Obviously sauce is not for Nandos virgins.
    Food came out with speed, I had a burger, chips (with fancy salt according to the menu, but it looked like plain old saxa to me) and corn on the cob. My aunt had quarter chicken, rice and garlic bread. I don't know where they get their chicken from but honey that ain't never no quarter chicken! It was a drumstick with a bit of excess flesh hanging off it. Quarter chicken my arse!
    Chips were cold, burger was OK, but not all that tasty really, the corn on the cob was great but then again it would be hard to get wrong!
    The best part was the little bowl of spiced assorted nuts we had for a starter, but man they were salty, I was up all night after sucking the water out of the tap.
    Just OK. I am beginning to think most of the restaurants in the Victoria square are total crap.
    Should have gone to Pizza Express.

  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    Great food, wait times can be a pain. 45mins for food!

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    3.0 star rating

    average sides nothing to write home about , Chicken well cooked and tasty .Nando's sauces are obviously what you're paying for as without them it's overpriced chicken and chips . Best advice i could offer is buy the sauces and cook it at home . Staff are pleasant and helpful and deserve a tip . The atmosphere is relaxed and the facilities are spotless .

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